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  • Summary: Wonders is back, with an all-new rotatable board that will have puzzle game players everywhere matching runes for hours! In this brand new installment of the hit franchise, 7 Wonders presents six-sided cubes that make up each level. Players must break blocks to create pathways that can be used to connect lock and key by rotating the board and breaking blocks to follow the path. Once you’ve conquered all six-sides, move to the inner cube where you’ll attain pieces to build your compass. Buld all nine amazing wonders, and you’ll uncover the hidden city with the help of your map and compass. [MumboJumbo] Expand
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  1. 59
    I would have appreciated bonuses that rewarded you for chaining multiple match-three combos. In addition, 7 Wonders doesn't offer anything all that new or innovative for the genre. What it does add throws a convoluted bolt into the mix which takes some of the simplistic fun out of the pot.
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  1. Sep 23, 2012
    Matching rune puzzle game is what it's about. I can't say that the sound track is remarkable to listen to or the graphics are stunning. It's game play is solid but somewhat repetitive. The power-ups to match multiple runes can be found in other games, i.e. clear a row, explode the runes around you, etc.. The challenge comes after you complete board by trying to your compass aligned by moving certain blocks through a maze-like puzzle. The board can rotate and you can use the re-shuffle after a set period of time. The problem is, the game is simply too easy when you can re-arrange the board multiple times during a game. Also, the timer moves incredibly slow to allow you to complete it with ease. Combined with simply 'unlocking' various wonders, its storyline isn't all that great either. There is no danger, humor intrigue or excitement when playing the game. Pretty much your standard match-type puzzler -- with no unlockables on Steam. Expand