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Summary: WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT VAMPIRE SEASON"Quirky humor and surprisingly deep gameplay..." - Inside Mobile Apps"Glarr grra grrarr!” -- Zampire"Great. Another game about vampires. I bet it sucks.” -- Van Helsing*** Game Description ***The Great Hunt is on! Dracula's hideout has been revealed and now every big game hunter wants a piece of him. Luckily, Dracula’s Castle Regent once read the first few pages of Sun Tzu's Art of War... and watched Braveheart, like, TEN times.And who's the Special Assistant to the Castle Regent in Areas of Dracula Defense? Why, YOU, of course! But, fret not! You’ve got a menagerie of monsters at your disposal to dispatch your attackers -- an army of Zombies, Disco Balls, Boogiemen, Nucular Pumpkins and so much more. (And that’s just the standard arsenal any respectable vampire Count keeps on hand.)Using your wits, your guts and your army of undead, you must outsmart and out-fight the hunters and keep Dracula safe. He’s counting on you!*** Game Features ***30 STORY MODE LEVELSMake it through all 30 levels of hazardous warfare! Whether it’s forests, swamps, dungeons, laboratories or anything else we can throw at them, your enemies will relentlessly hunt for Dracula's coffin. What kind of people can harbor so much hatred!?SURVIVAL MODE - EASY, MEDIUM, HARD.For those seeking a challenge, things JUST GOT REAL. An infinite amount of enemies will attempt to kill the count. How long can you withstand the onslaught?! Find the strategy that suits you best. Or sucks less.[NOTE: The developers of Vampire season are not responsible for any damage you inflict upon your iOS device in frustration-driven fits of rage, particularly when playing on Hard mode. It’s just hard.]ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY IGNORE THEIR ENEMIESMake no mistake, your enemies are the best of the best. You’ll be facing off against wizards who can freeze, princes who can charm, pirates who can plunder, even ninjas who can… ninja. With such formidable foes, every decision you make will Count. No pun intended. (Pun intended).ACCESSORIZE FOR SUCCESSUse in-game items to make your monsters more powerful. Give Excalibur to a Ghost! Not only does it increase the damage he does, it makes everyone else’s argument invalid. Seriously, how can a Ghost wield a sword?WE CAN MAKE YOUR MONSTERS BETTER. WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY.Upgrade monsters as you play! Do you like the Headless Horseman? Make him the envy of the battlefield. Think the Warlock should be the backbone of your army? Turn him into a magic-wielding behemoth. Don't know what a behemoth is? Google it.THERE IS NO “I” IN COMBINATIONS. THERE ARE *TWO* I'S.Secret monster and item combinations await you! Like, when you mix the Zombie and the Vampire to create a powerful Zampire! Okay, that one’s not a secret anymore, but that doesn't make it any less powerful. SPELLSThanks to cutting edge wizardry, you will be able to use different spells to boost your army for a short period, making your armies’ jobs that much easier. Show your monsters some love.LET YOUR FRIENDS KNOW HOW MUCH THEY SUCKAchievements and leader boards will allow you to show off just how awesome you are and, in the process, make you fabulously famous and the envy of everyone. It's a win/win!SOME OTHER FEATURES TO DIE FOR- Sharp 3D Graphics- Epic Music- Carefully Designed Scenarios- Gnomes- Nerd Rage
Developer: 6waves Lolapps
Genre(s): Adventure, General
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