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  1. Sep 8, 2011
    This game is a very fun shooter, but with flaws. I'll go over the good first. The combat is entertaining and a touch different than other shooters. You get to tweak your character with different abilities to make unique builds which change how your character plays. The game randomly generates weapons so everything that drops is unique and a possible great find, it keeps you looking for loot. These things make it fun to play and the graphics are done in an art style like animation cells which I really like, it looks superb. The bad things bring it down however. The game scales terribly. As you do quests and gain exp. you will level too fast and quickly become too powerful, tearing through groups of enemies far too easily. A second play through with tougher enemies is possible, but not fun. You will start much higher level than foes and there is no challenge. The game is lacking several graphics controls on the options menu, which is stupid because the devs put the coding for the controls in the files, they just didn't make buttons. You will have to edit the .ini file yourself to turn on things like v-sync and get a widescreen point of view. Very lazy on the devs part there. Instructions for doing this are easy to find and it's not hard to do, but I shouldn't have to. So, overall Borderlands is a fun game that ends up being far too easy to play and has some basic setup options missing, but obtainable with manual editing on the users part. Expand
  2. May 17, 2011
    This game brought in a lot of old ideas, added some new ones, and threw in coop. If there is one thing that I love, its coop. The story line is original but does not play a big part in the actual game. The biggest aspect of this game is the coop and the mass amount of guns. Oh there are so many guns. Add the DLC on top of that with even more guns included, and by the end you have closer friends and an arsenal. Expand
  3. Mar 15, 2012
    I don't know why I bought this game because i hated the graphics and I only play single player games. But anyway, I gave this game a chance and still hated the graphics and single player mode was a joke.

    I know i should not write this review because this game is mainly multiplayer games but lets this review be warning for people who is thinking to buy this game because of the single player mode.
  4. May 6, 2011
    The game consists of circle strafing and utterly boring missions. The co-op is a huge hassle keeping people on the same pace, and god help anyone who decided to play this single player. I just can't see any real +ve to this game - a utter waste of money.
  5. Sep 28, 2012
    Quite possibly one of the most overrated games of all time. I really don't find the entertainment value in this game. Perhaps I am crazy, or it's an issue with today's common gamer. This game is simply boring. There's nothing fun about it. That's a very bold statement, but I stand by it. The game treats you like you're a child with ADHD; there are flashy graphics, constant drops of items and loot, and oh so silly jokes that would keep only those who find shows like Family Guy entertained. The game is an insult to my and, I would hope, most other gamer's intelligence. Yes, there is a lot of loot. And I found myself changing weapons and all my gear so quickly it'd make my head spin. The time I finally got a weapon I enjoyed using, another one would drop which was objectively better. This would happen throughout the game and it would happen multiple times in one hour. This leaves the whole looting system lose it's charm. While some would call it a rewarding system, I would argue it's the exact opposite. While it does make you feel good to upgrade a weapon, it happens so often that it just becomes a pointless mechanic. The game's humor is that on a 13 year old's who first started using curse words in front of his friends. The jokes are just dumb. Literally, just dumb. The multiplayer is just that, multiple people playing the same boring, dull, repetitive, and half-witted game. I am glad I got the game for free, but it's unfortunate I cannot get a refund. What a joke. Expand
  6. Jun 8, 2011
    THE GOOD: a loot drop system like Diablo II--never thought picking up guns in FPS can be so addictive. Graphic design suits story well-- a crazily funny and insane world in cartoonish graphics. 4 characters with different strengths and upgrade directions. Co-op with friends is easy and fun. THE BAD: The story is just a complex sequence of missions, which means it's hard to really care or even know what is going on. Little to no interaction with NPCs. Wish it had more types of enemies (dogs, big dogs, even bigger dogs, fire spurting dogs just gets old fast). Expand
  7. Nov 11, 2011
    "Borderlands" is a game that is more of a FPS than RPG. The graphics aren't the best, but it's solid to entertain your eye. The missions are too repetitive and monotonous, which deducts the value of RPG. The variety of weapons and its uses, however, was the star of this game. There are MILLIONS of weapons that range from a pistol to a sniper. They all have diverse weapon stats, which is very fascinating and awesome. Overall not the best product of a RPG+FPS game that can be made, but enjoyable. Expand
  8. Feb 24, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I have this really bad habit of writing reviews really late in the game. I suppose I gotta do Borderlands since its sequel is coming up soon. Now, Borderlands. This is a fantastic game until about level 25. There are many things this game did right to start off with. You immediately pick up its visual style. The cell-shaded look they go for here is awesome, it looks like you're playing a graphic novel of sorts. Secondly, they thrust you into this foreign world without much plot to go on except some hints about a treasure buried somewhere there. It's all very intriguing, and I loved it. It goes downhill from there unfortunately. The starting zone is great, but once you move on to some of the later areas, for some reason they just didn't click for me. Some of the later level areas especially got really drab and monotonous, and getting around was a chore, since you get the World of Warcraft wading-through-mountains-of-trash-mobs syndrome. Here's where I'm gonna get really spoilerish, not that it matters since this is a 3-year-old game anyways. The final boss completely disappoints. They set up the entire game getting you to anticipate this Vault they keep talking about with its treasures and such. You beat the final boss and you don't get anything. You never open the vault, you don't don anything with it. You don't even get a cool weapon for beating the final boss. It just ends. All you can do is go back and start the game over to try and hit level cap on a second playthrough. And they didn't even incorporate that into the story well. They hinted a couple time throughout the story about a bit of time travel and an enormous wink when your bus driver at the beginning says "I'm sure we'll be doing this all over again really soon." But instead of incorporating that restart into the story, it's just kinda there. So I guess if you like a cool graphical style and some cool FPS/RPG hybrid stuff, then this game is pretty good. The DLC added some interesting adventure as well, but for me, I really liked all that stuff, but in the end it just wasn't enough to get this above a "good" rating. It is definitely still worth trying if you haven't played it. Expand
  9. Aug 25, 2011
    Some people didn't like this game. I can respect that. It is, at the core, a traditional and simplified Action-RPG game. The change to first-person bring some new twists, but a bit more issues than benefits.
    Firstly, long-walks in the desert are quite boring, but required. The game, due to the immense amount of guns and details, opted to reuse areas repeatedly, putting more missions in
    areas you previously completed. This wouldn't be so bad if travel between areas wasn't so long and boring. Dealing with the long clicky-walks in Diablo 2 isn't so bad when you're young and have time to waste, but this gets a bit old.
    Speaking of tiresome, the entire scripted tutorial intro system gets old IMMEDIATELY. These videos and sequences cannot be skipped, and thus you are punished by wasting several minutes doing basics and standing around waiting for the game to begin. Sequences can be good to add story, but ASK the player if they want to sit and watch them again on the next playthrough.
    Now, onto this 'RPG'. Most of the role-playing is playing a specific class. This game was clearly intended for co-op, and as such the single-player is a bit weak. However, they decided to throw in a load of story dialog and pop-up dialogs for missions, and as such the first playthrough can feel very overwhelming. Trust me, you aren't playing this for the story. Just let it pass. The leveling system is mostly in building gun expertise, but allows some stat improvements. However, classes have 1 ability. Not 'pick one from X number', ONE SINGLE ability. You can adjust the effects by getting items and skill points, but it's always the same skill. Leveling is slightly controlled by reducing XP gains from killing weaker enemies and killing them in easy ways (vehicles). Grinding becomes less effective, and thus pushes you to go forwards in the game, but enemies continue to spawn in every location forever. Even if you stay near their spawn points, given a few minutes, they will come back. It's ridiculous killing a spawn camp 3 times in a single mission, especially when they aren't worth much points but they still attack and annoy you. And then they don't reward ammo as much when they are easier, again punishing you for not rushing through areas and completing missions faster than enemies can respawn.
    What you DO get in this game is guns, gore, and addictive loot like most ARPGs. There are many areas to be improved, but the game is good fun with friends. Duels work better than other ARPGs, but Tank seems to be the best. Due to the lack of gun variety and skill options, most classes play similar, and you really don't have much reason to play the game multiple times. If you want RPG, go with Fallout. If you want loot, TQ, Grim Dawn, and even Hellgate London are good options. If you want a game to share with friends and combine all this, honestly look now to Borderlands 2 and be patient. I hope it fixes the issues of the first game.
  10. Nov 21, 2012
    Boring repetitiveness and the graphics absolutely suck. Somebody commented "fantastic art". Lol. Sure, if you never graduated from crayons as an art medium.
  11. Jul 31, 2012
    In 1-Player mode, is an extremely bored and repetitive game after only a few hours of gaming. Surely, it gains a lot of interesting features if played in coo-op mode.
  12. Aug 17, 2012
    Just the worst game I've ever played. BL is an example of anti-game. Not fun. Not entertainment. The idea was great, but in the end is just one more in a million.
  13. Sep 21, 2010
    Easily one of the best games ever,
    and if your one of those people who didnt like fallout 3 and think you wont like this still worth trying i hated fallout 3, but loved this there very little alike idk y ppl say there the same
  14. Oct 31, 2010
    I can't undestard how you can call it an RPG... not all "experience oriented" games can be deifned as RPG... it's a arcade FPS, nothing else...

    Anyway: good graphics, average sounds, very boring and very repetitive gameplay.

    I uninstalled the game before reaching the end.
  15. May 26, 2011
    First of all I'd like to point out that I didn't buy this game. It was offered in a bundle with other games, much more entertaining games but still I decided to try it out. The first hour of the game is quite fun, you shoot at stuff, collect guns and ammo, do a few missions and progress through the campaign all the while ignoring the terribly annoying storyline (and characters). Once you get used to this game and actually get some decent gear you start noticing all the bugs and glitches, most notably the hit boxes. The one critical, essential, necessary game mechanic a shoot-em-up game must get flawlessly is the hit registration. You shoot people in the head point blank with a sniper rifle and it misses, you shoot em in the chest point blank and it misses. You goddamn purposefully shoot beside them and it hits... The storyline, characters and cutscenes are dreadfully annoying and also unskippable, therefore you're not playing this game for the plot. The game mechanics are riddled with bugs which render the game almost unplayable, therefore you're not playing this game for its gameplay. This game has terrible graphics, graphics that at first sight reminded me of a f2p game called Drift City(for those familiar), therefore you're not playing this game for the awe factor. A single question remains. Why are you playing this game?

    I give it a 3 out of 10 because 1. the game actually was capable of installing itself on my PC. 2. The splash screen pops up when you click the game's icon. 3. The .exe file actually works and the game launches. Otherwise it's worthless.
  16. Jun 13, 2011
    The game is extremely repetitive and has little to offer in story or background. The ending is especially lackluster. The promised huge number of weapons amounts to basically same weapons with some slightly different DPS number on it. This game makes killing hordes of enemies boring. The fact it is considered an RPG makes me extremely sad. I was actually lucky to make multiplayer work and complete it with a friend and we both felt it was an absolute drag. Expand
  17. Mar 2, 2012
    Borderlands is a tricky game to nail. When I was first playing it - I was loving it. The inventive look, feel, combination of diablo and halo, the style, the humor. Even while playing the game for extended lengths I felt so incredibly comfortable mindlessly ticking off quests and collecting loot. It's a very simple and primal game. Looking back on borderlands leaves less of an impression than actually playing it however. The game has a kind of emptiness to it. A void that leaves no impression. For me emotions leave the strongest memories (I don't know if it's just me?) and the generic nature of borderlands story and quests makes the game feel a lot like high powered junk food. You enjoy it while you are munching on the fat and sugar - you feel kind of depressed and regretful after. My time in borderlands was fun - however fun itself is not exactly 'meaningful' in the same way discovering a talking dog in skyrim was, or experiencing a betrayal in the witcher 2, or choosing between destroying a colony or saving it in mass effect. If borderlands had more meaningful quests and a story - it might have left a mark. A fondness. However I can't give a game a 9/10 or a 8/10 if it simply fills my time, nomatter how mindlessly entertaining that filling was. I need something more. I hope borderlands 2 finds more of a compromise. Expand
  18. Oct 12, 2011
    Tons of fun, great art design and wacky atmosphere, and multiplayer with friends is a blast. The most fun with one game I've had in years - I can't wait for the sequel. Definitely get the Knoxx DLC.
  19. Oct 25, 2011
    Loved Borderlands! Very addictive! Played for hours at a time; both single player, and with friends I have on Steam. Im partial to Lilith, but all the charectors are fun. Its basically a very creative, fast paced, shoot em up game. There are multiple episodes, and each takes a respectable amount of time to finish. There are a billion weapons of every kind(or it seemed so to me lol). There are tons of quests, and the map is pretty much wide open so you can run around doing what you want, when you want. The charector progression, and multiple skill trees are fun, and you get better at using a particular weapon type the more you use the weapon type. I loved thinning out the mobs by popping head shots with a elemental sniper rifle from afar, and then going in, and cleaning up with an machine gun or automatic hand gun. Getting close to mobs using Liliths Pheonix skill is a riot too, especially in zombie land. Im a little more methodical than other players though. Some people Ive played with like to just wade in with a shot gun, or rocket launcher. There's also vehicle battles, and a thunderdome style arena where you have a ton of mobs thrown at you at once, under many different conditions, such as low gravity, faster speeds, or using specific weapon types for more, or less damage. Borderlands is simply one of those games just about anyone will love-trust me! The few people who gave it bad reviews...well, theres always gonna be a couple of people in every crowd who have to say the sky is red if you say its blue lol! Anyway, good luck! Happy gaming.... Expand
  20. Oct 31, 2011
    I am an older gamer and I like games which are not too challenging and simply fun to play. This game is way up there in my list of favorites. It's easy to learn and extremely fun. I agree with some reviewers that it doesn't make sense to find a pistol that has better zoom than many sniper rifles in the game, but that's what I love about the game. The randomization of weapons is awesome and when you think you have the best guns you're gonna find, there is a drop which is even better (though at higher character levels, you're probably going to have your gun preferences like me). It's more of a FPS and less of a RPG, pretty much an ARPG. Diablo was my favorite game ever (many sleepless evenings) and I can't say this game measures up to that time and excitement level, but it's really addictive and took me a while to finally stop playing it (months). Right now it's on sale at Steam and this is when I got it before. Well worth the original price let alone the sale price. Automatic buy. Expand
  21. Nov 30, 2011
    Gearbox does it again! Surprisingly fun game with over 24 hours of pointless, meaningless (unless murdering things is like, something super enjoyable, you freak) fun! plus, the dlc's such as mad moxxi's underdome or jakobs cove increase the fun!
  22. Dec 24, 2011
    borderlands is one of the best games out there, buy it you wont be disappointed, RPG and FPS work very well together, super addictive and excellent graphics, a good buy for any gamer.
  23. Aug 25, 2010
    Pretty good game. Mildly enjoyable solo, quite fun with 3 friends. Weapon management is cumbersome, trying to decide what to keep/sell, with not a lot of inventory space I feel like most of my game time was spent looking through lists of weapon's stats.
  24. Nov 22, 2010
    Borderland is not as ground-breaking as many people claim it to be. It's a combination of RPG and good 'ol fashion first person shooter(FPS). The only really new thing is the art style that borderlands utilizes, it's very unique and gives a nice look and feel to the game.

    This game wasn't originally made for the PC-market, but it was ported. However it's a fairly decent port, some of the
    controls are objectionable, there are a couple of instances where you have to use your arrow keys to navigate through menus, something PC-gamers aren't very fond off. But in general it's no problems at all.

    The biggest problem with the fact that the game is ported, have to do with the game's difficulty.
    A direct effect of putting a console FPS game on a PC is that the game becomes ridiculously easy.
    The fact that the AI is incredibly dumb isn't making this less of a problem. The bots will continuously try to shoot you through objects, such as houses and metal walls. Some bosses I was able to take down by simply standing still, the final boss for instance.

    The class system is not very unique, not new in any way, shape or form. It saddens me that such potential got lost here. It doesn't really feel as if the classes make any particular difference whatsoever. Now one might argue that the ability to specialise(see spec), can counter weight this but in truth it doesn't. The classes is just a mare smoke and mirrors, there's nothing really special about the classes, maybe except for the soldier.

    The creeps look virtually identical throughout the entire game. You never get to see anything new.
    The same goes for weapons, there are pretty much 7 different kinds of weapons to chose from in the entirety of the game. The only thing being different is the stats, and sometimes the scope. That is artificial diversity as far as I'm concerned.
    The missions are also very similar, there are a few kinds of mission types(kill X of Y, collect X many Y etc.), but nothing above that. This makes for an extremely repetitive game, with almost no re-playability.

    On the other hand, there's a lot of good things with the game too. The story line is meagre but still bearable. The huge amount of randomly generated weapons makes looting a whole lot of fun.
    And to top it off, the networking worked superbly, no fuss at all.

    My conclusion is that this game is worthwhile playing if you got 2-3 friendly to play with and if you like repetitive games, with virtually no story attached to it.
  25. Oct 26, 2011
    I got this game because most reviews say it somehow combines FPS gameplay and RPG elements. However, the RPG elements in this game are nothing but improving your character's stats and mindless looting. It's essentially just a diablo game without even good story telling. the NPCs you interact with are mostly wooden and dull without any story behind or interesting personality. The game is also suffered from way too many fetch and simple killing quests which are pointless and tedious, and gives no immersion in the game world. The aspects of the game that I find fairly good are solid shooting mechanics and four distinct classes which gives you some fun time and replay values. The game provides tons of looting but I find it rewards the player so quick that you really can not feel any accomplishment. Comparing to Mass effect 2 and Deus Ex which perfectly integrate RPG story-telling and gameplay into a shooter based game, Borderlands just feels too un-inspired and bland. I seriously can not recommend this game to anyone, since it's just pure a waste of time. Expand
  26. Jan 17, 2011
    It's obvious that this game was created for consoles. The menu handling on PCs is, to put it politely, braindead. It all makes sense instantly the moment you realize that it was originally meant for consoles.

    And the game remains consistent at this.

    The loading times between levels is, in one word, stunning. Usually enough time to get a new can of soda, just like you'd expect from a
    console game that needs to load the next level from its DVD. But ... on a PC?

    Now, consoles do not have firewalls or other pesky things like this. Hence, Borderlands' multiplayer option refuses to work if you happen to consider security something that you might want on your PC. Only if you turn off every semblance of protection, forward a metric ton of ports and let everything and anything connect freely to your machine, you might be allowed to hope that maybe you could possibly be rewarded with a working multiplayer session.

    Ok, I take that 'working' back. It might connect. For how long, well, let's say it will be a surprise for you.

    When you finally get to play, it's FUN! For about 10 minutes. Then you notice that, well, you're actually doing the same crap over and over and over and over... and while that was fun for Diablo a decade ago, it kinda got old by now.

    It's not even fun as a shooter. This from someone who loves multiplayer shooters and adores the graphics of TF2 (one of the reasons why I bought BL, the graphics sure resemble those of TF2). It just is plainly and simply no fun. And it's not even that the enemies are "only NPCs", I love Left4Dead with a similar "us 4 against 100 enemies, we're soooo unfair!" feel to it. The Borderlands NPCs are just simply terrible. Either they are brain dead zombies (no pun intended) that look at you blankly while you take potshots. Or they have superhuman radar that makes "sneaking" up to them completely pointless since they seem to know just where you are on the map, all the time, whether they can see you or not. Essentially, that reduces the "shooter" element to "fire your gun in the general direction of the enemy, absorb the return fire (no need to duck or anything, it won't change a bit), then go and collect the trinkets. Rinse, repeat.

    Tactics? GROUP tactics?

    C'mon, it's so obviously a console shooter, you're expecting WAY too much.
  27. Dec 3, 2011
    This is one of the best coop games out there.. to me it is the best we have had 400 hours of game time and still go on. The single player is fun and challenging and there are visrtually no bugs in the game. whoever tells you this game is flawed is a moron.. period. you will enjoy everty minute from the fps to character build and NPC's in the game. the goty edition is the way to go. This game is in no way shape or form like Fallout your moron. i have every game in the Fallout series and how you compare them is insane. Expand
  28. Jan 17, 2013
    Disappointment. I've played this game with great expectations, due to friends feedback and online reviews. In the beginning is funny to play, but then it become boring and repetitive. The plot is banal and bad narrated and seems generally only a mere trick to push you to play it. I've abandoned it after 15 hours, because I've read that it takes 25-30 hours.
  29. May 17, 2013
    One of the game I really wanted to like but eventually gave up on halfway through. While it has some originality and appeal, the game-play is highly repetitive to the point of being a boring grind. Them 'RPG element' is half-baked at best and while it does boast a lot of guns, you soon realise that all are just minor variations of a theme and are randomly generated. Also the auto respawn of enemies in cleared areas soon becomes very tedious. Perhaps this would be of more interest in multiplayer. Expand
  30. May 2, 2011
    Shooting bandits with fire, shock, acid, blasts is fun. I'll give that to Gearbox. Shooting the same bandits over and over and over no matter where u are or what level u are gets old. And the 'story' is an obvious last minute bolt-on for a mediocre repetitive shooter. The npcs have absolutely no character -- they dont even every move! They coudnt even manage to get the 'guide' into the game - -she's just an overlay! The only reason i rated this above 5 is that i bought it for $20. Thats about all it was worth. Expand
  31. Dec 15, 2011
    Everything about Borderlands was brilliant, artstyle, gameplay, humor, characters, story and the amount of weapons. Can't really think of any real cons. The base campaign plus DLCs is about 60h long, but achievements and walkthrough 2 (hardmode) will keep you busy even longer. Definetly the best RPG-FPS to date.
  32. Nov 9, 2011
    Great game hands down. If you love RPGs and want more shooting action, then this will fit you perfectly. Though the game can obviously improve on things, this game is pioneering its way for a new genre in the gaming industry that makes it look really promising. All the elements and new ideas are brand new and something to appreciate and enjoy. There is nothing cooler then blasting enemies with your friends for awesome loot and let me tell you.. the weapons and gear are NEVER seem to be the same. Every single item is always slightly different. Though the few bugs and short comings are apparent you cannot deny this game's innovation. 8. Expand
  33. Jun 24, 2011
    Borderlands is half single player/co-op FPS, half Diablo, with four different classes, character progression and thousands of random guns and other loot options. Incredibly playable, moody setting, fantastic art style. Awesome in co-op, if you can get your friends past the tutorial section and the difficulty spike that comes immediately afterwards. I've sunk more hours into this than I'd care to admit, although Steam rubs my nose in it every time! Expand
  34. Jul 4, 2011
    Borderlands is a great game. It's a blast to play with friends but a bit lacking in single player, but I think this applies to just about every game. For a game which attempts to merge to completely different genres, it does an impressive job, though it's more of an Action FPS RPG than a traditional FPS RPG, if that makes any sense. Bosses are killed simply because they are there and characters have about as much importance as any of the NPCs in Diablo II. However, I was fine with this as the main draw of this game is simply getting out there and blasting enemies with a wide array of sweet weapons. I'm not fond of the quest grind system and would have liked a different approach, but that's more because of the nightmares of WoW it brought back to me. Either way, it's definitely worth a purchase, and I hope to see a sequel soon. Expand
  35. Aug 28, 2011
    Boringland could have bin great if it werent so repetitive and bland. I never felt I was in a wasteland, it didnt have that feel to it like STALKER has. What made it unplayable was that you couldnt turn the mics off so we couldnt use teamspeak. And on top off that the ingame sound quality was so bad that we had to plugg out the mics.
    How fun is a co-op game when you cant speak to each
    other? Such a simple feature ruining he hole game and makes it unplayable.
    I would like to give it a higher score but without the possibility to turn of the mics it´s unplayable.
  36. Sep 7, 2011
    This game is a great play with your friends. I really enjoyed it until the last boss fight. The ending is very disappointing. A giant middle finger to the player and the reason I give this a 2. It doesn't matter how you get there as long as you get there. This game didn't get there.
  37. Oct 17, 2013
    Great game system, nice ability tree but unfortunately weak characterization so you just end up playing because th mechanics are good rather than as part of the experience.
  38. Dec 1, 2011
    I do not like this game due to the fact that it's a complete rip off of the Fallout Series created by Bethesda. When I first played it I thought it was a pretty good game, it felt great playing it until I realised I liked this game because it was exactly like Fallout but then I realised of how a true rip off it was, it's terrible compared to Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas! How people call this game a good game? It's a complete rip off and I don't reccommend it to ANYONE but I wouold recommend the Fallout series to ANY gamer. Expand
  39. Dec 3, 2011
    This game was fantastic. The online modes are fun, the game itself is addictive, non linear, and open world (to an extent), and the enemies are fun to fight. All this, and them... boom. It was crippled by the absolute worst ending that I have ever seen in any game, book, movie, TV series... it was an ending that made me visibly mad at the developers. Even though I still had quests I could do, the online modes are still fun, and I could see this game having replay value seeping from all parts, I have not been able to bring myself to play it since I beat it and experienced... that ending... It's worth buying, especially since it goes on sale every month on Steam, but prepare to be more disappointed than you have been with any game you have ever played. Also, some glitches here and there, a couple of story holes, and the fact that shotguns are just random damage generators irked me a little throughout the game, but not too horribly so. Expand
  40. Jan 21, 2012
    When I first started playing this, it seemed like Fallout 3 but more cartoony to me. But pretty much everything other than the environment was different. I found the main quest quite fun, but once I got to the side quests, it started to get boring because one after another, it was either kill this guy, or kill this guy and bring back this item to me. And it kept getting boringer ang boringer until I couldn't take it more and just totally stopped. I found the game enjoyable, but it just got old after the main quest. Overall, if you like just playing the game's main quest or just enjoy repetitive side quests, then you would probably enjoy this game. Expand
  41. Feb 10, 2012
    I think it's a fairly enjoyable game when playing with friends. It's quite reminiscent of an arcade shooter, but it's executed well and has some interesting RPG elements to it. Some of the quests are fun and interesting, some are boring, repetitive quests that you would expect. I don't really like the loot system, the online lobby system is absolutely terrible, there are a lot of bugs, and it gets awfully repetitive at times. But at the end of the day it's a fun game to play when you have time to get your friends together. Expand
  42. Mar 3, 2012
    While the music and cel-shading graphics are top notch, the gameplay itself is nothing new (it's a sci-fi version of Diablo from first person) and the ending is pathetic. Not to mention the game was hideously buggy on release.
  43. May 20, 2012
    Diablo with guns and a sense of humor. The landscape and the enemies can be a bit repetitive though the DLCs go a long way towards adding much needed variety. Vehicle combat while interesting isn't the greatest. Characters and weapon variety are some of the best you can find. This game shines best on multiplayer. It is easy enough for casual players to pick up and the random item generation is highly addictive. If this included alll the DLCs, the game is worth a 9/10. Expand
  44. May 18, 2013
    If I had to say anything about this game, I would say meh. That's exactly what this game makes me feel around every corner. For the first few hours, you will be fighting nothing but bandits and skags (dogs) and the only difference is one dog would run at you while the other would jump at you, then breathe fire at you. The enemies take too much damage, even for an RPG, It would make more sense for a pistol to kill in one clip if its equally leveled with the bandit than it taking like 7 clips. The elemental guns are okay idea, not properly implemented. Some normal bandits will carry them, and when you are fighting a group of them then suddenly one pulls you a fire gun, then you start taking super high can get a little cheap when you die. Which brings me to my next problem: When you die in borderlands you will go into this mode where you are on your knees and have to kill another enemy to get your "second wind" When down, you cannot aim down the sites. That sounds great on paper, but now when I'm taking too many hits I just almost kill an enemy so when I go down I can get right back up with half health. The 100,000+ guns are just re textures of the same 20-35 guns, with the occasional effect added on to it. Expand
  45. Sep 25, 2012
    I was lured by the beautiful graphics and the fantastic settings, only to realize halfay trough that this game is just an empty grindfest. It plays nice, the mechanics are fantastic, very well done game, but it was meant for co-operative play. Don't even try to play for the story, and I do not recommend solo mode either.
  46. Nov 21, 2012
    Compatibility issues. Compatibility issues? Really? Borderlands was an interesting, albeit slow paced experience, from what I've played. Then, shortly after updating cpu drivers(as one should regularly), TADAAAA! "Borderlands has stopped Working" Now, this is not an issue of files installed incorrectly due to a pirated copy, so all you white knights and internet police officers calm down. It's that the game surprisingly enough can only run at all using dx9, or setting affinity to one singular core with updated drivers. This is a very prominent problem among Steam users as well, who have not seen any response at all from Gearbox on the issue. Besides the obvious problems of the game not working though, the gameplay was painstaking. GO HERE. COLLECT THAT. SHOOT FOUR F*CKING PEOPLE. Mission Completed! And the setting. Grey grey grey grey gray brown grey light brown grey yellow gray grey rust gray grey grey. The graphics? For a game made quite some time ago it lags, even with sub-par graphics that it has on low or high alike. Sure, the cartoony feel to it is appealing for some, but aesthetically, it does not work. And customization of characters is limited. And 3 hours of gameplay gets you nowhere. NO. no no no no no. Go buy S.T.A.L.K.E.R., or Fallout 3. Just stay far, far, farrrrr away from this poorly made rpg regurgitation. Expand
  47. Jan 5, 2013
    Were there something more to this game then just a shooter with arcade-feeling, despite the story lane, the game would probably be really awesome. Just not in it's current state.
  48. Jul 30, 2013
    Bonkers futuristic setting? Check. Cool bounty hunters storyline? Check. Wild West ethics? Check. Hilarious dialogue and other tidbits? Check. Endless replayability? Check. Massive scale gunfights? Check. Utterly epic random loot generator? Check. Skill trees that actually change gameplay? Check. Best coop mode ever? Check. I cannot sing enough praise for this game but then I don't have to this thing is a legend. Definitely try it out if you have even the slightest bit of interest in it. Expand
  49. Feb 28, 2013
    A boring, shallow experience that is only made tolerable if you play it with friends, online. If my group is not online, I don't even bother running it. The kind of pedestrian thing like Diablo, World of Warcraft and such.
  50. Apr 6, 2013
  51. Apr 26, 2013
    That game is weird, stupid, pointless and looks like "backyard game". Why so good scores? I bought at steam and couldnt play more than 2 hours, really.
  52. Jun 24, 2013
    Borderlands is a really well made game, but only if you play with your friend(s). It could be really boring if you play alone but this is a Co-op experience. With the awesome guns, the catch-a-ride, it's unique graphics it is a must play Loot-filled adventure.
  53. Aug 15, 2010
    Borderlands' versatility and the ability to go your own personal way is suite to fit any type of gamer willing to take on a challenge or play it easy and kick ass on your skill level. Because of its muti-player feature being sub par to other co-op games, Borderlands is usually trashed around because of its lack for easy access to the not so vast community of players. Sure i can agree. But not to the point that i don't want to try to get a game started with some people. I have the choice between two options. Let me jump into my singleplayer game allowing anyone to join in at a random time. Or joining someone's current game. This is helpful when i'm feeling in the mood to go my own path or earn xp and help a fellow gamer throughout his campaign at the same time. No choice is the wrong choice. I'm Just left with options. I also have the option to get separated from one's game and fight leveled beasts throughout. Borderlands adds a great feature to its mutiplayer experience. Dual mode. You can go up to a player in the party, melee them, giving them the option to melee you back, initiating a duel between the two players. This is available on the spot at anytime you want to duel. There are also duel arenas located around the map for a better experience in a 1 on 1 fight. The gameplay experience itself is one of a kind.Its a shooter RPG that offers so much more than the competing Mass Effect or GTA 4. Around every corner, a new weapon is lurking in that weapons crate behind that building, or in that monster that you have to defeat. After you beat the game, you have an option to go through it again with the same level and equipment you had before, except the monsters are all on a different, more challenging level. Not to mention each cause has an effect. If you do one thing a certain way. It can unlock different things than if you did it a different way on your first play through. The AI are adaptable and can give you a challenge when you need one, or they lower their guard enough for you to kick ass. The characters throughout the story can give you laughs every minute you talk to them, or be serious enough for you to pay attention at certain times. Overall, borderlands is a visual masterpiece in its own way. The animation is unique to the game giving the unreal engine a great game to base its engine on. With a Nvidia Geforce 8800 GT card, it looked like the visuals were popping out and hammering into my soul with every model detail. Not to mention the soundtrack can have you from suspenseful moments of uncertainty, to a tribal instinct to kill everything in sight. The AI's voice tracks can get annoying after a while. You will start to hear the same thing being said over and over, as well as a few glitches and bugs to give a little frustration. Altogether, this game did not fail to impress, it deserves all great remarks it is given. Only a few things could be fixed to give it perfect playability. Excellent job. Playability: 9.5. Graphics: 9. Sound: 8.5. Replay value: 9.5 If anyone has any questions, please email me at Expand
  54. Sep 1, 2010
    I recently purchased this game from the Steam Store, and the subsequently have purchased the DLC's. I really have enjoyed this game, as there are not many 4 player coop rpg games available. I like how you can seamlessly intertwine your single player game with a multiplayer game, but have a few gripes with how only the host can pick up new missions and if you are only 1 mission behind you cannot pick up that mission in the hosts game and have to go back into your game to pick it up. It means that you can often go way out of sync unless you play with your friends all the time. There are some other things like how some of the mission counters ( 10/20 Shock Crystals ) only show up in the HOSTS screen and if you have completed a mission before it will show 20/20 for you and you have to keep asking the host how many are left etc. But.. as there are not many games like this available on the market, and I really like the artwork in the game I have really enjoyed it. Some of the mobs can also be a little bit repeatative and by the end I was quite fed up of fighting Bandits, Skags and Spider mobs.. over and over. Really like the game thou and cant wait to get stuck into the DLC. Expand
  55. Sep 19, 2010
    The graphics are excellent and scales well to high-end pc specs. The controls are initiutive to most other PC first person shooters with some extra buttons for spells. Single player playthrough can be lonely but the world is huge with lots of exploration and achevements to unlock to keep oneself occupied. Mulitplayer cooperative is where the game shines, with the enemies getting tougher and a real sense of teamwork needed to kill some of the bosses and elite squads. The enemy reactions/animations to hits and their own attack animations are varied and nice, the tactical AI is lacking. Stealth is non-existent as all enemies will immediately know your location as soon as you fire a shot (even before it hits near them) so another poor AI feature. Most will simply dash in a linear fashion or choose very poor covering and are obvious to the hazardous barrels placed around them. The variety of items is epic and each new enemy kill is full of surprises, most are throw away or sold for money but some unique ones are fun to keep and mess around just from their looks and firing animations. Customizing equipment (as in suits) on each player is lacking and basically only shields can be changed, the best are usually the ones that heal over time, since trying to access healing items in the menu during a battle is costly time. The game is relatively easy since it tells you which missions and enemies are at your current level and which to avoid since your attacks will be useless and theirs will instant kill you. The player has more freedom in choosing this difficulty and many of the sidequests can be ignored or set asside for later. Driving the vehicles is a ton of fun and a very cheap way to kill some tough enemies early on though the you'll always have fun doing it. The story was great at first but ends in a not so grand way as maybe some would have wanted but still there are many funny and exciting moments to be had. Expand
  56. Oct 8, 2010
    A fun game to play with your friends, You can try playing solo but the game was definitely made to be enjoyed with a friend so if you ask me that kind of holds it back. It would be great if they some how made a demo for this so that people can kind of get a feel for it before going out and buying it. its good value at the current price its at (29.99 on steam)
  57. Oct 9, 2010
    The Good: Fantastic gameplay, infinite amount of guns, smart AI and in general a solid game. The RPG elements are solid, if nothing spectacular, but nothing to complain about either. A good variety of missions that supplement the plot. The co-op makes the game about ten times better than it is on single player. it's challenging enough to be fun, but its not so hard that you die every 5 minutes.

    The Bad: driving can be tough since there's not much interaction with the environment. you either drive over something or it stops you with no damage to the object or vehicle. The default buttons are somewhat funky (crouch is C instead of Ctrl for some reason) but those are easily changeable. There's no mini-map, only a compass, so constantly pausing to check the map can get annoying.

    The Graphics: (Disclaimer: some of this may depend on how fast your computer is) Some people will love the art, others will hate it (i for one, love it). Graphics are slick, depth of field looks cool if you turn it on. Don't play this on anything less than a Core 2 Duo or else it will look like crap. Occasionally you or enemies can get stuck inside something but it's easy to get out and it happens rarely. when you respawn you wait a little bit to let your computer render the level: like 5 seconds (it's kinda cool. you can actually see the render happen). All in all, a great game with minor issues that keep it from earning a 10
  58. Oct 9, 2010
    Wow. I've never really played a game in the genre, "Role-Playing Shooter," but Borderlands was absolutely amazing. The game boasts about having hundreds of thousands of guns, and that is no lie- you'll be looting thousands of treasure chests before you finish your second playthrough (Yes, I just said SECOND playthrough!) and by the time you hit the last boss for a second time, you'll be geared up with some amazing guns. In the beginning, you pick one of four characters, each having it's own gun specialization and ability. Of course, you can say, "Screw it," to the gun specializations and use whatever type you want, but usually the class has abilities that only alter those types of guns. Also, some weapons have, "Types," like Corrosive, Fire, Explosive, and Electric. Electric is great against shields, Fire is amazing against health, Explosive is just effing fun to use, and Corrosive is cool too. The story isn't as strong as you might think; it's just you as an explorer trying to reach The Vault, which is supposedly filled with guns, riches, power, etc. but since the story is kinda weak the twist-ending won't exactly thrown you off your chair. But one of the great things is once you've beaten the game you can start over with all your equipment, money, and experience. In the second playthrough, enemies are tuned to your level, so the standard level 2 Skags outside Fyrestone will be cranked up to around level 30. Also, you can play the game in online with three other players to help them out with quests. The more players you have with you, the harder the enemies get. Of course, the more players you have, the more loot you get, so it makes it an intense and entertaining experience. There are few who would dislike this game, and it is a must-have for the PC. Expand
  59. Fuz
    Nov 14, 2014
    Fantastic game. Great graphics with a lot of style, absolutely amazing characters with witty and funny dialogues, good enemies variety with some very cool bosses and decent enough story (some people didn't like the ending, but I thought it was brilliant). The shooting mechanics are pretty good, and the loot search if awesome. The DLCs, contrary to most DLCs practice out there, are also absolutely excellent and a great added value to the original game.
    Note that it really should be played with friends, it gets even A LOT more fun.
  60. Apr 4, 2011
    OK, I know I'm coming late to the show with this one, but had to put in my two bits. I really enjoyed this game - it felt quite a bit like the original Far Cry. The cell shading graphics are an interesting twist and in some cases flat-out beautiful. Love all the weapons - TONS and TONS of different weapons. Wish the inventory system was a little less clunky, but you get used to it after an hour or so. Really nice unique skills for each type of character. All in all, it's a tidy package and gives you a good 40+ hours worth of entertainment. These days it's selling for $20 and I would wholeheartedly recommend it for that price. Expand
  61. Oct 13, 2010
    This game felt like World of Warcraft met Fallout.
    For an FPS/RPG type game it had a really good feel to it. The leveling system was a simplified tech tree like World of Warcraft on a minuscule level. The weapons are well balanced. I found myself using the different guns equally. I also liked the random and entirely unique gun drops. The abilities were pretty sweet. The co-op was
    really fun if you had a friend. The vehicles were a very nice touch, they handle well and are easy to use. As far as controls go, they did an excellent job. The map design was also really nicely laid out. For those who were bashing the graphics, they used cell-shading. It has a very cartoony feel to it, but it was meant to be that way. I have no qualms with cell-shading, it worked well in Team Fortress 2 and it works well here.
    Now for the downside. The quests are as repetitive as World of Warcraft and similar MMOs. They felt original at first, but after going through the entire game they seemed to run out of new material. The difficulty in co-op mode did not scale when adding friends. The boss fights were extremely easy to begin with. When in co-op we killed bosses in half a minute, that's just lame. The bad guys continued to spawn in annoying places, forcing you to kill a bunch of low-level guys repeatedly. Overall I really liked the game, the replay value is very iffy, I probably won't touch it again unless I find someone else to play it with.
  62. Oct 21, 2010
    Very Nice and Crazy Game. I like playing in Coop. Every Time you play it you´ll find something new. Its one of the BEST COOP Games ever. I´ve every DLC and still waiting for more !
  63. Dec 7, 2011
    This game is a blast! I love that you can use your single player character on multiplayer servers so your character progression is consistent. I would have given this a 9 or 10 if they had a cover system. You have to hide behind something or strafe left and right in order to dodge or lack there of.
  64. Jul 3, 2011
    Nobody expected Borderlands to be a totally addicting and clever FPS/Diablo hybrid. But low and behold, it's a great shooter mixed with an addictive loot system, humorous characters and quests, and a big world to explore. Note this is primarily an FPS with quests/loot as a secondary system. But that's fine. Also, the interface is very poor and it does suffer from being a console port. Nevertheless, this is a game I come back to now and then. So it's a very solid 8 "Great" score. Here's hoping Borderlands 2 is even better! Expand
  65. Nov 24, 2010
    This is Good Game guys.. I played it on Xbox 360 game.. I love it all of them...
    But These not having cheats on Xbox 360 :(

    Please make more game on this game..
  66. Ed1
    Dec 12, 2010
    Borderlands is simply fun with tons of guns. The story is ok and the "hand-drawn" style graphics are refreshing amongst all games that try to be as realistic as possible. But it couldn't quite hold my attention, it got repetitive after a while. And also, but maybe that's just me, I got dizzy playing this game which I haven't experienced with an FPS since the days of Doom II.
  67. Dec 26, 2010
    Do you like rpg in your shooter? Then this is the game for you, at least if you also like multiplayer. You'll get the same enemies over and over with different prefixes and get loot accordingly (which copied the WoW colors for loot). The classes are interesting, and the class mods that let you completely change parts of them are a great addition and I wish they'd be copied into other games too, but there's just no getting around the repetitive gameplay. Expand
  68. May 20, 2011
    A perfectly mix of FPS and RPG elements make this game an addictive and enjoyable game that will keep you occupied for a very long time. And the GUNS! Sweet mother of God, what a **** of **** guns! If you can't find one that suits you then you should be dead. So if you are tired of mainstream FPS Shooters and had enough of those fantasy RPGs or if you just want to try something new, get Borderlands or better yet get Borderlands GOTY Edition. You won't be sorry. Unfortunately the Skags will. Expand
  69. Feb 26, 2011
    Well I liked it.... Picked it up while it was on sale because it looked like a good game. Mixing RPG elements with FPS make a very good game. Sometimes the weapon types and all the are confusing, but overall great game that shouldnt be missed by any FPS fan and many RPG fans should give this game a chance too.
  70. Jan 9, 2011
    At first I didn't think I'd like this game, but when it went on sale I decided to give it a try. After all, some of my online friends were hounding me to get it and try it out, because they enjoyed it. I must say I did enjoy it more then I thought I would. Once you get past the cartoonish graphics, the game is actually quite fun to play. The game developers did a good job of giving you the ability to get from point A to point B quickly. As the game progresses, you go from using vehicles to get around in, to using the transportation system to travel almost instantly from one area to the next. One thing I did find good about the game is the match-making and balancing. In many games of this type we end up with bored older players coming in and just killing new players, who end up quitting because of it. But the developers made it so that you can't harm another player unless the other player agrees to a duel. Consequently, you can start fresh with a new character and play with new players at almost any time. Also, they made it so that newer players can't cheat by having older players give them weapons. They did this by making it so that you have to reach a certain level in order to wield more powerful weapons. Another nice touch is that you can play the game all over again a second time around with your character on a more difficult setting. What with all the fun this game can be to play you would wonder why I give it only a 7 rating. I gave it a seven for this simple reason: Gamespy. For whatever silly reason they decided to put Borderlands on Gamespy, which totally and utterly sucks. Just how bad does it suck? Well really really bad. Lag is horrible in multiplayer unless you get a someone hosting the game close to you (I mean like from Ohio to Illinois close). I can play games hosted overseas through steam and experience little to no lag, and have a ping of around 200-300 max. In this game there is no way to see what you ping is, but it must be bad. All games are hosted locally, so you are at the mercy of the outgoing connection speed of the host computer, and if there internet goes down for a few moments you are done playing. Most of the games I tried joining, I couldn't join, and the ones I did join I ended up lagging out in. Once in awhile I would find a game that didn't lag, but when the person who started the game quit, everyone gets kicked back to the main menu and you have start your search for a good game all over again. For the most part, forget about using a mic. It seems that Gamespy cuts your audio off when you don't have a good enough connection (which is almost never), so everyone hears every other word. Me and my friends opened our steam chat and used it to talk over our mics and turned our in-game mics off. Steam worked perfectly transmitting our voices while Gamespy/Borderlands couldn't (go figure). All in all, the game is good, fun to play (even in single player mode), but with the connection issues and the decision to use crappy Gamespy, and otherwise great game has been ruined. I doubt it will last, and the community will die off. The game is already being sold at bargain prices. Hopefully if they make Borderlands 2 they'll use a better online service and hopefully setup some dedicated servers for it. Expand
  71. Jul 15, 2011
    With borderlands, you get a lot of content/gameplay for your money, The co-op is very fun, and the graphics are neat. The only problem i have with the game is the rpg elements, a lot of the skills are kindof wierd, such as liliths phasewalk, I feel like they could have done a lot better job developing the skills for the characters. Besides that the story is fun, can be a bit boring at times, Driving is almost flawless, and after you beat the game you can get the DLC which will add quite a bit of time to your gameplay. Expand
  72. Jun 23, 2011
    Borderlands is probably not what most people expect: The RPG part is very weak and it is not really a Sandbox game. Nevertheless, if you like a relaxed FPS with some fun character building, you'll enjoy this game. Even the single player is a lot of fun for quite a few hours. Sadly I cannot try the multiplayer (moving to south america kinda spoiled my online fun), but judging from the games concept it'll probably rock. The whole concept is a bit like dungeon siege with guns. :P (Dungeon Siege ONE, mind you :) Expand
  73. Jul 31, 2012
    I bought the game, tried and hated it twice and let it collect dust. Two years later I gave it another go and I finally got into it with one simple change. DISABLE MOUSE SMOOTHING. I cannot stress enough how important that is. The game has some problems like Gamespy, mediocre writing and story and poor animations/physics. With bad mouse lag (think Bioshock, but worse) they are glaring. With sharp, accurate controls they are easy to ignore and make the good stuff like loot, large world and equally fun single player and co-op stand out. Unconditional recommendation once you edit the input confit file. Expand
  74. Sep 30, 2011
    Average FPS which brings nothing new to the genre's table at all (apart from strange graphics). The useless ability count is quite high and I've already forgotten the reasons why I was going around shooting stuff. Some of the weapons are fun to use and sniping is enjoyable but it usually is. There is nothing in this game that makes it stand out from the crowd and I would only get it if it's cheap or you have played all the others with higher scores. Expand
  75. Mar 13, 2011
    I feel like this game was really underrated. Although it starts out painfully slow, the game picks up quickly once you beat the first boss. The story isn't the best I've experienced in a game, but it's pretty sufficient for an FPS RPG. The re playability of this game is great, after playing it 4 times I wanted to play it all over again. Also the DLC for this game is superb. It adds so much more to the game, increasing the level cap, adding new maps, enemies, and weapons. I wish more people played this game. Expand
  76. Mar 13, 2011
    Personally, I loved Borderlands. I'm actually more of a Role Play Game (RPG) type of person rather than a First Person Shooter (FPS) type but the unique graphic style and great humour in Borderlands kept me coming back for more. The premise of Borderlands is pretty basic, follow the main storyline and pick up side missions along the way all of which require you to kill, kill, and then kill some more which would seem very repetitive but the mission voiceovers are so good that I felt compelled to finish missions just to hear them tell me what to do next. (I laughed so hard at one point snot came out of my nose.) I definitely would not recommend this game for children (or the politically correct) due to the graphic violence and gore, but for the rest of us listening to the death cries of your victims burning or being corroded to death by acid is a satisfyingly guilty pleasure. Did I mention the graphics? Stunning in a dark comic book kind of way with amazing detail yet very easy on your video card allowing smooth gameplay no matter how many moving bad guys on the screen. The only reason I did not award Borderlands a 10 is because once you've completed the main storyline you are pretty much done and there is no open-ended game play afterwards. Expand
  77. Mar 22, 2011
    I was looking forward to Borderlands after reading previews and seeing the impressive artistic design and while I wasn't disappointed by the design & artwork the game play just didn't really strike a chord with me. It was far too repetitive and the overarching story was very loosely put together and a bit dull. I'm finding this more and more often with the plethora of open world explorable games being released, in my opinion the designers seem to be putting a bit too much focus on vast explorable worlds and not enough focus on an engaging story. I may be old fashioned but I'd much rather just have the illusion of a vast explorable world and be drawn into the story and challenging gameplay, rather than be somewhat blasé about the game and just aimlessly explore and complete numerous repetitive pointless missions. So if the idea of running around collecting 100's hundreds of mildly different weapons and aimlessly blasting the crap out of endless enemies in a large and beautifully designed world appeals to you then you will no doubt enjoy this game, but it wasn't for me. Expand
  78. Apr 13, 2012
    I got quite surprised when I started to play this game: it's nothing new in the fps area, but it still delivers what many shooters don't: a lot of content. First of all, you got 4 classes to choose with 3 talent trees to choose, which actually can vary the gamestyle (but not a lot, and I will explain in a minute) Each class have an inventory which you can carry quite a lot of weapons (So far, I can carry over 30 of them), but also grenade's mods, which will change the property of your grenades, and also class mods in which you'll obtain various benefits and bonuses for specific talents and skills. Honestly all of this is very well though because mods are very handy and the talents can make things go better if you have a proper grenade mod (like dispersion, or sticky), but still I gotta admit one thing: the talents aren't a big deal. They differ the gamestyle yes, but still they aren't a BIG difference: each class can equip any weapon for example and even if a soldier has more bonuses while using shotguns and rifles, you'll be free to use any other weapon as you want, because the bonuses aren't a HUGE bonuses: they feel more like "useful perks". On the other side, you can only use the "perk'd" weapons and forget the rest: you're good with those basically, and the only benefit of using many weapon is that the more you use an SMG, stronger the damage you'll do...but it's not, again, a big difference, and there's too much freedom in my opinion. The rest of the talents are handy, but I still haven't seen any proper difference, except for the main skill, which are the main and biggest difference among the 4, and I apologize for the abuse of the words "difference", because that's what I felt while playing.. The game is structured like a RPG due to the levels (50, 69 with the dlc), loot system (with color-based grades), quests, dungeons and a plot, with respective end bosses and so on, All of this is actually fun to do because it's not linear and you can also re-do the dungeons for more weapons, and the quests are kinda quick and easy to do. The plot however is one of the biggest trolls I've ever seen (but I dare to say in a good way). The areas are many and actually huge and in fact you'll use vehicles very often to travel in order to reach the next points,although the driving sections are a bit clunky and hard to drive at times. The online co-op is nice but it lags a lot on my computer for some reasons and I never managed to make it work properly (it is the only game i own that lags this much online, so it's not me!). I should mention also that the DLC are actually more like "expansions": they add new areas, new weapons, new vehicles and one of them adds also more levels, and the prices for them were very good (I hardly buy DLCs, but these were a very nice addition). I honestly hated the first points I mentioned, because it doesn't make you replay another class due of their lack of "differences", but except for that I really have no complains: it's probably one of the longest and actually content-filled shooters I've owned, and even if the flaws I've mentioned are a bit annoying the game still remains huge for a shooter (i've finished it in about 20-30 hours, plus 10 hours more for levelling and doing the dlc's). Definitely a good shooter with a very high longevity, worth a good try if you ask me. Expand
  79. May 24, 2012
    Very good game, worth buying. I gave it only 9 because of minor technical problems ( had to reinstall graphics driver ) and repetitious music ( game deserves much more wild west like ambient ).
    Concept is definitely the best i have seen for a long time in games.
  80. Apr 14, 2011
    Great game, had loads of fun with, and there is quality DLC to have fun with also! The system is a great mix of FPS and RPG elements and although many people may not be able to grasp how this game works, hopefully it can open new doors to other crossover games to do the same.
  81. May 14, 2011
    I was surprised how much I enjoyed this game. While not my usual style of game, it's so well put together I couldn't help but get totally sucked in by it. While I might have liked more of the mission text to have been voice acted, that is a minor quibble. It's not an elegant shooter (relying far more on picking the right weapon than highly strategic play), but it kept me coming back for more, and the character progress was very well balanced. I always felt a sense of forward momentum, and rarely felt like I was simply grinding for cash or xp. I think replay value is limited, but the first play-through was well worth the price of entry. Expand
  82. Jul 29, 2012
    This game is everything I love about first person shooters and rpgs, and this is what they call a RPS, roleplaying shooter, the game has awesome stylized graphics, the story is somewhat there, but you are more immersed in intense difficult arcade style battles. The rpg element works like a standard open world map, as you play, you kill stuff, gain experience and weapons, and level up throughout the game, as you progress, other areas open up and as you explore certain areas, just like an rpg, there are enemies that are difficult to defeat because of their higher level and you have to come back only when you are leveled up enough to battle them. Overall fun game, the Co-op is what makes this game shine, otherwise it is utterly boring and hard as hell by yourself. The DLCs add on extra value to the game and the world that you explore. Expand
  83. Dec 4, 2011
    Played it through with a couple of friends. With one friend it was fun up till level 14, after that it's the same crap over and over. You notice the story element and interaction of your muse completely disappears after level 13 or so and it's just shoot, find weapons, rinse repeat. Many of the quests are broke when you try to play together so it's hard to sync up where you should play together unless you do literally every quest together.

    End boss is a joke, it shows how they put all their ideas and development into the first 14 levels and after that got under a production timeline and had to squeeze it out.

    Lots of profanity so not good for little ones and clearly a console port game if you are getting it for the PC be prepared for clunky menus and interactions.
  84. Apr 25, 2011
    This was a fun game when I bought it the first time, (well family did so). Then I got my own copy on steam years later and using the same PC and now I have all the DLC unlike before and it just doesn't work. Big fail in my books at least. They claim to have "solutions" on their website and short of flashing my BIOS (Which I don't have issues with) and re-installing windows which I just came from a re-install only two months ago and I haven't added much of anything YET on my PC. I followed everything, but the XP re-install, but if you read the forums for hours on end you'll notice that people try the fixes that don't work for most! This is the ONLY game out of many that I play that, but this is the ONLY has this issues. Well, other games have problems too but they have solutions and not silly rituals. They don't have a solution for this clear problem with random crashing. All the crashing has made me an anti-fan. Don't get me wrong, it's a fun game but a terrible company. Well I guess they're good at making money; selling and marketing this software that just doesn't work! So great at making money terrible at programing software! ...however you want to look at it.

    Gear box I don't care if you made every game in the world, I'll never buy again!
  85. Apr 28, 2011
    There is not enough to say for this game. It is amazing in everyway imaginable. In case if you guys are late for the party, this game showcases more than 100,000 guns. Yeah. You read right. Also, the graphics are cool because it kinda is cartoonish, but not as cartoonish as Team Fortress 2. Its like cartoon violence, yet there is blood. As you level up in the game, you get better and better guns. Like, I went to the place where you start the game (Arid Badlands) and my character was extremely overpowered against the other enemies because I was a higher level up. It provides some pretty funny and gruesome deaths. Also, the playability is really good. You'll catch on as the game goes. However, the lack of tutorials made the game wierd at first, because when you reach level five or something, you get ability points that you can assign to different areas (e.g. stealth). But, I didn't know how to put them on my character.Then my friend told me how.But, it is a great game. Don't miss out on it. Expand
  86. Apr 30, 2011
    This really is a fantastic game, I was lucky enough to pick this up in a Steam sale for around £6 including all the DLC which for such a large game offering so many hours of play is a bargain.

    Graphically the game is beautiful with a unique stylised look to the art, music is quite low key but fits the mood and cranks up when necessary for particular areas and challenges.

    AI isn't super smart and can have a few off moments but overall is challenging, enemy characters will advance and use cover quite effectively in the many firefights I've encountered.

    The hardest and most difficult thing is trying to keep all my fav weapons and items in such a small inventory (though this can be expanded by completing side missions). The randomisation of guns is great, for a while I'll be sniper only picking off targets from afar then will come across a devastating new type of shotgun or SMG and will proceed to rush headfirst into danger in a hail of bullets!

    I wanted to love Fallout 3 as was a massive fan of Oblivion but it just didn't work for me on many levels, Borderlands isn't as deep as Oblivion but is a hell of a lot of fun.
  87. May 5, 2011
    I should've gotten this game a long time ago! Diablo 2 and Doom/Quake/Halo (take your pick) went and had a beautiful, beautiful baby. That baby is Borderlands. A few minor elements are irritating at times (why do shields even exist, and why can I snipe better with a sub-machine gun than a sniper rifle?) but overall they have not impacted the game enough to make it completely unenjoyable. The DLC packs are worth it too, though unless you *really* want a small storage bank, skip Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot - it takes all of the irritating elements of the game and lumps them together while giving you handicaps.
    Solo is fun, and co-op is even more fun - having others to watch your back while you fill a boss full of holes creates a camaraderie that can't be beat.
  88. May 10, 2011
    The ability to develop a character (RPG style) and continually find better equipment (Diablo style) integrated seamlessly into an FPS made for some of the most fun 200+ hours of gaming I've ever had. They did so much right here in the original game, that I can almost forgive them for the expansion packs which were absolutely horrid (with the sole exception of Knoxx which was great). The scripting was hilarious and the premise of the game incredibly enjoyable, though fishing porn mags out of dumpsters and other lame-o missions may have needed some polishing. I was constantly questing to get new and better equipment and kept finding myself coming back to the game for more, long after I'd beaten it more times than I'd care to admit. Now for the bad news: I have two major issues with the game. First, the class balancing needed some major tweaking, and the enemy AI was never more than a minor challenge. I understand that it was meant to be more "arcade style," but the game offered almost no resistance as I blazed my way through the artistically stylish campaign. I loved the integration of coop (when the server worked properly) and enjoyed the game immensely, but it was just a tiny step away from a classic. Can't wait for Borderlands 2! Expand
  89. May 12, 2011
    Borderlands is an amazingly-unique game. There have been many FPS games that use RPG elements (Mass Effect), but this one has been noticed mainly for it's cartoony art style, millions of randomized weapons, and great Co-op. The classes in the game are what you may expect from an RPG: An ex-soldier with a sentry gun/shield; a "Siren" who can warp between dimensions; a "Brick" character (a.k.a. a "Tank"-type) with a knack for punching things; and a sniper with a pet bat/hawk thing. The story is rather clichéd but the characters are rather varied. But, then there's ClapTrap: One of the most annoying characters EVER. You might think he's funny at first, but his lines and actions get repetitive and annoying. However, the voice acting for all the other characters are pretty good and the sound is great, from fast-paced firefight BGM to the opening theme "Ain't No Rest For the Wicked" by Cage the Elephant. The leveling system is nice but some of the "abilities" you get aren't very noticeable. Also, while some quests are enjoyable (like driving a car over a canyon), most of them get boring and repetitive. But, get together with a few friends and this will be one of the best Co-op shooters you'll ever play. Expand
  90. Dec 25, 2011
    A 4-person co-op FPS with RPG elements, in postapocaliptic-sf, Mad Max-like setting, with interesting, cell-shaded, sketchy graphics and nicely designed characters. It's main flaws are as follows: becomes too easy about halfway past the game, boring-ass when played alone, Knoxx is the only good DLC.
  91. Dec 20, 2011
    Borderlands has a rather unique feel to it. It's an RPG adventure FPS, taking the player to an entirely new and unknown planet of Pandora. The planet for the most part is a desert wasteland, and so the common areas tend to be junkyards, rural towns, plains, canyons of various sort, but later on, towards the end, you do get a bit of a mountainous snowy areas too. Borderlands is fun in many different ways. First of all, it has very unique graphics and this somewhat of a cartoonish style really really fits the general feel and humour of the game. Secondly, the game has RPG elements, so you get to unlock new skills as you progress through the game and face harder enemies. Thirdly the game has a massive variety of guns. The guns could come with all sorts of different stats, and you do often find good ones. You can play Borderlands with any of the four characters, each having a unique special skill and a slightly different gun proficiency to the others. Borderlands doesn't have much of a story, but it still is there, and it greatly picks up at very late stages of the game. The game is full of humour and generally gives off a laid back vibe. It can be played single-player or co-op. It's really up to you. The game might seem a bit repetitive due to its "do this quest, then do that quest" approach, but the sidequests do vary greatly between each other, each time offering a new challenge, so it's all great fun. I'll briefly mention the DLCs too. I've only tried out 3 of them so far, and all in all I felt they weren't as good as the original game. Dr Ned's Zombie Island was pretty good, but shooting zombies in dark woods does get repetitive after a while, and so gladly this expansion wasn't too long. The Underdome was terrible. It's just an arena, so I didn't like that one at all. General Knoxx's armory was sort of OK. It's nice to drive huge distances and all and having a huge map, but it's very frustrating when you respawn back at your original outpost after you exit the game. They should've placed more outposts in that one. I have not tried the Robot Revolution yet. To summarize, Borderlands is a fun FPS, so I'd highly advise it, especially for those who like FPS games with RPG elements. Just don't be put off early on. It might seem a tad boring in early stages, but it does pick up very quickly. Expand
  92. May 19, 2011
    This is truly an amazing game. I have been looking for a game that is similar to world of warcraft but without all that kiddy crap. Borderlands gives me just that . You go on quests, level up, fight bosses, use crazy guns, play with friends, and more. Best first person shooter i've ever played.
  93. Jul 19, 2012
    I've had more fun playing this game than I have any other FPS style game ever. The humor is campy which I love and the cell shader art is excellent. It also has some of the best music I've heard in a game and it fits the style perfectly. The DLC's are great too! The Zombie Island DLC dialog is genius and made me burst out laughing several times. Borderlands 2 is out soon and I hope it can live up to its little brother's fun factor. Whoever said this game is like FPS Diablo with guns hit the nail on the head. Good times! Expand
  94. May 26, 2011
    RPG plus Shooter equals Borderlands. They are not kidding when they say this in the trailers.

    With virtually thousands of different stats on guns, there is hardly one of the same gun (despite the fact that they are the same gun). But here's the catch, you hardly get enough space to fit everything on the beginning levels of the game, which can leave you organizing your stuff like a neat
    freak. You spend half of the time buying/selling your stuff pretty much.

    But the aspect of RPG playing and shooting mechanics leaves this game a chance to be played.
  95. Jun 1, 2011
    This is a great game with an Art style that may at first seem strange but it really adds detail to the whole thing. The enemies consist mostly of Bandits, Psychos and Skags which are great to look at let alone fight, They have some funny one liners and some great and cinematic deaths when set a flame or shocked. The boss fights do come quite rare but are fantastic, They are colourful and full of life and do require a bit of a set-up too get to them and while some of the quests seem a little repetitive, They soon pick up and you'll find yourself in car boosting over fantastic jumps and squishing enemies under your tyres. But Multilayer is where it really hits off. The classes combine together great (Berserker is just running in and taking off heads in close combat while solider is a more strategy styled game play) Although I was quite bored and lonely when I played single player as there isn't really anyone to talk too and your stuck in a barren wasteland. So not recommended for lone wolves or people unable to play online. Summary: A great FPS with a Great mixture of RPG magic, Grab a team-mate. Grab one of the Billions of guns, and face the madness! Expand
  96. Jun 23, 2011
    I personally find it easier to write about flaws than praise the good, so I will focus on those and count on you reading the score to understand that this is a very good game. The main flaws are that past level ~38, you are on your second playthrough because you've run out of main storyline content. this is, strangely, not fixed by the DLC because of a bad design choice. They realized that the player could kill anything they could hit and so each of the DLCs I have seen has some enemy cropping up with stupidly fast movement, as though "you can't hit this" is the only defense the game designers could think of. This same defense was used by the endgame enemies in the original game campaign, and that was about the point I just started phasewalking past everything because I was sick of dealing with it. There is, near as I can tell, no strategic counter to something moving stupid fast other than waiting for it to stop for a moment allowing you to fire, or to phasewalk up and assassinate it at point blank range. Beyond the endgame failure, this was a very entertaining game, I enjoyed the humor, the cell shaded artwork was superb, and both characters I played as (siren and hunter) had unique ups and downs making class choice actually matter. Roommate played through as soldier, only one I haven't seen in action is Brick, but I can swear I feel the other 3 are balanced and entertaining. Perhaps a slight negative towards Roland because stupid fast fliers can avoid his action skill, but most the stupid fast stuff is ground bound. There are balance issues and cheap tricks that work insanely well, but that happens in most games where you install such flexibility. I'd say it's definitely worth playing, but I doubt it will be an all-time classic. Expand
  97. Jul 6, 2011
    Diablo II meets Road Warrior (Quarantaine II); a unique and exciting weapon system combined with interesting visuals and intelligent map design guarantee hours of fun. Repetitive fun, but fun nonetheless.
  98. Jul 15, 2013
    Borderlands is a boring game with the most repetitive gameplay possible. Shoot enemies and collect loot, that's all there is to it.

    There is little enemy variety, they only scale in level, so you'll be shooting the same enemies over and over and over in the boring wasteland that is Borderlands. Combat AI is just meh, enemies are pretty stupid and their bad AI is guaranteed to give you a
    disadvantage. Most enemies require little to no strategy for killing them, just shoot them. This game relies so much on leveling that you can't even kill enemies that are 5 levels above you, and what do you do to gain levels? Do missions (or shoot enemies for XP if you feel like torturing yourself for something even slower)

    The missions in this game are incredibly pathetic. They're given by some NPCs (AKA quest menus because you can't interact with them at all) and involve going to random places to grab items or shoot more enemies (because you can't get enough of that, right?)
    Just in case you don't feel like doing every single one of these thousand fetch quests, a little annoying robot will message you about them every minute, and it's really freaking annoying.

    Plenty of this game revolves around finding better equipment to kill the same enemies that keep increasing in level. The amount of weapons you can find in this game is diminished by the fact that every gun is a recolor with random generated stats. The best word to describe the looting system would be 'bland'.

    I don't care much for graphics, but most textures in this game are kind of blurry, even the gun textures that you'll be looking at 24/7.

    There aren't many music tracks in this game, but the few you get aren't bad at all. Even the background music you hear all the time doesn't seem to get tiring, for me at least.
  99. May 10, 2012
    Yes, it's flawed - The AI is terrible, the fetch quests can be dull, etc. But the charm, backdrop, story, and undeniable fun of looting and shooting make this a great entry into the shooter genre. The depth of the characters you'll encounter alone make this game fun enough to play.
  100. Jul 20, 2011
    At first this game looked "gay" to me, but I got it anyway :D As I finished the first mission I started to realize that this game was AWESOME! From the cartoon-ish art style to the simple gamplay mechanics, Borderlands is one of the best games I've ever played! Gearbox studios has truly out-done themselves this time, and now, I can proudly say, I am a fan! Borderlands is legendary and must bought by everyone!! Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 37 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 34 out of 37
  2. Negative: 0 out of 37
  1. 88
    It's something action role-playing game fans looking for an experience more up-close and brutal than genre entries of the third-person variety should have a blast with, and one of the more memorable products of 2009.
  2. With tons of weapons to find, a great co-op system, fantastic art, and a whole bunch of exploding bodies, Borderlands is worth your money. Even when I feel that the game is starting to get repetitive, there's something about it that keeps me playing.
  3. I think you'll agree that when you've got guns blazing from four players at once and loot is flying everywhere, Borderlands easily makes up for any perceived shortcomings.