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  1. Apr 9, 2014
    Absolute stool without gameplay, graphics, poorly made ​​syuzheta.Graphics is a soap that is not on each console uvidish.Ot sound shots want to puke. Physics is completely absent, although it was in the same Half Life.Osobenno
    pathetic loggerhead gnida.Vobschem done this for daunov.Otsenki proplacheny.Texture 2000. Bought this game for big bucks and now I regret.My rating of 0 10000. This
    **** I have not seen ... Expand
  2. Apr 1, 2014
    German ;) : Seit langem mal wieder ein Shooter, der Storymäßig und Atmospherisch unter die aut geht. Vor allem die Liebe zum Detail, die Lebendigkeit der Welt, welche vom Setting her so unverbraucht wie kaum etwas anderes ist (Eine Fliegende Strahlende Stadt über den Wolken im Jahre 1912, durchdrungen von Prunk, Technik, Korruption, Irrglauben und revolutionären Gedanken und einem Hauch Magie und Paranormalem), macht dieses Spiel zu etwas unvergleichbaren. Lediglich der moderne Ansatz den Spieler zu lange am Leben zu lassen macht Spielspaßtechnisch einem Shooter-Fan der alten Schule hier einen leichten Strich durch die Rechnung .... Trotzdem 11/10 Punkten ;D Expand
  3. Mar 30, 2014
    Another modern AAA story "game". The game itself is very basic and cheap: extremely linear tiny levels, poor AI, very short. Half of the game you just wondering here and there, participating in scripted cutscenes, watching something and so on.

    Too bad Bioshock replaced true ingame exploration and adventure by this **** casual "story" crap. I guess 90% of budget went to "story", not much
    left for the game itself. 10$ is a fair price for this game Expand
  4. Mar 30, 2014
    BioShock Infinite spoiler-free review.
    BioShock: Infinite is an amazing game that's incredibly well thought and enjoyable from start to finish.
    Like I started the review for the original BioShock, I'll talk about the world. Irrational Games manages to keep the tradition of making the world a character and make it tell it's own story. Although the world tells it's own story, it has a lot
    more diminished impact, considering that now you are a speaking character (Booker Dewitt) accompanied by a talking character as well (Elizabeth) which distract you from admiring the world and just staring at it at times. The story. This game's shorter than the first BioShock, but much more focused, with better witing (and BioShock's writing wasn't bad at all), much more interesting and relatable. It was filled with emotions that few games achieved last year (The Last of Us, Gone Home). The Graphics aren't as realistic in 2013 as BioShock's were in 2007, but that's because Irrational takes a much more artistic approach and one that pays off. The music in this game is extraordinary, and really make emotional moments 10 times much more meaningful. The sounds are very good as well, no complaints there. The gameplay. Now, everyone thinks that this is a weak part in the game, but it really isn't. Although plasmids (now called vigors) don't make much of a difference in combat, and it doesn't change the first person shooter genre (like BioShock did), it's a satisfying gameplay and it's a lot of fun (although you might want to play it in hard like I did, because normal and easy difficulty don't bring any challenge). AI is great and Elizabeth really changes combat, by helping you with supplies.
    After all BioShock: Infinite is an incredible ride with an ending that will make you want to replay the game from a whole new pespective.
    Average score: 9.7/10
  5. Mar 29, 2014
    Despite the fact that the 2 first Bioshock games were pretty good, they both pale in comparison to this one. The story is much deeper and one of the best ones I've seen in a while and the gameplay is also more interesting and fun with the new ability to open tears and some new powers that are even more awesome than the ones in previous games.

    If anyone out there has played the first to
    games, but still played this one yet, then they definitely should. Expand
  6. Mar 29, 2014
    Great idea, great design, great graphics. It is just let down by uninvolving gameplay. Just a series of go here and press F, then go here and press F. Oh what it might have been...
  7. Mar 28, 2014
    From the very first moment I found this game highly overrated by reviewers.
    The game itself is a bit repetitive, I found myself wanting juts to finish rather than enjoying the game.
  8. Mar 27, 2014
    With far less emphasis on level design compared to bioshock1, bioshock infinite is all about the story and the characters gameplay is watered down with the choice of carrying only two weapons like most of those generic mediocre military shooters on the market. But the vigors/plasmids, the beautiful city of Colombia on the unreal 3 engine and Elizabeth is what makes infinite worth playing.
  9. Mar 26, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. As a fan of story in games, I found myself sitting at the end of the credits of Bioshock: Infinite with many questions swirling around in my head. Some about the game, some about the impact, but one that has stuck with me since: "Why does everyone think this game is a 10/10?"

    Usually, with sequels, developers try to innovate and create unique experiences in a similar universe of a game. They try their hardest to replicate the success of the earlier installments, and to try and make a title worthy of the series' name.

    Was Bioshock: Infinite innovative and unique? No.
    Did Irrational Games try their hardest to create this game? Not at all.

    E3 2011: 15 minutes of gameplay is released. It shows creative features with environment-reactive NPC's and large landscapes with dense setpieces. Elizabeth is also shown to react promptly to the drastic actions you take. You feel immersed in this world. It is beautiful, yet dangerous.
    Did any of this make it into the final product? Nope.
    The NPC's are lifeless and absent for most of the game. The graphics may be wonderful but that feeling of immersion quickly wears off the second you push that rotating blade into a cop's head for grabbing your wrist. And Elizabeth? She'll come later.

    Gameplay: Big question here: Why was this game a First Person Shooter? For a game trying to tell a story about conflicting ideals and the possibilities of alternate universes, why did shooting guards and ghosts in linear gauntlet sequences similar to Call of Duty seem to be the best choice? The "continuation" of the Bioshock name rears its ugly head here, as I feel Irrational was forced to make this decision due to keeping the similarity going. It didn't help, much similar to the gameplay changes from System Shock 2 to Bioshock. The difficulty system in the game is laughable, going up in difficulty means making enemies bigger bullet sponges, and that is it. While I understand the hype around other parts of the game, I believe 10/10 games to be nearly flawless. And the gameplay of this game is anything but, with its dull repetitive shooting galleries that take up most of the game, and with the unforgivable removal of key features that made this game unique to play. Development Hell kicked this poor game down.

    Graphics: This is the only part I can see the love for. The art style really makes the game seem like it was in development for six years. It's refined and has its own quirks. Yet your immersion in this beautiful world lasts for all of ten minutes.

    Story: Oh lord. While many might bag me down for saying I just didn't "understand," you're right. I don't understand. I don't understand the praise for this uninspired, bloated story with one of the most jumbled endings of any game I've seen in all of my life. The game starts with an overdone bashing of old American values, and it sure does bash you with it constantly and barrages you with "BLACK IS BAD" propaganda. It's all "THIS GOOD, THIS BAD" for hours and hours, and the game does nothing with it as you blast the white man down. For a game that is praised for pushing the story-telling medium forward, the story lacks any sort of nuance. Then, the time travel plot kicks in. Infinite realities and such. At the end of the game, you (Booker) are drowned as you eventually become Comstock, the villain, and must be killed to prevent Columbia from ever being made. At this point, multiple universes have been traversed, and it is implied that this certain Booker's (you) death will result in all Booker's dying in every universe. However, this contradicts what the infinite realities theory really is: infinite. Killing one man in one universe does nothing for the again, infinite realities that are existing. The producers tried to put as many confusing elements of quantum mechanics into their game, but failed to understand any of them. I have full faith that the story was being made up as it went along near the end. I could go on for hours on how this story is nothing short of horrid, but that's already been done by various others. Instead, I'll end it with Elizabeth and Booker.
    Booker is your hero, and a very dumb one at that. Completely ignoring all signs for him to not do what he does, he does it anyway. A hero that pushes onward no matter what is heroic, a hero that slays hundreds for no reason to pay off a debt is disgusting.
    Elizabeth is your main objective: you save her from her tower guarded by a beast that serves as her guardian. She is spunky, lovable, and funny. She should not be any of these things. Being trapped in that tower means you are not a Disney princess, you are emotionally detached and volatile. Of course, Irrational can't do this, as spunky female characters are all the rage right now.

    Sometimes I worry about the industry, how these games are praised as the next comings of christ.

    The game is praised for being intelligent and thought-provoking, but does not understand how a coherent story or actual characters should function.
  10. Mar 23, 2014
    Decent Game
    - Good gun play
    - Great voice actors
    - Amazing atmosphere
    - Too few guns
    - Predictable ending
    - Re-Used story
    Basically, it is an ok game although I find Bioshock 2 and 1 to be way better.
  11. Vel
    Mar 22, 2014
    First, let me say I was a big fan of the first bioshock, and somewhat a fan of the 2nd. This one fell short of what it could be. I'll just list it as a set of pro's and con's, but please, PLEASE don't believe all the hype about this game.
    -Graphics are pretty good, nothing ground breaking, but up to competing with what's out there.
    -The story was somewhat clever, kind of reminded
    me of dishonored.
    -The gameplay mechanics were very similar to bioshock 1 and 2, which made it easy to get in to

    -The game was relatively short, with almost 0 replayability. While the game gives you some decisions, none of them feel like they mean anything at all.
    -The gameplay becomes VERY repetitive as the game continues. Move to the next area, shoot all the bad guys. Move to the next area, shoot all the bad guys. By the last half of the game, it was more a desire to finish than a desire to play that got me through it.
    -The story did not really flow. While the main plot was interesting, the sideplots and people you meet just felt like filler to point you to the next area full of bad guys.

    Overall, if you can get it for under $10, it's a pretty good game, but trust me, once you beat it, you will never pick it up again.
  12. Mar 20, 2014
    As a regular game player I like to think I'm in tune with other game players. But this game has proved that wrong.

    I really do not get how such a mediocre linear boring game gets such a high mark from other reviews. I tried to like the game, honestly I did . I wanted to like it. It is a beautiful game which is why it got some points. But it is the same thing over and over again.
    Run a bit enter an arena fight bad guys. Run some more into another arena fight more bad guys. No skill in avoiding them or getting around them. Boring boring boring. Has it really come to this when a game like this gets top marks. Is everyone blinded.

    I really enjoyed the first BioShock. Plenty of options to figure out different ways to get the bad guys. The real need to conserve your precious ammo and health. All that I enjoyed of the first game seemingly stripped away.

    Sorry but I really do not get the hype of this game.
  13. Mar 17, 2014
    The game was fun and all, but I don't get why people are so "touched" by it. I get that it's a triple AAA game but seriously, why? Anyway, the hook is pretty cool. Helped me a lot during the last boss battle. The graphics are nice and you get to have a pretty companion who helps you pick up items when you need them. I can't really remember the rest snce it's been a few months since I've finished the game but I did like it. Expand
  14. Mar 16, 2014
    Good game, good story line and good graphics though i don't kinda like the way it looks.. they just need to improve the gameplay a little bit and make it less repetitive, coz repetitive will bring you to boredom..
  15. Mar 16, 2014
    This is one great experiences, and surely one of the best of last-gen. BioShock Infinite has a unique artistic style and a highly detailed world to go along with a good story. There are parts where it feels like there's just too much combat, but the fact that the combat is fun, and the story is good, you just want to keep pushing through to see what happens next. Although it's not as great as the original, it's still a game that deserves to be played. Expand
  16. Mar 13, 2014
    Is this game as good as what people say it is? Yes of course. The game oozes both theme, style and beauty paired with a suspenseful story with a juicy ending. Gameplay is fun, though not everyone's cup of tea, it is still versatile and fun. Though the story does lack a rather slow sluggish start, when it picks up pace, you will fall in love with this game. A must play.
  17. Mar 12, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Bioshock Infinite is barely a game designed for the entertainment of 'gamers'. It is rather a convoluted and unrelentingly bleak exercise in narrative by Ken Levine. When we get to the 'end' it is NOT The Sound of Music. Instead we have a narrative in which every major 'character' is soul-less and evil, living in a chaotic and meaningless world, where the (anti) hero (YOU) is drowned in the final scene by a daughter he sold, after he enslaved her in a another manifestation.........made possible by the ridiculous....pseudo science....of an entirely fictional take on 'Quantum Physics'. Along the way to its HORRIBLE conclusion the game revels in an unrelenting atmosphere of homicidal psychosis. The player navigates a long sequence of linear levels depopulating the city of Columbia of its men folk without any real rhyme or reason. Hand in hand with the daughter you abandoned, and then imprisoned (and who is going to drown you) you roam about gathering resources and unlocking achievements on a long journey to nowhere. It is not all terrible. The art direction of the game is great, and the lighting and bloom effects are well done. Vigours are fun, and there is pleasure to be had holding the v key down so that you can decapitate half the city with your skyhook. That is the only 'role playing' allowed here however. This game is all about the story. It is ONLY about the story. The story is that you are a moral midget psychopath, who will be drowned by your own daughter so that 'none of this ever happened'. If that is a 10/10 game experience for you by all means go for it. Have yet to delve fully into the DLC but 'Clash in the Clouds' feels way better than the core game since it spares us the dismal narrative. Despite my negative review this is a game to buy and play, because it is definitely INTERESTING. I hope Ken Levine can discover a sense of humor in the future, and put more effort into level design, shooting mechanics and role playing elements. Good games offer the illusions of choices, levity and reasons to replay them. This game offers no choices, no light-heartedness and very little reason to replay it.

  18. Mar 10, 2014
    Frankly I don't know why this game has received such high marks. The story is convoluted, the ending is ridiculous and the entire theme of the game makes no sense. The graphics are very good and it's fun to ride the skylines, but other than that, this was a boring game and I couldn't wait to get finished with it. The demo is a highlight of one of the most interesting parts, but other than that, I would recommend purchasing this game for as little money as possible. Expand
  19. Mar 8, 2014
    A remarkable story that puts the Bioshock franchise in a place where anything can happen next and everything from the series were placed together.

    Deep and engaging characters, astonishing visuals and a truly rich backstory fulfilled with a mixture of history and fantasy, covering aspects of our society like the struggle of social classes or religion and state exploit, make one of the
    best games of all time.

    Bugs at the beginning, some boring mechanics, unjustified excessive violence, bad design/budget decisions, the well known millions of chain quests covering the same places over and over, and mostly the unbelievable absence of a decent save system almost ruin the game or make it average, but the good points are just awesome and hold Bioshock Infinite like an awesome, over the top game.

    It's a good mix of action and story - entertainment and art excellence.
    (some technical mess, but it's all right)


    PS For those who needs the subtitle help in a foreign language:

    You may get lost at the end of the story, because it's deep and explained too fast. Play it again or simply search for the story explained via web to help you understand it if needed.
  20. Mar 7, 2014
    the reason why alot of people are saying the graphics suck is because they don't know what art style the developers were going for, the story is amazing and the gameplay is fun, definetley worth picking up
  21. Mar 4, 2014
    Like mentioned by other graphics are stunning. I spent ages searching around the little bits of the linear path just to make sure I have not missed anything. Thought the story was good as well and your AI buddy does not get in the way like other games and occasionally likes to throw money and guns at you, which is always a bonus! I am looking forward to getting round to buying and giving the dlc a play through. Expand
  22. Mar 2, 2014
    I'm quite disapointed. I've heard a lot about this game, " best fps ever", " best game 2013" ect... so, i watched a "Let's Play" of Bioshock, i bought Bioshock 2 so i coud play Bioshock Infinite. 50 bucks wasted... The story was interested, i really liked the twist ending, i didn't see it coming BUT it lasted 8 hours... I know, I'm a quick gamer, i "died" only twice, but still! HOW can this game be rated so highly if after 8 hours, it's finished?! And you cannot replay it again and again for the other endings like the other Bioshocks... The story is just the same... I know a lot of games WAY beter than this. You want a good story, non linear, quite long? Metro 2033. You want great graphics? Battlefield.
    This game doesn't even have Multiplayer... At first, i really tought that the story was interactive ( espacially with the bird / cage pin, the bird woud be freedom, it's not decorated yet it's the best and the cage seem the best, you love it most but your inprisonned)....
    I do agree that there is a problem with collision zones, they're poorly made....
    I did like it, the story was interesting, i really liked the originality with Elizabeth and i really loved the Twist Ending. But it's not Worth its Hype...
    Quite a disapointment...
  23. Feb 25, 2014
    i mean you can not say that is was a bad game anyway this was the best best game i have ever played wonderful story awesome ending and you are just bioshocked when it ends!
  24. Feb 24, 2014
    /// sorry for bad english/// bioshock infinite best game in which I played an incredible story introducing the head, great graphics(not for innovation , a wonderful atmosphere and beauty) , the combat system was estimated at low levels of complexity recommend to take the 1999 mode , this game is so good that I played 90 hours approximately 5 playthroughs ,you won't believe I just enjoy beautiful locations ,and plot ,but really ,this is the best game at the time of 2013. 10 out of 10 masterpiece Expand
  25. Feb 22, 2014
    I consider myself a hardcore gamer. I do not like games that aren't **** brilliant. This game is so good I don't even know where to begin. I played it on one of the lowest graphics available, it still had one of the best graphics I have ever seen. The story is almost as good as the story in Oblivion, Ocarina of time, Suidoken etc. People that say that the story in this game is bad are RETARDED. I'm not even trying to be funny. They much REALLY have a low IQ. This story is so **** complex and amazing that I am now(2 hours after completing the game) still in a **** chock of wonder. The story is, although, very complex. I had to go online for explaination because so much of the story was thrown at you in the last 15 minutes of the game. That, and the "lack of story" throughout the mid-part of the game ares two of the reasons im giving it a 9. Another thing that is mindblowing are all the small details of the story. The story is so incredibly well-written that I'm actually stunned by it's depth. Although I donwloaded this game(I wouldn't have if I knew how good it was) I higly recommend you buying it. If you regret it, you are probably retarded and should stick to **** games, e.g CoD like the rest of the 12 year olds. Expand
  26. Feb 22, 2014
    Really enjoying this game. Great art and music that's fully integrated into the narrative. The skyline is fun. Some of the PC controls (o for inventory/game play menu?) are hidden and not intuitive. Downsides for me are no stealth mode and few player choices. I think this reviewer sums up the good and bad really well. Expand
  27. Feb 21, 2014
    It's come to my attention that people giving this game the red scores either are just hating, or don't know how to use the ratings properly.

    I liked Infinite,and I can't quite grasp where the hate's coming from. Game of the year? No, not by any means. A good game during the year? Yeah, that's more like it.

    I liked the different take on the idea of "A man and a lighthouse", and story
    wise, the game was okay. Though...what were they deconstructing again? Well, perhaps that wasn't the focus of Infinite; maybe they were focusing more on the alternate universe ideas than deconstructing an idea.

    Gameplay wise I liked it. Thank God they had a plasmid wheel, unlike 2. Though what's up with the "Only two weapons" BS? I liked being able to have all the guns and the freedom doing so gave me; here it just feels like I'm being restricted. Gear was an interesting concept, but kinda eh. Maybe it was just the types I got on my play through, since I hear Gear is randomized each time you go through. Vigors were another thing I wasn't 100% fond of, using mainly Murder of Crows and Shock Jockey, though from what I've played so far in 1999 mode, I might be relying on them more. Infusions were a nice way to also put in RPG elements into the series; these give you the ability to increase either Health, Salts (EVE, basically) or a Shield.

    The set pieces were nice, even on a lower graphics card. I've seen pictures and videos of it on higher settings and good Lord, it's a nice looking game.

    All in all, if you're a fan of the BioShock series check it out. It's not The Best, but it's not The Worst either.
  28. Feb 21, 2014
    BioShock Infinite it's clearly an overrated game. After the underwhelming BioShock 2 everyone thought about the next installment of the BioShock series by the original author (Irrational Games) as the true sequel and created this myth in their minds but the real game is just an average one. It' begins with a very flat start. The world is a dead one, the graphics are 'very artificial' (it's like playing Myst with a gun) and there is not much to do... then begins the FPS part with mediocre playability (controls just not up to par with the competition.. ok I got spoiled by Borderlands 2 and Fallout 3, mediocre physics, uninteresting AI) and the adventure part too it's just boring. It redeem itself towards the end but anyway it's not enough to put the game beyond an 'average' rating. It's a game I would not like to play again, 'boring' and 'clunky' are the two words that comes to my mind. Expand
  29. Feb 17, 2014
    this is not a terrible game by any means but it just doesnt feel the same you dont get the same vibe as rapture columbia is too bright and i also miss fighting people who are insane
  30. Feb 16, 2014
    Where to start. Just another mediocre shooter, without any "fun while playing" without any gameplay inovations!. But this game has something different. Something more deep. The story, the music, game design, the overall feeling. I had deep artistic and mind blowing experience after the finishing the game. The story is one of the best stories in games...and that ending..... masterpiece..
  31. Feb 15, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I've played all of the BioShock series leading up to this and I don't know what this is. It seems that some BioShock elements were used to develop a limited, hokey shooter with silly elements added to it that have nothing to do with BioShock 1 and 2.

    Furthermore, the context of the story is unnecessary and unappreciated (racism...really?). It actually sheds some negative connotations on our founding fathers and the history of the United States albeit in some "attempted" humorous fashion.

    To sum it all up; if you're looking for a continuation of the epic BioShock 1 and 2 series, this isn't it. It's a rip-off from the coattails of the former two. Much like a horrible "part 3" of an otherwise fantastic movie series that wasn't written or directed by the team of the first two. The only reason I'm playing through this is because I bought it...thankfully on sale.
  32. Feb 14, 2014
    Bioshock Infinite is an amazing game, with a great story, outstanding and colourful world and overall GOOD gameplay it is one of 2013's best. There are only a few main negative points that Infinite carries which is which are its lack of meaningful player decisions, a lame final battle. and a few hallway-shooter levels. The last ~3 minutes or so of the game will tie up all loose ends from the game and some that you didn't even know existed.

  33. Feb 6, 2014
    bioshock infinite has lost it's roots and become just a beautifull looking shooter. nothing more, nothing less. It's doesn't need the name bioSHOCK, they should rename it to something else. Because there is nothing to shock. System shock 2 was truly good with it's very outdated graphics.In Bioshock 1 there were some good moments that were shocking.... That people only rate this game a 10 because it's good looking is like handed over a chocolate that is good looking but very hollow. I finished the game, but I could have spend the money else ware. Perhaps the last DLC part is any good? Expand
  34. Feb 3, 2014
    Not bad. Decent graphics, good voice acting, boring but solid FPS combat. Worth it for the eye candy perhaps, but I won't be playing it again.

    This could have been something special: setting is very impressive and stylish with lots of attention to detail, and the developers were obviously trying to say something intelligent. Instead - the usual move forwards and kill, repeat, repeat.
    Why? Because a guy who I hear speaking sometimes is evil.

    There's more to it than that, but if you want to find out what happens at the end you need to rack up an enormous bodycount first. The other Bioshocks and System Shock had puzzles and exploring; Infinite is just about shooting everything and then finding the exit to the next area.

    Cool characters that might become Booker's allies manage to find bizarre ways of becoming his enemy so they can be added to the death toll. The sheer amount of meaningless killing (Booker pulls the trigger and Elizabeth throws him more ammo) makes situations like Booker stopping to tell Elizabeth that stealing from a tomb is wrong ("Think about what you're doing!"), unintentionally hilarious.

    The moral of the story? Gunning down hundreds of people is fine as long as they are evil, but racism is very very very bad.
  35. Feb 2, 2014
    This game was not made for me. I found it to be very boring, with the same rinse-repeat shootouts without much of a break. The story line and themes were incredibly convoluted. What a shame, considering I really like the first and second Bioshock. I will however, play it a second time on a higher difficulty to see if that makes any sort of difference. I really was hoping to enjoy this.
  36. Jan 27, 2014
    Bioshock Infinite must be one of the most cleverly designed games I’ve ever played. All design decisions made by the developers subtly direct the player towards interesting themes that keep reverberating throughout the story. This Bioshock game takes place in a different utopia that floats in the sky. Infinite’s gameworld, Columbia, is given incredible detail and is probably the most vibrant and dynamic city portrayed in gaming. Irrational Games designed characters that exude lively animations and personalities that, for the first time in the franchise, provoked genuine emotional reactions out of me. You play as an ex-Pinkerton agent assigned with a rather simple task that gets complicated quickly. Throughout your adventure in Columbia, the player is presented with some of the most uncomfortable and controversial game moments and takes a new approach with choice and morality. However, these segments are beautifully tied into the story’s theme and portrayed with such narrative finesse that the player’s discomfort is also accompanied with awe and amazement.

    While Bioshock Infinite doesn’t have the incredible level design its predecessors had, the game has extremely balanced gameplay that struggles between exploration, combat, and story. All details of Infinite are so carefully considered, it would be silly to assume that Irrational Games got lazy when designing the combat. If the combat system became any more complicated with extra secondary goals and additional exploration, it would disrupt the balance between the narrative and ultimately force the player to focus less on the story. While I would prefer that my Booker DeWitt had the ability to carry all accessible weapons with him, the two-weapon system doesn’t necessary bother me. Almost all weapons are very well balanced and merely cater to different gameplay styles without offering noticeable advantages in combat. In addition, I found that Vigors are a much more appealing magic system than the Plasmids in Rapture. The various Vigors react with each other differently and offer much more depth to the gameplay if you decide to experiment with them. The defensive Vigors, such as Return to Sender and an upgraded Charge, can become life savers on higher difficulties. It’s incredibly rewarding when the player perseveres through a challenging combat situation by cleverly utilizing their Vigor arsenal. Bioshock Infinite is one of the most colorful games ever crafted and steers the shooter genre in a new direction with its fluid gameplay and remarkable narration.
  37. Jan 27, 2014
    Bioshock was my Game of the Year of 2013. In order to have a full understanding and experience, play the other Bioshock's before starting Infinite.
    The graphics are gorgeous and stunning on PC, the gameplay and shooter mechanics are smooth and exceptional.
    What really drives Infinite is the story line. Not ruining anything, but the ending is confusing to many people and I suggest once
    you have finished, youtube the ending of Bioshock Infinite explained in full detail.
    Elizabeth is a companion that is never going to be forgotten. She not only helps you in battle, but she is what drives the story. Elizabeth, you could say, is the centerpiece throughout the entire game.
    The vigors are well thought and interpreted, as this gives the player many options to chose how they want to approach a battle. Planning is essential on the higher difficulties, especially 1999 mode.
    However, the game does not feature enough guns, and I found myself sticking with the same guns throughout the whole game.
    All in all, one of the best story-driven, first-person shooters I have ever played. Please continue to amaze us, 2K and Irrational Games.
  38. Jan 27, 2014
    The game is not bad but I must say that I enjoyed the first Bioshock more and to a lesser degree Bioshock 2. It just doesn't have that gem quality the first one did. As a shooter it is mediocre. As a story driven action adventure the story is only mildly compelling with the usual go here do this, go here do that. Many of its spells/augmentations seem to be there just as filler as they don't really add much to the game. The art direction is very good but that's to be expected from Irrational, if only they didn't use the same rather outdated engine. The game was also a bit repetitive. The quality is there as a triple A game would demand but it just didn't dazzle me as much as Dishonored did, which I think competes well in this genre. Expand
  39. Jan 27, 2014
    Relish this game. Take it all in. Beautiful and gripping from pillar to post! One of the best games ive ever date! I find it hard to comprehend how some people score it low. If its not your cup of tea its worth at least a 7/10 for its sheer graphical quality and beauty!
  40. Jan 26, 2014
    Back in the year 2007, the company Irrational Games released BioShock, which was a fantastic first person shooter that brought new things to the table that brought a more unique flare to the tried and true FPS genre. This game had an amazing storyline, superpowers that change the way the game can be played, and beautiful graphics. The game was fantastic, and critically acclaimed by critics and FPS fans alike. Then in 2010, a sequel called BioShock 2 was released. This game was not made by the same developer. Despite this however, the game was considered great, but not as good as its predecessor. Now the series is back with BioShock Infinite, a game with a different setting from the first two games, but is still made by the developer of the first game. So, does this game live up to the legacy of its predecessors, or should the developers have just stuck with the original setting? Let's find out. The gameplay of this game is very similar to its predecessors. It is a first person shooter with many weapons for you to mess around with. This game has all of the weapons that an FPS fan could ask for. It has machine guns, shotguns, pistols, and even grenade launchers. This may sound like your generic FPS at first, but this game also has something that changes the gameplay quite a bit. You also have these amazing superpowers called vigors. Vigors give your character special powers such as the ability to throw fire into your enemy's faces, zapping them with lightning, and even murdering them with a horde of crows. Overall, this game's gameplay is not much different from it's predecessors at all, except that it seems to appeal more to the modern FPS fan then a classic one. After all, this time you can only have two weapons at a time, and you can only wield two vigors at a time. However, this isn't much of a problem considering that it is still fun to play despite this restriction. The gameplay of this game is quite fantastic overall. The graphics of this game have got to be the most beautiful I have ever seen in any video game. I'm not kidding. This game's graphics are just so beautiful it is crazy. Everything is rich with detail, along with being bright and colorful. The setting is probably the most beautiful part however. It is a city in the clouds that is filled with posters, billboards and the like talking about how amazing the place is. The people in the game are realistic looking, the clouds in the sky are a nice touch, and I could go on and on. This game is about as beautiful as a modern FPS can get. As for the story, it is quite possibly the best story that I have ever heard in my life. That is not a joke. This story is so amazing it is ridiculous. It starts with you, the main character Booker DeWitt, who is threatened with death if he doesn't complete his mission. His mission is to "Bring us the girl and wipe away the debt,". This girl is Elizabeth, who you will meet later in the game, who will be your sidekick later on. Along the way, you get caught up in a conflict with the game's main villain, Zachary Hale Comstock who created the city of Columbia, which is where the game takes place. The story is told like a classic animated Disney movie, and is filled with themes such as racism and religion. The story is handled quite fantastically, and is told very well.
    Overall, this game definitely lives up to the legacy of its predecessors. It is a game that absolutely everyone needs to play. It is one of the best games I have ever played in my life. My only real problem with it is that it is too much like a modern shooter, where the other games in the franchise were more like a classic FPS.
    Gameplay: 9/10
    Graphics: 10/10
    Story: 10/10
    Overall: 10/10
  41. Jan 25, 2014
    Game is great. However, it is far from perfect; at least on PC. There are a few notable things that nearly all PC games have that this game simply lacks with no explanation other than it being a port. The graphics are good, but feel like they are targeted towards consoles again since they don't take advantage of many aspects of the Unreal engine that are almost laughably easy to implement even to the most amateur of UDK newbie such as reflections). The art content is very nice.

    The game design is where the game feels lackluster in comparison to its predecessors. The level design and agency of the game feel extremely stifled. There are a few "decisions" here and there that make no difference, all customization items are strewn about randomly meaning that the map and enemy design go unaffected by them in the long run. The characters and bad guys also feel silly. I really wish that there was at least some sort of open worldedness and a way to explore in more ways.

    Another problem that I have is why on earth can you not have multiple saves, let alone being able to save where you want. Bioshock 1 and 2 had this why does Infinite not. I just started another game to let my friend play and had to lose all my previous progress. It is uncalled for. There are other things such as the Vigor wheel obviously being geared towards controller use and weapon limiting but the save problems are the worst. I know this is a minor gripe but this should have been addressed.
  42. Jan 25, 2014
    I really liked this game. Really really liked it. Its graphics are fantastic, theme is spot-on, and the gameplay is rock-solid. The only complaints I have (relatively minor ones) stem from the story and characters.

    Starting off with the graphics: I'm so glad my upgraded PC can run this on max. While some areas of the game aren't really that amazing from a technical standpoint, going
    outside in Columbia is a revelation. Not only did I appreciate the lighting, textures, and particle effects, but felt that they aided my absorption into the game.

    The astounding graphics tie into my next love of the game: the theme. Columbia is breathtaking. The old-timey machines, voices, and buildings are breathtaking. This game made 1912 interesting, a mean feat considering how boring I found it previously. The ideas behind this game are varied, and I have no doubt that they could carry a prequel or a sequel if one was made.

    Gameplay finally. Weapons feel punchy and dangerous. Vigors were better implemented in this game than they were in the first Bioshock; they were a key aspect of most of my battles. Elizabeth's 'tearing' saved my ass so many times that I'm not even sure I would have beat the game without it. Skylines are just the best idea ever, although I did find myself over-using them because of the almost-complete safety they gave me. Airship battles: not restricting at all, which I thought they would be. The enemies also kept you on your toes, with the Handymen and crow guys standing out for me. Some people say the gameplay is nothing special, and objectively that may be so, but I did really feel like Booker DeWitt trying to survive in this weird new world whenever I was in combat.

    Now to the goddamn story and characters. Without spoiling much, I loved Elizabeth (as most do). Pretty much all of the moments of happiness, sadness, and compassion were because of her. Only times I didn't like her was when she was wayyyyy too clued-in to what was going on to make any sense (read: the ending). However, that's more of a story problem than hers. Comstock was one-dimensional, racist, bible-bashing, but entertaining enough. Booker has a bit of an uneven story; he turns from being vital to the plot to almost invisible many times throughout the game. Other characters range from great (Lutece twins) to okay (Jeremiah Fink) to bad (Daisy Fitzroy).

    The story itself, well, I really really really liked it. Ranging from figuring out what the hell is going on to trying to escape to, well, the endgame, I had a blast throughout. I genuinely looked forward to every new location in the game. Only problem; the ending was rushed. I loved the ideas behind it, but they could have been paced better to give the player time to breathe. That being said, the whole ending sequence was so thought-provoking I want to replay the game just to see what I missed. I could go on with my opinion on the story, but I don't really feel like it. It's really an 'in the moment' game.

    Overall, a great game.
  43. Jan 22, 2014
    Amazing graphics, characters, setting, design, music and sound effects.
    Absolutely retarded and terrible gameplay!! It's really a disgrace to the fps genre in terms of challenge and mechanics.
  44. Jan 20, 2014
    So this was my first bioshock and i gotta say
    I was pretty good but not unreal i gound it s littke repetitive
    Not many weapons and very short campain
    Story was good and look was good id give it
    7 out of 10
  45. Jan 20, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. It is not often you play a game and then immediately afterwards want to talk about your feelings and experience. System Shock 1 did not do that for me, not even System Shock 2 and I still have my original CDs of that game. SS2 was one of my best games all time by the way. Like it or not - games have moved on and the consolisation of our beloved PC games continues. Shame I say!

    Bioshock Infinite is a lot like the original Bioshock. However, some things have been changed for the better - some for the worse. You are now travelling amongst the clouds, in a magical floating city where Humming Birds, Candy Floss and rainbows stretch across the horizon. It follows after one of the best introductions in a video game - starting with the standard man, boat, lighthouse and ending up in the amazing chapel. At the beginning - you sort of explore - play some games in the fairground - see the happy locals living their privelaged life.

    Like the orginal BIoshocks - the game is extremely linear - this time there is no illusion that you are free to choose your path. What you are playing is an interactive story and believe me - it is the best interactive story you could ever take part in. Bringing in film, books and gaming together - the end result, and I mean when you get to THE END - you will think and feel like you never have before in gaming.

    I liked the moment in the beginning chapel and getting baptised. I liked exploring the opening fairground and taking part in the games. I was surprised by the lottery section and the comment it made on mixed marriages. I liked the use of the sky rails and had not experienced that in a video game before. I liked the combat but found I was often reminded to use the vigours - unlike Bioshock 1 and 2. I liked the beach, the American Indian and Chinese Boxers sections. I liked the build up to your initial meeting with Elizabeth.

    The experience with the Elizabeth character was just so amazing and wonderful - totally unique - no - nothing like Alyx in Half Life 2 - much better. Watching the Elizabeth character change over the course of the game was heart wrenching and your inability of stopping that was difficult to take. Remember - you are not in control of this game - you go and do what you are told - you live the story and play your role.

    Technically - the game is not better than SS2 or BS1 - but the story telling sets this game apart from any other I have experienced - give it a go, please. Take your time and do not rush - explore the world - struggle through the bad interface and dumbed down options - you will thank me.

    Hmm - anything wrong with the game? Well - let's say I would have done some things different - too much shooter for me. Somethings seem to have been taken out or put in at the last minute - it's obvious but all that never really affected my experience, or my feelings.

    I think this thing of leaving bits of the story and background in voicemails needs to improve in the future - we gamers really need this a bit more directly - we all don't have time to search the intranet to find answers once we complete a game - please give us more info next time. Some character interaction with the citizens with the world would help that.

    So - on to the feelings and thinking bit - BI is a grown up game - younger people might like the (standard) shooty shooty, I would not. Without the story telling this game is not a "Shock". It becomes a standard shooter.

    Racism, Equality, The Nature of Power, Violence, Religion, Technology. Family. Children. The choices we make. What is gaming for?

    I am giving this a 9/10 with Skyrim being a 10/10. I don't understand the haters below that are giving it a fat zero. Obviously a game can move from a 7 to a 10, some guys might be really into this one and give it a 10. I would not say it is excessive. But zeros? All their criticism is valid though -

    Some ways this is worse than Bioshock - the story telling is better.
    Bring us the girl, and wipe away the debt.
    Elizabeth: Booker, are you afraid of God? Booker DeWitt: No. But I'm afraid of you.
    The mind of the subject will desperately struggle to create memories where none exist.
    The seed of the prophet shall sit the throne, and drown in flame the mountains of man.
    Love the Prophet, cause he loves the Sinner, Love the Sinner, Because he is you. Without the Sinner, what need is there for a redeemer? Without Sin, what grace has forgiveness?
    What exactly was the great emancipator, emancipating the negro from? From his daily bread, from the nobility of honest days work, from wealthy patrons who sponsered them from cradle to grave. Front clothing and shelter and what have they done?, Why go to Finkton and you shall find out. No man is born free, except the white man, and it is our burden to care for the rest of creation.

    The ending is the best ending EVER in a video game - show me better if you can.
  46. Jan 18, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This Game is beautiful, the voice acting is great, especially by Troy Baker, the story really makes you think, and doesn't have the weak ending that Bioshock 1 and 2 had, the gameplay is ok, but this game is a masterpiece. Expand
  47. Jan 18, 2014
    To be honest i haven’t completed the game and don’t see myself finishing it any time soon, this isn’t a film i expect a game to rely on more than just its story which unfortunately BioShock Infinite seems to have forgotten. I dont think Bioshock is a bad game but its strictly mediocre at best. Heres some of the issues:

    -You can only carry two guns at once and ammo is so rare that you
    will be forced to carry the crappy guns that all the enemies carry.
    -Upgrades cost way to much so it’s unlikely that you'll be able to afford many of them.
    -The guns feel awful they carry no weight to them and you don’t get any enjoyment out of using them.
    -Plasmids are in the game for no apparent reason (and aren’t explained at all stunning plot) and what’s worse they are all EXACTLY THE SAME you can fire them at enemies or set a trap on the floor.....that is all.
    -You'll spend around 80% of your time in combat and it never changes due to lack of enemy variety and the point mentioned earlier about lack of ammo causing you to use same ♥♥♥♥ty guns.
    -Enemy AI is awful all the enemies are bullet sponges and charge your position.
    -Melee combat tagged on and adds nothing to gameplay
    -Tooltips in the middle of combat

    All in all it seems that way to much time was spent building the world of Bioshock infinite and gameplay was rushed in, in the last couple of months and that said the story is hardly mindblowing either the game jumps between a dozens of different themes and so far hasn’t fleshed out any of them.
  48. Jan 17, 2014
    Bioshock Infinite is for sure a top game of 2013 and perhaps of all time. With visually stunning graphics and a story that pulls you deeper than almost any other, the game deserves special attention from true gamers. Bioshock Infinite is a near masterpiece.
  49. Jan 16, 2014
    Amazing, unbelievable and fun. The art looks like it was made by saints and the story by unknown divine beings. If you don't like this game then you are probably one of those dota players that live in a bubble. After finishing it for like 7 times I will continue doing so until a better game gets released. Definitely my favourite title for a very long time.
  50. Jan 15, 2014
    I have been playing computer games since the days of space invaders, I have played and seen it all so I'm in no small way fussy and a little jaded. I have never given a game a perfect score so this is a first for me.

    At its core Bioshock Infinite is a simple shooter, its not overly clever and its not trying to be. What sets it apart from the crowd is its superb blend of story, graphics
    and its pure imagination. Its not too much of a stretch to call this game a playable work of art.

    I adored every exquisite, artistic moment of this game. There are times when it truly takes your breadth away. I'm in awe of its creators and how far we have come with game technology.

    So hey stop listening to me gush. Bioshock Infinite is on EBay and other sites for prices that are an absolute steal. Go get a copy.
  51. Jan 12, 2014
    It is a good game but not a great one. I wasn't going to grade it, but it got too overrated for me. The worst part was the game's repeatability and predictability (especially if someone has already played it's predecessors). Also, it had a slight console taste, which never gets along with my game taste buds.
  52. Jan 10, 2014
    This is one hard game to judge and to review, because it has so much but at the same it has so little. But I want to be clear from the start: yes, it is a good game. Yes, it has a very good story. Yes, it is a better shooter than normal. No, it's definitely not a masterpiece that everyone assume: it has flaws and those flaws are huge that cannot be avoided, especially considering I LOVED the original (especially System Shock), and I was expecting so much from this game, but when I heard of thecontent they had, but later removed, I just waited for a discount. Something that I didn't do for the original.

    What's good in it:

    1)The story is the best part of the game and despite confusing at will be still confusing later on, until you end the game, and hardly any game nowadays is able to do hook you like this game, especially an fps game. I won't spoil the story, but it's interesting and very engaging. Is it flawless? No, but it's still good. And that's what counts.

    2) The combat, while being a shooter, is actually pretty good although not very innovative, but if we have to compare to other "modern" fps game this is way higher on the scale: the vigors, while being not exceptional comparing to the original Bioshock, it still gives some variation on the fight and combined with your weapons (I'll talk about it) and also the sky-line fights, it gives some good combat now and then
    and it was ok and enjoyable. Only downside is that the fights are far too easy (I played on normal) so unless you want a challenge, you'll have to fight on highest difficulty, especially since your partner (Elizabeth) will provide support now and then. Not perfect, but definitely better than the average fps.

    3) I finished the game in about 10 hours, doing the most I can and trying to gather most of the powerups I could get (the pots), so even on length it's pretty good too considering most of fps nowadays, if you're lucky, will last about 5 hour or so, even less if you like to rush on the game. Sure the game will last less than 10 hours if you rush but, once again, if we have to compare to other fps, it's pretty lengthy. On its own, it's good enough: not too long, not too short.

    What's bad in it:

    1)You can only carry 2 weapons at once and, unless you find the weapon somewhere, you'll be stuck with the two you've got; this alone will make most of the weapons useless, because you'll focus on just 2 weapons most of the time and only them for the rest of the game: a pity because not only the original you could carry all of the weapons, but each one was useful (even the wrench, with the right upgrade!).

    2)You can use all of the vigors at once but it's so badly implemented (you hold Q to show the screen of vigors; in Bioshock it was bind to your F1 keys) that you will often forget them and just use two all time (since it's also very easy, it won't matter).

    3) Passives are gone and are replaced with clothes that you have to find and once you use them, you can replace with another until you find another. General upgrades also are dumbed down, with potions upgrade for health, shield and salts, and money for the other upgrades (instead of a specific revenue, like the ADAM in Bioshock)

    4)Too few exploration and lack of choices....and those few choices will lead you to nothing, since the game ends the same everytime. Also, the game is extremely linear despite the game will try to give "different paths", but the game will always force your way through one way only.

    5)Vigors are extremely dumbed down and not all of them are very useful and not worth upgrading at all. And some powers aren't here, like Telekinesis... (I would have LOVED to throw them away!!!!)

    There are probably other issues that I could mention, but all in all this game is very good and it was enjoyable to play through...but yes, this game, together with Portal 2 and maybe some CoD games, is one of the most overhyped games ever, because of the amount of things they have promised to deliver just scrapped later for giving us, in few words, a "linear shooter with story elements". I won't say it's bad because it's linear (I mentioned it had some exploration), but after Bioshock I expected sooooo much from this game and, to this day, I still consider that game a masterpiece (although that game is too easy too). But yes, I highly recommend this game to give it a try, ESPECIALLY if you find it on discount, because it has a good story (but hard to follow), one of the most reliable and interesting partners I've ever had (and more games should take inspiration from her!), and has an unnoriginal yet good fps mechanic that works, but really begged for more innovation (Ok, the original game was more clunky on using both of your powers....)

    A tough score for me, but I think a 9(.5) is a very well deserved to this game.
    Very good, but very flawed as well.
  53. Jwv
    Jan 9, 2014
    I didn't like the level design very much, the levels were graphically top-notch, but they didn't let much room for the player to experiment and explore to his own liking. I would like to see the big, crazy BioShock sandboxes again in the future. The combat was enjoyable, with different types of enemies and cool weapons and upgrades. Complicated story that will keep you into your seat. What I missed was a direct confrontation with the Songbird, because I think that I'm not the only one that when buying the game he would be your big nemesis. It was nice for a change to not let the game end on a disappointing boss-fight or short, predictable emotional ride, but on a rather long and thought-provoking journey. Expand
  54. Jan 8, 2014
    There are so many things I can say about BioShock Infinite. It was the first game I ever beat. This game is also one of the greatest games I have ever played. The entire story is amazing with a great plot and one of the most shocking endings ever. Also the graphics are amazing. At some parts I thought I was watching a movie. But most of all the combat is amazing. Whether its versing killer birds or robots the combats just great. Also the setting of Columbia is very cool. Maybe not as eerie as Rapture but still very cool and actually somewhat eerie. All in all this game is nearly perfect and I say if you're going to buy it go for it. Expand
  55. Jan 7, 2014
    So, to be clear. I was not a fan of the first Bioshock. The twist in that was asinine and completely out of left field, it was something that a washed up Shyamalan would come up with. Infinite was good. The story, although in my opinion far from brilliant, was still very good for a video game seeing how rarely video games have good plots and actually had something of a smart twist in it, unlike the first one. I've seen people complaining about 'low texture quality'. Please, oh please tell me you are joking. The game looks fantastic. If they can make the game look great without destroying people's frame rates, why in any logical world would they not?

    In my opinion, ten hours is too short for any game, as that's all it took me to beat it. Nonetheless, in comparison to a lot of "next gen" (how I hate that word due to the awfulness of a lot of the games it's attached to) games, it's damn near a masterpiece, and definitely worth trying out if it's on sale or whatever. I also had no issues with the game play, all in all I'd estimate I've played at least two thousand hours of first person shooter games and this is far from being terrible. It's not the most creative of shooters (I suppose the first Bioshock had that element going for it when it came out), but it gets the job done, the aesthetic of it all is brilliant and it has two genuinely likable protagonists. Don't overlook this one after seeing what some people have been saying about it as while they're quite justified in wanting more, by our modern game standards this is pretty good.
  56. Jan 6, 2014
    Bioshock Infinite 1 of the years best with a ending that ties everything together characters so real you can touch them mainly Elizabeth the most pure and innocent character ever who is the heart and soul of this art.
  57. Jan 4, 2014
    Alright. Bioshock Infinite. I've only now finished this game, despite having it for a while, and I thought I'd give my impressions of it. First of all, it is undeniably overrated. Playing the last Bioshock games and moving to this one; they haven't really done anything revolutionary. Sure, it's an enjoyable game, and it mixes up the FPS genre, but it really isn't worth the perfect scores that are granted to it.

    To start, seeing as it's a PC game, let's look at the graphics. Stunning, right? Well yeah, they're pretty good, but considering the game is linear, it isn't really cutting edge. Not to say it's ugly, but it's using the sort of water-colour pallet which can be found in other games like Dishonoured. It's nice to look at, but it isn't really the breath taking sights which appear in games such as Metro: Last Light or Crysis 3.

    As for the gameplay, it's fun, and I can lose time in it, but it can feel a little bit shallow at times. Before you rage against me, examine the 'vigors' of the game. The same as plasmids in the former Bioshocks, they give you superhuman powers with which you can wreck everything. But among them, there are just a few too many similarities for my liking. Bucking Bronco, Undertow and Shock Jockey all have effects which aren't particularly unique. The first upgrade essentially stuns an enemy. The second upgrades mix things up a bit but then other similarities can be found; for example the mine effects of Shock Jockey and Devil's Kiss. Some are more interesting, like Charge or Possession, but in the end they don't act too differently to, say, shooting an enemy in another game in a weak spot and watching them recoil. Add some gunplay of which the most interesting part are the gun noises, and it failed to give any memorable weapons, or moment's that I'll remember using them.

    As for the's interesting? Elizabeth is a nice character, but I feel as if she's kinda there to cater to the audiences' idea of a perfect girl, or something thereabouts. Booker is one of those protagonists with a grizzled attitude, tough guy exterior blah blah blah. He had some interesting moments, but most of those seemed to be swept up in his choices. Some of the more interesting plot developments later on in the game just made me feel disconnected; I won't spoil them, but it feels as if your actions have less effect on your own environment, and that just makes me question Booker's actions all the more.

    All in all, it's not a bad game by any means. Moments like moving around on the sky rail were always fun, but I just feel that it hasn't really turned out to be as good as everyone said. Gameplay is solid, graphics are nice and the story will probably leave some people in love with the characters, but I don't think it's worth full price, especially if you're buying for a console for whatever reason. Wait for a steam sale, pick it up and play through it and then you'll be able to get all the necessary references. If you're not interested in that sort of thing, then you might want to give it a miss.
  58. Jan 4, 2014
    Bioshock Infinite is a genius game. After you finish the game you have to play it again because the game is hinting the end so well, so when you will play it the second time you will have so much fun. Hardcore fans might not like this game because it's just not Bioshock. I can get why people wont like it because they expected a new Bioshock witch this game isn't the gun play in this game isn't the best but this isn't an fps game its a story driven game.

    So to sum it up:
    this game is a STORY based game the story, the art and Elizabeth is the real meaning of the game
    a great game and worth you'r money.
  59. Jan 3, 2014
    Amazing story and the level/character design is just perfect! The story might not hold if you analyze it too much, but its really complex and mesmerizing. The way it levels out when you play is just fantastic. And after you have played it through it makes you think back.

    Sadly the game-play "shooter-experience" was pretty dull, and at times really bad. But you dont even think about when
    you play cus you are so caught up in the visuals and the story.

    But dont for the love of god play the DLC. Some rate it high, but I just think its a shadow of the "original" game.
  60. Jan 3, 2014
    Bioshock: Infinite is a fill in game for the original 2 Bioshock games (Fan food if you will) though that doesn't make it a bad game at all. Despite its obvious irrelevance to the series, the games story is rather interesting, although at times the voice acting can go from very good to very bad in just a few short moments what really makes this game shine is that it places you into a world that feels very alive. Although this is not a strength in a game like Bioshock, where you play an aggressor the entire time. Having no abilities to interact with the citizens of Columbia is a major downfall, from the star of this game you most certainly do not feel like a hero. Game feel and story aside the combat can be bland and sometimes frustrating, though the sky hook is interesting it also can place you into enemy fire with ease as you will find someone flanking you without even being aware of where they came from. This aside the combat feels rewarding even after taking down the same copy pasted enemies dozens of time each encounter still felt rewarding. With beautiful graphics and wonderful visuals and for those of you dense enough to not guess the ending, a great story though despite being filled to the overflowing brim with plot holes is captivating and interesting. However the only reason I cannot give this game a better score is that it has simply no business being a "Bioshock" game. With only a slight amount of references to the Bioshock series that not only feel forced but feel completely out of place, being a game that takes place before the creation of Andrew Ryan's Rapture there is very little in this game that justifies itself as being called Bioshock. The only reason "Bioshock Infinite" was named as such was to make money off of a franchise that was guaranteed to make sales. Even if you are a giant Bioshock fan this games ending will keep you happy as this "filler episode" of a game has no relevance in the long run of the series. However if you have never played a Bioshock game, great news this isn't really a Bioshock game anyway. Expand
  61. Jan 3, 2014
    This game sucks because it tries to be an intelligent game, but only in the history, in the gameplay, is just a generic linear and repetitive shooter, where you never have to think or use your brain. I mean, Portal 2, Braid, Half-Life, are examples of intelligent games because the history in these games is good and intelligent, and the gameplay too, you need to think in these games to advance, they have puzzles.

    Bioshock Infinite is a stupid game disguised as a intelligent game, because when gives the control to the player, it treats the player like a dumb person that dont need to worry with anything beyond shoot the enemies. The scenarios are linear, the game have no puzzles, and you have even a button that draws an arrow on your feet pointing to the right direction for you to follow (as if it was necessary, the game is linear!).

    Elizabeth is nothing special too, is just a character with fixed interactions with the scenarios, that help you in combat just like Elika in Prince of Persia (2008) and Alex Vance in Half-Life 2, but is not better than anyone of them.

    My 6 score is because the art of the game is great, and combat is cool too, but nothing so special.
  62. Jan 2, 2014
    The game itself was a great game with a great story, however I found that parts of it was ripped of from earlier games (especially the start). You can see that the developers put lots of time and effort into the game even if the graphics aren't top notch. Another great game by 2k
  63. Jan 1, 2014
    There are few games that makes me glad to play them without knowing anything about the story. Action packed, beautiful environment, I had to play on low graphical settings, and it still looked amazing. The story is subtle to begin with, and as the story progresses it picks up with such amazing twist and turns I didn't want to stop playing.
  64. Jan 1, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game is a fresh breath of air from the last games. while some things have gotten changed i think it is for the better. I also think that this is one of those games that perfects escort missions since the are more as an asset than a roadblock. the last 2 games had a more lonely and solitary feeling to the games with few interesting caracters this one is full of colour and interesting caracters. while the game is not perfect i really recommend any Bioshock fan to give it a shot. and hopefully the upcoming DLC will be just as good as the game itself. Expand
  65. Dec 28, 2013
    This game is a masterpiece. The gameplay is not good: The KI is sometimes stupid, it's too easy and the shooter mechanics are not good. Actually Bioshock Infinite deserves because of that not 10 out of 10, but the rest is like 11/10. It looks okay, the sounds and voices are great, the weapons are cool and your KI companion is nice to you and not irritating and the best is the story: It is so complex and brilliant, the characters are great and the twists are just mindblowing. I love this game. Expand
  66. Dec 28, 2013
    There's something magic about this game no doubt about it. I applaud the developers for yet another awesome job for this third game in the series. I can really see the passion and the heart that went into this game. From the voice acting to the character animation to the art style and etc. I don't even know what to say. If you've played the past two games you know there's always some kind of twist in the story. I was expecting this, and predicting all sorts of things like: "this person will betray me," "I am a test subject in an experiment," but boy was I wrong in all of my speculations. The story still managed to blow me away and take me by surprise. Honestly, if this story were turned into a book I'd bet it would become a best selling novel (not that I read a lot of books but hey I know a great story when I hear one). Most people who dislike this game either didn't understand the story, or are just being hipster and hating on the "mainstream" and "overhyped" things. I did not even know this game was "hyped", and honestly, if you take time to listen to all of the dialogue and follow the progression carefully, and reflect on it at the end, you will understand the story just fine (and I checked an online source for clarification too, because the ending was just so incredible and fantastic). And make sure you watch after the credits, because that's the REAL ending of the story.

    Graphics aren't the best in the industry but it more than does the job. If I could describe the environment and the visual aspects of this game in three words: euphoric, breathtaking, and artistic. I notice in these bioshock games, there's something signature about the atmosphere, or mood while you're playing the game. It is unlike any other. Is it the ominous violin music? The 1900s era furnishings? The way people talk? It's all very distinct to me, and it stands out from all the other games.

    In this game you get a female companion, and wow, I have never ever seen a companion AI done so well. No matter where you are, she will interact with the environment and talk to you about things. Her body and facial animation is flawless. I never felt like this while playing a video game before, but I felt like I was talking to a living, breathing human being. She was the farthest thing to one of those companions you get in the fallout or oblivion series, where the guy just follows your every step and spits out lines over and over. This character clearly has a personality, and a likable one too, with a mind of her own. It was almost like this character was being played by another human, the way she led the way wherever I was heading, and the way she wandered and said quirky things. She also is very handy in combat, and most of the time she will throw you ammo, or other items just when you think you need it. This was one of the biggest reasons why I became so engaged into the game.

    The reason I gave this game a 9 instead of a 10 is because I felt the ending was way too rushed. It was brilliant, but I felt that it needed to be slower paced. when the game was over I felt that my mind was raped with too much happening all at once. I had to sit down and think for a few minutes to process what had happened. But also, regretfully, I felt that the ending missed a great opportunity to give closure with great emotional depth like in the previous games. I'm not gonna spoil it for you, but the end of this game didn't make me tear up like in the last two games, and I love it when games can be that powerful. The ending of this game could have had the same emotional impact on me had it included more "drama," but it ends kind of just too abruptly without much emotion in my opinion. Sorry if that classifies as a spoiler for you but it's just what I thought.

    Other than the ending which was a bit emotionally shallow for me, the rest of this game more than makes up for it, and I would definitely recommend it to literally anyone. You do not have to play bioshock 1 and 2 to understand this game.
  67. Wim
    Dec 27, 2013
    Wow just finished it and I am speechless. Absolutely fantastic game. The story has great pace, unpredictable, did not expect the end. The action is fantastic as well. Some slower bits with some action packed scenes as well. Had to remember to start breathing again after some parts. If you're tired of all the 'assembly line' FPS shooters this one is definitely for you.
  68. Dec 27, 2013
    Don't get me wrong I didn't hate Bioshock Infinite, but I was very disappointed in the final product. While the game looks gorgeous and the interaction with Elizabeth is impressive that's where the innovation ends. Now if all you care about is a decent campaign with a lot of shooter gameplay than by all means buy Infinite. To me, however, this game is way too much shooting, and after waves and waves of enemies I found myself not enjoying the game and waiting for it to end. This game was a bit on the short side but I was happy that it ended early because the gameplay does not change at all during the game, its an average shooter at best. This is not as good as the original Bioshock, I found myself immersed in Rapture as compared to Columbia. Besides the interactions with Elizabeth and the graphics, Bioshock Infinite is a very average game. Expand
  69. Dec 26, 2013
    The rating this game has is crazy! a 7 is generous. Its a matter of taste i know, but seriously, the graphics arent that good, sometimes u get stuck running around a corner or an obstacle. The weapons feel underpowered (I dont like having to shot a guy 3-5 times in the head with a rifle to kill him) and the salts arent all that different, its basically just how you want to stun the bad guys and with what power. There has been put a lot of attention into the characters, environment and story though, which is the games saving grace. Expand
  70. Dec 26, 2013
    Meh, I didn't like this game as much as I hoped I would. The story was really confusing and I didn't like ending. I'm one of the people who couldn't wait to finish this game and I am very glad it was a short one, only 15 hours.
    I did enjoy the help from Elizabeth, she was sweet and I began to get quite fond of her but every other character in the story had limited appeal. It wasn't a game
    I felt immersed or invested in. Lots of copy and pasted people too. Lazy. Not sure why the big hype but my husband said he loved it so there you go, different strokes for different folks. Expand
  71. Dec 26, 2013
    An extremely fun and exciting game! The middle of the game does get a bit slow, but the ending will have you mind blown. You will probably be unable to function properly a couple days post game completion. Yeah, it's THAT good! I totally recommend this to everyone.
  72. Dec 25, 2013
    Among the top tier of games. The visuals are the best i've seen in years. Beautiful art direction. The story is one of the most intriguing i've played in a long time, although it was sometimes a challenge to follow. Sound is superb, as is the animation.

    However, my only gripe is several gameplay problems. One boss in particular was very poorly designed *SLIGHT SPOILER* (the ghost boss).
    Fighting it truly was a chore and not fun in the slightest, and multiple instances of the same fight seemed completely unnecessary. Surely they could have traded that idea for another enemy in the game...

    Regardless, gameplay was fun, but got stale between plot points quicker than it should have. Setting that aside, this is truly a masterpiece and one of the best of this generation. I have a hard time deciding which Bioshock (first or Infinite) I thought was truly better.
  73. Dec 25, 2013
    I'm just going to go ahead and say it, the story is amazing. At first it starts out regular with a simple mission but then it gets more complex but in the end the story comes full circle and answers plenty of answers you had. Though there are still some questions you may have at the end, it at least answers and hits on all the main points. By the end of the game I was mind blown at what had happened.

    The gameplay is good. It plays smooth as a shooter. The only problem I had that kept me from giving it a perfect score is how boring it got looking for stuff. Of course you don't have to look for stuff but if you do there won't be much to find. There seems to be not as much recordings to find compared to the big world your in and most of the time you only find health and vigor when you were already full. Your vigor and health fills up fast too so you'll find yourself constantly leaving behind that stuff and not needing it. In hard mode it might be a different story but I only tried it in normal mode. All that stuff I mentioned though is minor. What really got to me was how useless the different types of powers you get. I literally only used around three of the 12 or so you get and once I got the electric one I stuck with that for the rest the game. I am sure others might find them useful since it feel like the game is trying to offer variety but the other powers literally felt useless to me. The gear you can equip is a nice addition but I had the same problem as the powers in that I found only a few of the gear useful of the plenty of gear that you find. I literally only used the first pieces of gear until the end when I finally found gear that was worth putting on to replace my old ones. The gameplay is smooth though and never had a problem moving around and shooting. Shooting is pretty accurate as well.

    The graphics are the most noticeable part about the game. They are gorgeous and you can just stare at awe at the city in the sky right when you get there. Especially on a good pc running on high settings. The characters look great as well and are really believable.

    Overall this is a gorgeous looking game with a great story where you will get mindblown away. The gameplay plays really well also. A great example of showing that story game aren't dead and hopefully inspire other developers to come up with other great stories.
  74. Dec 23, 2013
    This game is really quite overrated by the so-called critics. It is certainly not a masterpiece of storytelling, or even particularly interesting in its apparent critical treatment on American exceptionalism. The pseudo-Americans seem quite impressive and exceptional with their flying city, even if their social beliefs seem beyond the pale. However, the "Columbians" don't even seem to hold beliefs that are terribly out of pace for the day. Eugenics, racism, and a puritanical protestant faith emphasizing civic life were part of modern life in early twentieth/late 19th century America. If anything the game only exaggerates the actual belief systems held by most people in those days. The populist faction is also portrayed just as exaggerated, and are shown to be bloodthirsty maniacs who just want to steal everyone's property as the game unfolds.

    The game has more plot holes than Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. The ending seems to be a play at some deep, philosophical point, but winds up imploding under its own absurdity. When you beat the game (12 hour finish on hard for me, and I will probably not be playing through 1999 difficulty, unlocked after HM completion), you will likely come to the conclusion that the game would have been better without the ending. A simple fade-to-black after the final battle would have been more satisfying. Instead the player endures a painful revelation sequence where all questions about what is going on are answered, and simultaneously rendered moot.

    If I had payed the sticker-price for this game (I picked it up on a Steam sale), I would have been very disappointed. It was worth 10 USD.

    As a FPS it is fine. As the inheritor of BioShock it does not live up to BioShock 1 or even 2. Several interesting features are left out which were enjoyable and well-tuned in the previous games. There is no map; making completion difficult. Money is tight in the game, but this is intentional and forces the player to prioritize upgrades. Ammo was always a problem on hard, and there was never quite enough cash to buy anything, so pluses for that.

    The primary failures of this game are in the narrative, which might seem nitpicky, but for a single-player FPS, the story is all we really have to hold the thing together. Without a tight, compelling narrative there is really no reason to play the game to my mind. There were several instances in the game where the main character develops a case of macguffinitis, and can't see that it is actually absurd that he continues toward the next objective given what is going on. If anything the highly-trained Pinkerton agent would have been intelligent enough to figure out there were better ways to go about his objective. At least in BioShock there was a concrete in-game reason for the mindless objective chasing, and the second part followed naturally. Infinite has no such coherence on the plot level.

    This game is really a 6, maybe a 7.5 if the reviewer was feeling generous. I cannot understand how this game gets such fawning institutional reviews. It is a mixed bag at best.

    If you're a BioShock fan, you will (somewhat) enjoy this game. Wait for a sale.
  75. Dec 23, 2013
    The best FPS out there at the moment, the story is the best I've ever seen in a shooter, I even think that is better than it's predecesor (Bioshock and the gameplay is great with the addition of the vigors (plasmids for Bioshock and Elizabeth, great character and partner that helps in combat summoning elements like cover, turrets or decoys, also the sky-rails are awesome, the gave the game high speed action moments.
    the only problem I have with this game is that you are retricted to carry only 2 weapons unlike the previous games in wich you could carry all the weapons you found.
  76. Dec 19, 2013
    Loved this game. The environment was very immersive, and the storyline was engaging. The character of Elizabeth drew you in and created a great emotional engagement that made the last portion of the game very intense. Like playing a good book.
  77. Dec 19, 2013
    go shoot, and that's the whole game, no deposit, I do not understand what it all like?
    I dont reccomend that, i got it on steamgifts, its not a game//
  78. Dec 16, 2013
    quite good. Like many off the other critiques out there, I have to agree and say that bioshock infinite has very beautiful and extremely detailed graphics and an intricate story line that has created a new universe for fans to read and think about. Although others seem to have loved every aspect of this game, I just couldn't get into it. I felt that my abilities and health did not give me enough of the invincibility feeling while playing through the game and as a result, a lot of the gameplay had to be taken out of the equation. For example, I couldn't charge into a battle and melee everyone to death anymore because enemy guardsmen/soldiers actually do a lot of damage in the game. And there's also the fact that the special enemies such as handymen and the fire-bomb-throwing-guardsmen were extremely fast and annoying. On the plus side however, it is impossible to not fall in love with Elizabeth while you are playing the game. I mean she throws ammo at you when you're low and conveniently finds first aid packs when you need healing. She can get annoying however because during certain scenes in the story she gets angsty or flighty and you have to chase after her whiny ass to get accomplish your mission goals. Expand
  79. Dec 15, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite is art. If it is not, then do not know what could be. The graphics, the neoclassical architecture consistent with the 1912 period, the music and its performance, the joke with music and tears where you could see part of a past future and how all this is presented in the game is sublime. And moreover, remains a game with plenty of action, with the player in control. Just do not give a score of 10 because of some bugs, like what happened once, preventing an scripted event from happening and to progress in the game, and the way everything is solved with violence. Expand
  80. Dec 15, 2013
    This is a good game on it's own. But compared to the original Bioshock and System Shock it is crap. As far as a Shock game i was very dissapointed even though I played through it twise (one time on 1999 mode, hoping for a bit of the old feel, but no).
    While Bishock and Systemshock feelt "real" and dynamic in a way few games do, Infinite feels more like a bland rail shooter. It is not
    really a shock game anymore, you don't even have a map! (because you don't need one in this "corridor" shooter!)

    And while the splicers in the original Bioshock feelt very thoughtout and fitting to the setting, they just copied them to what is supposed to be regular humans in Infinite, taking another well thought out game setting and turning it totally unlogical. In Bioshock, crazy splicers jumping at you in frenzy make total sense. In Infinte regular policemen doing the same, not so much.

    They had the good sense to not involve nps:s in the first Shock games to much, in Infinte again, they just screw it up with populating the world in some areas with these "robots", just taking away from the feeling this is a real place.
    The best things about the game are Elizabeth as a character and as an AI. Very impressive. Also the story is interesting, but not as involving as in the original Bioshock. I had to judge this as a 0 to counter the ridiculous scores from people who seem to know nothing about games or what the Shock series is even about. This is a Shock for the CoD generation.
  81. Dec 13, 2013

    El Bioshock Infinite es un juego excelente. Es verdad que bebe bastante de los antiguos Bioshock, respecto a los vigorizadores (antiguos plásmidos). De resto, tiene una gran jugabilidad, el tema de los aerocarriles y desgarros añaden una gran maniobrabilidad al juego y las mejoras que se pueden comprar de las armas y los vigorizadores también (aunque estos dos últimos sean
    del primer Bioshock). El juego en sí es para mí un poco fácil. La IA en fácil es bastante... de risa, pero en difícil es bastante mejor, y en modo 1999 es un reto bastante atractivo. A la jugabilidad, yo le daría un 8/10

    En el apartado gráfico es increíble, un diseño espectacular y un aprovechamiento extremadamente bueno del Unreal Engine. Me encanta sobre todo los primeros 15 minutos del juego, cuando se nos presenta Columbia como un paraíso y todo es precioso. También hay que decir que está muy bien optimizado en relación calidad gráfica-rendimiento. Elizabeth, que es la chica que nos acompaña en todo momento está increíblemente bien hecha. La animación de su ropa, la animación de su cara, sus emociones su pelo... es fantástico. Me encanta el momento en la Bahía del Acorazado cuando te la encuentras bailando, ese momento es donde mejor se puede apreciar lo bien hecha que está, sus expresiones faciales, como de confusión y de impresión, etc. Y además, no es un personaje de estos que molestan, que si le matan tienes que empezar otra vez. No, ella sabe cuidarse sola y no será un incordio, de hecho, no ayudará en los peores momentos lanzándonos botiquines, sales, munición o dinero. Aquí le doy un 9,5/10

    Y la historia, este es el punto más fuerte del juego. Es difícil hablar de ella sin hacer spoilers. La historia es magnífica, cuando te lo pasas por primera vez, no entiendes la mayoría de las cosas, y piensas que están ahí porque sí, porque no las entiendes. Pero cuando te lo pasas por segunda vez es: ¡Ah! eso estaba ahí por eso! ¡Ah! esto otro estaba aquí por aquello! En todo momento se te está contando el final del juego... subliminalmente y es fantástico. La narrativa visual, los voxáfonos y kinetoscopios aportan un montón a la historia. El final por supuesto es lo mejor, un final que te da para pensar la noche entera, y luego ver un vídeo de alguien explicándolo bien para que las piezas terminen de encajar. La historia es sencillamente la mejor que he visto en mi vida, en películas y juegos 10/10.

    Al final le daría un 98/100, es un juego que marca bastante diferencia en los juegos de esta generación, sobre todo por la historia, que es algo que se está perdiendo lamentablemente.
  82. Dec 12, 2013
    Let me start by saying that Bioshock Infinite would rather be a much better movie than a game. It setting and story are way beyond average, lits sublime actually....But the awfull gameplay makes it a pain to reach till the end, cause battling all those enemies doesnt contribute anything to the story, and you battle a awfull lot of them, becoming very tedious even in the beggining. A good game in general, with a fascinating story, superb sound and beautiful art style but with terrible gameplay. Expand
  83. Dec 11, 2013
    Personally I loved the entire storyline and the mind-blowing concepts of the Bioshock universe. The settings never ceases to fail in creating the awesome feeling of being in Columbia. This game is a must play for the story and visual experience.
  84. Dec 9, 2013
    3 hrs in so expect minor spoilers.
    This game is not only supremely boring and linear, it's also aggravating and repulsive from a story point of view. So there's this beautiful city in the clouds, where people live in (seeming?) harmony, and my job is to... kill everyone?! Violently and indiscriminately? Seriously, why would I do that? Because they're devout Churchgoers (not a big fan of
    religion myself btw)? Or because they haven't achieved race equality yet? Now how about changing these things through political and social means, you know, bringing about enlightenment and humanist thinking by educating people? But no. The only way to progress in this game is through mass-murder. Now if this was GTA I'd find that fun, too, but
    this game seems to be wanting taken seriously.
    Apart from that, it's just a very linear shooter with mindless enemies, repetitive gunfights and poor animation. Last night I actually fell asleep while playing go figure.
    A few points for the beautiful flying city, though.
  85. Dec 9, 2013
    This game has the best and most mind-blowing ending of any game I've ever experienced if you understand it. This on top of near perfect gameplay, challenge, and progression and you're looking at an all-in-one experience. If I would have one complaint, however, it would be that this game strays so far from the original Bioshock titles. The fact that you have to choose two weapons instead of carrying eight was so foreign to me after just recently playing the last two, and the new plasmids (now called "vigors") have a huge amount of flexibility which almost feel over-powered. Overall, this game is a must have for anyone looking to mentally connect to an intense, artful, and mind-blowing gaming experience. Expand
  86. Dec 8, 2013
    Great atmosphere and rather interesting story however the story only gets interesting at the really end, before that it's OK though. Game has one major flaw though: you cannot save on your own. At worst I played for over half an hour to reach the next checkpoint even though I had wanted to quit a long time ago.
  87. Dec 7, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The FPS is completely a train ride. The story and level seem to drag out longer than necessary while leaving characters purpose unexplained. The ending makes the whole story meaningless. Expand
  88. Dec 4, 2013
    If I could choose a game of the year, I would choose this one. Now I know I haven't played every game out there and for all I know there could be a game way better than this one, but i haven't found it yet. Bioshock Infinite continues the franchise's amazing gameplay and story, adding to that even more beautiful graphics and pushing the previously mentioned gameplay and story to limits rarely seen in the gaming world. The element of Elizabeth in gameplay might get some skeptical remarks, but it is one of the best companion AI's I've ever seen. Elizabeth passes you health, money, and salts (used for spell-like powers for those of you new to Bioshock) while all throughout the game staying out of your way. You never have to worry about Elizabeth dying or blocking a crucial shot. The story contains references to past games as well as amazing plot twists that will leave your mind questioning itself.

    Please buy this game.
  89. Dec 4, 2013
    -One of the most immersive games I have ever played.
    -The plot is amazing.
    -The game looks stunning.
    -The gameplay is fresh and fun.

    This is one of those games you think about it days later!
  90. Dec 4, 2013
    This game is a masterpiece. This is my personal Game of The Year this far along with "The Stanley Parable". This game innovated everything that made the first "Bioshock" so damn good, and made a masterpiece with a touching and innovative story, great gameplay and combat, interesting characters and it offers 9 hours of gameplay trough the entire experience. Everything about this game is just wonderful! The grapich and the style... This game is a truly masteroiece. One of the best games ever made! Expand
  91. Dec 3, 2013
    bioshock infinite is one of my top 5 games, the soundtrack, story, graphics are just incredible. the gameplay maybe is a bit boring but it doesn't change my opinion. this game has the best ending i have ever seen. if you have a pc or any console you should play this game. this game worth it
  92. Dec 1, 2013
    First off let me explain that I've been a gamer for more than 20 years and I have never written a review once. That being said, this game has blown my mind. I have seen a lot of reviews saying that this game is overrated yet most of those reviews have given it a pretty high score. After playing the game all the way through I have experienced emotions that I didn't know I had. It starts off fun, you meet your ally who I started out thinking I would be annoyed with. As I continued through the game I fell in love with. Not only was she not an Achilles heel, she was a blessing in disguise. This made the game fun and brought about an emotional attachment as she was actually insightful, intriguing, and genuinely interesting. Because of that it kept me interested and let me have fun through the entire game. BUT the reason why this game pushed me to write a review was because of fruition at the end that brought it all together. It was ended up being an emotion roller coaster that I will never forget. Irrational games has a place in my heart for the rest of my life. I'm in awe over what they accomplished and I'm excited to see what else they can do.

    Past that there is one thing that I believe could alienate a lot of people:
    STRONG religious undertones!
  93. Nov 30, 2013
    The graphics are so mesmerizing, I almost forget to move on with the game play. The setting, the story, the way Elizabeth interacts with you--I am stunned and in awe--This game was fun without being frustrating in combat and challenges-- PERFECTION--PURE PERFECTION A eloquent way to say good-bye to this generation of consoles.
  94. Nov 30, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite is by far the best Bioshock game to date, but it still fails to be anything more than a linear FPS with moderately interesting story.

    The graphics are good, nothing I can complain about, though the visual style is clearly borrowed from Dishonored.

    Most combat situations remain interesting, especially when you have the ability to travel around the battlefield on
    rails. Unfortunately it's almost impossible to shoot anything while so doing.

    I'll not ruin the story, but I will say that it's not entirely predictable. I had suspected most of the twists for much of the game, disappointingly, but assumed the writers weren't enough to use them. Much of the story feels like it's a dream, in that it lacks transition and doesn't really form a clear path.

    If you've been locked in a basement playing Battlefield games for the last ten years, you'll think this is the greatest single-player shooter ever made. If you have ever read or watched any science fiction, or played many indie games, or basically been exposed to interesting writing in any media you'll play this through once, think about it a while trying to figure out what the hell happened, and then never touch it again.
  95. Nov 29, 2013
    Going into this game I expected a lot and from the very beginning I was impressed. The graphics look great and it ran smoothly on my mid-range gaming PC on High settings. The soundtrack is brilliant and fits the game perfectly and the story is well thought out and very complex. Overall a very solid game.

    The place where Infinite falls short, however, is in the gameplay category. The
    game pits you up against wave after wave of the same enemies over and over again. It tries to mix it up a bit by adding in some special enemies like the Fireman or the Handyman but all they do is create an annoyance as they're not very fun to battle and take a ridiculous amount of hits to kill.

    With all the work that went into the atmosphere of this game, I wish they had taken a bit more time to make it worth playing for more than a half hour at a time.
  96. Nov 28, 2013
    It's linear, the combat is repetitive and the small amount of choices you're allowed to make have absolutely no impact on the overall storyline. Overall though, its a pretty entertaining game to play, with well written characters and a well designed world. It's not really worth a second playthrough though.
  97. Nov 27, 2013
    AMAZING! This game has it all good story, good M rated content, good characters, and good graphics. The only thing that keeps it from a 10 is the gun play. Its bad. But other than that its a amazing game
  98. Nov 25, 2013
    Good game, but the story is over-praised its actually quite baggy, convoluted and a little predictable, and the gameplay can get very repetitive and linear at times. Again, its a good game, but perhaps the most overrated game since metal gear solid 2.
  99. Vex
    Nov 22, 2013
    I'm feeling somewhat disappointed with this game. It's been hyped up so much that I was expecting something more captivating and unforgettable, and yet I was left with a somewhat mediocre shooter. Don't get me wrong, the story is good (though it starts falling apart a bit in the second half of the game) but the gameplay is extremely linear and there is very little freedom as to what you can do off the beaten path. Also, the first few levels when you initially arrive to Columbia are absolutely amazing, stunningly beautiful and crafted with great skill and precision. Unfortunately this aspect also takes a turn for the worse in the second half and the world starts looking and feeling somewhat mediocre and cheap.

    This is an alright game but definitely not worth $60. Pick it up on a sale instead.
  100. Nov 21, 2013
    As soon as the teaser came out i was giddy and quite frankly embarrassed at how excited i was with the original teaser yet still i was curious as to how they were going to beat the first two games... Being a huge fan of the original 2 games (my favourite being 1) i was so hyped for this. I was disappointed. i couldn't wait for the amazing blend of survival horror that the first two brought changing the whole FPS industry in the process and i was keen to see the similar style of gameplay brought to honestly what is one of the most beautiful in game worlds their is... ever. and again i was disappointed. the gameplay is amazing... if your an avid fan of strange tower defence FPS hybrids; however, if you are like me (a complete survival horror nerd) then don't buy this game for the gameplay! it has many irritatingly difficult waves of endless enemies, which you only need your shotgun and sniper for.... speaking of which they are extremely OP there is no need to use any other gun in the game... NOT A SPOILER The ending will mess with your head so much you will implode, and also kinda be like... "that's it?" "seriously?" well okay then i gave it a 6 simply because all that being said it is still an amazing game with an amazing story/world/style/voice acting and probably the best AI companion... ever. Expand
  101. Mar 26, 2013
    I really don't understand why are people so overwhelmed by this game. Lets see first thing is graphics, well this is such a clever ruse, all that bloom, fog and light shafts are well placed to cover poor models and textures in general(and I am not a person who praise graphics but this simply couldn't be overlooked). Next thing is horrible collision zones, at first it was not a big deal but it became more and more annoying. Also difficulty is pretty low i cannot even imagine how easier the game could get on lower difficulties. Story and characters are mix up of several clichés with several ups and downs and for once finally useful sidekick on the contrary enemy AI is quite poor and you will see big number of enemies stucked in some obstacle. There is also that unpleasant fact that this game embrace only checkpoint saves. So not being a fanboy nor hater i have to say Bioshock Infinite is pretty average game with tremendous hype, I'm glad i got my copy free because otherwise i would be really really angry at myself for wasting money. P.S. for all the people that say Bioshock is best rated FPS in history just check Half Life 2 and see for yourself Collapse

Universal acclaim - based on 68 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 68 out of 68
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 68
  3. Negative: 0 out of 68
  1. 92
    Play BSI slowly, relish the moments and don’t rush to the end. It’s certain that you will have lived one of the richest gaming experiences that, as far as narration, lyricism and story are concerned, will take a lot of time to forget! [May 2013]
  2. May 7, 2013
    A very solid, but not revolutionary shooter in an amazing setting, with a story that struggles to convey its authors’ ambitions and is only seemingly complex. The vision is less focused than in previous Bioshocks and it does a worse job on binding the plot with gameplay. [CD-Action 05/2013, p.46]
  3. May 1, 2013
    Problematic plotting and excessive amounts of poorly balanced combat apply friction to what is otherwise one hell of a rollercoaster. [May 2013, p.80]