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  • Summary: A mysterious package begins an epic duel of minds between FBI agent Nicole Bonnet and a ruthless serial killer, who leaves playing cards by the bodies of his victims as signature. Does Nicole have what it takes to understand the mind of a psychopath, as complicated as his puzzles? If not, she can end up as his next trophy... Dark plot set in the best traditions of police thrillers. Pieces of evidence that Reed to be found and analyzed. Detailed locations in various places of the United States. [City Interactive] Expand
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  1. The Art of Murder: Cards of Destiny is a flawed, but entertaining adventure game.
  2. I didn’t love it or hate it, and it seems to be a pretty representative example of what the adventure game genre has become -- a bunch of middling games that spend way more time on their graphics than they do in creating anything memorable or innovative.
  3. Cards of Destiny, if you can ignore what the characters are yammering on about, provides a decent ten to fifteen hours of adventuring, and the usual dosage of nice eye candy, but it's a step backwards from City's last AG effort, Tree of Life.
  4. It’s challenging and enjoyable puzzles can keep puzzle lovers happily scratching their noggins for hours. It’s just a shame that the lackluster graphics, sloppy subtitles, and annoying overacting puts a damper on this game and makes it one for hardcore point and click adventure fans only.
  5. Naïve dialogues and twice-told detective storyline build the atmosphere of a bad “B-movie”. If you’re not stranded on a deserted island with this game then you had better pick some other adventure. [Issue#191]
  6. This third episode of the Art of Murder series isn’t a total failure, but it doesn’t stand out from Still Life and other detective point & click games.
  7. Adventure games are not inherently boring, and neither are murder mysteries, but all of the pointless procedure that this game throws at you will, at least as you play it, make you forget all of the enjoyment that you ever got out of either of those things.

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