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  1. 67
    The genre isn't in its infancy anymore, and developer Funcom doesn't have the trailblazer status that would grant easy deflection of criticism about unimplemented features and crippling bugs... Right now, Age of Conan is fun game to play -- this summer, it might be ready for the MMO pantheon.
  2. AceGamez
    Funcom has done something quite dangerous by consciously releasing a less than feature complete offering into the market. Unfortunately, it's this incompleteness and the sheer number of deep-rooted problems that ultimately defines your Hyborian Adventure.
  3. It won't put WoW out of business, but then again, nothing will for a long time, and that doesn't mean this isn't a great game with tons of appeal and a hopefully more mature audience
  4. There’s some promising and concerning things about Age of Conan. For starters, there’s no shortage of punters running around whinging that higher level content is very thin on the ground. It’s a common complaint that by the time you get past level 40 you better be prepared to get your grinding shoes on, as the quests get scattered and slaughtering loads of beasts for experience is the main form of progression.
  5. This is loooooong term fun. This is rich in character and beauty. This is an ode to an author who started something huge.
  6. Its low-fantasy setting, tweaked combat system, attention to visual detail, excellent soundtrack, mature content, and promises of large-scale PvP are what set it apart from what is becoming a largely overcrowded genre.
  7. The best thing about Age of Conan is its potential.
  8. The landscape is unbelievably beautiful, the battles are full of action. But why doesn’t the PvP ranking work? Where are quests for high-level character? Somewhere in Age of Conan rests the great World-of-Warcraft-killer. It’s time to wake up!
  9. Edge Magazine
    Lacks the genuine desire for change that the genre so desperately needs. [Aug 2008, p.95]
  10. Right now, though, the game as it stands is a rough diamond - very good, bordering on great thanks to a regular stream of comprehensive patches from Funcom.
  11. In time, it might evolve into a noteworthy contender to WOW, but as it stands now it simply doesn't offer the content it should. Despite being clearly oriented towards PvP, most of the functions in that regard aren't even active.
  12. 80
    You'll find everyone from inspired role-players to hardcore number crunchers, transplants from both WoW and LOTRO, in this game. How long they'll stay is anyone's guess, but it seems like Age of Conan has plenty of room to grow.
  13. Conan delivers the best action in the genre, presents an ­amazingly ­immersive world, and has a lot of room for emergent PvP gameplay at the level cap in the Borderlands. However, its heavily instanced design and lackluster PvE content offer little of note to more socially inclined players and PvP haters.
  14. Its well-crafted story, great graphics, and challenging gameplay make Age of Conan a great choice for those who have become jaded by the massive juggernaut that is World of Warcraft.
  15. The problem is that potential is not the same as value, and it's hard to recommend Age of Conan as it stands right now. In six months, however, it should be spectacular.
  16. This game is massively superior to "World of Warcraft" and "Lord of the Rings Online" and other current high rated MMORPG’s in many ways and should be a game to pull players of all types to it if they are willing to give it a chance.
  17. At this point in time, we’re confident in recommending Age of Conan if you love MMOs and are looking for something completely different to what’s out there. It admirably manages to present a massively multiplayer experience while at the same time forging its own path with an added emphasis on single player story and real time combat.
  18. 70
    The further you get from the starting levels, the more you'll have to deal with smudged content. The voice acting will mysteriously disappear, along with the quests, the single-player story, and the engaging instances.
  19. It will be interesting to see how things develop after six months or so, but as it stands, Age of Conan is off to a great start and it can only get better from here.
  20. Funcom has managed to put a good game on the market with Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures. The game has many new aspects and therefore differs itself from other MMO games. The graphics are beautiful, as long as you have a good system to cope with it. The bad interface and some minor bugs are the reasons Age of Conan didn't get a higher result.
  21. Conan fans and MMORPG players looking for a change of scenery are well-advised to give it a try, but MMORPG haters will go on hating.
    Age of Conan might not (yet) be free of bugs but it brings fresh air into the genre. What remains is the question whether you want to try out a game with a new fighting system, a lot of violence and steep hardware requirements or rather stick to more classic MMORPGs. [Issue#14]
  23. Games Master UK
    Quests are staple MMO territory - but the unique, gory combat adds spice. [Aug 2008, p.72]
  24. games(TM)
    Bloody, brutal, sexy, and immersive - eventually. [July 2008, p.106]
  25. Technical issues notwithstanding, the violently rewarding Age of Conan is one of the finest online RPGs available.
  26. 80
    Age of Conan going forward should become a delightfully savage second home for plenty of howling on-line barbarians.
  27. The most beautiful landscapes, the most captivating sword fights and the most believable online world to date. Age of Conan is still a work in progress, but already fascinating and managed to captivate eight of our editors over the last few weeks. There are some technical problems, but if Funcom keeps on improving the game it could be the other big MMO next to World of Warcraft.
  28. With style, substance, and attitude under its +4 strength leather belt, Age of Conan may have a ways to go before entering an age of refinement, but when that time comes it’ll no doubt find its place as an online world power.
  29. This game marks the next generation of MMOs in many ways. It looks good, is very entertaining and plays very well. This is a journey well worth taking.
  30. Too much has been promised, too few has been realised. But presenting a lot of work Funcom is able to forge the strong potential of the game into a very satisfying MMORPG.
  31. 78
    There's plenty of content at lower levels, but things thin out once you get higher up. Crafting system leaves a lot to be desired and we'll have to wait and see how PvP siege gameplay turns out.
  32. It’s bold, brash, visceral in nature and for the first 20 levels it’s highly compelling. It’s also unfinished, somewhat unpolished and requires a fairly hefty PC to run.
  33. PC Format
    Every bit as ambitious as it is visually stunning. A little more polish, and WoW could finally have serious competition on its hands. [Aug 2008, p.92]
  34. PC Gamer
    It's not quite there yet, but since it did launch with a substantial load of content, it will keep 95 percent of players busy for at least a few months. [Sept 2008, p.64]
  35. PC Gamer UK
    Age of Conan is beautiful, but it's not bold enough. [Aug 2008, p.80]
  36. PC PowerPlay
    The question you’re asking is: “Yes, but is it better than World of Warcraft?” Well, is it? Undoubtedly. Easy to get into, awesome combat, great story, and massively detailed world, gorgeous to look at. [Aug 2008, p.57]
  37. However, once you pass the infant stages of the game, play becomes all too familiar, all too repetitive and all too unpolished. I'm not saying avoid Age of Conan - feel free to give it a go and enjoy the early stages with your free 30 days of play.
  38. Pelit (Finland)
    Still clearly work in progress, but at least during the first 40 levels a very entertaining MMORPG. Hopefully Funcom can make their promises true. [June 2009]
  39. Play (Poland)
    With axe and bloody sweat this game stakes its territory on the MMOG map. Not to mention meaty thuds and fountains of gore after certain critical hits. Hopefully the new quests keep coming, especially for the high level characters, as the gameplay becomes progressively simple the farther you get into the game. [Sept 2008]
  40. 84
    It is great fun despite its quirks and flaws, just don't try rushing your way through the levels too quickly. Take your time, getting there is half the journey as they say, and don't expect a polished final product like World of Warcraft, it's still a work in progress but will hopefully develop into a great alternative to Blizzard's opus.
  41. In the end, Age of Conan is a game filled with potential, but still requires quite some work.
  42. 70
    In essence, if you're willing to suffer through some early balance issues, have a good guild to join and desire an MMO experience where you can kill other people to your heart's content, Age of Conan is the game for you.
  43. It is difficult to pass a final judgment on Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, given that some areas, such as the combat and story, are exceptional while others, such as the non-combat gameplay and questing, fall somewhat flat. With that being said, the pros outweigh the cons, and though the game is mostly combat-driven, the combat system is one of the most enjoyable aspects.
  44. Age of Conan might turn out to be a fair game at some future date, but we can't score a game based on future promises. As it stands now, it's incomplete, rushed and buggy, with major game systems utterly broken. Recommended only for exploit hunters and MMO fanatics that enjoy waiting for that next patch - the one that will "fix everything" - even when it never does.
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  1. Jun 22, 2012
    this game is known for having the best raids, the best melee combat system, the best graphics, and best sound of any mmo.
    the lore of robert
    this game is known for having the best raids, the best melee combat system, the best graphics, and best sound of any mmo.
    the lore of robert e howard, creator of heroic fantasy is also very strong.
    the only glitch towards perfection has been Funcom which has been very unresponsive for long
    fortunately i think this is turning around
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  2. ReneD
    Feb 3, 2010
    It was clearly a fail, when it came out totally unfinished. But a lot has changed, and at the moment this game is really worth, playing it. It was clearly a fail, when it came out totally unfinished. But a lot has changed, and at the moment this game is really worth, playing it. Best Graphics in the genre, different game play (fights) and a community, which, at least on PVE-Servers, will help any newcomers. Whoever´s still writing nonsense about bugs, crashes, no stories, etc. can certainly not have played this game for at least 7 months. There´s a bit to critisise because of the recent merge of PVP-/RP-Servers since there aren't many PVP-players anymore. But that´s not the problem of Funcom, thats a problem which has it´s origin in some stupid gankers. So if you´re PVP all the way, make it a 7, the PVE-Fans and even RP-Fans should definitely give it a (second) chance. And hey, I´m NOT from Funcom, and I´m certainly no "Fanboy" but I can see a good game, when I play it. And Age of Conan, at it´s actual state, is definitely one. Full Review »
  3. Aug 10, 2012
    The best MMORPG out there.. And its free.

    The graphics in this 4 year old game is the best of all MMORPG. Eventhough The secret world have
    The best MMORPG out there.. And its free.

    The graphics in this 4 year old game is the best of all MMORPG. Eventhough The secret world have the same engine, AoC still looks better. The biggest argument for playing this game is the combat system. Its fun, and challenging, and its not push-a-button-and-run kind of game.

    The Second argument is the story. The 4 main classes, Mage, Rogue, Healer, and Tank, has their own story. Also the setting is appealing. The Hyborian Age is like a dark, decadent, twisted and corrupt version of Euro-Asian history. Mix a bit of the Roman Empire, Mongolian culture and Babylonian mysticism with '30s-era myths of undiscovered Africa.
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