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  1. Positive: 6 out of 7
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  1. Jul 3, 2012
    A movie tie-in that actually does some justice to its fun source material, this match-three puzzler is a retro delight.
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  1. Mar 24, 2013
    So, it took a while for someone to license WarGames and convert it into a game. DEFCON already took a riff on WarGames' combat visualizations,So, it took a while for someone to license WarGames and convert it into a game. DEFCON already took a riff on WarGames' combat visualizations, so what's left? Well, we can convert it into a match-3, right? As someone who generally can't stand match-3 games, I was hesitant to even download the free trial, but I figured, well, the film was good, so it'll get a shot. I'm quite glad that I did. WG:WOPR isn't the typical match-3 (thankfully); it actually allows you to employ quite a bit of tactical cunning. On the foundation, WG:WOPR is a match-3+, where your objective is to collect three (or more) matching tiles to make an effect. First wrinkle: the tiles you match have an effect on the overall game, which boils down to reducing your opponent's health to zero before he does the same to you. You can deal damage, heal yourself, earn cash, or earn specials through the tiles you collect. Ah, but why cash? That brings us to wrinkle two: You can buy modifiers that change how the game plays, often in mid-round. You can, through the application of a couple of these "specials" turn a game that was on the edge into an absolute rout. In this way, it's much more than a basic matcher game; you can employ some tactics and strategy and radically change the game while it's in progress. (Plus, there are some cool sound bites from the films.) Could it have been any theme other than WarGames? Sure, easily; there's nothing about the game that is inseparably linked to the film. But the important part is that the game itself is well-conceived and well-executed, with the WarGames content painted on to give it a recognizable face. At the very least, if you're a fan of matchers (or even if not), it's worth checking the lite version; you're likely to be pleasantly surprised. A well-deserved 9 to WarGames:WOPR, the first matcher since PuzzleCraft that I could actually stand for more than 20 seconds. Full Review »