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  1. Dec 1, 2013
    Loved this game on the 360 having those melee battles with the aliens in the marine, hunting as predator and stalking as Alien.Got it on the PC looking forward to trying out some mods and their is only like skin packs available so kind of an anticlimax buy. So thus the slightly lower score than the console version.
  2. Oct 13, 2013
    It's not bad. The way the campaign is segmented is fairly fun. It's pretty well executed but for some reason I just can't put my finger on it never really engaged with me... It's completely ok, just far from great.
  3. Feb 15, 2012
    Focusing on what AVP is instead of what it could have been; I thought this was a great little game. All three campaigns were fun, so much so that it's hard choosing one over the other. It has it's limitations like the linear gameplay and annoying little things like you can't crouch or take cover bug you like hell in the Marine campaign but I felt compelled to finish this game twice I enjoyed it so much. Expand
  4. Oct 22, 2012
    I was a loved the Predator films when I first watched them in the early 2000's and my love of Alien soon followed. After the disappointing AvP films and having never tried one of the games I decided to let my prejudices down and give the latest iteration a go. First thing's first, this game is not worth anything more than £5. The reason as to why I think this is that there are three campaigns on offer: Marine, Alien and Predator. Whilst all 3 are fun (im using that word loosely) only one of them campaigns was worth my time in terms of challenge and length. That particular one is the Marine campaign, a good solid FPS from start to finish with a 2-3 hour length. The the Alien one is more of a stealth kind of approach, however the alien itself is too fast and light to control making precise actions difficult and is only an hour long. The Predator is stealthy again but gives you the choice to take stealth or action in the form of melee combat, however this character has too much going on such as all the various commands for weapons, actions and movement making it easy to just get in over your head and only boasting an hour long campaign again.
    Had the Marine one been longer by another 2 or 3 hours or had the other 2 campaigns been substantial enough it would have scored higher but only for the reason that the Marine campaign was half decent you may as well give this game a go.
  5. Dec 31, 2011
    Some of the reviews on AvP are a little unfair, but they do have some valid points. Graphics are fairly good, but the campaigns are pretty short and they do replay large sections of the maps. Normally I'm against the latter, but each species' different abilities allow for varying tactics, and makes each playthough fairly unique. What really stands out is the atmosphere and the audio cues, particularly the Club Eden segment for the marine. I'm a little surprised by the rock-paper-scissors approach to melee combat, it's awkward at first and the idea of a human 'beating' a predator or alien in melee is kind of weird, but after a while you get used to it. Multiplayer is pretty fun, it's a little easier to find a match now with dedicated servers, but there is a steep learning curve, so don't expect to just jump in as an alien and tear people to shreds. It would have been great if this AvP's multiplayer had been set up similar to AvP2's, with different classes and expanded weaponry. I think it's still a decent enough game if you're a fan of the series, but please for the love of god Rebellion, don't hire Michelle "Tequila" Rodriguez to do anymore voiceover work. Expand
  6. Feb 3, 2011
    Before it was released, back in February 2010 a lot of people were talking about this game and it looked pretty good, they released a demo before the release and it was very unsuccessful, so unsuccessful they removed it off of steam within a few days.

    The graphics are amazing, but let me just say that the 3 campaigns for this game are very short. Predator took me 3 hours to complete in
    total, and Alien is just confusing, Marine makes me want to kill myself because on your radar it keeps beeping and there is NO way you can stop it, its just, blip, blip, feeling like theres a headache at the back of your head. I'd rather listen to the Back To The Future song that repeats all the time on the first level, thats more enjoyable than that beep. The AI sucks, as a predator, the marines just run back and shoot you with an unrealistic SMG gun sound. The aliens on the other hand are much more intellegent and know how to kill.

    Multiplayer is 100% dead. There are no servers at all. So I feel like I should give this game a 6 for its graphics and different gameplay style but 5 because of the annoying blip noise on the Marine campaign.

    Either way, they concentrated way too much on the graphics instead of gameplay.
  7. Nov 26, 2013
    I'm not really a big fan of First Person Perspective games. I do think that Aliens vs Predator would have been better as an over-the-shoulder third-person actioner, even the 1994 side-scrolling beat-em-up version was better than this. But for what it is, it's still a worthwhile game.

    I wasn't immediately hooked, to be honest. I found the combat system to be clunky and difficult, though
    once the first level was cleared things got better (this applies to all three campaigns). Some of the gameplay and tense moments actually reminded me a lot of Condemned 2: Bloodshot. You play as either the Predator, Colonial Marines, or an Alien in three individual stories that all tie together, each with their own set of pros and cons.

    The story follows on from those utterly awful AvP movies, but connects it with the Alien and Predator franchise in a more cohesive way than those cinematic travesties managed. But the video game franchise of this particular crossover has been stuck as a First Person actioner since 1999 and with this next-gen incarnation I think that Sega and Rebellion should have tried a new approach.

    Despite the flaws, it's an enjoyable game that's very easy to play, if not finish, with plenty of trophies available.
  8. Nov 14, 2013
    This game was played on my PC through Steam, and while I did enjoy it and the multiplayer I would only give this game a 6.9 out of 10, this game also had multiplayer but it was ok.
  9. May 25, 2013
    Great combo game, its got a total of 3 games all into one.. You can play as the predator, alien or the soldier so very cool. SEGA? Excellent work on this and on Aliens Colonial Marines
  10. Jan 4, 2011
    Such a shame to see a game lose so many sales because of bad reviews, this is a fantastic title, great graphics and controls, as well as fabulous sound design! Great Job Rebellion!
  11. Feb 7, 2013
    Single player is short, but amusing. I enjoyed the aliens since they were able to crawl on any surface and assassinate anyone. The multiplayer is fun, but not so many people are online (as I see it). The marines have a good set of weapons, and the predators I find to be op from their gear. I would recommend to this for any one if they see a good satisfying price on this.
  12. May 27, 2011
    SP of this game is bad, but the MP is really good. You can play as Alien ,Predator or Marine, and with each character gameplay is different. This game have many flaws, first servers, most of them are bad, because they allow too many players to enter, while in my opinion maps in this game are made for 2vs2vs2 or max 3vs3vs3. Second, mods, some are broken, but STDM (m vs a vs p) and Predator Hunt are really fun to play.
    And third balance. Some weapons and moves are OP. My point is if you find nice server with low number of players ,and nice players ,this game is a BLAST.
  13. Nov 1, 2011
    I love how smooth the gameplay in AVP is. I love how you almost feel like you are there. I love how good it does what it does. I'm giving it an 8 for what it is and what i love about it, though it's not the best FPS out there it remains one of the top. When you hear an alien scurry or that tense mind pulsing music starts and you know a predator is staring straight down your spine, um ya... this game rocks! Also the variety though fairly short not to short in my opinion of the single player mode is great. Just an awesome game. I'm replaying through the marine campaign now on hard mode. just and fun as the first time Expand
  14. May 15, 2011
    Great PC title screwed by a console. A.I. is horrible, human opponents sound like broken records, plot is boring. It's rather lazy remake of the great original Aliens vs Predator 1999, than new Aliens vs Predator 3. Textures in some locations are high quality, in other opposite. The best part of the game is awesome, precise Predator model and Predator missions, definitely the best of Predator you can get in whole AvP saga. Multiplayer is total mess and auto aim spamm fest. Payable DLC's with extra multiplayer maps can be reconsider only as a sick joke. Expand
  15. Jan 21, 2013
    Theres a fair bit of content here to make up a 12-13 hour game split into 3 campaigns. The audio logs you find help fill in story blanks and keep you interested, however the issues crop up in the gameplay and the overall story. The marines have this useless jump mechanic, and you can't duck for some reason. Also your weapons are very unbalanced, the pulse rifle and flamethrower lack power and the pistol has unlimited ammunition and you should avoid using it all together. The Predators are quite functional and seem balanced although they suffer a similar problem to the aliens in that they have these long unskippable finishing moves (theres no standard attack), that are also in MULTIPLAYER. During these animations you can easily be killed by other players. Why would they include this in both single and multiplayer? Its horrid. Although the rest of the multiplayer is pretty good, stalking predators, hit and run aliens. Infestation mode. Having feel that again since AvP 2 is refreshing. But without innovation it won't bring in new players...

    Single Player 5/10
    Multiplayer 7/10

    The game suffers from new problems but also lacks ambition, it doesn't try anything new except adding on predator jumping (which feels a bit restrictive & you barely get a chance to use it after the first hour of gameplay). We get Pyramids and a bit of outdoors dusty plains, inside of base. Retreading old steps.
  16. Aug 15, 2012
    More arcade than gritty hardship, with mildly enjoyable gameplay that sadly doesn't bring anything new to the table. The singleplayer is worth a playthrough, the online experience is too average, if not below average, to draw me in and keep me playing. I'd rather play AVP Gold, or AVP2.
  17. Oct 21, 2014
    Por lo que veo 2010 fue un buen año para la franquicia Predator y Alien. En 2010 sacaron una nueva entrega de AVP en comics, la película Predators y este juego. Para empezar lo bueno: el juego tiene 3 campañas, una con cada especie, hay muchos cambios entre cada campaña así que nunca pensaras que estas usando al mismo personaje. El juego tiene una duración de entre 2-5 horas por campaña, dependiendo si quieres ir explorando y recogiendo coleccionables para que tu experiencia sea mas larga. Pero también tienen algo malo, los jefes del juego. Al principio parecen épicos como luchar contra la reina Alien, lamentablemente, lo que tienes que hacer es apretar un botón, disparar 2 granadas, esperar un minuto matando unos 10 Aliens, apretar otro botón y listo. Esto pasa en las 3 campañas, la primera ves los jefes son algo difíciles pero por la segunda o tercera ves que luchas con ellos ya sabes que hacer. Es lamentable por que ningún jefe se salva que después de vencerlo 1 o 2 veces ya sabes como matarlo fácilmente, eso te hará querer aumentar la dificultad pero, aun en la dificultad mas grande "Infernal" puedes ganarles fácilmente. Una cosa buena es que esta doblado al español, es un juego mejor solo por ese detalle. Aunque las voces se les entiende todo, rara vez parecen tener emociones fuerte. Los únicos que me hicieron sentir que estaban bien traducidos fueron unos cuantos marines y Bishop. Aunque este juego tiene Multi-Player. El MP es divertido, pero tienes que aprender a jugar bien. Si usas un predator o alien tienes que saber luchar con ellos y moverte con ellos. El marine es el mas débil por lo que morirás muchas veces con el. Aun así todo esta decentemente equilibrado, y si sabes bloquear, golpear y disparar en los momentos precisos, aparte de tener todas las armas de la campaña como la smartgun/arma inteligente, puedes llegar a ser el mejor jugador de la partida como marine. No hay muchas armas en el juego pero aun así hay suficientes así que no es un problema. El mayor defecto del MP es el alien, es demasiado poderoso. Es fácil de matar con el marine, pero el puede usar un ataque con su cola que es un ataque super rápido y te quita la mitad de la vida. Aparte de que si te atrapa te matara en unos 2-3 segundos mientras que el predator tarda 5-7 segundos en salir de sus animaciones. Hablando de las animaciones: si estas como predator o alien detrás de un enemigo, puedes hacer un Fatality que lo matara automaticamente, lo malo es que aunque la animación ni haya empezado y matan al predator que te ataco, no importara ya que si te cogen es una muerte instantanéa sin opción de sobrevivir. He oído que AVP2000 es el mejor de todos los juegos de AVP, intente entrar pero sus gráficos no han envejecido nada bien. Es como jugar un juego con texturas de cartón con todo respeto a los que aman ese juego, es que no soporto ver a un predator mas delgado que un humano. Le doy un 07/10, puede que si hubiera jugado el anterior le haya bajado el puntaje pero al final este resulto ser un buen juego. Si lo compras no te pierdas el MP, hay muchos servidores dedicados y aun se conecta gente. Expand
  18. Mar 25, 2013
    i was reading the back of the game and it sat 3 campains so i thouhgt nice.
    when i begon playing it was over so soon 3 campains with no story voices and short.
    the only fun campain was that one of the marine.
    and the one of the preditor is first person too you tount got any gun so you only have nives you.
    the alien campain i playt like 1 hour and is just made do destroy your pc to
    fast first person and very ****.
    the multiplayer is just the worst ever made.
  19. Jan 3, 2011
    To me this game was the greatest of the AVP series. I absolutely loved it! I like playing the 3 stories and the survivor mode. Plus online was very fun. Graphics are just amazing and game-play is great. I think this was one of the greatest games ever created for AVP. The only sad part was that there we're not many servers. I suggest this game!
  20. Jun 27, 2011
    I figure I should review this simply because I believe I should have a LONG time ago. I basically was waiting for this and excited for this because I played AVP2 regularly and I loved the whole franchise, first of all I want to say that if you're coming from AVP2 you will most certainly not encounter a similar type of game. The strong points of this game are basically solid graphics, decent AI, and the 3 races. There really isn't a whole lot to praise with this game in terms of gameplay, but I will say that this game was reliable, I pre-ordered for PC and got the game a few days after release (backed up shipment or something stupid), and immediately there we no problems with the game, I never experienced any crashing, glitching, sound distortion or cutting out, nothing like that. Rebellion was smart enough to patch in a dedicated servers feature as well fairly soon after release. But that's about where the good points end. The singleplayer, it's a decent experience to be honest, but the story is easily forgettable, plus the addition of the collectible objects which really add nothing to the game beyond steam achievements, or a little bit of storyline from the marine recordings(which are annoying to try and listen to because they don't autoplay), are basically there to waste time. Too be honest, the greatest single player feature in the game is the survival game, where you are a marine fighting waves of aliens that get tougher the more you kill, at least that is the best feature in my eyes, I've spent more time in that than I do in multiplayer pvp matches. But even still, it is hindered by the lack of survival maps (only 2 without DLC) and like I said, there's only a survivor mode for marines, there's no other added single player feature to play aliens or predators. The multiplayer, basically what I was waiting for, turned out to be pretty disappointing, marines are honestly the most fun to play, for the simple reason that you can't run around executing people, predators and aliens can simply run around pressing E to execute people, sure you can play without doing that, but it's basically crippling yourself if you refuse to execute people because it's just a one button press. The upside? Executing people is satisfying to watch, the gore is so ruthlessly violent that it's almost hilarious to disembowel a marine. But it's lack of variety and intrigue in gameplay can be ENTIRELY contributed to the root problem of the whole game, and that root problem is console porting. This game is so clearly made for consoles when you play it, yes it works fine for PC and has no problems, but the gameplay feels so limited, and it just FEELS like a console game, it feels like it is being restricted by a controller when you play the PC version. The lack of weapon variety, the lack of universal crouching and jumping, it's all a product of a game that was designed for consoles. This game is certainly not AVP2, but I will make a comparison, in AVP2 the predators and marines had so many weapons that it would be impossible to play on a console because you often need to switch between weapons instantly, and having to cycle through them using a controller would just be frustrating, never mind the ammo types and alternate firing methods. This is a game clearly influenced by the desire to have it available for console systems, and as such is a pretty mediocre PC game, albeit with dedicated servers, which is becoming rare these days. I'm giving this game a 5 because of its console value, it really is an alright console game in my opinion, but it's a very obvious one, I would certainly advise anyone not to pick this up for the PC especially if you're a PC gamer. Summary: The lack of weapon variety, boring multiplayer meta game, and generally bland gameplay lead this to be an alright console game and not much more, the graphics are quite pleasing and the dedicated servers are nice, but it doesn't matter when the gameplay just doesn't hold your attention. I played multiplayer for literally 1 maybe 2 days before I got bored of it basically entirely, there must be a serious lack of players in the game by now, if you're an AVP fan you'll probably marginally enjoy it like I did, but if you're a dedicated PC gamer, you'd be better off going for a different game, or better yet, just getting AVP2, even the single player is worth it in that game. At any rate, I regret paying full price for this, it's essentially just eye candy. Expand
  21. Oct 10, 2013
    The best Aliens vs Predator francische I have ever played in my life...Way better than Aliens Damned Marines...This game is a must buy!There are still online players playing it.
  22. Jun 27, 2012
    I'm not sure why this game got such a low META score. It's fun, looks great, and is as good as any other FPS in this genera. I saw the low Meta score at first and waited until it went on sale for $2.99, but I'm very pleased with the game.
  23. May 5, 2011
    Firstly, AvP multiplayer is a blast. And yes, I'm talking about the Sega version from 2010. I've never played such an intense PvP game, and it's great from all classes. I figured it would be imbalanced, but all three races can play well, once you learn how to play. Marines are at a disadvantage in close range, but you need teammates. The main problem is that not many people play online now, which is a shame. The hosting system is a bit confusing, but tolerable. It's a consolized version, similar to Halo 3, which is strange on PC but I can accept it, given the quality of gameplay. Weapons are not handed out in large numbers, but the basics are there, and we really don't need 27 different versions of the same assault rifle like in some other games.
    Single-player is not bad, the story is interesting so far, and it's not a bad length. Most of all, I have to say the graphics are amazing, and everything runs smoothly. It's not a cheap console port or anything, everything seems very optimized and runs great in Dx10. The story may not be too long, but I think they wanted people in multiplayer too, instead of just the story. I feel the story compares to AvP 2. I also feel the game is very good, despite claims otherwise, and worth picking up. If you like FPS and intensity in your combat, where you really can die easily, look into it. It's averaging $20 which is a great price for the amount of game included.
  24. Feb 18, 2012
    Ok first of all multiplayer is rubbish, however singleplayer is well done and has great atmosphere without being ott.
    The visuals look great on my GTX 480 in full DX11... i couldn't ask for more from a game in the visual department.
    The story is fine and works well with enough pacing.
    The enemies are smart and dangerous and that is what i like.
  25. May 3, 2013
    Aliens vs Predator is certainly a good game. The action is set near and inside a facility. The game features full campaigns for all species, Marines, Aliens, and the Predator, and I can only say that they are very well made. It's just awesome to play as a predator and use his advanced technology, suck as the plasma gun, the smart disk, and the cloaking device. After this you have the opportunity to use even his ,,fatalities,, by decapitating the humans, the xenos, and make them trophies, brutal, yes, but is exactly like what we've seen in the movies, to and using them here is more than great.

    The beginning of the Predator's plot takes first place on his homeworld where you learn the basics, parts of their training, and their environment.

    The action is very intense and interesting, when the humans violate their sacred pyramid and steal their wrist bracer.

    Marine's plot begins somewhere in the facility where you must fight your way out and during this you'll have to kill aliens and other enemies.

    The main weapons are the same ones featured in the movies, like the pistol, the pulse rifle, and others. They're very well modeled and textured, and even the sound is like the one from the movies, the same solid sound.

    Alien campaign begins in the same place like the marine's does, where you must fight your way out of the room where you're verified by the humans for your strength, intelligence, and skills after this you'll have to escape that room.

    This is how the plot is set, the game play is fluent but is also linear, when you must complete the objectives to progress though the story, so there aren't many places you can miss.

    In terms of game play, alien's campaign is nicely done, but could've been better with also an 3rd person camera view.

    Each race has it's own abilities and advantages, for instance the marines have their cool weapons, but they're fragile people.

    The AI for both friendlies and enemies is well developed, they don't make stupid attacks, and the alien AI is well made, as they use the environment exactly as they should, and that gives a nice experience.
    The visuals and level design look promising, with detailed textures and models, sweet lightning and particle effects, so the game has potential.

    The game even has a multiplayer game mode, having available several modes, such as Deathmatch and Species Deathmatch, and as each race has it's own advantages, this makes the things more interesting.

    However the multiplayer really has a major issue, being that there are very few maps, so will be a problem when you're playing, as you might get bored after a while.

    So basically the game has a good replay value, a sort of memorable journey and experience so you'll have a good time when you'll play it.
  26. Jun 15, 2014
    It feels a bit hard to go through the story mode.I stopped at a one point of Predator campaign,for it's just hard(not sure whether I chose the hardest difficulty directly.) and a little boring.The Alien part might be better.No,I'd prefer take the Alien campaign later than finishing Predator and Human parts.
    I hate collectibles.

  27. Jun 19, 2011
    This game is completely laggy. I have an I7-920 integrated quad core at 2.67 ghz,9GB RAM, with an Nvidia GTX260 with 896MB RAM. It doesn't even make much sense because I lowered the settings from Very High textures to High, but that only slightly improved performance. Same with shadows. My rig is only 2 years old and should not have this kind of issue with a 2010 game. I have no trouble running other games yet this one is choppy as anything. Otherwise, the gameplay reminds me of one of my favorite games of all time, AVP2. However, it's hard to play much since I'm often getting pauses and maybe 25 FPS. Expand
  28. Nov 24, 2014
    Better at being Colonial Marines than Colonial Marines was. A great game with 3 campaigns (and 3 perspectives) to choose from. Lovely visuals, decent graphics and some neat gameplay mechanics combine into a well-rounded and solid shooter set in the Aliens and Predator universe.

    Jimbo Rating: 7/10
  29. Jul 31, 2012
    I found this game extremely mediocre. To be fair, I was never a big fan of the Aliens universe to begin with, but the story did nothing to change my mind. It never really felt like immersing me. The marine campaign actually started the game off really for me. The atmosphere was tense and the action was enjoyable and well paced. The Predator and Alien campaigns, however, were not quite as well designed and tended to be fairly bland and ultimately unsatisfying. My experience of the multiplayer was one of frustration. It was difficult to find a match, and then when I finally got in, the action was kind of disappointing and some of the mechanics just felt really unfair. Overall, an unsatisfying experience. Expand
  30. May 20, 2012
    Nice Design, Good looking game... Predator was such a Downgrade from
    Predator in Aliens Vs Predator 2... when you play a game with Predator
    and Marine you feal like you are just a slow retarded idiot... Dont
    get me started on how people block predator claw with there gun everytime!
    this is not Mortal Kombat FFS. Very boring game. I did not even try as Alien. Predator in AvP 2 had so much
    weapons his secondary atack with claw
    was not automatic you could hold it as much as you want it and it would only
    hit when you let go mouse button 2, and he had so much more weapons. When
    you play with him in this game you are just to weak and doing a auto jump then not crouch and jump just like in AvP 2 just lol.
    What about glass botles, when you shoot them they bounce off! come on
    soo lazy... haha epic fail.
  31. Jun 22, 2011
    Great visuals, fun gameplay, enjoyable storyline. This game has something for everybody, the marine campaign is like halo while the predator campaign is like chronicles of riddick games. As for the alien I cannot think of anything like it. I can spend hours playing through the campaigns and then jump into multiplayer with some friends for loads of fun. I cannot say how much this is worth purchasing especially with the low price it is now. (I would give it an 8 but some people were giving it a 0 when they said in the review it deserves a 4 so yeah) Expand
  32. Jul 6, 2014
    Fantastic evolution for the AVP game series visuals especially when playing DX11 mode on decent setup. Singleplayer is worth a playthrough (particularly marine campaign) and multiplayer is so much fun (even today!). As a gamer I would give this game a 7 for the quality of the content and options but as an AVP fan can help but notice the cool details in this games visual language - it feels right for each species so in this spirit give it an additional point! Keep up the good work rebellion. Expand
  33. Aug 17, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. If this game would have stayed as good as it was during the marine mission I would have rated it higher. However, during the alien section I had to stop playing multiple times due to almost wanting to throw up. Transitioning on walls was not a smooth process. Many times even when it told me I could it didn't work out that well. Then end boss battle was a little weak as well. Just run away shoot, run away, shoot. Repeat ten times, and you beat it. It was a game that I had to force myself to play all the way through. Expand
  34. Sep 10, 2013
    This game is great,aside from the awesome combat system,spooky environments and also the AWESOME GRAPHICS. You will love playing all 3 of the campaigns.Predator is alright, Alien is awesome, Marine is CREEPY AND VERY STRESSFUL at higher difficulties as there is always the very known fact that you can get killed easily if you don't watch your backs while up against the other races.The downside, will be the fact that the game is very very linear, not much room for exploration.Voice acting is mediocre,story line is not very interesting.The ending is unsatisfying,since the timeline of all the 3 races you play is happening at the exact same time~ Expand
  35. Apr 16, 2012
    Having played the previous AvP's I was inclined to play this one. Its a fun action game allowing you to play as either Marines, Predator or Alien. While entertaining there are some small gripes like having to hold down the mouse button as Alien to traverse walls (lazy coding). Other than that it is a great game to play if a little confussling with missions split across the 3 playable races.
  36. Jul 21, 2013
    If you have a good computer then this is a great game. Maxing the graphics gives you a great experience, very dark and jumpy.
    The AI is a little flaky but this game is more about the experience. You do feel involved, especially as the marine.
  37. Oct 8, 2010
    I was so looking forward to this game, since i was a fan of the first avp game back in the 90s, But unfortunately it just feels like its missing so much. The solo player is not that great because it feels vso short. The graphics look great but to bad rebellion did not put that much effort into the rest of the game. The short list of weapons for the predator and marine were very disappointing compared to the list of the first game. I don't understand why they had to change the alien controls from the first avp i thought those worked perfect. The most of the maps are two open and remind me of the second avp game, i wonder why they were more closely related to movies like the first game did. The multilayer is laggy and at times its impossible to find a server. The ups side all though few is trophy kills or being trophy killed, the feeling that any minute something is going to come up behind you and stab you in the back is a great feeling reminds me of the movies. Holding out with your friends against waves of aliens is a fun mode. There was so much more that could have been added but it feels it was just put together to quickly. I am a fan of movies which is why I somewhat enjoy this game. Hopefully one day a developer will release a real avp game again. Expand
  38. Aug 30, 2011
    Truly not a bad game at all. For 5 bucks (on sale) and a few hours of your time, AvP can excite you in many ways. Three different campaigns (Marines, Aliens, Predators), each with their own game play mechanics and storyline that all tie into one scenario. A good thriller worth more attention, but less money.
  39. Jan 14, 2012
    The game is pretty good but i did beat it in 7 hours and yeah am talking about all 3 campaigns.
    The game play was however very fun and didnt feel repetitive since you change between 3 different characters and play styles over such a short amount of time. The story was nothing to brag about but overall i had fun with this game.
  40. Sep 27, 2011
    I played the second AvP game and desparately want to get it into my library even though I only experienced the Alien campaign the whole way through and only about halfway through the Predator campaign. While with this new release of AvP, there is a very clear distinction of what is not here between the two games: Levels. If you knew what you was doing and knew how to do it precisely on the hardest difficulty, you could beat the new installment of AvP in so little time on the Alien campaign. What I really wished to see in the new installement was to go through the Alien life-cycle because that was so much fun to do. Locate the isolated host and then burst through his chest followed by having to sneak by the USCMC to feed in order to molt into your adult stage. That is what I missed in the new installment but it is minor in comparison to the levels that were missing that could've been included. Instead though, we get top grade graphics which visually impress me and gameplay that is very easy learn and tactics that must be utilized that are somewhat similar to Metal Gear Solid series, from MGS3 and up on consoles. I've only lightly brushed into multiplayer and I've found being the Aliens in multiplayer games not as bad as I've read it. Certainly there are not a lot of dark maps that are geared to give Aliens the advantage but you can at least destroy light sources that make it harder for enemy players to spot you which from what I read is what many of the players forget that the Aliens can do. The ability to "sneak" up behind an enemy, USCMC and Predator alike, and kill them with a stealth kill is empowering to the player performing the stealth kill and said player can quickly get away for another stealth kill provided the slayed player's buddy(ies) are not pay attention to what is happening. There should've been a "save your friend" mechanic in the multiplayer. What I mean by this is that if you noticed your friend about to be stealth/trophy killed you should be able to shoot the alien/predator down before the kill your friend to save your his life. Dedicated servers should also be set up to lower ping similar to what Valve does with their servers. Despite the flaws, I rate this game a 10/10. Expand
  41. Jan 24, 2012
    This is a very atmospheric, beautiful and terrifying game. Especially in DX11 graphics. But most of all, it's extremely fun to play online. It has dedicated servers and setting up a game of your own works fine. A lot of people have mics and it has an easy oneclick mute function for those annoying people. Species Team Deathmatch, Predator Hunt and Infestation are extremely fun. The three different species handle very differently from one another. It might seem unbalanced at first, but when you start understanding how to play as the different species you can win with any of them. As an Alien you can get incredible speed and jump from wall to wall with ease once you've mastered it(it's a bit disorienting in the beginning) Thanks to this you can surprise flank your enemies and outmanouver them. Great sense of freedom and power when you get good at it.

    Marines are slow but powerful and together they can be quite hard to kill with their firepower and ability to block lighter attacks. The iconic motion tracker is spooky as usual and not always reliable. They are scary to play as and do well when together in a group.

    Predators are arguably the most dangerous species but they can't take that much damage. Stealth, strength and awesome weaponry and gadgets from the movies that are differently hard to master makes this the most versatile species to play as.

    I highly recommend this game if you are into multiplayer :) The single player is good practice and it has interesting story elements that add to the universe of AVP but the characters are flat, boring and it's over very quickly.
  42. Jul 25, 2013
    This was the last game I preordered.

    First off, the single player is pretty mediocre and felt rushed to me. They feel more like elongated tutorials set up to make you feel comfortable with each race. Once completed (on each race) I did not feel a sense of accomplishment or satisfaction with the endings.

    The saving grace is certainly the multiplayer. I got this on release day, and
    the number of servers were very low, it took quite some time to find a server, but things have changed since then as the price has gone down and more people pick it up. If you enjoy multiplayer fps games, and are tired of the generic cod or battlefiend shooter, then give it a try Expand
  43. Oct 17, 2010
    A very fun and atmospheric game. While it may not be as amazing as it's predecessors, it is still a blast to play. As in the previous games, it offers several experiences in one game, letting you play through the eerie Marine campaign, the thrilling predator campaign, or the exciting Alien campaign. All three species can collide in some intense multiplayer fun.
    So, yes, while not as good
    as it's predecessors, the game is still a bunch of fun! Expand
  44. Mar 16, 2011
    Going to get my bias out in the open, I'm a fanboy for all things Alien and Predator, so regardless of quality I will buy the game and get enjoyment out of it. This does not mean I don't recognise its flaws though, the 3 campaigns all share the same 5 maps/locations so expect to see the same things over and over which feels a bit cheap. The Marines AI is abysmal in the Aliens and Predator campaigns, the only things I had to be careful about were the androids in the later levels the combat (melee at least) is just Rock Paper Scissors and doesn't feel very satisfying. The storyline is rather bland (the standard AVP storyline). As for the multiplayer, I did enjoy infestion and predator hunt but the other modes seemed like too much of a cluster****. If you see this game on sale for under £10 consider picking it up. Expand
  45. Apr 4, 2012
    Ok, so first off, there are a couple of aspects in which the difficulty level gets somewhat awkward. Aliens seem to take an excessive amount of bullets to die even on easy, and getting headshots on those sneaky guys mostly depends on luck. The ambience is very good, mostly dark and claustrophobic, but also with lots of open areas where you can see very detailed vegetation and nature elements, which is good. Tesselation works pretty well with this, enhancing several small details that make everything look more plausible. The radar on the marine campaign doesnâ Expand
  46. Dec 3, 2011
    The graphics are amazing and the storyline can be scary at times (as all AvP games are) but the lack of dedicated server support for multi-player killed this game for me. I don't think I've seen anyone just kill the potential for a game like this.
  47. Jan 20, 2012
    Im a multiplayer person ( fps geek if you wanna call it that ) and i loved playing as the marine in this game. The atmospher was excellent in both SP and MP. But after you get the hang of it you feel like the game is missing something. Dont get me wrong its far much better then DEMO version i played on steam ( thank god) but i can nitpick on a few things. I like how they focus on the combat system in this game with the melee abilitys BUT the flamer is useless in this game. When it comes to weapons damage AVP2 was much more balanced. But atleast this game didnt balance it with "Rock-paper-scissors system" like many other games did. I had fun with all races but i was kinda pissD off that they didnt include a game mode with classes such as medic,soldier,sniper or that you could play as a facehugger! You can adapt to the game and have alot of fun with it. ( even with all the flaws ) Expand
  48. Mar 17, 2013
    Aliens vs. Predator 2010 is very good game not best (avp 2 better) but game look really nice. Not bad graphic and of course fast and nice multiplayer. Reccomend this game fans of aliens and predators:D
  49. Nov 21, 2010
    Great game, very enjoyable ripping a marines head out of his stomach with his spine still attached.
    Has a very nice single-player that has a good 6 hours if all campaigns are mixed together.
    Multi-player is a action packed, fun experience that will keep you going for hours and hours.
    Definitely a game rated 10 out of 10.
  50. Apr 15, 2011
    still in the middle of playing it, but this is one of the best "no expectations" (didn't expect much) discovered gem games ever! The graphics are exceptional. gameplay VERY fun. weapons cool. maps are fantastic and the music is Great! Ganted, I do like predator franchise things (and just recently saw the new film), but still. This is a very solid 8+ possibly 9 out of ten. I love finding things expecting nothing. The graphics on this are incredible. No idea why reviews were so scathing. This is quite possibly one of my fave fpses (a genre I had, until bioshock, grown tired of). This is no bioshock but for casual fun fps, it's awesome WAY WAy more immersive and interesting than something like serious sam hd 1/2 imho. Expand
  51. Dec 4, 2011
    Third rate shooter, nice graphics but very linear gameplay. Play as marine, alien or predator, good idea in theory however in practice the alien and predator characters became boring after about five minutes. The marine play through lasted less than 5 hours. Marine had only one encounter with the predator, that was a disappointment. Limited weapons, limited movement, could have been much better. Paid only 5 bucks so it wasnâ Expand
  52. Oct 29, 2012
    i did the the predator and alien campaign but not the marine one cause its just too creepy for me, over all
    the game is ok. the story could be better and the gameplay was alright. not as good as the original.
  53. May 6, 2014
    Overall a decent game. Parts of it scream "port", such as the tacked-on multiplayer interface (dedicated servers came after release, and the menu to get to them is unintuitive). The game would have been much better with just a couple more patches.
  54. Nov 22, 2011
    A very buggy and unpolished game, even after several patches. I could list 100 things wrong with it, but for the sake of not reminding myself how badly developed this game was, I'll stick with just a few pet hates. 1. Marine get's a magic pistol with unlimited bullets, even though he has a melee ability.
    2. Marines weapons magically disappear at the end of a level to be replaced by
    defaults. 3. Incredibly cliche and uninspired story stuck on a heavily linear and scripted single player, e.g don't bother trying to save your marine buddies, most are meant to die by design. Alien attacks conveniently dry up once you finish some random objective as the game waits for you to move to the next section. 4. Incredibly repetitive npc marine chatter. "Don't relax just yet marines" heard constantly on each campaign.
    5. Sometimes ingame triggers fail to activate, leaving you having to kill yourself to return to an earlier checkpoint, e.g sometimes when hacking something as a marine, it'll never actually finish hacking. 6. Pressing e to do a killing move seems cool at first, and provides initial entertainment, becomes incredibly boring once you've seen it dozens of times and will go out your way to just beat enemy npc's to death to avoid seeing the same drawn out animation again. 7. Awful menu system with rubbish options. 8. Buggy sound system. 9. Poor amount of multiplayer maps. 10. Npc's are pretty dumb and easy to exploit the weaknesses in the A.I to easily kill anything on any difficulty.
  55. Oct 31, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is a very excellent game. Graphics great. Anyone who has a previous version, this one should not miss the collection. Individual campaigns are short while but it is certainly worth ,visiting hrní in ,:pe00ople.-_ Expand
  56. Nov 17, 2010
    Great atmospheric graphics on PC. Runs on full graphics using laptop with i7 and HD 5730 1GB graphics (1366 x 768). Much of the atmosphere would be lost on minimum specs without all the additional graphics (check the requirements before purchase). Just passable graphics on xbox 360 and PS3 (in comparison to PC options - I have both consoles and borrowed the console versions of the game).

    Best atmosphere and storyline found when playing the marine campaign. I found playing a little in my lunch break could be a little too intense for a 'break'. The motion sensor can cause you to search the shadows. This is further enhanced with the great sound effects that pay the movie franchises homage.

    The additional campaign options of alien and predator set this game aside from most. Something they first achieved with the original two games (AvP and AvP2). The story lines are not as strong. However, learning the different characters and styles keeps you interested. The predator is most effective following a methodological attack and stealth approach and it is best to make use of the focus jump to take advantage, sneak around or get the out of a swarm of aliens or marine bullets. On the other hand, the alien takes a bit to get used to. The ability to crawl over walls and ceilings is fantastic but also tests your sense of direction and 'which way is up'. The aiming reticule works well to assist - use it. Not as fast as AvP but still fun to sneak up and claw a marine. Don't forget to search out and use the shadows.

    This game has received several bad reviews. I say WHY? I agree - not being able to crouch is annoying. But why pick on a game for re-using maps when the story line overlaps. Most re-used maps are used in a different way and set an appropriate time line in relation to the other campaigns. I have also never experienced any bugs (apart from the aliens) - although I only recently got into it and allowed steam to keep it up to date (I may have missed them). In addition - I haven't checked out the multi-player yet - so no relative judgement. GREAT USE OF DIRECT X 11 - worth upgrading your graphics card - not too expensive to pick up a DX 11 card that would run this game now.

    Overall - I enjoyed it. A great break from war shooters with great atmosphere and graphics. I look forward to the potential sequel and would love the idea of an expansion - using the same engine just extending the campaigns.

    I had trouble deciding on a 9 or 10 rating. A little more work on the alien story line with some additional guidance on objectives would solve the occasional 'how the hell do you get there' frustration (not really a problem for the marine or predator - but then they don't crawl over walls or ceilings and duck through mazes of vents). Really worth a 9.5 for me :)
  57. Dec 1, 2010
    Very great game! I bought it 2 days ago and I have to say that I have been really enjoying the gameplay. Predator and Alien campaing offer gore and gameplay no other game can offer. The fact that you can brutally kill every oponent with some incredibly sick ways is great. But its not all mindless gore and ripping heads apart, oh no, you stil have to build a strategi, for example on the Alien campaign you got to smash out lights so you can be unseed, and on predator you can lure enemies away from their party and take them out one by one. Overall this game has nice graphics either on DX9 or DX11, it does not really mater, the achievements are also nice to get and the singleplayer offers a great experience no other game has.
    Now to the Multiplayer! I have to say that the multiplayer is just not worth it, the aliens are very hard to control, and everyone is just looking to brutally kill everyone and another disadvantage this game has is that you are STUCK while you finish your oponnent that means you are vulnerable for every attack for about 3-4 seconds so watch out how and when you kill your enemy. You can also choose from 3 various races (Human, Alien, Predator) and various skins for every race just to enhance gameplay. Multiplayer is not great.
  58. Apr 6, 2011
    The best AvP game ever, better than AvP 1, Gold, Avp 2 and Primal Hunt for. This is the first AvP game whit realistic combat system, the history line is superb, the multiplayer is solid and funny and the species as perffect recreated. The graphics at the same time are brutal whit DX11
  59. Jun 30, 2011
    I actually created my metacritic account just to rate this game as I feel the score is unfairly low. Admittedly when I first picked it up I did not like it all that much either - it initially felt a bit old-school, the menus look old and the gameplay, even as a veteran gamer, was stressful to master. So it gathered dust for a while.

    Now I have given it another go and suddenly it comes
    off as absolutely brilliant ! If u take the time to look the DX11 graphics are very-very beautiful, detailed and atmospheric. The sounds are authentic, very intense and create a stressful mood. The animation work on the aliens as they move along the ceilings and walls is superb and you feel very alone and frantic as they come from multiple angles.

    Incredibly I cannot play the game more than a couple of hours at a time before needing a break for the sensory system. However, it is an experience to savour. Fans of AVP should not hesitate as quality-wise it is hands and feet above usual movie-tie ins. Just get through the first couple of missions and embrace the stress: From then onward it is a brilliant shooter brimming with atmosphere.

    Vastly underrated.
  60. Jul 13, 2011
    Being able to play as the alien has to be, by far, the best way to play this game. Playing as the space marine was kind of boring to me and the predator seemed either too easy or too difficult.
  61. Mar 28, 2013
    I really had fun with this game. Not the best shooter I ever played but still a game that is worth playing if you have any affinity to the Franchise. I would recommend a budget-buy.
  62. Dec 7, 2012
    I see people complain about this game not being AvP2. Well I agree with them story wise. Gameplay wise on the other hand I much prefer this one over 2. One of the main reasons has to be the speed of the aliens. Multiplayer wise this was such an issue I usually went predator or marine because the alien was too slow to get the drop on anyone.
  63. May 5, 2013
    AVP is one of those games that I go back to again and again, I'm not big on the multiplayer so i can't comment on that aspect of the game. Overall the game was enjoyable but there were a few annoyances.

    While playing through the single player it becomes clear that the stories of the three species somehow interweave but the timeline of the various missions isn't clear. My only real
    complaint about the single player is that it was much too short but it does manage to keep me coming back to play it again and again.

    The combat side of the game is where I found most of the annoyances. Grabbing enemies as a predator while other enemies are around is a guaranteed death, same with the alien. Alien sneaking with surface transition is very annoying because of the camera, I wish it would lock onto your prey or something.

    Graphics are fine, but not spectacular, Sound effects are mediocre but I thought the voice acting was good. Overall its a Decent game.
  64. Oct 24, 2014
    Este es un título que merece ser mencionado, en la historia de ambas franquicias cinematográficas.
    El juego tiene tres campañas donde brilla principalmente por su ambientación, animación y efectos. Faltó mas interacción con el entorno, cosa que no explotaron en buena medida, además de muy poca duración aún siendo tres.
    Se aprecia en gran medida la jugabilidad de tres distintas formas,
    una para cada especie, que fueron aceptables.
    El fuerte es su multijugador, una combinación de acción y diversión sin límite...
    En efecto no es un título perfecto, pero en comparación del desastroso Aliens Colonial Marines es una obra maestra. 100% recomendado ya que todos los jugones vuelven a este título aún pasado todo este tiempo, para olvidar ese mal sabor de boca que nos dejó a todos Colonial marines.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 35 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 35
  2. Negative: 1 out of 35
  1. A good campaign, the marine one, and some variety in gameplay mechanics provide a quite fun experience. Unfortunately some ideas lack polish and the other two-thirds of the single player are just not as good as they were supposed to be.
  2. Aliens Vs Predator is a standard First Person Shooter, but thanks to the Predator's and Xenomorph's campaigns, it entertains old and new players. Even the multiplayer mode is funny and well structured, but the graphics engine is not that good.
  3. The controls for Predators and Xenomorphs may be a bit tricky and the AI sometimes doesn't show any "Intelligence" at all, but nevertheless: AvP is a most-have for fans of the movies, as well as the games - especially if you're into absolute multiplayer-mayhem and dont mind "some" gore.