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  1. Dec 22, 2011
    Electronic Arts & EAsy scamming loyal players by removing paid premium content. STAY AWAY - SAVE YOUR MONEY!
  2. Dec 22, 2011
    Do not waste any money on this pile of dog poo. Free and paying customers are getting ripped off. The game was "good" until they implemented a "balancing" aka "Milk the Customer" update. Don't play; don't pay!!!
  3. Dec 22, 2011
    used to be pretty good. then December 20, 2011 the EAsy development team robbed all veteran and elite gun buyers of weapons with a new massive update that took away their permanent attachments and replaced their guns with vastly inferior weapons. They said this was for 'fairer' gameplay, yet the dev team still sells weapon 'boosters' and rents out other attachments. Scam artists to say the least. Stay away. Expand
  4. Dec 23, 2011
    Do not waste any money! They will take away the premium content you paid for, for the sake of "balance"... BOOSTERS are killing the game, NOT Legacy Attachments!
  5. Dec 22, 2011
    The developers take away items from players at a whim in order to 'balance' the game as the claim, players pay for items and should get to keep what they originally bought!
  6. Dec 23, 2011
    The game is unplayable since the last greed update. Paying players haven been stolen their precious items without any valuable replacement. You can try to get a refund trough EA Live Chat or . DON'T LET THE CORPORATE GREED TAKE OVER CHRISTMAS! DON'T PLAY - DON'T PAY!
  7. Dec 23, 2011
    Free & Paying Customer are getting treated like sh*t! A formerly good and fun game has been destroyed by the insatiable greed of Electronic Arts/Easy. SAVE YOUR MONEY!
  8. Dec 23, 2011
    Electronic Arts - Our Greed is in the Game. Once again EA Greed is destroying a formerly good game, furthermore they are scamming their paying customers by taking purchased premium items away from them. Do not download, play or pay that game. Corporate Christmas at its finest...
  9. Dec 23, 2011
    Don't bother playing or paying you will be scammed either way. Don't pay to sustain a weapon with attachments which merely represent it's former performance. -3
  10. Dec 23, 2011
    Scamming their paying players by taking away paid premium stuff - what a wonderful way to celebrate christmas.
  11. Dec 22, 2011
    It's a decent game the first few seconds you play it, but then you realise it's just a rehash of BF2, except with BF2 you get all the features for around $10. This game tends to make you go through many micro transactions just to get the same content, and apparently be better than others. Before Dec 1st I purchased a few weapons which were pretty decent, but were made well enough they weren't overpowered. Then after Dec 1st they changed all the weapons so they were much less than average. They gave all the players that had recently purchased weapons attachments that gave us our weapon back up to par. In a recent update on Dec 20th, they decided that because of their nerf of the standard weapons, they claimed our weapons were now overpowered. Instead of putting the weapons back the way they had before. They decided to make the already purchased weapons worth nothing... At the present time, all players are feeling cheated and scammed for their money. It's a disgrace to the formerly renowned company EA/EAsy and I have lost all trust in the business as a whole. I would not recommend you purchase anything from them, as at any time they can change the game content to what they see fit without giving any prior notice or compensation. Expand
  12. Dec 23, 2011
    Great concept, destroyed by corporate greed and scamming their paying customers!
  13. Dec 22, 2011
    In the latest update of the game in 2011/12/20 EA scammed their players. Guns that was bought before the patch was nerfed several hundred percents, and after that players are forced to buy the newly introduced "attachments" such as barrels/magazines/stocks to get their old weapons back. This is only one downsides of the game. Greed destroyed this game known as Battlefield: Play4Free.
  14. Dec 22, 2011
    You'll likely see a range of scores on here as the game is updated.

    Here's the first thing you need to know; don't spend any real money on this game, you will regret it. It used to be an ok game. After the December 2011 updates, there is no balance, and playing is a hair-pulling frustrating experience. As a free player, you use very stripped down weapons, but can rent very over-powered
    boosters. As a paying player, you can buy weapons, but as the Dec 20th update demonstrates, these can be taken back from you by the developers at their whim. All in all, it's free, but as soon as it's not (you buy credits), it's no longer worth it. Expand
  15. Dec 22, 2011
    Not long ago, this game was one of the best free FPS that not only were fun, were quite balanced and had a good community and a no need to waste money on to have some great fun. But the company then decided to try to get the most money out of the players making an update that removed the fun of the game and ruined the gameplay, making the player need to pay a large quantity to be able to even control the gun, in which the recoil is at the moment insane compared to other FPS and real life. Since this 20th December update, not only the producers scammed and robbed all those who had paid for this game but broke BF: P4F itself. Expand
  16. Dec 22, 2011
    complete rip off conned out of £20.00 stay away at all costs, servers,clans and players leaving in disgust at Easys blatent con tricks. dont fall for the companys blatent abuse of its playerbase. STAY AWAY
  17. Dec 22, 2011
    Download for free, and pay for guns. you can play without paying for weapon parts but recoil is so big that you need one clip on steady enemy to shot him. Before December 2011 this used to be very good fps now NOT. You can also run around knifeing people, it is less anoying than trying to shot them.
  18. Dec 22, 2011
    A great shame! It offers a paid service and then cancel it. If you like to be deceived and injured on your money is the right game for you. To be avoided at all costs even because there is no technical assistance, explanations, apologies for any error either.
  19. Dec 22, 2011
    Used to be quite enjoyable.

    Then EA decided to take their stick of greed, distracted every player with maps, attachments and whatnot, and while we weren't paying attention, they sneakily shoved it where sun doesn't shine.

    EA's greed has severely damaged the playerbase, servers are shutting down. I would suggest skipping this game until EA has learned to be less greedy. So pretty much ... never
  20. Dec 22, 2011
    First thing you have to know about this game: DO NOT buy premium content as it will be taken away from you. That alone is more than enough to give this a 0 but the is more. Terrible decisions about game mechanics ruined what otherwise was a good game and had all the potential to get even better. Stay away!
  21. Dec 22, 2011
    This game is CRAP, do not buy battlefunds they will rip you off and take away weapons labeled "lasts forever" AVOID AT ALL COSTS

    If you do play don't buy anything. These people are rip-off artists.
  22. Dec 22, 2011
    I suggest staying well clear of this game. The developers cheat players out of their money by selling in-game content which they later change to much inferior versions without any compensation to the customers under the pretense of 'balancing the game' just to try and get more money out of them. Stay away from this and any other EAsy titles.
  23. Dec 24, 2011
  24. Dec 22, 2011
    Takes items away from players, if you don't pay you wont have fun, horrible game. No developer support. Basically the same thing as battlefield 2 with no widescreen support and half the players. Ugly graphics, Bad gameplay, Laggy. If your free, you only have access to 3 guns and you cant even modify them.
  25. Dec 22, 2011
    Zero! EAsy violates they own ToS and anything they wrote in their FAQ, replacing weapons that players paid for and replace them with crap weapons of their choice, even if they confirmed that players who paid won't have their weapon's attachments removed. If you want to experience the feeling of being robbed and scammed , BFP4F is the right choice.
  26. Dec 22, 2011
    -3 to tell you the truth. never in the history of gaming have so many people bean ripped off. avoid at all cost. they are thieves and will take your money. they take your money and screw you in the process. they have a nack for taking a great game and then pooping all over it. if you want to lose your money your much better off going down the nearest dark ally and get mugged. least the mugger has the balls to do it in person. Expand
  27. Dec 22, 2011
    They at EAsy are thieves and liars, don't trust them because they will screw you like they did most of their community! Go to Battlefield P4F forums and you'll see irresponsible behavior of their management and lot of angry players who want their money back. Be careful with EA, you might end up like us...
  28. Dec 22, 2011
    This game is not worth the money you spend on it, the developers keep nerfing old items when they release new ones to force players to keep spending money on this remake of BF2 with micro-transactions.
  29. Dec 23, 2011
    It used to be a good game, and enjoyable, even as a newcomer, if you played it for few hours, you quickly got the hang of it and even a newbie had a shot at veterans ;)
    After the 2011 december 20th update, it changed radically, beacame unbalanced with Mortar Strikes, which is allowed to be aimed at home-bases, what makes it near-impossible to respawning players to get out from there
    before they get killed again.
    But that is just one example, next to the "balanced" weapon system, which introduced insaine and unpredictable recoil to weapons, making it nearly impossible to compensate with skill, along with crazy-low ammo count, and spare mags.
    Since the update the only way to have some chance is to arm yourself with SPAS shotgun (since it seems to be not effected by the balancing) or RPG, get a booster for it and just shoot it into crowds.
    Teamplay is near-impossible under these conditions which ruins it for the people who values tactics.
    With the update the Recon and Medic classes came nearly useless, crippling the teams who were used to work like a group.
    In my personal oppinion, the game could be fine if the developer EAsy simply would do a rollback to pre dec 20th. or work out the problems fast, before the game's support group reduces to zero (which is coming fast, if you follow the forums )
    my score is O on this game, - even if I put aside that EA betrayed my loyality with the "Legacy" incident - becase of the useless "balance system" which is implemented with the dec 20 update.
  30. Dec 22, 2011
    Play 4 Free, Pay 4 Fun. Ive played this game since the first day, and its no longer a play for free game, more like a dump 100$ into various guns just to get a head advantage. In irony, the games company EAsy have taken away weapons purchases when promised to "last forever" two times, one with holosight guns. Basically a holosight gun was just a great gun with little recoil and had a red dot sight, but those guns were taken away after an update that lets you customize your gun. With this update the attachments and customizations are BF buy able, and will not last forever, i believe only up to 7 days. And after that, the company did it a 2nd time by taking away veteran and elite guns, most over bought and expensive guns, and gave people no BF refund, instead a low performance gun that's recoil makes it unbearable. The game has cheated people of their money buy taking away their good guns and giving them something horrid to play with, in other words its like buying a fancy sports car then in a few days they gave you a plastic foot powered car for 5 year old and took away your sports car. This game is nearly a rip off of BF2 and the company running the game cannot be trusted for they repeat their "mistakes" and take peoples money away. If you want a balanced game, run by a trustworthy company, with fair game play that doesn't involve paying 20$ for a gun that's decent, this is not your destination, i do not recommend playing this game. Expand
  31. Dec 22, 2011
    Developers scammed paying players, took away their 'last forever' weapons, and are trying to force those same paying players to spend more real money on the weapons they payed for with attachments that don't even bring the weapons back on par for what they originally payed for. Furthermore the attachments aren't permanent so you have to continuously spend money on the game to use them. They promised no more then a month ago that, with the introduction of their new, apparently improved, changes that those who actually forked out money to buy their 'elite' weapons will not lose them. They have basically destroyed what was a great game by 'stealing' money off the majority of the player base and going back on promises made to those same customers that keep them in a job.

    I seriously recommend not playing this game as next the Developers will probably take away the apparel that customers have payed for, on their characters which makes them unique, and change them to beggars rags or the equivalent like they have done with their weapons. Probably also make you have to pay to play on their game maps as well, or you can only play in a simple 12m x 12m box or something ridiculous like that
  32. Dec 22, 2011
    This game was great before they started getting greedy and changing everything.Instead of fixing mistakes they had made on previous updates they decided to take aim at the paying players.The very people that support and keep the game alive were penalized and had their elite weapons replaced by useless knock-offs without compensation or a valid explanation.Even after promissing that the weapons we had purchased would last forever and not be altered significantly they do a complete about-face and alter the weapons so that we would have to spend more money to get back what we already had paid for.Do not invest any money on this game because you will be very disapointed by their treatment of the customer.I wish i could give it a -10. Expand
  33. Dec 23, 2011
    Switch & Bait / misleading advertisement. They sell items which last forever according to their adverts, knowing that this contradicts and disables the conditions of their TOS and DSA but still dare to break the contract, between the customers and themselves, by taking away the customers` property and replacing it with something that is worth less. No compensation is being granted.
    excuse for this is then "to benefit fairer play".

    Read this thread and see for yourself.
  34. Dec 22, 2011
    When I started playing this game several months ago, I would have rated this game a 9. Because of a lag issue. Then on the first of December, after an update, I would have rated this game a 6. Due to an issue with camera shake. Before the 1st you could turn camera shake off. EAsy claimed that it's a known issue. Then, after the December 20th update, I logged in to find that the premium weapon (Elite) I purchased with real money had been reduced to basically a stock weapon with +3 (whatever that means). When I purchased the weapon it was with the understanding that it was "forever". The new weapon doesn't have near the ammo capacity, hit damage or stability that the one I originally bought had. The recoil is way off, you take an additional 3 to 4 seconds to reacquire your target if he/she hasn't moved (which they do 99.9% of the time). EAsy claims they did this to make the game more balanced. Take my advise, if you decide to play this game, do not and I mean DO NOT purchase any additional content. Especially if you buy the item "Forever" because its does not stay that way "Forever". EAsy will change it so that it's not the same as you originally purchased it. Buyer Beware!!! Collapse
  35. Dec 22, 2011
    Not a really big gamer, so I don't know if this is industry standard activity, but I can tell you this: I purchased, with real money, weapons that were described as "elite" and would "last forever". My weapon is no longer "elite" and the weapon I purchased certainly didn't "last forever".

    The game was good [still is, basically] but the company itself, EA, seems to me to be dishonest,
    and that's putting it mildly. Do NOT spend real money at battlefield play4free. You can't trust them or what they say. Expand
  36. Dec 23, 2011
    This game is sadly buggy - you will see some crashes, errors and fail messages on a regular basis. And recently, the developers scammed whole paying community. It is a rare case in pay4content history, where you try to get rid of those who actually fund your game. Given the current disrespect to paying customers (and a daylight robbery) it is not likely that this game will last long. Feels like EA already already booked 100% impairment for this project. Expand
  37. Dec 23, 2011
    Costumer service is scary, they don't mind about complains.
    They just do their best to take as much money as they can even if it means delete weapons that players bought with option "Last FOREVER".
    AVOID this game is you want to avoid problems.
  38. Dec 23, 2011
    I have spend over 60 euros on this game. I used to love it, but that has ended... The greedy producers of this game only use it as a goldmine. So, please boycot this game. It's not worth playing anymore! They took my time and money, please don't let that happen to you.
  39. Dec 23, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. used to be pretty good. then December 20, 2011 the EAsy development team robbed all veteran and elite gun buyers of weapons with a new massive update that took away their permanent attachments and replaced their guns with vastly inferior weapons. They said this was for 'fairer' gameplay, yet the dev team still sells weapon 'boosters' and rents out other attachments. Scam artists to say the least. Stay away

  40. Dec 23, 2011
    The developers decided that weapons that had been advertised as permanent, selling for up to £10 a gun in real money would be removed from all players who had paid for them and replaced with stock weapons which are availble for free in the game. They have been obstructive and condescending about this theft, one posted on twitter that 'You bought a gun, you still have a gun' . These new guns have stats nerfed 40/50% and massive recoil, they also switched on permanent camera shake to throw the aim further (but are claiming it's glitch they are unable to fix) - then introduced new hireable gun upgrades to compensate for these changes it now costs around £30 per month to get your gun back to nearly the same stats you paid £10 to supposedly have permanently. This cynical theft they are claiming will improve game balance??!? improve proffits more likely, do not spend any real money on this or any other EA/EAsy games, flush it down the toilet - it's quicker and you won't feel so cheated. Expand
  41. Dec 23, 2011
    Good game,but bad developers,ripped of users 20th december.
    We want our weapons back,until then we will boycot the game.
  42. Dec 23, 2011
    WARNING! Scam detected!
    Permanent in-game premium purchases are not protected from scam. You can spend good money for best weapon characteristics (recoil, ammo, damage etc.) called "Elite", with option "last forever", but time will come when developers change their mind and already paid premium permanent content is replaced by nerfed stuff. That was happened on December 20, 2011. Now EA
    pushing players to pay for same weaps characteristics for every 7 days (but it were already paid forever). And price is about 20-30$ per week for 1 weapon!!!. Could u imagine? Madness! They are calling such steps "balancing game". Funny, huh? Its a pure fraud.
    Stay away from "free" games by EA, save your money and nerves. Take care!
  43. Dec 23, 2011
    The game was pretty good till they updated it on 20/12/2011. All players who bought veteran weapons "last forever" were literals robbed from their money as they replaced the weapons with other with different characteristic. Now, until you rent add on for your weapon, it is impossible to play as they balanced the weapons to be useless without spending constantly money. Another big fail for EA
  44. Dec 23, 2011
    yes i had items i had bought and paid for months ago that were classed as lifetime ownership, removed and now they expect me to pay for them same upgrades again with my cash..pfft, stay clear of this game.
  45. Dec 23, 2011
    as of 20/12/11 this game is dead. previously you could buy in game items with real currency, to give you an advantage. the Devs of this game then decided that these weapons that people payed for were over powered, so they removed them and did not refund anyone of their money. i was a victim of this and have not gotten anything out of EA. i highly recommend to not play this game and NEVER to buy anything in this game, because all it does is show EA that they can get away with whatever they want. once again, DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME Expand
  46. Dec 23, 2011
    December 20, 2011. The day Battlefield Play4Free died. `nuff said
  47. Dec 24, 2011
    Hi to all this was a good game until 20-12-12, after this date they removed all legacy weapons that we all bought for permanent use and replace them with +3 edition that has a hi epic recoil and lower accuracy, now mortar strikes rules the game, i use to be always at the top 3 with hi scores with my MP5, now i can only shoot at distance with a handgun and i score fom the 8th position down. I won't recommend the game any more. Expand
  48. Dec 23, 2011
    If you buy anything in the game, expect that it will be taken away from you during one of the following update. I bought permanent weapons around september 2011, On Dec. 20 2011, the developers took all of them away from all of us gamers. Now we are forced to buy items that are worse than what we had. With no compensation. In the game, there's not really all those fast action shootout. You either get killed by auto shotguns, rpg, or mortar as soon as you respawn. Expand
  49. Dec 23, 2011
    As already been stated, game was fun (7-8) until the ripoff. Now I can only give it 0. Was concidering buyng BF3 or BF-BC2, but now its not an option anymore.
  50. Dec 23, 2011
    EA cheated the money of many players. They took our money and ran with it. Because, they removed payed stuff from many players inventories without any refund.
    And now, we can repurchase the same articles from bf shop in expensive single components.
  51. Dec 24, 2011
    No worth of time and money. Most powerful mortar strike booster and rpg booster are still available, while they took our payed elite weapons because of unfair advantage. If you buy a weapon, soon or later EAsy will take it from you and tell you it's unfair to play with. That's how's it looks like in this game.
  52. Dec 24, 2011
    Thought it was pretty fun. This 0 score is due to lack of listening to the community and definitely robbing people of their money and what they paid for,
  53. Dec 26, 2011
    Having played Battlefield Play4free since the first week of open beta testing I can safely say that this game has slowly but surely gone downhill over the past months with paid content and gear being nerfed (holosight AUG anyone) and nerfed (tier 3 recon ammunition expertise anyone) and then boosted for even more money (lololololololol I haz mortar strikez >9000/1 KDR trolololo I am 1337) until the final straw on December 20th where they literally removed weapons which users had paid for and replaced them with inferior equipment despite having said in a previous update (weapon customization on December 1st) they would not remove the "legacy" attachments. Expand
  54. Dec 24, 2011
  55. Dec 25, 2011
    I have been playing (paying) this game for about 4 or 5 months now. I believe that EA has stolen my money. I will not purchase -ANY- EA product, nor will I recommend their product(s) to anyone. This game was one of my favorite combat games of all time. Now I am utterly dissapointed. I am outraged at the audacity of those that made the decision to steal from loyal customers.

    Fix the game.
    Give me EXACTLY what I paid for. Expand
  56. Dec 25, 2011
    EAsy, the subsidiary of Electronic Arts who made the game and updates it's content is blatantly ripping off the costumers. It's named "Play4Free" but you can buy a bunch of ingame weapons, a feature which used to be worth it. The ToS said the weapons we bought would last forever, but they've been nerfed to hell.

    Don't play the game, or you'll end up throwing money away. The problem is the
    developers pretty much lied to everyone, and the comunity is in an uproar against them. Expand
  57. Dec 25, 2011
    Developers don't give a load of crap for this game. Taking away weapons we paid for and replacing them with inferior versions. You'd have much more fun being involved in a pyramid scheme than playing this horrible game.
  58. Dec 26, 2011
    Forget all the "good" Critic Reviews . All of them happened before the "weapon customization system" came and then the great 20th of december scam. They expect us to pay an average of $10 US a day for their weapon costumization to be able to have a decent gun. Even worse they dont reward with any good amount of in-game currency to play the game freely. Combat Arms had the Gear Points that allowed free players to play and play and play without a problem , because they were rewarded in a good amount if you played for a few matches. (I loved that and I ended up buying some NX to thank the developers for that ) Alliance of Valliant Arms provided us with "EUROS" and other ways to obtain them through achievements , and even a permanent gun from the begining of the game so "free " players could keep playing competitively. There were also a few extras that encouraged gamers to get their G coins. But free players were able to keep up and keep on playing ( I also bought their currency to thank them for that)

    Battlefield Play4free ..... ok here we go.

    Free Players are given a basic weapon from the begining , but those weapons are terribly underpowered and truly useless.
    Players are awarded credits every game , but only an average of 5-50 credits per game , 80 if you are the MVP and your team wins. And matches are sometimes 15 minutes long. You cant make use of the weapon costumization system unless you own a permanent gun . Permanent weapons range from 45'000 to 90'000 credits each. You dont get credits for leveling up or anything else rather than for playing a game. Renting guns per day range from 300 all the way to 7500 credits, but even like that you cant "costumize the weapon" and receive a terrible weapon with massive recoil, no damage , and mag capacity of 24 bullets on most guns.
    Even if you got a permanent weapon , decent "mods" cost at least 1000 credits. There are barrel mods, mag mods, and stock upgrades. There are also holographic sights but are exclusive for Battlefunds users.
    So at the end of the day you would need an average of 3000 credits per day for your weapon (if you even managed to get 45000 credits at least) to be able to kill someone without moving your mouse all over the place and tapping it like a pro. There are also boosters available so you can get equipment to work properly. But it also costs from 350 for vehicle upgrades (simply to make them resist more damage) and 750-2500 for inantry and equipment boosters PER DAY!
    There are also armors and "uniforms " but are also exclusive for battlefunds users. Simply put you pretty much need to buy their Battlefund currency in order to play the game

    Im sure people that bought Battlefunds can explain you all the flaws , problems and Scams they suffer from. Conclusion. This game is really bad , unless the developers do something for it.
  59. Dec 28, 2011
    This game is fun if you have tons of money. Everything is rented by the day at an absurd price, and if you want to buy permanent weapons it will cost you an arm and a leg. The most recent update nerfed all the guns that people PAID for with money and brought them down to regular free gun status. This game is Play4Free, Pay4Fun.
  60. Dec 28, 2011
    EAsy / EA's treatment of customers who bought premium content has been nothing short of disgraceful. Some would go further and argue their behaviour is actually criminally fraudulent. Either way, like others writing here, I'd urge gamers to avoid EA and their games at all cost.
  61. Dec 24, 2011
    used to be pretty good. then December 20, 2011 the EAsy development team robbed all veteran and elite gun buyers of weapons with a new massive update that took away their permanent attachments and replaced their guns with vastly inferior weapons. They said this was for 'fairer' gameplay but they sell new attachments that are basicly the same we have bought as "permanent" and have been removed with this update. never buy anything with real money or you will be scammed for sure Expand
  62. Dec 25, 2011
    99% look elsewhere, this is a game for the 1%.

    Electronic Arts is more interested in getting their hooks into kids` wallets than on improving the game or doing anything useful with this, supposedly free, game. Their latest blunder was plain bait and switch: they sold a gazillion permanent weapons and then nerfed the specs months after the fac on permanent items, while introducing new
    system instability and overpowered options. They are constantly destabilizing the game with insane tweaks that make no sense except to make some of the user base feel like they have inadequate weapons or features so they are forced to buy new items or upgrade old ones. In summary it was a game with a lot of promise but inderneath the thin veneer of `free` lies the putrid reality of greedy developers who like to get paid for not fixing the game. They call them bugs, I call it getting paid in spite of not doing your job. On top of all that, the items got absurdly expensive and playability isn`t there unless you actually pay through the nose for things that used to be free or reasonably priced and accessible to the vast majority of players. Expand
  63. Dec 27, 2011
    Battlefield play4free is a overall good game, I had a lot of fun playing it...
    But by taking away premium content (weapons with their respective stats) that people paid for they scammed the players big-time. This is what killed the game for many people.
    If the developers would take the game back to how it was before 20 December 2011 my rating will go from 0/10 to 9/10.
  64. Dec 27, 2011
    Don't even bother try this crap, after half a year of paying money , my purchases have gone to lost because i quote "balancing the game".Don't try this game if you care about your money!
  65. Dec 28, 2011
    used to be pretty good. then December 20, 2011 the EAsy development team robbed all veteran and elite gun buyers of weapons with a new massive update that took away their permanent attachments and replaced their guns with vastly inferior weapons. They said this was for 'fairer' gameplay, yet the dev team still sells weapon 'boosters' and rents out other attachments. Scam artists to say the least. if your gonna play do not any money into this game Expand
  66. Dec 29, 2011
    Increasingly unbalanced, offering huge advantages through pay to win boosters some of which are downright game breakers. Last update greatly disfavored previous paying customers which had their bought items replaced with less efficient ones for the sake of "balance" while at the same time offering equivalent items for sale. Play it if you have some spare time but DO NOT invest money in it, you will just get robbed out of it by dubious EA practices. Expand
  67. Dec 28, 2011
    This game used to be balanced, had to be fun and a lot of few nice things... but the 20th December 2011 a big tragedy EA made...the greed and ambition got over them...ruined the game and made the users mad and quit playing this game....including me... so sad what they done. DONT PLAY THIS GAME SO UNBALANCED SO EXPENSIVE BETTER GO PLAY ANOTHER GAME I dont think they re going to fix this.... the are greedier than before,lol. Expand
  68. Dec 28, 2011
    Good game but what the developers did to the game is terrible. I like it when it was simple. No boosters. No tier 3. Just 2 buyable weapons and 1 special. That was awesome.
  69. Dec 3, 2011
    Great game but it gets really bland after a while with next to no unlockables and maps from Battlefield 2 designed for 64 players (the maximum player limit is 32). However, its been great to see the game evolve over time, from the laggy beta that involved only a few weapons to the newest version (December 2011) which involves deep character and gun customisation. However, it is to be noted that the aforementioned customisation is very limited if you aren't willing to pay, and with the amount I've spent in Battlefunds I could have bought Battlefield 2 or even Battlefield: Bad Company 2 in some stores. Expand
  70. Jan 5, 2012
    Not recommended, Do not spend any money on this game. EA have and I am sure will in the future remove products you have paid for with real money. DON'T PLAY - DON'T PAY!
  71. Jan 4, 2012
    DO NOT PLAY!!! DO NOT BUY or SPEND ANY MONEY ON THIS GAME!! The people involved in the development of this game are currently ripping off costumers.

    They advertise a certain product and then after the purchase they took back the product without permission and instead of refunding the "Battlefunds" or money so you could purchase something else, they replaced the products with one that does
    not match what was advertised and/or is of lesser quality? False advertising? Bait-and-switch?

    They also are advertising a certain amount of "Battlefunds" (game currency for marketplace items) for a certain price but then after purchase the customer does not receive the "Battlefunds" and they do not give them notice or any update on the situation? isn't that fraud/theft?

    I would not recommend this game to anyone...
  72. Jan 6, 2012
    Biggest Rip off ever. They sell you a weapon 'permanently" (about $4-10) -> take it away at their whim and offer to 're-upgrade' your weapon for recurring fees. Absolute DOG **** /Over 600k negative comments on their own forum pages regarding this. STAY AWAY from this game!
  73. Dec 31, 2011
    Play at your own risk-
    EA and EAsy are scamming both free and paying customers by removing items that they payed real money for, and replacing them with substandard equipment. The only thing the guns are good for now is throwing them at people, otherwise you may as well be shooting rubber bullets- or blanks.
  74. Jan 1, 2012
    Continued attempts to "balance" the game has only caused this massive unrest between long-standing players like myself who have contributed huge amounts of time and money to the game.

    EA have continued to blatantly ignore the hundreds of cries of disgust from their otherwise loyal player base, not once have they addressed, or even acknowledged, any of our concerns. Us long-term players
    had bought weapons which were taken from us, worked to unlock training points which were then removed, spent hours accumulating XP which then just "vanished" overnight. They continue to make it harder to level up, with well over 500k XP separating some levels (and an average earn of 2-4k per round), and even harder to play off the "free" currency of "Credits", as they removed the bonus from when you level up, reduced how many you get a round, and upped the price of everything.

    I understand that business is business, but this is just ridiculous. You as supposed to reward long-term customers, not punish them.

    Don't be fooled by the title of "Play4Free", you most certainly have to pay money to even begin to have fun.
  75. Jan 4, 2012
    I still remember the wonderful day it was 30th November 2010... the 1st day of CB (Closed Beta) in which I was invited to. I still remember my first round of it... got owned with a K/D (Kill/Death) of 0/4! But then I adapted and started having great fun on it. During the times between 30th November 2010 and 14th September 2011 I could give it a rating of 8 or even a 9 out of 10!

    But on
    the day 25th October 2011, EASY introduced Tier 3 (it expanded the training tree, which gave more gadgets and other stuff, like C4, Mortar Strike, XM25 Airburst Grenade Launcher, a Flare for the Medic class which would made urself and friendlies spawn on it every time they did to increase the teamwork in the game, but could also be destructible, etc.), but they also introduced boosters, like RPG booster, Anti Tank Mine booster, Claymore booster, Grenade booster, etc. which, when purchased, by virtual money gained while playing the game (Credits) or by real life money (Battlefunds), increased greatly the stats of those gadgets/weapons, which actually made RPG and Mortar Strike OP, but also nerfed the same gadgets/weapons when without boosters, which then made it literally impossible to kill with Grenades and Claymores, even when enemies are hit by 2 of them. This greatly damaged a great game, and at that time I'd just give it a 6, maybe 7 out of 10.

    Then, on 1st December, EASY introduced weapon customizations, which the community had been asking since almost the beginning of this game. Yet, this wasn't what the community asked for. This "update" nerfed all guns, the recoil is literally now bigger than in all other games and even real life! Also, the accuracy of the guns now is just unrecognizable, they basically fail at LR (Long Range) now and most guns have the bullet count as 20 per magazine, LMGs with 60 or 80 per magazine, and in total, M95 (a .50 cal sniper rifle) has just 12 bullets, except sniper rifles and pistols. Another problem is that EASY released this too soon, so they didn't include shotguns and pistols on the customization system (thank god), which made them even OP. Also, the community didn't ask for this weapon customization system because this just allowed to purchase "boosters" like way improved stocks, ammo and barrels, which you need to pay for to get the gun nearly how it was before, yet it was still much better before. What the community asked for were simple things like optics (ACOGs, Scopes, RDS, etc.), foregrips, suppresors, flash suppresors, maybe even different kinds of ammo for shotguns (like 12G Buckshot, 12G Slugs, etc.)! Fortunately, EASY also gave players who purchased guns, before 1st December 2011, legacy attachments, in which the point of them was giving the guns the power they had before that date. Yet these were bugged, causing them to be MUCH more powerful than before. For example, a M95 with legacy attachments, from rly far (like in 250 meters away) doing 83 damage when hitting any body part except the head, where before it just hitted about 60 or 65 damage maximum. Maybe I'd still give a 1 or 2 out of 10 by that time.
    On 20th December 2011, EASY removed these legacy attachments from the game, and gave the players with the legacy attachments the same guns they had before with a "+3" after their name. These weapons just had more 2 damage at all ranges than their base model (probably a bug, since by logic, they should deal more 3 damage). Yet, these ones still are as awful as their base models. The accuracy, recoil and bullet count of these are still just awful, and those were the things that most matter in a gun, not the dmg (maybe except in shotguns and some pistols), and EASY just ruined them, by simply NOT listening to ALL the community, from the freeloaders (players who just play without wasting money on the game) to the ones who even pay $50/â
  76. Mar 3, 2012
    I'm going to be brief with this. It's temping right? A free game which "combines the best of Battlefield" and means you can play on the good ol' maps from BF2. Wrong. All you get is a confusingly designed game: you can't change class mid-battle, the equipment was confusing for and the game is very unbalanced. Basically, it's not Play4Free, it's PayOtherwiseyouwillFail. Apparently accoding to that guy below also mentions robbing off the paying players. Maybe I'm being nitpicky, but I'd rather forget about this and go back to Battlefield 2. Expand
  77. Jan 12, 2012
    First, this game WAS good, until they stole money from almost the entire community. Don't play and don't pay for this game, let it die. And go on the game's forum to support stolen players. Or RUN BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!!
  78. Nov 11, 2011
    Look, it`s free, accessible and entertaining. As the graphics are basically an updated version of Battlefield 2 it will run on any modern rig. And while the premium content is as unnecessary as it is overpriced the gameplay is simple, pacy, and fun. If you are looking for a free multiplayer shooter you should try Battlefield Play 4 Free.
  79. Jan 24, 2012
    This game used to be epic, but they recently took everything players had previously purchased weapons wised and turned them into junk. You have to pay pretty much to do anything IE, if you want a granade to do more than 25 damage to a person you have to spend a decent amount of money to make it actually work. Total garbage game.
  80. Jan 25, 2012
    Worst Game I payed for, you buy awesome weapons you have fun then they bring in some customization setting, so they nerf all guns and increase all recoil, then they need you to pay money, the money doesnt affect the gun forever so you have to buy for 10-30 days then pay again for the same thing...Fail by Easy
  81. Jan 30, 2012
    EA = Organised Crime! this game was pretty much fun until ea has decided to destroy it. and betray paying custumers btw. don't touch this crap!!!! Boycott EA!!!!!!!
  82. Apr 4, 2012
    Although the title says free game, this game is only designed to squeeze money from its players, its developers only think about money money money, free weapons are very weak, the game is very unstable and worst of all is that cheats are still circulating on the internet making those who use them in real murderers, new items are priced excessively high and then are subject to change, low levels are sadly weak and high levels has the advantage, is really frustrating leveling up.

    The entire game is subject to change, logic indicates that a more powerful weapon costs more money, but this power is then reduced to free choice by the developers, at this moment, for buyers of shotguns its being discussed to reduce power shotguns, as well as it was with rifles, RPG Mortar Strike and others, for this game the money of the players does not matter anymore, is a total lack of respect.
  83. May 29, 2012
    It this game was launched in 2004, that wud have rocked. But in 2011-2012 launching such a poor game, with graphics older than my grandma, gameplay is one of the worst i've played in any FPS, keeping in mind i play at 250FPS maxed out 1080p. To kill a guy i need 30 bullets because 25 bullets will miss and with one of the best pings on the server, i have a nice brandwidth connection. Thats how poor the game is.

    Call of duty is nothing like that.
    Do not download it, wait for Warfare, developed by crytek using the new Cryengine 3. This game will rock and i hope it will steal every battlefield P4F players
  84. Oct 3, 2012
    I think that most of the reviewers were reviewing the morals of EA, rather than the game itself. I have to give credit where credit is due- the game itself is good. The graphics are a bit lacking, but there are a lot of weapons with decent variety, the weapons are well balanced (with some notable, but not game-breaking exceptions), the maps are varied, and the vehicles are really fun once you learn them. The main thing people dislike is that on December 20th, EA nerfed a lot of overpowered premium guns to put them more on par with the F2P weapons. From my standpoint as a player who has invested (probably too much) money into this game, I didn't really notice the changes to my guns that much and I read the EA TOS where they clearly state that the game is in beta and even premium weapons are subject to balance changes. Honestly, it was either balance the game by nerfing the premium weapons, or drive away all the frustrated free players. Beyond that, I think that EA has for the most part responded to complaints of the community on the game's glaring issues: the USAS (1 shot kill capable and 4 shots per second in a 12 round magazine), the boosted Mortar Strike (basically 3-10 free kills every time it went off cooldown) along with other broken aspects of gameplay were fixed, and they release interesting new content daily. In terms of the game being Pay2Win as opposed to Free2Play, the new attachment system definitely makes it lean towards Pay2Play. The attachments essentially bring the nerfed premium guns I mentioned before nearly up to their pre-nerf levels, for a rather large price. However, I have to admit that the attachments (Scope, Stock, Barrel, Magazine, and Camo) definitely add a level of variety and customization that the game did not previously have. For example, you can take your semi automatic M110 sniper rifle and optimize it for long range, with a powerful scope, high damage, and range increasing attachments, or you can attach a no-zoom red dot sight and recoil reduction attachments and run around having a good time at close to medium range. I would also like to point out that when EA first released scoped weapons as separate weapons, many people who had already purchased non-scoped permanent version begged EA to release an attachment system, and EA responded to the community and voila! Going back to P2W vs F2P, it's true that in terms of general weapons, a player with deep pockets will have an advantage. And yet the default guns are fine, and a skilled player can curbstomp the full attachments premium weapons player just by aiming better, without even spending any money, in-game or IRL. Without attachments, all the other weapons are more about variety than power. Not only that, but you can get ridiculous kill/death ratios on the order of 60-5 or more without spending a cent or using a weapon with attachments because there aren't really any premium upgrades to vehicles, and this is one place where I think the game really shines. The vehicles in this game are very well done. The ground based vehicles are mostly about brute strength and armor; they are meant to take hits and will take hits. They don't require much know-how to drive, and can be defeated by a few well placed RPG's or can turn the game around for the driver's teammates. The air vehicles have a much steeper learning curve and new players will crash a lot unless they practice on empty servers, and the air vehicles can also be destroyed very quickly, especially by APC's. However the risk is rewarded by much more devastating weapons than ground vehicles, and they are quite maneuverable so that if you know what you are doing you can avoid damage in many situations. However, I wouldn't call them overpowered because AA emplacements and APC's can very quickly destroy air vehicles as long as your team knows to use these to their advantage. My main point here is that without paying a cent you can stick to vehicle maps, and with enough skill, top the charts every game. In conclusion, I would say that the game is surprisingly balanced considering EA's money-grabbing agenda. The engine and graphics are below par but if you get used to them they don't subtract from the gameplay, nonetheless those are in my opinion the game's biggest cons. I really enjoy the variety of weapons and attachments, and for awhile I myself played entirely Free2Play and I still enjoyed that experience. One thing is for certain though- just because you are F2P doesn't mean you can't do well at this game, but throw enough money at it and it's depth and customization are increased tenfold without making you an unstoppable killing machine. I suggest ignoring most of these pointless rage spam reviews and giving the game a try- it definitely has it's flaws but even for 20 bucks you can buy a bunch of permanent guns and have a good time. Expand
  85. Nov 2, 2012
    Slow content development by untrustworthy $Asy developers, this game is lacking any real content, updates are few and fair between, my advice would be to avoid playing this.
  86. Jan 8, 2013
    If you like getting killed by same pilot on a helicopter repeat,if you like getting blasted by these shotgun users once spawned,if you like random CTDs,if you like getting sniped by MP5,L85A2,aimbotting users,then get that game.Protip:Play bf3
  87. Jun 25, 2013
    I love this game. It's incredibly fun and somewhat difficult, but all-in-all an awesome game. But, you have to buy funds, which is a B*TCH because without them, you can pretty much do nothing.
  88. Sep 21, 2013
    While it may not be the best game ever made, it is a very enjoyable experience. Although most of the people who play this pay for better weapons, the gameplay is good. I do recommend this, but just barely
  89. Nov 20, 2011
    Those who like to have Battlefield Experience of multiplayer. This is good way to have it. It is free and does need a gaming computer to play.If you have a good internet connection you should be fine. But I find some of the special weapons overpriced but it OK.
  90. Jan 26, 2012
    Basically the game is a mixture of 90% Battlefield 2 and 10% Bad Company. Every server can hold 32 players and all maps have the same gamemode: conquest. Conquest is about capturing flags and reaching 1000 points. There's no time limit and killing enemies doesn't raise the points of your team.
    Capture flags, defend them and you win the match. At the end of the match you recieve XP and
    credits. Your XP helps you to level up and unlock different skills, also specific skills for every class (recon, assault, medic, engineer). Credits are used to rent better guns for a limited time (1 day) or buy bandages.

    The game has pros and cons just like any other game. For the sake of simplicity I will continue with a pros-cons list:
    - It's free. Money isn't the only way to have fun and to become a good player.
    - Graphics are pretty decent.
    - Good mixture of maps. 2 infantry maps and 4 vehicle maps, 3 of those have jets.
    - Balanced maps. Flags are placed in places that are as hard to take as hard to defend.
    - Useful skills and redistributable skill points.
    - Fast paced action, even when servers are half empty.
    - Every map has needs a different strategy.
    - Money can't replace skill.
    - Weapons are rather balanced. If you want high damage you will need to sacrifice some accuracy and suffer from more recoil.
    - Vehicles! Jeeps, APCs, tanks, attack helis, transport helis, jets, boats, you name it. It's pure fun fun and fun. And none of them are overpowered.
    - You can't hurt teammates. I think this is rather a pro than a con because there are a lot of crowded and small maps where shooting first, asking questions later is the only way to survive.

    - Zero teamplay. Seriously. None. Miracles can happen of course. Your best bet is playing with friends using teamspeak.
    - You can add "friends" and see them which server they are playing on at the moment, but there are no special markings for "friends" on the battlefield! You can't make a difference between them and other teammate, only when they are almost next to you and the game shows their name above their head.
    - No voicechat.
    - The game needs more action emotes. There's no way to tell someone to follow you, to stay together, or you need reinforcements. How do you coordinate an attack then?
    - Players tend to forget about the game is about capturing flags. this could ruin the whole experience.
    - Sometimes teams are way unbalanced. A team with 11 (out of 16 teammembers) rooftop camping recons(snipers) versus a team with 3 recons on a CQC infantry map is a ticket to ragequit.
    - Too much hate and bad language on the chat. Sometimes I think everyone playing has tourette syndrome.
    - Selfish players. Someone sees a jeep? Sprints there and takes it all alone, then gets shot in the face while trying to capture a flag by himself. Repeats it several times.
    - Medics tend to forget they are medics and don't heal, don't revive teammates. Same goes for engineers.
    - Very low magazine capacity, which leads to the frequent reload of your gun.
    - Players don't check the minimap. You can pinpoint the location of an enemy capturing your flag, most of your teammates will probably ignore it. And sometimes attack helis will just launch all of their missiles at a friendly vehicle or group of soldiers just because they don't check their targets on the minimap first.
    - Bugs and sudden disconnections.
    All in all i like this game. It has maps for every style of players, jet pilots, tank drivers, camper noob recon fa... I mean stealthy snipers and machinegun wielding Rambos a like. If you learn to adapt to the features of the game you can become a pretty good player and enjoy every battle.
    But don't forget! It's just a game! :-)
  91. Jan 31, 2012
    Was OK till 20th of December - when they swapped our paid guns with some toys - just to force us to rent upgrades so those weapons would be just as good as they were.

    permanent good weapon turned into ****
    expensive rental system to bring your old weapon back

    Fxxx You EAsy.
  92. Feb 1, 2012
    The game is a complete ripoff with removed premium content that was permanent for new temporary premium content that will milk you wallet every day that wont give u much of an advantage even if you will play the game without spending a dollar you will be forced to buy the premium content. Avoid the game play something else my advice spend 10 dollars or less to get BF2 that the game is based on it will look better, play better and wont rip u off every time a new update comes up. Expand
  93. Oct 23, 2012
    As a free online game it would be hard to find a better one than this. The game has so many options to customize your soldier with weapons, attachments, or clothing that you could play a different one every time you went on there is you like. There is little to no hacker abuse and the community is mostly positive. I personally love this game and will continue to support it.
  94. Mar 1, 2013
    I was planning to buy Battlefield 3, but after trying this, I changed my mind. Are all Battlefield games are that bad? Campers are rampant and you get strafed by vehicles against which you are completely defenselsess unless you are playing one specific class.
  95. Sep 20, 2014
    I'm not sure why anyone would play this over the original Battlefield 2. It's free but it's pay-to-win, the graphics are bad, they didn't even try to upgrade them (and I'd say it's actually worse than BF2) and the gameplay is terrible.
  96. Jun 14, 2013
    Crap! absolute Crap! Run and gun. no team work. random spawns. no objective. absolute childs play, COD style.. this seems like some kind of stunt to bring the COD children to the Battlefield franchise. which is a mistake. because we do not want them.
  97. Jul 13, 2013
    I don't have to write a review, everything has been said. Complete fail game, and not a game that should be called a Battlefield game. EA, milking people in a bad way.
  98. Jan 13, 2014
    To be honest, this game has some fun in it, but sadly, it is indeed a Pay2Win game. You can only choose a max of 2 classes you want to keep, otherwise you must pay for the rest. Plus, there are still so many issues with the game, like lag. Sure you can buy weapons forever with virtual currency, but it's ridiculously high. It's easier to pay with real currency, and even then why would you spend money on this when the title clearly says "Play4Free". I'm not saying that everything should be made free, or that we are entitled to free stuff. All I'm saying is that those who pay has a VERY HIGH advantage over those who don't. I'm glad the base game is free, cause if it wasn't, I would be much harsher than this review.

    UPDATE: For some reason I can't start up the game, which is very strange since I had no problems is the past. What's happening, EA?
  99. Sep 23, 2013
    Generally speaking, I could not play correctly. So I must judge this game as game failure. I describe detail below.

    - In my PC, many online games like Pangya, Phantasy Star Online 2 are working correctly. But, this game has many errors. For example, a message "LOADING" is being showed for a long time.

    - This game has little information. For example, I cannot get information which
    country I belong to. At Battlefield 1942, I could get more information. So Battlefield series is degenerating.

    - My communication environment is 1.5 Mbps. So, my environment satisfies the recommended environment. But, the game stopped frequently. The recommended environment is falsehood.

    - I looked at words "easy" in my display, so I thought that it is easy mode. But it meant "Easy Studios". It is ambiguous. They should have decided their company name seriously.

    - There is not any operation manual.

    - Black colored Icons like "SETTINGS" are described on black back-ground. So they are hard to find.

    - At SETTING, there are many odd signs, like "-M0" and "sft". I cannot understand them.

    - Every character in the game is too small to read.

    - The game has very long time until the game starts. Maybe because of loading time. But, Battlefield 1942 multiplay can start soon. So, Battlefield series is degenerating.

    - The following error occurs frequently. Although there is many space in my 4GByte memory.
    BFPlay4Free Memory Error memory.dll: all alloc attempts failed for size 2419200

    - The game has an inferior system. For example, when loading time finished, already battle has started. I cannot understand the situation, or which team I belong to. At Battlefield 1942, when the loading time finished, the game never starts until I push a "Start" button. So, Battlefield series is degenerating.

    - It is displayed an error message "LEAVING GAME" in the game, and I am suddenly returned to a title screen. The malfunction occurs frequently.
  100. Oct 6, 2013
    This game is very well made, it has helicopters, jets, jeeps, APC's, and tanks! It is a very fun FPS game. But it says "Play4Free" but you start out with the crappiest guns ever! so its wanting you to pay for the good guns. ive been playing for quite a while now, but now our of nowhere it says leaving game. and its pissing me off! its worth the download, and worth the money to pay for guns etc. but play for about 3 months before buying funds. to make sure it wont kick you from the game for no reason. so download it and play4yourSelf Expand
  101. Dec 22, 2011
    When I started playing this game several months ago, I would have rated this game a 9. Because of a lag issue. Then on the first of December, after an update, I would have rated this game a 6. Due to an issue with camera shake. Before the 1st you could turn camera shake off. EAsy claimed that it's a known issue. Then, after the December 20th update, I logged in to find that the premium weapon (Elite) I purchased with real money had been reduced to basically a stock weapon with +3 (whatever that means). When I purchased the weapon it was with the understanding that it was "forever". The new weapon doesn't have near the ammo capacity, hit damage or stability that the one I originally bought had. The recoil is way off, you take an additional 3 to 4 seconds to reacquire your target if he/she hasn't moved (which they do 99.9% of the time). EAsy claims they did this to make the game more balanced. Take my advise, if you decide to play this game, do not and I mean DO NOT purchase any additional content. Especially if you buy the item "Forever" because its does not stay that way "Forever". EAsy will change it so that it's not the same as you originally purchased it. Buyer Beware!!! Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 11 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 11
  2. Negative: 0 out of 11
  1. Oct 20, 2011
    With graphics, gameplay and an approach to female gamers from the past, this game is just average. Battlefield: Play4Free is free to play, but my time is worth a lot more than this and I want my money back.
  2. Oct 20, 2011
    Sink in some moolah or you'll struggle. [July 2011, p.93]
  3. Oct 20, 2011
    A decent core game despite its stripped down status.