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  • Summary: TRIXEL has featured on 'WHAT'S HOT' and 'NEW AND NOTEWORTHY' on the App Store! ___________________________________ CRITICS SAY... "THE PERFECT PORTABLE GAME!" : Matt Chandronait, CO-OP Show "Trixel is among the top tier of recent portable puzzle games, whether on the iPhone/iPod Touch or not." 5/5 perfect review score! : Brian J. Papineau, Gamefwd - perfect 5/5 rating "Trixel is easily one of your best bets if you’re into puzzles and logic games and should provide hours of gameplay." : Big Albie, TouchArcade "Its addictiveness is found in its simplicity, with a thread of depth woven through its gameplay that keeps you playing until your knuckles cramp." : Spanner Spencer, PocketGamer - Silver Award, 8/10 rated "I would say Trixel is one of the absolute best puzzle games out there, and I heartily recommend it." 9/10 review score : Tracy Rodgers, Appcraver "A brain-bleedingly moreish puzzler." : Johnny Minkley, Eurogamer.TV "One of the most refreshing puzzlers on iPhone. Do yourself a favour and buy it." : Patrick Garratt, VG247 We've also been featured on the 'Listen Up!' podcast, Destructoid, Flytrapgames, Techradar, AOL games and more... ___________________________________ APPLICATION DESCRIPTION : HOW TO PLAY Trixel is the critically acclaimed, award-nominated 100-puzzle brain teaser that's easy to play and tough to master! Flip the tiles on the board to match the tile pattern on the top left of the screen. Using the cursor, players can only move one space at a time, vertically or horizontally, and they only have a limited number of moves to solve the puzzle. Tiles flip every time you move, so think carefully! As the game progresses you must increasingly think a few moves ahead. New 'super tiles' with varied conditions will continually surprise and challenge you as you steadily unlock the 100 puzzles within! Trixel is for those who like to test their brain power and want to have fun doing it. Fans of Chess, Blocked, Sudoku, Parking Lot, Drop 7, Brain Teaser, Symbol 6, Q-Bert and other puzzling 'thinker' games will feel right at home. GAME FEATURES - Simple to play, tough to master, unique puzzle-based gameplay - 100 uniquely taxing puzzles to test your intellect and mental fitness. - Three difficulty categories for players of all skill-levels. - Four 12-puzzle speed gauntlets to test the oneness of your mind and finger! - Unlock secret Bonus puzzles and prove the might of your brain! - Added replay value in the hidden crystal challenge! Collect them all to beat the game 100%! - Originally scored music by the talented team at Prison Diet! ( - Enjoy random facts about space, time and quantum physics! ___________________________________ VIEW THE GAME TRAILER AT OUR WEBSITE __________________________________ Expand
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  1. Sep 25, 2011
    A very interesting and well polished puzzle game. It will fry your brain and really make you think analytically.
  2. Sep 25, 2011
    A unique puzzle game that adds regular twists to keep itself thoroughly entertaining and playable.
  3. Sep 25, 2011
    On the one hand, it's perfect for handheld play to make those boring commutes fly by, but on the other you'll probably be unable to stop playing and get run over on the way to work. Your choice, really.
  4. Sep 25, 2011
    Trixel's challenging puzzles and complex gameplay will have your brain flipping out!
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  1. Sep 22, 2011
    Very taxing and original puzzle game that has more too it than is on the surface. Definitely worthy. Hours of fun.

    Also, there's tonnes of
    critic reviews of this. WTF Metacritic! Expand