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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 12
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  1. If you're looking for some intense but uncomplicated racing action, Ridge Racer 64 is nearly at the peak of straight up racing action on the Nintendo 64. With a wide variety of tracks and plenty of hidden cars to unlock there's a lot to see and win over the course of the game.
  2. Despite some control issues and flaky computer AI, Ridge Racer 64 is an extremely satisfying addition to Namco's prized franchise. It may have taken a full generation for Ridge Racer to hit the N64 but I think you'll agree with me here, it's never too late for this much fun.
  3. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Nintendo's interpretation of Namco's signature racer is surprisingly good. [Jan 2004, p.189]
  4. 60
    RR64 has all the bouncing, sliding, and action of the original classic, which is all just old hat. The new cars, new tracks, and somewhat improved graphics can't get this game beyond its quirky and outdated controls.
  5. With its high speed arcade thrills and multi-player modes, it seems a pity that a Nintendo 64 version of Namco's racer wasn't released a little earlier in the system's life, as it have surely boosted its flagging sales. Ridge Racer 64 is a title that will appeal to everyone, bar simulation fans.
  6. This is one of the first N64 racers where you can actually see down the road a bit. No turns or mountains pop up from nonexistence to halt your speed. The framerate is very smooth and consistent throughout the courses, regardless of how much is going on in the race. Now that's something!
  7. Ridge Racer 64 takes ideas from the first two Ridge Racer games and puts a new spin on them, introducing the arcade racer to the Nintendo 64 in a way that will interest even longtime fans of the series.
  8. It took a while, but the N64 finally has a Ridge Racer title to call its own, and a very good one at that. RR64 is packing great sound, graphics, and just about everything else for the first one of the series on a Nintendo console.
  9. This is classic Ridge Racer that plays like a turbo charged (and ultra-cute) version of the original arcade game.
  10. 90
    The most polished racer on Nintendo 64. This game really has it all. The only problem I've got is that with only three main tracks, the overall experience is decidedly short -- so short, in fact, that dedicated racers will probably be able to zip through it in a day or two.
  11. It's insane to think that NST made this incredibly fast gaming engine from scratch. However, much like the sexual performance of most North American males, this game is fast and exciting but it just doesn't last. I'm sorry Nintendo but three variations and three mirrored tracks doesn't constitute nine tracks in total.
  12. NST has taken a cherished racing series, added upon it's high marks, added some twists, including an excellent multiplayer feature and released it to harness the power of the N64. This is no mere port ladies and gentlemen, it's an amazing piece of work that even puts other Ridge Racer titles to shame.

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#23 Most Discussed N64 Game of 2000
#17 Most Shared N64 Game of 2000
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  1. Nov 5, 2015
    Increible un juego divertidisimo y con graficos increibles para la epoca de nintendo 64 ,carreras locas,competidores desafiantes,variedad deIncreible un juego divertidisimo y con graficos increibles para la epoca de nintendo 64 ,carreras locas,competidores desafiantes,variedad de coches y de circuitos increibles
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  2. Feb 7, 2012