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  1. Dec 16, 2013
    Being disappointed in the "prequel" to 3089 (not surprisingly named 3079...), I jumped at this game which was supposed to be an improvedBeing disappointed in the "prequel" to 3089 (not surprisingly named 3079...), I jumped at this game which was supposed to be an improved version to said prequel. I can only say I was even more disappointed in this "improved" game. Turns out improved doesn't mean better...

    Gameplay is almost the same as in 3079, except that you walk a whole lot more. The levels are empty, and character movement is sluggish and slow. For an open world FPS game, that a big no-no. Shooting enemies is a chore, since your gun misses most of the time. Doesn't matter how you aim, it's all calculated by a stat. "Fun"...

    Graphics are awful, they actually gave me a headache! The game looks like a retarded cousin of the SNES game Starfox. I actually prefered the Minecraft look of the prequel, 3079. Terrible...

    The sounds are there, but nothing special. The music is totally out of place, thank god you can set the volume to 0.

    All in all this game is BAD! It has, like it's prequel, great ideas like randomly generated open world and drops with random stats, but the execution is just horrible. For Chr-st sake Prh00t, invest in an existing engine, and use that! This way your games might actually be somewhat enjoyable to play!

    The "prequel" got a 4/10 from me. This "sequel" is worse, so a 3/10 is in order. 3 point for originality and ideas, but 0 for execution. Hope 3099 will be better instead of worse.
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  2. Mar 1, 2014
    Hard thing to do- deciding how to rate this game:

    In summary, you get to run/fly/jump/hover-board or grapple your way around the random
    Hard thing to do- deciding how to rate this game:

    In summary, you get to run/fly/jump/hover-board or grapple your way around the random environment, gathering random items and doing completely random sets of tasks (so called quests) :)

    This game is a second instalment in the series (previous one was called 3079). Gameplay mechanics are virtually the same as they used to be in 3079, updated is the better looking 3D graphic but everything else feels the same.

    You can get MANY hours of gameplay if you don't get bored easily with repetitive tasks. Or uninstal the game after 15 minutes if you get bored easily :)

    +Randomness - which could add to replayability if doing the same things over and over again wouldn't get boring fast
    +Customization - every item (or most of them) can be broken down to parts and recombined to make it better using different parts with different stats
    +Scaling - the game difficulty nicely progresses as fast as you want it- exploring new areas allows you to increase your stats virtually endlessly
    +Possibilities- you can do various things ingame- from sneaking to killing, flying in aircrafts and gathering followers for your army, building and destroying things, etc
    +Great Developer who doesn't shy from speaking with his playerbase, accepts criticism and constantly improves his games
    +this game is still developed with features being added/modified
    +cheap price

    -Game can get boring extremely fast
    -Quests feel .... bad.... they are extremely generic and don't feel meaningful at all (only purpose is to get skill points)
    -Not everyone will like the looks/graphic of this game
    -Can be hard and unintuitive for newcomers to this genre
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  3. Feb 12, 2014
    3089 is a game that will polarize you. You are either going to love it, or hate it.

    First of all, there is a ton of depth to this game,
    3089 is a game that will polarize you. You are either going to love it, or hate it.

    First of all, there is a ton of depth to this game, with easily 200+ hours of play time available, there is a ton to do. All of this can be a bit overwhelming to new players, and going at it as a run-and-gun shooter won't work (unless you know what you are doing). So, if you don't have the patience for long games, this one isn't for you. But if you love RPGs, stealth, shooters, and sandbox games, 3089 performs well in all three categories.

    So, it will take some time to get into the game, but if you are patient it is totally worth it!

    Also, the game has funky programmer art, that may be off-putting to some players who prefer big-title graphics. But, if you give the art a chance it may actually surprise you with it's strangely charming style. There are some graphical considerations like real-time light and shadow, nicely shaded skies, and vertex-level ambient occlusion. But, that's where it stops as the rendering engine itself is very basic and only includes the most essential features to play the game. The graphics are like a throwback to 1999, if we had voxel isosurfaces back then. The worlds are randomly generated, with day/night cycle and weather, and some of the scenes that are generated can be quite beautiful (if you squint a little).

    But you won't be playing this game for that. This is a game for players who loved games like Borderlands (which the combat is reminiscent of), and wanted a more open and sand-boxy feel. You won't be disappointed there, because when it comes to sand-boxy, this game takes the cake.

    The entire terrain of the world is generated using an isosurface. What's that? Well, it basically means very nice-looking, smooth voxels (with no visible cubes, except the buildings of course). The shape of the terrain is quite unpredictable, and between worlds it can be drastically different. For example, on my first world, my team's base was generated on the end of a peninsula next to a wide plateau, with a land bridge running across a sound to an island. On my second world, I was generated in an icy mountain range with my base built on the side of a cliff. It really is very unpredictable.

    In 3089, you start with only a small amount of money and a few skill points, and develop a strong character based on your own play style. You can complete quests to gain additional skill points, and although assigning them is permanent, if you get your character stuck in a build you can always grind out some more points to fix your build. This means that you can choose to stick to either a minimal build that focuses on one or two skills in particular, or branch out and create a highly-rounded character.

    The game allows you to choose from a few "classes" at the start, but these just represent different pre-determined skill distributions to help players get started. You can easily develop your own custom class, and that's a big part of what this game is all about.

    One thing worth really mentioning is the sophisticated stealth system and mechanics. There are many stealth quests available, and they are a lot of fun. The game's stealth mechanic is based on a visibility indicator. The character has a number of options available, and AI can be tricked by clever players. The player can also use various items to help move undetected like decoys or grappling hooks, and in general the stealth system is very complex and offers a lot of great play options even if it's not a primary focus for your player.

    For the more gun-ho types, you could focus more on weaponry. Upgrading your "guns" skill increases the damage you do with any ranged weapon, likewise with the "melee" skill. Since you can assemble your own weapons, you can customize them quite a lot, and at any given level you have a variety of options to choose from. Also, melee weapons allow you to lunge at your target from a distance, adding another level of depth to combat as well as stealth play.

    Movement in 3089 is very enjoyable. One reason for this is the various movement types the player can engage with: standard walk/run is complemented by stealth mode, hover-board, and even fighter ships. Also, when using the hover-board, the player can combine usage with the grappling hook or translocator (teleportation gun) to achieve awesome stunts and cool getaways.

    My one complaint with this game is the lack of pathfinding. While the AI is generally well-developed and especially considering stealth-based play, there is no built-in pathfinding and sometimes your minions will get stuck. They do teleport when you move a short distance away, which helps, but it forces you to work around the issue sometimes.

    The game does allow multiplayer, but I was unable to test it at the time of this writing.

    In all, this is a really enjoyable game, and if you're willing to work with the weird art style, you will find a lot of joy playing 3089.
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