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  1. Nov 13, 2012
    Absolutely nothing new, if you would update World at War's graphics, you could not tell which one is the 5 years older game. And speaking of graphics, they seem strangely bad for a "triple A" game, i kept getting vibes of "console port" and "outdated engine"
    Single player is defined by the word Boring. I did not even want to play the optional "RTS"-style defense missions after the first
    mandatory one. Expand
  2. Nov 13, 2012
    This game is just awful. I really wanted to get into it, but I just couldn't. It's the same tired formula they used in black ops, and it's even less enjoyable than mw3. The single player campaign is awful, the game gives you auto-aim, so you don't even have to try when playing, and it still uses the same engine it's been using for so many years now. Call of Duty has essentially been turned into a $100 per year subscription service. If you value the video game industry and are tired of being taken advantage of, stop giving in and play games that are actually GOOD for a change. Expand
  3. Nov 13, 2012
    no inovation in this game - copie of DLC of BO1. MP classment very crazy. DX11 - where is this used? No dedicated server. its more jump & run as shooter
  4. Nov 13, 2012
    Hey when I pay $60 I expect to get the exact same game as the last time... or at least that's how Treyarch treats their customers. I should say this game is proof of their attitude towards their fans and all but we all should have learned from our mistakes in MW3. Yet again Activision and their lackey cash cow have released the EXACT SAME GAME. It plays like MW3 it looks like MW3 and it has the same bugs as MW3. Give it a rest trasharc. Expand
  5. Nov 18, 2012
    A bad console port to PC. Inflated price for a re-hash of older CoD games. Same 'on rails' single player experience. In MP you need to hit someone a few times with a LMG with FMJ bullets, in HC mode, to kill them. Not the CoD experience I am used to... Feels more like the normal mode, but worse. Good to see lean/peak is back to CoD. But worst of all is.... No dedicated servers! WTF?!!! Which means it is difficult to find a game for MP and/or will get disconnected when host leaves. Unacceptable!!! And you are at the mercy of Activi$ion. No way to kick chaters, mod a server (even within the game rules etc...). Last CoD purchase for me ever. Will probably revert to Cod 4 and even BO. CoD 4 remains the best to this day. Strange thing is I would have paid more for new versions of CoD. Or just new maps or enhancements of the versions already there. You lost me for good now, Activi$ion! I am a PC gamer! Edit: An update as it really bugs me: 12 player multiplayer? Are **** me Activi$ion?!!! And the lag encountered on matchmaking is really annoying. Some of the animation and models are v. cartooney compared with previous CoD's. Don't buy this **** Can't believe I am supporting an EA game, but if you have money to burn, buy BF3 or buy Red Orchestra 2, buy COD 4! Stay well away from this. We are PC gamers! Edit #2: So I am not accused for criticising without trying it. After playing MP for 5 days, I can confirm CoD is dead. It took until all/most perks and addons were unlocked. Now almost every game is won by one or two guys running around with knives. There is no balance in the game anymore. There is no fun. You can blame it on my inexperience, but I am a decent player. I didn't think I would be playing for too long this sad excuse of a game, but to not last even a week.... I repeat! Don't buy this **** This is a poor console game - leave it to consoles. We are PC gamers! Expand
  6. Nov 13, 2012
    And downhill we continue to roll. Compared to the first Black Ops, this game is an incredible downgrade when comparing weapon balancing, movement, and overall game-play. Aiming down the sights is virtually dead. Every map, even ones that seem sniper friendly on the surface, all you need is a high fire rate sub-machine gun to mow players down. And unless they are at quite a long distance, aiming is simply not necessary. Players move unrealistically fast compared to previous installments, and even though maps are bigger on average than BO1, the speed and absolutely horrible re-spawn mechanics make the maps feel much smaller and simply more frustrating. Map design itself is horrid and seemingly rushed with no consideration of play mechanics or strategy. With BO1 and earlier CoD games every map seemed to have some advantage to picking the right weapon. That is not the case by far with BO2. As previously mentioned a fast firing sub-machine gun is all you need for every map every time. The games outdated graphics engine is about 5 years old now and very much showing it's age. Virtually "cartoony" at this point. A sure sign that no effort went into this game from a design perspective.

    The "dedicated servers", even though known to be owned and controlled by 3arc with no mods allowed, could be considered an outright lie to the consumers. We see the same style game matching as with MW3. The only upside is that ping/latency seems to be a tad bit better. It's very difficult to tell but this could be the result of matches being hosted on "dedicated servers" as opposed to peer-to-peer. It's also difficult to say if that's moving in the right direction.....because as PC games are concerned....true dedicated / player owned servers have always given us the best play experience. That's because we get lower pings, a better social experience where you get to play with and befriend those on your favorite servers, but also the server admins can "police" a server and ban cheaters/hackers that circumvent the shoddy anti-cheat measures Valve and 3arc try to impose. Sadly I must recommend to all skilled players to avoid this game it takes no skill to actually play. The continued dumbing down caters to a common play-style that young children and pre/young teens enjoy..... which is spray, pray, and call people racist & derogatory terms. That may be present in all on-line games but when traditionally you would have older teens and young adults as the majority skilled player such occurrences, especially on a true dedicated server, were fairly uncommon.

    This player had high hopes for BO2. Eagerly awaiting an improvement on BO1 for some fun, balanced, and skilled game-play. Unfortunately what we receive is a dumbed down abomination of MW3.

    Between Activision's loss of touch with the gaming community and EA's continued poor quality renditions the market is prime for a new entry into this genre. Someone, please save us.
  7. Nov 13, 2012
    Well well well. I actually quite enjoyed BO1, however this new "innovation" is pretty much a rehash of MW3 with different guns and a different class system. The gameplay feels exactly the same (which is not good, because the BO1 gameplay was quite good). And the maps are also pretty poor. Finally the unlock system is also pretty bad - almost like they're trying to even the field because so many people are terrible at this game. Expand
  8. Nov 13, 2012
    This game is even worse than previous titles!!! Graphics again from 2006, extreme boring single player and practically same multiplayer as always. 10 enemies respawning behind your back all the time. Again DLC and not a full game.
  9. Nov 13, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. SPOILER!

    Only played single player campaign!
    Can't talk about multiplayer gameplay!

    -Cons: 1. Outdated graphics 2. Avarage AI (Friendly NPCs are absolutely useless, enemy NPCs are too static etc.) 3. Avarage story and overlong cutscenes 4. Almost every character is a cliché (Evil Arabs, Africans and South Americans, badass US soldiers) 5. Imperfect Strike Force commands 6. Gameplay is too scripted 7. Maps are too small and overcrowded with NPCs

    Pros: 1. Weapon customization 2.Still better than MW3:Warfighter...
  10. Nov 13, 2012
    The game is horrible, its the same as it's previous games. Gameplay's the same, Game engine's the same, it aint DX11... its still DX9.0c.. no physics, nothing. The only good thing is that it runs on Intel HD cards. The future war of the game feels like a mix of Crysis and BF2142. The sound of the game is pants, bullets are more quiet than the soundtracks, and if you ask me, the soundtracks are really cheap! atleast the zombie mod is better than the previous. This game is just a marketing trick of Acitivision, same thing as EA or Apple is doing... marketing crap for high prices. It was nothing but a waste of my time! COD series is dead... Expand
  11. Nov 13, 2012
    Tried to avoid it this year after the last copy/paste fails and then bam; I get it as a birthday present. Surprise factor 0; this is the same thing again! Engine is really showing it's age now and this series is so far behind the likes of Battlefield 3 it's just a joke. Utter, utter repetitive drivel. Way to phone it in... again!!
  12. Dec 28, 2012
    It's not a terrible game. In term sof graphics it's pretty darn good. In terms of gameplay and depth - it's chanelling 2004. Maybe it's just the franchise is getting very old. Maybe it's shooters in general are just too darn profligate that we are all getting jaded and bored with the same game over and over and over (and over and over) again. Maybe that's the case, but you can't forgive such simple gameplay and lack or tactical depth. Pretty poor but not awful. Expand
  13. Nov 13, 2012
    Call of duty 4 the best ever . I do not understand how you can play it ... after game has the same moves.
    For me this series has long since ended
  14. Nov 13, 2012
    This game is complete trash, it's graphics look like Call of Duty 3, not Modern Warfare.
    Bodies have no weight, textures look like absolute garbage they are stretched and clipped on everything you can find.
    I wanted to get into this game I really did, but it was just disappointment after disappointment.
    You should pray all day and maybe maaaaaaaaay be you will get your money back from
    this spew of diarrhea dog console port.

    -When you knife people it seems to have no connectivity, their limbs just fly off to a cheesy blood effect that looks like After Effects Action Essentials blood.
    -The guns have the same exact sound for each shot, other games had at least 3.
    -The cast just jumps around left and right, none of the characters are memorable.
    -This is a direct console port to the PC, the graphics adjustments are so crippled you can't even adjust the model detail -_-. This game is playing in 480p or some terrible console quality.
    I would be able to tell if it was developed for PC, the text would be very high quality and clear like the other games but the text in this game looks like it was from a 4:3 800 x 600 monitor.
    -The main menu is sooooooo bad it is set vertical, has no icons, why would they downgrade their main menu wtf, the first black ops menu was perfect, it was interactive with a bunch of fun secrets but this is just some crappy graphics guy just hitting his watch in the same exact spot.

    Ranging from framerate issues and limited graphics, to the inability to crouch only when pressing the crouch button, both toggle to crouch and hold to crouch have the same exact action WOW.
    The guns do not make any impact sounds, from the beggining of the campaign I was just bewildered at the fact that they had to add so much gore up the ass, from burning to brutal murders. It is so unnecessary and it detracts so much from the story I don't even know what the characters are even arguing about half the time.

    I have played Call of Duty since Call of Duty 2, my favorite one being Modern Warfare 1.
    I'm glad Metacritic isn't paid off for it's reviews because this game really does deserve a 3.1.

    This game makes Soldier Front look like an 11 / 10.

    This is the summation of money hungry corporate pigs, movie licensed game, and paid reviews.
  15. Nov 13, 2012
    This game is so BAD=Terrible that it feels like a free to play FPS.The developers drop the ball with this poor excuse of a game. I Want my $60 bucks back.
  16. Nov 13, 2012
    Its call of duty. You either love it or hate it. most people who are giving low scores right now probably dont even own the game this call of duty brings what we all love with some new improvements!
  17. Nov 13, 2012
    wow told myself last year i wouldnt buy this game because its always the same thing. but finally told myself to give the franchise one last chance and boy do i regret it...

    SAME THING, RIP OFF. i want my dough back
  18. Nov 13, 2012
    Boring repetitive, played it at a friends house, thank god i didn't waste 65 dollars on this overpriced DLC! I guess some games are that gullible to keep falling for the same lazy tricks.
  19. Nov 13, 2012
    I bought it. I feel ashamed. I knew this would happen AGAIN! Luckily I only wasted 30 Euros on it, and it still feels like flushing money down a toilet. Whats wrong with the game you might ask?
    Well lets start by the "Fake"dedicated servers. Where is the dedicated server? I do not know? Neither will you, and the only indication of the quality of connection is hidden by some idiotic Ping
    Bars. We cant even play competitively or just hang around on our own servers, since you cannot rent them... that means no community forming in a specific server etc.

    This leads me to point 2. Console port again... What a shame, graphics from 2005? Really from a supposedly triple A game? Well we all knew that COD has not been up to par for years, peer 2 peer in MW2 etc. This game shows the same kind of symptoms, clearly a case of consolitus(A disease for PC). I warn you my fellow PC gamers, DO NOT BUY THIS! Stop supporting Activision. We need a new engine...
  20. Nov 13, 2012
    So what's new with this game? Apart from the fact it's masked by a different setting and time.....nothing. it just feels like another average COD game. We all know this though, it's traditional every single year Activision churn out the same garbage for the younger audience so the consumers can invest a lot of their time and money for the franchise. Sure it's a fantastic business and marketing tactic that Activision can dictate this and they make a lot of money from it. But how can we stop this garbage being produced? Simple really just boycott the game and DON'T buy it. However this is an impossible solution because the market is so huge for this type of game many of which will never be convinced otherwise that they are being robbed blind plus the fact most people hate change and as long as they're comfortable with the same thing year in and year out Activision will take advantage of that and continue "feeding the trolls" so to speak. I have to give Treyarch some respect though at least they aren't afraid of changing the timeline of a cod game and they want to be a little more ambitious with it. However this just doesn't cut it enough, what we need is a fresh new IP and most certainly a more up to date and more advanced game engine. Expand
  21. Nov 18, 2012
    Ok so I've already reviewed this game but after playing it solidly on multiplayer for the last 5 days (off work broken leg) I thought I'd do another. I've marked it down to 4 from five because....

    Gunplay, colision detection is appaling, you don't need to be on target just in the general area, I've been awarded headshots when I've hit players in the chest and had kills that were around
    an arm length away from the body.
    Perks/Upgrades, really clunky and confusing (at first) some of the perks/upgrades are just not worth the bother.
    Graphics/engine, I know if a game has solid gameplay graphics should not be an issue but come on, no destructible scenery, falling off the edge of maps ? this is 2012 ffs. There should be slightly more realistic gun mechanics, pistol headshots across the map with no bullet drop ? Yeah right.. Also bullets will pass through walls made of metal but be stopped dead by walls made of wood, what gives ?
    Sound, seriously bad just seriously seriously bad.
    General stuff, just a really really disappointing game, you can get killed by something like a RCd or dragonfire and have no warning of it' approach or time to get into cover or even any idea what you've been killed by, hardcore mode isn't, switching to pistol when you've clipped out is very slow, a hell of a lot of camping spots and very little room for team based gameplay. A lot of people are saying buy BF3 it's better, yes this is true but BLops2 and BF3 are completely different games with different objective, no way could Blops2 be described as a 'realistic wargame', I'd say buy MW1 or 2 better gameplay and a hell of a lot cheaper. There are some good points though, the maps are ok, ummm thats about it really I'm struggling to think of something else's a bit like the Halo series, some great maps on there but horribly slow clunky junky spunky gameplay.

    To all those giving it 0 come on, be a bit objective at least very few games are worth 0.

    Just a few words about me. Been gaming since the days of Space Invaders and Scramble, played pretty much every platform and genre out there and remeber when games were a challenge and made you think, now my old old brain is so curdled all I can do is run around and shoot people, just as well really with depthless crap like MW3 and Blops2 around.
  22. Nov 13, 2012
    Oh my god, what the..... there is nothing new, Same old graphics, everything is same as before.
    Maps are so small that it's not even funny!

    sp is just plain boring.

    No more! Not going to buy any new COD game. FOR REAL this time, though I've sayed it many times before :(
  23. Nov 13, 2012
    basically. Just a same game, same animation but different reskin. Very boring and repetitive! I would not recommend buying this game at. I doubt they'll stop making CoD games in yearly basis...
  24. Nov 13, 2012
    I agree wholeheartedly with the review by Division. The core problem with this game is that there is virtually no map variety. They've added plenty of new weapons, perks, and killstreaks, but without maps to use them on, the additions are wasted. I will start with the positives of this game.

    The rebalancing done to custom classes is superb. Instead of taking only the most powerful
    of perks and addons (OMA/noob tube, anyone?), you are forced to decide whether you really want to forego a sidearm, attachments, or even tactical and lethal grenades if you want, for example, Marathan and Lightweight together. This allows for some interesting combinations and are a vast improvement in terms of customizing classes to suit your gameplay style. I love what they've done with this. There are now tons of killstreaks you can choose from, though I don't know the precise number. There are many new additions to the weapon lineup, and the sound is the best I've heard in a COD title to date. The CQC design, IMO, is actually superb, even if that's all the maps offer. The unfortunate thing as that's pretty much where the positives end.

    Every single map is the same, with different textures and environment. Imagine playing COD with a randomized dungeon engine like Diablo 2's. That's pretty much what BLOPS is, except I would probably prefer random layouts to the tired and uninspired designs of these maps. Every level is a close quarters combat layout. Did you enjoy maps like Overgrown, Derail, or Estate that offered a mix of wide open spaces, overwatch areas, and a bit of close quarters? Well, then, don't buy this game, especially if you're a PC player, like I am. The series has been going the way of the console for a long time now, and, sadly, even Halo offers more open space maps than this title. That's depressing.

    So while there are loads of new weapons to choose from, you're pretty much pidgeonholed into picking sub-machine guns. LMGs, sniper rifles, and even rifles are now just handicaps. Aiming isn't even necessary anymore. If all you desire is quick action and rapid fire spraying with little to no tactical consideration, then this title is perfect for you. The graphics seem no better than any previous BLOPS/MW title, yet it does seem to run worse. I've run max settings on almost every COD title to date (with even older video cards), yet I've actually had to lower a couple settings on this title just to prevent hiccups from actions like aiming down the sights. I don't really notice an improvement in the graphics even on max settings. I'm sure some of the hiccups will be ironed out, though.

    The good thing is that BLOPS2 is a definite improvement over MW3. I loved every single Modern Warfare title until that game. It was a travesty. I even loved BLOPS to a lesser degree. But the bad thing is that the extremely poor map variety makes this game a chore to play. I give it a 4 only because it's better than MW3.
  25. Nov 13, 2012
    Just another mappack, thats how to describe this game best. Seems that activision is one of the few studios that can get away with just rehashing a game year after year and have people pay the full amount of 60 euros for it.

    This game is such a shameless ripoff to the previous that it's almost insulting to the gaming industry in general. The critic reviews are obviously paid reviews
    seeing as this game gets a 9 on average. In short this game doesn't do anything to revolutionize or even improve upon the existing FPS model. It doesn't even give you top notch graphics for the money you pay. Expand
  26. Nov 14, 2012
    If you can see the comments of others, then you know what this game is all about. The game is possibly the biggest load of crap ever seen in modern games. Strangely this Call of Duty nonsense doesn't know how to stop and our majority of gamers and consumers are into nonsensical, repetitive, and worthless games. Clearly Treyarch doesn't appeal nor care towards players and only towards the money idiots throw at them. The game sadly lacks one of the useful features of gaming, dedicated servers. Without this how can you expect PC gamers to have any type of fun? With constant disconnections from servers and bad communities, I wonder how play this game. Not to mention how poorly coded and balanced this game is. Run and gun with a sub-machine gun, BIG **** WHOOPIE DO. Seriously, with a due respect, this game is not worth buying with It's same, non-changing gameplay with only meager, insignificant additions.

    How can other idiots, Yes idiots, commenting in Metacritic say people don't know what they are talking about this game score wise, anyway? Clearly, they have played it, hated it, and give their concerns to the community.

    Overall, this game is NOT worth your time and especially your good money. The game lacks core FPS elements and will be a waste. If I ask one person who is so madly in love with this game, I bet you he or she cannot give me a clear, descriptive and good opinion about the game. The game is a piece of **** this is one of the most banwagoned game which sole purpose of the creators is not to create a fun genre, but one to only gain profit. If you have the mind to read all of this, I sincerely commend you for your actions. I am not being a hater, but clearly there are so many bad, and unfixed points of this game that makes it a complete disaster. Remember, Treyarch wants to only make money not matter how badly a person perceives it. Please make a difference by not being one of those idiots who say MW3 (when it came out) or did you get Black Ops 2?
    The gaming community today makes me sick to see these COD only gamers.

    P.S. I played throughtout the COD series, So I KNOW where I am coming from.
  27. Nov 13, 2012
    worst game ever.hype big like allways and after that its the same s**tty game.0 is for doing the same game and again take who are buying is just kids or have serious problems with brains :)
  28. Dec 14, 2012
    I didn't particularly like Black Ops 1 but I finished the campaign and played the hell out of the multiplayer, Black Ops II on the other hand is nothing short of a terrible game. The graphics in this day and age are down right embarrassing. Makes you appreciate what EA did for the PC community with BF3. The cinematic intro at the beginning's lip sync is way off & the character models look deformed. This engine is on its last legs. I've bought Call of Duty since 1 on the PC, skipped COD3 as I had no console. I've always played the campaign through first then started the multiplayer. Black Ops II's campaign is something to avoid, It is just a Michael Bay movie, pumped with testosterone, then turned into a game. The characters are unlikable, story is utterly confusing that multiple times i'll get to the point where I'm often wondering why I'm in this location & what am I doing. I'm 4 missions in and haven't touched the game in weeks. Any other Call of Duty I would finish the campaign in less than a week, I doubt i'll play it again.
    Multiplayer is nothing new, though unless you have an SMG or something with rapid fire, you're going to have a bad time with the hid detection being off/completely different to any other COD. It's just black ops 1 re-skinned with more "features" or "downgrades" as I would call them, move along.
  29. Nov 13, 2012
    Call of duty is here again promising a better campaign, larger multiplayer and improved zombies. It's not the case here. Graphics are like from dx9 and they dare say it runs on dx11? waste your money elsewhere.
  30. Nov 13, 2012
    If you like Modern Warfare buy this .. same game .. it is NOT Black Ops.. so mad I wasted another 60 bucks on what I thought was going to be a good Call of Duty.. Black Ops was the crap.. this game IS CRAP. Fast paced shooter like quake but with a Military Skin on everything... people die with a single shot to the crotch.. everyone runs fast.. I want my money back.. if You liked the mod warefare series if you liked the realism of Black Ops dont buy this Expand
  31. Nov 13, 2012
    Same engine, Same formula, a few new guns... I'm not sold.

    How year after year people flock to the new edition of the call of duty franchise I'm not sure. The best Modern Warfare game was the original, since then the franchise has gone slowly downhill with each new installation. I would advise people to stay away from this one.
  32. Nov 14, 2012
    I have been waiting months for BO II to come out now. Then I find that the game is $180 USD if you include all day one and deluxe content. Which lowers the score I give by 4 points. Also the option to preorder was removed before the 14th. So I think my score is valid and now knowing how bad and buggy the game is I feel like I'm rating it too high.
  33. Nov 14, 2012
    the game is so ugly, the campaign is so scripted, the weapons sounds so bad. the only things that works is the mp. but even the mp is boring as hell. i'll stick with cod mw 3.
  34. Nov 15, 2012
    I really dont know what people expect from call of duty series...Most of the people says that there is nothing new in this game but people are talking for non sense I think because COD is a shooter game with a perfect stories and they trying to put more and more actions in every game they made.what do people want from this game? solve riddles or someting like that? It is CALL OF DUTY! you must congragulate those people who made this game.Fantastic history, excellent actions and more...I just found a problem that is some of the missions are very repeatable, for example I couldnt swing the other side of the mountain for 6 or 7 times it was hard to do.But at the end its a good game and accept it Expand
  35. Nov 13, 2012
    This is a terrible, terrible, rehash of the same game that they release every year. I don't know why people keep buying this, I certainly didn't. I only needed a little taste to see that I wasn't missing anything at all.
  36. Nov 13, 2012
    worst cod title to date.
    a lot of things are improved with this version, but more things are broken.
    yes, lag compensation is still in the game and worse than ever.
    lag comp is something that should never be implemented into a game that's geared toward competitive gamers.
    I'm going to try to get a refund now, I already know they wont change their netcode or fix the massive heap of
    broken things with this one. Expand
  37. Nov 13, 2012
    Single player is not worth mentioning, but multiplayer is where the game truly shines. It's worth every dollar if you like shooting other players in a fast-paced game of death.
  38. Nov 16, 2012
    Badly done, I'm super disappointed. Scripted events that don't let you control, bad ui, cut scenes you can't easily skip, etc etc. Just a million little things done wrong. Game play sucks too, if I wanted a strat game I would get a strat game. They try to turn a shooter into some type of strat game every other mission. Giant ball of suck!
  39. Nov 13, 2012
    this game is so dull and without any atmosphere. it is probably the most terrible and unrealistic shooter i have ever played. sometimes i felt like i was in a b-movie of dolph lundgren and in some moments i expected cuck norris to come around the corner and kill all enemies with a roundhouse kick. it wouldnt had made a diffrence to the atmosphere in this piece of junk.
  40. Nov 13, 2012
    why dont i add **** and robots to mw3 and guess what you get black ops 2, ive seen a single person make a better game then this at least medal of honor had good graphics and innovation this is a paint job with maybe 3 new things, hey little kids play left 4 dead or battlefield this is **** thank god i got me2 in my disk 2
  41. Nov 13, 2012
    This "game" is garbage. As one of the misfortunate people who purchased a retail copy of this packaged fecal matter, I was first enraged by how the second disc isn't actually Black Ops II, but it was Mass Effect 2 instead (Yes, the rumors are true.) then I could not fathom the first mission. The audio quality is just awful, and the script is even worse. Don't buy this game, its neither worth your money, nor is it worth the space on your hard drive. There's also NO use of DX11, and the matchmaking services are terrible as well. I just can't wait until Activision runs this into the ground just like Guitar Hero. Expand
  42. Nov 13, 2012
    a disgrace to pc gaming, already returned the damn thing. even more unbalanced than mw3, same gameplay, bunch of stupid sh*t with camos and attachments. no 2 hit knife, just a bunch more lies game is loose but hole.
  43. Nov 13, 2012
    Same game, just few new skins. Also a lot of the copies came with a Mass Effect 2 disk instead...WTH, If you're looking for a new and exciting game, play Deus Ex or something. There are better games out there.
  44. Nov 14, 2012
    If you keep buying crap, then they will keep making crap.........When will gamers learn how to vote with their wallets? Right now the devs who basically made some cheap dlc for idiots who will buy anything with the "COD" brand on the box , are laughing their asses off all the way to the bank.......
  45. Nov 13, 2012
    bad bad, i can't install the game beacuse the second disc is of mass effect 2 Played the single part and the zombie mod on pc. Trust me! Treyarch did absolutely nothing about the PC graphics part. DirectX11 is sure as hell no in this game. Nice marketing tric they pulled on the pc gamer
  46. Nov 13, 2012
    Gave a provisional 8/10 based on a couple of hours of MP + SP - didnt try Zombies yet - I cannot say it looks any different than BlackOps 1 did - I did notice a Lens flare while looking at sun. Depth of Field is increased but I use it only on Low. This was a little disappointing as I was expecting more - The graphics options are as limited as always With that said, it looks good, levels are good as usual Kudos to the Level Designers, some of which come directly from the community of course! (at the exception so far for that Hollywood mansion, layout appears bad at first sight anyway). The levels I played were very detailed, each with their own animated props (like in BO1) which adds to the all experience - Sounds are good also, voices especially as muffle really works. The game runs very smooth, somewhat smoother than BF3 does for me but that can be explain by the smaller levels, etc.

    On the gameplay, its COD, to me its the same as all the recent instalments since MW2 so you like or you dont - Im in the middle. HC is where its at for me anyway as in Softcore its worse than ever HUD/gizmos - wise.

    Was really expecting a Server Browser but no such thing, its all lobbys - albeit running of dedicated servers we are told. Im not sure how it will pan out for clans to meet, etc.. overall joining a game was lightning fast - way under 20 seconds, 10-15 perhaps - impressive.

    Im glad they added a way to remove perks all toghether at the player's wish. Wish everyone would do that On the SP, only played the first 2-3 missions, good story so far - providing you know the last BlackOps SP - very much on rails however as usual and too many real time scene where you just spectate or maybe press "S" :/
  47. Nov 13, 2012
    Never played a COD game before but after seeing multiplayer gameplay videos, I thought it looked good.

    Ignored COD-hating trolls and pre-ordered immediately.

    So now, played the campaign and found it to be a little above mediocre but not that great. But what made me buy BLOPS2 was the multiplayer and oh boy, it didn't dissapoint me. It's highly fast-paced. I was never used to that
    kind of gameplay(blaming other great shooters like BF3 and Counter-strike). I've seen previous COD gameplays but BLOPS2 is in a whole different level. I can't believe people are saying that it's the same COD game. Expand
  48. Nov 16, 2012
    Where do I begin. I guess I will begin with what is good. The Campaign was entertaining, and it mostly makes sense. A few plot holes here and there, but I can deal with that as ling as it entertains. Then I decided to open the multiplayer. Coming into the multiplayer I read a post by a Treyarch dev on twitter saying there were going to be dedicated servers. THAT IS WHY I BOUGHT THE GAME. What I did not realize was that shortly after the Black Ops 2 site announced that the GOD AWFUL MATCH MAKING SYSTEM WAS BACK! Why would any semi-intelligent person actually think that piece of garbage is a good idea. Dedicated servers are the norm for PC FPS games now, but it seems Activision cannot get that through their thick skull. The mindless drones that play Xbox do not care about dedicated servers. The PC community does. VAC DOES NOT WORK. IT HAS NEVER WORKED. WHY WOULD IT WORK FOR BO2? Cheaters are on every vac "secured" game. But do you want to know why they don't fill the servers of those games? Server admins are the best enforcers. They are playing on their server and make sure no one cheats. It also allows others to report the cheaters to their respective communities and have them banned from the server. Eventually in about 6 months or so VAC will ban them, but without the dedicated server enforcement that is way too much time. And the PC community likes to customize their playing experience. Crouch servers, sniper servers, No noob tube servers, 24/7 Nuketown servers, and a who slew of other custom servers are what the people want, not the stupid matchmaking system full of cheaters. So there: 1 point for an enjoyable campaign, Expand
  49. Dec 5, 2012
    Nothing really new. Campaign was alright but linear. Multiplayer takes no skill to play. Like CoD farmville so long as you pack a SMG w/ laser. Hit detection is garbage. No dedicated servers after PC players have been on about them since MW2. Host will always win so long as he has a brain and can push buttons. Very host-dependent. Imbalanced and not worth paying $60 for.
  50. Nov 13, 2012
    For all those haters out there, there just afraid of change. So there are no dedicated servers? Big whoop. So the unlock system is different? It makes it more fair than a noob getting on and right away getting the best guns in the game. So the graphics are bad? Why should it matter? If its a good game I couldn't care if it had Atari graphics I would still play it.
  51. Nov 14, 2012
    This game deserves a 6/10, nothing less, nothing more.
    Gameplay is the same - run, gun, jump, dive, don't aim, use same couple guns. The game is fun time to pass time if you want to play with your nephew/cousin/elementary school kid you picked up, or people who suck at games, because they won't feel worthless.
    If you take gaming seriously, wait a few months when this game drops in price.
    This game, like the entire franchise after COD4, is just another "expansion pack." You get new maps, some which are designed well (although anything looks good compared to the trash in MW3). Unlock scheme/classes are "different." Still, you get generally the same perks, guns etc. It's hard to differentiate between guns since they behave pretty much the same, and require little skill to kill anyone. This game doesn't deserve above a 6, because it is the same game that was released every year for the past half-decade, and will be the same game released for every year for the rest of this decade.

    It does not deserve less than a 6, because even though it is not remotely close to other FPS like CS or BF, it at least has a huge active community at each launch every year. Idiots will continue to buy this repackaged garbage every year, and it is always fun to ream them in multiplayer to accusations of "hacker" or "man this game sucks." **** on kids is always fun, and not many games require so little effort to give you this much chance **** on so many kids. Also, don't bother playing "League" matches unless you have 3 friends. The matchmaking is godawful. When I played with a team, 4/5 of our placement matches were against 4 non-friends, who rage quit 30 seconds into the round. Since the game was based strictly on a timer, we wasted 10 minutes per round just chasing 1 player around. Of course we got placed into "Gold," but at the cost of fun, time, and the other players. When I tried being placed solo, 3/5 matches I was left 1v4 in maps such as "capture the flag" or "domination." Even the for the most skilled player, it is impossible to win, although I at least top fragged (easy to do 1v4 as long as you always get a kill before you die) while completing the objectives several times. Still, I thought I deserved to be placed in Gold (playing against a gold rated clan in domination 2v4, and top fragging, top scoring, and most objective captures/defends), yet was placed in Silver.

    TLDR, this game is fun if playing with unskilled friends and taking care of stress against the multitudes of idiotic noobs who continue to buy this game annually. Don't expect anything new or challenging though.
  52. Nov 15, 2012
    Non-multiplayer this game is beautiful! I love it. Great missions. But, lets be honest with each other this game is meant to be mostly played online multi-player over steam. It was the 2nd day I already found a handful of hackers with aimbots and it is growing every day. This was a huge problem in MW3 and steam and activation did nothing about it. I have to give it a low rating because they refused to do anything about hackers. I am shocked aimbots already playing in the 2nd day of release. I recommend buying this game on console only and don't waste your money on the PC version. Expand
  53. Nov 13, 2012
    Multiplayer is fun, pretty much same gameplay but with improvements here and there. Tbh its the best looking call of duty there is, and some things look decent, not the best but decent (maxed on PC). Zombies looks pretty much the same though, but the new tranzit mode is a lot of fun. The Multiplayer maps are well made, and over all is a fun game. Worth buying and i do not understand the negative reviews. I presume theyre coming primarily from people who hate CoD or MW3 players. Blops series has been better than MW series in my opinion. Expand
  54. Dec 2, 2012
    I believe that first Black Ops was a great achievement, not in terms of graphics or something, but in terms mentality of atmosphere and game concept. That created an absolutely new idea and gave a game a new feel - a great schizophrenic experience when you play as a main hero, suffering from his broken sense of reality. Setting was also incredible - hard times all around, war is close to us, country leaders, great countries, everything worked well. I played all of CoD games, and Black Ops was an outstanding achievement - not just fun with a gun, but fun with a brain.

    So, when i heard new Black Ops is on the way i expected that another something incredible will be delivered. And, finally....
    It delivered but there's no nothing that can be described as "delivered". It has some cloudy connections with first Black Ops, but connections are just meaningless extras - you can remove them and game will be okay with out them because, as i said, they are so cloudy so just don't make any sense. You've got some storyline that too far from words "interesting" or "involving" because storyline is way too artificial and make sense just in case you have no another new game to play (my case). Graphics-shmaphics are okay, not better than first part and sometimes looks worse than first part. Militaristic future is boring and repeatable although Afghanian mujaheddins armed with power of horses against some Soviet forces (sorry for a rhyme) are just ridicolous. Main hero is radiating brutality and postive way of thinking, but i didn't get anything interesting from a character, he's more like a robot that go down by scenario. Okay, there're some moments you'll find catchy but not too catchy to get you play again.

    Et cetere, et cetera, i can call many other silly stuff. Game isn't worth money they are asking for that, time isn't worth to spend playing, go get first part and be really happy if you didn't have a chance before.

    I gave 4 only for time i spent, case another replica of that sort is on the way - i'm not going to buy it.
  55. Nov 15, 2012
    This Game deserves a 9 over 10 but because of all the improper, false, unrealistic, nooby made reviews i hade to give it a 10 to boost the overall all score. Black ops 2 is by far the second best call of duty since Call of duty 4: modern warfare. Single player offers so much as well as the multiplayer. Zombie mode has modes in them which gives it a much more lasting appeal. The game gives so much variety and fun. I undoubtedly recommend this game to any True FPS Fan. This Game Is truly what the fans asked for and Treyarch has given it to us. I was always an infinity ward fan but since West and Zampella left Mw3 sucked and Mw2 was a nice arcade style shooter But To Date COD4 Is still and most probably be The best call of duty in the series (especially on pc cuz of the mods:P) Expand
  56. Nov 15, 2012
    Every year Activision chums the water seeking mindless carnivores who continue to eat the detritus of last year's rotting corpse. This year is no different than the last five. If you decide to spend the $60 for the game or $80 on the DLX Edition or $50 on the Season Pass go ahead. A fool and his money are soon parted.
  57. Nov 14, 2012
    I didn't purchae the game, getting my brother to blindly spend the monies on this crap as he still can't see the trees from the wood with this series. My expectations were spot on and after spending a few hours watching him play the game on the big screen tellie, occasionally having a go myself that this series is indeed hobbling along on its last leg. Graphics are sub-par, so much for making use of DirectX 11 on the PC as the game looks identical to the first Mondern Warfare from five years ago. Anyhow I am by no means the best person to judge this, as I quit after MW2 with the series, but if this is your thing, playing the same thing over and over and over and over ad nauseum again year in on out then by all means go for it else avoid like the plague! You can do much much better with your $60 of hard earned cash. Collapse
  58. Nov 14, 2012
    The is the best of the Call of duty Games in the franchise. Brilliant story line the best multiplayer around. Zombies is also another nice edition offering some of the best maps so far as well as the new transit mode. Overall this is an epic game that deserves praise for changing the series more than the any other call of duty games apart from Call of duty 4.
  59. Nov 16, 2012
    Do not buy this game now, at the moment it's still full of bugs in Single Player. Wait a few weeks and hopefully they will bring out patches. I'll revisit my review when that happens.
  60. Nov 14, 2012
    Modern Warfare was the last game for me in this series: until Activision can demonstrate how the series has changed significantly (and thus makes a more compelling experience) I won't be throwing any more money into the same game with a different front.
  61. Nov 17, 2012
    Please stop funding these games. By buying this rehashed garbage, you support the industry's efforts at belittling and trivializing gaming. Every Call of Duty game or DLC pack you buy goes directly into weakening the claims of game as art or a form of expressive medium. These games represent the worst of where creativity and innovation lay in the industry: buried among indie developers and new studios barely scraping by with new and interesting IPs. Do the industry and yourself a favor: go buy Natural Selection 2 instead. Expand
  62. Nov 15, 2012
    Utterly crap. I know this will get hyped as always from the likes of IGN etc. The Game was overhyped, is overpriced, horribly mainstream and just not fun.
  63. Nov 15, 2012
    This game is awesome. The only people crying are autistic kids who play terraria. Graphics 10/10. Story 10/10. Gameplay. 10/10. I spent 180 dollars on this game. I have a feeling its mostly poor kids crying also. Haha get a job losers. Anyone who gives this game below a 10/10 is a troll.
  64. Nov 16, 2012
    It's that time of the year again folks. Treyarch proved themselves with Black Ops 1...proving they can make a better game than Infinity Ward can. Black Ops 2 is a great game. just not AS good as Black Ops 1. Unfortunately, they decided to abandon community run dedicated servers, which means no freedom, admins, etc. They also insist on making people use matchmaking with console style lobbies. They have also insisted in using "consoley ping bars" and not ping numbers; although I suspect this to be patched. The game still uses dedicated servers though, which is the main thing. For these reasons, Black Ops 2 falls short and does not score higher than it's predecessor. I really do not see why people dislike the game though. Treyarch have outdone themselves once again. They have proved to be better than Infinity Ward at making PC ports. Apart from the issues I mentioned earlier, It has all PC features you would expect such as a FoV slider, Lean, Dedicated servers(to a certain extent) and plenty of customisable options. All the control options are how they should be too - no lack of key bindings or anything like that. Black Ops 2 has a great Single Player storyline too with multiple endings, and actually has the best graphics in any CoD game to date. They aren't BF3 level graphics, but for a CoD game they are great. It even has the dismemberment system back from World at War/Blops so you can watch in pleasure as you blow off peoples limbs. The gameplay is FAR more varied and overall better than previous CoD's. The campaign now has "Strike Force" which is essentially an open ended skirmish game mode. (Its similar to BF2142 Titan game mode if you played that) The goal is to protect (depending on the mission) your HQ; you can either control your forces from a birds-eye view (RTS style) or control any individual soldier, tank, turret, walker, etc! It's a great addition that truly feels like you are playing a whole new game. The only issue with it is that the AI seems rather stupid at times. MP is what you would expect from a CoD game - fast and furious, except Treyarch have been brave and totally changed the way the unlock/equip system works. They have also added in a ton of new customisation, new gamemodes, and completely rebalanced the perks. The levelling system has also undergone and a few changes. The multi player maps are varied, and interesting because there are things to interact with in the environment. Example, you can operate machinery. The sound and music is once again very good - my only complaint being the weapon sounds are a bit too "bassy and muddy" however, they are loud and pack a punch, and the music is fitting. The animations have been drastically improved over Black Ops/WaW. Not only are they slick and punchy, but they are also accurate in 3rd person view now too. The best part of Black Ops 2 (for me anyway) is the fact that they have actually made Zombies it's own game now. Any WaW/Blops player will appreciate this, and this time they have actually made Zombies it's own campaign mode called "TranZit" They have also added in a few new game modes, such as "Grief" where 2 teams compete against each other in a desperate struggle to survive the zombie hordes, and classic "survival mode" which reflects the basic gameplay of zombies in WaW. The Zombies story has also been continued, which is pretty awesome. The only other bad point of Black Ops 2 is the steep price...not only do you have to buy the game, you gotta buy the deluxe editions, the season pass, etc. Although, in my opinion though, if your a Nazi Zombie fan , the Zombie maps ALONE in the DLC make it worth it. They put so much work into the maps, and are always adding new things. The performance issues which plagued some users in Black Ops 1 are also no more. Black Ops 2 is now running on DX11 - and is really well optimised. As a result, us PC users get to enjoy better visuals than the console people, and still enjoy smooth gameplay. Overall, great CoD game. Not as great as Blops 1 in some aspects, but better in others. Don't listen to the hate. This game is better than the "MW series (money wasted)," and Treyarch have proven themselves to be better than Infinity Ward. Sure, Treyarch have made a few weird decisions with this one, but no game is perfect. Expand
  65. Nov 15, 2012
    Great game. I know 10 is essentially saying the game is perfect which it isn't, there are admittedly bugs but that will very likely be cleared up in an upcoming patch along with connection issues that can plague new releases. The move into a new era is bold and inviting. All in all. THREE THUMBS UP! :D
  66. Nov 13, 2012
    Where are the dx11 graphics? Where are the dedicated servers? Couldnt find gamre in lobby in first evening!! STOP THIS LOBBY CRAP!!! Spray weapons overpowered.

    Nice zombie gametype, works nice(smooth)
  67. Nov 15, 2012
    Great story, great cards, many of the best oruzhie.Odna chastey.Vse just velikolepno.Rezhim otpad.Dolzhen buy every zombie!It is a shooter game goda.Eto bright.
  68. Nov 22, 2012
    Liked if for a day. Then I hated it like any other CoD. Multiplayer is **** and full of tryhards, Only good for campaign. Waste of money. I was really expecting a change but nope. Not buying any CoD ever again.
  69. Nov 14, 2012
    Very good game like all call of duty very high quality video game with real Hollywood stars what can be better graphics are best so far i saw in video game, amazing game but everyone don't like it because its Call of duty its enough for them no matter how good or bad game so just ignore votes
  70. Nov 19, 2012
    It's just more of the same: Shoot, run, done. Good storyline? Of course not, as usual. Uncreative games like that only sells because of the multiplayer. And the worst part is that I know people who keep buying, knowing that it will be the same.
  71. Nov 14, 2012
    Old graphics, reactionary story line full of ridiculous propaganda. The first level you're playing a white dude fighting for a pro-Apartheid group fight against those trying to eliminate apartheid. They don't say that
    ,but if you know African history it's pretty simple. There's pretty much zero immersion. They tried to put all these little things like rope swinging and bat flying in,
    but they're stupid and cumbersome Expand
  72. Nov 24, 2012
    i think that black ops 2 is the best of the frenchise (not like mw3 of last year that was suck.)a great gameplay,good story,awsome multiplayer,and zombies.this game is amazing and its have good content and its not feeling the same game i will give it 10/10.metascore whaere is the review of ign and the review of g4tv?,why do you dont write the best review in the critic review.
  73. Nov 17, 2012
    Um jogo que com toda a certeza merece ser jogado. As palavras para descrever o jogo só podem ser positivas, pois eles melhoraram muito a campanha desde o primeiro Black Ops. A trama está muito mais envolvente, sem perder o rumo. Os atores que interpretam os personagens melhoraram ainda mais as suas atuações. Os detalhes gráficos melhoraram muito, a jogabilidade também melhorou um pouco, o som das armas também deu uma ligeira melhorada, fora a quantidade que está ainda maior, com um arsenal incrível de armas novas.

    Bom, se há algo que eu melhoraria nesse jogo seria apenas a trilha sonora em algumas poucas partes que eu achei um pouco enjoativas e meio nada a ver com o que estava ocorrendo no game. Fora isso não precisa mudar praticamente nada. Bom, se fosse pra dar notas por partes acho que daria as seguintes notas:

    Som: 7,5
    Jogabilidade: 9,5
    Gráficos: 9,5
    Desafio: 8,0
    Fator replay: 7,5
    Roteiro/Enredo: 10
  74. Nov 14, 2012
    Absolute garbage. Looks completely dated, graphics from 2008, game play uninspiring, and terrible multiplayer experience. Treyarch really got lazy on this one.
  75. Nov 14, 2012
    One of the Best Call of Duty games ever released. it might be the end of the black ops series in CoD. but never less i am a fan of Halo CoD and Battlefield and i think this game beat the rest of those series

    Go Call of Duty
  76. Nov 14, 2012
    Yet another missed opportunity to reach out to the female gamers out there. And surprisingly I'm not that upset about it, from what all my friends who got it tell me, its not worth being upset about; they played it a few hours and came back to Halo 4.
  77. Nov 17, 2012
    The solo is completly bugged. I can't continue, the horse go down on the map and I stuck. Graphism : Horrible, you can't compare with BF3. The multiplayer, lagging, bugging, camping ... Anyway, stay away (again ...) from this game. When Activision release a good, beautiful, no full marketing, no bugged COD ???!!!
    It's really a joke to release this ...
  78. Nov 18, 2012
    Exactly the same as every previous cod. Nothing really new. The the sp features are not really innovative.
    The MP is entertaining if you liked every other cod, but its just cod 1 with new gun textures. If you played other new fps titles you will be shocked by how bad the sound and atmosphere is. It sounds as if they bought the cheapest desktop mic they could find and made the gun sounds
    with that. Its shocking how much they charge for this considering how little they have done. This is not AAA quality. Expand
  79. Nov 17, 2012
    Suprised that Treyarch did something different for a change? I am. Most of the Call of Duty games have had a terrible singleplayer experience with nothing new to add. This game may not be fanatstic, but actually made an attempt at something new for change that wound up having a fairly good singleplayer experience that is worth replaying. Get to pick your weapons before each mission and adds some customization and new light to a almost dead series of games. Expand
  80. Nov 16, 2012
    Same game, different year. This game is made for hardware that is 8 years old. The gameplay has not changed. Netcode is still for **** Maps are really really bad. Its just another console port.
  81. Nov 14, 2012
    After getting suckered by IW with MW3 I was a bit apprehensive about giving Activision any more money. The only reason I took a chance on this game was because I truly enjoyed Black Ops, which if you remember also got a crap load of unwarranted negative reviews, but is in my opinion the best in the series to date. On to BO2. The graphics are updated slightly, the game mechanics are solid and responsive, and the new weapons, perk system, and unlock system are brilliant. I have no doubt that after the initial rush of negative reviews filter their way through, the reality that this is a really good game will surface and the scores will even out. The single player campaign was a good 6 to 7 hours long, which is at the bottom of what I consider acceptable, and a hell of a lot better than the 4 hour scripted junk that was MW3. Yes there are a few bugs as there are in any new release but Treyarch did a fantastic job of patching the original BO so I have no worries they will also handle the new issues. I am giving the game an 8 because there is room for improvement but not much. Expand
  82. Nov 17, 2012
    This game is not worth even pirating, whats wrong with the industry, they buried a great franchise. To this day I still wasnt able to finish mw3, that is how bad these games have become. COD4 was the last COD game.
  83. Nov 15, 2012
    Compared to previous installations of the series, which were effectively just clones of one another, Black Ops 2 stands out remarkably well, given the fact that it is still a Call of Duty game. As a PC gamer who's been on the market for a very long while, I have little love for the Call of Duty franchise, but Black Ops 2 pleasantly surprised me. Offering DirectX 11 support on PC, excellent optimization, smooth framerates, and brilliant eye-candy graphics, dodging around the schizophrenic quality hiccups of its predecessor, the game looks absolutely gorgeous. The audio design has also taken a step up, and unlike the last time around, most of the guns have some good clout to them. But all that should be par for the course - it's a little upsetting that things that should come standard are now viewed as assets for a new product. So let me talk about what's got me enjoying this game, and what really makes it a good game: the nature of the campaign. In previous CoD entries, the campaign is always dead linear and fairly short, starting you in the same spot with the same weapons and the same objective, the same every run through. But Black Ops 2 does something entirely unexpected: it adds a level of choice, giving a modern military shooter, a genre well known and hated for its linearity, a branching storyline. Choices you make impact not only the outcome, but the missions to come. Optional side missions provide a break from the main story, and directly affect and are affected by the paths of the main characters. Pre-mission prep screens give you the option to fully customize your loadout, enabling you to approach the upcoming mission in any of a number of different ways. This is no Deus Ex - hell, it's not even a Crysis 2 in terms of the player's freedom of action, but the addition of player choice turns a dull, boring shooter into something that I might come back and play through a second time. In conclusion, it's a Call of Duty game, and it will never escape from that, but given the recent path of the series, it's a breath of fresh air. I recommend picking it up, but I recommend waiting for a sale more. Expand
  84. Nov 15, 2012
    This game is a disappointment and doesn't worth its price tag. Graphic engine is totally outdated. I think they've should released it for a consoles only. SP story is kinda boring,feels like I'm playing DLC for BO1.
    Now I also think what COD series is dead - which is really sad.
  85. Nov 14, 2012
    Story is very linear & boring. Graphics isn't that impressive. It's overpriced. I see no changes in gameplay. The zombie mode is the only thing I slightly liked. I'm not into future warfare but this is just downright ridiculous. Game developers try to feed us very linear crappy games for easy money. This is why gamers resort to piracy.
  86. Nov 13, 2012
    First let me say i'm not gonna troll this game with a bad review. I do however have some major gripes about this. Yes people say it is dedicated server but, hello people, it's matchmaking just like what you get on console, not what you should get on pc. You cannot rent a server or choose from a dedicated server list as far as I know it's all just matchmaking. Oh man, don't get me started on how it's just like the console version. You have to listen to annoying people with mics unlike if I go back and play World At War. Granted I love being able to have full controller support for menus and gameplay so if I am sick of using keyboard and mouse that is a great option. To be honest I knew the zombies would be worth most of the money for this game and that is why I got it. I loved World At War Zombies. Honestly this is a great game with a huge but, in it. After playing the crap out of it for a while I may go back to World At War. Seriously you might as well be playing on Xbox 360 or PS3. Expand
  87. Nov 15, 2012
    Long story short: Here we go
  88. Nov 14, 2012
    it bare the name of call of duty but. dear fan. its not a real COD game.
    a real COD game has dedicated server
    a real COD has a community that will thrive thru dedicated server
    a real COD game DOSENT have hacker in almost all of the game and no server admin to serve justice.

    its not a COD game, its a sad POS that try to be skyp this one there is nothing to be found here
  89. Nov 19, 2012
    1. Minimal improvement in looks since Call of Duty 4 MW, which came out in 2007 (that's 6 years ago)
    2. Singleplayer campaign - you've seen it all before, nothing new, except horses! YES HORSES!
    3. Multiplayer cannot be more broken, no dedicated servers, disconnection, raging teens screaming all the time, bad maps (in every sense of the way), expect a DLC which you obviously have to pay
    4. Game is made easier and even more accessible then previous titles, DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY SKILL
    5. Price - $60 for a mod is too much

    They will keep making the same game over & over again as long as there's enough fools to buy it. Next year we will get MW4 and it will be poor but it will probably still manage to get over $500 million in it's first week.
  90. Nov 15, 2012
    Still the exact same gameplay as medal of honor which cod first tipped off 10 years ago.
    Stil the same flaws like the awful spawn system.

    No server browser, no more mod support, no rcon tools, narrow fov.
    The series has regressed since cod4 and deserves a score that reflects that, it was never a very good game but now it's a mediocre game with a lot of features missing.
  91. Nov 14, 2012
    Black Ops II is a good game. It certainly isn't a great game. It is just more of the same. The main issue I have is that the content is shifting towards unrealistic content. Basically, the developer tries really hard to create "uh" and "oh" moment, but sadly reality remains behind with this approach.
    From my point of view a saver is the Zombie add-on. It's fun to play! On the other hand
    the multi-player is stale and, luckily, I didn't even bother buying the $50 subscription for additional maps. Pricing for maps is moving towards being ridiculous by the way...
    Another positive thing is the graphics. They look greatly improved in comparison to the last release.
    Anyhow, my advise to Activision would be to skip a year and to go back to the drawing board. This release really looks like a yearly cookie cutter release with better graphics. I also think they need to re-think their DLC strategy. When I picked up my copy there was a long line in the store, but I only saw one person out of 20 buying the map subscription... I mean who really wants to pay the price of a full game for DLC?
  92. Nov 14, 2012
    The runs like butter, it has everything a PC gamer would want for a PC system. The game is really well done, they improved zombies, the multiplayer with the pick 10, and the single player is overall a different experience. The reason why I made my score a 10, is because this game is deff not a 3.1. Im not a COD HUGE FAN, I've only played black ops 1 & 2, and mw3. So far, if your asking about the differences between the PC verisons of mw3 and black ops 2, there is a lot. They added FOV up to 80, a patch coming to make it to 90. The controls are better, you no longer have to press spacebar to stand from crouching like in black ops 1. The graphics compare to the first black ops are so much better. The game runs like butter. They even added a FPS meter to display your FPS. The game is in 3 different .exe's. So you don't have to install the WHOLE game to play multiplayer, only the things you need. (You may need to download the single player, not sure, I installed them all).

    If these people are saying that the game is the same, and should be a low rating, they are wrong. This game does everything fine, and doesn't have any issues to have a low rating. The stuff they do they do it right.

    The pick 10 system allows for some type of loadouts we never have seen. This is awesome, black ops 2, now give you even more control with how you want to create your class.

    The league play works awesome. You gotta do 5 pre-games before you are ranked, then your placed into a certain rank, similar to Starcraft 2. Also, they've unlocked all items for loadouts of course.

    The game includes text chat within matches, and voice. (A lot of new games don't do this, specially the ones that are direct "ports", like everyone here is saying it is).

    The single player missions are REALLY well done. If you just start off playing the single player, your are constantly doing something different. Your not always just killing people, and once again the story is really well done.

    Hmm... the engine runs like butter on the PC.

    For the emblem system, they added (I believe) 32 layers for you to create something. Another amazing improve from the first black ops.

    They added two new modes including multi team (teams of 3, I think its 3 teams? Im not a big mult-team player). And they added hard point, which is like a king of the hill. --On top of the new modes, they changed the way 'fun modes' work. Like 'One in the chamber' or 'Gun game', these games now give you XP for playing them. So people that want to just level up by that way can!

    So far, with the online, The matchmaking system is working awesome for me. Treyarch, to me, did an amazing job with the online. It works perfectly fine, just as if your playing on a Xbox 360.

    Like there is just so many things they added to this game, its hard for me to even wanna type it all out.

    Its a great game, and doesn't deserve a 3.1. I never review games on metacritic, but I give credit, where credit is due. I believe black ops 2 is 10x better then mw3 for so many reasons, and if you can't see that, then I guess don't buy it.

    Rated a 9 for the PC verison.

    No elite on PC yet.
  93. Nov 17, 2012
    The same game, but worst. Without AI, without graphics, This game in PC is simply bad. One year ahead, same game of 2004. In 2004 this game is an 8, now is a 3.
  94. Nov 14, 2012
    Same old boring game as the previous ones. Why do I keep spending money on this franchise, I must be an idiot to keep supporting this company. It looks like I'm not the only one though, makes me feel better.
  95. Nov 14, 2012
    This game is possibly the biggest piece of **** call of duty since call of duty 3. the story is boring and the multiplayer sucks. The only good thing is the zombies, but there's really no way to screw that up, so im not even gonna give them credit for that
  96. Nov 18, 2012
    I would say this is a copy and paste game but they changed it up a little. Yet it's the same run and gun game as always just worst in a way. I find it hard to understand why people keep buying call of duty games when all they should do is keep playing cod4 or quit playing cod altogether. After each cod they get worst and worst. and just from the user scores before my score I can see the community agrees with me... Good luck to all past cod lovers, I am one of them but with these new call of duty's I have been nothing but let down.... so in closing think about how bad MW3 was and times it by 3 and you got BO2. good luck gamers Expand
  97. Dec 5, 2012
    For me, the best Call Of Duty since Call of Duty 4. Despite what others have said, the single player is far better than ANY other standard first person shooter I have ever played. While still a linear story, the game has far more replay value than any other Call Of Duty to date with key decisions affecting the story of the game. The multiplayer can be bit annoying due to the anti-lag countermeasure that seems to work against you but other than that it has been a really enjoyable game to play and finally a replacement for Call of Duty 4. There are dedicated servers - despite appearances, the servers are not run by players, and thus you can leave at any time without the hassle of a server host change. Finally Zombies is back with a transzit mode that adds to the stale flavour of the old hashed out Zombies. I am sorry to see so many people who hate the game simply because it Expand
  98. Nov 19, 2012
    this game always arouses controversy but outside of the technical and graphics engine, realism, history etc always achieves the basic task of a game ... be fun and that's what matters Activision has a great challenge and make a better game of Cod ... so far only brings fun .... I hope in the future, when Activision releases new CoD with better graphics. a new level in technology for its flagship title that is as fun as these ... otherwise it will be worth it Expand
  99. Nov 13, 2012
    The game is okay at best. It will take some time to grow on me. The issues I see after 1 hour or so of multiplayer are: 1. Of course no true dedicated servers - come on Treyarch, you got that right in Black Ops, why not BO2? 2. Sound is atrocious - grenades sound horrible, player sound is off. 3. No mouse sensitivity adjustment in menu It's COD, what can be said. Recycled and reused engine/graphics. You can see similarities in maps from other COD releases - layout and object structure. Expand
  100. Nov 13, 2012
    Nothing new, this is a very old game being sold for full price. It's a GOOD old game, but you've played it before many times. The graphics look old, the gameplay is tired, and the single player campaign is not fun at all. If you like Battlefield 3, probably you should just wait until Battlefield 4. If you like more of the same, this game should fit the bill for you. I don't think I'll be playing much of this, last CoD for me until the tech and gameplay are upgraded. Expand
  101. Nov 14, 2012
    I didn't purchae the game, getting my brother to blindly spend the monies on this crap as he still can't see the trees from the wood with this series. My expectations were spot on and after spending a few hours watching him play the game on the big screen tellie, occasionally having a go myself that this series is indeed hobbling along on its last leg. Graphics are sub-par, so much for making use of DirectX 11 on the PC as the game looks identical to the first Mondern Warfare from five years ago. Anyhow I am by no means the best person to judge this, as I quit after MW2 with the series, but if this is your thing, playing the same thing over and over and over and over ad nauseum again year in on out then by all means go for it else avoid like the plague! You can do much much better with your $60 of hard earned cash. Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 11 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 11
  2. Negative: 0 out of 11
  1. Dec 30, 2012
    The Corn Flakes of multiplayer first-person shooters. We've been sick of eating it for some time, now. [Jan 2013, p.80, 81]
  2. 60
    Black Ops II brings evolution to the series unfortunately, the evolution that is incomplete. Only one part of the game deserves a top ranking – multiplayer. [Christmas 2012]
  3. Dec 12, 2012
    Call of Duty Black Ops II is saved by its multiplayer, as the campaign has surprisingly too many bad sections. Maybe now it's time to move on? [Dec 2012]