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  • Summary: The game puts players in the role of an urban planner and real estate developer, designing, building and maintaining every aspect of their creation. The latest version contains an additional 23 maps as well as the possibility to import satellite maps. There are also 60 new buildings including London landmarks such as St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Royal Opera House. [Ascaron] Expand
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  1. City Life is a quality simulator that can easily absorb hours upon hours of your time if you let it. If you're a fan of city-building sims, there's no excuse for letting this one pass you by.
  2. No great shakes, but an awful lot better than "SimCity Societies." [Mar 2008, p.87]
  3. The inclusion of simple stats and the clever use of newsreel clips to highlight problems make this a superior sim. [Mar 2008, p.84]
  4. It’s fun, addicting, and satisfying, but nothing about 2008 Edition makes it a substantial update or upgrade.
  5. 69
    Although this is the best version of City Life, if you own the original game the additions made here do not warrant a re-purchase. That said, this is an accessible city sim for the uninitiated. But, for the initiated, be warned. While the gameplay mechanic is solid, the formula hasn't really changed since the early 90s, and things feel a little stale.
  6. The game is good, the editor not so good, but there doesn’t seem to have been any real development from the original. The game hasn’t taken a step forward; it’s where it was when it was first released.
  7. 50
    All successful cities tend to necessitate more or less the same choices, which in turn leads to City Life's biggest problem: lack of replay value. Expansions are typically created to remedy that issue, but 2008 Edition just doesn't. And that's a shame, because the solid city-building engine still has legs -- just nowhere to walk.

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  1. Apr 8, 2013
    The game is very fun.. Atleast as i remember it.. This game used to be the game i Played as a small, and i rather play this than Simcity, and simcity societies.. It is very fun atuly.. For my old Windows XP it can manage to build a city up too 1 Million without lagg.. Well, this is the 2008 edition.. It wasen't that bad.. but, it is worth the money now.. and i felt amazed when i played this game back in the time.. I recommend this game to everyone! i give it a 9/10, theres some bugs, like the Bus going to taxi and taxi going to bus.. And some stuff i don't get.. But else this is totaly fine.. If you would like more maps and building buy the 2008 Edition.. I don't like how the critics rated this low.. When this game is actuly very fun and good! Expand