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  • Summary: The year is 1715. Pirates rule the waters of the Caribbean and have established a lawless Republic. Among these outlaws is a lethal young captain named Edward Kenway. His notorious exploits earn the respect of legends like Blackbeard, but draw him into an ancient war that may destroy everything the pirates have built for themselves. Expand
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  1. Nov 27, 2013
    There are refinements still to be made but Black Flag is a stunning return to form worthy of any gamer’s time.
  2. Dec 30, 2013
    Makes up for the failings of AC3, delivering a fantastic, engaging open world experience. [Jan 2014, p.78]
  3. Jan 16, 2014
    Fans that were bummed out by Assassin’s Creed III will most likely find Black Flag to be a welcoming return to what they love about the series, with a great story, amazingly crafted world and smart additions to the sailing that make it a refreshing part of the Assassin’s Creed formula.
  4. Dec 19, 2013
    At the end of a generation, Ubisoft gives us a new and great chapter of Assassin's Creed. Black Flag, despite some congenital defects works great, focusing on the exploration and a free roaming component refreshed for the most.
  5. Nov 24, 2013
    Like its winsome protagonist, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is fixated on pursuing the riches of high-seas piracy and seems reluctant to be drawn into convoluted Templar plots. The most self-aware Assassin’s Creed title to date, and one that makes the most of some aging mechanics.
  6. Nov 19, 2013
    The game looks absolutely beautiful, is jam packed with things to do, and as ever, the combat is a joy to fiddle with.
  7. Mar 5, 2014
    Ironically enough for a game which centers around the concept of genetic ancestry, however, it continually lets itself down by refusing to break away from its own tired and worn-out heritage,

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  1. Negative: 58 out of 241
  1. Nov 19, 2013
    The Assassin Creed Franchise has had its up and downs, but ACV is absolutely an up. This game is extremely fun and I recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the previous games. The ship combat has improved and the graphics are beautiful. This game is probably my favorite in the franchise so far. Expand
  2. Dec 11, 2013
    in my opinion the best assassins creed game in the franchise, although the game is bad optimized for pc i could run it on a 50-60 fps on ultra 1680x1050 with my r9 290, the story is well written, the game is dark and heavy, the gameplay is much improved, the characters are good, and the naval combat is better than ever, i loved ac3 and gave it a 10/10 and most of you didnt like my opinion but for me ac3 is now 7/10 compared to this, but i am giving you a warning, this game is very bad optimized and i guess not everyone have a card like r9 290 or gtx 780 so if you have a low end card stay away from this game, i tried the game on my other pc with a low end card and it was very slow and unplayble, but for the end assassins creed iv is the best in the franchise and i reccomend it to everyone that have a decent pc that can run the game on 30 fps on any setting, (if you want to know check your card benchmark on ac iv in youtube)the best in the franchise in my opinion Expand
  3. Nov 19, 2013
    People are funny (or is that just PC gamers?). Yes, yes, yes it has some minor technical issues (FPS) that will need patching, but these are expected for a game with this much scale. I felt that depressing feeling during the opening cutscene and tutorial island when the game wasn't as smooth as I'd hoped. Once I boarded my ship and headed to Havana, things improved and confidence regained (unlike my hairline). AC:BF is very good. The map is HUGE, the graphics (some frame rate drops) are excellent, the sound passionate, the naval element well implemented, animations are fabulous, cutscenes and voice acting some of the best i've seen and the game is simply fun. Greatly improved from AC3 and with so much to do and collect, it's gonna take a while to see all of it. This is my new favourite AC game. Enjoy. Expand
  4. Jul 18, 2014
    The best gameplay is the series, and it captures the atmosphere of its setting brilliantly, but ultimately feels a little bit strange like ACIII before it. Perhaps the locales were too "new" to support one of the big draws of the Ezio series: uncovering mysterious tombs and retrieving artefacts.

    The story is okay if not really good, but I'd prefer a story that's a bit humdrum but doesn't make me wince with its many po-faced howlers (looking at you, AC:Revelations and ACIII). AC:Brotherhood took some knocks for its silly villains, but I'll take that camp theatrical scene-chewing over a story that thinks too much of itself any day. AC:R's writer does a much better job this time, supplying a story that carries you along well enough, with many nice little touches in the dialogue and some touches of daft WTF-ery. There's not enough there to make you really invested, and you'll see certain twists a mile away, but as games go it's decent.
  5. Dec 22, 2013
    I could be writing this review while being amazed by the game or while being super mad. First off, the gameplay AC 4 has a very similar gameplay like AC 3. Some things have been changed (like ship combat), but don't expect something new when it comes to ground combat, in which you are left with three options attack, counter other attacks or break enemies' defences. Sometimes it's really not that fun when you have to kill 20 men while boarding an enemy ship, forcing you to start spamming your left mouse button to deliver as many hits as possible. Next thing that this game needs to improve is performance. With a pretty good computer like mine, you can hardly run the game on the best graphics setting with no lags. And when it starts to rain on the sea while you are against three enemy ships lots of smoke effects and all these pieces of wood flying everywhere, god, that is frustrating. Now, to the main point of this game storyline and missions. Story is pretty good at some point, but only like a quarter of it has something to do with Assassins. This game is not a true "Assassin" game. Also, I hate that missions in AC4 are so repetitive. In every second mission you have to tail someone, and that thing annoyed me quite a lot while playing this game. So, AC4 has quite a lot of bad things that Ubisoft should improve in the next sequel (if they ever make one), but it is still a pretty good game with some nice features. But i don't recommend buying it until the prize comes down a bit. Expand
  6. Mar 11, 2014
    The franchise really jumped the shark with this one as assassinations and history are no longer the foundation of the gameplay. Now you basically have a glorified mini-game (sailing around in the Jackdaw) and collectables as the centrepiece which is as tedious as it sounds. The story is straight out of a Uwe Boll film, and I swear you can almost imagine the voice actors flinching when doing their third rate lines. Not that this franchise ever had a satisfying story it was always more about the characters. That being said I never connected with this character, previous protagonists especially Ezio had a personal matter setting them off into the world, this guy just wants to earn some money. I mean, that's nice for him but it doesn't make me sympathize or immerse.

    As a cherry on top this game coming from a franchise which used to proud itself in its presentation of history contains almost no historical facts at all. Like, in the first 2 cities you have maybe 3 or 4 buildings you can check in the animus and that's pretty much it. All in all, this game made me really sad because of its pampering to the lowest common denominator.
  7. Apr 12, 2014
    Vile smelling consolitis.

    If they charged you 1 cent for this game it would be overpriced. Anything that Ubisoft designs these days is
    smelly consolitis and is garbage. AC4 is no exception:

    - Zoomed in FOV you can't change. Enjoy throwing up.
    - No gameplay. The might as well be a DVD movie where you press X to continue the story. This is not a game, it's choose your own adventure consolitis
    - Don't ever buy games from Ubisoft. They are the worst company ever, they make EA look like old school gaming lovers.
    - Out of date consolitis graphics
    - Out of date consolitis gameplay. Nothing new here that you didn't see in AC1
    - The liars who are giving this game 10 out of 10 are AC4 devs pretending to be real gamers.

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