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  1. Mar 4, 2012
    Containment: The Zombie Puzzler is, as the name would suggest, a puzzle game. Each "act" is made up of several "blocks". (i.e. rounds) Once all these blocks are played through, the act ends. Each act can be won by surrounding zombies on the board with units of the same colour although later in the game, you will need specific colours to defeat enemies vulnerable to only one colour. There are 4 colours available: Pink, blue, green and orange. These are portrayed by a nurse, a police officer, a soldier and a punk respectively. There is no benefit to choosing one particular unit over the other. If you fail to surround zombies within a certain amount of time, they will attack a random unit next to them and this unit will then turn into a zombie and will have to be surrounded by more units of the same colour. If you successfully remove a zombie from the board, the units you used will be removed as well and new ones will enter the board from the top. You can occasionally click on objects in the environment to gain items that will help you in your fight against the zombies. Sometimes these objects alter the layout of the board or prevent reinforcements from coming in. After each "block" you will be revealed a part of the storyline in the form of text and a short in-game cinematic tour through the city until you reach the next block. This all sounds good on paper but in reality, despite the name of the title, there isn't much puzzling; it is all very frantic. If you do not move your units fast enough, the board will swarm with zombies in a matter of minutes and you will have to do the block over again. Sometimes blocks of zombies become so large that you can not surround them fast enough and you'll stand there wondering why your pieces aren't attacking just to watch them being torn up.Due to the name I was expecting a type of Puzzle Quest game so it's my fault for starting the game with the wrong impression (and expectations) but a few things that are inexcusable no matter how you look at it are the bugs (New abilities tend to get stuck inside the boxes you found them in or the board freezes up), the poor camera control (Or rather the complete lack thereof! There is only one point of view available and I often have difficulty swapping pieces around in the top ranks because they are partially obscured) and the lack of PC control optimization (Meant to be played with a stylus on iOS) which is evident from the way you have to "drag" your special abilities out of your inventory and onto an enemy rather than just being able to do so by clicking, It also has no graphics settings other than the ability to change the resolution. I found this game to be visually appealing for such a simple game and although each unit has its own colour, I found it hard to tell the zombies from my other pieces when things started to get heated in later levels. Sounds were O.K although somewhat repetitive. I would not recommend this game to anyone unless you love fast-paced puzzle games with little depth. Expand
  2. Jun 24, 2012
    Dont spect shooting zombies, you need to move units arround the zombies to kill them, there's some scenarios that are pretty hard, the price is good that you wont lose any buck on paying for it, the grpahics are pretty bad or at least nothing to get surprised, maybe this game is for people that has old PC or use to travel alot, the game will make you lose time in a fun way.

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  1. Apr 17, 2012
    A good idea but really poorly-developed. The game misses completely on difficulty and has a too simplistic game mechanic.
  2. Mar 30, 2012
    Although I'm sure most players these days would say they're getting a little tired of seeing the undead shamble across their television screens, I can't think of anything out there quite like Containment: The Zombie Puzzler, and that's pretty high praise in and of itself. Toss in a survival mode and the fact that it's just $5 on Steam, and this unique project's new spin on the walking dead is a can't-miss.