Perfect Dark Nintendo 64

Universal acclaim - based on 30 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 30 out of 30
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 30
  3. Negative: 0 out of 30
  1. 100
    It's a stunning achievement by any measure and stands as one of those rare products that delivers more than you paid for.
  2. So damn close to perfect that it makes me want to cry tears of joy.
  3. Simply the best game I have ever had the pleasure of playing.
  4. Magnificent. Until now, GoldenEye was arguably the best reason for gamers over the age of 16 to own a Nintendo 64. No longer.
  5. 100
    Beyond the visual feast and a plethora of features and options, Perfect Dark is a soup of gameplay genius beefy enough to eat with a fork!
  6. No longer are those shooting at you simple targets in a practice range. These guys are smart, evil and ready to battle. Enemies will work together to cover each other, they’ll roll under your gunfire, hide behind corners and even shoot the gun right out of your hands.
  7. Oh yea, oh yea, glory hallelujah -- this is the game we've waited so long for.
  8. It's still by far the finest crafted game of its ilk on the N64 and it positively oozes class from every pore.
  9. 100
    Joanna looks good and she knows it, with spectacular Ram-pak enhanced graphics.
  10. 100
    With all the gadgets and alternative goals thrown in, "Perfect Dark" is more than just a straight-up blastfest; It's a futuristic spy-thriller that also happens to be the best multiplayer shooter on the console market.
  11. Cool options such as friend/foe identification and threat readings, plus the best graphics ever on an N64 game.
  12. Though it is not without its flaws, "Perfect Dark" is the best game yet for the N64 and among the most fun console games ever produced.
  13. The framerate trouble brought the graphics down to 9.9, and even framerate problems you won't even notice most of the time because this game is so much fun.
  14. The number of things that you can unlock in the game is simply staggering.
  15. 98
    Rare's intelligent 3D shooter features amazing graphics, loads of in-game options, a cooperative mode, a counter-operative mode, extensive bot setups, and a the most well-rounded multiplayer mode ever to grace Nintendo 64.
  16. If "GoldenEye" is a bull's-eye, Perfect Dark hits somewhere in the lungs. [Jan 2004, p.189]
  17. With stellar solo and multiplayer action, there are more things to try here than in a stroll through Amsterdam.
  18. From superior graphics, which really showcase the capacity of the N64 Expansion Pak, to Dolby Surround Sound, to seemingly unlimited playability potential, "Perfect Dark" is the game of choice for N64 owners.
  19. There are as many different reasons for the gamer to go to bed thinking of simulants, or any of the friends that have been hiding behind walls and popping a cap in your ass with the farsight, as there are peanuts in the box.
  20. 95
    Perfect in every way. Except for the manual, which I've burnt along with every other first person shooter in the office games cupboard: there's no point in keeping either now.
  21. It’s multiplayer is, by far, the best on Nintendo 64. The Single Player is epic and addicting.
  22. Its scope and complexity is lightyears ahead of the competition and it sets a benchmark that many, possibly even Rare itself, will struggle to reach in the years to come.
  23. With Joanna Dark, "Perfect Dark's" heroine, Rare succeeds over Bond, the spy at the top of his game, by matching him with somebody who would likely prefer him on the bottom.
  24. So there's no doubt in anyone's mind... there is not now, nor will there ever be a nude code for Joanna Dark. Go get a girlfriend!
  25. There are some nasty frame rate problems at times, which is mostly the factor that keep this from an A grade, but don't let that stop you from picking up Rare's latest.
  26. This is the best action game on the Nintendo 64 and a great follow-up to "GoldenEye."
  27. The new cast of characters created for Perfect Dark is grossly inadequate when compared to the ones from GoldenEye. The lead player-controlled protagonist, Joanna Dark, exhibits few emotions beyond being clueless and bland.
  28. Yes, Rare should have made the gameplay a little more original, pumped up the enemy AI, and definitely fixed the save system. But they gave the people what they wanted, and in that respect they've done a terrific job. There's so much to explore, kill, blow up and maim in this game that it offers hours and hours of bullet-riddled excitement.
  29. Better than "GoldenEye 007" in every aspect, making it the best first-person shooter at the time of its release. With much deeper Solo Missions and a completely customizable Combat Simulator, Perfect Dark definitely was worth the wait.
User Score

Universal acclaim- based on 192 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 74 out of 80
  2. Negative: 3 out of 80
  1. TheWargamer
    May 2, 2008
    Ah, a timeless classic... Let's start by addressing the naysayers. Yes, the graphics aren't great anymore. Yes, the game turns to Perfect Lag whenever chain explosions kick off. Yes, the AI does seem to "cheat" if you know what you're looking for... but none of that matters. Perfect Dark is a thing of beauty. I could talk for hours about the single player mode alone and never mention the fantastic single-player mode, which remains challenging to this day. The reason I am going to stick so much with Multiplayer is, as all reviews of Halo 3 prove, people seem to value Multiplayer above all else. Perfect Dark has THE BEST Multiplayer around; the "Simulants" (Console-controlled Bots) outshine most other games, and frankly any game that came out after Perfect Dark that DIDN'T include Bots cannot be forgiven of this crime. Perfect Dark is showing its age, but it is nonetheless a shining example of how gaming should be. There are so many game modes, weapons and unlockables you'll be kept busy for YEARS, and many of the things we take for granted originated here. An all-time classic. Full Review »
    Apr 22, 2005
    Perfect Dark is a gift from God. IT IS REALLY. If God would play first person shooters, this is the game he would play everyday, every hour heck, every min of the day. Why is this game so great we wonder ? 1). The Sci-Fi Sequel to Goldeneye. 2). Rareware is the best developer on the planet. 3). Combat Simulator features the best multiplayer & the best replay value of all the games made in the world period. A personal message to rare, Thanks for creating such a godlike game, it's better then goldeneye, which is almost fucking impossible. Perfect dark is amazingly in depth .. and amazingly simple, thats whats makes this game the Nr. 1 game on my list. Full Review »
  3. William
    Mar 22, 2007
    Frame rate suffers, but in my opinion much much better than halo or half life 1 and 2. I didn't enjoy Goldeneye as much as this. The guns are well designed. The singleplayer and multiplayer modes have so many options that it thrashes anything ever since it was made. Full Review »