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  • Summary: This atmospheric graphical adventure is set on Alida, a guitar-shaped island theme park created by a young and wildly successful band. But when money woes and paranoia set in, the band splits up, each claiming different areas of the park, and where each devise strange and elaborate systems to protect their respective remaining wealth. Each member grows increasingly isolated and all eventually abandon Alida. Several years later the band?s manager suggests the band get together on the island. Soon thereafter band member Arin leaves for Alida and is not heard from again. Now, his wife, Julia, sends you to Alida to find Arin and bring him home. [Got Game] Collapse
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  1. I haven't had a game eat away at me like this for a long time...For the amount of gameplay in the game, and the breadth of it, I would definitely say that it is worth every cent of the purchase price.
  2. Alida is simply gorgeous. There are some minor flaws, particularly when the backgrounds are in motion as part of transitions between scenes, but, by and large, the visuals are eerily beautiful and surprisingly immersive.
  3. This is a classic adventure game. If you enjoy adventure games, then you will enjoy this one. The fact that it was created by a single person is just amazing.
  4. There are a lot of incongruous facets to the story, like the godlike knowledge of science and music that these band members seem to possess.
  5. Alida is like a gorgeous girl with a low IQ - not unlike Paris Hilton. It's nice to look at but there just isn't very much depth or logic to it.
  6. Not only is Alida built around one of the most tired clichés in the adventure genre (the deserted island filled with Rube Goldberg machines), but also Alida's game engine is woefully dated to boot.
  7. This game is lazy and derivative - and it's your fault. [Holiday 2004, p.104]

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  1. Whodat
    Sep 13, 2004
    What a piece of sh...