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  1. Positive: 12 out of 22
  2. Negative: 0 out of 22
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  1. Take a really funny cartoon with all kinds of pop culture references and interesting characters. Add in several jokes that adults will understand and get a belly laugh from but is not too risqué for the kiddies. Throw in some really entertaining scenes like a camel getting the scrub through a car type wash or watching Assil rappel out the nose of a sphinx and you have Ankh.
  2. 85
    Ankh is brilliant. The puzzles are inventive, the storyline is genuinely funny and the completion of some of the more difficult puzzles is pleasurable rather than a relief.
  3. The humor and style of Ankh delivers a fun and appealing quest and players will have a melon tweaking time with the numerous puzzles found through out the game.
  4. A charming old-school comic adventure which holds its own, courtesy of its beautiful 3D graphics and an engaging plot.
  5. It looks good and it’s well acted and it’s funny. And while it’s also short and easy, at least it’s fun while it’s short and easy, and I always prefer that to the opposite.
  6. In Ankh’s case, the gameplay’s spot on, the story is funny, and it looks and sounds great. It’s nothing new or special, but what it does, it does very well.
  7. It's quirky, looks good, with humour and most importantly fun to play while taxing the brain cells in all the right places.
  8. With lovely gaming references hidden throughout, never better than the Prince of Persia spoofs, it's witty, charming, and forgivably broken.
  9. Definitely one for fans of humorous graphic adventures. It pays homage to the LucasArts classics and you will find references to familiar situations and characters that no doubt inspired the making of this game. Even if you miss the references you will still have a thoroughly good time.
  10. A game with this much humor should put a smile on anyone’s face. But the smile could fade away with some of the gameplay limitations.
  11. Ankh doesn’t play host to a menagerie of well-thought out, mind-bending puzzles. If anything, Deck 13 plays it safe in this regard; yet, the sheer playability of it all: the satisfying gameplay, quirky characters and rousing visuals ensures that Ankh is a worthy recipient of our praise.
  12. It’s fun and humorous, if not a little short, and except for a few snags here and there when it comes to looking for items or trying to think up the next too-convoluted solution, it’s a fun game to play through to the end.
  13. It's not quite the return of LucasArts-era cartoon adventures, but this cheerful game dishes out a lot of laughs.
  14. Ankh delivers an enjoyable, kid-friendly romp through an attractive Egyptian setting in a compact, old-fashioned point-and-click package that is sure to induce a chuckle or two.
  15. Though there’s supremely little that the developers have brought to the genre in Ankh, merely having the guts to present to us something in a genre that’s seen as ‘boring’ by the vast majority, means that we have to heap praise upon Ankh’s talented developers. But the way that everything has been put together outweighs the lack of originality in the gameplay and pushes Ankh towards classic status.
  16. AceGamez
    It does nothing amazing, but it puts some spring back into the step of the adventure game genre and hails back to the quality and humour of Lucasarts classics of yore.
  17. Ankh falls short of the comic adventure classics of old, but keep your expectations modest and you'll find an engaging little romp that makes ancient Egypt fun again.
  18. Ankh is a return to the days of graphic adventure. It offers a fast moving story with likeable characters and a good sense of humor. If only the game wasn't so short and easy it might actually be a worthy addition to your PC library.
  19. A slightly fun game that fails to reach the plateau of the classic adventure game genre.
  20. It's the kind of game that a family can enjoy together, and perhaps is best in that sense. Ironic gen-Xers and urban wiggers probably won't get much from it, but then that's why games like Need For Speed and GTA exist. [PC Zone]
  21. It's certainly good to look at, the visual gags work well enough, and most of the brainteasers are intuitive. Yet, in a genre that advances as quickly as the pyramids, the few knobs and whistles that modern technology brings really don't drag Ankh up to the level of its glorious forebears, and the linguistic difficulties and its brevity knock it down.
  22. Computer Games Magazine
    The writers spent so much time copying classic LucasArts adventures that they forgot to make the game enjoyable on its own. [Feb. 2007, p.74]
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  1. ZuffuluZT
    May 1, 2008
    I only played the german version of this game, which is the original, so I can't say anything about the quality of the translations orI only played the german version of this game, which is the original, so I can't say anything about the quality of the translations or speakers.
    But what I can say is that the german version is a very very good game! It really reminds me of the good old Lucas Arts adventures that we all love so much, because it has a similar style, great gags, logical riddles and VERY good speakers that fit to the characters, which create a very convenient atmosphere. The only reason why I don't give it a 10 is because it is a little too easy for an adventure-verteran like me. But that is probably just me and it still is a great game that I will definitely play again in a little while.
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  2. Oct 26, 2013
    i searched for a digital copy from this game, for weeks. then i finally found it on gamefly. after that, my Ankh trilogy was complete and ii searched for a digital copy from this game, for weeks. then i finally found it on gamefly. after that, my Ankh trilogy was complete and i started to play it.
    now i can say that this searching for the first Ankh game was no waste of time or money!
    Yes, graphics are may be not very smooth...but i like that old skool look. dialogue and characters are funny. voice acting is good in english. and i just love that ancient-egypt scenery.
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