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  1. BFE is a worthwhile sim for those jonesing for military conflicts in the age before the bullet. [Oct. 2006, p.75]
  2. Battle for Europe is a detailed and historically accurate look at the age of grand armies of Europe and the classic clash of Empires. While not offering anything particularly new or groundbreaking it succeeds in providing an entertaining and thoughtful strategy game for those tired of meaningless tank rushes.
  3. As far as we’re concerned, as much as we love the Cossacks series and the thinking-man’s gameplay behind it, we do think it’s time to move on in terms of technology. Cruel, but kind.
  4. Cossacks II remains an enjoyable re-enactment of wholesale slaughter as any of you couuld hope for. [Sept 2006, p.74]
  5. Despite some AI issues, dated graphics, cheesy music and roughly translated voiceovers, its still a challenging, but most importantly different, RTS game, and while this expansion doesn't really expand in many new areas, it does manage to provide a good few hours of additional enjoyment over "The Napoleonic Wars."
  6. At the heart of it, the experience is pretty much identical to that of last year's game.
  7. If you can stand the aesthetics, fun lurks within. [Sept 2006, p.97]
  8. Despite my lacking interest for the Cossacks game titles, I was surprisingly impressed by the game play (not that I can remain patient for long with turn-based games), though slightly disappointed at the immense strain the game causes to lower end systems.
  9. 60
    Another issue is simply that the enormous buildings make any map seem crowded and critically limit the number of placement options for base building.
  10. A braver studio would have developed C2's stunted naval dimension, or shifted the campaign focus to a novel location like the Caribbean or North America. [Sept 2006, p.102]
  11. The antiquated visuals would be easier to stomach if hot Nineteenth Century prospects like Napoleonic Total War 2 (a visually stunning R:TW mod due within the next couple of weeks) and HistWar: Les Grognards (a promising hardcore 3D Napoleonic wargame with an autumn ETA) didn't exist.
  12. It looks old, it plays old, the music is just annoying, the cut scenes are poor, the video sequences of amateur re-enactors, and the sound doesn’t utilize modern systems like EAX.
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  1. Jul 20, 2014
    This game is a perfect old time rts. Cossacks 2 bfe has all what a strategy loving player needs. You have fast economy (building your base inThis game is a perfect old time rts. Cossacks 2 bfe has all what a strategy loving player needs. You have fast economy (building your base in 10 minutes). Massive battles with over 5000 units!!! Perfect tactics, units have formations, morale, stamina.
    Realistic terrain tactics, like trees make you lose accuracy, you cant shoot over building (only artillery), standing on highland increases the range of your units, units can lose formation and be forced to flee. Each unit can either shoot and reload or fight melee.
    Realistic economy, shooting is based on resources, you have to have coal to reload. Units can die if you have no food. To get resources you have to defeat and control villages, resources are delivered by mules which gives another tactical advantage.

    Overall i rate this game 10/10 because it is military/tactic focused. Graphic has practically no requirements. Gives you massive battles and lots of tactical possibilities.

    Single player - AI is plain stupid
    Multiplayer - very few players

    Buy this game, and tell your friends to buy it too, get more players because this game is worth saving!

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