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  • Summary: Time Ducks is a brand new IOS game that will take you back in time in more than one way. The game is a unique blend of the classic game Frogger, the innovative Braid, slot machines and scoring lots and lots of points.Featuring more than 15 different animals and over 30 cars, your goal is to get the animals safely across the road by drawing routes for them. The cars are driving like maniacs but fortunately, the animals can control time!By the exceptional innovative and unpatented swiping-of-the-finger technology, the animals can focus on rewinding or fast forwarding time. When rewinding, they stop in their tracks while the traffic moves back in time, thus creating new openings (and dangers) for crossing the road. When fast forwarding everything moves super fast in a multi-technicolor blur and gives you twice as much game play in half the time.The game includes more than 30 achievements that unlock special items, cars and animals that you can use to make even harder and more insane combos.If that wasn't enough, Time Ducks includes two live bands, body builders, a private instruction/insult lesson, everyday conversations between workers at a railroad station, a maximum score of 999999999 and much more.Apart from being a game and a cabaret show, Time Ducks is also a music box. The music and effects, composed by Lasse Sommer and performed by 'Hank & the Fiddlers of the Past, Present and Future' is affected by the passing of time, allowing you to create your very own auditive and visual experience.Not for the chronologically challenged! Expand
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  1. Dec 16, 2011
    Offering the right kind of ludic lunacy, Time Ducks is a wacky winner.
  2. Dec 21, 2011
    Time Ducks is the sort of arcade game that occurs when you let your imagination run rampant while tying it down with solid game design principles; it's not perfect, but it's a fun ride while it lasts.
  3. Dec 28, 2011
    One of the most unique experiences on any platform, and comes highly recommended for the iPad and iPhone.
  4. Jan 4, 2012
    The highscore table and note-perfect humour (which, just like the pixel-art graphics and whimsical audio, strikes the perfect balance between faux-naivety and self-awareness) proves more than enough to keep you playing in the traffic.
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