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  • Summary: Spell As Fast As You Can!Race against the clock to spell as many words as you can in two minutes before they all disappear in the waterfall! You earn points for every word spelled correctly. As the letters fall, simply tap each tile to spell a word.Basics:Select a game mode from the main menu. Letters will start falling down the waterfall. Each letter tile has a value from 1 to 10. The more letters you string together, the bigger your score gets!After selecting letters that form a word, simply swipe to the right on the entry box to submit. The number from each tile adds together to get your score!If you accidentally select a tile or the tile you are waiting for isn't appearing in the waterfall, you can erase your word by swiping to the left on the entry box.To pause the game, tap the Timer.Once time runs out, the game ends and you will be presented your score, your best word, and your word count.Why not tweet your best word to show all your friends?Action tiles are designed to help or hinder you. There are 8 action tiles altogether.Positive Action Tiles:2W tile: The 2W tile doubles your world value! If your word is worth 5 points and you get the 2W tile before you submit, it will be worth 10 points!3W tile: The 3W tile works just like the 2W tile, except it triples your word value!4W tile: The 4W tile works just like the 2W and 3W tile, except it quadruples your word value!10W tile: The 10W tile is the most powerful tile in the game! It multiplies the value of your word by 10!+10 tile: The +10 tile adds 10 seconds to the current timer. If you're running out of time, it's a great idea to grab one of these!Negative Action Tiles:-10 tile: The -10 tile subtracts 10 seconds from the current timer. Be careful not to get this one!Blind tile (eyeball with a white iris): The blind tile causes all of the falling tiles to disappear from the playing field for 10 seconds. During this time, you can still touch the playing field, but you can't see what you're touching! Try to avoid the blind tile!Bomb tile: The bomb tile clears your letter field! Typing a big word and hoping to get a lot of points? You better avoid this tile like the plague!Game Mode Descriptions:Classic:In this mode, you have two minutes to spell as many words as you can!WordSmith:This mode is for those who can spell long words fast! You have to submit a word that is at least four characters or you won't get any points. Break out your dictionaries, but watch that clock! You still only have two minutes.Rushing Rapids:Tiles not falling fast enough to be a challenge? You'll love this mode. Every word you submit increases the speed of the tiles! How fast can you get your tiles to fall??? Expand
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  1. Mar 8, 2013
    It's pretty dated looking and a bit expensive, but Word-A-Fall offers some simple, pure, word finding gameplay.