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  • Summary: Atomic Games has managed to create the ideal sequel: It expands and adds many features while keeping everything that made the first game a joy to play.
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  1. May 10, 2013
    One of the greatest combat strategy games ever created, CC: A Bridge too Far, is as epic as the war off of which it is based. Centered on the forgotten, ill-for-tuned airborne invasion of the Netherlands known as "Operation Market Garden" you take control of the gallant men of the British 82nd airborne and the American 1st airborne divisions at the squad level, ordering small gangs of soldiers to shoot, hide and capture victory areas.You must race to seize a series of Dutch bridges before they are blown up by the Germans. Once captured, the bridges must be held by your lightly-armed paratroopers against the onslaught of two SS panzer divisions until reinforcements arrive in the form of the XXX corps. Holding the initial landing zones, which are the paratroopers' only supply line, are integral to victory, without supplies, your soldiers will run out ammo and reinforcements. As the XXX corps drives into the Dutch heartland, it will face stiffer and stiffer resistance as it gets hit from all sides by those SS Panzers. If the XXX corps fails to reach and hold the bridges by the 11th day of the campaign, you lose. The allied forces failed in their efforts, and you almost certainly will fail as well, few can successfully overcome the currents of history. However, the emotional roller coaster ride taken over the course of the campaign is certainly worth it. You'll breeze through the first through maps, though one must exercise caution at all times, or you will find that all of those men you sent running to their objective have been mowed down by German machine guns. The CC series is (or was) unique in that every soldier is given his own "personality" some men are courageous, some cowardly, a rare few will snap, charge an enemy position, and bayonet as many Kraut bastards as possible. You will spend much of your time tearing your hair out of frustration, as the German tanks show up on only the second day, making it a long, bloody day, indeed, and in many battles your men are simply massacred by the impetus of massed German armor, but it's all worth it when your useless PIAT (a spring- loaded anti-tank weapon used by the UK) blows a King Tiger tank to smithereens. If you truly tire of being slaughtered in battle after battle, you can simply start a German campaign and enjoy easy pickings. If you're looking for the ultimate war game that's also almost impossible to beat CC: A Bridge too Far is the right game for you. Expand
  2. Oct 30, 2013
    This game I played for days, months even for a hole year (1997-1998). It is an amazing game. Before it came out in Croatia, I got the demo and I played it over and over again. Waiting for the postman to bring it to me.
    How I was happy on that day. It is a masterpiece. No doubt about it. Never before I got a such a trill of commanding over a platoon of a company. Every soldier has unique ability which is change itself depends on the result of the battle. Bravo. I can go on and on with the eulogy because it is true.