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  • Summary: We have ambitious goals for ‘ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection’ …

    “… to offer access - via mobile and wireless devices - to many of the thousands of fantastic ZX Spectrum games created since 1982…
    “…to restore some order to the market
    for ZX Spectrum games and to enable other developers and publishers to offer access to their games by licencing our technology for a modest one off fee.”

    The media and consumer reaction to the announcement, in late September, of Apple’s approval of ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection has been extensive and enthusiastic. Our concerns now are to ensure that both groups understand that Vol. #1 of the App is a work-in-progress, a rough diamond if you like and that we’re committed to developing the App (eliminating some of its more obvious shortcomings and adding new features) over the weeks and months ahead. Our commitments include:

    - the App will always be priced at £0.59 (Euro0.79, US$0.99)
    - 6 more games in a free update (Vol. #2), within a month, taking the number included to 12
    - a further free update (Vol. #3), within a further month, including an in-App ‘shop’.

    This inaugural volume includes:

    - Turbo Esprit #3 on top 100 best games, voted for by visitors to World of Spectrum
    - Saboteur #10 on top 100 best games, voted for by visitors to World of Spectrum
    - Chuckie Egg the classic, developed by Nigel Alderton
    - Harrier Attack inspired by the conflict in the South Atlantic
    - Frank Bruno’s Boxing the UK #1 Best-Seller
    - Buggy Boy the arcade original driving game

    Features of this inaugural volume:

    - 100% original ZX Spectrum games
    - for each of the 6 games
    o game-specific play controls
    o extensive playing instructions
    - option of portrait or (full-screen) landscape play / display modes
    - authentic ‘Spectrum’ sound
    - wikipedia.org link to ‘ZX Spectrum’

    Commercial agreements have already been reached with two more publishers (including one of the 80s biggest) taking to more than 200 the number of games available for inclusion in the forthcoming updates or volumes of ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection. (This will keep us busy through to Vol. #6 and beyond). Also, we’re in discussion with the owners of 100s more games, including some of the most well known, with the aim of bringing them to you too.

    About Elite®: Elite Systems Ltd was incorporated in England in 1984 and is one of Europe’s most long established developers and publishers of entertainment software. Elite® has a catalogue of more than 50 games (under the Elite® and Durrel™ brands) for the ZX Spectrum, including more than half a dozen UK and European #1 chart successes.

    About ZX Spectrum: The ZX Spectrum is an 8-bit personal home computer released in the UK in 1982 by Sinclair Research Ltd. The Spectrum was released in eight different models, ranging from the entry level model with 16 KB RAM released in 1982 to the ZX Spectrum +3 with 128 KB RAM and built in floppy disk drive in 1987, together they sold in excess of 5 million units worldwide. The ZX Spectrum software library currently consists of more than 21,000 titles including some 10,000 games. Despite the fact that the Spectrum hardware was limited by most standards, its software library was very diverse, including programming language implementations, assemblers, BASIC compilers, word processors, spread sheets, drawing and painting tools, even 3D modeling tools and, of course, many, many games.
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  1. Mar 20, 2011
    Overall The Elite Collection is a small but great set of games and a solid emulator to play them on. Kudos for Elite Systems for going the extra mile to provide 128k support as well. With the promise of more to come I recommend this to anyone who feels nostalgic about the glorious 8-bit days of gaming.
  2. Mar 20, 2011
    ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection is a great way for nostalgic gamers from the 80s to pick up a few classics and maybe even remind them of why they became life-long gamers in the first place.
  3. Feb 8, 2011
    ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection might be a hard sell to those who have never played on a Spectrum or other 8 bit computer before. For those who have though, it's an ideal walk down memory lane and really reinforces how far technology has come.
  4. Mar 20, 2011
    If you want a cheap trip down memory lane, Elite's collection is a truly brilliant exercise in nostalgia - it just isn't all that much fun if you want to actually play them.