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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 26
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 26
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  1. It’s a rare thing to come across such an excellent game which offers a steady supply of adrenaline and a brilliant sensation of speed. Especially considering that it’s a port.
  2. Fast and furious arcade racer translated to the PC with great care. The Ultimate Box tosses in plenty of freebie additions and the ongoing content development ensures that Burnout Paradise won't end up gathering dust after the first few weeks. Has that magic "one more race" feel and is easily one of the best arcade racers on the PC.
  3. The graphics are splendid and the driving action is addictive. Pick this one up ASAP!
  4. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    First ever PC version of Burnout is a perfect example of a modern racing game in an open world with all the essentials that players want. No need for C-grade actresses at all. [Issue#174, Jan 2009]
  5. For true next-gen arcade racing thrills Burnout Paradise is most definitely your best option, and on PC your only option.
  6. The interface needs to be reworked from the version received, but when it comes to the gameplay, this is a stand-out title.
  7. This generation's best arcade racer in an extra value compendium that really is a slice of driving heaven.
  8. 90
    When one considers the lackluster quality of many console-to-PC ports these days, it's truly refreshing to see an experience that comes jam-packed with so many bells and whistles and such exceptional visuals. If you're a PC gamer who's never burned out, Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box serves as a fine introduction to the series.
  9. Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box is a great compilation. It offers the same game as last year's game, but with all the added features that appeared as DLC thought the year. Really fun to play, with a great technical level and several game modes that offer hours and hours of terminal velocity. Highly recommended for lovers of racing games.
  10. The bike pack on its own, included as standard in the Ultimate Box, adds yet more value, but even in the small details (i.e. adding 1080i support to the PS3 game post-launch) Criterion hasn't let its audience down. And yes, it has a restart option. Best of all, the game is still evolving through yet more DLC. It's just getting better and better, and deserves a score to match.
  11. The Ultimate Box brings many improvements to an already impressive game, and it's one of the best racing games available on the PC.
  12. Ultimately, Burnout Paradise is a fantastic racing game that no devotee of the genre should let escape him. It has taken a year to arrive, but it delivers the most complete edition of the game, with a graphic engine excellently adapted to PC, and with a user community ready to squeeze the most of this Criterion work.
  13. The additional contents are the best way to play the entire Burnout Paradise game, especially on the PC where it comes out for the first time. If you need an arcade racing game, this is the title you have to buy.
  14. This can be kept rather simple: Any racing fan with a need for speed, who hasn’t already got Burnout Paradise for console simply needs this cool package. The Graphics are great, the sound is amazing, the speed mind-blowing and there’ so much to see and do that you’ll be kept busy for a long, long time.
  15. Play (Poland)
    First time on the PC and it goes straight to the top. And not just because there was a dearth of stunt racers worthy of praise recently. This game is simply marvelous - an adrenaline-laden crash fest. [Feb 2009]
  16. Burnout Paradise is an amazing driving game and one of the best Speed arcades for Pc in years. Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box offers everything we should ask in a game of this kind: Great control, smart AI, solid on-line and many elements to unlock.
  17. PC Zone UK
    Undeniably fun; a slick arcade racer from an impassioned and talented development studio. [May 2009, p.66]
  18. Newbies and also pros will enjoy this game very much. This title has the potential to bring new fans to the racing genre. Nowadays, Burnout Paradise is definitely an outstanding product!
  19. In the end, Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box is just a great game for those who haven't played the console versions. There's tons of cars to unlock, races to engage in and stunts to perform. Add to this the 'pick up and play' control mechanics and you've got yourself a great racing game that doesn't require mad driving skills and is just genuine fun.
  20. With a clearer incentive to progress, Paradise would have the cohesion it lacks. But it's still a stupendous amount of fun to play. It doesn't offer a challenge for hardcore racing fans, but instead presents you with a giant island of opportunities for mucking about and enjoying yourself. Which is just fine. [J.Walker]
  21. 84
    If you're willing to put in the time, there's plenty of content here to enjoy, including getting a handle on how all the various car models control and boost. For gamers looking for a different kind of high-speed racer or anyone's who has yet to experience the thrill Criterion's Burnout series provides, this is a solid choice.
  22. Pelit (Finland)
    A very good and over-the-top arcade sandbox racer. Too bad it couldn't be like this when it was first released. [Mar 2009]
  23. The famous Burnout-series finally finds its way on to the PC. On the one hand the synonym for an arcade-racing-game gets a little monotonous because of its open-world-concept and the repetitive missions. On the other hand the action and the furious, iconic moments you will live through make up for that, which in the end make Burnout: The Ultimate Box to one of the best arcade-racers you can get at the moment.
  24. Those who unlocked all roads in Test Drive Unlimited will appreciate the scope of Burnout Paradise. Just like on Oahu, you just want to aimlessly drive around the city, poking your nose everywhere, set local records from time to time, and enjoy incredibly diverse soundtrack. If only I could see this world from inside of my car!
  25. The PC version of Burnout Paradise has the word Ultimate in its title for a reason. When developer Criterion made The Ultimate Box, they put every update and patch that appeared since the release on the console into this game. By doing so, they made Burnout Paradise the perfect game for everyone who wants to race without a hassle. If one of your hobbies is to cruise in your car on a regular basis and if you aren't bothered by an undemanding difficulty level and then you will have no problem liking this game.
  26. Good intro to the PC for the Burnout series, but though it’s not meant to be a sim, we’d prefer a bit more meat on our games.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 426 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 39 out of 76
  2. Negative: 22 out of 76
  1. chadc
    Aug 9, 2009
    best racing game i have ever played and extras to buy are great to play
  2. JianT
    Apr 14, 2009
    Look guys, i really do not understand all the bad scores... most of you complain about how this is a openworld and that the mini map and all Look guys, i really do not understand all the bad scores... most of you complain about how this is a openworld and that the mini map and all that are useless because it takes away from the racing. Now before i start a race, i simply press "m" on my keyboard to bring up the map. Give it a 2-3 second look and have the root down in my mind and im done. Racing has never been easier and finding a faster rout that the other computer cars are too stupid to take has never been more fun. and the keyboard controls DO NOT SUCK. They just need fixing. for example, boost needs to be space bar and e brake needs to be shift while showtime MUST be changed to d so you dont accidently press s all the time during a race and piss yourself off. For these minor problems which can be fixed with a little bit of brainpower, i give it a 9/10. Full Review »
  3. Sep 8, 2013
    Very disappointing. The game looks good enough, especially with ENB, but that's about all it has going for it. Criterion purport the idea ofVery disappointing. The game looks good enough, especially with ENB, but that's about all it has going for it. Criterion purport the idea of race events on a free roam map as something new, "unlike any other driving experience", even though Need for Speed Underground 2 and Test Drive Unlimited had both done similar things prior to its release. All events are extremely easy, and with no difficulty option (at least not one I could find in the ill-conceived labyrinthine menu system), the game soon becomes very dull.

    In-game advertisements are a spit in the face from the developers. Perhaps it would be understandable if the game were free to play, or if it were trying to emulate a "real world", but it's not. These were clearly only put in for profit, not an attempt at realism, since the game is set in a fictional city and none of the cars are licensed. I paid for the game I don't want to see Burger King and EVGA advertisements while playing it.

    Various elements of the game are at cross-purposes with each other. Events are put at every intersection, supposedly to cut down on monotony and so there's never an event too far away, but the races aren't gated and the route isn't highlighted on the map as with other arcade racers, which means you have to open your map at the beginning of each race and spend time planning your route. You can't jump to events either, which, in the case of Burning Route events, often means you have to drive halfway across the map just to begin a race.

    On the topic of Burning Route events; the game boasts a range of 75 cars, when in actuality, in terms of unique vehicles there is about half that, with the other half being practically carbon-copies with different paint jobs which are rewarded after completing time trials. By the end of the game, you'll only be using about 3 of the cars anyway (the best in each category; stunt, aggression and speed), since the others are relatively useless.

    The soundtrack is awful. For reasons unknown to anyone but the developers, there are 3 different styles of music in this game; pop/rock songs, instrumental songs from the three previous Burnout games, and classical compositions. The loudness levels are not normalized either, which means that some songs are barely audible while others are quite loud. The "CrashFM" DJ is obnoxious and detestable.

    There are many other annoyances, but I think I've made my point already. Does this game deserve a rating of 3/10? No, but it doesn't deserve the inflated rating of 7.6/10 either.
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