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  1. PC Gamer
    Any game in which a giant laser cannon pops out of Teddy Roosevelt's head on Mt. Rushmore is a winner in my book...Red Alert 3 is a highly polished game that doesn't take itself the least bit seriously, and co-op play might jus be the next big thing in RTS. [Holiday 2008, p.62]
  2. 91
    Red Alert 3 seems to have been designed entirely by Internet geeks, as hilarious Easter eggs abound. I won't ruin them for you, but I will say that at the end of one campaign, you'll witness the greatest, most unexpected cameo in videogame history.
  3. If you like the Command and Conquer series Red Alert 3 is a must buy. If you are new to real time strategy games this one might be a bit more daunting for some player then they may like, but the tutorial and the rest of the game make it a must buy as well.
  4. Red Alert now unites more than ever before black humor, irony, salaciousness and pure realtime-strategy in one game - first of all the online coop-mode and the easy start into the game as well as the great video cutscenes can convince.
  5. The game is bright, fun, fast, and runs on modest systems surprisingly well. And surprisingly bug-free for something out of the EA stable. Have things really improved in the Quality Control Dept at EA? Lets hope so, because with most EA titles, it’s the bugs that hold them back, not the gameplay.
  6. 90
    As far as strategy games go Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 is the current cream of the crop. The three separate campaigns provide over 15 hours worth of game play not counting the endless skirmishes and multiplayer matches available.
  7. Play (Poland)
    Novel rules, bizarre units and a twisted design style carry this venerable series to the new heights of glory, previously unattainable. The special abilities that can markedly change the role that any unit plays on the battlefield add a layer of goodness to the whole experience. [Dec 2008]
  8. In conclusion, Red Alert 3 is a true 21st century remake of the RTS genre that features a healthy dose of humour which may be over the top but it actually suits the genre perfectly.
  9. The co-op nature of the campaign sets it apart. Every single mission (and there are enough to deliver dozens of hours of playtime) has two commanders working side by side, and it’s an absolute blast to pound the AI with a buddy.
  10. PC Gamer UK
    None of the three strategy games I just mentioned can match Red Alert 3's spirit of bloody-minded fun. [Christmas 2008, p.92]
  11. C&C: RA3 is a polished, clean, and prime example of what makes real time strategy games still fun.
  12. The seventh C&C strategy game is a wicked mix of funny ideas, great cut scenes and comical military units. The Soviets have changed the time line again to weaken the USA, but the change also made Japan a super power. The game is great fun, especially the new co-op mode, even though the KI and the graphics engine are not really up to date.
  13. A superb interface, the ability to garrison your men and unit veterancy are also worthy of high praise.
  14. There is plenty to do with the 27 single-player missions and the plethora of multiplayer options, especially the new co-op feature. This is one game that will not leave your PC for quite some time.
  15. Barring some gamers’ repulsion towards graphics, many of the series’ fans should be content – the spirit is the same, the story got a couple of pretty interesting new chapters (with some of the most surreal twists, aside from funny clichés) and the multiplayer (be it the cooperative mode or the bloodbaths on the online ladder) ensure at least enough substance until StarCraft 2 is launched.
  16. PC Format
    Even bolder and louder than ever. [Christmas 2008, p.92]
  17. Games Master UK
    A game that doesn't take itself too seriously with gameplay that's as compelling as ever. [Christmas 2008, p.78]
  18. Red Alert 3 is a really enjoyable, high quality strategy game that has a few minor balancing issues. This is yet another sequel that is destined to become another classic in the ongoing Command and Conquer legacy.
  19. Red Alert 3 was never going to be genre-redefining game, but there can be no doubt that it has proved to be a damn good laugh.
  20. Red Alert 3 is a great deal of fun. If you like RTS games, and are not scared off by a little campy ridiculousness, you should give it a try.
  21. 82
    Red Alert 3 feels like a bubblegum version of real-time strategy. It's silly and campy, yes, and it's also fun. Keep in mind that it's just a familiar sort of fun, one that's almost unchanged over the decade the series has been around.
    Is it a curse or a blessing that Red Alert 3 played to the strengths of its predecessors and didn’t try to change the gameplay by daring to include any revolutionary changes? You really have to decide for yourself, but what it boils down to is mediocre RTS-Action. However, excellent acting saves the game from sliding further down the slippery slope in form of its technical weaknesses. [Issue # 16]
  23. The gameplay mechanics are great, if you're not bothered by micromanagement (mostly related to unit special powers). The dreadful pathfinding, as annoying as it sounds, in the end, doesn't get in the way of a good game.
  24. RTS players have something new to play with, even if it pretends to be a time machine taking them back eight years to the past, while delivering more of the explosive, over-the-top insanity that the series brings to the genre.
  25. Red Alert 3 is a very remarkable RTS. The tactical aspect is weak and we could name it "the arcade version of the RTS", but it's also fun and cool at the same time. A blockbuster entertainment that prioritizes the aggressiveness and the speed, than the intelligence or the smart tactics.
  26. 80
    Red Alert 3 is by no means a bad addition to the Red Alert series, but compared to its forebears it lacks much of the panache the series held and may hold some disappointments for fans despite the addition of a good new faction and a fairly satisfying single-player experience.
  27. 80
    What was a tongue-in-cheek look at Cold War paranoia married to solid RTS gameplay has blossomed into a pure comedy that retains the easy-to-pick-up and addictive-as-peanuts gameplay of the best in the Command & Conquer franchise. It's not a game that will redefine strategy gaming, but it is one heck of an enjoyable ride.
  28. Red Alert 3 is a raucously fun strategy game that overcomes its issues with both style and substance.
  29. 80
    The campaign mode is a fun, lengthy, well-polished experience. But the reason most people pick up a strategy game in the first place is to meet new and interesting people and crush them mercilessly.
  30. Red Alert 3 is not the deepest RTS you can find, and its hilarious video sequences gives it a juvenile tone, but that is part of the fun. EA LA celebrates and exaggerates some of the most defining aspects of the series, offering an intense a shiny game that captures the essence of its name. While the introduced co-op mode has big potential for the future of the RTS, in this case it actually produces some non-severe balancing problems in the campaign.
  31. When an RTS is as unpredictable as this it becomes less about scheming and resource management and even more about simply reacting, and that's not going to be to everyone's taste. That said, everyone loves the sweet taste of co-op, so if you've got a friend who's a fan of either RTS games or cleavage (or both!), Red Alert 3 can and will show you a very good time indeed.
  32. Red Alert 3 is at first a very enjoyable, fun and a more than decent RTS game. The three factions all pack a punch and equally offering you enough depth gameplay wise, without being to unbalanced. Over-the-top action was never this much fun and this is just the thing that makes Red Alert 3 one of the best RTS games ever. And that's something that even the little flaws can't prevent.
  33. 80
    At its heart, Red Alert 3 is classic Command & Conquer. The art style is fantastic, the presentation is silky smooth and the core gameplay is as satisfying as it was over ten years ago. The game dances so close to being quintessential, but consistently falls short of the mark, and that's almost entirely because of the abhorrent decision of including the co-commander system.
  34. It's big, loud, and crazy, and it's clearly not meant to be taken too seriously. But looking past the pageantry, the whole thing is a little too familiar. If you're looking for some innovation, or at the very least, a modest twist in your RTS, you're not going to find it here.
  35. Total PC Gaming
    Nothing revolutionary, but Red Alert 3 is a colourful, stylish and unabashedly old-school RTS nevertheless. [Issue#13, p.47]
  36. Red Alert 3 makes compelling changes to the C&C brand of real-time strategy without abandoning the core of what makes these games tick. If you're a longtime fan, that's great news, though if you don't typically go for strategy games, but are still feeling the attraction of the game's stellar cast and full-motion video, you may find that the thrill of the cutscenes isn't quite enough to keep you moving through the missions.
  37. It's a quality game, that can't be denied. Play it with a mate and it's a lot of fun. The live action clips are so bad you can't not want to watch them, and the whole experience has that addictive quality that makes you want to play it when you're not, but it's a hugely conservative effort.
  38. Though it has its silly side, and the side is definitely prevalent, the game is well balanced and has a good amount of depth that should keep fans of the series happy.
  39. 80
    Other than the addition of co-op campaigning everything feels more or less like it did 12 years ago, though prettier of course. Even so, with the new faction and new units those old game mechanics still make for a good time.
  40. Red Alert 3 is an interesting RTS. However, besides the cooperative mode it doesn't add anything even remotely new. It's still solid, the production values are high, but the missions could use more creativity.
  41. Classical, colorful, challenging: Red Alert 3 offers only little new. Instead we get solid strategy, funny comic graphics and very pretty ladies.
  42. PC PowerPlay
    This isn't serious RTS. You may see RA3 trotted out at tournaments here and there, but it will never be a stalwart of the genre. Not in that way, at least. But when it comes to the elusive quality we call “fun”, this is a benchmark title. [Christmas 2008, p.71]
  43. Red Alert 3 doesn’t do anything particularly innovative in the RTS genre, but its familiar and addictive gameplay shines through, aided with a ridiculous plot and colourful cast.
  44. Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 isn't the greatest RTS game on the market right now. And, as far as gameplay is concerned, it is as traditional and standard as they come. However, what it lacks in the way of new gameplay design, it makes up for in flavor, attitude, and exaggeration.
  45. It’s the multiplayer portion that is worth your money.
  46. If you can get past the shortcomings of the single-player experience and buy into the hammy humour, you’ll enjoy this game. But the cover says it all really; a sexy Russian commando in hotpants, flanked by a Big Daddy-rejected concept design on one side and an armoured bear on the other. If you’re going into this game expecting to take it seriously, you’re missing the point.
  47. Unfortunately, if you’re waiting for the big gameplay twist that really sets this game apart from the rest, it isn’t coming. What we’ve got is a high definition, high budget, tinsel filled version of the last few games that ads more than enough for fans of the series, but will once again fail to convert the non believers.
  48. It’s similar enough to Red Alert 2 to feel really comfortable and though there’s been a lot of extra things added to the toy box (and not all of them work), it’s still fun.
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  1. LászlóG.
    Nov 19, 2008
    Nice graphics, and the co-op mode is a good shot, but after i mentioned this two new features, there is nothing new to say. No, really there Nice graphics, and the co-op mode is a good shot, but after i mentioned this two new features, there is nothing new to say. No, really there is nothing to say, this game has nice graphics ( water), bad actors ( especially, the russian characters were poorly played.) and the possibility to call your friend to help you complete a mission.... by the way it takes only 4 hours ( cigarette and coffe breaks included) to finish the russian champaign on hard..... oh my god... couldn't you just resurrect the old C&C feeling? Full Review »
  2. Oct 7, 2010
    The units are plastic toys. It's war for 4-8 year olds, really cute. Little tankies that talk to you. The warzone looks like it was designedThe units are plastic toys. It's war for 4-8 year olds, really cute. Little tankies that talk to you. The warzone looks like it was designed by the team that also does Wallace & Gromit. No scary Yuri, but a lovely Japanese girl with VERY stylish hair. A real winner. Co-op is a brand new mode, which demonstrates to you how bad AI can be programmed. For 6-8 year olds, there is an ongoing boobies show. Do yourself a favor and buy or download Red Alert 2. Or any other RTS, really. Full Review »
  3. Jan 1, 2012
    EA tried to take the strenghs of this games predecessor to a new level, completely failed and ridiculed the complete franchise this way. AEA tried to take the strenghs of this games predecessor to a new level, completely failed and ridiculed the complete franchise this way. A company like blizzard or valve would have simply thrown this into the garbage to not damage its reputation. Not only judged by its big name and the big expectations it could not life up to this game is simply just plain bad. Guess i never played a worse rts before. Full Review »