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Mixed or average reviews - based on 21 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 21
  2. Negative: 4 out of 21
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  1. Much of Cold War is not exactly new - it feels a lot like Splinter Cell in many regards - but where Cold War separates itself is the execution.
  2. A rara avis (rare bird) of the interactive entertainment landscape. You keep playing, you lose track of time and you think that you haven't played such a good single-player game in years.
  3. Even with the laughable A.I., the game is under a twenty spot, and is quite enjoyable if you love stealth, action, and gadgets.
  4. The replay value is where Cold War suffers the biggest blow.
  5. Pelit (Finland)
    Decent sneak-and-shoot FPS. The Cold War theme is refreshing and the X-ray camera rocks. Unfortunately the game is lacking in the AI department and never builds enough tension to really pull you in. [Dec 2005]
  6. PC Gamer
    Anyone who enjoys spy thrillers and retro settings should check out this oddball sneaker. [Jan 2005, p.55]
  7. PC Format
    As dated as the Cold War, but fun. [Christmas 2005, p.96]
  8. AceGamez
    If the AI was up to scratch and provided you with a challenge, then the game could have been contender.
  9. If you can get past the delinquent, fiddly menus, then you can play a pretty decent third person stealth ‘em up, which has some ingenious little gimmicks and a decent storyline.
  10. 70
    Lack of originality notwithstanding, gamers in search of an above average stealth action game experience with a good story and couple of minor innovations won't be disappointed with Cold War.
  11. A competent if unspectacular stealth game.
  12. Gamers who enjoy sneaking around and going bump in the night should get some enjoyment out of Cold War.
  13. It's gameplay and graphics are good but it does not stand out in any major way.
  14. While Cold War features some pretty impressive graphics and a decent story, the predictable enemies you'll face and the limited number of environments you'll visit prevent the game from being particularly exciting.
  15. Unfortunately, as imaginative as the X-ray camera and creative gadgets are, they simply cannot make up for Cold War's countless missteps
  16. Game Informer
    Merely mediocre action. [Dec 2005, p.161]
  17. As for the story, well this is the stuff Tom Clancy will be writing when he's a senile old loon in a home. In all, Splinter Cell on a budget. [PC Zone]
  18. 40
    Cold War seems to lack the two main components that are crucial to a stealth/espionage game - a solid narrative and a competent stealth system. Combine that with a short overall length, and you've got no real reason to play it.
  19. While the stealth mechanic is implemented fairly well, and enemy AI at least stands up to initial tests, there’s just far too little excitement throughout the entire course of play.
  20. 40
    It's such a shame that Cold War is subject to crashes and often won't even load; otherwise, it would be worth a much stronger recommendation.
  21. Computer Games Magazine
    Silly, balking, chuckle-inducing for the wrong reasons, Cold War is the sort of pretender-to-stealth-throne that makes you squint, pinch your nose, and wave your hand rapidly in front of your face.[Feb 2006, p.59]
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 24 Ratings

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  1. Jun 1, 2012
    Developer: Mindware Studios
    Publisher: DreamCatcher Games (Windows), Linux Game Publishing (Linux) Runesoft (Mac OS X Release:
    Developer: Mindware Studios
    Publisher: DreamCatcher Games (Windows), Linux Game Publishing (Linux)
    Runesoft (Mac OS X
    Release: September 27, 2005
    Genre: Stealth
    Platforms PC/Xbox
    Reviewed on PC
    Starforce DRM


    The game takes place in 1986 where journalist Mathew Carter comes to Moscow to investigate a big story involving the Russian President and the CIA. Things go wrong when he finds out that his camera was switched with a x-ray camera that has a flash that causes a fire extinguisher to explode. The head of the KGB and the spetznaz arrive to quickly pin the event as an assassination attempt on the President. He frames the people the President was meeting with and the journalist as a CIA assassin. Matt must break out of the KGB prison., discover he truth of what's going on, and stop the KGB leader from his notorious plans.


    Cold war fails big time here as it feels tedious due to the slow movement speeds. Even when running it feels slow and sluggish. This makes it a pain to sneak up on enemies as on hard mode, they can hear faraway through stone walls and stormy weather. This tediousness ruins the pacing while other stealth games like Hitman, Thief, and the first three splinter cell games keep the pace while not making it tedious. The one interesting feature about this game is the ability to combine mundane object into usable items. It's a neat idea to be able to improvise equipment in a game, but it feels to basic like it could be so much more. Graphics/Sound:

    The game is not visually impressive. Textures are dull to look and they look puckish too me. The cut-scenes use an simplistic comic book graphical style to is interesting. Audio quite good where gunshots sound loud and the snap of fingers sounds real. Though the music is kind of forgettable with it's campish spy music. There is nothing about it that provokes emotions or feeling from it. The voice acting is mediocre with stereotypical Russian accents and Matt's actor sounding like a **** self centered jerk.


    Overall I dislike this game enough to not finish it. It feels slow and sluggish like I'm controlling a snail. The guards are cheep with their hearing through concrete while it's raining outside, That makes you play even slower that just makes things frustrating. I was a nice try on the developers but this game is not fun.
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