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  • Summary: Who needs a tiny tower or a little kingdom if one can rule the world?????? Towers & Dungeons – The only limit is the sky ?????Build a magic tower high up towards the sky with your minions or dig far down to reach the dungeons in search of the legendary dragons’ home.Explore the world of Eugene - the little green dragon - floor by floor, and help him find his home.Compete with your friends, visit their towers or caves and play lots of pranks with your minions.Experience many adventures, meet amusing characters who have come to visit your tower and take care of their needs. You’ll discover long forgotten secret chambers and treasures!Will the small dragon finally find his home? Find out and reveal the secret!? The popular tower-building game now in two directions? Detailed hand-drawn graphics? More than 40 different floors? 20 funny animated characters ? Magical, humorous storyline with lots of surprises? Hundreds of exciting missions and quests? Visit friends in their tower and interact with them ? Full retina display support for iPhone 5 and iPad ??????????????Feel free to check out Ravensburger’s other games, including Scotland Yard, THE aMAZEing Labyrinth, San Juan and Puerto Rico, along with many, many others.Become a fan of Ravensburger Digital on Facebook and find out more about our new apps, exclusive competitions and behind the scenes information about the development of our apps: Expand
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  1. Dec 5, 2012
    The bulk of Towers & Dungeons' appeal lies in its visual splendor and fantasy setting. It's not really breaking new ground mechanically, but it does give players plenty of little tasks to do and has plenty of charm to spare. Perhaps a bit too much charm, actually.
  2. Dec 13, 2012
    A busier game than Tiny Tower, it's unfortunately a little worse off for it. An action packed and good-looking tower builder, this will delight freemium fans that want a little more to do out of every play session.