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  1. Apr 4, 2011
    Bronze would be a lot easier to recommend if it were a $1-5 download on a phone service. Despite its very narrow boundaries, the game plays fine and is mildly entertaining in short bursts. At its current price, however, Bronze ends up looking (on platforms with such vastly superior offerings) like a historical footnote, at best.
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  1. May 4, 2013
    Bronze is an outstanding strategy game that actually has something many games today lack--a very, very competent AI. The game absolutelyBronze is an outstanding strategy game that actually has something many games today lack--a very, very competent AI. The game absolutely shines because of this. I wish the game also had play by email, or online multiplayer, but sadly it does not. It does have hotseat multiplayer play, though, which works great. It also has a random map generator, and 12 different civilizations to play as, providing a great deal of replayability.
    Do not pay attention to the negative review posted here from GameZone. The reviewer likened Bronze to the Settlers of Catan, and the two games have absolutely nothing in common. They aren't even in the same genre. Bronze does have a boardgame feel to it, and currently there is even a boardgame version in production, but that is as close as it gets to Settlers.
    Bronze has more in common to chess or checkers. You have a set of pieces, each of which has a different cost and a different effect on the map. Each map is different, with varying terrain including rivers, hills, and the like. The object of the game is to claim the most territory on the map. It is closest to the game of Go in this regard. The game includes historical background on each civilization and beautiful hand drawn art. The graphics are serviceable, but that's all. You would be buying this game for the gameplay, and you will get your money's worth. An excellent, interactive tutorial is included, so you won't just be reading about how to play. You will learn by doing. The demo is available for free and includes the first three of twelve campaigns, so you will have a great idea whether this game is for you or not. Download the demo from Shrapnel games and give it a try.
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