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  • Summary: Incredible rendering techniques, real-time 3-D universes, aliens, asteroids, mammoth vessels, aggressive fighters, and powerful weapons will make this the action game your universe is clamoring for! [Red Storm Entertainment]
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  1. Positive: 4 out of 15
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  1. One of the better looking shooters around, with spectacular special effects, "Gunship" is a worthy contender for "Freespace"'s throne.
  2. Does provide quite a pop! in fun factor, a zoom! in the adrenaline sector, and lands with a pow! in the winner's department.
  3. 79
    Shallow scenarios and a killer difficulty level snipe away at the title's longevity.
  4. "Elite's" worst problem is that there's no real incentive in it -- the lack of story and repetitive combat offer no good reason to stick with the game.
  5. Overall, this is one of those games that gets high marks for style, but could have used a bit more work in the substance department.
  6. Stacked against the genre's competition, this game was scraped from the bottom of the barrel, but if what you want is a straight-forward, good-looking destructo-fest, "B!GE" should be considered.
  7. "Bang! Gunship Elite" proves yet again that eye candy alone cannot sustain a title, as the vast majority of its gameplay proves to be extremely tedious.

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