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  1. Oct 7, 2014
    Very interesting and memorable piece. I love the setting, Bright Falls is truly one of the most beautiful locations I have visited in a video game, seriously, I want to live there! I enjoyed the mystery, the overall book/writer concept, finding manuscript pages and reading your own story, music was fantastic, not just the instrumentals, but also used songs in radio broadcasts as they added additional flavour and ended each episode perfectly. I can feel the Twin Peaks influence and that's always a good thing as that is by far my favourite series of all time. Overall I can say I loved this game in it's concept, but unfortunately, I had one huge problem with it. The core mechanic of the gameplay is basically a regular third person shooter. Yes, it's at least interesting that it's not normal shooting, but rather illuminating darkness with light, but it's still basically shooting all over, and as there is no save/load you often repeat sections shooting and shooting and shooting all those enemies again and again, it's so boring, so repetitive, so annoying. It's a pity that all the beauty this game has to offer is being held back by all this tedious shooting. I still loved it, because I simply focused on the story and the atmosphere and overlooked the boring combat, but it was annoying nevertheless, I hope that if there is ever a sequel, or whatever Remedy creates as their next game, that they will use their indisputable talent in better ways, less shooting and more of the good stuff, atmosphere, exploration, writing, adventure. I know Remedy comes from Max Payne and that was the alpha & omega of shooting, but that was cool 15 years ago, shooting is boring, it's time to move on, Remedy. 8/10 Expand
  2. Sep 24, 2014
    Story and climate is fantastic. No game was so interesting for me like this one. And the city ,,Bright Falls" is impressing. Beautifull place and it's have a good write history. And characters we meet aren't bored.
  3. Sep 15, 2014
    Alan Wake may be not Remedy's best game, but still, it's a memorable thriller game. The atmosphere is dark, thrilling, enhanced by the magnificent graphic, and its attractive storyline, worth dying for two special chapters. Maybe the gameplay isn't that awesome, and also the terrible lip-sync, but Alan Wake is still a true "scary the **** out of you" game that the world hasn't seen in years.
  4. Jul 19, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. A FANTASTIC STORYTELLING THRILLER/HORROR GAME! It is truly a fantastic game, kinda reminds me of Stephen King's books about Thriller genre. But I was put of to the end of the game!
    ~ SPOILER ALERT ! ~ At the end when Alan Wake discovers the clicker, I did feel bored when I had to go all then way back to Cauldron Lake, and it was really frustrating always seeing the enemies just popping out to kill you, which really put me off. But on the whole it is a good game, fantastic music, and very good environmental quality!
  5. Jul 17, 2014
    A very linear game with predictable gameplay. It might as well be a movie since the story and atmosphere are the only things worth noting amongst the many scripted events. As far as gameplay goes, you know something big is about to happen whenever you get a new piece of equipment or find a resupply cache.
  6. Jun 29, 2014
    General Overview: This is a well done narrative driven game with some unique game play that reminds me of Dead Space, although the combat is a bit less intense. Great mixture of action and story with excellent pasting. Its occasional weak voice acting and outdated character models can be off-putting at times but in general the well written narrative makes those small this irrelevant. Great Twin Peaks/David Lynch atmosphere with psychological horror that literally chilled my spine. As a writer this game is ultimately appealing and greatly appreciated. While there is little reason to replay other than to relive the story (which I for one will do in about a year or so) there are collectibles and achievements galore here. Remedy did a great job with the game but a sequel would be difficult though not implausible I would love for this to have a real follow up (American Nightmare is more like a DLC) but only if the quality of the narrative can be maintained.

    TL;DNR: 9: A great psychological horror/survival game with a very strong narrative and unique game play. For those who enjoy and value strong stories within their games and enjoy things by David Lynch (Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet...) then this is a must play.

    Technology/engine: 8: Runs very smoothly and is well optimized for PC.

    AI: 7: The AI is well developed but a bit predictable.

    Graphics: 7: The graphics a decent although texture qualities are mix and the character models are dated. The set pieces, however, are great - heavily detailed, great art style, and creates a depth of immersion and atmosphere that many games seem to ignore.

    Sound: 10: The sound in this game is very well developed with lots of depth and variability in ambient sound and combat sounds are spot on.

    Soundtrack: 9: Great soundtrack with well chosen episodic theme songs at the end of each of its 6 episodes and great music throughout that fits the action and the intensity of the moment and really adds to the games pacing as well as atmosphere.

    Voice acting: 8: Most of the voice acting is well done and convincing although there are moments where it fades into the acceptable range. Never the less, its minor acting issues do not really detract from its story nor its immersion.

    Crafting: N/A

    Customization: N/A

    Game play systems: 9: The game play in Alan Wake is well developed and fun with a good mix of occasional splashes of reward exploration (at times the exploration for hidden caches of resources may not be a good choice and the intensity of that decision comes through very well), game relevant puzzles of sorts (more like just dangerous tasks really), wonderful use of light as a weapon, and all around just a fun game.

    Controls: 10: This is a PC port done right. The controls are excellent and can be rebound to any key. The controls are simple and clean and are quickly picked up.

    Story: 10: Very well written and very well executed. A David Lynch style story that really pulls you in and makes you care about Bright Falls and its inhabitants as well as the Alan and his buddy Barry. If you like David Lynch's work you owe it to yourself to play this game.

    Multiplayer: N/A
  7. Jun 27, 2014
    ...There's a long journey through the night back into the light...

    Pretty much this quote describes the story of Alan Wake as well as the main gameplay idea. Yes, the mystical storyline is what makes this game stand out from many others. Of course it's not the only advantage but is what makes you to lead through the repetitive gameplay to the end. No doubt, after finish of the story you
    will end up with a feeling of deja vu. The developers were definitely greatly inspired by mystical fictions and movies of past years, like Stephen King, Twin Peaks or even Twilight Zone. The result is a dramatic thriller flavored with mysticism.

    But as I said, the story is not the only good thing here. Remedy did a great job on recreating horror atmosphere. The major game time takes place in the night forest where your only weapon is a light and you have to keep off creatures of darkness. The creepy sounds in surrounding darkness and limited ammunition increases the level of suspense which makes you run to a savior town lights. You'll not want come back to the forest again...

    I highly recommend this game to those who like mystic and horror and as an example of a brilliant cinematographic game inspired by many aspects of horror literature.
  8. Jun 25, 2014
    I have mixed feelings about this one. The story line is quite good, well above average, and the voice acting is good. But the gameplay is VERY frustrating and repetitive—first chapter of the game and you have seen it all.

    This game is all about getting from A to B and from B to C (repeat ad nauseam) in a linear path. You have to reach checkpoints in order to save, so you will have to
    repeat over and over again the sections you hate the most, video scenes included—and, oh, you will hate them. Honestly, I was so tempted to abandon the game several times.

    You are encouraged to explore everything (for weapons, story and the unbelievable 100 useless thermos) but the reward is not up to the waste of time and literally infinite enemies that will assault you.

    Bottom line: the story is good. If you like mystery books or Stephen King then, absolutely, give it a go, you will not find anything like this. Otherwise use with caution. Perhaps wait for a good sale? I could recommend it to some people but, honestly, I doubt I would have played it had I known better.
  9. May 20, 2014
    Alan Wake is definitely a weird game, but a weird game that is worth to be played. The story and the writing makes the game reach for gold, but it also holds it back. The story is not very clear, and it ends up not being very clear after you finish the game, it poses a lot more questions than it cares to answer - maybe shooting for a yet unannounced sequel or maybe an extended universe (I can see some potential in it). There are also some annoyances with the camera angles and I found that, even if the game is 6 chapters long (extending about 2 hours each), the gameplay became a bit repetitive/boring at the end - at least for my liking. Also, I played on normal difficulty but it seemed by the end of the game I found myself overstocked with ammo and flares, which made it very simple to progress through the combat scenarios (which were definately predictable by the later half of the game), even if the game emptied it all out from me following certain cutscenes.

    But as I said ,this is a game worth checking out, the music is fantastic, the acting is top notch (mostly), and the graphics are amazing (those lighting and volumetric effects are unreal). The story is a bit of everything, there are some Lovecraftian elements here and there, but its mostly Stephen King that comes to mind (the protagonist being a would be colleague of his). There is some humor to lighten the mood between episodes as well.

    The few detractors should not prevent you from giving this game a try; definitely a welcome guest on every gamer's collection.
  10. May 16, 2014
    This game is buggered to hell. The voice acting is awful, it is way too hard, the learning curve is steep, the gunplay is HORRENDOUS. And bad hit detection.
  11. May 6, 2014
    Gameplay is extremely repetitious and not a lot of fun in itself. The enemy's can provide a few scares early on in the game, but you soon find yourself attacked by the hundredth fishman/lumberjack zombie and the effect is lost. There are only a handful of different enemies and very few unique environments the player can interact with, which reduces the gameplay into a pretty tedious grind.
    A unique part of the gameplay is shining a torch (flashlight) on enemy prior to being able to damage them. However, you are rarely attacked by large numbers and are almost always provided with enough ammo and flares to easily keep out of trouble. Both player and enemies move slowly, and most combat takes place in an open environment, so backing away from enemies is an effective but boring tactic.

    The story is reasonably interesting, but it evolves slowly and is so "cheesy" it is hard to take seriously. All the characters in the game are extremely unlikable, and seem like they were designed by a child. This reduces motivation to progress through the game, as the only real reward for the gameplay is plot progression.

    Graphics and sound are generally impressive, but viewpoint is frustrating and not really suited for mouse control. The character controls are quite clumsy, and the dodging mechanic isn't really very useful (avoiding enemies is far more effective).
  12. May 1, 2014
    If you like your Stephen King, you will like the story. Graphics and sound design are superb. However, the game fails in terms of gameplay. Shine a light and shoot. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. There is almost no enemy variety and no real sense of progression. After the first few Chapters, the only thing that kept me going was the story.
  13. Apr 29, 2014
    For god's sake! this is the best and most moving storyline in the game i've played EVER!
    simply beutiful graphics and the gameplay that perfectly suits the rest.

    Hihgly reccomend
  14. Apr 24, 2014
    Pros - Good main character, great narration, level design, graphics (PC), Cons - Repetitive enemy attacks, poltergeists are really annoying, character animation is bad but good in a creepy way. Conclusion - This is a unique game with great level design even though there are constantly moments involving stuff blocking your path and making you find another way around. I liked the small town Steven King feel. The game is 6 hours, but I wouldn't want it to be any longer. This is a story driven game. And its an interesting one with a good ending. Expand
  15. Apr 2, 2014
    With a setting seemingly taken out of a book from Stephen King, this game is full of scary stuff.
    ... Nah, really. I couldn't count the amount of times that I physically JUMPED out of my chair. This one has more frights than the latest Resident Evil game.
    Released originally for the Xbox360 (2010), and ported to the PC (2012). Yeah a port.

    Taking the role of Alan Wake, a writer
    stuck on vacation. Your wife goes missing, and its your mission to find out what happened to her after your concussion.
    Dark forces are at work, and light is your only escape, and method into beating them. Using a torch, you wear away their "shield", and once you've done that, you can shoot them with any regular means (guns...). There is no knife, or melee weapon to fall back on.

    Story is the real strongpoint to this whole game. The player wants to learn what happened to the wife, and is sucked into the world with its great writing. Writing? Oh, and you find white paper on the way actually telling you what will happen next. Confused? Yeah, its a bit strange like that.
    There are six episodes in the package. Each a chapter to the story.
    A few of the characters, Alan, Barry (comic relief), the police lady, Odin and Tor, that doctor guy, the freaky guy. There are many in this story, but you'll only remember a handful. Everyone else just gets the nickname "that xxxx guy".

    Gameplay is pretty good. Whilst I'd have liked to see slightly tighter controls, it plays very well. Battles are quite exciting and you get a slight choice in weapons (there aren't many). It plays similar to a crossbreed of Resident Evil 4 & Indigo Prophecy. The battles, however are a bit hit and miss, as they seem to be a bit on the "lite" side. Serious gamers will probably be bored with the same enemies by the second or third episode.

    Graphics are very good. Whilst textures at times are a little less than desirable (eg, Episode six, when you watch your TV), they help bring the player into the story. I'd say comparable to the first Batman : Arkham game.
    Sound? Great. No complaints at all. Soundtrack fits. Swizzle.

    As this was first released on the Xbox360, it may have been released in parts. But towards the middle of the game, there is a feeling of it being slightly rushed. You will keep encountering the same enemies, yet the battles play out no different. You defeat them in the same way.
    The surroundings also feel like you're still in chapter one. Night setting, full of trees... Wood cutting tools... For the length (six chapters, maybe 10-11 hours standard playtime), it feels like you are going around in circles just to watch the story continue.

    +Great story
    +Good graphics and sound, helps portray the story well
    +EEP! Jumped out of seat a few times
    +Good controls

    -Many characters I don't care about
    -Copy and paste enemies and environment models.
    -On, and on, and on (too long in comparison to substance)

    Overall rating; 7/10

    Last thought: Feels like a spiritual sequel to Resident Evil 4. I wouldn't re-play this title, but if you are a gamer that likes a strong "horror" type story- this game is worth a shot. Might feel a little uh, "cheap" half way through though! ;-)
  16. Mar 31, 2014
    It's Q2 2014, and there's almost nothing good out at the moment that I haven't played. So I looked through my steam library and noticed that I had Alan Wake that I purchased a long time ago from one of the Steam specials but never got around to playing it. I would just like to say that I am pleasantly surprised at how absorbed I became. I was honestly struggling to get hooked on any game until I started Alan Wake. I really wanted to find out how the story played out and that's what kept me going strong throughout. I absolutely loved the deliciously dark setting in the mountains and the unique torch-as-a-weapon/shield kit out. I can't say enough good things about this- a truly refreshing experience compared to all the stuff I've been playing lately! I highly recommend this title if you're looking for something different and yet undeniably absorbing. I also thought the visuals and audio were superb for a 2012 title and did their job very well in transporting me deep into the heart of the story. Expand
  17. Mar 26, 2014
    Once you finish this game your life splits into two parts. You feel like you've missed something so much outstanding and you really want to replay the game again, but than appears the problem. The game itself is above the average on the very first look. The graphics, the atmosphere, the story. Everything works flawlessly. But there is one thing which makes the game a game and that is the overall gameplay. The concept itself isn't the worst ideas of all, it actually is pretty interesting. But the repeating of the same mechanics with no apparent change from the very start to the grand finale really wasn't the brightest idea. But luckily for Alan Wake, the game never gets boring thanks to the intense atmosphere. For players who like to look around them, admire the beauty of their surroundings is this a great game. People who prefer faster progress through the game might a be a bit disappointed, because they are missing a huge part of the game. Story & Atmosphere would be an easy 10/10, but the not as perfect gameplay mechanics decrease the rating by a few points. But still, this is an outstanding game, which really deserves your attention, if you haven't played it yet. Expand
  18. Mar 3, 2014
    This game just a great change of pace. Those complaining about how "linear" it is need to understand that the point of the game is the story, not the game play. I must say that for an old game, having purchased this game on sale for $3 on steam, this game is incredible graphics. The atmosphere in the game is very realistic and spooky at night times. The sound is fantastic as well. Really makes you feel like you're in the game. I have to agree, that it really is like playing through a movie in a sense, but this is why i liked it. It was a nice change of pace and something unique so far in my gaming experience. Expand
  19. Mar 3, 2014
    Although I initially enjoyed Allan Wake because it reminded me of Max Paxne just with slightly more two-dimensional characters and a more horror-oriented storyline I soon came to loath the game for its lack of interesting enemies and annoying interruptions.

    Most developers get hiding secrets wrong. Collect 200 coffee thermos while you're trying to survive is a sure way to make
    everything else around you feel trivial.

    I stopped playing when I ran out of ammo during a fight with an enemy and the only way for me to win was to reload the game and hope I'd preserve more shots next time. That would be fine if I was playing Call of Duty but we're not. I don't need to die to understand I failed, just let me resolve the situation in some other manner so I can continue enjoying the storyline.

    The camera view is annoying as well. You can either put Al on your left or on your right but he's -always- in the way. There's also no way to aim your gun without aiming your flashlight and if you aim the fashlight, you'll burn through its energy reserves which you need to weaken enemies so they can be finished off with your firearm. You can't vanquish them with your flashlight alone, hence the reason you need to be consverative with ammo. Enemies do not drop ammo so unless you aim as well as the developers want you to, which is difficult without being able to see where you're aiming, you'll find yourself low on ammo all the time and reloading soon after because enemies tend to be faster than you are, dodging attacks takes forever and they also tend to throw things at you with surprising accuracy.

    The game environment is great and there is a rich variety of characters you run into. The voice acting is acceptable, it could be a little less exaggerated at times so it wouldn't feel as disconnected. Unfortunately, most characters seem rather oblivious to what is going on around them which is down to poor script writing but what can you expect from a video game?

    The game is far too cut up, there's no natural flow to it as you are interrupted with things to read and listen to every so many seconds. On top of that, most of the events are completely spoiled for you because you are given spoilers in the shape of manuscripts. See that gas station over there? Well, before you get there you'll know exactly what has happened there because the game stopped short of force-feeding it to you. It'll continue doing that way up till the end.

    Allan Wake tries to be Max Payne but what Max Payne got right was constant action and storyline only when it was necessary to inform the player. Allan Wake just plays itself.

    Not recommended.
  20. Feb 19, 2014
    Alan Wake is certainly an enjoyable game and a good horror story, the way the narrative zigzags between normalcy and madness is particularly impressive. The gameplay could stand to be deeper and Alan could learn to hang onto his equipment better between chapters, but these are small niggles overall. Collectibles in this game actually enhance the experience rather than detracting from it, unlike most games, which is a pleasant surprise; but on the other hand product placement and advertisement can get obnoxious. Graphically the game is quite pretty, the lighting effects being particularly well-executed. Unfortunately, the PC port is subpar and can occasionally have problems even on top-tier hardware, so be careful about buying this game if your PC has modest specs. The PC port does boast several useful improvements such as adjustable FOV, however, which is commendable. Expand
  21. Feb 11, 2014
    This psychological horror-mystery begins with famous writer Alan Wake as he vacations with his wife to a small town in an attempt to escape his writer's block. Everything goes to hell when his wife Alice is kidnapped by a strange darkness that is taking over the area and bringing horror and destruction with it. I will not spoil anything, but this game's strength is certainly in its story. Wake, as a writer, provides an interesting narration that brings the environment to life, while also voicing Wake's thoughts and providing information for the story. The way game connects collectibles (in the form of pages to Alan's memoirs) to the story is great and interesting. Characters are brought to life with new depth as you read their stories in the memoirs. But the horror is also a big factor in this game.

    When the darkness attacks, light is the only salvation. Your inventory consists of guns and light-based weapons, such as flares, flashbangs, and a flashlight. Ammunition can be scarce, so hold on to the light and savor it while you have it. It all fits well with the horror of the game--as the darkness becomes stronger, you only feel safe in the light of day (and not always then!). When lost, following the light is also a safe bet, but this feels natural. You are running, being chased by those Taken by the darkness, and naturally you run toward the light because it is the only place you feel is safe.

    This is a game I know I will certainly replay, with more focus on the story and collectibles. The gameplay is unique and interesting, the horror keeps you on edge, and the story is fantastic and full of depth.
  22. Feb 10, 2014
    This has to be one of the better games I've played in the past couple of years. The game mechanic of using light in various ways is quite unique, and works very well. The story isn't overly original, but the way in which it's told will draw you in and hold you `till the end. You can tell it is very inspired by Stephen King, and even mentions him once or twice in passing. The game feels like an interactive movie based on a Stephen King book, directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Highly recommended for anyone who's a fan of the horror genre, whether it be games, books, or movies. Expand
  23. Feb 9, 2014
    I bought this game in Christmas sale.
    First of all. Terrible shaking videos brings you on island, where you get wrong direction and your girlfriend disappear. Ok, nice start and there are some scary ghost in forest, many pages from book, where are future steps described....
    BUT! Main character is terribly crappy, unable to walk and run more than 50 meters. His position is on side, but
    he is moving to the center of screen, what is terrible first hour. After 1 hour you find him terrible clumsy. Ghost persons are coming from nowhere and you have to hit them with light from your lamp. And during this, he is terribly clumsy. When you are trying to run from them, they are faster and Alan is terribly clumsy to go around tree, rock. When Alan is hit, he is clumsy more than before...
    This game is joke. Creator was somebody who was creating main character and scene perspective completely drunk. When I see other games like Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia, where character control is helpful, not doing stupidities, I'm asking WHY ? WHY ? Why did I bought this terrible game ???????
  24. Feb 9, 2014
    Its a good game. First of all, the good bits: The voice acting is overall excellent. The characters are compelling. The graphics/environment is very nice. The story keeps you in doubt all the time. I like the torch mechanic, you actually need to use it as a torch sometimes. The bad: The talking animations are really bad...Fortunately they seem to get better as you progress. The game forces you to go out of your way to collect "the story", its annoying and boring. It shouldnt be so time consuming.
    Gameplay is just ok.
    The story never ultimately explains itself and some people seem to like this, but not me. I hate it, this really is the downfall of the game.

    Well worth the
  25. Jan 31, 2014
    At first I didn't know what to think about this game. The gameplay surprised me a bit, and to be honest, I thought to myself in the tutorials: "Is this it?"

    But I decided to keep on playing, and I'm glad I did. I got used to the gameplay and it became rather fun. But that's not where the strong point is in this game.
    What impressed me about Alan Wake is the story line and how the game
    is set up. You're playing as a writer, and the game is played as if you were reading a book, or listening to an audio book. It has chapters, and even narration by Alan Wake so we can explore his thoughts and truly know how and what he feels.

    The ending didn't leave me wanting for more, but it sure was a confusing, yet climatic ending.
    All in all, Alan Wake has a great story line, and is in my opinion one of the best horror games I've played story wise.
  26. NLS
    Jan 21, 2014
    I like this game.
    I like the story telling, I like the genuine american horror story feeling.
    I would wish it was less linear.
    Definitely a good game though.
  27. Jan 12, 2014
    To be honest, the game is so-so. The storytelling is good, despite of everything other. The gameplay is quite poor. It's poorly copy-past the famous resident evil series, and contains no puzzles, no interesting enemies. So we are getting half novel story-telling, half shooting game very similar to Max Payne, and to be honest it doesn't justify my expectation. I pretty sure that you will get more fun by playing in resident evil or silent hill. Expand
  28. Jan 10, 2014
    Not a great game, and another example of the metacritic score not representing reality. The game has nice graphics, but terrible token enemies. It's like they thought they'd better add the shadow monsters to give it an arcade feel. They're annoying and ruin the game, they are fun for about 2 minutes, then it gets tedious and repetitive. I'm not alone in this opinion, just read a few reviews.

    Very atmospheric, I would have liked to go through the game without any combat.

    Wait for it to be on sale if you need to see it. The graphics and mood are interesting, perhaps a bit self-indulgent and pretentious... also confusing because it's a dream within a nightmare or something like that.

    I would have preferred a first person view, the third person perspective has its limits.
  29. Jan 8, 2014
    A game i bought in 2011, and never got into it, until a couple of days a go.
    OK, story is absolutely fantastic, and thoroughly enjoyable, even if a little Americanized.
    Graphics and presentation is second to none, it has a brilliant art style that flows extremely well with game play and story.
    Now, my only reason for not scoring this a 10, is purely the repetition throughout the game,
    combat is cool, but get's a little dull and becoming a chore towards the end of the game, however it is only a small niggle.
    The game has room for further game play even after completion along the lines of achievements if that is your thing, you may go back and try to bust those final achievements.
    My final words, great game and definitely worthy of it's price.
  30. Jan 5, 2014
    First of all, Alan Wake really is worth the money. While it plays very much like a standard Third person Shooter, the concept behind the combat is brilliant and flawlessly executed, using light to destroy the 'dark armor' then use firearms to eliminate your enemies, the 'Taken', human entities coming to life from a novel Wake can't remember writing. If I were to explain the story, I would be he all day, but one thing I can say is that Alan Wake is filled with convoluted plot twists. However, 2 complaints I have about the game are the awkward camera angles (because shrubbery can easily block your view during combat in the forest), and the steep difficulty curve in the first couple of chapters. Expand
  31. Jan 4, 2014
    I highly enjoyed this remedy game. Making notably only Max Payne, Alan wake is a highly refreshing game. I enjoyed the story, the characters and overall the game is polished and a blast to play.
  32. Jan 1, 2014
    I will be truthful and tell you that this game is good. However, it is grueling. The story takes a very long time to play out, and has a pretty boring archetype to it. The actual story however is awesome and will capture you immediately. The game just feels like there is too much repetitive fighting for how much story happens in between the fighting. About 3 hours in, I was ready for the game to just be over already. The game is an extremely awesome concept, but it could have been executed much, much better Expand
  33. Dec 29, 2013
    Started off good but nearing the ending I figured out that this games just a very pretentious game. The story you think maybe really interesting but as you get to the end you realise that the writer is just popping out of his ass to make the game even more MYSTERIOUS WOOO. Very pretentious and totally overrated.
  34. Nov 25, 2013
    I've played this game when it came on PC and have decided to try it out again a couple of days ago. I must say this game is very enjoyable to play, while it's known as a horror adventure it's not scary (most of the time). The story is enjoyable, but the combat can be a pain in the ass untill you get used to it (and even then it can be frustrating). Despite this, it's a great game and you should try it if you haven't already. Expand
  35. Nov 24, 2013
    Fortunately Remedy have not flopped when they released Max Payne 2. For them the flop (if one can call it a flop at all) was second series of games, Alan Wake. Let's just call it a decline. For me I expected higher level of character insight and relation to the protagonist I've enjoyed with Max Payne 1 & 2. Alan Wake did not intrigue me with the story line and the main protagonist did not capture my attention. I understand Remedy spent more time on the gameplay mechanics/atmosphere and an attempt at TV series episodic release schedule (something nobody has still pulled off in video game industry). In my opinion they should have focused on storyline a little more. One of the good things I've discovered during this game is original The Twilight Zone series which inspired the ingame TV series Night Springs. Atmosphere in this game is omnipresent and deep, you will find yourself in an "ecosystem" of interleaved and interrelated themes that creates an ingame world that Remedy have mastered over the years.

    Lastly I'd like to thank Remedy for securing a PC release of this game. Would it not be for Xbox we would have seen a PC port much earlier. PC realm is where Remedy originally come from so I am glad to see they have delivered for their dedicated fan base.
  36. Nov 17, 2013
    I don't scare easily and while Alan Wake didn't scare me outright, it provided a constant state of creepiness that was continuously chilling. The characters and story along with the storytelling are awesome. The graphics, photography, and camera work are stunning. The one major blemish is the gameplay which isn't all that bad, it just isn't all that good either. However using a flashlight to fight off the darkness is a pretty cool concept and the execution comes off pretty nicely. Although I have to admit the game didn't draw me in to play non-stop from start to finish--ultimately starting the game in September and not actually finishing it until November.

    So what is it about Alan Wake that makes it so standoffish? Well for starters, the gameplay starts to get repetitiously dull. Some of the forest paths are really long laying ground for more hordes of Taken than one person can deal with before it just becomes mundane. It is kind of broken up with some areas to explore in between, but it wasn't enough. The other aspect which may sound weird is that I never really felt like I took the role as Alan Wake. Instead it felt more like I was just moving the story forward and watching Alan unfold as opposed to being a part of critical decisions. Fortunately the chapters are broken up very nicely into roughly two hour segments with good musical intermissions allowing players whatever amount of time they need before jumping into the next chapter.

    Overall, a fantastic game and a must play in my book.
  37. Nov 8, 2013
    A great game not only from the narrative perspective but also from technical one...Just a perfect combination of a thriller with an amazing storyline and an exciting gameplay.One of the best single player games I've ever played.
  38. Nov 1, 2013
    Superb storytelling, memorable characters, and a dark but yet gorgeous atmosphere that will stick with you long after you are finished Alan Wake. I need to address one thing first...

    This is not a scary's not meant to be. It's a psychological action thriller (check the box art if you don't believe me...) Unfortunately people have rated this game based on "scare factor" and
    that's not fair. Although this game has the makings of "horror" game, it's not. That's like trying to call the movie "Se7en" a horror movie. It has the atmosphere and aesthetics of one but its a psychological thriller all the way through.

    Alan Wake puts you on the edge of your seat and keeps you coming back for more. The game plays out like a thriller/mystery TV show with "Chapters" and "Previously On..." segments. You play as a best selling author who is having difficulties writing his next book. He decides to take a vacation with his girlfriend up to a town called Bright Falls. Located in the pacific northwest, Bright Falls shares many similarities with the fictional town of Twin Peaks (the TV show from the 90's). It's a small, cozy, honest working mans town where everybody know everybody. When your just about settled into the cabin, your girlfriend goes missing. You must then try and track her down while avoiding the darkness that plagues the town and the evil that lurks within.

    The game has several key features. The atmosphere by far steals the show. You can tell a lot of attention to detail went into crafting this beautiful northwestern landscape. The lighting and particle effects are excellent as well. The sound design is well done and the narration from the main character adds to the tension and mystery.

    I do have a few gripes though... One being the character models and stiff animations. The character models look a little dated. I guess from a distance they don't look to bad but once you see them up close you can really notice the lack of detail. The characters seem to move around in the most simplistic ways possible. Also, the lip syncing is some of the worst I have seen in years. It's like watching a poorly dubbed kung fu movie. The driving mechanics, although short, are poorly done. You never feel like you have full control over the vehicle. Too far to the left or right and you swerve out of control and into a ditch.

    My last complaint would be the lack of replay-ability. Once you complete the game...that's it. Your not awarded any bonus missions or free roam. Sure you can go back and collect some coffee thermoses (no seriously there's like 100 to collect) but what is that going to get you? Seeing as how the game was first designed as an open world game (and still feels much like one at times) they could have left that in tact and let you roam around freely after you beat the game.

    All that set aside, the games pacing, characters and location are more than enough to draw you in. Like a good book, you wont want to put this one down once you've started.
  39. Oct 31, 2013
    7.5 Actually.
    I enjoy this game for the story and the graphics. Gameplay is pretty lame, and as others said the off-center-semi-shoulder camera angle can become really noxious, tedious, and frustrating. Besides, it is never constant, and keeps shifting depending on what needs to be shown in the specific place in the game. Trying to complete a jump puzzle with such camera view becomes
    The game-play itself is this: you point your flashlight and shoot. That's it. Some path-finding bugs (which a not many, but present) take away from enjoyment.
    Nonetheless, as i said before, i enjoy this game for the story and graphics (even though buggy in-game auto-tune up optimizer told me my system req's are below minimum requirement, i am running smooth on all maxed up without a hick-up), and it is a good experience which is a blend of cinematic feeling and a quest with shooting elements. Good game.
  40. Oct 11, 2013
    I am writing for BrutalMoose. To quote him from his stream as of 10/11/13 "The game looks good, and could be scary, but isn't. Maybe it's just because I'm drunk, I don't know... alcohol might be affecting this game for me..."
  41. Oct 7, 2013
    Awsome game. you have to dig through the first 15min but once you are in you cannot let it go anymore. I love it. Sometimes the camera is not my cup of tea but the overall experience is great.
  42. Oct 6, 2013
    When big budget games screw up they screw up well. This game attempts to take Stephen King tropes and turn them into a computer game, it looks great, is well voiced but massively over-cutscened. Also the only real scares come from being overwhelmed by sheer numbers of enemies. I didn't complete this simply because I stopped caring. Sad really..

    It feels like a sci-fi channel movie.

    Basically if you want a really scary game get Amnesia: The Dark Descent.... That's what you need,
  43. Sep 28, 2013
    I find it difficult to accept many of the positive reviews made here for this game. In all honestly, you could barely call it a game at all. It's more like an interactive story in the vein of Dear Esther than a game. It's boring and predictable, the controls are awful and the choices are superficial. It's about as horrific as ordering neopolitan icecream and discovering they gave you all strawberry. Do not buy even on sale. Expand
  44. Sep 18, 2013
    The best story telling in recent memory. Sometimes the controls suck but the ambiance, careful style progression and suspense punctuated by real fear your batteries will run out on your flashlight makes it amazing and totally worth it. I usually avoid console ports religiously but I'm glad I picked this gem up on sale.
  45. Sep 13, 2013
    The GOOD
    - hooked story. I can't put a stop to it. I don't know why too.
    - new kind of evil 'Darkness' thing aside from zombies, ghost, zombies, devil, zombies, did I mention the old evil like zombies?
    - get me scared without scary things at all.

    The BAD
    - game play is ultimately repetitive. Just walk to there, fight yourself through, and activate it, the repeat again
  46. Sep 10, 2013
    This game is a must-have for people that love mystery-supernatural kind of stories, but for those that aren't a fan of such things,this game could do either 2 things to you. Either it will make you looove the genre or you would just hate it and just force your way through to get the end.But overall it is a fantastically made game,graphics is state-of-the art ,especially the motion of Alan Wake.
  47. Sep 7, 2013
    The story is told in a unique and generally brilliant way, but the gameplay becomes incredibly monotonous by the fifth level. Could have been excellent.
  48. Sep 5, 2013
    Alan Wake is a really enjoyable game. It's long, about 16 hours, the porting from the 360 version is really good. Remedy patched the game several fimes following the community tips to make it better and better. Graphic is good, but the soundtrack is wonderful, thanks to Poet of the Fall themes. It's not a survival, it's like a thrilled Max Payne, there are many collectibles and 3 different difficulty settings. The Pc edition containt the two DLC for free! Buy it, it's really worth it every single cent you spend on it. Expand
  49. Sep 5, 2013
    I have found the story to be the most amazing aspect of the game. At some points you will even feel like you are part of a movie. Surprisingly the driving scenes work really well and it almost feels like what you would expect from GTA 5. Fighting scenes can get very repetitive and once you are out of ammo it becomes almost impossible to continue. Overall I think it's a well rounded game with some great story telling aspects. Expand
  50. Sep 4, 2013
    Excellent story, gameplay and environment. You need to play this game at least for the story. Soundtrack is top class as well. One of the best games of modern times
  51. Aug 31, 2013
    Really well done survival horror game. Top notch production values, including level design, writing and voice acting. The action isn't to quite the same standard, but it's still solid and provides some good challenge, variety and tension.
  52. Aug 26, 2013
    A different experience that not everybody likes, but with manifold on games out there I'm glad that we still have... "different" games like Alan Wake. A truly enjoyable experience with an excellent story. Wish there would be more diverse enemies though.

    All in all I can just urge you to try it out.
  53. Aug 26, 2013
    The story is just amazing. The atmosphere is well-done, the gameplay is a little bit repetitive at times but it's still good. A good PC port too. Amazing game.
  54. Aug 23, 2013
    The controls are awful, very hard to focus your gun and even difficult to walk straight with the 3rd person view; you're also constantly looking 'around' Alan who seems to enjoy blocking my view of where I want to go. I've tried both mouse/keyboard and 360 controller, both are awful to control, the lack of control takes you out of the story; the graphics are otherwise quite good and use interesting effects, I'm sure this would be an enjoyable game if it was actually playable (how the majority of reviewers are able to play this is beyond me). Further, Alan cannot attack his enemies when he does not have any ammo, no fists or kicks, no using the flashlight as blunt impact; this means you stand there like a taking a beating until you reload the level with 12 bullets which at times is not enough and you still have to double-back to hopefully find a stash (then if you die and need the ammo, you have to do it again, and again). I would constantly run out of ammo, often wasting shots due to the controls. The game only saves at predetermined check points, you cannot save where you want to. I've put 5 hours into it, which according to howlongtobeat is about half way, I have zero inspiration to conclude this "nightmare" (which it is, for all the wrong reasons) and do not recommend whatsoever. +3 points for good graphics and creative use of story, -7 for abysmal controls. Expand
  55. Aug 23, 2013
    Alan Wake has great atmosphere, an interesting story, good sound work (including some interesting licensed music) and fun game play. Felt there was a decent mix of weapons and uses to really vary up the combat. Light as a mechanic worked well whether keeping the enemies at a distance with the flares, killing them with flash bangs/ flare gun, disorienting them with the flashlight or taking off their "immunity armor." There are a few downfalls. Driving cars with a keyboard and mouse was pretty awful. Also occasionally enemies would spawn behind you or move quickly behind you and it was difficult fighting enemies in all direction. Overall: Loved the game, kept coming back to play more until I finished it. Expand
  56. Aug 20, 2013
    An amazing game, very deep atmosphere and story, really good mix between music and action, with some jokes sometimes. One game that shines over others games from this generation, you'll remember it.
  57. Aug 19, 2013
    The story in Alan Wake is quite exceptional comparing to other video games in the genre. Too bad the rest of the game can't match up to the well-written storytelling.

    The game kicks off interestingly where we meet our protagonist, who is struggling with writing crisis and a "little bit" of insanity. Soon we find ourselves fighting with shadowy creatures named 'The Taken' controlled by a
    mysterious force.

    The fighting mechanics based on the power of light are unique. While this newish fighting scheme is fun at first it lacks deepness, so it becomes repetitive. Unfortunately nothing good can be said about the controls, which is one of the most discouraging features of the game: awkward movements, slow reaction times, super sensitive mouse controls

    One of the high points of the game is the voice acting. It phenomenally supports the great story, which pushes the player for resolution...that may or may not exists in the end. The end of the story will leave many with questions and bad taste, but the open nature of the conclusion is not necessarily a bad thing at all. However, the special chapters (The Signal and The Writer) will help put a proper end to this tale.

    After 6 chapters it is hard to think of any reasons why anyone, who is not a fan of Alan would start this game all over again. The replay value of the game is very low thanks to its linear nature. Other than some collectibles there's no point to return. Alan Wake is one of those games that would've been enjoyable on a big screen rather than with a controller in a hand.

    Rating: 65/100; Replay Value: 1/5; To Beat: 14-16 hours (incl. the specials); Played on: normal.
  58. Aug 12, 2013
    I wouldn't say I suffered, but I decided to quit after about two hours of gameplay. The port was done correctly, no bugs or whatnot- BUT, the game itself was really boring. The gameplay was really unrewarding, nothing interesting actually happened, the verdict on this so-called horror game was very easy to decide. It's not scary, not innovative, not fun to play, not interesting (at least two hours in) and quite repetitive. Thanks, but no thanks.
    (Also, shooting mechanics and point of view sucked, not very intuitive)
  59. Aug 7, 2013
    The worst control system ever, camera is horrible, the only effect is lens flare, EVERYWHERE, every damn light has a lens flare effect on it. the story MAY be interesting, but i don't know because i found the game SO BORING that i stopped playing after 40 minutes of game, because i had no interest for the story, i had no will to go on, and most of all i was so sick of the character! I lost interest in half an hour. Really a bad bad game. BAD! Fortunately i payed it 3€! :P Expand
  60. Aug 7, 2013
    I admit back when this first came out I was sucked in. Being a writer the idea of a world where a writer's own work appears to take on a life of it's own, however the story is far more complex than that.

    Also, I am not one for horror games as usually they have terrible combat and at times aren't that creepy, however this is a game with a good combat system and able to be creepy without
    using gore. Afterall, darkness is one of the most primal of fears. It's well worth it's price for anyone looking for a deeply involving story and/or want to play a creepy game. Expand
  61. Aug 5, 2013
    This is shallow two-button gameplay combined with the worst of a high school creative writing contest all rolled into one. I actually played through it with a few of my friends watching, MST3K Rifftracks style. The writing is at least as cliche and stilted as 'This Island Earth'.
  62. Jul 30, 2013
    Somehow, I never managed to find something special in this game. To me, Alan Wake is basically just another third person action shooter. It is one above average though, but still I found the gameplay itself to become very boring and repetitive after only around two hours into the game. I was also rather annoyed than fascinated by what I felt to be a pseudo in depth psychological horror storyline. Graphics, sound, and atmosphere are all very good, but the gameplay itself just couldn't keep me entertained. I finished the game within less than 10 hours and won't give it another go. Expand
  63. sft
    Jul 29, 2013
    The light fantastic (almost)

    Credit is due Remedy for making ALAN WAKE a story-driven game. It’s a partial success, though not a complete one. They have entirely eschewed the typical RPG tropes of dialogue trees and progression choices in favour of a linear, non-interactive structure. The story is played out in a series of cut-scenes and simple A to B tasks. Basically you just have to
    battle your way from one place to the next. There’s certainly a place for this type of game, and when it’s done well la Half-Life 2) it can be very rewarding. Unlike Half-Life 2, however, ALAN WAKE doesn’t quite pull it off. Firstly, there isn’t enough humour. There’s some but it would have benefited from more. And the story isn’t exactly original. But the main problem for me was the combat. I hated the way control is wrenched away from the player every time enemies approach. I get why they did it (there’s no other way of knowing they’re coming, apart from some audible warnings) but I often found myself disoriented when the camera had finished sweeping around and control had retuned. Several times the sweep lasted so long that by the time I had control again the enemies were right on me and it was impossible to avoid taking a hit. Frustrating to say the least. On the plus side the environments look very good and it’s quite atmospheric (although not as creepy as I would have liked Silent Hill still sets the bar for that). One other thing worth noting is that I found the special episode, The Writer, to be better than what had gone before. It’s even more atmospheric and far more inventive. Overall this is a good game if not an outstanding one. Collapse
  64. AWG
    Jul 26, 2013
    A great story, a set of interesting characters, great graphics, handy controls, Rose, lots of compelling challenges and fair rewards, well-balanced cut-scenes... Alan Wake is a complete and unregrettable gaming experience you'll start missing as soon as the credits fade out. 9/10 need moar Rose.
  65. Jul 24, 2013
    I really wanted to enjoy this game, but unfortunately, its poor execution in regards to gameplay mechanics had me smashing inanimate objects. The story was interesting, which kept me going for a while. This is really one of the only strong points of the game. I could deal with the awkward camera angles and lack of a crosshair. The combat was repetitive, annoying, and pointless. Going through and finding the collectibles was more of an annoyance than fun. The biggest thing that made me quit the game for good was the respawning enemies. What is this, 2002? Expand
  66. Jul 21, 2013
    Alan Wake has some great writing, a great story, great embedded atmosphere, but suffers a bit from repetitive gameplay. I found all of the cutscenes to be a relief from having to use the same mechanics over and over again to fight the zombies. With no RPG elements to speak of, I found myself becoming bored by the gameplay about half way through, but the story was too compelling to give up on. Second, the survival elements of this game are out of whack. I found the game to be a lot of feast and famine- some levels, I would have all the flares and ammunition I needed. On other levels, I died multiple times because there's no way to kill bad guys without ammo, and I would get stuck in an area with constantly spawning enemies. Since there's no indication of this, I would try and fight my way out, trying time after time, but would eventually have to run out to escape (which is difficult, given your character's limited stamina). On a side note, there's tons of great, original content that went into this game- the story pages, the original songs, and the Night Springs TV show. These items, plus the story, made the game worth the trip. Expand
  67. Jul 17, 2013
    People get irritated with the smallest sorts of mechanics and believe that just that ruins the entire game. This game was positively new to me. Everything about it was new. I have never played such a game, and I have got to say that I loved Alan Wake the game. The fact that Alan talks during the game more exciting. I love when a character is fully animated to even speak during game play.
  68. Jul 16, 2013
    When I started playing this game, I didn't like it at all. Very well the gameplay was fun, the game mechanics were very well thought up, but the game didn't catch me. It didn't make me think about it all day, and it didn't make me eager to play more (like, for example, Bioshock Infinite did). However, after sadly playing the first three episodes, things quickly became much much better. The story finally became a bit clearer, and I got the idea I was actually chasing a goal now, instead of just shooting Taken and walking through levels in an ever darker night. After the game became interesting like that, I soon finished it. The ending was quite vague, but it did give a very good feeling (also because some parts of the game were exceptionally hard compared to the rest). And it appears that American Nightmare (which I bought it in a bundle with) explains the ending further and provides more backstory. The reason I give this a 9, is because of the really short game time. I finished the game on normal in 16 hours according to Steam, and to think that about a quarter of that is cutscenes, it doesn't really satisfy in that way. But when I look at the achievements for this game, I see reasons enough to do another, more exploring playthrough. Expand
  69. Jul 13, 2013
    I picked up this game on steam 90% off, thinking "even if it's bad, that's still a pretty damn good deal". And I was surprised how good this game is! I never played a ported game before, but I liked the controls, except the fact that you can't really walk straight (controller would solve this The graphics were just fine for a game from 2010, my PC handled it just great (HD 7870, eight-core, 12gigs RAM). The cinematics were catching, it was just like reading a good book or watching a good series, the playtime of 20 hours (the plain game, not the dlcs) made it worth the money. This game is worth the money and time. 9 outta 10! Expand
  70. Jul 7, 2013
    First, I'd just like to say that I created a metacritic account JUST so I could warn people about this game. Do not get it. It is horrible.
    I've played a lot of bad games, and this one didn't seem too bad at first. The story telling isn't bad, though it isn't good enough to save it from the many faults the game has. First of all, the controls are sloppy. The sensitivity is very high. I
    played on the lowest sensitivity and still had trouble controlling it well. Sometimes the controls are also unresponsive. In one part of the game, you are given flares that you have to hit a key to use. Well, sometimes I would literally spam this key when enemies were near me, and it still wouldn't work.
    Even though the game has okay story telling, it has very bad game-play. You will be killing re-skinned versions of the same few enemies throughout the game. A lot of the time, they will surround you, and you just won't be able to kill them. You have to shine your flashlight at them for a few seconds before you can even start shooting. Now, you may think that sounds like a new and interesting mechanic. Well, it probably would be if it were implemented well, rather than having to do this for every single enemy. They will charge you from different directions, making it difficult to kill them before they can get to you. Did I mention that they run faster than you as well?
    The game also seems to have frame issues. The fps dropped very low in a lot of areas, and I have a decent rig.
    Overall, I would tell you to avoid this game; perhaps buy it for console if you would really like to play it.
  71. Jul 7, 2013
    Over 5 years in the making, the spiritual successor to Max Payne 1 is a very cinematic game with good narrative and atmosphere. The tutorial may seem lame, but it gets better. The combat mechanics combining firearms and light work well. The graphics are excellent, if not technically, then certainly artistically. This is an xbox port done right, with minimal consolitis after using the following tweaks:
    add “-rigidcamera” (no mouse accel) and “-noblur” to the executable's launch commands, and max the FOV and “direct aiming” in the settings)
  72. Jul 5, 2013
    Alan wake is a survival horror game, where story and setting take precedence to jump scares and gore. Although there are jump scares, thankfully they are few and far between. Alan wake by far has one of the most interesting stories in a video game, and often times I felt as though I was reading a really good book. I just couldn’t put alan wake down, even when I was fairly scared by prior experiences.

    The setting fits entirely with the story, the graphics are crisp, and the art style fits with the setting. By far one of the most immersive games I’ve played. The characters within the story are also very fitting. The world of Bright falls really comes together in coherent manner.

    Not new to the genre, but certainly interesting is the twist to the concept of light vs darkness. In fact, darkness is the omnipresent force against you throughout the entire game, and it only becomes more deadly as the game progresses. To combat the darkness, you’ll have several variations of hand held flashlights, stationary flood lights and overhead lamps. Light is your biggest friend, even so much as being objectively better than a gun by far.

    Some nice touches from the game are the many references to pop culture, lord of the rings being the most noticeable to me. There is also a live action television series you can watch within Alan wake titled Night springs, which seems to be a fairly humorous take on the Twilight zone.

    Alan wake does break down half way through the game. The game becomes incredibly repetitive, and the only reason to keep going is to find out the next portion of the story. Often times you’ll be defending waves upon waves of enemies, and this just feels boring. I ended up deciding to just run away from my enemies and not use my weapons. This was by far more heart pumping as I would stop the darkness momentarily as I shine my light at them, then try to run a few metres through the thick foliage and forest. I wish there was less ammo in the later portions of the game.

    Another annoying aspect of the game, is you’ll often lose all your gear that you accumulated. This is something remedy software could taken advantage of to increase the tension of the game.They instead opt out to do it 5 or more times through the entire experience. While this doesn’t seem like a large amount, it happens often enough to really notice it. What’s even more confusing is sometimes I would just find all my gear within a minute of looking through the environment. What was the point of me losing my gear in the first place?

    Overall, the gameplay is fun for the first half of the game, but really becomes repetitive later on. The story is the number one thing that will keep you playing to the very end. The world and the characters help make this game one my favourite horror games to date. There also doesn’t seem to be much replayability, unless you want to experience this amazing story again. Maybe I will, but it won’t be soon.
  73. Jul 5, 2013
    5 seems a bit rough score for a game that got so many positive reviews already. In all honesty, I don't know how the game managed to get so far with such a mediocre gameplay. I guess the trick is in graphics which are still beautiful and create a fantastic atmosphere suitable for the Stephen King-esque storyline. The story is definitely a homage to King with the writer in distress, weird murderers and dreamlike locations near a very american mountain village. It's like cliche in a cliche. You're armed with a flashlight and a gun and must first use the light to sort of "break down shields" from enemies to be able to shoot them with your weapon. That's all there is to fighting mechanics. Use flashlight, shoot with a pistol. Run to the next area. Bad guys appear from the shadows. Use flashlight, shoot with a pistol. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. There are also collectibles for those people that bought this game with their last moneys and just HAVE to get everything out of it. The beginning of the game felt a bit like Resident Evil 4 which is a great game. You should play that instead. Expand
  74. Jul 4, 2013
    It's an ok game, I loved the setting and story establishing strokes, however, it manages to spoil itself and my criticism of the game mainly concerns its length and how it affects the story. Basicly, it's too long and boring, the combat gets repetitive and the pop culture references are way too blatant. They should have delivered a tighter, more serious horror-oriented story that would have been devoid of any comic relief moments. Expand
  75. Jul 1, 2013
    just the idea of the game is amazing and new and the story is the best with the perfect cinematic like every game from remedy entertainment this was the best on 2010 and the best on Xbox 360
  76. Jul 1, 2013
    Great storyline is the main advantage of the game. Graphics and audio are standing at a high level and cut-scenes, dialogue, characters, and the scenery doing really good experience.
  77. Jun 25, 2013
    A huge game. One of the bests I've ever played. A very-well written storyline, the really frightening and unique (light is everything) gameplay makes Alan Wake a must play for everyone who loves horror,action and game with good-stories.

    Story: 10
    Graphics: 9
    Sound: 10
  78. Jun 25, 2013
    Alan Wake is a solid game featuring some innovative gaming elements and gorgeous graphics. It's very atmospheric even scary at times and there are some good moments in it. Character design is also superb.

    The main issue I have with this game is the plot which is too far "out there" for me. Thus the experience wasn't as immersive it could have been with a plot that can be taken
    seriously. The story has obvious similarities with Stephen King books so if you like King (I don't), you probably don't have this problem.

    Alan Wake features around 15 hours of playtime. Since it's very story driven game, it has little replay value. Thus I wouldn't pay too much for this game.
  79. Jun 24, 2013
    I really enjoyed my play through Alan Wake. While it certainly wasn't a perfect experience, it was certainly a unique one and a memorable one at that. As an avid reader of King (having read every book he's ever written) I definitely felt the homage paid to him was well done. For instance, Barry Wheeler is one of the best King characters he's never written. On the other hand, the main character Alan Wake and his wife didn't really do anything for me (Alan seems like a whiny little crap, and his wife is more of the same which lead me to have no real feeling of motivation to save her, etc.) This however didn't spoil my enjoyment of the game. Amazing atmosphere, story, pacing, the gameplay elements while relatively simple kept me engaged enough to enjoy playing it, but the main reason I kept coming back day after day was the to progress the story. All in all, I say well done and look forward to playing through American Nightmare in hopes of more in this vein. While it was an intensely linear experience, games of this type will really only work that way IMHO and I feel had it been more open ended it would have damaged the story elements which required a more straight forward approach. So hats off to Remedy for keeping it original, very cool, thanks for the experience! Expand
  80. Jun 22, 2013
    A very enjoyable game with a great story and interesting game play. Only thing that holds it back from a top score is that it does tend to get a bit repetitive in combat.
  81. Jun 21, 2013
    Alan Wake had great game play but what made this game outstanding was the story. The plot had so much suspense and i loved it every second i played. Probably the best horror game Ive played
  82. Jun 13, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Alan Wake is the story of an interesting idea marred by derivative and underdeveloped storytelling, repetitive gameplay, interruptive loss of camera control, inaccurate controls. It's a story of great potential that's never realized simply because the developers really needed to outline and storyboard their story a little better. Alan Wake is a game that probably would have worked better as an adventure RPG style game, but in trying appeal to a larger market, tried to make an action game.

    Spoilers from here:
    THE GOOD. I like the atmosphere. I like the mystery. I like the episodic format. I like the initial idea of using light to force back the darkness.
    WHAT I THINK THIS GAME NEEDED. Variety. Oh, look! I'm back in the woods and HERE'S ANOTHER SAWMILL! This game had some lovely scenery, and I would have liked to have seen a bit more variety there. As well, many of the enemies are just cut-and-past. I almost think it would have been better if the enemies in this game weren't humanoid "taken" at all, but rather indistinct shadows. I'd have LOVED to see the great fog-effects of the engine used to create shadowy, swirling enemies that are just shadow and smoke and darkness. Especially if you add fog to the woods, and you have to spot shadows in the fog. That would creep me out.

    GAMEPLAY: I think guns were a bad idea. I know why they did it, but I would have liked to see simply light vs. darkness. Flashlights, flares, flareguns, even candles and lanterns. I think the light vs. darkness was a cool concept, but the guns just made it mundane. Again, I know why they did it, but I think it marred the uniqueness of the concept.

    STORY: I loved the mystery aspect. I loved when they cast doubt on Alan Wake's sanity. That was brilliant. But they didn't develop it as much as they could have. They could have contrasted Alan's sanity and insanity, waking and dreaming, sober and drunk with the light and darkness. It COULD have been the story of Alan's own light and darkness. The potential was there. The elements were there. But somebody wanted a game with more mass-market appeal and said "Let's make it a shooter." Note to developer: the guy who made that decision should be mopping the floor, not making creative decisions. A unique and memorable work of art requires RISK.

    The story had problems. First, Alan is writing crime fiction. The references to Stephen King and the homages to HP Lovecraft don't fit. Either make him a horror writer, or stop kissing Stephen King's a**. It just doesn't work. Second, If the darkness wants Alan to write the ending and finish the story so that the darkness can escape, why are all the taken trying to kill him? As soon as it becomes clear that Alan's trying to destroy the darkness, then I can understand the darkness trying to STOP him finishing the story, but up until EP6, Alan's under the impression that the darkness WANTS him to finish the story, and everything points in that direction. So why are the taken trying to fight him instead of trying to lure him back to the cabin? It just doesn't work. Again, they only did it to add action to what was otherwise a 3d third person adventure game built around a tone of suspense.

    Finally, the ending: Alan Wake writes the ending: he can write anything he wants. So why does he not escape? Why does his wife escape but he's still writing at the end? Why is the darkness not defeated? He did what he was told to do: he brought the light and filled the empty heart with it and drove out the darkness: but the only thing that changed was that Alan and his wife traded places. He's still at the mercy of the shadows. Why? Again, marketability. They want to set up the inevitable sequel. It's lazy writing and doesn't take any risks because it doesn't require the writers to figure out a cool way to let Alan win this time, but allow for the darkness to return again in another form.

    THE BOOK PAGES: cool idea, but not terribly compelling. Many simply told more or less what we were seeing anyway, just from another point of view. It needed more time to write it up properly. In a game like Doom3, the messages left all over the place led to caches (Alan Wake handled that VERY effectively and in a very unique and original way with the messages that only show up under the flashlight). But I didn't feel a real NEED to read Alan Wake's messages. I just didn't see anything there that was necessary.

    What this game needed most was consistency, more development, more focus on the ideas, and less playing-it-safe by company men looking to maximize the market potential of the game. I bought the game at 90% off on steam, and I still don't think it was worth the price.
  83. Jun 10, 2013
    I really wish Alan Wake wouldn't have been a video game but rather a book, a movie or maybe even a TV-series. Why you ask? Alan Wake has a good story, full of good writing and interesting moments. But then there is the gameplay: It's repetitive, frustrating and uninteresting. Aim with flashlight, wait until darkness is gone, shoot. Nothing ever changes. Except the amount of enemies. If there are more than 3 or 4 enemies, you are most likely screwed. Alan Wake is a and can't even fall off a 1/2 meter "cliff" without taking a ton of damage. But the worst thing was the car driving. Even Mass Effect did vehicle sections better than this game! Expand
  84. Jun 7, 2013
    Fantastic game. Great narrative, creepy setting, and Alan Wake is such a helpless, lovable nerd. It has a strong identity. It knows the kind of game that it wants to be and is and it sticks with it. The music selections and episodic nature of the game ads a lot to the experience as well. The ending will have you wondering and scratching your head, and the main theme of the game, performed by the band Poets of the Fall, will find its way on to every nerd's iPod. My one complaint is the wonky controls on the mouse/keys. Probably much better with a controller. Definitely experience this game though. Expand
  85. Jun 4, 2013
    Cool concept, but poorly executed. I found it impossible to get immersed in the story because I kept having to deal with the stupid game. Things like objectives and paths being difficult to find. I was really surprised the feature "focus" that is supposed to focus on your objective rarely functioned and only seemed to be scripted to show you trivialities rather than things you're trying to find. Hunting around for switches and paths was very annoying.

    The attacks from bad guys got repetitive fast. Combat isn't very challenging (other than the fact that you have no crosshair and the 3rd person view is severely offset) and isn't rewarding.

    There are numerous detours to grab loot, but whats the point? I found it really diverting from the story, which is what I thought it was about. accumulating items and having to waste time going down dead ends to get ammo seems like a pointless chore for this type of game.

    I lost interest in the first chapter of the game alone. There were too many annoyances that dragged the game out and frankly the story up to that point wasn't compelling enough for me to suffer through the nonsense.
  86. Jun 3, 2013
    Its an "okey" type of game but its no where near awesomeness. Alan needs to loose the imagination.. I mean, ghosts haunting different things and then disappears? And then there's the flashlight issue, if you aim your gun along with your flashlight, your battery power will drain A LOT faster BUT if you quit aiming then the battery power goes right back to full in just seconds but the only thing that happens is he turns the lens at the light end of the flashlight but turning the lens has nothing to do with using more power unless its malfunctioning.

    The game does not interest me very much but maybe to some writers but I have a feeling this game takes it a totally wrong direction.. So what do you usually get when you make a game from a video/movie/novel? Trash.. Take a look at aliens colonel marines, now take a look at star trek and now take a look at a bunch of other ones like avatar.. Same song and dance right? Exactly and thats why the outcome is always terrible. I have to admit though.... The GFX don't seem so bad, gameplay is kinda lame cause alan can't run very much at all but he can atleast run for say 3 seconds so thats something (FAIL) 2/10
  87. Jun 1, 2013
    Story and technical side of game are ok. But gameplay is very boring. Spending all the time running in predicted way and fighting all the time with same weapons and pointing flashlights is not my kind of fun. Most of older horror games are much more entertaining.
  88. Jun 1, 2013
    One of the best games I've played this year, aside from BioShock Infinite. The PC remaster of this game really plays out well, and with the graphical settings on ultra, this game looks and feels phenomenal. The entire atmosphere works perfectly, and you really do cling on to your torch hastily when roaming the dark forests alone. In addition, the storyline was amazing, with such complexity and curiosity which left me wanting to continue with the game. However, despite the greatness of the game I can only give it a 9/10. I found at times the amount of enemies was overwhelming and it felt a bit repetitive after 6+ hours of simply walking through the dark shooting enemies constantly. I also felt like the AI (whenever you had somebody accompanying you) were awful at shooting enemies. Despite having partners helping you, the enemies ONLY attack you, and your partners actually kill perhaps 1/10 enemies.

    Overall an amazing game and well worth the play-through! I also picked it up for £2.70 with 90% off on Steam this weekend which was a bargain!
  89. May 31, 2013
    Well, it looks like my previous review was deleted. Remedy doesn't like bad press, I guess? Alan Wake is not a good game. The gameplay is awful, the story is very cliche and uninteresting. The port job done on it is awful; the framerate suffers even on the highest end machine. The camera angle is one of the the worst i've seen in a third person game. It's at such an awkward angle that it's impossible for your character to walk forward, but always walks and a slight angle. The game has to have a mini cutscene to show you every time an enemy pops up, you you get control taken away from you ever 30 seconds or so. It's like they couldn't figure a good way to alert you to enemies, so they had to put in cutscenes. Remedy has proven they are a below average developer at best, and not worth of your time or money. Stay away. Expand
  90. Mar 15, 2013
    BORING. This game is really boring. It has a background story, yes, but you just can't influence it. It is one of those games that gives you a false impression of free will, but, in the end you must do whatever the game designers wanted you to do.
    And the fightings with the monsters? Not fun at all.
  91. Mar 13, 2013
    A game that has a great story, and if enjoyed as more of an interactive move rather than a game is a real blast.

    Unfortunatly the combat really lets this game down, it is trying to be scary making you feel vulnerable with just a few bullets and a flashlight, but that is not actually the case. The game does not have crosshair aim, and your bullets auto aim at enemys, and often miss. As a
    result you will run out of bullets ALOT in this game. Fortunately the game allows you to dodge enemy attacks, but once you get the timing down on that you basically cannot be killed. Running out of torch/bullets means you simply cannot kill any enemies, and must flee, however they messed that up too as the sprint function shares the same key as the dodge function, but you can still be hit while sprinting. It's actually better to merrily strole down the road with the enemy glitching out behind you constantly swinging at you and you hit the dodge button every time, taking no damage till you find a streetlight that doesnt explode as you arrive. It's not scary or stressful, it's just tedious as hell and feels like pointless filler between the excellent plots and story of the game. I'd have been quite happy if they took the combat out of the game altogether, but thne the game would be like 30 mins long.

    The very least that can be done to improve this game is give infinite bullets. The torch battery thing is enough to contend with without worrying about ammo when there simply isnt enough of it in the game. However to give the game any higher than a 6 the combat would need to be entirely reworked. Preferably to be fun/scary as opposed to tedious/frustrating/time wasting/filler.
  92. Feb 21, 2013
    This game is greatly overrated. What's wrong? Well, it starts off strong enough you get into the action quickly (none of this "oh I don't get to really play for an hour" nonsense) and you get into the mystery of the piece pretty quickly. What's not to like? Well, the problem is that Alan Wake suffers from two problems: 1) The action is terrible. 2) The story isn't great.

    The first is obvious; in the intro, you learn how you burn the shadows off of enemies, then you shoot them to death. Okay, cool, so they expand on it right? No. The ENTIRE GAME'S GAMEPLAY is exactly the same thing burn the shadows off of enemies, then shoot them. There isn't even much variety in the way of enemies there are normal enemies, that cut you; fast enemies, which are harder to hit; and large enemies, who deal more damage and take more damage to cut down. There are moving objects that lift themselves up and hurl themselves at you as well, which sounds a lot better than it actually is the physics of it is awkward and the AI sucks, meaning they often "get stuck" on stuff.

    Thus the ENTIRE game's action consists of doing the same thing over and over and over again, to enemy after enemy after enemy, with little variation. Somewhere around episode 2 (of 6) it wears thin, and there's a lot more to go.

    The collectibles, likewise, leave something to be desired. Half of them are stupid, and the other half of them, while okay, suffer from the problem that searching for them messes up the gameplay and pacing; rather than trying to get out of the woods, instead you spend hours wandering around in the woods trying to find pages and thermoses and other nonsense. It sucks; the game plays a lot better when you aren't running around trying to find stuff because (let's face it) the gameplay wears thin anyway, it is even thinner stretched out like that. It doesn't help that Alan Wake can't run for very long, and has to slow down if you have him run for more than thirty feet or so that dude is seriously out of shape.

    Okay, so the gameplay rather sucks (even if the basic premise sounds interesting). What about the story?

    Well... again, the story kind of sucks too. The problem is that you start off the game with a mystery, and all's well, right? Well...

    It becomes glaringly clear what the answer to the mystery is early on, and without that mystery, there's just... nothing really substantive. Sure, the characters run around, and Barry and Sarah are okay characters, but Alan Wake himself is a bit bland and really it all feels a bit pointless. The story isn't terrible, but it isn't amazing either, which means that it doesn't make up for the mediocre gameplay. There is a brief upswing in the story in episodes 4 and 5, where it feels more fun, but the end of the game is as bland as chapters 2 and 3 were, and feels very empty due to the loss of any other characters interacting with you.

    Overall I can't recommend this game, but I don't discourage you from buying it either; however, it is average, neither great nor terrible.
  93. Feb 19, 2013
    If you liked the weird and crazy story telling of the first two Max Payne games, Alan Wake is worth checking out. While Max Payne 1 and 2 had a Noire comic-book style story, Alan Wake does the same thing but with a Steven King mystery-horror style. The game has a lot of good atmosphere too, a solid feeling of the weirdness this world is trying to present to you. The gameplay is also very solid. This game is more survival horror than Max Payne, but by the end of the game, you have so much ammo that it feels like an action game. Not a bad thing though. Check it out if this sounds interesting. Expand
  94. Feb 15, 2013
    There was a time when I had been waiting for Heavy Rain not even having a PS3. Yeah, it was difficult to read all positives reviews not having a possibility to play on my own. But at that very moment another terrific game came out, which story helped me to forget about other stories in games for a while. Being a fan of Stephen King and liking Twin Peaks it is easy to fall in love in the story of Alan Wake. Not only you get fun of reading another page of manuscript, listening to another radio show or watching episode on TV, but also you are taken by gameplay that is one of the most comfortable on XBOX360. That is one of the games that makes you think that you will replay it again long before the ending.
    I managed to complete all the achievements and played through the games three times. Thumbs up, Remedy! Unforgettable moment house container, where Alan is, is rolled by and thrown from the cliff.
  95. Feb 13, 2013
    Even Stephen King would not be ashamed with that quality of plot. Characters like from Twin Peaks deep and not obvious, perfect atmosphere and surroundings. My vote 10!
  96. Jan 31, 2013
    This game is awesome, it is story driven and linear which I really like, this is my first single player game that I bought with my own money, so it will always have sentimental value. The graphics are good, and I really like the unique stories, and the fact that you can dig deeper with the manuscripts. It has replay value for the collectibles, and I highly recommend it.
  97. Jan 28, 2013
    Alan Wake is a very good TPS,although I don't like TPSs .The story is awesome!As for the gameplay it's nice.It is known as a horror game but I don't think it's scary.The voice acting is almost perfect and the characters look awesome!The only negative is the bad but playable FPS of the PC version of the game.
  98. Jan 13, 2013
    Alan Wake, the Stephen King made-for-TV series that never was, or; Dead Space in the woods... kind of. I really enjoyed this game, it certainly kept me hooked for the 9 hours it took to complete (DLC and expansion notwithstanding). The game is set out and presented as if it was a TV series, with many nods to well-known horror tropes. The majority of gameplay sees the player fighting off the Taken (shadow men) with a torch, flashlight ... and pistol, collecting manuscript pages (which foreshadow later events), Thermos flasks (why?). and solving rudimentary puzzles. Overall this stuff is fairly casual and easy, which is fine, because in my head all it was there to do was to advance the plot. Good stuff all around then, but the ending left me kind of unsatisfied but with lots of room for a sequel (addressed in the episodic DLCs). Before I forget, extra points for this PC port, which frankly, I think we were lucky to have. Oh, and good writing! Expand
  99. Jan 5, 2013
    If the game had better shooting mechanics and better level design then Alan Wake could have been something amazing. The story sucks you right in from the start, you want to get to the bottom of all the mystery. The levels that take place at daytime are also great, while there isn't much action its somewhat fun just interacting with various characters. Alan Wake loses its charm when the shooting segments of the game become tedious. You would need to be very determined to uncover the truth if you want to get past the frustratingly unfair fights you encounter later in the story. Expand
  100. Jan 3, 2013
    All in all a pretty fun game. The plot is intriguing, the atmosphere, sound and visuals are great. The gameplay for the most part is solid. I think the controls could have used a bit of tightening up, the dodge mechanic felt a bit wonky at times. Also..... it ruins it's own atmosphere in the intro with the stupid tutorial popups "Push shift to run!" way to completely take me out of the game.... I also felt the collectibles were stupid and should have been left out. This guys wife is missing, he's being chased by evil shadow zombies with axes and he's worried about looting coffee thermoses? Stupid..... Otherwise, I have no complaints. There are 2 additional missions in the PC version which are really damn cool, Remedy is great at doing dream sequences as we say in Max Payne 1&2 and Alan Wake is no exception. Expand
  101. sft
    Jul 29, 2013
    The light fantastic (almost)

    Credit is due Remedy for making ALAN WAKE a story-driven game. It’s a partial success, though not a complete one. They have entirely eschewed the typical RPG tropes of dialogue trees and progression choices in favour of a linear, non-interactive structure. The story is played out in a series of cut-scenes and simple A to B tasks. Basically you just have to
    battle your way from one place to the next. There’s certainly a place for this type of game, and when it’s done well la Half-Life 2) it can be very rewarding. Unlike Half-Life 2, however, ALAN WAKE doesn’t quite pull it off. Firstly, there isn’t enough humour. There’s some but it would have benefited from more. And the story isn’t exactly original. But the main problem for me was the combat. I hated the way control is wrenched away from the player every time enemies approach. I get why they did it (there’s no other way of knowing they’re coming, apart from some audible warnings) but I often found myself disoriented when the camera had finished sweeping around and control had retuned. Several times the sweep lasted so long that by the time I had control again the enemies were right on me and it was impossible to avoid taking a hit. Frustrating to say the least. On the plus side the environments look very good and it’s quite atmospheric (although not as creepy as I would have liked Silent Hill still sets the bar for that). One other thing worth noting is that I found the special episode, The Writer, to be better than what had gone before. It’s even more atmospheric and far more inventive. Overall this is a good game if not an outstanding one. Collapse

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  1. May 5, 2012
    Alan Wake is a decent port with a few console-characteristics that cause a few annoyances. But PC-gamers finally have the option to enjoy Alan Wake's unique and gripping story.
  2. 82
    Yet as a finished result and, finally, as a product with an interactive purpose, Alan Wake suffers enough from trying to mix so many influences, ending very close to the "you love it or hate it" model. Eventually, maybe these are just the "pains of childbirth" for something more complex or for something else as deserving as interactivity, a new „species" that needs to be judged less for its interactive aspects and more for the ones that regard its style.
  3. Apr 5, 2012
    "A gripping rollercoaster ride." - Stephen King. [Apr 2012, p.52]