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  1. To make it short: Armed Assault 2 is a fantastic game which contains elements of flight simulators, tactic-shooters and strategy- games. This title rocks!
  2. PC Format
    An impressively immersive and realistic open-world military sim. It's everything being a squaddie entails, minus the personal risk. [Sept 2009, p.88]
  3. The new ArmA 2 is much more than a revision of Armed Assault or Operation Flashpoint. It really is a tool full of possibilities in addition to a detailed campaign mode where we can enjoy the most varied opportunities for combat in a very realistic representation of a war scenario, vehicles, weapons and characters. ArmA 2 represents the absolute freedom facing a modern battle, and where each of our choices will bring consequences. A title between game and military simulator.
  4. 90
    This s a tremendously ambitious title everyone should try.
  5. It's not a game for everyone but it's simply the best war simulation available. Deep gameplay, tons of stuff to do. Go buy it.
  6. This game rewards the player lately, so novices will become easily frustrated. But if you give it a try, it really is worth it.
  7. In Conclusion, ArmA II definitely delivers in terms of realism, graphics and gameplay. It adds a few new features to this genre and if you're looking for a truly realistic military experience, than this is definitely the game for you. A gripping single-player campaign and engaging and addictive multiplayer, ArmA II shoots and scores!
  8. Arma 2 retains the philosophy of Operation Flashpoint, ad offers a realistic war experience, with no compromises. The gameplay is full of opportunity: the strategic and tactical freedom given to the player grants an excellent dynamism. Obviously, the title is difficult, deep, ad suitable for resolute players. But, after all, War has never been a bed of roses.
  9. Pelit (Finland)
    Arma II is truly excellent military game operating system, but Bohemia really should outsource development of single player content. [July 2009]
  10. A brilliantly in-depth and vast war simulator that rewards your patience. [July 2009, p.69]
  11. Reality is very expensive in this real warfare simulator from Bohemia Interactive. The game is very tough and difficult to manage but the campaign is very well devised, full of twists and turns, but its impossible not to mention the huge amounts of glitches and bugs here and there.
  12. There's a thousand more things I could say to justify my hearty recommendation of this incomparably rich war sim.
  13. Besides the extensive and well orchestrated gameplay, the title retains a high longevity, thanks to the new dynamism of the plot and editor joined to the multiplayer do the rest. It remains a regret for the haste in closing the development, which does not do justice to a game that deserved a better final processing. If you think you can overlook the frustration that will result from the large amount of bugs and you love the genre, Arma II is what you want from a simulation of war: exterminated, deep and dramatic. As for the rest of the users, Bohemia Interactive has made a very specific choice not to simplify the formula for casual gamers and risking to frustrate for everyone. We believe the target was hit, ArmA II is a game for a few, but those few will be more than satisfied.
  14. In an age where most developers are reaching out to embrace casual gamers, ArmA II is something of a refreshing exception. It is unashamedly ambitious in its design and execution, embracing rich complexity at the expense of accessibility.
  15. War simulation games fans should be grateful to the Bohemia Interactive dev team. ArmA 2 is an incredible title, technically impressive, often a marvel for the eyes. Realistic, absorbing and immersive, it puts you straight into close-to-real war action throughout its 225 square Kilometers, villages, people and armies.
  16. This ambitious military sandbox game comes close to realizing its potential but falls short due to its buggy single-player campaign.
  17. AceGamez
    It'll be too much for many casual gamers and quick-dippers, but if you feel the need for a challenge then it's well worth the effort, as there's more of a sense of achievement in beating this than you'll find in any other shooter this year.
  18. When you say ArmA 2, you say top-notch realistic gameplay. Take the large amount of bugs for granted and you will be rewarded with a game that comes close to reality with its scale and possibilities. This game separates the boys from the men.
  19. The motto of the United States Marine Corps is "Semper Fidelis." I can think of no higher compliment for ArmAII than that.
  20. 78
    I love having dozens and dozens of realistic weapons and vehicles and highly detailed geography and ballistics modeling, but the unintuitive interface required to manage it all and the irregularities in the scripting make it hard to appreciate those qualities.
  21. Is hard to evaluate a game like ArmA II. In its current status it should deserve a lower rating, but in the future is pretty obvious that the game will get better, so we have choose to look beyond the present. A remarkable shooting simulator with too many bugs, but also with an amazing scope and proposal.
  22. The atmosphere of ArmA 2 reminds of now-classic Operation Flashpoint. Dirty streets, shabby signboards in Russian, ugly Soviet-style architecture – you can see this in any real provincial town in Russia. The volume of work is astounding, but the potential hit is marred by flaws and rough edges, in both single-player and online modes.
  23. ARMA2 succeeds in creating an impressive simulation, but fails in creating an accessible game.
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  1. syscrash
    Dec 31, 2009
    With the new 1.05 update. This game is insane! The graphics are better then Arma1, AI has finally improved! This game is like a BF series With the new 1.05 update. This game is insane! The graphics are better then Arma1, AI has finally improved! This game is like a BF series game on steriods. Has a huge learning curve and is not for ADHD kids who just want to run around and FPS all day. This game takes patience and time to learn. But once you learn it you will have a total blast. The best part is the modding community which makes the game grow even more. This is not your typical military simulator where you play to your round ends. Arma2 has no rounds, it is just one massive war fought over a beatiful landscape. Take off from aircraft carriers and insert a sniper team up in the mountains or make an assault with armored tanks. You make the choice and the opitions are endless. You can't just run around and play this game BF style. You need to use tactics and think real life. You need to use cover and concealment constantly. You also need to play as a team. Full Review »
  2. SBrown
    Jul 12, 2009
    This is definitely a game for die-hard fans of the Arma/Flashpoint series. As a newcomer to Arma, albeit an experienced FPS gamer, I found This is definitely a game for die-hard fans of the Arma/Flashpoint series. As a newcomer to Arma, albeit an experienced FPS gamer, I found the game to be very confusing at times. This was primarily due to the lack of information and guidance the game provided to enable the player to figure at what needed to be accomplished. This is readily apparent within the multiplayer arena where players seem to be poorly organised; lacking even a basic understanding of what their objectives/targets are. This creates a confused atmosphere where squads are not coordinated and no sense of teamwork exists. As many others have mentioned the game also appears to be extremely buggy in certain areas, negatively affecting the gamer's experience. The game has also been reported to run poorly on even very high spec PCs. Hence it seems that Arma 2 has been released before its ready with many significant patch updates still needing to be issued. In summary Arma 2 is an unpolished game that fails to provide sufficient guidance to those who are newcomers to the series. The numerous bugs and mediocre hardware performance adds to these issues. These problems add up to a large fundamental issue which severely affects the gameplay and ultimately the enjoyment of the game itself. A poor game in almost all departments: 4/10. Full Review »
  3. Jun 26, 2011
    ArmA II is a strange beast. It looks gorgeous, possesses an incredible coolness factor and can be highly immersive and engaging at times. ButArmA II is a strange beast. It looks gorgeous, possesses an incredible coolness factor and can be highly immersive and engaging at times. But ultimately it's a false friend. A friend you simply cannot trust. You cannot trust the AI of your buddies, you cannot trust the mission triggers and you cannot trust the insanely complicated control system. On top of all, It crashes every 30 minutes (even with the latest updates installed). Sorry Bohemia. I really wanted to like that game but it's simply too ambitious for it's own sake. Full Review »