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  1. Dec 28, 2011
    The worst assassin's creed yet.
    Assassin's Creed franchise's main strong point had always been its story telling. But Revelations didn't introduce the same vengence driven story that made up Assassin's Creed 2 and Brotherhood. The story is a dull to pull through and often i wondered to myself why i am even playing this game. Without a good story, Assassin's creed Revelations became a
    climbing and stabbing game, which is exactly what it is right now. Assassin's Creed 2 and Brotherhood had me hooked right from the start, and i finished both games within 1 day of constant gaming. But revelations just don't have the grip the other AC delivered, this game took me more than a week to beat since i just simple got bored.

    Another main weakness is the weak setting- Istanbul. Istanbul was the capital of East Roman Empire. But times changed and at 1600s, Istanbul had become a city for Muslim worshippers and Ottomans. The game would had been acceptable if some profound characters are introduced in this game, but nope. Ac2 and brotherhood both introduced Leonardo Da Vince, which is considered the most known figure in the Renaissance movement. Brotherhood introduced no one, atleast nobody i am familiar with.

    The city is a major downgrade compared to Rome. When i first heard that Revelations is going to be like Brotherhood, revolving around one city, i am joyful, but what i didn't expect is a city that is so watered down that it is smaller and less interesting than Venice in AC2. There is no free running space, the whole city look like the developer created a flat plan divided by a river, and copy and pasted a few building designs all over the landscape. Brotherhood introduced intercity horse usage, Revelations don't even have horse. There is not even flat plains to use your horses at.

    But the worst thing i don't like about Istanbul is the dullness of the city. There is no main attraction in the city, like Rome's Collusium or Vetican's City Church. The city is flat, literally and emotionally. There is no specific missions that will hold your interest, the escape from Istanbul mission via ship might make you frown in curiousity, but it is NO WHERE near as epic as collusium's execution mission. This game is a huge let down to the standards Brotherhood had set for this franchise, and i hope that the developers will not keep up this type of effort.
  2. Nov 29, 2011
    Astoundingly, this game contains the same crappy collision issues that Brotherhood did. Ezio and his assassins literally jump right through enemies during running/jumping assassin animations. The whole animation is completely desynchronized and it looks like garbage. At least one online review noted this and yet they apparently did *nothing* to fix it. It's impossible to give this kind of lazy half-assed design any kind of positive numerical score, so my review score will sit at a 0, which is what is deserves. Expand
  3. Nov 20, 2011
    This is the worst Assassin's Creed ever made. It just spoil all the previous games because they made too many terrible changes to this game. The best thing about this game are the soundtrack (wich is physically missing on the collector's edition) and the multiplayer mode improvements. About the story, nothing relevant is revealed in this game, so, if you are looking for answers you're not going to find any, indeed there's some big plot holes that I doubt they will be answered in future games. Also, there's a big downgrade in some design aspects of the game, the most notorious is the NEW Desmond face that ruined his part of game experience. (Ubisoft said that is because of an "upgraded" facial recognition technology, but don't make laugh, he looks like a surgery went wrong...) He is not Desmond anymore. Also, some parts of the city, multiplayer characters as well Ezio costumes are awfully designed. I hope they can recover the quality of the previous ones for the next and last AC. Expand
  4. Jan 11, 2012
    This is a rather disappointing addition to an otherwise stellar franchise. First off, the game mechanics: I found the controls in this edition to be rather sluggish and unresponsive. I used the exact same machine and 360 controller as I used in previous editions where I did not notice any problems. One thing I always admired about this franchise is that it does not call for button-mashing. You can play the game quite skillfully with precise, measured actions. Easy enemies can be taken down with one to three button actions. I was always thrilled that Ezio or Altiar did exactly what I told them to do. But something is broken with the interface in Revelations. Nearly half of my single-button commands are ignored. To get my point across, I have to resort to button-mashing. So no longer am I eloquently dealing death to my foes. I'm just desperately swinging my blade and hoping I break someone's clavicle with the broadside of my sword. On top of that, the AI is simply obnoxious in Revelations. For example, if you are using gypsies to disguise your movements and step out of their protection for even a split second, your enemies will instantly identify you and attack. This also goes for when you send them in as a distraction. They leave your company but the guards will spot you before the gypsies arrive to distract them. I don't understand why they didn't just use the exact same AI parameters as they used in previous editions. It was never broken yet they tried to fix it. Another annoying addition is the sentry boxes and guard lookouts. There is no real pleasing way to defeat these enemies and they are quite good at nailing you with their firearms. I had to shoot one guard in a sentry box directly in the head twice from only a few paces away to kill him. Meanwhile, he got off three shots in that time. That's a bit ridiculous considered the nature of firearms at that time. There are numerous glitches in the game that do not necessarily interfere with gameplay, but they do shatter the feeling of realism. Probably the most terrible, shocking surprise in this game is the "strategy" element where Ezio is tasked with managing a defense of an assassin's den. With this element they achieved the rather unique combination of making the game both mindless and confusing. It is mindless because you really have no sense of result with what you are doing. You basically just select troops to deploy at random but you never have time to observe their effectiveness. It is confusing because there is just so much going on. Even though Ezio is right in the middle of the action, you will feel really disconnected from it. Remember that a core element of Assassin's Creed has always been the intimacy of carrying out an assassination. It's about getting close to a target and killing them before anyone knows what is happening. The sense of intimacy is further emphasized by the cut-scenes that follow major assassinations. Time stops for Ezio while he cradles his dying victim and has one final conversation. The pseudo-strategy gameplay abortion they added is entirely the opposite of that. And finally, the thing that put this game over the edge for me and caused me to not even finish it: the stupid freaking Desmond adventures in the land of Tron! I get it. Desmond is trapped in the Animus and blah, blah, blah. But I don't really care. I got really bored placing virtual boxes and wedges in the Animus database while Desmond rambled on incoherently about his childhood. To make matters worse, you play these parts of the game in first-person making it rather awkward to transition back and forth. I always considered Desmond and the events outside of the Animus a distraction from the true meat of the game. If they had made a game that just takes place in Altiar's and Ezio's time, I would have been perfectly happy. Up until Revelations, Desmond was a relatively minor part of the game. Here I just felt like he was taking over. I think Ubisoft made the mistake of thinking people actually like Desmond when really his is just something you have to get through to get to the good parts. This was the first Assassin's Creed game that I paid full retail price for at release. I convinced myself the purchase was justified because Ubisoft had such a great track record with the other games and I wanted to support them for that. I felt I underpaid for previous titles and bought this outright in an effort to make up for that. I really thought they were going to continue making great games in this series and beat the curse that every successful franchise seems to fall victim to eventually. I guess that was a good wake-up call for me. I'm back to my old habit of waiting until a game is extensively reviewed before considering a purchase. Ubi-Fail. Expand
  5. Dec 10, 2011
    its such a disappointment...
    a different Ezio n Desmond spoil it even more...
    virtually you have got nothing 2 do in the whole game except follow the footsteps...
    its a very pathetic sequel 2 its previous counter parts...
    even the graphics are not up to the mark...
  6. Feb 20, 2012
    I agree with most others, this is the worst AC yet. I loved the first one for its time, I REALLY loved the second one, and Brotherhood, despite its unresponsible controls and frustratingly tight mission requirements, it was clear there was a good core game with some good new ideas behind it.
    Revelations takes everything good from its three predecessors and throws it right in the bin. The
    story - a very important aspect of AC - feels like an afterthought and answers no questions. The new city if Istanbul is boring, repetitive and so overly colourful it actually becomes boring to look at as well. The tower defence minigame could have been good, but is just confusing and annoying, and I have to mention: What the hell were they thinking with the new faces? Not only is it wrong to suddenly change a person after three games, but the new Desmond is so hideously ugly I can't even bear to look at him, and old Ezio isn't far behind.

    The two worst things, however, are the missions and the combat. The missions are pointless and now force you to do side quests all the time between missions, making you forget what little connecting plot threat there is, and for some ridiculous reason, the next mission is all the way across the map from the last one, making you run for 10 minutes to start it.
    The combat has taken a step back as well, where most enemies are now armed with firearms that can take you out in a few rounds, requiring you to constantly take medicine, which is fortunately easily replenished by looting corpses. Common enemies are also a lot stronger and take forever to kill, mostly because they attack very rarely (preferring to shoot you instead), making counter-attacks hard to use - and they just jump back every time you try to kick or stab them. I just spent 10 minutes killing three janissaries because they never attacked but just stood there and shot at me, while avoiding all of my attacks. The kick is supposed to stun them so you can attack, but it NEVER works - you're better off just hacking away with the sword.

    I was somewhat annoyed with Brotherhood when it came out, but as the only positive effect of Revelations, I think I'll go back and play that with a whole new appreciation of it, knowing how much worse it could have been.
  7. Dec 3, 2011
    No improvements in fighting, game smells like a sloppy console port from miles away, short and mediocre storyline, boring gameplay and no time is spent playing outside of the animus which means no character development for Desmond Miles at all. Stay away from this game and skip the last part of the Ezio trilogy or watch the ending at youtube. Wasted money IMHO.
  8. Jan 1, 2013
    Small little detail that bothered me throughout the game. Ezio looks ugly as hell. If you've seen the CGI trailer for revelations, Ezio's aged apperance sports an attractive look with a sophisticated beard. The in-game model is of a wide-eyed hobo who hasn't taken a bath for several decades, and decided to cut his facial hair with a crab's claw. Oh, and his default clothing matches his hobo lifestyle.

    Anyways, this game isn't anything special. Just the same old Assassin's Creed gameplay, but with watered down environments that I couldn't give half a **** about, and boring characters which are introduced and then thrown away. You'll also be able to play some boring mini-game where you attempt to move through boring environments full of cubes and then fall down through the map and become stuck, and then be forced to abandon the mini-game and all your progress in the level because there is no proper save/load system in that mini-game. You'll have more fun just slaughtering guards in a random spot in the city and then throwing bodies at civilians than you will through the entire storyline. Opening is overly scripted and just a boring tutorial with no proper explanation of what is happening. Only interesting point in the story is the ending, but unfortunately the ending ends with a cliffhanger ending. How disappointing. Want a good Ass Creed experience? Play Brotherhood. Or Ass Creed II.
  9. Dec 27, 2011
    I played this game right after my second playthrough of AC II. I have to say, this game took the maturity of the Assassin's Creed franchise and transformed it into an adolescent action/adventure American piece of garbage. How come the director of Far Cry 2, which is a mediocre FPS and Tennis Masters series took the position of directing one of the biggest and best franchises in the videogame industry is still a mystery to me. Also before I finish my review, for anyone that knows mediterranean history, this game has some serious flaws in presenting what exactly the Ottomans/Turks were and most importantly, how civilized they were. I also find it funny that in Italy of Renaissance the guards didn't have any weapons but at the same time in Turkey, which was in the middle ages at that time, they had found rifles! In the end, one thing I learned from the Assassin's Creed series is: Nothing is true. Everything is permitted. And I use my critical thinking in everything. Thank you Ubisoft for teaching me how to do it. :P Here's looking forward to the next series by Patrice DÃ Expand
  10. Jan 31, 2012
    Meh. As others have mentioned, AC has always been strongly story-driven. This what got me hooked in the first place. Sadly, the story in Revelations (what there is of it) feels like little more than an excuse to run around and stab people. The new character models for Desmond and Ezio are disconcerting, since they no longer look like the same characters we've grown to know and love. The first-person animus sequences are clumsy and not half as engaging or challenging as the animus puzzles from previous games. The whole tower defense thing seems like it should have been a good idea, but it actual play it feels intrusive; you suddenly have to drop whatever it is you're doing to run off to the tower being attacked, and the actual defense sub-game feels like a completely different game, like it just doesn't belong there. All in all, it's taking me a long time to play through because I keep getting bored and setting it aside for days or weeks at a time. AC has never bored me before. But now I hardly even care about what happens next in the story. That's a really bad sign. Expand
  11. Dec 30, 2011
    Not very good at all. The single player campaign is good in parts but mostly dull and repetitve and the controls are awful for PC players. The multiplayer is a great idea but it's a long way from being a proper balanced and addictive experience.
  12. Mar 18, 2012
    The story was pure **** and the game play was boring. The setting was also boring and the graphics and artwork dull. The ending was a huge disappointment. You don't have to play this sequel because it adds nothing to the Assassin Creed's story. It's reminded me of Lost where you watch an episode and it was like they said nothing at all. Just blah blubb, over, next one. I'm a big AC fan but i didn't even bother to collect and finish everything, unlike before. I hope the next one will be better but it seems that Ubisoft is trying to release a new episode every six months just for the profit. And that pisses me off. Expand
  13. Jul 14, 2012
    Give this a zero because it installed DRM. I did not think Steam would even allow DRM so I am very disappointed. Even if Valve doesn't give me a refund I will never play this. I will just consider the money lost for the sake of a learning: I learned never to do business with Ubicrap.
  14. Mar 8, 2012
    I got this solely for the multiplayer, which is something ubisoft clearly is terrible at. The base premis of the multiplayer is pretty good. You have a target to chase and someone is after you. The stealthier the kill the more points you get. This solid concept is tarnished heavily by the unworkingness of everything. If it can be imagined not working, it can break. Often kills or abilities outright fail to take far too often. The lock feature seems broken too. It's near impossible to target properly sometimes and the lock feature now allows you to accidentally kill civilians when you have clear sight of your actual locked target. The game is further marred by the abilities. Most of which are imbalanced and take away from the stealth. Charge and smoke bomb allow most to run around like maniacs and charge wildly at targets automatically killing the intended victim in the crowd. Smoke bomb allows you to stun a mass area of people and is too fast to see coming. It's made more annoying by people who exploit it with poison for points normally a stealthy kill would only give. The worse issue with it is that people not your pursuer or target can stun you with a smoke bomb, allowing your actual target or pursuer to stun or kill you. This is extremely annoying when the entire game consists of players running around and throwing smoke bombs on anything that moves. Templar vision is the worse ability in the game. It's a stealth game and this ability marks any players apart from the crowd. This is only there to assist the retarded (Casual) in their endeavor to succeed in the game if they find the complexity too much. Finally, the match making is worse than ever. I can virtually never connect with friends and most game-types are constantly empty. There is no excuse for a game this new to have virtually no players on most game-types. Furthermore, entering a game in a group splits up your group (Whats the damn point?).In conclusion this could be an amazing, groundbreaking multiplayer but the ever present market of idiots that cant play online games without a cheat button has casualized and ruined yet another concept. But it's not like ubisoft really tried. You can't even use text chat in this mess. By today's standards for multiplayer, this game is 1. Too broken to connect to most games/friends properly. 2. Heavily unfinished, imbalanced, and buggy. To top it all off this is the second one they've made with a multiplayer. And in two games the multiplayer still cannot perform basic functions (Such as connecting you to a game). The outright inability to connect to games properly, if at all, is simply embarrassing and therefore I deem this game to be a broken, unfinished product. Expand
  15. Aug 2, 2014
    Problems with uPlay on multiple computers over the past year has given me a bad attitude on Ubisoft quality. These service is buggy. The game is decent if rather linear.
  16. Oct 29, 2013
    Very similar to the previous game Brotherhood, so a bit mediocre. The story is ok, but a bit incohesive and random like the last one. The game feels a bit shorter and the explorable world a bit smaller, a small pity and perhaps the result of Ubisoft only spending 1 year on development. Still worth getting from the bargain bin or steam sale though.
  17. Oct 25, 2012
    Boring, repetitive, predictable, booooring, I bought it a couple of days ago from the sale on steam and I am already bored, if you are in for the assassins stuff I would recommend more hitman than this...
  18. Oct 15, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I have a lot of feelings regarding this game. Almost entirely negative. This is my favourite game series, and this came so close to ruining it for me. The hook blade is a fine addition, the ziplines are cool (though are rarely placed where you need them), it's kind of nice having a smoke bomb that has a wide area, but apart from that I'm drawing a blank on the 'pros'. Ezio is back, because they'd rather drag him out for an annoying third encore for the audience to sit and clap through even though their hands hurt than they would leave the audience wanting more. Some of the characters you meet are cool, but I wasn't really invested in any of them. Any familiar characters from Ezio's former stories are stripped away from you. They become nothing more than a 'My Dearest Claudia' in the letters which serve as a few underdone quasi cut scenes to take you to the next DNA sequence. The Altair memories which were to be the most exciting element of the game are some of the WORST moments. The story of Altair's life beyond the first game and codex pages of Assassin's Creed 2 is either boring or not fully thought out, I can't tell which. All they needed to do to make playing as Altair the most fantastic experience was to give us the ONE leap of faith taken when taking the shortest route through Masyaf in the first game. INSTEAD it was decided that his movements should, for the most part, be limited to an irritating shuffle. Uphill. For the entire memory. And even in these sections, familiar characters were culled. It's as if the game made a deliberate attempt to alienate any loyal players who'd stuck around since the first game. The games physical space, while gorgeous and brilliantly colourful, is very limiting, or at least feels it. Then comes the excursion to Cappadocia - this nearly saved the game for me, a big statement, trust me. Arriving on that boat and stepping out only to realise it was a Templar CITY - the Templar equivalent of Masyaf - sent a genuine chill down my spine. It got off to a great start too! It's actually my favourite map out of all the games so far, with San Gimignano only just pipping it as best map to play through missions in. It feels big, and it feels dangerous, and it feels wonderful. Then you meet a woman who doesn't seem to need your help, but you help her anyway - she's sassy and capable and the coolest character in the game. Then she disappears from the entire game, when, after being there for five minutes, you for no apparent reason set the entire city on fire, killing hundreds, and leave. Why? I really don't know. And this was just one of a few decisions the game makes for you against your will. Among others are an assassination target who is quite obviously innocent for at least half the time you know him. You are forced to kill him anyway, because the game thinks you don't know that yet.

    The game feels shockingly and awfully unfinished and lazy. Things are rushed, questions are unanswered, every second character or plot device is a massive cliche and whole chunks of it seem to just be missing. For example, a mission exists to enlist the help of the city's Romani population, however, the leaders of the thieves and mercenaries guilds alarmingly acted as though they knew who I was when I had never spoken to them once, in any game.

    They took away good features and replaced them with gratuitous ones, they took away good characters and barely replaced them at all, and after this whole depressing ordeal the plot was so forgettable that I can't for the life of me remember what the point of it all was. More than anything I just feel supremely betrayed by this game.
  19. Jan 5, 2013
    The low point of the Assassin's Creed series. Revelations can be described with one word: lazy. Ubisoft gained everyone's trust with the previous games and fooled us into giving them money for a poor quality product. There was no need for two half-hearted games, it ruined the hype for Assassin's Creed III.
  20. Ndi
    Jul 9, 2014
    I agree that this is not exactly the best story and, frankly, it's kind of disappointing.

    But this is not why I am giving it a poor review (it used to be way higher) - it is because of its implementation. The security measures are insane - requiring its own online uplay client, not asking if it can install, not allowing you to play until you provide a valid, verified email address and
    last but not least downloading and installing a game and uplay and then immediately patching the game.

    The technical implementation of the security is awful and that reflects on the game like everything else. Security instability is affecting the game just like game instability - this is relevant.

    Others have complained about this and they have their reviews rated as unhelpful. Feel free to downvote this, too, I want others to know this game is filled to the teeth with DRM, an unnecessary client that requires online account to be created and email verified just to let you play a game you already bought.

    I understand Google has my details and serves me ads, because search is free, so is gmail. If I were to pay for it, I would expect a different service. I pay for my product, I don't see why I have to suffer for this.

    Also, this is a 2011 game. It's 2014. Boat has sailed, 3 more AC games have been launched. Everyone pirated the game. Why am I still bound to draconian DRM? Does Ubisoft care? No.

    Stop buying this game. Stop encouraging these people. It is a mediocre game, with mediocre gameplay, that asks you for money to have the privilege to contribute to Ubisoft's email database and allow therm to remotely kill my game if they want, because my money is apparently scribbled on a piece of wet paper and have no value.

    Don't buy.
  21. Dec 11, 2013
    The first horrible thing I want to note: unskippable 20 minutes lasting credits. If you're an average person with 8 hours of free time, then consider more than 4% of it wasted due to these damn long credits, so I've decided to rate the game at 4.
    Ok, now the other things.. First problem I noticed after starting the game was Desmond's new weird baby-face look. I didn't even recognize him
    at first, it was way too weird..
    Moving forward through the game, the story was becoming a bit too much of a mind****, what with Ezio using magic stones to get into Altair's memories and Desmond's mental health problems.. It all seemed way too shady though as everything else from the city was trying to get your attention. What I really didn't get was all the strange new mechanics that the previous games didn't have. To be fair, it's nice to see some new mechanics, but when they come out of nowhere, often leading to your death, you can't help but feel lost in the game. For example, Den Defense seemed new, so did the bombs and new (almost unbeatable) enemies, but I never really got to understanding them all, because there was way too much detail put into them to simply easily comprehend. It would've been good if the story missions didn't endlessly tempt you. The music from Jesper Kyd was great as always, though. I really had a problem with the characters on Ezio's story, they seemed very temporary. And on Altair's side.. I don't understand what happened to his voice. He used to have that calm American accent VA which was kind of a screw-up at first, but since they decided to make him speak in an Arabic accent this time, I could barely even recognize it was the same person. It would've been better if he just spoke the same way as before, would've brought some minor nostalgia.
    Overall, this game is just too clunky for me to be considered good. It's like they put Brotherhood into a pile of mud, then into a blender, and slowly cooked the resulting mass into what Revelations is now..
  22. Jan 1, 2013
    Small little detail that bothered me throughout the game. Ezio looks ugly as hell. If you've seen the CGI trailer for revelations, Ezio's aged apperance sports an attractive look with a sophisticated beard. The in-game model is of a wide-eyed hobo who hasn't taken a bath for several decades, and decided to cut his facial hair with a crab's claw. Oh, and his default clothing matches his hobo lifestyle.

    Anyways, this game isn't anything special. Just the same old Assassin's Creed gameplay, but with watered down environments that I couldn't give half a **** about, and boring characters which are introduced and then thrown away. You'll also be able to play some boring mini-game where you attempt to move through boring environments full of cubes and then fall down through the map and become stuck, and then be forced to abandon the mini-game and all your progress in the level because there is no proper save/load system in that mini-game. You'll have more fun just slaughtering guards in a random spot in the city and then throwing bodies at civilians than you will through the entire storyline. Opening is overly scripted and just a boring tutorial with no proper explanation of what is happening. Only interesting point in the story is the ending, but unfortunately the ending ends with a cliffhanger ending. How disappointing. Want a good Ass Creed experience? Play Brotherhood. Or Ass Creed II.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 20 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 20
  2. Negative: 0 out of 20
  1. 77
    Ultimately, Revelations leaves behind a bittersweet taste: it's the end of a saga (or two, depending on how you view things) and integrates fairly well in the timeline of the series, but... it's nothing more than a detour that answers a few questions, not an actual step forward.
  2. Feb 29, 2012
    It's the perfect closure for Ezio's trilogy; however, it does not offer something completely new and if you were getting tired by Brotherhood's mechanisms, Revelations will definitely not change your mind.
  3. 80
    It's Assassin with all you love and hate, plus even more world control and bombs and genre experiments. Only the visuals are getting old while the foes are not getting any smarter. [Christmas 2011]