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  • Summary: In Batman: Arkham Asylum, the player assumes the role of Batman as he delivers The Joker to Arkham Asylum. There, the imprisoned super-villains have set a trap and an immersive combat gaming experience unfolds. With an original script penned by Emmy Award-winning Batman writer Paul Dini, the game brings the universe of DC Comics' detective to life with stunning graphics. Batman: Arkham Asylum offers players the chance to battle Gotham's worst villains with Batman's physical and psychological strength in a graphically distinct and story-driven game. [Eidos Interactive] Expand
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  1. 100
    Batman's trip to the asylum has hardly any flaws. The controls fit perfectly and the missions will entertain you every second you play this game. Buy it, play it, love it.
  2. For Batman fans, this game is a long time coming. Taking the Unreal engine, Rocksteady has gone and made a truly fun superhero game and it looks incredible on the PC.
  3. Batman: Arkham Asylum is a massive triumph: Action, stealth and investigation as its best. The best videogame based on Bob Kane's composition, and the best superhero game this far too. A brilliant work that drives Rocksteady to the highest rank of developers.
  4. The result is so good that we're declaring it an easy 'Best of' contender for 2009.
  5. There isn’t a single element of Arkham Asylum that isn’t polished to the utmost degree.
  6. New Batman game deserves the title for being the most adult Batman game ever. Great design, rough melee fights and a perfect cast of all the protagonists makes it the best choice among other comic rivals. [Oct 2009]

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Score distribution:
  1. Negative: 18 out of 210
  1. Aug 7, 2011
    An excellent game in all aspects! I'm not a huge Batman fan, but this game was so polished that I could see myself getting into the Batman world. As the name suggests, your Batman at the Arkham Asylum, returning the Joker for the umpteenth time, when he breaks free and all hell breaks loose. The inmates are released and you need to work your way through several notable characters before facing the Joker and his intricate plot. Some of the popular characters like the Penguin, Catwoman, Twoface, and Mr. Freeze are not in the game at all, but this was a great decision as to separate the game from the not so great movies. The story flows and is interesting and I never felt like I was doing meaningless tasks just to advance the story. Everything was connected. The graphics look great and run smoothly, I never got any stuttering even when entering a new level. Audio was just what you would expect from a Batman game, everything sounded in place. From the whiz of the grapple gun to the swish of the cape. They even got some great voice actors for the cast. Batman is Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill as the Joker, and Arleen Sorkin as Harley Quinn. These actors were from the animated cartoon series I watched from the early to mid 90's and to recognize and hear their voices just as they sounded almost 20 years ago really took me back. Those are the ones that stand out, but all of the voice acting was done well. The gameplay focuses on mostly taking down inmates but there is also a search and explore aspect. When attacking you chain together combo hits as well as countering incoming attacks. You also have several scenarios where you will have to use stealth to incapacitate thugs with guns. You can sneak up from behind and do a silent takedown as well as hang from a statue and do an inverted takedown. The combo system works well and as you gain experience you gain the abilities of an instant takedown or picking up a prisoner and using him as a projectile after connecting 5 combo hits. The controls are a bit of an issue here. When throwing a enemy you have to use the wasd controls to direct him instead of the mouse. So even if you have a shot lined up you have to direct it and it just gets confusing when your in the heat of battle. I wound up not using the throw for most of the game because of this. For the takedown you press shift and right click but you have a pretty short window of opportunity to do so and the right click is also bound as an aiming mechanism for your gadgets. So I when trying to do a takedown or contering a punch, sometimes I would be aiming my batarang for a second and then getting hit messing up my combos. These problems might be solved by using a controller but I don't have the Xbox360 controller listed in the control config and I didn't want to go through the hassle of setting up one with a PS2 controller with an adapter. The explore and collect part of the game is initiated by The Riddler who has hidden question mark trophies and puzzles across the island. The puzzles come in the form of riddles that you take "pictures" of using the detective mode to have a high tech look at your surroundings Collecting these will unlock character bios and detailed character trophies that you can look at from the main menu. There are also Arkham plaques that tell more of the history of the island and how it came to be an institution. All in all, this was a fantastic game and I highly recommend it. Even at full price you get your monies worth which is not something I felt like I have gotten in a long time. Expand
  2. Feb 23, 2014
    Arkham Asylum is definitely one of the best game of this genre. I played it at hard difficulty and it took me more than 15 hours to complete all levels. The gameplay is simple but really funny and except for some boss fights the game is generally pretty easy. Expand
  3. pipelinecache
    Apr 4, 2010
    I've never given a 10 rating for a game, but Batman: Arkham Asylum really deserves it. Of all the games I've played in 2009 this one stands above them all, especially on the PC with all the disappointing console ports that has been manufactured lately. The whole game is a piece of art and is very fun to play. Highly recommended. Expand
  4. Nov 2, 2011
    Great controls, great graphics. The story is a little too linear, but the universe is so immersive and the characters so polished (hello, Joker!), I found it very engaging overall. Fights are very dynamic and controls are so responsive you want to engage everyone.
    Detective mode underdelivers - why bother when you can play the entire game with detective mode ON and detect all hot spots? Give it a time limit, or limited use.
    One of the best action/adventure games I've ever played.
  5. NateS
    Oct 6, 2009
    Probably one of the best games this year. Rocksteady studios has created an almost perfect super hero game and the spotlight is now shining on them. Everything from Freeflow combat to Silent takedowns makes you feel like you are in the dark knights boots. The replay value in this game is probably one of the best reasons to have this game. Silent Predator, and Freeflow combat challenges makes this game very replayable especially with leaderboards. Also the most recent free download content made it even better with an infinite freeflow combat challenge and an extra silent predator map. The only reason i didn't give this a perfect score is, 1. the A.I. isn't too bright. You could take someone out while you're in their peripheral vision and their partner would completely ignore you. 2. No manual save point. I would like to go back and fight bosses just for fun, but with the auto save feature once you're done a boss you won't see them until you run through the game again. If you are a fan of action, or even espionage games Batman: Arkham Asylum is definitely a must buy! Expand
  6. Jun 16, 2013
    i really recommend this game it is really great this is the best superhero game you'll play although am not a big fan of batman but this is a great game with great characters and great voice acting Expand
  7. Apr 22, 2011
    Unfortunately this game comes disabled with Windows Live ID, which prevents makes the game unplayable since you can't save your progress. Otherwise the game itself looks like it could be quite fun. If you have any interest in the game, don't buy it before first checking that Windows Live ID works properly on your machine - the games requirements don't point out that this is an essential requirement. Googling for solutions shows that Windows Live is extremely buggy and disables purchased software for many people. Even after days of trying the myriad fixes for where Win Live doesn't install itself properly, and checking all the Microsoft system checks for network, uPnP & port configurations, Win Live still prevents me from accessing this game. Such overzealous copy-protection may gain the developers some kick-backs from MS, but completely alienates paying customers. Expand

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