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  1. Sep 13, 2014
    Is this a joke? Just only big joke. Totally disaster, i like to see little developing not just graphics. Battlefield 2 was a game and i wait it a lot next ones but next ones was only disappointments, just a big jokes with nothing to do good fbs.
  2. Sep 9, 2014
    Having played around 250 hours of BF4 multiplayer, I feel I have a good view of the game. The Pros: Good choice of weapons Ability to use DMR/Shotgun/Carbine for any class Good graphics decent load times Large maps Large map choices The Cons: Netcode is still messed up Some weapons are overpowered. Plenty of bugs even after a year. Now, I only play Hardcore so I can't really comment too much on the Normal version. but I feel that Battlefield 4 is a great first person shooter, that falls a bit short in some areas. Compared to its predecessor, BF3, Battlefield 4 doesn't stand out. Expand
  3. Sep 7, 2014
    With Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3, it's not a surprise to say I had high expectations for BF4. The game has thoroughly disappointed me in every aspect, even the graphics. The game exchanges the gritty, lifelike textures of Battlefield 3 for a cartoon like feel and more detail. The singleplayer was, quite literally, the worst storyline and experience I've had in a FPS. The multiplayer has map designs that frankly made me wonder if the map designers at DICE were replaced by mentally challenged monkeys for this specific game. The netcode has been, and continues to be, a nightmare that's been unprecedented, not to mention the incredibly crappy balance and spawns. Congratulations, DICE, for making perhaps one of the worst games of the current console generation, and easily the worst Battlefield ever produced. I don't know why people say Hardline isn't fit for the battlefield name and reputation, when it's so obviously this one. Expand
  4. Sep 5, 2014
    The game in theory is good, but the execution, and follow through is horrible. They promised the universe and gave us a rock. The multiplayer is what 99% of the people buy the game for and it's impossible to play competitively. If you're playing around with some friends then it can be fun but serious gamers need to run away.
    This will be my last game from DICE. They said they would fix
    the "netcode" twice now and still horrible. Games from the 90s have better tic rate than this game. 10 tic rate is laughable. Along with the overkill sun glare that blinds you half the game. I would love to have my money back since I paid for a full game and got a broken one instead. Expand
  5. Aug 25, 2014
    I'm reviewing the SP portion here:
    I wasn't expecting much of the game and now that it's finally available for only 20 bucks (unless you want to get the Deluxe Premium whatever edition) I checked out a Gameplay vid and was like: yea, looks nice, let's give it a shot.

    Now - the first 15 minutes of the game look quite promising and atmospheric, and then it starts to get really cheap. And
    it only gets worse and somewhere along the line you wonder if they simply stopped the SP guys from blowing money on it because most of their money comes from MP DLCs anyway.

    Besides that the story is really dull, wasn't expecting much anyway, they really didn't care this time around (compared to BF3) to setup a campaign that is satisfying.
    To me it looks like they started trying to make something nice, and then their budget was cut and they came up with half-assed action sequences... and not even that - you are left to imagine that something fancy just happened because animating the destruction of a dam/ship was too expensive so they just let your character black out.
  6. Aug 24, 2014
    I still remember the old BF1942 that used to actually be fun. Everytime I try to get into this game I just end up closing it. The maps suck and I just dont like it. Please make a game that is fun like in the old days.
  7. Aug 23, 2014
    The only good thing about this game is it's graphics. And graphics counts for nothing if the single player is horrible and the multiplayer is broken and unplayable.
  8. Aug 23, 2014
    The game looks and sounds very good especially now with 3d vision. But it is simply unplayable i played about 3 hours an it crashed 8 times. I considered buying cause i enjoyed BF2:BC2 and BF3 but it's not playable. Generally games don't crash on my PC i can't remember when i had the last crash. Even if they do, they crash once in 10 hours not every 10 minutes.
  9. Aug 22, 2014
    I gave this game a 6 in comparison to BF3. The nice thing about this game is that players now have the option of spectating games that allows them to observe suspicious players. People no longer have to wonder who is hacking... It actually shocked me that I have discovered servers that I performed extremely poor on had almost nothing but hackers with modified skins and movements uncharacteristic to normal play. They can also now be aware when they are being observed and they will literally sit still... which in the least part is a heck of a way to grief cheaters trying to hide their cheats.

    They also added what I nearly forgot existed all the way back from Battlefield 2142 the Commander slot in battles. Commanders can be devastating for matches yet very few want to play the role as it is not exactly exciting when most people do not follow orders... but one can progress in rank quick from being a Commander. It sure does suck when your opposing team has an Commander and the other team doesn't; the Commander's team usually wins...

    One thing I did not like in this game was the new vehicle set-up. Jets seemingly lose control when I start firing; they simply stall out in the air and I lose my positioning for a kill. Manipulating the throttle to increase turning speed has been significantly gimped; when the throttle over exerted the plane literally stops turning entirely as if it lost all of it's wind. They also put in several different types of Guns for the jet and it makes spotting cheaters damn near impossible when the 30 mm cannon naturally does too much damage. The Miniguns on the Transport Heli no longer harm Tanks; as if they really did any serious damage in BF3. They are now good for killing soldiers and eventually bringing down other flying vehicles.

    All in All BF2 is still the best game. They do too much with this franchise and it has now become exclusively all about the money and it really irritates me that they have already created Battlefield Hardline.

    This may be the official last Battlefield Game I ever buy... purely for the fact that they keep rebuilding the beast... if they want to go this far then they should just make it a P2P MMO.

    When I look at it statistically, this game comes out at about $70 retail and then people wind up paying another $100 for all the: expansions, Weapon Kit Shortcuts and Premium status; the shortcut kits have been designed to be more useful in such a way because items are practically random now from the suitcase bundles...

    They've already duped us into paying $15/month to play this game without them being held accountable for all of the Hackers running Injectable code cheats in this game.

    Look at the release date, this game isn't even a year old yet and it's already being phased out by Battlefield Hardline; which is a whole new kind of garbage...

    Talk about encouraging the existence of a Police State and Criminals with Guerrilla Military style weapons. It's just not right to advocate the killing of Police...ever...
  10. Aug 21, 2014
    I was a huge fan of Bad Company and BF3, but this is like finding out you have herpes on your 21st birthday. I've never been so disappointed in a franchise than BF4. Why companies feel the need to completely muck everything up between versions is beyond me, but I guess when you make Helen Keller the lead game director you wind up with BF4. I never thought I'd veer off the path, but dare I say I'll be entertaining other FPS's before the next release of this heap. EA if you're reading this, I've never asked for my money back, but there's a first time for everything. Expand
  11. Aug 20, 2014
    This game was broken when it was first released. But now the netcode has been fixed so that hits register faster. It's starting to feel almost as smooth as CoD games when it comes to shooting. But better than CoD, on conquest this game is huge and relies on teamwork to win. There are tons of vehicles and a balanced team is really importance. But you can still play small infantry only maps and those are still fun. Play with five of your friends in a squad and there's no better gaming experience.

    But they really needed specific maps for Rush. It's so unbalanced, offense usually has no chance. Rush mode on BF3 was good, and Rush on BC2 was near perfect. Considering that Rush is my favorite mode, I was really disappointed.

    Overall, still a good game
  12. Aug 20, 2014
    I've been playing Battlefield series since Battlefield 1942, I really like the first 5 or 6 games of this trademark but Battlefield 4 is an absolute disgrace. I bought the game and premium and almost 1 year in it's still full of errors, bugs, glitches and performance problems. Dice tries real hard to keep this game as a failure. Even with all these problems the game has they start to work on an another Battlefield title instead of fixing the latest. Congratulations Dice, you have ruined a great series. Expand
  13. Aug 18, 2014
    i dont get why people are hating on bf4 it has some issues but its better in every way shape and form from graphics to game-play play lighting guns sound like real guns
  14. Aug 16, 2014
    This game delivered the average single player experience I would have expected from a multiplayer-focused game. Although the game included cutscenes and cheesy dialogue, it was interesting enough to keep playing.
    Beside the game having great looks, this time around you were able to complete the missions without being controlled towards a certain outcome. It felt more like the usual fps
    shooter - in a good way.
    Still too linear though, and pointless.
  15. Aug 14, 2014
    So if you want a multi-player game with tons of action and decent server population throughout the dutation of the game and then even beyond, Battlefield 4 is the game for you.

    Lets not get into that whole bugs issue because thats been covered before extensively.

    Battlefield 4 is that one game which will keep you occupied climbing a decent Progress Scale regarding player skill,
    weapons, weapon unlocks, combat fatigues etc. Coupled with that is the huge fan base on various media which will make you feel like a big part of an even bigger community. That adds to the gaming experience.

    Critisisms on map design, under/overpowered weapons, game balance will be there for all games, including this one. But when your money buys you 20 plus months of intense internet multiplayer action, its bearable.

    And for me personally, I had only played Battlefield 3 for a couple of hours on a friends PC before I liked it so much that i bought Battlefield 4 when it released.
  16. Aug 12, 2014
    While it's visually stunning and has a lot of content in store it has many HUGE flaws.
    For one, it's basically HALF of a game until you decide to pay for premium (which is 50 euroes I think).
    Second it has ridiculously slow gridny leveling (and unlocking) forcing you to buy premium (more unlocks) or pay for unlocks (another ~40 euroes). In 6 weeks of playing it I have unlocked
    maybe 1/4 of what it has to offer (or buy).
    Third it's just not really fun. That's the biggest flaw. All the weapons are clones of each other. Maps are boring with map destruction being crap (fun to look at but it's actually a detriment to gameplay).
    Vehicles own everything and there is still no system for assigning them to players, so you have to camp for it and get lucky if you want one.
    Voice acting is surprisingly **** bad. Sound effects are pretty good, and like mentioned above graphics are of the highest possible quality, inducing erection in you for a few weeks until you get used to it.

    Nah for me it's a good game ruined by massive greed, just another one to add to EA's **** titles list.
  17. Aug 11, 2014
    The expectations were high, because it looks amazing on the videos. Can my PC handle that game? Well the multiplayer is amazing, but the campaign is something to forget.
  18. Aug 10, 2014
    I'd like to thanks EA for their 7 days trial. Saved me 30 bucks or so ! Bought BF3, got bored in under a week, and wanted to give BF4 a try. Well this is basically BF3.5. Netcode still crap, origin is a total joke, no lobby, as less userfriendly as possible in 2014, "premium" things to buy (read : pay2win), no balance, a nightmare for new players, etc. etc. Thanks EA for yet another licence you kill. You guys are really good at it !

    Thanks programmers for all the fun in BF2, last good game in the franchise. We had a blast. Memories are eternal.
  19. Aug 10, 2014
    Whoever thinks this game is worth something is just and idiot. I had more fun playing big rigs, no joke. Thee single player is short, boring, full of useless cutscenes, u barely have to play. The multiplayer is unbalanced, bugged and designed for 11 y/o kids.
  20. Aug 9, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I just started playing BF4 a few days ago and i can easily say BF4 is the better game. It is not BF 3.5 like some say. It has mayor improvements. It has been fine tuned. Better balance. BF3 had shi** weapon recoil/handling.
    I remember these situation in BF3 where you sneak up on your enemies. Then you go full out, and you can kill maybe 1 of you foes. Realistically you should take down at least three. In BF4 even in standard mode weapons feel more powerful. You can actually saw trough your enemies given the opportunity.
    Also, BF4 feels way more responsive to me. Enemy kill, blood animations are better. Bottom line, the shooting and killing your enemy feels better, rewarding.

    Now the big one. The graphics are really on another level. Wow.. the detail, flora etc loke more realistic. It s better to use bushes, plants for cover in BF4 in a relistic way. Good maps for graphics impressions is the Floods map.. the water is Photorealistic. It cant get any better. The water physics. The murkyiness.

    Physics, since BF4 uses FB3 engine, the physics are better. Driving is way bettter. I couldn't ask for more from a military game. Shooting at destructable objects with your gun you can feel the difference aleady. Good stuff.
    The interface, Deploy map is way better. Since you have to spend quite some time in weapon customization etc. The menus are better now. In battle interfaces are more minimalistic, better design.

    If your system can handle it, BF4 is epic. (BF game played before BF3 premium, BF BC2, and Vietnam)

    I give BF 10 rating because it is the best BF, and the best online shooter i have played. (not that its soo perfect or anything)

    (I had some lagging issues at the start, but it was my shi** router connection over WiFi. Now i uses cable and ping is better than BF3 even maybe. I have above average ping, but i get 40-60 ping in better servers. I have had no buggs really. So maybe ia am lucky, and also i didn't play it from the release date.)
  21. Aug 7, 2014
    I've not played that game a lot. I've struggling with the netcode issues the whole time. I have to say i never felt so disappointed by a game i had pre-order 4 months in advance. Being a hardcore fan of the franchise i genuinely felt let down by Dice and EA. The biggest surprise i had came from the fact that the netcode was fixed in June. 8 months after the release of the game. You guys just lost my respect and i will never buy a BF game ever again. ps: BF4-2 (Counter-Strike HD) Really??? This is your new game? Expand
  22. Aug 4, 2014
    Horrible "netcode" 30hz/10hz even with the CTE 30hz/30hz there are still plenty of wtf moments which lead to hackusations in every match.

    DLC campaign obviously more important than fixing the broken mess of crap DICE Sweden created.

    The campaign is a boring joke of hearing "RECKER, RECKER" a million times...
  23. Jul 27, 2014
    Держите Дайсы и ЕАсты свою оценку за убогий дизайн карт, за баги, которые до сих пор есть =*
    Лучше BF3 только отсутствием той сраной синевы с чернотой и литров блюра.
  24. Jul 20, 2014
    Overall, I am fairly impressed with the new installment of the BF series, but it just barely makes a 7 out of 10. The game was executed very well, and some of the biggest innovation was to be found in multiplayer, particularly in vehicle combat. But even with some of the changes made, BF4 feels more like a DLC than anything.

    Sure, the graphics have been given a bit of a boost, and
    overall the gameplay feels great, but it doesn't even scratch the surface compared to BF3, when it comes to the campaign. While the campaign was enjoyable, it felt more driven by gameplay, and fast-paced action, rather than story. And, in the end, I couldn't remember anyone's name, or how it even ended. However, I digress, as I know not everyone is quite as into the campaign as I am.

    As far as multiplayer goes, I have only a few complaints, the main one is level design. The maps in BF4 are great, but they aren't quite as memorable as some of the maps from BF3, like Caspian Border, and Kharg Island among others. However, others may feel differently, this is my personal opinion, anyway.

    Lastly, I feel one of the main problems with the game, even now, is the netcode. I am no expert in netcode, but when 95% of my kills/deaths are due to crossfire, and getting shot around corners, we have a problem. I think this is something that Dice really needs to focus on, as it really is a game-killer.

    Overall, I would've given BF4 a higher score, but I am already being pretty generous, considering the fact that EA pushed this game out early, even though it wasn't even finished. And even to this day, it features a wide array of issues, which could have been avoided, given a little bit of extra time.
  25. Jul 18, 2014
    Unplayable multiplayer... which is the only reason to actually buy this game in the first place...therefore a total waste of money. Netcode issues mean you frequently experience awful rubberbanding, one hit kills and most ridiculously of all the total inability to hit enemies.

    I loved BF3 so much, I thought this game was going to be great from the beta, suffice to say it broke my heart.
    £80 down the swanny and not even any fix for the issues 12 months on. Shameful way to treat customers. Never going back to EA/Dice ever again. Expand
  26. Jul 16, 2014
    I think this game is the best multiplayer-FPS on PC in this moment.
    Most of the bugs are gone, you have a lot of maps, weapons, and different way to play it (more less everything you can imagine).
    And the graphics is very good too.
    Only big problem is that you'll have to buy a Premium subscription sooner or later, so consider it because the total price will be much higher than the
    standard version. Expand
  27. Jul 16, 2014
    Bf4 facts after 9 months since release: *the bugs still remaings (crash "something went wrong"), crash without reason *there are lags every few minutes *huge FPS drops => game is not optimized well *netcode = killing from behind corners is usual thing *guns are bugged as well => one shot kills, etc. *maps are boring => BF3 maps are better *no fun, just crying due to many bugs *no support from EA, they are just adding new bugs => quality of product is very low

    There are more cons but those are the biggest one.

    1 pros: graphics looks good ;-)

  28. Jul 13, 2014
    NOTE: My experience with this game only began AFTER the "net-code patch" that apparently fixed a lot of the issues people were having with it from release-May 2014. Also, my actual score would be a 9, but I am giving it a 10 to try and balance the ridiculous number of "0" ratings on here.

    I held off buying BF4 in protest of what I saw as EA and DICE's ruining the series by
    "call-of-dutifying" the way new installments in the series are handled. However, during the recent sale I made the leap and picked up the base game.

    In short, this is everything Battlefield 3 should have been. Despite what people have said about BF4 being rushed out, I believe it is the other way around: This game makes me think that BF3 was rushed to release before it could become the game DICE wanted it to be. That game, in my opinion, is BF4. While many things here do look nearly identical to BF3 at first glance, anyone who has played a good amount of the latter will immediately notice that nearly every feature has been expanded upon and simply made to feel more "complete": Much larger (and better) maps, BC2 style destruction (collapsing buildings are back!), in-game VOIP for squad members, Commander mode, multiple weapon attachments, different classes of jets (stealth fighers vs. attack fighters), the AC-130 incorporated into the base game (awesome, btw), and a much larger assortment of weapons, items, perks, etc - Quite simply this is everything that BF3 was expected to be. Release issues aside, I strongly believe that much of the hate for BF4 can largely be attributed to the fact that BF3 was not yet the "complete" Battlefield game which DICE envisioned.

    Fans of Bad Company 2 will be happy to know that the destruction which was so lacking in BF3 is back in full - Buildings can be blown apart in much smaller increments, and once more can collapse entirely if enough damage is done. The maps also have a BC2 flair to them, with many taking place in semi-tropical environments reminiscent of the best Conquest/Rush maps on offer in Bad Company 2 (Isla Innocentes, Laguna Presa anyone?).

    In the end, this is still the same Battlefield I know and love, and I am glad I finally let curiosity get the better of me and made the purchase. While BF4 is more refinement over innovation, it is a definite improvement over its predecessor and in my opinion one of if not the best Battlefield game to date.
  29. Jul 13, 2014
    Battlefield 4 is the sequel to the game Battlefield 4 which shook up the FPS genre and made room for competition. Sadly enough Battlefield 4 lacks at certain moments, the singleplayer was made without much thought and contains game-breaking bugs here and there. The multiplayer is OK, but is also buggy, and worse than BF3's multiplayer. I liked the underwater areas in MP though. There is no obvious graphical inprovement, so you are better off sticking to Battlefield 3. Also, there's no 32bit support for older machines. Expand
  30. Jul 11, 2014
    Most of a year after release: 1/2 the time, the game crashes as it tries to find a server. About 20 minutes before the game crashes WHEN in game It requires dlc and you shall find servers more limited if you don't buy them. Usually no team balancing, so 1/2 the time, servers will be unbalanced in terms of skill and no fun. BUT - when the campaign isn't crashing, it is satisfying (if only that was a larger part of the experience) Expand
  31. Jul 11, 2014
    DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!!!!!!! Single player is soooo generic, but that's not what people buy this for. MULTIPLAYER: This is the worst FPS game I have EVER played! Crashes, long load times and, unless you are willing to pay to unlock all the weapons, you will do nothing more than Spawn, Die, [Deploy] and Die again! Constant disconnects and rubber-banding plague this game. Worst £45 I have spent in recent months, and I bought COD:Ghosts..... Expand
  32. Jul 10, 2014
    I know that the game had huge problems at release, but it looks great at the moment and I would recommend to try it! I think most of the vanila maps are great and with the upcoming CTE changes (Rush rebalance) the game will be even more great!
    Most of the major problems are fixed, people who say they aren't haven't played the game or just want to complain about something...
  33. Jul 7, 2014
    As a gamer I feel ashamed to have contributed to the culture of defective products with a pretty face, BF4 for PS3 crashes randomly over and over, it's frustrating, along with the hit detection working when it pleases, so, this is the last game I ever buy from this franchise.

    We should require finished products, not betas and paying insane amount of money for products that are gonna be
    patched like a crack whore. It should be a fun game, it is not, it is frustrating. Expand
  34. Jul 7, 2014
    The Battlefield franchise has it's ups and downs. In this case, for Battlefield 4 has sure pleased me. Battlefield 4 is a "First Person Shooter (FPS)" and is FILLED with action and pure excitement. I have played this game for around 200 hours and I must say that it is a well-balanced game, but does contain bugs.

    When this game first launched in it's Beta, it had uncountable problems.
    Network issues, game issues, absolutely terrible service, and overall a bad experience. Now although DICE, the developers of Battlefield 4, has fixed most of these issues after the initial release of the product, it still contains issues to this day.

    DICE is constantly trying to improve, but doesn't allow room for that to happen. Recently, in the upcoming game "Battlefield: Hardline," a new developer team "Visceral" has teamed up with DICE and took control of the new product. They initialized an 'Open Beta' for the game and I got a chance to play it. It is going to be a great game and there were not many bugs, but I will save that review for another time. While DICE is a great team, Visceral beats DICE at least in the support department because they were really open to criticism and suggestions, which DICE is coming shy of.

    So while this game has it's ups and downs, I think it does deserve more attention as they are always improving it. I'd suggest it to a friend.
  35. Jul 1, 2014
    Zero stars is too many.

    I'm probably old for a gamer having played all the original battlefields up to BF3. I haven't played any since and there was a half off offer on the game so I figured what the hell, lets give it a try. I tried playing the single player missions but found myself getting bored quickly.

    Fast forward several months. I figure today is the day I'll give the
    multiplayer a shot. After hearing all sorts of issues with the BF4 launch, I hoped by now they could have sorted out the kinks. First of all, to play the game you have to download a huge patch. Then you try and launch the game, but that doesnt work because you have download another stupid patch for the browser. Whoever thought that gamers want to use internet explorer to play your game should be fired. Anyway, I get the browser plugin working and now I'm trying to launch a game - any game. Just to see if this is worth a second more of my time. No you can't launch that game, you need to buy an expansion pack. Oh great - click another server same sh*t.

    Keep clicking on servers until I find one that doesn't ask me to buy another expansion pack. 30 seconds later the game launches and I click the spawn button. Three seconds later I'm kicked to desktop with a friendly message: Service Communication Failure: PnkBstrA.exe. Rinse and repeat this 3 more times. Now lets try googling around to see if there are any answers on how to fix this problem, people are suggesting to disable windows firewall. Ok lets give that a go - oh that didn't work either. Lets try downloading punkbuster directly - why in gods name am I having to download this myself is beyond comprehension for a multimillion dollar blockbuster title like BF4.

    Now to recap, this is a game with crap single player (can't say I was surprised), and multiplayer that doesn't even work. So not only was this a ripoff at half off - but at any price.
  36. Jun 30, 2014
    Awesome game, maps are unreal and unmatched. I do miss the Rush of old too. And the pay for unlocks is a big :(
    Still wish they would ditch Battlelog too, I cbf
  37. Jun 28, 2014
    game is no good I go back to COD, how is that a pistol beat a LMG? you have to shot twice a person to kill him with a sniper rifle, and then you have to struggle to get to the next gun and do the same thing as the one before, that not happens in COD, this is a huge disappointment. and for get attachments its up hill with some guns in COD you have coins so you kill people get coins and buy attachments or guns fast is more fun Expand
  38. Jun 27, 2014
    It would be a good game but, the most of the content is only for premiums... or for those that bought the DLCs. So the problem with this game is the publisher: EA ... :P
  39. Jun 26, 2014
    Re writing my review. Many of the bugs are now removed. Unfortunately it still uses Origin which doesn't so I cant give it a higher rating as the game is hampered by the poor delivery method. However, the game now realises the potential of the excellent game engine.

    With the full range of DLC the game has a lot more variety and comes into its own.

    The use of jets is still
    problematic and never really got well integrated into the game and hacking continues to be the greatest problem of the game.

    However, a new feature addresses one of the most fundamental problems of the previous game. Hit detection and other issues often referred to as "the crap netcode". While not being a panacea this has certainly helped a lot. There is still a huge amount of hacking and sadly many servers seem to allow it. A more pro active server admin community could have helped to nip this early but generally speaking server admins seem to have been poor caretakers of BF4.

    Cheats will always be one step ahead but if you can find a good server and find a way through the mess that is origin to buy the game (or simply get your codes elsewhere and redeem them). Then BF4 is now a mature title that is a must have for any fps fan. There really is nothing like the Frostbyte 2 Engine and even the new hardline doesn't use it nearly so well.

    If it wasn't for the problematic Origin then this would be a 10 from me.
  40. Jun 22, 2014
    I bought it at discount from Origin June 2014. The multi-player aspect is really phenomenal. I haven't played the campaign much but it looked more than decent.

    I know the game shipped unfinished and Dice lost an opportunity to dazzle and wow players because of it. But the game I started playing is brilliant.
  41. Jun 21, 2014
    Remember how good Battlefield 3 was? me too. Don't get me wrong, if you are looking for your fix of Battlefield or just an FPS in general, Battlefield 4 delivers that experience, very inconsistently.

    Still to this day you will join a server on BF4 and there will be players gliding across the screen due to a horrible connection, you will be piling bullets into peoples faces for them
    just to turn around and drop you like a sack of bricks.

    Now EA and DICE have rolled out patch after patch, steadily the game is getting better but still, to be this far into the game and still to have some major problems? that's unacceptable. The one thing you will notice though, is that all of these problems are server based.

    If you can get beyond the inconsistencies of the game connection, there is still a lot of fun to be had. The graphics are as usual, brilliant, the audio through-out the game is incredible, seriously, play a game of large conquest with some headphones on, I guarantee you, you may soil yourself. OK maybe not, but you get the jist of it.

    I gave Battlefield a 6/10 for a reason. Had I done this review a few months back, the score would of been a lot lower and you could possibly say that I could return to this review in a few months and the game will be worth a higher rating. I seriously doubt you will be disappointed if you are a Battlefield fan and you have yet to pick this up, the game still give you hours of entertainment, even more if you get a group of friends on.

    Just beware of those damn servers.
  42. Jun 15, 2014
    After buying BF4 with Expansion packs, I've had to endure rampant bugs and broken promises. Enough is enough. Not worth a dime. Dice lies over and over and fails to make any meaningful fixes to the game.
  43. Jun 15, 2014
    Probably the worst battlefield I've ever bought. Videos shown while loading levels in SP stutter to the point of unviewable. In MP, gameplay mechanics are unresponsive, laggy, and unbalanced, even 8 months after release, BF3 plays a lot better than BF4. I'm going back to playing BF3, arguably the last good recent BF.
  44. Jun 14, 2014
    Well, the price of the game still is very high for the real value, the graphics are oddly lower than Battlefield 3 ones, don't ask me why, and the scenarios and maps are not so detailed like in BF3, the loadings of the game are extremely long for no reason, and there are much more bugs in BF4, bugs that compromise the physics of the game, that are not so good too, the story is very simple and direct with a short campaing of 4-5 hours, i personally liked the voice acting and the gameplay but the game leaves much to be desired, the game doesn't worth all the money that we paid, at least the developers are still trying to fix the game problems, some problems like the netcode have already been fixed. If the game is finally fixed i will rewrite this review. Thanks for the attention and sorry for my english. Expand
  45. Jun 14, 2014
    Bad bad. very bad two step back///// EA games s**** and ruined all
    Too quick death all always running and death ..... to quick..... burn burn burn damned EA
  46. Jun 13, 2014
    To me, the priority of a game is bring fun. And indeed you will have fun with BF4, however the game have so many bugs and problems that your frustrations will prevail 90% of the time and at the end of the round (if you don't rage/quit) you probably will be very angry.
  47. Jun 13, 2014
    It's a shame BF4 has so many negative reviews, I can understand that anyone who pays for this game expects everything to be working 100% ie: servers / online settings the day they buy it.

    My experience has been quite different, I purchased BF4 several months after it was released and I have to say its brilliant. Smooth clean amazing graphics, sounds are just brilliant, and visual
    effects such as lights and particles as usual are a big exagerated but make it awesome.

    I found the Campaign to be extremely well balanced and fun. Characters voices and animations and acting, the atmosphere, the different scenarios and the general gameplay are just brilliant.

    I've also been playing the Multiplayer for several months now, it's what I expected to be with some tweaks, upgrades and really fun levels to play. I loved unlocking all the assault rifles and light machine guns. I did not run into any major bugs and contrary to many reviews I really enjoyed the levels even compared to BF3.
  48. Jun 11, 2014
    This is my third time reviewing this game. First one was on the actual day of the launch (gave it a 9/10), and the other was few months after (6/10). This update is post- "netcode patch", more information at (A bit of background of myself, irrelevant in a sense, skip if you want to) I wouldn't be ashamed to admit that I am a Battlefield fanboy, even though my first fps game was CoD 4. My "Battlefield experience" started with Battlefield 3, with 1/2 a thousand hours put into it. I joined in BF4's beta and played consecutively (every day) until the day it ended, then i got the full game, and kept on playing since.


    Battlefield 4 is simply a reboot of Battlefield 3, except with much better graphics (this is controversial & subjective however, which i won't want to get too in depth on), better gameplay (?), as well as a much better experience in general (again, this is subjective).

    What i really liked about Battlefield 4 is the all-out infantry & vehicle warfare, something that very few FPS out there is able to provide. This game touches quite a bit on the aspect of teamwork, as well as gunplay (ability to control the recoil of your gun, manage your shots, accuracy, etc).

    Being as transparent as i possibly can, this game has really improved a lot since its launch. The recent "netcode patch" increased the tick rate of the game by a slight bit, which indeed did affect the smoothness of the game. At least to a point where kill trades or deaths behind cover/wall are reduced by a significant amount. The netcode issues are arguably the most prevalent and predominant issue in the game right now and since launch.

    I genuinely recommend getting this game, especially if you have a couple of friends, it is extremely fun and addicting.
  49. Jun 9, 2014
    Great shooter. I think it's much better than the previous installment. To make a long story short "Just enjoy the game"! Graphics are amazing but the foliage is not so beautiful however,
  50. Jun 8, 2014
    Game has terrible netcode. I am making this update after the much talked about netcode update. It's still a bad game overall, a few good ideas like carbines and DMR's for all classes but really nothing is improved in this game. BF3 is better in every way, and goes on sale often. Get that instead, more people populate the BF3 servers than BF4 at any time anyway.
  51. Jun 8, 2014
    I've been playing this franchise since 1942 beta (over 10 years), but have left it due to such a sloppy and release. It's too bad because the game had such potential, but it literally unplayable. There is a 75 page thread on EA regarding ATI cards having memory leaks that locks up the game, and it has still not been fixed.

    On top of that, rush seems to get worse with each release. Bad
    Company 2 had the best rush but it just keeps getting worse to the point of not even being worth it.

    I am an extremely patient person to the point where I've been called a saint for the things I've put up, but I've run out of patience for this. Congrats EA in living up to your "most evil company" award 2 years in a row! You took a storied franchise and messed it up.
  52. Jun 8, 2014
    After the recent "netcode(tickrate)" patch, this game has become a marvelous game. It was already fantastic basically, but it was just broken and therefore many have hated the game. Still some servers with drastical lags, but in decent servers, game is so enjoyable. Everything is so fine and various. I was fan of flying helis and jets, but now i enjoy infantry combats very much, and as they say "only in battlefield". I can play what i want as i want. Fantastic game.. BF4 didn't deserve any rates and scores 6-7 months ago, cos it's broken, and i don't think a broken game should be rated, but now i give 9 because now it's pretty stable and i find the game awesome. Expand
  53. Jun 3, 2014
    BUUUUURN EA/DICE for making this CRAP!!!!! Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrnnnnnn!!!!!! I will never forgive them for making a game THIS halfassed! . .
  54. Jun 3, 2014
    half a year later and a couple of months gameplay, and still a couple of problems on multiplayer. dont buy, waste of money, nothing new on campaign and multiplayer is just a mess(disconnections / unable to join).
  55. Jun 3, 2014
    Battlefield 4 is the best game shooter until now. Excelent Muiltiplayer !!!
    great grafics
    the only problem are the DLC´s. You must have the Premium account to enjoy all maps. Why pay 2 times the same product ?
  56. Jun 3, 2014
    I tried to give it time, hoped it would be patched, but no that hasn't happened yet. It's a buggy piece of **** very frustrating to play. BF3 was excellent this is not, last time I will purchase a BF game.
  57. May 30, 2014
    Don't waste your time on this glitchy and badly optimized ****
    Battlefield 3 was few times better and worked perfectly (i7 3770k, gtx 770, 16gb ram, etc.)
  58. May 30, 2014
    I've pretty much boycotted E.A. after DA2 and the mess that was ME3 but I got this game free with a graphics card. It has good things; graphics, physics and sound (although slightly bugged sometimes). However the gameplay is a step back form BF2 and 3 (also got 3 free) and wiffs too much of Call of Duty. In single player if you shoot an enemy in the face be prepared for them to get straight back up and shoot at you and this is more irritating than the Ai possessing the ability to warp in new baddies like something from bloody star trek. So sod the single player (gave up half was as it was too mind numbing - story wasn't engaging enough to warrant such miserable whack-a-mole game mechanics). The multi-player is better but still not great (I have more fun on Planetside2 or Ghost Recon for example), something about the gun mechanics and movement just don't fit right (weapon feedback seems more like COD than previous games to me). Although I haven't experienced the worst of the "netcode" issues, i've seen enough to put me off playing any more. And I will get on record that running a game through your web browser is still not as easy as booting THE BLOODY GAME IN THE FIRST PLACE! Honestly no joke dice, just stop it. A UI is supposed to be easy and intuitive, not hidden between layer of useless stats and DLC adverts. Battlelog needs to die in a fire. Expand
  59. May 28, 2014
    This game is full of problems. I don't even know where to start.
    How about the fact that I got this with my Radeon R9 graphics card for free and it still is horribly flawed and it's on the border of hatred?
    The main reason this game is horrible is because this game is carrying a **** ton of bugs that DICE and EA are ignoring. Oh, and also, the single player is a broken piece of ****.

    And also the maps are boring and the levolutions are nothing to **** your pants over.
    Basically, what I'm saying is to not buy this game.
    There are only a few things holding this game up, such as the graphics and the fact that it's not as bad as Call of Duty.
  60. May 27, 2014
    Battlefield 4 makes it obvious from the get-go that it values graphics over everything else. And the graphics are nothing short of stunning. But as EA should know by now, stunning visuals and sound effects don't make a game. And Battlefield 4's HD experience is ruined by the unstable game engine, slow matchmaking and server connections, dodgy connections in general, and the constant pestering to give EA more money.

    I don't believe for one second that microtransactions and DLC are inherently bad. But how they're implemented can either enhance the game and make the developers a lot more money, or can completely ruin the experience. In Battlefield 4, it's the latter. It's one thing to include a microtransaction system in a free-to-play game. But when your game costs $60 USD, you're already pushing it. BF4 continues to be updated with expansion packs, which cost $15 each. Sure, you can just not buy them- but good luck finding a server that doesn't require them! Even servers playing on stock BF4 maps still regularly reject players who do not have the expansion packs installed. Players can also pay money to skip leveling (a feature common across almost all next-gen titles, unfortunately) and get a "premium membership" where their XP earned is doubled. This trend of "double XP" modes in games has already made the EXP/leveling system pop up in games where you'd least expect it as a cheap cop-out way to add microtransactions into the game. The worst part of paying to skip leveling is the massive number of inexperienced little kids running around with all the best weapons in the game because they got a hold of their mom's credit card. It totally ruins the balance of the game.

    On top of all that, Battlefield 4 just isn't that much different from its predecessor to warrant me forking over $60, or more like $100+ if I actually want to play. Levelution is naught but a gimmick. 90% of the time, levelution-based changes to the map are purely aesthetic and hardly affect gameplay at all. And when you consider how slow the server connections are, even on the fastest fiber optic connections, and how buggy and unstable the game is, you're better off sticking to BF3.
  61. May 23, 2014
    Well if you are starving for a full released game BF4 is not the game you are looking for. In comparison to BF4, BF3 Netcode seems near perfect even if it isn't any close to it.
    So this beta-state game BF4 with 100$ pay to rage guarranty because all guys have to be like these guys in "wanted" and shoot around corners.
    In the end you just make up excuses for all this money why you haven't
    already stopped playing this ****

    May serve all graphic whores but nothing more. Campaign is also pretty "meh".
  62. May 21, 2014
    The Positives:

    This game is a fun cruize from the wonder the 3rd gave us. The weapons feels better and its more fun to unlock new ones, contrasting the 3rd game where i lost track of my unlocks at level 70. On top of that, the amount of customisations have been grately fleshed out. The weapons feels more personal as a result, which is a great improvement. The levolution is amazing, much
    more fun than the (Lets be fair now) underwhelming destructables the third tried to blow us away with. The atmosphere is beautiful, not as good as the trailers made it out to be, but i can live with it. And its still much better than the third game, which always made me feel like having a sudden faint on a painfully bright summer day. Love the new cover mechanic, very usefull in tight corner situations, makes operation metro actually playable. The game constantly keeps you on your toes, 9 minutes each team deathmach makes the game easy to just pick upp and play 30 minutes before going to work

    The Negtatives:

    I absolutely HATE the constant crashes on dawnbraker, its simply a disaster thet these ones still happens 6 MONTHS AFTER ITS RELEASE!. But most of the negative aspects for me rests on the fact that this game underdelivers, considering its heritage. For example, (and this was a problem in the third game as well). The maps arent realy that big. Remember Bandar Desert in Battlefield 3? It was said to be the biggest map in battlefield history. My main point is, that that should be the OVERALL size of ALL the maps in both these games. Where did the MASSIVE areas that Battlefield 1942 gave us go? The game is called Battlefield! So where is the battleFIELDS?! On top of that, the conquests are way to short. A conquest lasts most times only 15 minutes. 15 MINUTES! What the hell! A Battlefield 1942 game could clock into over 40 minutes. A big letdown to those who hoped that the grapical wonders of this new game would go with the franchise an actually improve the game on all aspects

    This game is still a great shooter game. Its still fun to play. The weapons feels better and most of the gameplay mechanics are an improvement from the third game. The downside is the crashes that should have been fixed long ago, preferable BEFORE RELEASE. The maps are small compared to the older games. The music is still a load of farting noices barely recembeling the epic trumpet of battlefield 1942. And the maps is still way to small to overcome the feeling that game gave us. I know it's bold to compare this with so much older games, but my point is that this game should not be outowned by the old battlefield 1942 i ANY AREAS. Overall, a good, unfortunately underwhelming, shooter that keeps you on your toes and never gets boring to play.

    PS: In the 5th game, i expect to be able to control SHIP CRUIZERS! Don't disapoint me.
  63. May 19, 2014
    what the **** people!!!! 10/10,9/10,8/10 are ****ing kidding me? this game is average at best because of the glitches and the bugs and if you fix the glitches and bugs all you are left with is battlefield 3.0. its not bad but it sure as **** does not deserve a 9 or 10/10. use you ****ing minds!!!
  64. May 18, 2014
    This game is good.
    Everything is fine , eccept GLITCHES and CRASHES on PC.
    It's the worst thing in this game.
    And i don't like the "premium" option , it's like a season pass.
    What ever. a good game. But not has good then Battlefield 3.
  65. May 15, 2014
    Tried this again now 7 months after release and it's still a buggy mess. I get frequent culling of sounds that then suddenly pop up when the kill cam displays(such as helicopters coming in behind me). Kill cam seems to display the wrong character many times(or else there is something really weird going on).

    Server availability is now outrageously poor unless you have DLCs.
  66. May 11, 2014
    I gave it 5/10 because of the graphics. That's it. Lots of crashes, boring maps. Mantle doesn't work the way it was advertized. Servers are full of exploiters/cheaters EA won't do anything against. It's hard to enjoy this game without playing it in hardcore mode because of that. The netcode is not on par with a game that is supposed to be at the top of PC gaming. Bought the premium edition and haven't even found the courage to try the last DLC which is told to blow like the two others that came before. Expand
  67. May 7, 2014
    if i would have needed to write a review about BF4 the first 3 months i would give it a rating of 4 Max, cause Dice released a game which was broken and unfinished at best. Most of us had constant crashes all over the place and we coudlnt even finish a single round.
    After now a good 6+ Month we have to admit that they finally fixed most most of the stuff, (insane long time period thou)
    ... So those issues aside, BF4 is great to play if you love teamplay, however the the whole release is more like a BF3 DLC with a new name, graphics didnt get much better and the levolution they announced sooo big is more a fake, its tru big building fall, but its always the same so there is no AI to it, its more like a general map has two stages, one with all in tact, and one where most of the environment is destroyed. All over still a great game, but they way it was sold to us, and they horrible state it was delivered, should give them a big downrating, cause afterall it was a big cheat, imho Expand
  68. May 5, 2014
    Dear god the gunplay is the most atrocious I have ever experienced in any first person shooter ever. The netcode is TERRIBLE, it has largely remained unchanged since launch. I highly doubt DICE will ever be able to fix it due to complex technical issues being so deeply rooted into the game code.
    To add to the above, there is a suppression mechanic which involves screen blur, weapon recoil
    increase and optic sway. Then there is visual recoil where your optic doesn't actually reflect where your bullets are going. Then there is flinching which makes your gun randomly jump every time you're hit. The combination of all of this means BF4 completely fails the "shooter" part of "first person shooter".

    3/10 for the sheer ambition, scope and variance in gameplay and vehicle combat. I will not forgive DICE/EA for knowingly releasing a massively unfinished product, then following it up with claims that the game was ready for release. As of May 2014, Battlefield 4 is still unfinished (in my opinion) and has some way to go before it could be called a polished product.
  69. May 5, 2014
    If you like previous Battlefield games but also appreciate some of the fast paced, close quarters combat of the CS/CoD franchises, this is the game for you. I have played every Battlefield (save BF3) and while the map designs took some getting used to they are a ton of fun. Vehicles still play a prominent role as in all other BF titles and they are for the most part all well done, plus if you decide to play mostly as infantry you'll enjoy yourself as well.

    I love the weapon upgrade system as it lets you make real, meaningful changes to your weapon. The wide variety of optics and muzzle/grip enhancements allow you to tailor any weapon to your style of play. The amount of customization in this game can seem overwhelming at first but you'll quickly learn what gadgets support what you want to do in game.

    The singleplayer, however, is terrible. Poor depiction of military, unrealistic/stupid actions by NPCs, and a story I struggled to care about: buy this purely for the multiplayer. And if you get it buy the Premium addon too. The map packs are great!
  70. May 2, 2014
    I'm basing the game off the multiplayer experience. The single-player was a half-hour Call of Duty trailer where you keep wondering what the hell the mission is about. I give the game a 1. PROS: - Beautiful graphics Cons: -Dying behind corners constantly -"Trading kills" 95% of the time I die. -I've seen my sniper bullets literally go through my enemy's head, he wasn't even injured.
    -Vehicle collisions are the worst. A dirtbike could slightly nudge your tank and you would go all over the place. Mario Karts on the N64 has better vehicle physics
    - The Attack Helicopter is still a flying coffin to this date
    - AA can destroy air vehicles at enemy spawn, even when the AA is at his own spawn on most maps.
    - AA is still overpowered
    - Developers have given up on the game and are going to announce a new one. Last patch was 2 months ago and this game has an endless list of bugs
    -Childish, Hello Kitty and Spongebob vehicle camos. I didn't buy BF4 to watch other kids live out their anime dream in a military shooter.
    - Most people either crash, freeze, or have low FPS (not me anymore)
    - AC130. Why? Not only is it on like every map, it is almost unstoppable. There is still a glitch (that lasted 2+ patches) where you're AC10 rockets don't register on the enemy and where enemy jets/helis can't damage you even when direct shots are fired.


    They had countless opportunities to fix the game even if EA did "rush them". Still haven't. Do not ever pre-order an EA or DICE game.
  71. May 1, 2014
    The new water system, dynamic maps, commander mode, and the improved effects are nice in Battlefield 4, but EA needs to slow down with the DLC. a high-end title should get no more than 3 DLC's, and DLC should be for an efficient price, and have actual content to offer. There are still many bugs in the game, even after the beta.
  72. Apr 29, 2014
    Un juego buenisimo mucho mejor que la mier... de cod su antecesor tambien un juego buenisimo la verdad me encanto el battlefield sus graficos y sobre todo el intenso multiplayer que es asombroso
  73. Apr 29, 2014
    It's been 2 months now and things just keep getting worse with each update. Don't believe me? Go check the Battlefield/Battlelog forums yourself. Hundreds, if not thousands of posts with problems and people wanting their money back.
  74. Apr 28, 2014
    I have brought this game in the last few weeks and from where i'm seen it this game had a lot of glitches in the past and of course more in his launch but nowadays it is a very fun and full of resources game which i'm not seeing any glitch or bug recently, Battlefield 4 IS a hell of a game, with mechanics and a refined fps model who made this game the best fps in the market by far. I agree that glitches are annoying but I see and believe this issue's being resolved. Expand
  75. Apr 28, 2014
    A fun and enjoyable enough military shooter. The campaign is suprisingly decent but, the thing you buy Battlefield multiplayer. It is fun but, it lags too often which is a big issue. Overall, good game.
  76. Apr 26, 2014
    I beta tested Battlefield 4, so i know about almost every glitch that the game has had, it took me almost 2 days to get the game stable enough to play. Because of this I was sketchy about getting the game altogether, that and also the reviews about how messed up the game is. However, I just recently purchased the game and I am happy to announce that the game is now working very well. I have not run into any crashes or crippling glitches since I have purchased the game, The worst Ive had yet is a clipping issue here and there, but overall it works great! The game itself is awesome I recommend it fully. Expand
  77. Apr 23, 2014
    A huge fan of Battlefield franchise is frustrated from Battlefield 4 speaking to his heart. I couldn't encounter perfect applies of the previous Battlefields. Battlefield 4 contains technical problems-bugs, poor service, mechanics cannot fit to Battlefield 4's benefits.
  78. Apr 22, 2014
    Can't even launch it. $30 gone. Nothing more to say. And good old EA wont gimme my cash back. Time to cry and go back to playing DayZ. I run DayZ on very high, cant even get into a server with BF4
  79. Apr 21, 2014
    I loved battlefield 3. I logged over 200 hours in it. Then they came out with this unfinished steaming turd, and never finished it. I hate almost everything about this game. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Not even a person I hate. The worst people on earth don't deserve having to play this god awful **** stain on gaming. I normally make informed decisions about games. I've loved, or at least really liked almost every game that I've paid full price for. This is the one exception. I can't believe that I pre-ordered, and was actually excited for this game at one point. My hopes were completely dashed. And I can't even resell it because it's digital. This is the only game I've paid full price for that I regret buying 100%. And I bought mercenaries 2. At least that game had some fun elements to it. I don't know if I'm getting the next battlefield game or not. But either way, I'm approaching the next game with caution, not enthusiasm. Expand
  80. Apr 19, 2014
    biggest disappointment and i totally regret buying it day one, for this day i am never buying another EA game. the game was a mess when it launched and it still is today.
  81. Apr 18, 2014
    It's really a shame that they released BF4 so unfinished. It still has problems. I hope they fix them like they did with Battlefield 3, but Battlefield 4 was released a year too early.

    Still, it's the best multiplayer shooter out there. Second to none. I wish people wouldn't cry so much about bugs in-game, they should really concentrate on playing. Usually the whiners don't have a very
    good K/D or SPM. It's really not that bad now (spring 2014) as it was on release. DICE has still a lot of work to do, though. Naval Strike is fun as hell, best DLC so far.

    Single player was very boring, but who cares.
  82. Apr 17, 2014
    Had high hopes for this game however it was a bit of a letdown. Not to say it is all bad though, when the game works, its amazing. But more often than not you spawn into game without a gun, get killed seconds after hiding behind cover, audio cuts off, unload a whole magazine into someone 2 feet away looking the opposite direction yet not getting 1 hit marker, rubber banding every couple feet ect.

    What could have been an amazing game was clearly pushed out the door before it was complete. So you essentially paid full price for a game that is still in development, and even now 6 months after they are the game is still full of bugs that have not been addressed. And if you were part of the unlucky ones who paid 60 dollars for a "full" game plus another 50 for the premium service you paid 110 dollars for a game that 6 months after launch is still not fully functioning as intended, something that should have been sorted out before they take your money.

    But as I said, when it works, its amazing. Graphics are beautiful with some additions that just seemed like gimmics and where poorly thought out. Outside of operation locker your screen will go completely white as the snow storm kicks in which doesn't allow you to see anything. The sandstorm while looks cool from a gameplay perspective is completely pointless as you are just looking at a dirty screen with little triangles off in the distance. Gunplay is inconsistent you can get 1 shotted by someone yet at the same time you can empty magazine landing every bullet and not 1 hit marker. So the gunplay doesn't boil down to skill but rather is determined by luck and the engine if it wants to work properly or not.

    I wanted to like this game so much however I cannot justify the price tag of a AAA title that is nonfunctioning. Before the game was released I was one of those who watched the interviews and read up all about it about how much better BF4 is going to be than BF3. About how much more responsive the gameplay will feel and how much better the netcode is. It was described as "magic", "snappy", and "responsive". All of which was a lie, that is what BF4 feels like to me, a lie. What was promised and paid for in full price was never delivered.
  83. Apr 16, 2014
    My god this game is so fuking broken and a bug fest.This game is an hybrid between BF and Cod.........
    If you are an old school battlefield player DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!!!!!!!
  84. Apr 16, 2014
    This game is by far the best shooter of 2014 (even though it was released in 2013), Sure the single player is Awful, but I've seen much worse, plus who buys Battlefield for the single player, you buy battlefield for it's amazing multiplayer, the huge maps, the 32 vs 32 wars, the vehicular combat and improved infantry combat, Battlefield 4 is a huge improvement over Battlefield 3 in almost every way, sure at the time of the launch the game was extremely buggy and crashed a lot, but battlefield 3 wasn't different it also was buggy at the release, it's been fixed and so will Battlefield 4 be.
    I would extremely recommend buying it.
  85. Apr 15, 2014
    This game has so much DLC map crap that it's a pain in the ass trying to find a server for standard edition. The server recommendation is always sending me to empty servers despite checking that there should be 1-5 slots left. Game runs like dog **** for a computer that exceeds the recommended computer specs. On medium settings it looks like a playstation 2 game. The game plays and feels like BF3. I wouldn't and couldn't even play it if it was given our for free. Expand
  86. Apr 15, 2014
    Battlefield 4 is a disgusting game, its not even fun. It has no fluid gameplay and it is one of the worst experiences you will ever have with FPS. Its not that youre bad, but the fact that the engine can NOT keep up with 32 man servers. The hit registration and lag are so bad that you will teleport into the ground of a map and die. Its that stupid. There are thousands of invisible bullet walls around corners, fences, etc. Once I ran over a barrel and I committed suicide. I have experienced new spheres of rage since experiencing Battlefield 4. Thats another $120 down the drain, please kill me for buying Premium. Expand
  87. Apr 14, 2014
    Another great example, that EA is a money-grubbing company. They have taken BF3, have done a 1.5 hours singleplayer-campaign which has 5% Gameplay 15% Bugs and 80% Script Sequences, then they have taken the old Frostbite-Engine and have integrated 2 new codes in it, then they have copied the old multiplayer (only bugs and a few maps were added). At the end they have placed it in the market. I pay 60€ for the game (Yes i am european) and then 60€ for Premium. And then 80€ for "new" (Day One....or two) DLCS. Wonderful.

    Sorry for translation errors.
  88. Apr 14, 2014
    Can be a good Game .. but is not a good game.

    To many Bugs and Cheaters.

    And EA/Dice is ignoring the whole community They wont and do not improve or fix the game.
    EA / Dice just wants players monay.
  89. Apr 13, 2014
    This game is amazing. Everyone whines because they have to actually WORK to get their guns, and work for their vehicles, hell, they WANT a pay to win model. Battlefield isn't about that, battlefield is about playing for long periods. I will agree, they need to work on disconnect problems and I agree that unlocking could go a little faster, but 99% of the people who are whining with their 0/10 review simply get killed all the time and blame the game. That's the bottom line. Expand
  90. Apr 12, 2014
    Good points: Fun, challenging, lots of maps, destructive environment and weapon/vehicle selection good.
    Bad points: Lack of variety in game modes during online play, still buggy, can't see much progress since BF3.
    Overall an enjoyable experience but still much of the same.
  91. Apr 11, 2014
    An absolute wreck! This game has the worst performance optimizations that I have ever seen since Ubisoft's Splintercell conviction! I'm talking about poor GPU utilization and massive amounts of stuttering. Although the stuttering has gone down quite a bit. Yet it is still there. My system is quite capable. It's able to run Crysis 3 maxed settings, 30fps, at 1080p. Yet, it fails to perform on bf4. In which case i blame EA's rush to beat COD GHOST. I do not mind the glitches in the game - i find it funny. It's just the **** performance/optimization that's bugging me.

    Gameplay wise the game delivers.
  92. Apr 10, 2014
    Extremely poorly designed game. Its obvious all effort was put into the art department and the marketing, because the gameplay is a step back in every way from BF3. The technical shortcomings are also staggering, to the point that the game is still effectively non-functional, even after 6+ months.

    From my standpoint, BF4 is the end of the franchise. The ill will this disaster of a
    game has created for DICE/EA has destroyed the Battlefield for the fans of the games. I would be willing to bet, from this point on, we will see BF head in a Freemium/casual direction. There is no hope anyone will be willing to spend the 120$ pricetag again, in a year when BF5 will be released. Expand
  93. Apr 9, 2014
    Nice graphics and audio, but horrible gameplay. Games won't load, hits won't register, guns don't fire and maps randomly crash/forces you to restart. Many months after release, bugs are still all over the place. Netcode feels like you're playing Quake on a 28.8 baud modem in 1995.

    There's hardly any difference compared to BF3 either, so if you own that there is little reason to upgrade,
    except for the new maps. Expand
  94. Apr 9, 2014
    EA is the worst american company and that is a very good reason for that. They put a lot of effort to win that title and Battlefield 4 is a great example of that.
    EA released a game that they knew was full of bugs and broken a lot of investors sold their companies shares right before the release.
    They don't care about you they are the cancer of this industry and if you buy this game you
    are just telling them: "I like to f*cked in the ass with a fire extiguinsher". Expand
  95. Apr 5, 2014
    The game launch was pretty bad as many have said. The game also has new bugs with every update. With all that said, this is my favorite military shooter. No one else is making a game with this size and scope. I've heard Planetside but it didn't seem as polished and fun.

    Tanks, boats, jets, mobile AA, helicopters and many players populate massive maps that dwarfs any other shooter.

    Tons of guns, gadgets and accessories to choose from also add to the overall size of the game.

    Graphics and sound is top notch, and I can't even run it abover med/high settings.

    As stated, the game has some problems and bugs. Some frustrating balance issues from time to time with vehicles and such. None fully break it for me, and I play a ton of it. This game is worth every penny.
  96. Apr 4, 2014
    Naval Strike Update: Oh look, the third DLC is out and the game is buggier, laggier, and crashes more than ever. Knocking off what few points I had given it before.
  97. Apr 4, 2014
    Things are getting better in this game, some improvements are being made but I still think BF3 still takes the lead fair and square on the User Ratings. I have two things on my mind that could vastly improve the gameplay and that's 1. Balance the AIR,GROUND,SEA Vehicles/Planes. 2. Give us some better guns, I mean you have the AK's covered for sure but the AR game is mucked up, the M4 shoots only Semi and Burst... wtf is that! They always put a stupid HK416 piston gun in the game for once put a LWRC M6 varient or even a LMT MRP, If your going to go Direct Impingement go Noveske or KAC. Other than that they still has some issues with hackers and getting hung up on broken tree stumps and collapsed buildings is a new annoying things to deal with. Expand
  98. Apr 3, 2014
    This game is a barrage or problems and bugs. Levolution is a gimmick as each event is scripted and uninteresting. Hit detection is horrid and getting shot behind walls a constant reminder that the game is indeed broken. It has been nearly 6 months since its release and there are still major bugs, like rubber banding (

    Save yourself some frustration and pass up on this game.
  99. Apr 3, 2014
    Again, we can see a lot of bias coming from critics. How is it that the fans give it an average score of 6, but reviewers like IGN and Machinima give it an 8 or 9? Well, the answer is money, that's the bottom line. Machinima stands to make a great deal of money on sponsored youtube channels that show BF4 gameplay (notice BF4 doesn't have nearly the amount of content creators as BF3...why do you think that is?)

    EA DICE buys millions in adspace from IGN, so it's no surprise their review is entirely irrelevant and biased.

    So, here's a completely unbiased review from an actual Battlefield fan - one who has owned every single iteration of the franchise to-date:

    The is probably the worst launch of a AAA title I have ever seen. It is entirely unconscionable that the game was shipped in such a broken state. The bugs range from unusual to game-breaking, and you don't have to look very far at all to find them. While BF3 felt rushed with its short development schedule, huge list of features that were never fully realized - not to mention promises that were never delivered, it is nothing compared to the state of BF4.

    Several developers have anonymously stated that although they knew the game had not passed QA (what we used to call bugtesting), they went ahead and shipped the game anyway.

    Whatever happened to finishing a project before you sold it. EA / DICE has gone over the line with this game, they've sold half a product with a promise to fix the rest later. A promise only delivered after a huge backlash against their broken game. I have since abandoned it, and I would caution anyone who values their money to avoid this title. Premium is a joke, as the DLC maps are - unsurprisingly - unfinished. Jets that can't take off on the runways, areas of the maps where models do not clip properly, MAJOR netcode issues, major vehicle unbalances...the list goes on and on.

    Also, as has been mentioned elsewhere, the developers have added in RUSH only as an afterthought. The maps are so poorly balanced as to make some of these maps unplayable. It's clear that whoever is in charge at EA/DICE is just directing the team to create as much content as possible, spend no time proofreading their code or testing it, and pushing these broken, half-products to market as quickly as possible.

    Like I said, I have owned every other game in the series prior to this point, and I am MASSIVELY disappointed. So much so that I have abandoned my favourite series, fool me once, shame on you, I won't be around to see how much worse the next Battlefield is.
  100. Apr 2, 2014
    Battlefield 4 has an awesome Multiplayer but it's not as good as Battlefield 3. It has great Graphics but the Campaign is **** because EA just produced the Game for the Multiplayer. Of course, the Multiplayer is great but next time they should really make a better Story! Anyway it's a great game but as i said, not as good as Battlefield 3 in my Opinion.
  101. Oct 31, 2013
    pew pew, bloody screen so real, hey look at those destroyed buildings doing nothing more than eye candy, so gimmicky so real. want the full game? pay over 100 euros. want to skip leveling, instead of starting up with all unlocks like in the good old games? pay even more!! This game is a disgrace.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 52 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 42 out of 52
  2. Negative: 0 out of 52
  1. Mar 11, 2014
    Battlefield 4 could just as well be called Battlefield 3.5. The new Battlefield features are only marginal improvements over Battlefield 3, but even as such it leaves the competitors way behind. Hopefully the bugs will be squashed soon. [Nov 2013]
  2. Jan 13, 2014
    Even if multiplayer wasn't buggy, Battlefield 4 would still only be a barely passable installment in all respects besides the snazzy graphics. EA and DICE played it safe by providing the same thing they did the last time around, with another phoned-in campaign and only minor alterations to the online.
  3. Jan 3, 2014
    Battlefield 4 keeps soldiering on in the same footsteps as previous games in the series. The lack of worthwhile news makes you wish for more. Dice stays in its comfort zone calls for explosions and not much more. The series needs to evolve or fade out.