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  1. gmb
    Nov 1, 2012
    All in all this game is currently my favorite. The environment is fully dynamic and destructable, like in worms but here you have a shooter+strategy game at hand. This should be a totally unique experience to everybody!

    The fun factor is incredibly, there are endless combinations of soldiers you can create. Plus you can create own levels and mods or just download some of the cool stuff
    the community made.

    The AI deserves some improvements, but manually switching and controlling your soldiers is part of the gameplay anyways. Overall the game is great for people who like to experiment and are bored from mainstream games.

    Many people complain about the controls, but I got used to that in about one hour.
  2. Oct 7, 2012
    While this game has a good concept, it has been terribly executed. It is laughable to think of this game as complete even after 11 years. Be wary, as this is not mentioned on Steam store page. In addition to its unfinished state and numerous gamebreaking bugs (such as random unit explosions and various screen issues) there are fundamental flaws in the game that will most certainly never be fixed, such as inability to incorporate online multiplayer and an engine that taxes a single core of the processor so badly that as the battles get longer, the game gets slower. This game is sloppy in many areas and is in NO way worth the $20 asking price. Stay away. Expand
  3. Oct 1, 2012
    I'm a little disappointed this game launched without having online multiplayer support, but it's a great idea and a good time. I'm not sure it's worth it's current price point, but for what i got it for awhile ago its a steal.
  4. Sep 29, 2012
    I find the premise of this game very interesting. Build a bunker to defend your brain and control several "bots" to defend, mine and attack. I want to like it a lot more but the game is far from a polished product. The new campaign button will even warn you that the game lacks polish. Too bad the developer didn't tell people that before taking their money.

    The game play itself is
    painfully slow. I am a patient person, but the speed at which bots move is unbearably slow. It becomes almost painful to hold down the key/button to make your bot walk all the way across your bunker. Most of what you do is make the bots walk to where they need to be so this is a real problem. Bot movement is very goofy. I am still not sure if this was an intentional design choice as you are supposed to remote controlling these bots. The physics were just off in a lot of situations. Several of my bots stuck to walls or fell off the edge of the map, never to be seen again.

    I have heard that the developer is still working on the game actively. If there are improvements made this score could jump higher. But as-is this is not worth $20. There are so many better indie games out there for a lot less. I would wait until the developer has made an effort to fix this mess before trying it.
  5. Oct 2, 2012
    When I purchase this game, I though I would bought a Terraria with easier ressource gathering/building and more action and battle... It's somewhat true, but Cortex Command definitely lack the polish Terraria has...
    Got to admit I have a love/Hate relationship with this one...

    Hate: Tutorial... Probably one of the few tutorial in my life I managed to fail... It show you what you can do
    when controlling a robot, then you're on your own, when the enemy AI sends it's bots to kill your Brain...
    Love: Dropship... So much Robot/weapons/tools/etc... combos you can buy and drop everywhere on the map... Although be careful or the enemy may shoot it down if you try to drop your stuff too close to him...
    Hate: AI... It sure don't know how to hunt enemies or mine gold properly... A few times I lost a robot to a suicide mission (like a bot with a digger gun shot down trying to dig the enemy base) or going beyond the edge of the map (usualy the bottom edge) meaning losing contact...
    Love: Same AI... It sure know how to shoot... Seeing a shootout between robots is a blast...
    Hate: Because of said AI, you have to control each and every one of your Robots, jumping from one to another all the time... Making a mission far more tedious than it should be... Add to that the slow pace your robots walks... And I challenge you not making Jetpacks your basic movement!...
    Love: Miscalculate a jetpack burst and you can end landing head first or even broken... Or in enemy line of fire... Hate: Robot control... For Robots, they're surely spineless and difficult to control... Try controlling a robot to climb a ladder that is incomplete or damaged... Or using a jetpack in a narrow corridor...
    Love: Robots, when shot, can lose arms (you can't use weapons) or legs (you can only jetpack to move, no walking) or if damaged badly, health can goes down 1 point per second, until it's destroyed...
    Hate: Campaign and missions are generally a mess... Massacre mission, for example, have no AI in it even if one is selected... You're alone. A good way to learn to control your robots, building a bunker, buying things, etc... though...
    Love: Terrain... One pixel = something 'living'... One dirt pixel will fall by gravity, changing the layout of the map... One gold pixel means 1$ if harvested by a digger gun... One cartridge ejected from a gun firing means one pixel you have to climb. And when a turret fires a lot, you'll have a little mountain of cartridge you'll have to climb, or clean with a digger gun... etc...
    Hate: Some Missions forcing you to have a LoS between your Brain and the sky, making impossible to put your brain deep into your bunker... You're usually forced to use a walking brain and walk him deep into your bunker... And hope the damn thing will not do stupid things like getting out of it's safe spot and try killing the enemy by itself or it's Game Over!... Maybe having the option of locking a door closed should be available... Love: When you win your 1st mission (Dummy Assault, in my case), all the frustration of a long battle seems to fade and satisfaction takes its place... Hate: No save games... So when you start a mission, you have to finish it... And Esc sometimes makes you quit the game entirely, without even a yes/no confirmation... In other word, don't touch ESC...

    An OK game, overall (when you spent enough time learning how the game works) but serious patching/tweaking needed to reach goodness or even greatness...
  6. Nov 27, 2012
    Is this a good game? Yes. Is it everything it said it'd be? Hell no. I don't understand the reviews of 0 and 1, because despite it's flaws, it's a fun game. Although it does get very boring after the first hour. No matter how large you make the campaign, I always end up doing the same things for attack and defense. For defense, simply place four AntiAir bots around the map and the enemy will never be able to land. For attacking, drop in a single trooper, dig down underground to the enemy brain's safe room, dig through the walls, and blam: Game Over, You Win, Please Insert Coin to Play Again.

    What's more, the game has some very inexcusable flaws. First and foremost, I'm told that I can hit Alt + Enter to go to Fullscreen mode. Except I can't do that. A lot of the game's art work features units like large two-legged mechs, but they aren't actually in the game. If the game was eleven years in the making, they must've spent ten of those years sitting around trying to think of a witty name.

    Over all, I'd recommend waiting a while for the developers to get their act together and pump more assets into the game before you buy it. It's going for just under
  7. Nov 15, 2012
    I bought this game six or seven years ago but I haven't played it for the last five or six years so when I saw it on steam I figured I would start it up and see whats new. Besides a barely functional campaign the answer is nothing. This game can be a lot of fun at times but $20 on steam is a joke. If you are thinking about purchasing this game I would suggest finding an old demo version first as it will most likely be nearly identical to what you would be buying. I have given my money to many indie games while they were still in development and this is the only time I have been disappointed with the outcome. If the developer was as committed to the game as he is to replying to every critic on steam with bs excuses this game could have been finished years ago. Expand
  8. Oct 9, 2012
    Its a quality indie game, very refreshing for a moment... The problem is, that after few hours, it gets repetitive as hell. And also it has a fair number of technical issues. The graphic is freezing on my 4core computer with graphic card, which can render the most complex games in stable 60 fps... :D Thats why I would never buy it again. It was foolish of me and if it should be worth buying, the price would have to be somewhere around 1 or maximally 2 euros! Dont buy it. Expand
  9. Apr 22, 2013
    This is up there in my top 10 games. There is nothing like this in gaming. Give this game 2 hours of your dedicated time, and you will play for 300+ hours and then... get some mods... Wow another infinite amount of hours right there. All of the best games take time to get used to, if you do not agree with this statement, stick to AAA titles which have been dumbed down at the cost of gameplay. A true gem. Expand
  10. Oct 9, 2012
    Maybe the 1 is for the sense of disappointment after the concept promised so much, the fanbase seemed so bouyant and the 11 year production cycle seemed to hint at a "labour or love". The game is bugged, the AI is stupid the tutorial "isn't". A game that should blend customization and strategy with a bit of control and shooting yourself becomes a real micromangement chore very quickly. Normally this sort of game is exactly my cup of tea, but this really isn't very good at all. Expand
  11. Mk2
    Oct 30, 2012
    This release of the game, albeit advertised as "1.0", is quite broken. "11 years in the making" but still the engine doesn't manage to run without constant hickups on a modern machine. The only good thing i can say about Cortex Command is it's interesting premise
  12. Dec 8, 2012
    Confusing, repetitive and shallow. This game disapointed on every front. The interface is un-intuitive and does little to help the player navigate through the many options. The controls feel clunky and take some time to get used to. The AI is... quite simple and unimaginative. It took a couple hours to get the hang of the game and after that, only a couple more hours to figure out an infallible strategy. At that point, I had no interest in playing anymore. On the other hand, the concept of the game is incredible. The amount of work gone into it must have been staggering and the physics engine it's so proud of is quite fun at times. The different factions are varied enough to make it fun to switch although it might benefit to add some higher tiered units on all factions. Overall, the concept is wonderful but it fails to deliver and create a positive lasting experience. This game seemed to me more like a proof-of-concept that this could be a game someday. Not worth the money or the time the way it is now. Expand
  13. Dec 26, 2012
    Its a great concept and I see where its trying to go, but the a.i and controls are bad to the point that it's unplayable. That's not even mentioning the glitches and the complete lack of any story mode or multiplayer.
    Just....don't pay for it
  14. Jan 2, 2013
    I really fail to understand how users can find this game boring and/or repetitive. If it's boring for you, then you clearly don't like this genre. If you don't like strategy games, don't buy it and complain of boredom after two battles. Also, there are some annoying flaws, such as units eventually making mistakes and/or finding some way to destroy themselves by accident, but this should be taken in stride, as part of the challenge. Be aware that this is still in development, but has much more potential than anyone seems to have credited it with. Yes, the engine does take a toll, especially when units begin to cluster and collide in an isolated area, but that shouldn't be an issue, unless for some reason the clustering occurs away from the primary area of interest. I've noticed the engine only seems to slow down when units (especially enemies) in a crowd are out of view, and not being dealt with. This is a game for creative users, who like to develop plans to deal with things, and think on their feet. If you can't do any of those even a little, then sure, don't buy it. But if strategy is your style, you will absolutely love this game. Expand
  15. Vas
    Jul 27, 2013
    I've given the game another chance and after trying and trying, it just seems like a horrible horrible game. Now I wish I hadn't even wasted $5 on it, I wouldn't even pay $1 for it. While playing, I have encountered more glitches than playability. It's like the dev decided to throw it out there whether it was done or not and never look back on it. Did he even TEST this thing first? Was winning a battle and all of a sudden out of no where all my units randomly die. I've had glitches where both teams became invulnerable and spent hours trying to kill each other. I've had bugs where units fell through the map. It's just insane really. I can't see this game being playable at all now or in the future. I hate giving bad reviews to indie games but this developer doesn't even look like he was trying. Expand
  16. Apr 15, 2013
    It was a cool concept, but the interface it just annoying. i find it unplayable. building the base is the only part i enjoyed. the rest of it im an not impressed with. i normally don't buy games with these types of ratings but i went out on a limb to buy it because it looked very cool. but trust me if you want to spend hours mastering a unfriendly interface and tedious combat and mining, go ahead. it is not for me if you have the patience you may be interested. so yeah... that is all. Collapse
  17. Apr 26, 2013
    I've been following Cortex Command's development for the past 2 years, ever since I pre-ordered the alpha. In that time, work on the game has progressed at a snail's pace. Considering it has been in development for ELEVEN years, one would expect a lot more polish even from a one-man developer. There's a great game buried in here, with some really interesting mechanics. However, the abundance of rough edges and clunky gameplay makes it difficult to do more than just mess around with the destruction engine for a couple hours and ragequit when you get sick of, for instance, having to go all the way back out to the main menu if you want to restart a scenario. An interesting concept, executed in an extremely disappointing fashion. Expand
  18. Oct 20, 2012
    I bought this off Steam for 20 bucks...seriously? this is like some beta game even i could make....The potential is great. This game could be really awsome, but as is its garbage.. woulda rather spent my 20 bucks on a case of beer for the night than this. Maybe if they actually spent a bit of time on the tutorial and campaign woulda made the game better, feels to unfinished....Its like they started making a great game then just gave up half way through and went and walked their dog or something and never came back....a shame... and 20 bucks for this? shame on you devs...ill change this review if u ever come back and put some thought into this, sh*t its not like 20 bucks is alot, but to just flush it down the toilet isnt cool either... atleast watching the bill spin down the toilet for 3 seconds woulda been more entertaining...................................... Expand
  19. Aug 5, 2013
    You have been permanently banned from all Cortex Command discussions.
    You were banned by a Cortex Command developer.
    Reason: "Trolling"

    truth is this game is fun but has horrible game breaking bugs that the developer refuses to discuss or talk about. i bought this game just like everyone else but when i went to the discussion area to talk about how proper game ending code was missing,
    i was banned and refused the right to talk about the game i had bought. i am pretty sure there is freedom of speech bull i could bring up BUT THE TRUTH IS I JUST WANT THE GAME TO BE GREAT but sadly it inst. i give it a 2 for 4 hours of game fun but no prolong-able enjoyment. Expand
  20. Nov 5, 2012
    Yes, the game still needs ALOT of work; but to be honest I'm actually having great fun with this game.
    The action is fast-paced and exciting, the physics are amazing, and the gameplay is just right.
    However, they still need to improve: the controls, the walking, the AI, and the overall smoothness.
    Otherwise, this is a great game :)
  21. Oct 30, 2012
    I bought this game on steam and after finding it initially quite tricky I started getting really into it. It's an unusual blend of real time strategy, resource management and 2D shooter. It's got amazing physics, a unique pixel art style and loads of depth.
  22. Nov 9, 2012
    Buggy as hell. Not worth the asking price on Steam. Plays like an alpha, a lot of features missing. Developer claims that "updates will come", and has now disappeared.

    Also, the developer interacts very badly with the community, his reaction to criticism is actually saying "cool story, bro" to a customer.
  23. Jan 24, 2013
    This is a great game, if you ask me. It seemed a bit tricky at first but after a gameplay video on youtube I felt quiet comfortable in Cortex Command. It got robots, disembodied brains walking around in robots, walking turrets, stationary turrets, bunker building and lots of different factions with their own soldiers and weapons. The basics of Cortex Command: For the campaign mode you have a set number of brains from the beginning, human brains which are stored in a glass bowl and these brains controls minions. You must protect these brains at each site, sites which you must control. Until you have gained control of a site you must do your best to protect the brain, for instance dig it deep down in the ground and have it mine gold while down there. The gold you dig out is used for buying more units, these units you must use to defend your brain and attack your opponent(s) brain(s). When you control a site you can then start building a bunker for your brain at that site to protect it. I would like to dive in to building my own bunker complex but until now I have just used the AI to auto build it. The AI usually do a decent job at this. There are also some scenarios which can be played and from what I understand you can find even more scenarios on the net. You can also get custom factions and weapons for the game. As far as I know the developer has made it easy for modders to add content to the game, some of this can be done with the build in editors. To be honest I have been playing campaign mode most of the time and I have not really spend much time exploring other options in the game, apart from a couple of hours with the scenario "Bunker Breach". It is a fresh and innovative addition to my game library. See a couple of gameplay videos and consider it if this sounds like something that's down your ally :-) Expand
  24. Mar 17, 2013
    This game has a very unusual concept. In deed, I've never played a game like this before. Unfortunately, Cortex Command feels absolutely unfinished and unclean. Okay, I've be warned, this game is not yet finished, but after 11 years development, I've expected more. The game control is cumbersome and fuzzy. The AI is disastrous stupid... is mostly unimaginative and never adapts to the game. The campaign makes fun, if we ignore the stupid AI. It turns out to be a kind of tower defense and action-sidescroller mixture that can be a lot of fun.
    The different factions are designed very lovingly and original.
    There is also no lack of weapon variety and equipment for the troops.
    And I like the grafic. But the low content, much bugs, and the bad game control, detract the good expectations and impression of this unusual game immense.
    It hurts when such a good concept after 11 years of development has been so poorly implemented.
    There is no consolation too about the many modifications made ​​by long-time fans for Cortex Command. All in all, and with modifications the game has just tied me up for a week, unfortunately.
  25. Apr 6, 2013
    This game may be extremely processor intensive, and it may be unfinished, but this is one of the most fun games I've ever played. I had hours and hours of fun just playing the vanilla game, and once I found the mods for this game it kept me entertained for weeks. There were days I came home and this was all I played for hours until I went to bed. Even the occasional physics bugs are funny as hell. I probably have more hours logged on this game than I do some really impressive AAA games. A must play, in my opinion. Expand
  26. Nov 12, 2012
    Cortex Command is one of those games you can fire up and play for hours with your friends. There are plenty of mods available which add tonnes of vehicles, weapons, actors, levels and the local multiplayer support is excellent.

    To all the people who are complaining about the game lagging or having no online multiplayer - please be aware that the game makes use of complex physics
    interactions such as particle simulation. Sure the physics engine could have better CPU threading or hardware acceleration but expecting effective online support is ludicrous.

    The game is what you make of it, it can only be as good as you let it be. If all you play is Call of Duty and Halo then I am sorry, this just wasn't made for your of aptitude.

    11/10 would play again
  27. Nov 12, 2012
    The concept is great and the factions are so different it actually feels uniqu when you fight each one. The gameplay is going to feel VERY foreign to anyone who picks it up. The controls will feel clustered and anti-intuitive, but i assure you that it actually isn't that bad and is quickly picked up. As far as gameplay if you hate 2D games you can stop reading my review right now. But the game is based off of a physics system that basically relates to EVERYTHING. Between movement, projectiles, destruction, and basically everything else; the game doesn't really relate to damage as much as the physics. Hit a guy in the neck, he bleeds out. Blow off a left leg...a right leg...guy limps, he hops, he crawls, and if you blow off both legs...well hes a legless jet with a gun. And destruction is like minecraft. You chip away at things until it breaks into a bunch of smaller...things/particles. All the damage on the maps stays. So your campaign is very dynamic and fun. The game only lucks AI intelligence...and i mean sometimes its amazing...other times its worse than a game from 1995. Seriously, some gun fights, your troops are ducking and moving to avoid projectiles and using everything they got. Other battles my guys shoot in the wrong direction, jump onto grenades, and/or pull out a digging gun for a gun fight. So with patches and what not, the AI will become better. The campagin is a giant sandbox that you pick up to 4 teams, and then up to 12 gold sites. You fight over these gold sites until everyones "deploys" every brain they have. After every brain is deployed. The game decides who wins by either who has the most sites, or if theres equal amounts of sites owned, who has the most gold. So basically it's your own story every time. I can say the game is fluent and fun with some bugs and lacking stuff. But theres enough content to keep you going. Mods bring the game to shine even brighter if you dont mind using them. So i give the game a 9. Just one point off for the confused AI(never can decide whether it wants to be a good AI or horrible AI). Give the game a try, it didn't seem to look good but after playing it i can say it's great and still improving. Expand
  28. Nov 26, 2012
    Cortex command, i got this game back a few years ago before it was on steam, i believe it was in the beta at the time, I enjoyed every moment this game gave me, apart from the crashes when something would go wrong, this game is really quite nice to look at, and once you get over the controls, it can play quite nice. The thing that it lack's is the engine. If i was the person programming this, i would take what i would of learnt from this game and then try to code a brand new engine to play on, Overall its a nice game but if you are someone who doesn't like crashing, i wouldn't get this. Expand
  29. Feb 8, 2014
    The game was releases unfinished. It was under the promise that it will be finished. Since over one year, there has not been a single patch or even a word from the developer. He took the money and ran.

    The game has numerous game breaking bugs that can be classified as show stoppers. Given the price of 20$ for this game, this is simply unacceptable.
  30. Nov 22, 2012
    This game is really fun when played occasionally, I have a few problems with it: Bugs, Ressource demand(although that might be my computer), Lack of content, AI could be smarter, etc etc etc.

    I gave it a 7 because there are 2 things that practically overpower the bad stuff, First of all, I really enjoy building the bunkers, sometimes I spend an hour building an insane base to just close
    the game since I don't feel like fighting and then there's simply the fact that I had so much fun with the game, there's so many epic moments that make me smile for the next hour that I just play it for that.

    This is with mods though, game is something else entirely when you add mods, it's still fun without them though.
  31. Nov 24, 2012
    I say this game is great, developed by a extremely small company (I think only a few people) this game is in, my opinion a lot of fun. Yes there might not be perfect AI or action packed multi-player but this game truly is fun, to be able to build bases, mine, and invade other bases. This game will easily run you 15+ hours. And the superb physics engine makes every death and explosion an enjoyable one. But this game will strain your computers processor. Expand
  32. fd2
    Nov 1, 2012
    I'll start by saying this game has an rather sharp learning curve; if you start it up for the first time and play the tutorial, you're almost guaranteed to not have fun playing it. You'll do the things it directs and swiftly get murdered by the AI, then wonder why the light soldier you bought lasted longer than your dummy with an AK did. Once past that hurdle(as in, being able to completely destroy the tutorial with ease every single time), the game opens up into something absurdly fun. Dropship parts seeming to purposefully seek out and kill units, units run headlong into single pixels of dirt and kill themselves, explosions knocking guns out of units' hands seem like bugs, but they're direct products of having every single drawn pixel be a physics-activated object, and often, part of the fun. One can build an impenetrable base, filled with sentries, concrete and metal everywhere, watch the AI send its own dropships into spinning, flaming death, and as you watch the carnage, your brain is murdered by a unit with a digger and nothing else. It seems unfair, but you can always do the same. Due to the engine being as such, it is completely unfeasible to incorporate networked multiplayer as well as being very hard on low-clockrate CPUs(core count does not matter; it utilises only one core and if said core is not up to it, "tough" says the game). When a unit walks painfully slowly, that is the CPU telling you that it shouldn't be running this game. 1GHz is definitely the minimum, but you'll need at least 2.6GHz to have fun on a serious level, 3 for almost no lag at all. Again, core count is irrelevant. So if you can run it, if you can outplay the AI/if you have a couple bros who also by chance know how to play it, it is a spectacular game, well worth its price. All in all, it's like an RTS that doesn't suck, made for the man who knows his build and likes chaos. Expand
  33. Nov 18, 2012
    The game is pretty fun for an hour or two, but after a while the various bugs make it hard to play, it also almost solely becomes dependant on mods to keep it fun and interesting, sadly the Mods also make it crash even more. If the Dev's make more content for it and fix the bugs it might be worth the cost. For now, go play something else like Skyrim or something.
  34. Nov 23, 2012
    Cortex Command, even if parts of it are very buggy, is a very fun game that is definitely worth the price. The combat is satisfying and the bunker design is interesting for those who like to build things. Although learning how to control the bots without crushing your head on the ceiling and controlling your troops can be frustrating, the game is still very fun. On the contrary to what others say, the game can have a fair amount of re-playability if you take advantage of all the features and try new things. There is a surprisingly active modding community that creates a large amount of content, from full conversion mods that change movement to faction and weapon packs. In all, I think that this game is easily misunderstood and will not appeal to some people, but others will love it. While the physics and AI could really use improvement, the game is very fun once you get used to it and has its own charm. The graphics style is quite appealing and works very well with the physics and world. I would wholly recommend this game despite its shortcomings. Expand
  35. Dec 25, 2012
    Cortex Command is one of the best and most unique indie games out there. The game can create so many hours of fun for you and your friends with the 4 player local co-op or vs. Cortex Command is constantly being developed so more content is on the way so patience is key; However as is this game is great despite a few bugs which are to be expected from a game still in development.
  36. Apr 29, 2013
    First let me begin by saying what is wrong with the game, for some of these things might make you not want to play the game right off the back, first very poor settings, in the options, you get very basic res options, sound options, and that's basically it. It even lacks a full screen option, it puts the game in a small little windowed mode, of course when the game pops up it clearly states you can put it in full screen by pressing Alt+Enter. This is hardly a problem, but just goes to show how they didn't add some simple options. The games controls are difficult to understand, and even after playing hours of the game, you will still get enraged when you press Esc to close the buy menu and you exit the game. The tutorial is very lacking and you will have to result to youtube to learn how to play. Lastly the A.I. is very poor, but in a game like this i see why, so it doesn't harm the fun I have in this game. For example in the beginning of any campaign almost everyone has at least once flew their drop ship into the enemy brain for an easy victory. There are many ways of defeating the A.I. in a matter of seconds in the start of a match, and if you let him live, winning will be hard, because they spawn units faster than humanly possible. I A.I. will fall into simple holes and take awhile to get out, which the developers have done a very good job of getting around. Now on to the good things. Most of all the bugs don't really harm how much fun you will have with this game, before i even knew how to play, I had a blast with this game, Just the making a hole, hiding in it, poking your head out, shooting something that explodes and ends up killing you with the debris, just a blast. The game has a very fun combat, and when playing with friends (using the same computer because Online isn't in the game) is just a blast. If you set up some simple ground rules, like don't just run your dropship into the other person's brain on game start, and other small rules, you can have a very fun and competitive time with your friends. This game has a decent modding community behind it, which makes the fun last even longer. This game is pretty complicated with the right click button opening up a menu of sorts that allows you to click many commands that you have to use all the time. These commands range from reloading, the buy menu, dropping and picking up guns, changing which gun you are using, and telling the character you are controlling what to do after you control a different character. This game has an interesting mix of managing your own A.I. and playing a character to defeat the enemy A.I.
    All in all, i have had a great time with this game, and if they added Online and made more options to change in the options and made some balancing to the A.I. and how it works, this game would be an easy 10/10
    Thanks for reading hit me up anytime through steam if you have any questions/comments.
  37. Jul 12, 2013
    Wasted potential: the game. The premise is great and the physics WOULD BE good, if they weren't so unreliable. You'll find your character getting squished by the gun you spawned next to him when building your base. You'll find yourself unable to climb a ladder. The movement is awkward, which would fit the game if it didn't get awfully frustrating trying to do basic things. It has its moments though. It's something special shooting out one of the engines from a ship and watching it crash into the soldiers it just dropped off, or having your grenade launcher fly out of your hands after a fragment of your own grenade flies into it. You can't help but chuckle when your human soldier ends up squishing into the ground after you lose control of his jetpack.

    With a lot of polish and tweaking this would be a great game.
  38. Nov 24, 2013
    First off: REALLY IGN?
    Now: This game is great and fun! The game is fun to mod, and if you like games with mods like quake, this would be recommended, BUT NOT FOR THE CAMPAIGN. The 2 hour long campaign is very hit and miss, where as there are also difficulty bumps. What are difficulty bumps? Difficulty bumps are where there is a easy level then the next level is REALLY hard, and
    afterwards and the next level is REALLY EASY, The tutorial, however can be useful and fun. Mods can be crazy and fun, like for example, There is a mod that gives you ALLOT OF CRAP, that can be fun to screw with! Endless Skirmishes can be fun too, and lets not forget multiplayer (It's local ONLY, so a controller MIGHT be recommended). I have heard of some bugs but I never found any. So overall SCREW THE CRITICS THIS GAME IS EPIC, only pay attention to the reviews because of: Bugs? and/or the hit and miss campaign. Expand
  39. Apr 29, 2013
    I would rate this game a 9 out of 10. It has improved vastly since the other reviews were written. Those reviews were written BEFORE the game was even released, which is highly unfair.
    -1 Point for basically lack of online multiplayer. If this game had that, it would be best game of 2013 in my books but as a singleplayer standalone it just doesn't have the same appeal. I would probably
    enjoy it much more if I had someone to play splitscreen with though. Expand
  40. Apr 6, 2014
    As a child I had always dreamed of a game like this. As an adult, I fully appreciate it. Even in a somewhat unfinished state I consider it a fun game. I don't find that it can satisfy me for endless hours, but I can give it a couple hours of enjoyable mayhem. If it was better, that'd be great, but as it stands I still think it's alright. Mostly because it is my kind of thing. I will say the AI can be a bit too quick to react considering the difficult controls for us humans. Expand
  41. May 16, 2013
    Yes there are glitches and clunky mechanics. AND perhaps it WAS released too soon for people to enjoy it, but I think the only TWO developers that have been working on this for years did that for several reasons. They are working hard on this and have already been getting recognition. I hope this game gets finished, but since the first build I tested the game up until its public release, I have had tremendous amounts of fun with it. Don't forget how much coding went into this! Hella appreciated! It is already opening doors to new games! Expand
  42. Jun 30, 2013
    This is one of my favorite games. The people that gave this game a low score need to sit down and play the game for more than an hour. If you give the game some time it gets better. Also play the scenarios, the campaign barley works. Just learn the game and you will appreciate it.
  43. Jul 21, 2013
    I've been playing this game since 2006, and it's probably the most played game I own simply because of the mods. There really is no other game that lends itself so well to modding; if you can use MS Paint, you're set.

    There are hundreds of mods, from Half Life 2, Warhammer 40K, Halo: Reach, and Star Wars factions, to campaigns spanning multiple missions. I will agree with the consensus
    that the vanilla game leaves a lot to be desired. But all the game files and logic are exposed, easily edited to your liking.

    Don't play this seriously, consider it a physics sandbox with elements of Tribes, Men of War, and Worms. Local multiplayer and coop are a blast if you can get some buddies to play too.
  44. Aug 16, 2013
    i did not get to play the game yet but the detail shows that the game is going to be BIG!
    all i can find about the game was on youtube. to me is looked superb but one thing i found missing,
    all of the minor or should I say majorly stupid AI. so far I love the game, but when the full game comes out,
    it better be good
  45. Aug 31, 2013
    This game is brilliat!Like ol good times returnes.Awsone multiplayer who based not in this 1 hour-scripts,mixed with hi-poly models with scenario for morons.Must have on steam who sick from Modern Moron Game Developing Unstopoble conveyor.Best Indie game iv ever see....
  46. Jan 11, 2014
    Minecraft got a 93 while this got a 44? Bah. Hypocrisy at it's finest.

    This game has been playable on any machine for me. Sure, considering it is designed for single core machines, it is a lot slower than it should be, but multi-core processors were a big thing in the early 2000s or late 1990's, and weren't available commercially. When you design an engine, it is really hard to go back
    and fix it. In fact, to be able to support a multi-core processor, you need to completely redesign the engine. They are a pain to have a program utilize.

    As for gameplay, the metagame gets old really fast, but I find lots of the senario battles are fun, as you can find different ways to solve a problem. The game truly depends on user generated content, but, then again, so do a huge amount of the crap indie games out there.

    I can accept bad graphics in this case, as each pixel can be physics object, therefore, HD gameplay would make the lag worse than it already is.

    As for multiplayer, there was a mod adding multiplayer, but it was not the easiest thing to make, or update. I would

    As for the developer insulting and leaving the community, there are reasons. Justifiable reasons. You treated him as if he was a corporate entity. You expected everything to be fixed on the spot. He made the game to make the game, not to listen to your **** It's his game after all, your choice if you wanted to buy it. Also, he has a job, and a life.

    The learning curve is a bit like, I dunno, a challenge? The amount of games who are actually hard is incredibly small. Don't expect to be able to pickup and play like COD, this is a RTS, not some silly run around shooting people and swearing over the internet. (Ok, maybe it is silly.)

    I would say play it before you buy it. If you like it, you can then buy it, and fool around. If you can't figure it out, you didn't waste any money.
  47. Feb 13, 2014
    this game is fun but as said in IGN review it is a bunch of cool ideas tied together , no on-line? I am ok whit that but whit out a good campaign and more missions it have the punctuation that it deserve.
  48. Apr 15, 2013
    It was a cool concept, but the interface it just annoying. i find it unplayable. building the base is the only part i enjoyed. the rest of it im an not impressed with. i normally don't buy games with these types of ratings but i went out on a limb to buy it because it looked very cool. but trust me if you want to spend hours mastering a unfriendly interface and tedious combat and mining, go ahead. it is not for me if you have the patience you may be interested. so yeah... that is all. Collapse

Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 7 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 7
  2. Negative: 3 out of 7
  1. Dec 4, 2012
    Despite some issues with the price and the struggling about understanding the mechanics behind it, Cortex Command is simply a good retro-looking game.
  2. Dec 2, 2012
    An unfinished game that requires much more attention before it can realise its incredible promise. [Dec 2012, p.82]
  3. Nov 15, 2012
    Occasionally entertaining, but plagued by AI bugs and hamstrung by a clunky user interface. Less than the sum of its parts.