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  • Summary: A classic point and click adventure, Big Brain Wolf takes players through a fantastical world as a not so big, not so bad asthmatic vegetarian wolf studying to become a genie. This humorous tale has players solving sixty unique puzzles while trying to untangle a sordid murder mystery. To add another layer to the game, Frima Studio teamed up with the neuroscientists of Brain Center International to develop six fun brain training exercises for Big Brain Wolf. Completing these exercises will grant players useful hints to help them solve the game's hardest puzzles while also sharpening essential mental functions like memory, processing speed, decision making, and multitasking. Expand
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  1. May 24, 2011
    I REALLY enjoy this game. It makes me happy. I'm obsessed wit htraining my brain and using cognitive skills to improve. And in (the admittedly slightly goofy/cheesy/funny context of genie training) this game specifically trains your brain telling you which areas of the brain is in training. BEST of all I noticed some games that have similarity to DB tricks (how his midn is trained)! Awesome1 Still playing it. not advanced int it but GREAT FANTASTIC indie game that has positive cognitive consequences in life!! (it's like giving your brain a workout in this odd context of wolf and genies) the puzzles are VERY cognitively challenging and quality. This might have an artifice of a "kids game" but the cognitive puzzles are REWARDING fun and helpful in training the mind any gamer ,adults included. This is a GREAT break from the slasher "look how amazing my graphics are" (which gets boring FAST) games. Greatly enjoying this. Awesome! best of all can play it on portable devices . Expand
  2. Nov 28, 2011
    Please ignore the 10/10 review for this game. That is clearly from someone who worked on the project. This game is like the ugly kid that only its mother could love. While I like the idea of the way this game works, mixing a point and click adventure with logic puzzles, the execution of this game is totally lacking. The point and click side of things is like a second rate throwback to the early Lucasarts games, only it is clunky, counterintuitive and just plain boring. The logic puzzles are not themed to the task at hand and are just commonly found old puzzles you can play for free in so many flash games on the internet. The voice acting is dire. The graphics are cluttered and the text doesnâ Expand