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  1. The main reason Call of Duty: United Offensive isn’t perfect is because it eventually ends, leaving you wanting more...It's everything a person could want in an expansion pack.
  2. GamePro
    Call of Duty: United Offensive's white-knuckle WWII scenarios will blow away even jaded FPS veterans. And that's no small achievement, especially for a mere expansion pack. [Dec 2004, p.126]
  3. Computer Games Magazine
    It could stand alone as its own game, as it improves and expands the original game in every way possible, all in a positive manner. [Dec 2004, p.84]
  4. Where most expansion packs merely add more of the same levels and maybe a few additional weapons, United Offensive adds incredibly fresh content, weapons that are actually new and both require and open up different tactics than those found in the original, and gameplay enhancements that makes a person wonder how they ever got through the first Call of Duty without deeply wishing for them.
  5. The play is intense, they graphics are great, and the multiplayer is better than ever.
  6. With a plethora of additions, oodles of tweaks and plenty of game balancing, this is a must have expansion packs and likely one of the best to come along in years.
  7. The scope and magnitude of Call of Duty and particularly this expansion are most important. Gray Matter Studios did upgrade the engine a bit as explosions and other particle effects (like smoke and dirt) are more vivid this time around.
  8. PC Gamer
    United offensive really sines during the Russian campaign...And then there's the harrowing house-to-house clearing in Kharkov. [Dec 2004, p.80]
  9. The new levels are intense and filled with action, giving you lots to shoot at (and lots to shoot at you). The scope of these missions is epic, throwing you into the mix against tons of enemy units at once. The new weapons, particularly the flamethrower, are a nice touch.
  10. If you're shooter fan, you need to pick up United Offensive right now. You'd be a fool not to.
  11. The single player is tight and well done overall, the multiplayer adds tremendous life to the game with vehicles and some extremely well designed maps.
  12. An amazing ride, definitely more exciting than the original game, but probably not as unique since most of us already knew what to expect.
  13. Sometimes it's so fast that it can get a bit draining. If it weren't for the cinematic feel of the game, and all the side attractions of the game, it might even seem to be a repeat of every other WWII FPS out there. The new levels and the game play changes in the multiplayer experience make up for the relatively short single player campaigns.
  14. The multiplayer in UO is revolutionary compared to CoD, and while we might wish Activision released this as a stand-alone for the sake of the community, we’re not about to punish an excellent expansion pack for adding so much to the original.
  15. If you are into first person shooters (single player or multiplayer), or love WWII action games, you should get the original game and the expansion pack because it is just that good.
  16. 90
    The multiplayer is a generous force with new modes, and significantly more depth allows the game to stand next to first-person shooters designed explicitly for multiplayer.
  17. Takes a winning formula and makes it better. Gamers looking for a good multiplayer title, or who just don't cant stand another round of "Doom3" should be sure to look up United Offensive.
  18. Cheat Code Central
    Saying United Offensive is just another expansion pack for just another FPS is like saying Hurricane Jeanne is just another hurricane.
  19. It’s enormous fun if you’re a fan and atmospheric in a way very different from "Doom 3" - a horror of another kind. Although slightly shorter than before, the end is just as dramatic and intense as Stalingrad, and is perhaps a campaign with better flow overall.
  20. AceGamez
    The multiplayer is worth the cost of this expansion alone; it could almost be a full game in its own right, yet what you also get here is a generous selection of easy to complete yet enormously fun and exciting single player missions as well.
  21. Gray Matter Studios, the makers of "Castle Wolfenstein," was hired to make this add-on, and has done an impressive job creating battle scenarios that are larger and feel more freewheeling than in the original.
  22. Those who saw Call of Duty's multiplayer as being too similar to "Quake" or "Counter-Strike" should be impressed with United Offensive, which plays like "Day of Defeat" and "Battlefield 1942" with better graphics.
  23. Matter have managed to keep the original Call of Duty formula, with great graphics, feeling and atmosphere, while at the same time spicing up the recipe with larger battles and multiplayer goodness.
  24. The battles are as intense as ever and the gameplay is still as solid as the original.
  25. The developer took everything that was great about Call of Duty and then ratcheted the gameplay's intensity even higher. The result is that Call of Duty: United Offensive is a truly great expansion.
  26. Game Informer
    It's not cripplingly difficult, but a definite challenge even for FPS veterans. [Nov 2004, p.165]
  27. One of the most impressive and rewarding expansion packs of recent years, matching and occasionally even outstripping the quality of its outstanding parent. But it could be a fully immersive VR porn sim for all you care - you'll still buy "Doom 3" instead.
  28. There are still some sticky spots, and the graphics are showing their age, but get past the first campaign, and it’s a real treat for any FPS fan.
  29. If you’re a Call of Duty fan then you’ll find a lot to like about it. However, the mission difficulty adds a level of frustration not found in the original game.
  30. While the overall package lacks originality, it's still a solid experience and almost surely will be fun if you enjoyed Call of Duty.
  31. The new multiplayer maps and modes give Call of Duty a good lift to add more variety to the game play and add modes that have always been popular in the online community.
  32. The only things that I had a problem with were the dated graphics (which wasn’t hard to overcome), the shaky A.I., and the “use” key not always working correctly when trying to use things such as levers or artillery guns (I’m sure there will be patches). These few problems were not enough to distract me from a great expansion.
  33. United Offensive is a lot more intense in action than the original Call of Duty. That’s both a good thing and a bad thing. You’ll rarely get a chance to rest in this one and I, for one, did enjoy the constant action.
  34. Sure, the game is still a little short and the AI could use work, but the relatively expanded scope of the battles (thanks to the often overwhelming odds you'll face) gives you a better sense of being a part of a greater event, and the continually swirling action around you makes you really feel like you're in danger for a majority of the time.
  35. 85
    United Offensive still suffers from the same problem with the original, all three campaigns are short. And because they are so short, once you start to interact with your character and me, and become immersed within the campaign, it's over.
  36. 84
    The first mission of the British campaign has you manning bomber turrets, and you've probably seen the screenshots and video clips by now: it's gorgeous. They've really outdone themselves.
  37. These are thankfully relatively minor criticisms when considering the enjoyable new multiplayer mode, and how impressively cinematic and fun the stronger single player levels are, but they should still be kept in mind if you’re considering giving UO a purchase.
  38. The look, sound and feel of Call of Duty: United Offensive ooze quality and playability. Couple that with the $30 price tag and you wind up with a strong expansion. It might be short, but that should hardly prevent you from enlisting again.
  39. Play Magazine
    Gray Matter has provided tons of huge maps and fun vehicles like tanks and jeeps, and their twist on various established modes like domination and base assault work very well in these environs. [Nov 2004, p.87]
  40. 82
    Incredible audio work. Bullets ricochet, tanks are heard as they approach from the distance, soldiers holler out commands to advance position -and general gunfire hasn’t been crafted this magnificently since Saving Private Ryan.
  41. Simply put, is a great expansion to an already great game. You'll have all the elements of stressful fun: Running through explosions, shooting tons of enemies, and experiencing a variety of World War II situations right at the front lines.
  42. What it really comes down to is the cinematic experience, and at $30 for ten hours of single player campaign plus a fairly passable multiplayer, it’s roughly comparable to a few trips to the movies.
  43. 80
    The entertainment value of CoD:UO is only hampered by the short duration of the single player game.
  44. Computer Gaming World
    This expansion is a compelling, dramatic WWII shooter with some of the most cinematic action ever converted into 1s and 0s - just like "Call of Duty." [Dec 2004, p.92]
  45. It's action is more intense and more involving than it's parent title... It's far more accomplished than most stand-alone titles.
  46. United Offensive would easily be an unquestionably excellent action pack if it weren’t so short in the singleplayer department and didn’t suffer from a few annoying quirks.
  47. Maybe it's just the pent-up shock talking, but this short, fearsomely sharp episode in my life has left me with many images and sensations that I wouldn't part with, even if I'd probably rather have taken the last campaign on again instead, given the choice between the two.
  48. For fans of CoD online, the enhanced multiplayer experience alone is worth the admission price. We'd go so far as to say it's shaping up to be one of the year's best multiplayer games.
  49. GMR Magazine
    While it is, technically, a rail shooter, it's quite a rail you're riding. [Dec 2004, p.110]
  50. 80
    A fine example of what video games do best. They give players a sense of time and place that is unmatched in any other medium. In United Offensive you are there. And even though it’s short, it’s a great ride.
  51. 80
    It's realistic, it's chaotic, it's immersive, it's beautiful, but players are going to have to get used to a lot fo trial-and-error gameplay. So it's teeth-grindingly unforgiving at times, but war is, indeed, hell.
  52. Acceptable, but like a photo of the Mona Lisa rather than the real thing. [Nov 2004]
  53. It re-establishes the game's hold on the WWII shooter sub-genre and although it may not be worth a purchase for the singleplayer alone, the multiplayer makes it a worthy addition to any collection.
  54. 70
    If Call of Duty let you run free in the playground, then United Offensive keeps you on a short leash and yanks hard when you don't do things the right way.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 215 Ratings

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  1. Nov 13, 2011
    This game is the probably the best game since doom. I bet some people are saying "Its not enough like Black-ops!" Well i can tell you oneThis game is the probably the best game since doom. I bet some people are saying "Its not enough like Black-ops!" Well i can tell you one thing. Shut up, seriously I'm not trying to be mean but its not supposed to.
    All games are not supposed to be the same, honestly. From the battle at bastogne to every other battle in the game. I mean the graphics, there awesome for there time. Don't say "oh there horrible!" because that was top of the line. And also, mods. Oh i love making mods, its my favorite. I've made a Civil war mod, and a GI Joe mod. Both of them very fun. thank you Grey Matter!
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  2. Apr 4, 2011
    Best WW2 multi-player.
    Dedicated servers with public files.
    Mods. Balanced weapons. Excellent maps. Large number of players in multi-player
    Best WW2 multi-player.
    Dedicated servers with public files.
    Balanced weapons.
    Excellent maps.
    Large number of players in multi-player mode.
    Excellent community-created maps and even new game modes.
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  3. CodyH
    Nov 19, 2008
    One of the best games of all time, it could only get better if you combine battlefield 2, RTCW :ET, and WWII Online. Now Activision start One of the best games of all time, it could only get better if you combine battlefield 2, RTCW :ET, and WWII Online. Now Activision start working! We want medics, more realism, no kill cam, more vehicles, less arcade style, objectives and NO DEATHMATCH multiplayer, make a multiplayer only that plays like the single player campaign, thats what fans want, and this game comes close to it. Full Review »