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  1. Nov 21, 2012
    This is one of these games that could've been so insanely amazing because of it's insane quality. Instead it falls flat because of game design errors and a story not really suited for a "open world/free roaming"-game. So, what is good about AC III? The music is the best in the series, the score really adds a whole new level of cinematic feeling. The world is so huge and detailed it really makes everything feel like a real world. The art design is also amazing, making the houses, the characters and cities come alive like never before. The quality of the voice acting is very varied, with some of the best and worst voice acting ever heard in a game (the voice actor of Haytham Kenway is doing an amazing job while whoever voice acts Braddock does one of the worst and most overacted voice actings ever done). Also the PC-port is really good. The controls work well and the graphics are well optimized. So what is bad? Basically everything that has to do with the game design. The choices made make this, what could've been an amazing open world game like Red Dead Redemption, a linear "Call of Duty-style" game - with about every mission being linear with some cutscene cinematics that totally breaks the immersion of being in a living world. The combat could also have been amazing, if it weren't for the broken balance. You can EASILY kill up to 40-50 enemies at the same time without being hurt at all (haven't had the chance to meet more enemies at the same time). Not to mention the extreme curvature of difficulty levels. One mission can be dead easy (kill 100 enemies and murder some random bloke that you don't know why you are killing) while the next one is some kind of sneak mission, where when you are seen, you have to restart from the start of the mission. However, the animations are brilliant, probably some of the best combat animations I've seen in a game up to this date, the controls work great on a keyboard and the weapons are all interesting. Too bad the game designer destroyed both the combat and the immersion of the missions. So what about the plot? Is it good? Well, the plot is all just very jumpy. The "jumpiness" does not add any depth (such as seen in movies like Donnie Darko) and just destroys the immersion even more. The whole animus thing just feels stupid (I think it was better made in Assassin's Creed II, where the immersion was pretty good) and the twists and turns are all very cliché and predictable. Basically I think the story harms the game more than it helps it. So, instead of having an awesome "open world"-esque game (such as AC II) we are left with a jumpy, linear piece of garbage (that overuses cutscenes like never before - making this feel like a linear movie more than a game) only made for total newbs of PC-gaming. Why not add difficulty levels?? And then there are the minor flaws. The game is very buggy compared to the earlier games. The story is very predictable. The player is thrown between indoors, outdoors, animus and real world. In all these 4 different kinds of places different rules apply. You can only walk indoors (which once again removes immersion - why suddenly can't I jump, run or w/e). The UI is filled with strange popups (mission popups, Uplay popups, **** achievement popups that I don't care about at all and worst of all mail popups - why do an indian guy way back in time have access to mail??). All in all this game has amazing music, amazing voice actors, amazing combat animations, an amazing world with amazing art design but on the downside really bad game design, an UI that removes immersion, only easy difficulty with a strange difficulty curve and a strange, cliché and jumpy plot. Expand
  2. Nov 22, 2012
    Gorgeous game, game-breaking controls and AI.

    First off- every British soldier in this game is a master marksman with XRAY vision and the reaction speed of a fighter pilot. Jump from one building to another, you just alerted a guard who was standing below you who takes aim- shoots you in mid air (1.5 seconds airborne from one building to the next) and using his IPHONE notified every
    single British in Boston to your EXACT location- Every British soldier converges on your location and using their extensive PARKOUR training they all leap from building to building to kill you. All while moving around the base of the building underneath you constantly tracking your location with their XRAY vision.

    This coupled with the fact I have 1600 pounds and cannot buy a new outfit so I'm not the ONLY NATIVE IN BOSTON. While every soldier is on the lookout for... a native.
  3. Nov 21, 2012
    My Score: 3.0/10 Pros: -Cinematics -Graphics are **** amazing (IF you have a PC with good hardware) Cons: -Combat is too simplistic and not fluid. -Glitches and bugs throughout EVERY aspect of the game -Terrible AI -Boring gameplay and almost entirely automatic Bethesda's Dishonored makes Ubisoft and their team look like fools. Assassin's Creed III is one of the more disappointing games to be released this year. Don't fool yourself by reading the review by IGN, BECAUSE Ubisoft paid for that review. I'm sure over the next couple of weeks I will have to listen to all the simple minded **** who bought the game and are too afraid to admit how stagnant the series has become. The game emphasizes cinematics with a cutscene for every 5 gameplay minutes, which seems to serve as Ubisoft's effort to distract the player from the slow, simple, and glitchy gameplay. Marketing will fool the majority of the tools, hopefully not you, but this game is a failure. If you want to play it then pirate it so you can save your money for bourbon. Expand
  4. Dec 5, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game is probably best compared to going into a restuarant, purchasing the best steak available and finding that it is burnt on the outside and raw on the inside. My first review composed of a lot of swearing, but I have decided to refine it...
    I love Assasins Creed. The story, the characters, the open-world and free-running freedom and the choice to go at your own pace. The series seemed to go from strength-to-strength (with the exception of Revelations), however when I played this game, I couldn't believe at how arrogant the game is. The first 4 hours of the game, you are dictated what to do non-stop. The cut-scenes happen far too often and rather than allowing you to skip conversations during a cut-scene to speed it up, the only options you have are to watching the entire scene - which are usually incredibly drawn out and slow paced - or to skip the scene entirely. I don't like being left in the dark, but Assasins Creed 3 seems to like to test the gamer's patience with the abundantly pedantic amount of cut-scenes. It feels as if every time you are getting momentum, suddenly, a wild lengthy cut-scene appears! Also, ignore every review that addresses amazing new free-running. It's not amazing it's actually disasterous and completely unneccesary. The game has now taken away your choice as to when you want to climb/jump and when you only want to run. Now, when you run, you automatically will climb/jump. This sounds great, except for some reason, the developers decided to slow your character down when jumping/climbing to the point where I'd rather just run away from enemies instead of performing the seamless parkour that was evident in the earlier titles. Most of the time, my character tries to climb or jump onto a nearby barell/box during a chase that I wasn't even aiming towards. Next up, combat. Combat is always fun right? The developers decided to find a way to mess that up too. Your counter-attacks can now be countered as well, which is kind of ridiculous when surrounded by strong enemies who take away your health each time they counter your counter-attack. So there's no way around that but to discourage combat, which nobody wants to do. The leap-back move has been taken out, because the game would rather you time your blocks, even if it means the enemy can counter your blocks which you cannot stop. You can no longer grab enemies. The menu to select weapons has now been taken from a nice, seamless, in-game experience to a full blown menu which covers your whole screen. Which you still need to hold the button in for. Instead of an easy inventory-wheel seen in previous titles, the weapon-select menu shows the weapons in a column view, which is rather annoying and doesn't allow a "snap-select", you now have to scroll through each and every weapon to get to the one you want. Did I mention there are only 4 quick buttons? So we are now forced to use this unpleasant menu more frequently. Horses are completely useless when not being used on roads and trails because although they have no problem jumping up hills, they seem to have a problem jumping down again. It's little, irritating things like this that make me really not care about the game. It's just irritating and not a joy to play. Even the amazing visuals and life in the busy streets of 1700's New York isn't enough to distract the disgustingly obvious flaws. There are no bugs in this game, the entire game is even more flawed and unfinished than Dragon Age 2 ever was. It seems that the developers were so excited about finishing the game, they decided to distribute it before they could discover on how to make it better.

    There's just too much wrong with this game. Play it for yourself and see.
  5. Apr 1, 2013
    This game is awful... I seriously want to write a long review but even then thinking about all of the bad just enrages me. Story was so predictable that I got to the part where you first get to sail your boat and gave up. That's it. I was done. I knew exactly what was going to happen. Wasn't worth my time playing if I knew the story already. What awful story telling Combat is boring more counter fun. Graphics are no big improvement but the visuals are great. The characters I don't even remember... seriously who was in this game? Never touched multiplayer as this game disgusted me to no end. It was... just... awful. There is no more Assassinating in Assassin's Creed too... I noticed as I watched my friend Livestream it he just tomahawked all his victims... there was no stealthy approach or anything... 2/10 because of visual... love of God gaming industry you're just failing. Expand
  6. Nov 24, 2012
    Initially this game felt very solid to me, it felt like a good addition to the franchise.. that is until I got to the second sequence. This game is absolute trash, a complete waste of money and I couldn't even be bothered to start it again despite paying $50 for it. Even if you get this game for free as a gift or some other form, save yourself the headache and either return it or remove it from your computer.

    This shouldn't even be called AC3, they took everything that made it Assassin's Creed out. It's not like the old Splinter Cell games that the first Assassin's Creed was modeled after. The only similarity between the first one and this one is the less than perfect movement. There is a linear path in this game, no creativity at all, the only path you can choose is the order in which you complete the now mandatory Synchronizations. You have to do missions a certain way or you fail, you don't get to try new things unless it's convenient for the game.
  7. Nov 26, 2012
    This game ruined everything I used to love in the Assassin's Creed -franchise.
    (1) The characters were not exciting.
    (2) Story was not exciting.
    (3) Assassin's Creed used to be about assassinations, not charging enemies with your sword out. This game encouraged to brawling, many missions even started with enemies attacking you.
    (4) Parkour is missing. Lack of heights, building too wide
    apart. Even the greatly advertised tree jumping is more linear than all CoD -games combined.
    (5) Sum of previous 4: The game is just not that fun to play. Once I completed it, I felt no desire to go back and complete all mini missions and try for 100% game completion. Maybe if Ubisoft fixed all the hundreds of bugs, I might feel intrigued again...
  8. Nov 21, 2012
    This game has turned into call of duty and their just churning out new ones each year, wait till this goes on sale for $20 or something, I do not know what I was thinking when I bought this....
  9. Nov 21, 2012
    I don't know how many times I have failed a mission because I didn't know what to do and only found out after failing that mission! The lock picking "mini game" simply does not work, check YouTube to see what others are saying about that! Way too many cut scenes! Combat is horribly simple and repetitive! This is a lot like the first Assassins Creed but prettier and easier for the most part, when it works! Expand
  10. Dec 5, 2012
    I've never uninstalled any open-world game before without finishing it first. AC3 will be the first. I decided I'd rather watch the ending on YouTube than suffer through the insanity of game design. My monumental disappointment stems from the realization that such an incredible game series has fallen so very far since the first and second games, including their variants. Despite being a "stealth" game, accomplishing objectives with stealth is either impossible or unrewarding. Lockpicking is a hair-pulling affair, the enemy AI is laughable, and travel (despite being reworked in a more advantageous way) is even more of an annoyance. Heaven forbid you run into the rock wall of a cliff above you and need to choose left or right. If you choose wrong, you're running ALL the way back. There's no way to climb up, the trees nearby don't go high enough, and you can't Fast Travel to a closer location to start again because Fast Travel is turned off during a quest. The only thing I love about this game is the music. An incredible score keeps up the exciting tempo. Such a waste, though. God damnit. Expand
  11. Dec 16, 2012
    Fail and disappointment f the year :( That's very sad because I'm big fan of AC series and was waiting hardly this part to come out. First, this is NOT AC game at all. Everything good from AC2, ACB and ACR is gone. Controls are totally changed and practically unplayable. For first 30 minutes be sure to make popcorns because there is 30 minutes unskipable boring animated sequences series. Overall, unplayable game which have nothing in common with good old AC games. Everything except nice graphics is bad in this game. Collapse
  12. Nov 20, 2012
    Ac3 is probably the most in depth chapter yet in the series. The game was very intuitive and challenging.
    There were many changes to the dynamics of the game, making money and so forth. Money is harder to earn and crafting is kind of a pain. One of the missions to retain two main crafters is bugged so you can't hire them. The only thing you can really do is hunt and skin and sell. They
    did a great job on the huge areas of movement and the ship battles are spectacular and exciting! Hopefully they will stay on this path and the next chapter will be just as exciting to play. By the way it's about 4 days or so to complete at 8 hours a day so it's worth the purchase!! Expand
  13. Nov 28, 2012
    **** console port. Ubisoft delayed the game three weeks behind consoles for what? The optimisation is horrible. There are barely any changable graphical options in single-player. The low FPS being experienced by many is the straw that broke the camels back. And on top of that, Ubisoft forum moderators state that there is no patch 'forthcoming' to fix issues. This is the last Ubisoft product I'll purchase. Expand
  14. Nov 21, 2012
    This game is awesome :P I really enjoy myself during my game-play. Although there are some bugs or glitches but they don't effect my game experiences. I believe assassin's creed 3 is worth a 10 score
  15. Nov 27, 2012
    Pretty good series, but not as good as the 2nd was. I missed something from it, maybe the good story. I've waited for it, but it's not as good, as I expected. Good graphics, good gameplay, but not the best story. The character of Connor is easy to forget, not like Ezio or Altair. I liked the game, but it's not the best in this series.
  16. Nov 27, 2012
    I simply do not understand why people are so enthusiastic about this game. I hate games that take you by the hand and don't offer anything else besides the scripted linear path. The summary of my experience with this game comes to: "Hold E to skip cinematic" and "Follow the yellow dot to finish your goal". Extremely boring... moving on.
  17. Nov 24, 2012
    First thing to hit you about this game is how badly optimised it is. The opening scene, which is set in a fores, makes your frames per second plummet. All this is but a taste to what is to come. Once you enter the city of Boston, the game becomes unplayable even in the lowest detail setting with frames dropping to as low as 20 fps. This is on a rig that plays Hitman Absolution and BF3 with no issues.

    I guess this was expected since it is a Ubisoft game after all. Their console to PC ports are some of the worst in the business.

    Gameplay wise, it's standard assassin's creed fare. Jump some buildings, kill some guards and hide in some things. Perhaps the gameplay would've been better without the infuriating performance issues.
  18. Nov 30, 2012
    While this is the best looking Assassin's Creed so far, everything else is the worst and disappointing. The story missions are dull and uninspiring. The game also feels disorganized, there are side-missions that are already on the map when I haven't even meet the character associated with it. I found myself doing things I don't even know what for because I haven't been briefed. And most of the side-missions doesn't even bother to give you a reason. Just targets popping out in mini-map. 3 years to develop this? More like 3 years spent on the graphic engine and 3 weeks of rushing overworked coders on the actual game. Expand
  19. Dec 4, 2012
    This game left me with the mixed feelings. From one side we've got gorgeous, detailed word, with thoroughly made "living" characters, extraordinary level of animation (for protagonist and NPC alike), high standards of visual image. From the other side we got awful game: lame arcade gameplay, linear level design for missions, zero replayability. One thing I keep thinking while playing, that developers had so many ideas for this game - they never had time to fully complete ANY. The game also very NOT-friendly for users. There is almost no in-game tutorial, text tutorial in "animus database" is almost useless. Sometimes I've needed much more time to understand what developers want from me to complete a mission, rather than fulfilling a task itself. Worst interface (PC version) I've seen for years - another major thing, that spoiled my experience. Expand
  20. Nov 21, 2012
    A better companion than previous 2 AC games because of its long development time ad money . Boston n New York looks good ... frontier hold its own fantasies . It is one of the best port of PC by Ubisoft . Obviously its not perfect Assassin's Creed game , there were even some bugs as well as bit pacing problem . But with Well refined combat mechanics , Great Visuals and Especial Naval Fights , you can spare your few moments to get yourself in this American Fight . Desmond section were bit average and could be much better but with well made mechanics and good game-play features ... GO FOR THIS GAME!! Expand
  21. Nov 23, 2012
    This game is not bad, but I'm already tired of the same cities in the game. Graphics of the game is even worse than in the second part. I think that this game is ported from the PS Vita.
  22. CBZ
    Nov 24, 2012
    Big fan of the series, I have played and replayed all the AC games. I have to say I am VERY DISAPPOINTED with this game so far. To be fair, I have to say that I'm at the beginning of the story but there are already so many things that bother me that take all the fun away and playing feels like a chore. The boat trip to arrive to america is so irrelevant, I just cant understand why they included it__1__ The mechanics have changed to worse, the controls have been simplified (probably to make it easier for a controller). Basically everything you need to do is done with the "E" key. __2__ there are cutscenes everywhere, and take all the immersion away. At this rate, on the next AC game you will have a cutscene every time you take out the sword.__3__ Boston (i havent seen NY but I imagine it will be similar) has wide streets and its almost impossible to reach your destination climbing and jumping through the city's roofs. Basically the developers took AC's essence and wiped they butts with it.__3__Graphics are on par with previous releases, good enough.__4__I cant say much about the Multiplayer since there are not enough players to even start a game. Expand
  23. Dec 11, 2012
    After good AC1, much better AC2 and best AC: Brotherhood, we have here revelations and AC3. Sadly it seems that Revelations and AC3 were made with different dev team that made AC1-2. AC3 is probably the worst. Dumbed down to it knees, fight mechanic, free runing... everything. No options for player, everything is scripted. You cannot control when and where to jump. Just press ASDW and everything is done for you. Occasionally (or more often) you just press E and another script will do everything for you. Cut scenes on every move, "press E" on every corner.. Overall for completing the game you just need 5 buttons- ASDW and E. I was looking forward to this game, but it seems that i will skip this release and will just look at the end cutscene on youtube and im done.... Im very sad that developers slapdash last two releases and ruined my whole AC enthusiasm :( Expand
  24. Nov 30, 2012
    they ruined ac series with this abomination. Cities are boring, street after street looks the same. amount of guards on the streets/ roofs( ??) is ridiculous . Even in the middle of forest there are 9 men patrols walking in circle guarding snow. No idea why they made soo many of them, since you can kill them without slightest problems. Fighting never been so easy, still its ridiculous how many times you have to stab opponent to actually kill him. Main character is just some random dude, not even close to being so charismatic as Ezio. Missions are uninteresting, most of people I'm helping out i would rather leave to death. This game is much worse then Revelations and thats kinda a achievement. Expand
  25. Nov 27, 2012
    I had high hopes for this game and was really looking forward to it after AC2 and the add-ons. Unfortunately, it does not live up to any of the hype as the storyline is completely haphazard and does not explain itself. To add to that the game play is nowhere near as good as AC2 and the scenes and sequences are cut short without explaining the story well enough. I am 40% of the way through the story and I'm still not sure about how a lot of things came to happen. It doesn't explain itself like AC2 did. The story doesn't flow, it's all over the place. And could someone tell me how an old black man (not being racist here, just factual), could own a mansion in America at that time? He would have been a slave, not a home owner and even if he was freed I'm sure the population at that time would have driven him out of the area.
    There is a problem with riding horse along wilderness tracks. The horse keeps getting stuck by running into invisible walls. They also get stuck if you try to cross a river at the wrong place. They can't be backed up or turned around so you have to dismount and call the horse out.

    Apart from the terrible story line, I'd like to know why Desmond has transformed into a silver back Gorilla? It was bad enough that he completely changed for a good looking Italian guy into an uglier older guy in Revelations but he now looks like something from several thousand years ago. Why couldn't the character models from AC2 be used in AC3? Have the characters suddenly been mutated by radiation or something?

    On the whole, the graphics are acceptable but there are too many errors in game play. The sound effects are pretty good but a lot of the time they are misplaced in relation to the character/object and are too loud/soft in many instances.

    This game is a big let down after the brilliant AC2 and unfortunately, there are too many things to "patch out." I don't know what Ubi soft were thinking with this version but they have definitely lost direction in game development between AC2 and AC3. Very disappointed.
  26. Dec 23, 2012
    Honestly, I could almost copy my Far Cry 3 review over here since this game suffers from the same issues. AC3 as well is a prime example of mass produced casual garbage. It also suffers from a complete lack of creativity and vision, not to mention the same dreadful casualisation that aims to take all challenge out of the game and make everything so simple that even a monkey who fell as baby from a tree and badly hit it's head could do it. Why I'm giving it a higher rating than Far Cry 3 (Rating 1)? It's because the world is a little more immersive and you at least don't see blinking weapon and ammunition vendor machines in this game. Expand
  27. Nov 21, 2012
    This is a masterpiece and a new era of gaming... I've been gaming my whole life and I'm not quite into graphics usually, I want a decent gameplay and some combat sistems, but this game just blew me away. I've been playing the whole AC seriers amongst others. I am highly impressed and this is a game that you should buy. Hats down Ubisoft
  28. Nov 22, 2012
    Well it couldn't match the success of previous games of Assassin's Creed series such as Assassin's Creed 2 and Brotherhood but this really is a great game which is certainly worth your time.
  29. Dec 4, 2012
    Great story and setting, very well told, but it contains quite a lot of bugs, and the controls can drive you really crazy at times, which is especially annoying in long missions, where you die at the end and are then placed at the start of the mission. Most missions do have checkpoints though, so it's only a few (really annoying) missions who suffer that problem.
  30. Dec 24, 2012
    Since 2007 I've been following and loyal to the Assassin's Creed series from the release of the first game. I watched the games grow and expand to the triple AAA franchise it is today. When I heard about the Assassins Creed 3 upcoming release, I was really excited. I've watched the E3 game play videos countless times and pre-ordered since day one. However when October 31st came around and my copy of the game came in, I thought that AC3 would definitely win 2012 game of the year, but turned out to be a disappointment. The game has a great introduction and brings the player up to speed about the Assassin and Templar conflict and how Desmonds trying to save the world. You get in the animus and play the tutorial and try out the games many new features and your probably thinking to yourself "wow this is a great game, look at all those new features ubisoft implemented to this new installment!" However once you're done with that the game goes downhill from there. The Pacing is god awful. I understand that you need to set the charters and setting, but the game literally takes you about 4 hours until you can start playing this so called "open-world" game. Speaking of open world, the games so called AnvilNext game engine that claims they can run over 100 NPCS and can" render seamless worlds of nearly infinite possibility, transporting you deep inside America before it was 'America.' From vivid, natural landscapes, to accurate portrayals of life during The American Revolution" is a **** lie. The game is so glitchy it makes Skyrim look like its glitch free, running on 60 FPS. Heres an example. I'm in Boston, one of the main settings in the game and I'm trying to run up a building. the game suffers from so many slowdowns it just doesn't make it enjoyable. To much pop in with NPCS and buildings a whole just ruin the experience. The story is mediocre and not as absorbing as Assassin's Creed II . Conner as a character is satisfactory and is just too serious. Fortunately, the graphics are great, but like I said before, the glitches will turn you off. However the Frontier is great with the new tree climbing and mountain scaling parkour. I find the Frontier the only setting in the game where glitches wont appear as often. All in all this game totally doesn't deserve a 10 nor does it deserve and 0 or a 1. I give this game a 6, soley for Ubisoft's somewhat effort to avoid repetition from previous games and make a jump from the over saturated franchise that it is today. Assassin's Creed III is sloppy, unpolished and rushed product that had so much potential. Expand
  31. Nov 28, 2012
    Good: Pretty good story line, not a common scenario that you would see in other games. Graphics are good. Cities look realistic, definitely captures the feel of the era. Weapons are pretty cool. Fast travel has been added in more places than just the tunnels. The money systems have been revised, it takes a little more effort to make cash now. Haytham is a very well done character and really good voice acting. The naval battles are awesome, easily the most enjoyable part of the game for me.

    Bad: Very linear, yet jumpy story. There isn't a lot of creativity involved in what you do. Combat is great if you love cinematic kill shots, not so much if you enjoy honing your skills to get better. It's basically block when the warning thing pops up and mash the mouse button. It's often hard to pick up dropped weapons while in combat. There are some higher level AI that you fight that seem to just headbutt you and reverse your blocks making you just want to shoot them to end the hand to hand combat. Crafting seems very scattered and doesn't make much sense, why am I crafting barrels again? You will probably get stuck in the crafting menu until they get it patched. Lock picking... wtf. Doesn't make any sense at all. Your horse will likely get stuck inside of things frequently, but no big deal you can just call another. Better make sure you setup your shortcut key to the horse whistle though because your equipped weapons change by themselves. You may try to call a horse and wind up shooting a patrolling redcoat in the face. You can't just blindly jump from a viewpoint because it doesn't automatically line you up with the soft haystack at the bottom, this becomes annoying when you do the tree viewpoints and can't see the ground. Remember all those amazing underground puzzles in the past AC's? Yeah, none of that here. The main character isn't very likable. He's kind of an arrogant dick head to everyone. Achilles's story doesn't really end with a bang. Seems like they just ran out of time and forgot about that part. The story outside of the Animus is just out of control. It's not immersive and mostly leaves you with more questions than answers. The thing that frustrated me the most I'd say was the movement. The cities are designed to look more realistic, but unfortunately that means that rooftops are harder to traverse. Everything is very spread out, and it's hard to stay in the air for very long. The climbing seems to have been dumbed down a bit, when you want to climb it works nicely. If you're just trying to run away on the ground you will probably end up trying to climb the food cart or tree that's vaguely close to you, causing you to be surrounded. Graphics look nice, but aren't quite optimized. I have a decent rig, but there are lots of stutters especially when entering the big cities. At the end of the game, I'm very disappointed. I'd consider this the worst game in the series. So much potential, but not properly utilized.
  32. Dec 21, 2012
    biggest disappointment in 2012 is definitive AC3, at least for people which played the full AC line, The. player controls are a full downgrade from ACB / ACR to AC3, the whole story lacks of transitions, sometimes you jump into somewhere where you dont have the slightest clue what happened before, AC3 is more or less a 60 $ Cut scene video clips, lots of hours of gameplay is watching the video clips, so that you might, or might not get the story, lots of things make no sense after all. However one of the really bad things i figured is that its literally a bug release, i am sure they wanted to role out before xmas thou, however the stockingpiling menu f.e. is totally broken, some buttons dont work and you cant quit, there, CTD the game and restart doesnt help cause you jump to the broken menue right away, i finally found some forum posts on how to fix it, but still unbelivable to me how they can release so many bugs in a quite expensive retail version. the 85 metascore is unfort. a total fake, i guess they are forced to put it so that they dont loose ubi as advertiser, still sad to see, that games which are really bad, are recommend here! Expand
  33. Nov 27, 2012
    What could have been the best game of the year became one of the biggest disappointments I have had to play, however not everything is gray. However, there are so much talk about that i don't know where to start.

    I think I'll start with the general history and development.
    The game starts off really slow and boring with a tutorial about 4 hours teaching you basic things you probably
    already know. All that to reach the '' Memory 5'' starts to catch up. However it will still be yawn-worthy until you reach '' Memory 8''.

    The unfortunate thing is that this game ends with the same level of mediocrity as Mass Effect 3, but even worse with a final doubly pathetic, confusing and completely incoherent generating more questions than clarifying them.
    I think the ending was really bad, it seems as if the writers of this game were all in a hurry and let they let their imagination run wild, and this unforgivable disaster emerged. Another problem, they barely talk about Lucy in this game, despite working for the templars. I think what happened to her, deserved a better explanation.
    Connor is not a bad character but not be quite interesting as it was Ezio and Altair. I think Haytham Kenway should have been the main character of this game instead of Connor.

    The game is full of glitches and technical errors, some very basic and others unforgettable, the weapon menu interface does not work very well and you have to constantly re-equip what you want to use because it switches to other weapons by itself, the map is bugged and it will usually change the position you marked in the map.
    Climb a tree to make the eagle eye can be deadly because climbing is easy but once you want to go down Connor sometimes fails when trying to grab onto the branches causing the fall and died instantly.
    The horses get stuck in the ground at times, riding a horse through the woods can be very frustrating because the controls do not respond at all well.
    Also, people and horses sometimes disappear in front of you for no reason
    Sometimes trying to escape from the guards in a town can be difficult because Connor tries climbs the first thing that crosses instead of running.
    Muskets sometimes do not work or can't be grabbed. The music leaves much to be desired, the lack of Jesper Kyd is just remarkable in this release.

    The only thing that amazes is the visuals and graphic, it looks beautiful but this is not enough.
    The naval battles are entertaining, same with hunting animals, but only for a while.

    The Multiplayer was interesting until they decided to add micro-transactions, so you will always be at a disadvantage if you don't spend real money in ''Erudito Coins''. An absolute disgrace that totally kills the competivity in this game.

    This is a big shame. I am a fan of AC since its first release and it was always one of my favorite franchises but this installment damaged its name and reputation forever
    Never have I felt such sadness and anger at the same time since Mass Effect 3. And to think I spent $ 80 dollars for this.

    The hype has claimed another victim. I wish I could go back in time and prevent myself from spending this big amount of money in this mess.

    I could go on all day because there are so many more problems that i haven't mentioned.
    Not to mention that in this game i feel like an errand boy instead of an assassin.
    Like someone said in one of these reviews, this should called ''Errand's Boy Creed'' instead of ''Assassin's Creed''.
  34. Nov 28, 2012
    This game should not have been made. The amount of bugs that exist as well as the bland storyline do not create an atmosphere that is worth seeing or playing. For players who have never played any of the previous games it will leave an empty feeling in your stomach for even attempting such a project. Another reason to never try this game is the fact that anything advertised such as the massive battles that took place during the Revolutionary War do not exist in the game. The player will only see 2 or 3 of the main battles and they mainly have you going from side to side avoiding fire or telling colonial soldiers to shoot at incoming targets. There is only one assassination during a battle, and for the most part it is the same rinse and repeat style that exist throughout the entire game. As far as graphics are concerned the game is beautiful compared to its console brethren. However, graphics alone does not make a good game. The sad part about the entire thing is the story. It makes players want to see what happens next but about half way through there is a feeling of a job. The game becomes tedious and not worth seeing after sequence 9 which is a huge shame. Expand
  35. Nov 24, 2012
    I dont know what happened. Did they just dumbed down one of the most popular franchises of all time? I am a huge AC nut. I've played all of the AC titles including the NDS AND smartphone games, and have played through AC1 3 times, AC2 4 times and AC:Brotherhood 3 times. I love the franchise, despite what felt was becoming more of a CoD-scheme of release since AC2: one game/year with the same engine and pretty much the same mechanics. When they announced that AC3 was coming and this time with an enhanced engine and different gameplay mechanics I was pumped. How wrong I was. Firstly, the technical issues. I played the PC version, a version which has been heralded as a 'well-made port' from the console version. WHAT A LOAD OF BS. My PC, which runs Crysis 2 on high with decent framerates and all the AC games on 60fps+, cannot even run AC3 properly, with fps dropping below 20fps. I tried lowering the resolution to a dismal 800 x 600. No change to the fps. I tweaked the ini file and my driver settings (which have been updated to the latest version, thank you very much). Still the same. For review purposes, I gave up on the PC version and played the 360 version. And guess what? This is NOT AC anymore. There are so many technical glitches and bugs that it just felt like a joke at times. The emphasis on the frontier woods and smaller 'cities' means less roofs to stalk and less exploration. They basically just dumbed down the a critical element of the franchise (CITIES) and encouraged players to explore the repetitive, derivative wilderness to kill animals. Dont get me wrong. There are still a lot of things and missions to do in the cities but overall, its a huge step down from previous games. The God, why WHY did they have to change the combat mechanics???!!! It was perfect and exhilarating before - AC1: it was too easy, AC2: they improved it, made it awesome, AC:Brotherhood: Even more refining, now brilliant, and finally, AC: Revelation: they perfected it. In AC3, the combat just felt so unfluid and felt so disjointed at times that it wasn't as fun as previous times. The controls are different too and shooting is such a pain in the ass that you'll be using the tomahawk and Assassin blade in 99% of cases. The naval combat is cool and is praised by critics as a strong point but its basically more of a visual fest than actual side game. We've all done it before in previous AC games using carts and war machines instead of ships. Its the same fair and at times its linear as hell. Visually, its good. But seriously, this is the SAME ENGINE as the previous AC titles despite Ubisoft promoting it as a revolutionary new engine. It looks the same as AC2 but with more intricate texturing and dynamic shadows. Thats pretty much it. Just like how IW market CoD sequels as having enhanced engines, for AC3, its basically the same visual fair as the previous titles so dont expect anytime too fancy. Overall, whether you like AC3 depends on you: If you're a big AC nut like me, you'll notice the changes & glitches, cut yourself and curse Ubisoft for it all but still play the crap out of it anyway. At its core, AC3 remains moderately true to its mechanics with a decent plot and ends Desmond's tale. Oh yea thats right, the ending. Its almost as bad as Mass Effect 3's ending so all I can say is...prepare yourself. As for those who haven't played AC titles or only played them sparingly, you'll definitely love this game. The PC version is definitely the superior version with highly noticeable graphical enhancements as well as patches for the niggles that the console version had been experiences. Ultimately, if you do have a console, pick AC3 up for that as the PC version is, despite its bells and whistles, a very VERY poorly optimized console port that I wont continue to play until Ubisoft releases a patch to fix the issue. Seriously guys, even the PC version of Dark Souls, a game that basically spits PC gamers in the face with a lack of graphical options, had better optimization. In the end, AC3 felt like a rushed job with poor design decisions that would polarize gamers and will leave fans of the franchise disappointed. The endin Expand
  36. Dec 3, 2012
    If you are a PC gamer avoid this consolitus like the plague. Ported straight over to the PC without ANY adustments made for a mouse/keyboard setup [The indisputably superior controls over that neanderthal thumb wiggling device]

    To the Assassin Creed 3 moron dev who said "PC gamers should use a controller when playing our game." You know where you can stick your console thumb wiggling

    Save your money and buy dishonored on the PC instead of this dumb downed console game that is nowhere NEAR as good as the previous assassin creed games, Dishonored actually showed love for the PC control setup.
  37. Nov 27, 2012
    It's only **** port of the console game [ps3/xbox360] , poor graphic options, poor keyboard controls, no aspect ratio 4.3 for resolution. Its good game on console's but **** game on PC.
  38. Nov 22, 2012
    Excellent game. Great graphics and gameplay. Enjoying everything about it right now. I am reading few users complaining about glitches or game not being designed the way they wanted. So far in 5hr gameplay I haven't noticed any issue and am totally happy with the game.
  39. May 26, 2013
    Being new to the assassins creed series, I did not find myself lost or missing out by entering during the third installment. This game featured some of the most epic scenes I have experienced in a game. Alot of the battles, especially involving ships, were on a caliber I had never seen before. The combat always kept me interested and entertained, and the world was worthy of exploration. The ability to traverse obstacles and buildings in a "parkour" fashion never gets old and is entertaining enough to make you want to play in its own.
    My largest complaint about the game is that the game has a subtle feeling throughout that it had been rushed. This is most obvious with the "Homestead" which felt like it was building up to something good, but in the end was unrewarding and seemed half-implemented. Its the feeling that I know I could have had a lot more from the game the entire time I was playing it that soured the experience.
    Also, multiplayer is fantastic and made the game worth the price. The mechanics of their pvp are extremely intuitive and are something you will never have played before. The multiplayer of Assassin's Creed deserves more attention and credit than I have seen it get. Good stuff.
    Added: This rating is purely for the base game. The DLC are horrible and extremely overpriced. Dont bother with them.
  40. Nov 22, 2012
    Entirely personal impression. I'm not going to argue about change in game mood, or how Connor is a different character than Ezio, I don't give a rat's ass about those.
    Cons: Blinding lights whenever scene changes. Character distortion whenever in conversation. I fell through invisible hole 3 times in the first hour of gameplay. PRESS THE E BUTTON TO
    SKIP CUTSCENE hovering over freaking boggles my mind. HUD barely customizable, Looting has 1 second lag that delays my movement Camera during combat spinning wildly Melee is ok, but shooting mechanic is questionable But MOST IMPORTANTLY, control port is **** as hell. Everything is E!!! Riding horse and getting off horse has different key binding. Regular running is gone, replaced with jump. Because of that, speed difference between walking and sprinting gives me eye strains. Why is shooting button all of sudden changed to Q? Since when in the series? What does SHIFT button do?

    Pros: Everything else.

    Overall, the game itself is solid, that was never an issue. BUT PC port is pure horse dung. Graphics aside, neglecting control customization for keyboard is pure laziness and arrogance in Ubisoft's part. Even counting the keys usable AC3 is absolutely inferior than even AC2 which tells that the devs either lost interest or became arrogant as **** towards PC market. SCORE: 8/10

    P.S. Just look at what PC guys in US gets for their special edition. A pdf file and soundtracks? Give me a break.
  41. Nov 25, 2012
    Ok so, good stuff first. The singleplayer - awesome. I'm only on mission 3 and already drawn in - story, characters, graphics, music are top-notch. Combat controls will take a little getting used to, but not like it matters - just mash all the buttons, you'll win. Faces are butt-ugly though, not sure what happened there. I hear they pulled a mass effect with the ending, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.
    No, the reason this gets a 0 is the multiplayer. Now, mechanics-wise, it's way better. Having kill and stun on the same button is fantastic. Everyone having a ranged ability is also great, I'm seeing much less roofing. Recycled kill animations are pretty lame, as is smoke bomb still being in the game, but whatever.
    That is, when I can play at all. In Brotherhood, matchmaking was **** terrible, but hey, it was their first experience with that kind of multiplayer, excusable. Plus, they fixed it in Revelations and it was actually pretty efficient. Now it got worse over time, but I put that down to a dwindling player base. Here though, it's back, full retard. I got into a few games initially, which, by the way, had more lag than I've ever experienced in any video game ever, then the matchmaking just failed. Next day, tried for TWO HOURS without finding a single game, gave up, came back a third day, an hour later, still no luck. Now I've gotten into games, so it's not that there aren't enough people, it's just that it's not even trying! It'll say something like "trying to connect to session (1/7)" or (1/21) or whatever. After 3 tries, it puts me in my own session and never puts anyone else in there. If you leave and try again, it puts you in your own session right away. Do that a few times and it will say Ubisoft's servers are unavailable. Sometimes it'll just go to a blank screen (i.e. the background only, no text, music still going) and you have to alt-f4.
    God damn Ubisoft. I know you don't give a **** about the pc community, but you don't have to make it **** WORSE THAN IT ALREADY WAS!
  42. Dec 10, 2012
    **** Assassin's creed title yet. There is a lot to do, but absolutely nothing is fun. Combat is just silly and once you watch an hour of combat you have seen it all. Sidequests don't feel important. Stealth no longer feels important or fun for that matter. Connor is a dipsh*t. The story doesn't make sense.
  43. Dec 26, 2012
    First of all, I never finished brotherhood, so I had to go back and play it again. Then I had to Play Revelations because I had never played it, just finished that one 2 days ago. First of all, let's start comparing Assassin's Creed III to Brotherhood. In Brotherhood, you were practically thrown into the city of Rome, with no armor, limited weapons, and no money. But, you had the opportunity to go around exploring and climbing viewpoints. The viewpoints revealed Borgia Towers, which after liberated, would reveal new shops to renew, thus you would make more money. By contrast Assassin's Creed III is set in Boston, and although there are viewpoints to climb, there is no reason to climb them, because there is nothing to do. All the viewpoints do is reveal the map and that is it. Don't expect the familiar areas to liberate, shops to renew, weapons and armor to buy, assassins to recruit type of deal. All I have been doing so far in this game is finishing one main mission, watching a cut scene, then going to another main mission and watching another cut scene, then once again going to another main mission with a huge cut scene. There are only two side missions: collecting almanac pages and courier missions. The courier missions give you money, but it is useless, because there is nothing to buy and no shops to buy anything from. All you have is a pistol, your assassin's blade and a sword, which you buy at the begging and that is it, that's pretty much all you get. For the past few cut scenes, the story line is centers on Conway liberating other dudes, although he says he's going to explain why, he still hasn't...hopefully I will find that out after I watch a little bit more cut scenes. If you are planning to buy this game, I warn you, it's mostly just an interactive cut scene as far as I can tell. The element's that make Assassin's Creed are missing thus far ( I am still in the Haytham Conway part of the game) there's nothing to do on the map, except walk to the next main mission. Expand
  44. Nov 22, 2012
    Lot of fun, very solid port, the controls are much better than the previous games, combat still feels a bit awkward but I will probably get used to it, the graphics are a big step up, the people look almost real, the environments lush and full of detail, and in the frontier there are wild animals that you can hunt and skin, adding further into the depth, trees and rocks are fully climbable, and adds a lot to exploration, the voice work is really high quality, and you meet a lot of founding fathers like Ben Franklin, Sam Adams, and George Washington. My only issue is that Connor is kind of boring as a character, he doesn't have the charm that Ezio had, but he's still pretty cool. Good game over all, worth buying if you're a fan of the series. Expand
  45. Nov 28, 2012
    THE BEST assassin's creed game to date... AWESOME graphics great story and magnificent game play!
    IT is the best game i have played since Skyrim... The polished combat system, the new hunting play along with the naval missions has given Assassin's Creed a really unique look in a awesome way... and not to mention the DX11 graphics is mind blowing! 10/10 goes to UBI!
  46. Nov 21, 2012
    For me this is the best Assassin's Creed since the first game. Yes it's simple regarding combat and so on, but the story and game's world is so enrapturing I can't take my hands of it.
  47. Nov 25, 2012
    AC3 is definitely a refreshing change to the already established mechanics of past AC games. An incredible soundtrack, graphically amazing, a predictable yet decent story and a new , likable protagonist, AC3 is surely a game to look into despite a few bugs and glitches.
  48. Nov 29, 2012
    Great story, awesome graphics. The amount of time you can spend in game is huge. Only playing the main story would take around few days and plus all the side quests and buying and selling mini games take great amount of time. In my opinion mini games are created really good. The flow of the story and the changing of scenes from 18th century to present is epic. Ending is great and the only bad thing I can say about this game is that we don't get to choose the ending, Desmond chooses what he wants. All in all, really great game! Expand
  49. Dec 2, 2012
    What a complete waste of time. I actually could't play this game for more than two hours at a time, fearing my heart would give in from my frustration:-) Every aspect of this game i worse than even AC1. Let aside the battles at sea whitch was new and great. The buttons, the story, gameplay, grafics, caracters, conversations, cutcenes, I could go on and on, they all suck! Do not buy this game, and spare yourselves from a lot of pain. Alex Hutchinson name is now burned in to my brain, and i will forever shun from anything he puts his name on Expand
  50. Dec 2, 2012
    Terrible. After 3 hours I can't stand to play anymore, and from the very beginning I realized this was a game to be dismissed. I've played all the others in the series, but the pacing and mission design is absolutely painful to go through. I consider myself patient, but after nothing but cutscenes and missions that say "hide in a bush, or spring up to this thing and press E" only to enjoy another 10 minutes of cutscenes is very frustrating. And also, after completing tediously boring sections of a mission that include mind-numbingly mundane eavesdropping, some bum spots you a half second before you kill him, and BAM you are a failure and must restart the entire mission.

    Boston is bland and uninspiring. Freerunning has become something of the past, the building design doesnt support fluent running and movement. This game is basically about pressing the E button when prompted.

    And WTF is with the stupid lockpicking? Broken as hell. Extremely disappointed with this game, I have no desire to continue playing only after 3 short hours of gameplay (chalk it up to about 8 hours playtime due to boring cutscenes and dumb mission design failures.)
  51. Mar 31, 2013
    This game is OK! Its nothing special or awesome. Its also not very bad. In my opinion this game is a bit too long. (I didnt read the story after 20% of the game, quiet boring this stuff). In the end the cutscenes are too often and too long and the worst you CANT skip them. Thats not what i wrong from a good game you still need a skip button. I dont want to see the credits, iam not intrested in them but you cant skip them. (fail) The game has good graphics but the hair from characters are just terrible, even GTA IV had better hair. Also the controls are not very good. In some missions you need to sprint but sprint is also the climb button so sometimes you climb stuff up that you didnt even want. There are also no marks in missions. (I often failed because of that). Iam happy that i didnt buy that game. I got it with my new PC. Thats not a great game. It have some positiv some like the openworld, graphics in some ways, also minigames etc. etc. Never played AC1/2 and i wont play AC4 its not that good. Expand
  52. Dec 7, 2012
    Score of 0. Very poorly done and very poorly ported to PC. Horrible controls. Mouse accel is only acceptable on extremes for SP(10) and MP(1). Nothing like any previous games. Stealth is gone. Assassinations are gone. AC is gone. Turning into a COD clone with guns now. UBI robbed us of funds
  53. Dec 11, 2012
    Well... before I start, I wanted to tell that I just had to register to write this review. Let it be a warning for anyone who reads the comments here. Assassin's Creed was a great franchise, I loved both episodes and expansions before this. They had their problems, but all in all were great games with a magnificent story, which is not usual these days.

    So to this game. It has some
    annoying bugs, yes, which game does not? Ok, maybe a little too much bugs, but a few patches can solve most of these problems. If you want a game with action, where you can kill enemies by the dozens in a fight and love jumping on trees and houses, this is your game. But, if you like the story too (like me), then just don't bother with this. Cherish the memories of the previous games and pretend like this does not even exists. The start of this game is aweseom, as you expect it, but it is all downhills from here. There will be some plot holes through the story, but the real **** comes at the end. The last few hours of gameplay is like a bad dream come true. The story and all events towards the end are so nonsensical, that it drove me mad. I was like "WTF?" at everything I saw. It literally rapes the story in my eyes and i'm ashamed in place of the creaters for what they have done.

    All in all, if you think Mass Effect 3 had a ****ty ending, then you can not even fathom what waits you here. If you are a fan of the Assassin's Creed games then avoid this like the plaque.

    I only gave 2 points for the great 2 previous episodes, this deserves a 0 as a standalone game.
  54. Dec 14, 2012
    The bloated decaying corpse of a once great franchise. I have been a fan from the beginning, but this final installment was easily the worst of them all, by a wide margin. All three of the points I have given the game come from the in game graphics, specifically the forest environment. As for the rest of the game, all I can say is awful game design, poor animation and bad writing. One of the strangest things about AC3 is that much of the fun, 'assassin' gameplay of previous titles has been replaced by military themed mini-games. That is where they would actually allow you to play the game - AC3 is easily over 50% lengthy cutscenes, featuring characters which were ultimately dull and aroused no empathy from the viewer. Worse still, I often found the final blow to an enemy was delivered not by me, but in a cutscene. I found myself longing for even the most minor of interaction to feel like I was actually playing a game I had spent £30 on. I would not recommend this game to anyone, it is simply not fun. Expand
  55. Feb 1, 2013
    This game doesn't work with 3D Vision at all, even though it should since it is advertised as working. For me, it's a definite goner. The thing with 3D Vision is, once you played games in S3D, you can't go back... sorry
  56. Mar 28, 2013
    Assassin’s Creed III once again makes you assume the role Desmond fighting against the Templar’s by using the memory of his ancestors. This time you live the memory of Connor, a Native American who finds his village in trouble and will do anything he can to guarantee his villages safety, growing up in the woodlands your skills at hunting and foraging are powerful and will aid you on your path to becoming a powerful assassin.
    The PC version of this game is graphically beautiful especially when there is snow to run around. This game includes graphical settings that allow the users to change the environment, textures and anti-aliasing. These settings allow you to optimise your game to work freely without any lag or disturbances within the game.
    The combat is very similar to the other Assassin’s Creed games in that you can either go full on attacking countering every move or take to the roofs and remove your target from a distance while standing in the shadows. The combat feels freer than the last few games with more abilities and options open to the player but does get tedious after a while. Sometime into the game Connor will start to recruit assassins into the brotherhood that he can control, upgrade or send on missions similar to Assassin’s Creed Revelations however they have different abilities and options.
    This time round your assassin has two main weapons, a brotherhood styled tomahawk and a customised hidden blade that can be detached to be used as a dagger. There are many more weapons throughout the game including darts, swords, spears and guns that can be collected from fallen enemies however the only way to maintain that weapon would be to buy it from one of the many market stores scattered throughout the game. A sort of economy in the game, AC3 has introduced a homestead for the first time, here Connor can invite people into his homestead to increase the amount of products or money he can acquire, for example you can invite some lumberjacks that will grow and harvest trees that you can buy off them and send them to market to gain a profit, this is the new economy that Ubisoft have added to Assassins Creed and I think its brilliant although it can take while to start with you can eventually be rolling in the money.
    Another new thing to the game are boats and ships, now in Revelations you could use a boat to travel across the river but in this you can sail a ship across the seas, just like the homestead you can upgrade your ship, more cannons, men, armour. This game includes sea battles with you matching up with ships firing multiple cannons at each other. Unfortunately sailing the ships isn’t free-roam style, you have to be doing a mission that requires Connor to use them, and something that I hope they change in future games.
    This game is very enjoyable and a slight change from the earlier games however the games replay ability would be once or twice in my opinion with the first time just going through following the story and getting entwined with the characters and the second time trying to 100% it, collecting all the items and finishing all the side quests. I will give Assassin’s Creed III a score of 7 out of 10.
  57. Jun 29, 2013
    A huge middle finger and disappointment to the fans. Connor is boring and unemotional. Doesn't really make you think about his plight. The story was terrible and the ending...The ENDING! I'm sure most fans were hoping for a great finish to the series, but no. Ubisoft takes its money grabbing greediness to the next level and the end just sets up for another, what? five? ten? more games in the franchise. I'm not going to buy any more AC games. They're just going to be travesties. Expand
  58. Nov 17, 2013
    When Call of Duty meets our famous assassin, what will it be? It will be this game. Nearly all the game missions are linear levels, with player and his companions shooting the enemies in surprise as stealth attack. Just like a COD game in the era of American revolution. There is no room for creativity and a sense of open world in the missions.

    At the end, I just wonder if this is still
    an assassin game. I have really no feelings of involvement that the character is an assassin as in AC1 & 2.

    3 marks are only for the decent graphic, good PC port and the introduction of naval combat respectively.
  59. Dec 3, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. SPOILER WARNING - This game was "RUSHED". I have absolutely loved every AC game prior to this (with some exception to ACR), and the buginess of the PC version can attest to that even though the PC version was released weeks after the console versions. Questions...why is Valley Forge in the middle of Massachusetts (Go to VF in the frontier then look at your world map)? Why is George Washington portrayed as some weak imbecile? Why did they lead us to believe this would be the last game in the series when they clearly set it up for another trilogy? Ubisoft really dropped the ball on their flagship series. I wouldn't mind waiting until after 12/21/2012 for a better game. Dear AC fans, we are now officially being milked... -___-; Expand
  60. Dec 25, 2012
    Ubisoft sells this product "as is," i.e., without any kind of useful warranty whatsoever. When a merchant does this, it is a tell-tale sign that they have no faith in their product and that you can expect shoddy workmanship. Assassin's Creed 3 lives up to the non-guarantee Ubisoft promises. It is an embarrassing, bug-riddled mess. As numerous players have reported, the game crashes frequently and without warning, sometimes forcing a system reboot. If this happens, you had better hope the game isn't saving your progress, or you will lose your entire savegame data, like I did. Moreover, despite Ubisoft touting that the game was being optimized for PC, and that it was necessary to delay it longer than its console counterparts, the game runs terribly on the PC. Expect to see frequent FPS drops despite very little actual GPU usage. For some reason, the game makes use of only a single core of the CPU and that is causing massive bottlenecks. Don't expect Ubisoft tech support to help you either: they will blame it on your drivers even if they are up to date. When I asked them for help getting a refund they told me to shove off. Expand
  61. Dec 23, 2012
    AC3 is an exercise in frustration. I know that I am in the minority here, but I hate this game. Which is shocking, considering that I love the all of the other AC games (yes, I even liked Revelations despite its flaws). I feel that the Ubisoft Montreal has been trying to pack more and more activities into each iteration and this has taken focus away from the core mechanics put into place in AC1 and refined to perfection in AC2. Not that I minded the extras built into each chapter, I just found that Brotherhood and Revelations were veering into territory that moved away from what made AC2 great.

    AC3 has obviously been designed with the 'more is better' school of thought in mind and I for one am getting tired of the focus on quantity over quality. In this case, less would have been more. The characters are worthless (including Connor and Desmond), the story felt hacked together like the writers had no idea where to take the series after Ezio, and the missions are rubbish (despite what reviewers are saying). I can only think of one or two that were actually entertaining. Oh, all of the praise that is being heaped on the 'naval' missions - it is essentially Sid Meier's Pirates but more modern. Not one thing in this game is revolutionary and despite all of the raving going on about how it is an achievement for the series, I actually found that AC3 is more linear and less entertaining than the first AC game, just more awkward and confusing. Combat is rubbish, pathfinding is rubbish, running around the forest is NOT fun after the first ten minutes, the cities are bland and not very fun, there is no room for your character to grow, items in game are super expensive (seriously, 24 bullets costed 2000 pounds? Really?). The list goes on...

    Why are people raving over a game that really should have taken a critical lambasting for being lazy and rushed?
  62. Dec 26, 2012
    COTSCENE kill 5.... COTSCENE walk 5 meters... COTSCENE press one button... COTSCENCE. 3 for the facial animations and the blood... fap fap fap +1 for the ship fights. the rest mehhhh. I am curious what's next on ASSASSins LOST!? Who's responsible ****
  63. Mar 7, 2014
    The story here is really motivating, much better than I expected. The best story in Assassin's Creed series so far. This time the game team put almost everything in it. But the control is bad. By just pushing one button the character makes a serie of movements you don't expect like you're watching a movie. Sometimes you lose yourself in the crowds or you don't feel like you're really in there. Although Assassin's Creed 3 is still a great, playable game that you don't want to miss. Expand
  64. Nov 24, 2012
    This game is amazing. History, the plot, art, action, i like them all. It is good to see this revolution from both sides, it's very interesting and make people think about it. The natives could not protect their lands, is a sad thing in history. There are some troublesome glitches if you want to 100% finish the game; but you can still finish it, just have to spend time or Google it. The challenges are not easy, it takes time, and good for hardcore assassins. I give a 10 because it's history and art, it's so AMAZING. Expand
  65. Nov 25, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I was so excited for the third installment of the Assassin's Creed franchise, needless to say, I was severely disappointed. Connor is the most bland character, Altair was a jerk at first, selfish ad reckless, Ezio was always a lovable character for me; but Connor is the most selfish, uninteresting ass I have ever played. I hated him. He has almost no story, and what there is is hardly interesting.
    The plot was full of holes, when he joins the brotherhood and talks to Achilles, Achilles tells him "You need to kill all of them, even your father." At no point prior to this did Connor even mention that he was the son of Hathan Kenway. The controls are awful too, the devs seem to have wanted to appeal to the casual gamers far too much and cut out more than half of the controls present in previous AC games. This makes the gameplay, especially the fighting, a constant button mashing, hack'n'slash. No strategy behind "Attack here, this one's guard is down, get him now, block this one" etc. It's just "Left Click Left Click Left Click Left Click".

    The missions as well, a lot of the missions are escort type missions with very little combat in between. The one which most recently made me rage quit the game involved me telling rebels when to shoot at the red coats, but the game strapped me to a horse who had a turn radius of a taxing Boeing 747. It was constantly jumping over fences and causing me to take nearly 4x the amount of time I would have had I been allowed to run on foot.

    All in all, I think you should buy one of the older AC games, far superior. I don't think I'll be buying AC4 if they ever release one.
  66. Feb 11, 2013
    The game has become a soap film, you go and listen dialogues, sometimes you ride a horse, commanding fire, you can control the ship a minimum of action. No stealth and plot battle with 15 people. Conor listens some left people, carry out their orders, instead of himself all to understand and come up with a plan. Gameplay is very boring, all for the sake of the plot, sometimes very stupid.
  67. Jan 19, 2013
    let me tell you something assassin creed 3 is an amazing game its batter from all the games in the frenchise (Except from assassin creed 2) its is amazing as assassin creed 2.the story is great and the battles are very satisfing.the multiplayer isnt the best multiplayer ever. this is the very same multiplayer that was in brotherhood and in ravelation.its ok but not so fun.but the assassin creed frenchise was never the multiplayer so i will give it 10/10 Expand
  68. Dec 3, 2012
    a good game but not great
    and i really like connor story but totally dislike desmond in this series
    I think in as2 series everything was perfect and i like ezio over connor as a real assasin
    but still its overall a good gaming experience...
  69. Nov 27, 2012
    I hands down love this game. I really think the ending could have been a little more climactic, but it was satisfying all the same. The graphics and in depth characters to the game are additions that are unique to this sequel to the series. There are flaws and strengths to Connor that I did not find in Ezio or Altair in the preceding games. The game is ten dollars less than most new releases if you buy it digitally, and, in my opinion, is worth every penny. In the storyline alone, I got a good twenty hours out of it, and I still have a lot more content to complete. The game sparks emotions with many of the events that occur along the story. It's a fun ride throughout and there is such a variety of gameplay that will make you never want to put it down until you beat it. Expand
  70. Nov 24, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. After watching the trailers for this game, it looked incredibly promising. However, Assassin's Creed 3 has many fatal flaws that let it down.
    Although there have been some excellent changes regarding graphics and animations, making combat and free running look so fluid and epic, there actually aren't that many opportunities for a fight during the missions. In fact, the game often wants to restrict you with 'optional objectives' like staying out of open combat and limiting the amount of people you kill. This is extremely immersion breaking and unsatisfying. The stealth missions are also very linear and of you make one mistake then you're instantly desynchronised. However, there are a few awesome bits, which are inconsistent, leading you to a let down of an assassination target.
    The frontier is also a completely new addition to Assassin's Creed 3. It's a lush landscape, with loads of opportunities to climb and hunt animals. Other than that, it's really quite empty.
    Having played every Assassin's Creed game, I've always found the Desmond/Abstergo storyline intriguing and a nice break from delving back through history. Now, they're an even bigger break from playing as Connor. Climbing up a skyscraper, sneaking through a stadium, fighting your way through Abstergo - it's fun and high octane stuff. I can safely say that the Connor storyline is boring, partly because of how many times cutscenes interrupt the gameplay. The whole 'revenge' thing is cliché and I don't think Connor even understands why he is an Assassin, as opposed to Altair and Ezio. The multiplayer is fun, yet quite similar to that of Revelations.
    In conclusion, this game had a lot of potential to deliver a consistently entertaining and awesome experience, but it sadly fails at it with an uninteresting storyline, frustrating linear sequences and boring open world gameplay (ironic, I know).
  71. Nov 24, 2012
    A real review of Assassin's Creed 3
    I created an account just for this review because too many people and critics alike are giving this game unfair grief for stupid reasons.
    First of all the PC version is superior to the console versions. I've seen both and PC allows the game to shine how it's supposed to. No, Ubisoft didn't develop this game for the PC ALONE, but it's not a bad port
    at all and they did release it later in order for it to have less bugs and to polish the game more. otherwise they could've just released it when consoles came out.
    Now to the game itself, it's an amazing game with tremendous quality. Ubisoft did an amazing job in its research to make the game very historical and has very accurate portrayals of Boston and New York. They hired an actual Mohawk (Native American) consultant to make sure they were getting their language right and portraying how they lived correctly.
    The game engine is AMAZING. Ubisoft has easily made one of the best open-world game engines of this time. The way the weather looks, tracks in the snow, rain, the terrain, the environment feels like a living, breathing environment. It renders the whole world seamlessly. And going to the world, it's HUGE. Bigger than any other Assassin's Creed and rivals the size of GTA4 and Skyrim, but with so much more detail. Which goes on to my next point, Attention to Detail. I've played hundreds of games, but AC3 takes the cake for the most attention to detail, but the thing is NO ONE appreciates this. All the environments are created piece by piece. There are animals roaming the streets of Boston, you can interact them, the people talk about real world things that happened at the time, such as the Boston Tea Party, Taxation, etc. Everything looks authentic from the houses, to peoples' clothes, to the voice acting. Ubisoft literally tried to make to make sure they got every little thing right about the game, something I CANNOT say about many of the other developers out there.
    Mechanics & Animation are the next biggest improvements in this game. Assassin's Creed was starting to get a little dull in this environment as time went on. I read how somebody said the combat was choppy in this game and fluent in AC2 and the others...HA! The combat was the biggest issue in the other games. You just hold down a button and press another anytime somebody was attacking you and Voilà! You are now a tank. And it was pretty awkward and choppy. They've completely revamped combat and it actually works. You have to time counters now with one button and once you counter you can either attack with primary weapon, secondary item, disarm, or throw the person, but it's a lot more involved now since you and enemies have guns and they take a while to reload not that fake stuff in Brotherhood and Revalations. And it's a lot more fluent now and looks really really cool when you master it. Free-running is really improved with just one button to press, but the animations make it look so much better because it's MUCH more fluent, free-running through the trees is just amazing. The animations for people look great too and flow so much better so their lips actually look like what they are saying.
    One of the biggest improvements in the game is you can ACTUALLY BE and LOOK LIKE an assassin. In the other games it you were just doing things that they wanted you to go guns-in-blazing for every situation. Because of the many elements provided to you to help keep you concealed you can actually sneak through and make less mistakes. You can now take cover behind a wall or similar surface and peek around it, which is great to me because it looks really stupid standing behind a wall and looking at it just to see around the corner. You can now blend in in bushes and you don't have to have a huge crowd to follow to blend in either. You can pretend to look at merchandise, stand on a wall with some people, and many more things to increase your stealth.

    Yes there are bugs in the game and sometimes you will still do things that you don't want to do because there are too many actions mapped to one button. But people are acting like there are bugs around every corner which is just plain false. I use a controller for PC because it makes things easier and you have analog controls which is very useful for this game. The pros overwhelmingly outweigh the cons in this game. I can't believe people, and critics too, would give this game average and below average scores, but go crazy over low quality games like Call of Duty and half of the other releases out there. I give respect where respect is due and this game demands respect from a gamer. You're personal mishaps of YOUR low FPS, how YOU can't complete a mission, and YOUR crashes, and how YOU think it's boring, shouldn't take away from this game. You crash so much because you torrented the game and it's a bad torrent. AC3 contests for one of the best games in the past couple of years
  72. Nov 27, 2012
    Assassin's Creed 3 really is a striking game all around. It's brilliant presentation of scenery and locale, it's incredible attention to history and beautiful looks, as well as the minor-but-huge fixes to the overall game mechanics, this game succeeds at finally separating itself from the Ezio-esque gameplay style for good. Assassin's Creed's overall formula for gameplay remains relatively unchanged: get presented with a well choreographed cutscene, go sneak around a bit, do some high and low profile combat, and maybe the game will even throw a cookie at you if you manage to complete the optional objectives. The difference though between this game and the two others are the fixes they made to just about everything. In Assassin's Creed 2 and below, the climbing system was revolutionary at first but quickly became frustrating. By the time Revelations rolled around, you could clearly tell that Ubisoft was trying it's best to revamp the climbing system, but now they've finally done it right. No longer will you be making awkward camera-angle constrained leaps of faith that most often result in a rather confusing and infuriating death, now instead you need only hold down the high profile button and you'll stick to whatever you land on 99.99% of the time. In addition, the combat system has been largely improved and appears much more fluid. Ubisoft diversified it's previously counter-to-win system by adding a variety of enemies that respond drastically differently to various kinds of attacks, as well as added cool cinematic-esque breaks to the combat by having the enemies form firing lines on you, and you as the player having to react accordingly. Gadgets have also diversified and have all become relatively useful, as compared to the previous games where I found myself using solely one or two. The open world setting inside of the untamed Western Frontier adds an immersion previously unknown in the Assassin's Creed series. It allows players to quite literally take a breath of fresh air as they break away from the hustling, bustling cities of Boston and New York to take a quiet stroll in nature, hop along some trees in an aesthetically pleasing manor, and hunt some animals for pelts and other sell-able goodness.

    The story during the first three sequences were a tad slow, but after the end of the third sequence I felt that it was worth the wait. Connor's story isn't necessarily as touching as Ezio's in Assassin's Creed 2, and there isn't quite as much of a connection between the player and the characters, but even despite that i found the historical aspects, the well-done voice acting and visuals drawing me in further as I progressed through the story.

    There are however a few reasons this game is not receiving as good a score as I would have liked to have given it. The few biggest things that deterred me as a PC player were the glitches and the overall unoptimized engine on which AC3 runs. Graphical anomalies, AI bugs, disappearing objects and townsfolk as well as the overall poor framerates on my rather hefty rig left me a tad unsatisfied. With a few simple patches from both Nvidia in it's drivers and Ubisoft with some minor game fixes, this could easily earn another point from me.

    Some other negative points to be noted were some of the rather pointless features this game introduces, such as the underground Free Mason navigation tunnels and the frankly overcomplicated trading system. I feel like with every Assassin's Creed game since 2, Ubisoft has been trying to force another concept down our throats: first it was the guilds and the shop-rescuing mechanics from Brotherhood, the bomb crafting feature in Revelations and a combination of the Naval fights and the new trading system in this one. While the naval battles succeed in being consistently epic, if not a bit frustrating at times, the trading and crafting system feels a bit clunky and overcomplicated. If Ubisoft had taken some steps to simplify their UI and to streamline some of the process it wouldn't be such an issue, but I found myself being deterred from using it during the core of my gameplay and mainly focused on story missions throughout.

    All in all this a very well done game and I would recommend it to veterans and newbies alike. If you don't have the patience to pace yourself and take the game slowly as it intends you to, this game may not be for you, but for those with the curiosity and the tenacity to explore this game as thoroughly as it bids you to, the experience it grants you is unparalleled.
  73. Nov 29, 2012
    I have to give a 5 score to the AC3,if im not a fun of AC series i may give 0.It's terrible,really.I dont know whether the ubi did it for PC or not,see the lockpick system.All the experience gives me the fact that UBI only concerns about the results on console.
  74. Dec 2, 2012
    I think the BEST assassin creed ever (I am a PC gamer so my reviews are strictly based on PC Games)... Pros. 1. In My Top 5 List for "Best Game Story of 2012" 2. Even Support Intel HD 3000 (minor lags in snow) 3. Best Combat System (B.A.C is better in hand to hand combat) 4. Desmond Face Is improved Dramatically. 5. Every Character Have There Unique Features 6. Best Colonial Environment I have Ever Seen
    7. You Will Ride Horses All The Time
    8. Soundtracks are better than brotherhood and revelation
    9. Voice Acting was spectacular.
    10. You Can even Skip clips in this version
    1. Very Difficult to kill wild animals
    2. Xbox Port for game pad
    3. keyboard controls are difficult to understand
    4. as AdaReview Says story not really suited for a "open world/free roaming"-game.

    i think this game is one of the best game in 2012....
  75. Dec 8, 2012
    I love this series. I'm actually kinda heart broken. They tried to do a lot and couldn't finish it - Everything feels incomplete. Maybe im just an old fart gamer and this is my final, cynical nail - but I highly doubt it. I saw so much potential, patiently waited through the reviews on the consoles and got this baby into my hands.. but then I was hand held for well hours- The optional objectives are unrealistic, confusing. The story while full of merit, and follows the previous template of the other stories - has been over done and feels outlandish. The character portrays native americans as if they were quiet simpletons most of the time - until he makes up his mind on something, and even then, you might find yourself intentionally walking into the enemy, killing someone you wouldn't of thought you would, or losing the ability to communicate like a normal human being and left finally to once again be stuck with hand holding through minor plot points.

    Another reason I'm so annoyed is the UI is awful, and they knew it when they released it. The assassin system is merely an ode to what was made from a super power system - and half the time they don't even work, buggy terrain or just watching on from fences - a near constant immersion breaker. The guild missions are horrible and horribly done with no obvious or explained pro's - and the trade system is pretty much the same, and time consuming for -nothing- Even the Boat missions which are actually rewarding - DON'T EVEN GIVE YOU THE DAMN COSTUME YOU'VE BEEN WEARING THE ENTIRE TIME ON THE BOAT- THEY GIVE YOU SOME OTHER GUYS AND MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE YOU'VE GOT A POTTY ON YOUR HEAD.

    I always thought people hated the assassins creed series because it was a bit lengthy and complex. And for some reason some gamers seem to hate that?!? -This at first seems to play on that.. But then you find yourself struggling to climb trees- buildings with obvious climb points - being rendered unclimbable until you run away and come back. Extremely annoying in some of the missions when your character suddenly decides - he can't climb, has no acrobatic skill - or wants to SUICIDE ON THE SIDE OF A FRIGGIN HAY CART. *Breath* The Developers in this story, take on the role of the templars. They hold all the ideals of a good game but, it's hollow, because all they are interested in now is the money the franchise can generate - not the happiness it could bring those who enjoy it's freedoms. See what I mother f--king did there? Yeah. THATS HOW BAD YOUR WRITING WAS.

    The original three act story has now been fragmented so much everything of relevelence, unique or powerful is near common place. You know modern day security agents only fire one single shot? JUST LIKE THEY ARE USING FLINT LOCKS? It just makes me mouth vomit. But out of respect for where this franchise started I wanted to see the end. No spoilers just the credits. Every other assassins game you could speed through the credits. This one, after a very hollow ending which im not even going to get started on - I was forced to sit through multiple countries and regions credits, like they were PROUD I wasted 70 hours into it - You know what? 8 of those hours I can legitimately put down to the fact that I fell asleep waiting for the credits to roll by, to make sure the game saved and so I could try and finish the assassins missions (which are horrible)

    It's sad that the rest of that time I felt like I was being forced to run or ride around long winding terrain, even to find the fast travel points you have to spend ages dealing with a concept that's extremely unrealistic and that gives very little reward for a lot of time spent. The devs spent a lot of time focusing on the forest - to do it again, to the level where they couldn't even see the trees. I don't want a game of nod too's and references too good games (di vinci's flying machine) - I want substance, details - not quick mash cutscenes - not cutscenes with 'fake' quick mash cutscenes to show me 'how quick' other characters are.

    I think it's just sad. This whole 'lets try and be interactive cinematic' attitude game developers have at the moment is a level of self delusion worth commiting for - You're game designers. Make games. If I wanted a 6 hour movie - I'd call Peter Jackson, If i wanted I hybrid, I'd buy a prius - I come to you for games. Make games. Don't try remodeling the wheel when you don't know crap about the industry you're trying to recreate in a GAME.

    This was written to completion using individual keys instead of just holding the one like you have to through the entire game of assassins creed thanks to the new movement system.

    I was going to give it a 5 - but the Ubisoft 'launcher' (read steam clone which steam launchs so you can play the game) annoyed me so much I had to take off three points (it also accounts for about 30 hours of my 'in game time' on my steam)

    waste of time for all involved.
  76. Dec 23, 2012
    Might be one of the biggest face plants in game design history. I would guess that roughly 60% of the game is pointless filler. Gameplay is sometimes entertaining. Mostly maddening. Ending felt like it was written by a fourteen-year-old. As a tree climbing simulator I would give this game a 10. The harbor chase near the Ubi. Wtf. That's the climactic finish? Punish **** us repeatedly by having to perfectly run a gauntlet 50 times? High fives all around, right guys? Amazing! I hope everyone involved with the making of this game was fired. Expand
  77. Jan 3, 2013
    I am a fan of the assassin's creed series but I hated this one. First of all the new character has the personality of a cardboard box, unlike Ezio, Connor is overly serious all the time. Also the combat feels just like it did before, parry, counter, kill. I also found the story boring, the one sided American revolutionary plot is so biased it made me cringe. The first 4 hours give you freedom, the game never really recovers. The free running is bad, there are so many glitches. Assassin's creed 3 had so much potential but something went very wrong in making this game. Expand
  78. Sep 1, 2013
    Worst game i have ever played. single player has like 5 million bugs multiplayer that doesn't work on ps3. Ubi give me my money back!!!!!!! if you like the AC series DO NOT BUY THIS PART.
  79. Nov 17, 2013
    Worst game I have ever played. I played for about 1 hour and quit because I could not take it anymore. It really is that bad. I can't think of a single game out there that is worse than this one. Who the gives those "experts" the qualification to call themselves experts? I do not trust those "experts" who gave this piece of crap an eight.
  80. Dec 29, 2012
    Expected much more than I got. It really is unfortunate that they'd incorporate such a bad ending in an attempt to milk the series in the future. Don't expect anything groundbreaking.
  81. Dec 4, 2012
    First let me address the things I like about the game. The fighting has improved, in that it is much more difficult; in the previous Assassin's Creed games, you could literally just hold a button and block every attack. Not in this one. There is a much wider variety of things that you need to keep in mind when battling. Still, once you are familiar with all of these things, you will never be hit and it does become a bit repetitive. The combat system still needs some serious work before I can call it perfect. Hunting is amazing. It's a great way to pass the time on the way from point A to point B. At first, when the game was introducing hunting to me I was like "Oh boy, this is just another stupid gimmick that's going to force hunting requirements on me". For the most part, hunting is completely optional, and all of the animals react differently. Some can be caught in snares, but larger animals obviously can't. Once you're done hunting you can go to the store and sell all of your pelts, fangs, claws, meat, and other animal products. It's a very satisfying feeling and the game doesn't force it upon the player in any way. If you find it fun, great. If not (I think you should reconsider), don't worry about it because you'll never have to put up with it. Climbing in trees works wonderfully. I had some concerns about the tree climbing; I thought perhaps it would be a bit clunky and wouldn't work properly. One thing I have to say I don't like about the climbing is that they took away the ability to leap up and grab a higher ledge, a trick implemented in Assassin's Creed 2 I believe. I will definitely miss doing that because it made climbing a lot faster. I also really enjoyed the naval missions, finding treasure, battling with other ships, etc. Finding Captain Kidd's treasure is the greatest side mission in Assassin's Creed so far in my opinion. And of course, the main storyline is captivating as always. I mean, come on, it's Assassin's Creed. Now I would like to address the things I don't like about the game. You can manually aim now which seems like a great idea, but it was so poorly implemented. First of all, you can't aim for the head, if you put your cursor on their head, it will auto-adjust and move to their body. Players that can aim well should be rewarded with one hit kills for aiming at vital spots. You also can't shoot freely, despite that you can aim manually. So what's the point? All it does is give you a bit of extra range (maybe 5-10 feet or so), and it auto-adjusts for you if your aim is poor. This was very disappointing for me because since the first Assassin's Creed I have been saying that you should be able to aim manually, and when it was finally implemented, I expected it to be done well. I fear that rather than perfecting the aiming system, Ubisoft may decide to scrap manual aiming altogether. Another big problem is the optional objectives. Some of them are so poorly done that if you want to get them, you'll be restarting the mission 10-20 times. Don't get me wrong, the problem isn't that the optional objectives are hard. I have 2 problems with them. Number one, they're poorly implemented. They're horribly inconvenient, they often rely on luck, and the game often does not set the player up for a fathomable way to complete the optional objective. Look at missions like the one where you have to destroy two British ships by swimming out to them and planting bombs. In that mission, they want you to kill one of the captains with an aerial assassination. But it's like they intentionally set it up so that this is horribly inconvenient to pull off. Look at the mission where you have to shoot groups of approaching enemies with the cannon. They want you to take two groups out with a single cannonball. No good player would really feel accomplished once they pulled it off anyway, because they would know that it relied almost purely on luck and not skill. Look at the final naval mission; the one where you have to destroy 2 frigates and a man-o-war by attacking their weak points. It's ridiculous, and anyone who has tried it would have to agree, unless they were either insane, or being paid by Ubisoft to just lie and say they disagree. Anyway, the second reason I don't like the optional objectives is because they limit the player. They tell you to complete the mission in a specific way, rather than letting you assess the situation and formulate your own course of action. Let us think for ourselves, that's part of the fun. Or rather, it SHOULD be. Another thing that I don't like is that the game is heavily consolized. We constantly have to pause and interrupt the action because Ubisoft refuses to utilize more hotkeys for PC players. Overall, the game is not what I wanted it to be. I expected a 10/10. You still have a lot to perfect Ubisoft, but this was definitely a step in the right direction. AND PUT MANUAL AIMING IN AC4. DON'T SCRAP IT. DO IT RIGHT. Expand
  82. Dec 1, 2012
    Assassin's Creed III is one of the most anticipated games in this year and its worth to play the Connor's way.this instalment gives much more to exploring,hunting, sailing and war with enemies. the new story is well written and the historical events and characters are well placed. the game play is amazing but I disappointed with new engine it gave me very low fps in some of the parts and PC version have so many bugs but after all I am the big fan of Assassin's Creed games so I ignored and played. i think more to come in series and I am waiting for that. Expand
  83. Nov 24, 2012
    The good: Exceptional game design and game mechanics. Far better than the repetitive drawl of previous AC games. The RPG and open world elements are fantastic and the character animations and facial expressions are very professional and well executed. From the 30 minute credit sequence at the end, you can tell that a lot went into this game.

    The Bad: Story. The AC series suffers from
    the same issues with plot that Mass Effect had. It was too ambitious for it's own good and the creative team could not handle how large the universe became after 5 games, novels, tie-in short films (AC: Embers) and others. (Begin spoilers) There are a number of plot holes that are difficult to ignore. The brotherhood is global right? Where are they when Desmond's story is being told? If he's so important why is he helped by only 3 people? Ont he same note, Achilles "let the brotherhood decay". Where were the international assassins that could help rebuild it? It seems like the brotherhood is poorly organized and has not central base of operations. This is the only explanation.

    What do the Templars want with the pieces of Eden if they just want the world to end? They should just find a bunker , hoard the power sources and let it happens. Their motives are a unclear as the Assassins. Finally, the ending was as disappointing and confusing as Mass Effect's. Desmond just dies and Juno drops a quick line that signals a potential sequel. That's it.

    I really wish I could give this game a positive rating, but the plot was butchered due to overly ambitious writers.
  84. Dec 31, 2012
    AC3 is a game that starts out well - you get introduced to a really great character, the storyline progression feels natural and there's some overall sense of direction. Some hours into the game though the "real" protagonist (Connor) is introduced and from that point onwards the game gets progressively worse. Connor is a boring bloke without any kind of personality or purpose. The plot - even the one in the Animus - is bonkers as well with almost every other story mission being a historical event shoehorned in to make Connor play some completely nonsensical part in it.

    I'm afraid there hasn't been an AC game with a good story since AC2. That one had character, interesting locations, a good plot. This one not so much. I'd say if you can get it cheaply it's worth a try but don't expect too much from it.
  85. Jan 30, 2013
    Yet another disappointing installment in what was once an amazing series. It is very strange to say, but this game is extremely well-done in almost every way you could imagine. The graphics are exquisite. The story is reasonably compelling. The characters are interesting. The voice-acting is decent. It is a clever tapestry of fiction and history woven together well enough that you might have trouble separating the two (uhm...that could also be considered bad, I guess). The naval side-missions are so much fun that they deserve to be their own game. And yet, I had trouble even getting through 40% of the game. The reason? The uninspired, painfully simplified gameplay mechanics. This game has a ridiculous amount of gloss Expand
  86. Dec 1, 2012
    Beautiful, strange. The one time 'Nothing is true, everything is possible' game has become something else. Maybe this could be applied to the multiplayer? Anyway, this game puts you on a strictly set path for the mission parts. And I mean it, jump slightly off the course in a chase scene and you de-sync (die). There is a lot of open-worldness in the frontier and many achievements to go along with that side of the game. These two aspects are practically fractured from one another.

    Multiplayer is fun, tons and tons of customization options for looks and abilities. Thankfully there is now a solid counter to the infamously op smoke bomb. You can spend real money to get stuff instead of using legitimately acquired 'animus points'. Bugs are everywhere in single player, I had a bear get stuck halfway underwater near me preventing me from looting tons of loot. I had a cannon ball get stuck in the air with its fast-moving air graphics all around it. The games you can play in bars and such are way harder than its worth to ever play them. There are no temples with associated achievements, dis-a-pointment!

    Overall quality is great with it still being very much the same game, a watered down story and a deeper open-world aspect as well as deeper multiplayer. When has this series ever not been mildly annoying? I love having to overcome something, but sometimes its just downright annoying. Worth playing if only for multiplayer. Despite some shortcomings on expectations I still have to say I love this game and got way into it this time around.
  87. May 18, 2013
    full synchronization rubbish makes this game so frustrating. playing a sequence over and over again is enraging.
    storyline is of desmond is rubbish and written by a 3 year old.
    i hope the designers of this game die and lose all their family members.
  88. Jul 22, 2013
    The game is horrible. I am so disappointed being a AC1 hardcore fan. I rated AC1 10/10 AC2 9/10 and I am giving AC3 0/10.
    Initially the game felt good. But then I realized that there isn't much to do. Story is boring. Anyway to cut a long story short people that rated 7+ /10 are obviously unfamiliar with AC 1
  89. Feb 16, 2013
    Assasin's creed III is the best entry in the series, with the best story, fighting engine (which is bassicly the same but with some improvements), best setting (colonial america), and a great cast of characters with awesome voice acting. You can spent hours investigating the wilderness, or fighting with the guards wich is epic, and the soundtrack is very good. The only problem is the bugs and the ragdoll physics are too active sometimes you can even see the guards (while fighting with them) with they're legs and their bodies etc....If you dont have this game go buy it. Go now.NOW. Expand
  90. Mar 12, 2013
    Along with Revelations the worst AC games ever. Revelations had bad gameplay and story. This one has a little better gameplay and an AWFUL story. If the player actually gave a damn about any of characters by the end of the game the ending would be considered as bad as Mass Effect 3. Truly it's that bad. The fact is that none of the characters are the same as they were in AC II (by far the best game in the series and one of the best games ever), they have been redesigned, ripped out of any true content and are just there to say the occasional capitalist propaganda. Actually, this game is a propaganda in and on itself, sexual innuendos all over the place (sequence 7 is a disgrace for the American history), Templars are made to look good, Connor actually is a wimp when it comes to his father (guess the creators have a really big problem with their sons or the new generation as a whole we' re gonna get you anyway :P) and generally it's just an effort after effort to make you doubt the Assassin ideals and turn over to money, for without money and insanity they can't rule the world. In any case, if there was a negative rating on Metacritic this game should have had it as it is the biggest disgrace to a once great series, that after Desilets left has just gone SO MUCH downhill. Serves good as a reminder though of how this system is starting to fall apart and tries any way it can to not lose the supreme control it once had. All these people serving the system are afraid and thank you for showing it so clearly every day. The times have already changed. Good luck with your downfall. :D Expand
  91. Dec 1, 2012
    I have been eagerly waiting for this game for a year. But it seems that the game hasn't lived up to the roaring expectations. It's just another installment in the series which went wrong since Revelations. The same story as Revelations - side missions are boring and dull, nothing much to do and the story is kind of dull. And yes, one thing I found peculiar was ''WHERE THE HELL ARE THE SHOPS?". No, seriously, where were they. Also WANTED POSTERS were almost nil. And another depressing thing is the time spent in the frontier which is boring.
    The graphics are beautiful and the characters are well designed. The voice overs look extraordinary and the scenic beauty are worth a while.
    But the missions are mundane and there is nothing to do while you roam except hunting and looting the cargo.
    Please UBISOFT, have you forgotten what made Assassin's Creed a great franchise?
  92. Oct 16, 2013
    the game is out for quite some time now and still it keeps closing the tab of the game for me at random so i have to click back in and the map only works when it feels like are they actually serious about this? epic fail no were give about the PC users good job...
  93. Nov 25, 2012
    the only lack of this game is optimization especially on AMD cards. Graphics the best of the series, gameplay the best and more dinamic , elements of batman AC and some RDR airs. Amazing story.

    This is the best AC and the only one that didn't get me bored.
  94. Mar 21, 2013
    this game is really really bad dont buy it papapapapapapapapapapapappapapapapapapapapapapapapapapapapapapapappapapapapapapapapapapapapapapappapapapapapa
  95. Apr 23, 2013
    Ridiculously buggy to the point of not even being playable. As always, the storyline and voice acting are superb, but the majority of the game is action based and nothing ever, ever works properly. AC3 spits on the legacy of the franchise and should be ignored.

  96. Feb 13, 2013
    Hands down my favorite game in the series. On PC it is drop dead gorgeous. The story very much begins as an origin story for the new protagonist Connor. This is incredible, but completely replaying the game gets tedious due to the long handhold of an introduction. The new ship warfare and sailing is incredibly fun.

    Very long game, in a positive way.

    I loved this game.
  97. Feb 9, 2013
    You spend more of your time traveling between places and doing other boring stuff than actually assassinating people and doing other assassin-y stuff. I am almost at the end and never bought anything from a store because they are not visible on the map, also only way to make money is through a tedious process. Plus the confusing battle controls, etc. I liked the previous games, but am disappointed with AC3. Expand
  98. Mar 5, 2013
    This game is a real dud of a game. The only two interesting game features in the game are the ship battles and the decent combat. All story and side missions suck and the game is full of bugs, waiting around and meaningless drivel. I am fan of AC2 and Revelations but this installment is completely skippable and uninteresting.
  99. Nov 26, 2012
    It's a very good game. But not so good as an Assassin's Creed :/
    It's different, the others opus were more "RPG"... here the story is our primary quest.
    And there is no explanations about the game except principal storyline (yeah, 6 sequences of tutorial)
  100. Dec 1, 2012
    The 3rd work that destroyed wonderful series. From very troublesome craft systems, poor subordinates, and anything, stealth is used well and it has not become an invigorating game. There are a stealth game of the company and a big difference.
  101. Dec 16, 2012
    Fail and disappointment f the year :( That's very sad because I'm big fan of AC series and was waiting hardly this part to come out. First, this is NOT AC game at all. Everything good from AC2, ACB and ACR is gone. Controls are totally changed and practically unplayable. For first 30 minutes be sure to make popcorns because there is 30 minutes unskipable boring animated sequences series. Overall, unplayable game which have nothing in common with good old AC games. Everything except nice graphics is bad in this game. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 21 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 18 out of 21
  2. Negative: 1 out of 21
  1. 80
    Assassin’s Creed III proves to be, despite its promises, a rather indecisive game. It comes with so many strong elements, that it could have been the best Assassin’s Creed ever, but it fails to harmonically balance those elements. [January 2013]
  2. Jan 29, 2013
    Assassin's Creed 3 offers a spectacular way to fill in the blanks in your knowledge of the American Revolution - it never holds back on scope, drama or action.
  3. Jan 23, 2013
    What, no French revolution? For Europeans, birth of the United States is not really very interesting time nor environment. And after Ezio (or Haytham Kenway), Connor is bland, irritating protagonist. Game is also full of chores that add very little to the experience. [Jan 2013]