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  1. Mar 26, 2011
    Crysis 2 delivers an overall superior experience and immersion in comparsion with its predecessors, Crysis and Warhead. A better and more immersive story (which is quite long), more fun gameplay and just gorgeously looking visuals combined with a really fun arcade-type of multiplayer delivers hours of fun. There's no denying that the game has been 'consolified' in certain ways (no open worlds, more heavy use of scripting to deliver a more immersive cinematical action experience, less optional suit powers) but in Crysis 2's case this is for the better as the game is leaps ahead of Crysis in the overall enjoyment you get when you're playing the game. Expand
  2. Mar 26, 2011
    Crysis 2 is a premium quality game. I am really enjoying it. DX 11 would be nice, but the whole package is so good that it still deserves high praise. With so many PC users downloading pirated versions of the original, I can see why they had to make something that catered to consoles as well as PC 's. I hope it sells gangbusters, because the developer and publisher really deserve to be rewarded for making a game that actually lives up to the hype. Crysis 2 seriously rocks! Expand
  3. Mar 26, 2011
    I like how strength and speed are now integrated with running and jumping and melee now. The graphics are ridiculous. I don't know how my computer is handling this without slowdown, but bravo Crytek.
  4. May 13, 2011
    Crysis 1 was much better. Some of the new guns are great. On the other hand they made the nano suit weaker, it doesnt even compare to what it used to be. Now there are no more individual modes for speed and power. They merged those into the default mode and made the effects much weaker in the process. You cant turn on strength mode and throw an enemy 50 yards.. :( ...Throwing up prey and shooting them on the way down was one of my favorite things to do in C1.. The invisibility is not as good either, you can see the octogonal weave armor grid when its on. As well when you turn on armor lock the armor grid comes up on the screen obstructing the vission.. The online feels as if its streamlined perk wise just as COD. Online isnt as good either. It gets a nine souly for the single player. People that never played C1 will drop their jaws. C1 gamers will not be uninstalling C1 anytime soon Expand
  5. Apr 19, 2011
    In my opinion this game was fantastic. Altough it was a console port, it had a really thrilling singleplayer campaign. i loved to play trough the campaign. the multiplayer is a big letdown, because it is very generic and static with only the nanosuit functions that are to little to hold a whole mp game :)
  6. Mar 22, 2011
    Apart from the lack of DX11, which does just a minor enhancement on graphics with a heavy FPS drop, and yet only 5% of players have DX11 ready PC's

    and playing a game for the graphics is like drinking a soup because you like the spoon

    Crysis is not about graphics, but about the options and gameplay tactics it gives you rather than a linear scripted campaign
  7. Mar 22, 2011
    Way to much comparison to previous title, really its a different game. i like it for what it is. and its great fun, not concerned with the bits and pieces that don't really matter, all that should concern people is how much of my money was this game really worth, and how much time will i spend on it before i get bored and How fun is this game and how cool is multiplayer?.. everything else is fanboy and flamer rubbish. +1: It looks great, its a fun place to visit and stay at for awhile when you want to play a game because the visuals are endearing and detailed environments are gorgeous +2: Its fun semi sandbox feel, Its a first person shooter with some freedom to do more then your average shooter, so it makes it allot more fun when you in the mood for a fps. also boosts your strategies capabilities +3:Sounds awesome: music to the ambients to the guns, more immersion in this area to keep your time in game juicy. +4: Nano suit feels a little weak: but it makes you think, and eventually people will begin to understand it, and able to pull some cool stuff off, timing is everything, no brains no glory in this one. -1: Levels could have been BIGGER, but keep a tense feel and allows for much more detailing the areas your in, -2 Combat animations when doing takedowns need polish. yet this can be patched. -3 Enemy Ai needs polish there are some moments when they seem confused, again patch can fix this. -4 Unfortunately, because of there first game they damned themselves to being compared to it, its not a sandbox, Nanosuit is weak, Wheres my cake, there missing a decimal point in the coding associated wit the graphics output on my whats it. so don't read these reviews as a deal breaker, play the game, make your own decision, if you play. ill see you in multiplayer. thanks, and have a good one. Expand
  8. Apr 2, 2011
    Crysis 2 is fantastic game.
    - Gameplay is very fun and deep.
    - Superb visuals and music.
    - Multiplayer is awesome.
    - Outstanding campaign.
    - 9-11 hours for campaign.
  9. Jul 8, 2011
    Brilliant game and with the latest update it easily becomes one of the best graphical games of our time!!!! Good story!!! Awesome gameplay!!! Cool guns and the best of all is that super suit!!!
  10. Mar 31, 2011
    Great game. It's well polished and has very well planned and implemented game mechanics. The singleplayer was engaging and allowed multiple playstyles. It runs smooth as silk where other lesser looking games( namely Black Ops) have faltered and fell flat on their faces. For a new game, it only crashed twice for 10 hours of gameplay. The only thing holding it back is the need for some imminent bug-squashing in the multiplayer portion. Hackers have also run amock and hopefully Crytek will bring their A-game. Also the melee hit detection seems to be a bit off, but otherwise it plays just fine and in a hacker-free match the game is as close to perfect as I've seen. Expand
  11. Apr 4, 2011
    First of all, if this is the first time you've heard about this game, than you've probably heard that it is the sequel to 2007-8 Crysis and Crysis Warhead. If so, I invite you to buy both of those (you can probably get both of them nowadays on Ebay for about $10 bucks) and compare them to this game.When you do that you will see what I mean when I say that Crysis 2 is far from what is used to be. How far? Very far. So far in fact, that this game has absolutely nothing to do with the original in neither plot nor design. And for the most part, has nothing to do with the original in quality. This is a totally different game, in a sense that it is multiple steps behind the original Crysis. First of all the graphics are choppy and rectangular, there are no fine textures, shadows, or detail whatsowever. Trees will not fall when you shoot them, there are no weapon attachments, enhancements or can modify a weapon to your liking when you want to. There is no stealth, enemies charge you at all times, hidden or not, cloaked or not. There is lots of motion blur to cover up it graphic de evolution. AS for the new story, it is a mash up of post apocalyptic infected zombie movies, Call of Duty cliches, and your standard average first person shooter linear gameplay and story. The original story is gone, Prophet dies, but is not the original Prophet. No Aliens, instead alien virus infects humanity and they turn into zombies. Weapons resemble call of duty weapons, objectives resemble call of duty objectives, all you do is shoot your way through them, get there, shoot your way to the next, rinse, repeat...then game ends. No creativity, no art, no thinking.

    In short, what Crytek was once as a studio is dead, replaced by overzealous, greedy and gluttonous businessmen trying to make a quick buck with the least common denominator. This review ends here.
  12. Mar 27, 2011
    this is a rare game, it is so far ahead of its rival fps (halo, cod, killzone) that it will take them a while to recover. amazing graphics, multiplayer, suit powers, evolved combat, gripping story, this gem has it all. ive just completed the campaign (which is currently the best fps campaign i have ever played through) and all i can think about is starting it all over again. beware though, this is not an easily accessible game for inexperienced players, the difficulty is fairly high and the controls are complex. personally i like the complex approach because it lets you feel like an adult playing the game and not a child. which brings me to the multiplayer, there are basically only older gamers playing this, which steepens the difficulty of the matches 10 fold. so if you are an experienced gamer and looking for the definitive fps experience pick this one up, you wont be disappointed one bit. amazing. Expand
  13. Mar 26, 2011
    Let's get the facts on the table: graphics do NOT make a good game. Good gameplay, good story and good mulitplayer make a good game, among other things. Sure, Crysis 2 might not be as graphically impressive as its predecessor, but that's far from reason enough to give it an abysmally low score (This is a fair warning to anyone reading the 0/10 scores; they have no credibility at all. They're just butthurt fans doing the little damage they can muster). Of all the games I possess, Crysis 2 has to be one of the top 10, if not top 5. The graphics are good, maybe even great, but still not as impressive as the first game. But it's not far from the first, by no means. There are some hiccups here and there, like low-resolution textures and models popping up all of a sudden, but they are so few and far in between that you won't really be bothered by it.

    The soundtrack really captures the scenario and gives you the appropriate feeling. Why shouldn't it? Just the introduction theme reeks of good quality and Hans Zimmer has helped make one or two of the tracks as well so you're sure to love it.

    Gameplay wise it plays a lot like the first game. The nano-suit is back, this time more streamlined than the first, giving all the four suit powers its own hot-key. By sprinting you automatically activate speed, holding the space bar and grabbing stuff activates super strength so you can jump really high and throw really far. No suit power is active by default, like the armor was in Crysis, so that is also a hotkey enabled power now. Unlike the first game, it gives you an insanely sturdy suit, for the cost of energy. Cloak is probably the most familiar power, making you invisible for as long as the suit has energy. This setup now gives you the opportunity to use several powers at once, like cloaking and running fast, or throwing enemies while super-armored. That was impossible in the first Crysis.

    The single player campaign is a fantastic marvel. It gets you through many of New York's streets, and there are a bunch of plot twists in the story too. The voice acting is nice (except for the introduction sequence), and the facial animations fit the voices well. There are a bunch of likable characters, a few bastards you just love to hate and the aliens are a tough bunch of creeps. I won't spoil the story so I'll quit it here.

    Mulitplayer wise, it plays a bit like Call of Duty I think. I have never played a CoD game, but that's what I've been told. There are quite a lot of game modes to choose from (team deathmatch, capture the flag, king of the hill, etc.) and a load of maps these modes can be played in as well. If you play well, you can get additional perks on the playing field. If you collect enough of the enemies' dog tags (by killing them and collecting it from where they died) you can hack into the enemy radar and have them shown on your own. You can also summon a strong laser that fries any opponent in its way, and just for kicks, you can summon an alien gunship that hovers around and blasts any enemy it sees to kingdom come. I, and many others, usually die before getting that far, so it's not a common phenomenon. Lastly, if you want a game that looks good, plays good, sounds good and feels good, go with Crysis 2. It's definitely worth the price!
  14. Mar 22, 2011
    Incred. game, and absolutely gorgeous on extreme, especially with DX9 tech, Once they add the DX11 patch it will blow away your eyes. This is the best FPS so far 2011 & will only be brought down by Battlefield 3 and RAGE. While the MP demo made me feel like it was a direct CoD rip-off as soon as I loaded it up and saw the loadout I got angry! then I played it and having become tired of CoD during MW2(sux) then got caught into buying BO due to hype (even though still into BC2)played the SP was alright hollywood ride then played MP & quit after I prest. once as it was the same recylced trash

    Crysis1 MP was similar to BF, and I feel Crysis 2 takes mostly CoD elements but adds the craziness of SP to create a MP experience that is quite amazingly gun in comparison. Its the same class of MP shooter as CoD in its style, but adds elements that perhaps CoD should have thought of if they didn't want the communtiy flop that was BO and the destined to fail MW3 (about the destined to fail MW3 and Raven software's mediocre history and how it applies to Crysis 2's innovative success)
    (Sledgehammer who? new IW who? and Raven Software (All they every did was damage ID's FLAWLESS image with the mediocre Quake 4, and new Wolfenstein....) CoD is going to be a terrible experience this year, 3 gaming companies and the only one that knows what they are doing - has only put out mediocre material the entire time they've been a company. (Q4 MP was good, but people would easily rather jump back on Quake 3, or one of the UT2k's and by the time UT3 came out, Q4's MP was mute, and Quake Live brought new life into Q3's community base killing the already dead Q4 player base.... - Wolfenstiens MP had promise but was so.... bland.... so Good Luck CoD, I believe MW3 will be the last or second to last most likely CoD title before Activision kills it like they killed guitar hero.) -- Basically Activi$on is going to play it as safe as possible to reach the same high sales as BO. I believe the next CoD will fail to meet the desired sales. If not with MW3 (may sell high due to having MW in the name, even though us gamers aren't stupid and know we have 2 dev teams with no backround (EXCEPT THE NEW TOMB RAIDER! LOVE THE NEW IW TEAM LOL!) and Raven, if Raven could Tarnish ID's flawless innovative history - then you can automatically expect they will make a mediocre "play it safe" design even worse, from mediocre to absolutely awful.

    Thats Raven For You... they aren't known for MP like ID, Epic, Valve, or ESPECIALLY DICE are. I believe Crytek is now one of the companies that now hits that list of developers with Crysis 2's brilliant MP.
    5 different game modes, and rather than being able to snipe on top of a building and get some type of uber kill streak, you have to go collect all the dog-tags of the enemies you kill for it to count towards your Kill Streak. This balances it out, so the sniper who was nice and comfortable can't just call in a chopper "Ceph Gunship?" I believe the spelling is
  15. Apr 8, 2011
    !Before i begin, let me state that i loved the original crysis too! This game is getting a 9 being viewed as a completely new entity, if i compare it to the original it gets a 5. As shooters go, this is a very tight, action packed and thrilling ride, the short campaign being the only let down for it. However, short as it may be, the campaign is fast paced, constantly keeping you on your toes. The nanosuit has been drastically changed, but for the better in my opinion, now suit modes are triggered by the touch of a button (at the expense of leaning left/right, which are essentially useless as long as you have a cloak anyway)
    The only remaining definite modes are armour and cloak, the rest are implemented into the suit's common usage (eg: max speed is your normal sprint, max strength kicks in only when you hold down melee, or jump). This may sound like a step backwards, but it actually allows for the game to feel much more free flowing and effortless.
    The AI is questionable, as alot of effort has been put into it to make it react in cool ways to certain things such as uncloaking in front of an enemy etc, however ive often run into situations where you shoot a guy and then everyone on the floor of the building you are in runs to the same doorway, only to be shot without you even tethering your aim.
    This doesnt always happen, but its a problem that should be fixed. Other than that the AI is very impressive and an improvement over the original.
    A visor function replaces your binocs in this game, which is handy as it suggests tactical options to assist you getting to your objectives.
    Nightvision is replaced with Nanovision, which is more like thermal goggles, useful for spotting camoflaged and cloaked enemies (especially online!).

    The campaign itself is rewarding to play through, and much more fluent than the original, but the game is considerably more linear to boot.

    !(the aliens in this game are about 90% less annoying too, and wont waste all your bullets)!

    The multiplayer offers considerably less than the previous title, and as stated by numerous others is essentially a cod:mw2 clone (in fact one map is practically THE SAME as a map on cod:mw2!), however if you are more into your run and gun FFA, TDM and CP type matches, this multiplayer might appeal more to you. The added bonus of the suit powers spices up the gameplay a good bit.

    In Conclusion, this game is a must have for any fps fan, however fans of the original who are looking for more of the same are going to be let down.
    If you disliked the original crysis, dont shoot this one down in flames, it's completely different, and more resemblant of cod4 and killzone 2 gameplay.
    I didnt realise how much fun kicking cars at aliens was until i played this game.
  16. Aug 17, 2012
    [Crysis2 / Steam PC / Score 10] This is a great Action game with a genuine blend of pure stealth sequences followed by hectic Arena style run and gun. As a follow up story to Crysis&Warhead be advised that Crysis2 is a different game; not better or worse - just different. While the first games had much more open environments Crysis 2 shapes your path from one battle Arena to the next. Use of the Stealth suit with all of its functions is again the key to getting anything done and this is a lot of Fun. Two thumbs up to Crytek - I will play all of your games from now on. Released by Crytek / EA 2011.03 and played 18 months later. [DRM] Steam only and I did not have to create an account with EA [Story] As a soldier you battle the Aliens and the military-industrial complex mercs (yada yada yada) survive to save the day (you are the hero). The story details are cohesive and lightly engaging - and mostly do not get in the way of shootin : ) [Challenges] Move from one scenario to the next and experience the very well designed battle Arenas that provide many opportunities to play Your style of a fight - as long as you keep moving. Each weapon has its own mechanics and learning each one is part of the game; some are frustratingly slow - as is usual for higher powered weapons. AI is generally weak on attention span and quite forgiving when you stealth - but there are often so many opponents that you can be overrun. On normal difficulty I was reloading regularly - and that is forced me to learn and adapt. The game saves at waypoints and it works out just fine - it allows you to stay in the game and stops you from creep-saving. The HUD has a huge amount of information - daunting at first but very useful once you have the groove. The only RPG element is upgrading the stealth suit - and the most useful upgrades can be had for little experience. I did not upgrade the suit to its maximum and still got through the game OK - again the skill is really You mastering the suite of suit skills, the HUD and the timing. [Game time] 20 hrs. To really appreciate this game you will want to replay and try different tactics - and let me mention that you get to use your upgraded suit from the first play - Sweet! [Hollywood Production] Everything about this game is big Big BIG - audio, graphics and game mechanics. The combined information load is very high; I had to take breaks. I always play with headphones: The music was grandiose but not that remarkable - maybe that is personal to me. I was able to remap keys easily and they correctly showed up in the on-screen instructions. [Play Crysis2] if you are a seasoned FPS dog or you enjoyed the originals Crysis&Warhead. [MyPC] i7-2600K 3.4GHz / ASUS Z68 ProGen3 / 8Gig RAM / Radeon 6870 / W7 PRO SP1 / Samsung 275T @1920x1200 / G15 / ExpertMouse. [MyFavorites] [PC Win7] TheDreamMachine Crysis&Warhead&Crysis2 JustCause2 Rage [PC XP] DeuxExHumanRevolution&TheMissingLink DeadSpace1&2 Fallout3&NewVegas HalfLife1&2 Bordelands BatmanArkumAsylum AssassinsCreed1 Magicka RedFaction Portal1&2 FromDust MrRobot Sam&MaxSeasons1&2 CulpaInnata TheSecretOfMonkeyIsland DreamfallTheLongestJourney Syberia1&2 CrayonPhysicsDeluxe DefenseGridTheAwakening PlantsVsZombies Prototype Bioshock1&2 UnrealTournament3 Quake4 [360] AfroSamurai BrutalLegends [XBOX] HALO KOTOR1&2 Crackdown ArmedAndDangerous AggressiveInline BeyondGoodAndEvil DeadOrAlive1&2&3&ExtremeBeachVolleyball Psychonauts [AppleG4] DeusExMachina ReturnToZork Suspended UnrealTournament TombRaiderSeries [Born] 1964 Expand
  17. KON
    Mar 25, 2011
    Crysis 2 has both unique and stealth combat for incoming battles with a long campaign storyline and hopefully free world roaming. The graphics are much more intense and requires less requirements than the original Crysis. Better graphics and a lower graphics requirement? Go, go Crysis 2.
  18. Mar 22, 2011
    Crysis 2 is wonderful. I've played all of Crytek's games, for fun and as graphical benchmarks. Crysis 2 does not disappoint. It is not Crysis or Crysis: Warhead. It is not Crysis Wars. it is Crysis 2. And like every single Crytek release, it is really good.

    I know well the inevitable pocket of naysayers that come out of the woodwork when a *gasp* GOOD GAME comes out on multiple
    platforms simultaneously (i.e. Deskrit). To you fellow PC nerds who are still pissed they spent too much money on a pair of 8800's right before the 9800's came out so you could play Crysis like a big boy: Shut the hell up. Stand back and look at the big picture. Games are profitable. To game companies, your personal game fantasy is dwarfed in importance by money. Given the state of modern video game publishing / distribution, we are lucky to have single-player campaigns like Crysis 2 on the market today. Expand
  19. May 21, 2011
    Quite nicely done, quite lifelike. Done this with the hardcore settings. Surprisingly, there is no animation bug or hands going through an enemy (seen from Stealth Kill), unlike *cough* assassin's creed*cough*. (8/10)

    So far, it's really good. This has a really good gameplay; nanosuits, thermal-vision, and the wallhack-visor (yeah, it can highlight enemies through
    wall). On-the-fly weapon customization is also a good aspect, as some dudes need to toggle between silencer, grenade launcher, shotty, gauss or neither. Oh yeah, by the way, I like stealth-toggling in the middle of the fight.(10/10)

    They behaved like they're supposed to. Friendlies are a major helping-hand or as I like to call it, decoys. It's not like they can win against an alien invasion with a small-caliber gun alone right? (9/10)

    This is the not-so-major downfall. While the main story is good, there's too little clarity on what's going on. Otherwise, it's a good game. (8/10)
  20. Apr 6, 2011
    Amazing campaign, I definitely this game was definitely a step up from the previous, can't wait to see what Crytek delivers with Crysis 3. The campaign trail was a bit narrow but it was much more challenging than most games as the AI is much more intelligent and very reactive to you. Even on normal there were some challenges in the game. Haven't tried multiplayer but I'm sure the suit will make for a new and interesting change to your average mulitplayer mechanic. A must buy for anyone who loves the Crysis story Expand
  21. Mar 22, 2011
    Crysis 2 is an awesome experience. I bought the Xbox360 and PC version and I enjoy each platform. Very well visuals, design and story. I can highly recommend it. Great value compared to other recent games out there.
  22. Mar 22, 2011
    Crysis 2 offers great fun. It looks amazing and plays very well. I do not know how somebody can give it low scores frankly. Nanosuit is probably the best invention in recent years in video games. It offers many options to play the game. The MP is also phantastic. Crytek kept its promise and delivered a great game. Definitely worth to buy it.
  23. Apr 21, 2011
    Many PC Gamers have utterly missed the point about Crysis 2. What this game has shown is, few have taken into account. For example, while it does run on DirectX 9, it does so beautifully. Crysis 2 shows PC gamers that DirectX 9 is still way under utilized and still has potential in gaming today. Check any specs when running a game with DirectX 10 and you will see that it runs at a lower fps than DirectX 9 or DirectX 11. Crysis 1 used ether DirectX 9 or 10. However, the lighting, water effects, and shading that Crysis 2 accomplishes with DirectX 9 is simply astounding and reveals a fundamental flaw with PC game developers. Rushing to use a new technology, such as DirectX 10 and 11, often keeps developers from pushing the limits of previous technology. My second comment is about the graphics. I ran both Crysis 1 and 2 on Very High. While some of the scenery textures in Crysis 1 were more noticeable, this was due to it being completely jungle warfare. Of course gamers will notice a difference in graphics when everything is plant life. However, in the city, I have noticed very little to compare, texturally speaking, to the original. The city buildings and characters in the game are wonderfully textured. I feel that Crysis 2 is smoother and utilizes the hardware much better than the original. The textures seem to impact the fps far less than Crysis 1. And, anyone who doesn't notice that the suit looks 10x better than it did in Crysis 1, needs to look again. The volumetric smoke is so realistic, I watched a car burning for several minutes.

    As far as linear versus sandbox play, I will say that gamers are missing the point again. This is urban combat and options are limited compared to fighting in the jungle or on an island. The simple reasoning is, you are in a symbiotic suit. It is directing you rather than you controlling it, as you did in Crysis 1. Also, it is up to you how to approach each situation. Do you take the soldiers out one by one stealthily or do you wage open combat with all at once? Do you take a shortcut through the stores, or do you take the walkway above? The suit shows you the best route to go, often recalculating for some obstacle. It is a beautiful combination of symbiosis and free will.

    Overall, I did not buy this game outright until a few weeks after release. This is because I was discouraged by the reviews. However, I really feel the bigger picture is being missed.

    1) DirectX 9 has potential and was never pushed to its limits, until now.
    2) Island terrain will never compare, texture-wise, to urban terrain.
    3) Sandbox-jungle warfare is far different than semi-linear urban combat.
    4) Developers are not pushing current technology enough without skipping right to next-gen, often leaving behind some of the greatest potential in gaming and resource utilization.

    I give it a 10. I just wish they would have done this with Crysis 1. Which I now play on DirectX 9 and find it, still, quite amazing.
  24. Mar 23, 2011
    I don't give a damn about DirectX 11 since I don't even have a DX11 GPU, so the only flaw of this game is that it has no editor. Still, not much of a loss there, since they are going to add it. The rest of the game is great.
  25. Mar 22, 2011
    9.5/10 rounded up to a 10, will be a 10 once DX11 patch comes out. Similar to a review by another user I also have a similar build but only have 1 Nvidia MSI 560 Ti and its incredible, I accidently got a Crossfire Motherboard as it was MSI's newest MoBo for the AMD 6 core with USB 3.0 and sata 6.0 etc, and it wasn't labled for SLI or Crossfire on New-Egg at the time, just said "Dual Video Card" - I thought perhaps it was a first (to my knowledge) that supported either SLI or Crossfire, since any mobo will take an Nvidia Card or a (cough crap) Radeon Card. --- the 560 Ti (esp MSI's gorgeous military component that runs at 21C running through browsers etc, and never above 35-38ish even after 5-6 hours of heavy load. I have 16 gigs of Ripjaws as well, I am not sure which AMD 6 core he had it sounded like he had the one above mine, but I have the AMD 1090T Black Edition which works awesome looking at all 6 cores as you convert a movie or render something down, seeing each CPU in usage is just plain awesome.... This was a machine built for the same reasons Winds was.. for DX11 games at the absolute smoothest.

    Unfortuantely, Crysis 2 loses .5 points until DX11 is patched in- if DX9 looks this amazing and i ran it on 32 bit for some reason (I'm on windows 7 64bit, I just looked up a STEAM guide to get it to run in 64) also makes a difference but Graphics are gorgeous, I played about 45-60 minutes of SP before class, and about 2 hours of Multiplayer. I agree with the CoD similarities but improving upon them. MP is the most fun I've had since BC2 was released!! thats saying alot! and while its Basically Crysis 1 in New York City, it feels like a game changer that is unique to the genre at the moment like the stellar (but not as epic as C2) Bulletstorm.

    For now Crysis 2's 12-14 hour (supposed) SP, and I know I'll hit in 100+ hours into MP, if I have 800 hours logged into BC2, will hold people off until some of the later this year DX11 amazing released like Battlefield 3 (Shows DICE cares about PC first with this release, while Crysis 2 felt like it cared about Consoles first ('$$$$$$'). BF3 will be the biggest FPS this year in terms of MP (but id you see the shadowing and lighting?!) and for SP the biggest and most bad-ass will be ID Software's RAGE! (Curious as to wether or not it will have MP, and if it does - maybe it will be equal to BF3 just in a different way as I adore the Quake / UT styles that maybe RAGE will do, or perhaps it will have a crazy co-op or a huge MP.. or none at all! Don't know but these are the biggest games I am looking forward to after Crysis 2.

    Thus far I was dissapointed with how I could do use the red barrels and exploding cars to blow up buildings like in the jungle of Crysis 1!!! with that said, explosions are very satisfying as is the gunplay, and it seems a more RPG like system is added for unlocks in SP. The shooting feels pretty damn satisfying, and killing humans feels equally satisfying, especially in stealth mode, I love throwing an enemy into another and blasting them, or using the POWER HIT (best new addition along with the jump stomp) cars... pfft they are FN weapons now aside from explosions.. Power Hit a car into a group of 5 enemies and crush the limbs.

    Good ragdoll physics, but coulda used PHYSx by Nvidia, Water looks Excellent but CUDA would have been nice.... everything looks great on Extreme 1920x1080 resolution 60refresh vysnc off... Can't wait to see how it looks with DX11 patch, hopefully we'll get a high res pack dx11 with it aside from just the tesselation and shadow benefits (which are worth it on its own!) but like Dragon Age 2 (phenominal game and amazing looking in DX11 with the High-Rez DX11 pack released AT LAUNCH CRYTEK LEARN FROM BIOWARE) -cough- DA1 plays DX9 on consoles, and so does Crysis 2... and it does on PC only 9 not even 10! right now... so naturally even though it looks quite amazing - If it CAN look better with a High resolution pack for DX11 (DA2's needed a 1gig GPU minumum to run the pack and needed DX11 GPU) if they do the same thing my mind WONDERS how gorgeous this game could look when it already is quite stunning..
    last night I installed some of the newer REALLY high quality graphic mods, particle mods, TOD mods, and physics mods for 1 and made the game look damn near life like (on steam if you own Crysis 1 theres news with16 photos of Crysis1 with all these mods on highest hardware highest settingsit looked unbelieveable, if you could tell the rocks and water in the photo or the mud photo (looking down at the ground) from a real photo of the same thing, without knowing prior, Id pay you. This is why I hope Crytek does this with Crysis 2, add a high res pack.... make it look even more amazing like those mods.... get the DX11 patch out ASAP I'm not going to want to run the SP through 2 months from now just because it has DX11 - BF3 Beta(moh preorder) may be out be fast crytek!
  26. Mar 22, 2011
    The graphics are nice, but don't buy yet if you have crossfire or sli video cards, because if you do you can expect an unbelievable amount of light flickering that makes the game unplayable. I can't play single player or multiplayer because it doesn't work. I guess this is the norm for games nowadays. Just release it, then worry about patching it later. Completely unacceptable.
  27. Apr 2, 2011
    Crysis 2 is a hell of a game and is better than most fps shooters out there. The Biggest problem is the lack of care for the pc community and more care for the consoles. You see there is no DX11 , limited graphics options and it is a console port. SINGLEPLAYER The Story is longer than most modern fps shooters and is immersing and fun. The New nanosuit is a good change from the first game and is a lot more fluid in combat as you can change the modes very quickly with the q or e buttons on your keyboard.It is approximately 15 to 20 hours long.
    The voice acting is very good and the faces of the people are impressively presented.
    The Graphics are brilliant but could be better with dx 11 and more graphical options as the only option are Gamer,Advanced and Extreme.


    The Multiplayer of crysis 2 is excellent and is a lot better than the fps shooters out there today.There are approximately 50 unlocks including armour, stealth and power modules.There are probably alot more because of dog tags unlocks aswell.
    The Maps are well made and contain some good little extra hiding spots.
    The Biggest problem with multiplayer is that the servers dont work properly and so it takes a lot of time to get in a game there is a patch that has been said to come soon that will fix this problem.


    Overall Crysis 2 is a Wicked game which has been brought down in rank because crytek decided to release for consoles so pc comes 3rd AGAIN.
    I hope there is a patch for DX 11 out soon but there is no real point of releasing it in a patch because some people are already halfway through.
    In my opinion there really should have had DX 11 at the release.
  28. May 18, 2011
    Overall i had a lot of Fun with Crysis 2, i am basing this solely on Single player as PSN is down so no multi player for me. Having played Crysis and warhead on PC it did take an initial adjustment period to adjust to the subdued graphics but once i settled into the fact that this was on Console i found it rewarding and enjoyable. The sound in this game is unreal when played through a Good surround setup and that alone is worth the price of admission luckily the game play is a blast too Expand
  29. Mar 26, 2011
    Great game no matter what people say, this is my opinion and they have theirs. The story line was GOOD, the character design, acting and etc was very good, the AI was generally good, but the multiplayer... That is a problem with this game. It feels like the game is unbalanced in some ways and you find yourself in the same position almost every-time; on the ground. The graphics are amazing, the cut-scenes were amazing and everything else in this game was amazing. I love how they brought back the "on the go" weapon/suit module customization. I say pick this game up if you like a good story line, don't mind the others who are mad because the free roam got taken out; It's still an awesome game. Expand
  30. Apr 15, 2011
    Best game I have played in a long time, people who said it sucked is just trying to go against the current because it is a great game. The graphics, gameplay, and music makes this an A+ game.
  31. Mar 23, 2011
    This game is just as good as the first. It's a different game, but still is unqiue compared to every other fps game out there thanks to the nanosuit. The haters that claim it's a console port are just ignorant fools. The demo was ported, not the real game. The only real downside is there is no editor, however the leak had an editor which is a good sign we will get it when it's ready. The Graphics, gameplay. SOUND (very very good in 5.1), physics, ect ect are all top of the line as usual from Crytek. One other tiny downside is the lack of customizability in the graphics options, the first game had per-object motion blur which made it look like a freaking movie, this game just has 1 level of motion blur that still looks good but not as good as the first's per-object. The mp is NOT like CoD. It's tactical low-players small maps like Crysis Wars. The only similiar to CoD is kill spree bonuses except you actually have to walk over to where your target died to get it. I've barely seen anyone actually use anything other than due to this. The nanosuit customizbility is great and thanks to the nanosuit it actually takes some thought to win, rather than just spray and pray. This game is a 8.5 MINIMUM...I'd personally give it a 9, but imo...anyone that hates this game is either just terrible at it due to the amount of thought required...or they're PC elitists that want DX11 which is already confirmed to be coming out in a patch. This isnt the first game where DX11 wasn't available at wont be the last either. I have to give this a 10 due to the unfair low ratings people are giving it based on lack of DX11 Expand
  32. Mar 24, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Absolutely worth the money, the story is blockbuster like and the graphics are absolutely acceptable and IMO superior to Crysis (even though its dx9 only). I've enjoyed every second of gameplay so far, and as the story continues the game gets more and more thrilling and amazing. The new Nanosuit 2.0 is better than the first one and it definitely adds a big unique part to the game (Speed & Strength mode activated automatically). The game runs perfectly here on Extreme @ 1920x1080 and I believe it does so on many other pcs too. It will definitely glue me to the PC for a lot of days! Expand
  33. Mar 22, 2011
    It's beautiful. I wish I could contact the development team and tell them what an amazing game they've created and how much freakin' fun it is! I do take off points because it's EA, but Crytek did a fantastic job.

    It feels like you're in a movie, a movie that doesn't suck! This is like The Empire Strikes Back - of games. I just can't get over the graphics and how amazing New York City
    looks being taken over by alien and militia who want me dead! The gameplay is just like any other (good) FPS with added nano suit goodies to make the experience much more exciting. I wish I could say more but..I'm going to go back and play. Play it before you QQ about it folks, this game is the sh*t! Expand
  34. Mar 22, 2011
    Crysis 2 is a very good game. It has a good story, good game play (thanks to the nanosuit), good AI and all combined in a nice graphic package. On top of this it gives you a very nice MP. Some facts: Single player is around 10-15h, 1 suit (armour, stealth and tactical modus), lots of weapons, more then 12 suit upgrades, lots of cinematic. Lots of (on the fly) upgradable weapons. Breakable environment. 50 Level multi player with lots of unlock-able stuff. Expand
  35. Mar 22, 2011
    Just like its predecessor, Crysis provides both a unique and engaging premise for its campaign and top-notch graphics that once again raises the graphical benchmark for gaming. Well, kind of. It may not appear as instantly striking in terms of awesomness the original did with its lush, tropical setting but it's in the finer details and when things really escalate in the single player that will blow your mind. The sheer 'destructional' splendour of New York under alien siege has to be seen and played to behold. Seeing screenshots and a few gameplay trailers does not do it justice unless you're sitting there, at your desktop, plugged into your HDTV or whatever, with full surround-sound and maybe even 3D, escaping a sinking sub yourself. This being said, graphics don't make a game. And with such refined gameplay, it sure as hell doesn't make Crysis 2.

    For the core gameplay of Crysis 2, I was initially disappointed about the nanosuit's powers being reduced to stealth and armour. That quickly changed, however. Having a button for each made switching between the two far more fluid than Crysis 1. On top of this, it adds a lovely twist and breath of fresh air to what is essentially your typical combat multiplayer affair. That being said, it is a step down from the large scale frantic antics of the original. But it's this added layer of depth to the tried and tested 'CoD-style' multiplayer offering that lends it an advantage.

    But it was the single-player, like its predecessor, I bought it for. The original garnered some criticism to its rather basic plot, but having never seen it done so well, or in a videogame for that matter, it didn't hinder the experience one bit. Crysis 2, however, propels the Crysis universe onto a whole new level. It's obvious a hell of a lot more thought has been put into it. It's more complex, deeper and smart and makes for infinitely more compelling game. Couple this with the unique and shockingly-real depiction of an apocalyptic New York and well... I can't even begin to explain how awesome it is
  36. Mar 22, 2011
    HurDurImADragon doesn't know what the heck he is talking about, he probably got pwnd by some noob with a shotgun and now he is crying and taking out his anger by writing a bogus review on Metacritic. HurDurImADragon grab some tissues and get a life.
  37. Mar 22, 2011
    Excellent gameplay. It's about time we had a new fps that plays well straight out of the box. Great graphics - can't complain like others have about them not being as cutting edge cos the game flows that well it looks seamless. If you have a half decent rig you will melt into it with graphics and gameplay combining to give a very immersive experience. There are plenty of lame zeros turning up already and even if some are broken hearted about their issues with the lack of DX11 etc. they should at least have the honesty to give it an average 5. I guess if they can't have the candy they want they wanna discourage others from biting into this - If you're a true gamer then you'll love this. If you're more bothered about whether this works your video card then you probably need to stay away. Expand
  38. Mar 23, 2011
    Most people who gave this game a 0 have probably never played this game or never considered giving it a serious review. If you really spent 60 bucks and also invested a considerable amount of hours into this game, you will most likely not give it a 0 and say how much it sucks. You may not like parts of it, but no matter you dislike some elements of this game, it doesn't warrant a 0, does it? For one, yes the CryEngine 3 has been optimized for consoles, but that doesn't really make it a bad game does it? Why would anyone be ignorant enough to claim PC as superior over consoles is beyond me. As for the game itself, you can't really focus on a single element and spin a whole story out of that. The game is a package, comprised of the graphics, AI, game play mechanics, sound, presentation and most importantly, did you have fun playing this game? Isn't that what it all boils down to? Whether or not you had a good time playing a video game? If you genuinely had a blast playing this game then it's a good game for "you". I would bet that if the setting remained as a Jungle, there would probably be a bunch of people whining about how this game didn't change or that it's the same old boring setting, why can't people try new things? The Good:

    The Nano Catalyst system is unique that it gives the player a feeling of purpose when they gun down an enemy Ceph, it's akin to collecting loot off of fallen enemies in traditional RPG games, loot that you can use to upgrade yourself.

    The enemy AI is considerably well done (depending on your level of difficulty), you feel a genuine sense of variance when fighting the Ceph or the C.E.L.L PMC. The C.E.L.L soldiers uses formations and fights in a coordinated manner. They communicate to each other and uses flanking tactics to overwhelm you. The enemies will also stay in proximity of each other so that trying to break stealth and pick them off one by one can be difficult at times. The Ceph employs a different tactic and uses their agile mobility to their advantage. It's like fighting Zerglings that dash at you with extreme speed. Of course, there are heavy type enemies from both factions, and taking down those behemoths requires careful planning but also rewarding. The graphics are genuinely pleasing to the eye, even with a pretty outdated specs, I could still turn the settings on max and enjoy the brilliant lighting system. The motion blur adds a sense of realism but also simulates how our retinas perceive our surroundings. The music is amazing, sounds kinda creepy at first, but your mind eventually associates it with the game in a brand like fashion. It is also different than the traditional symphonies that most current FPS employs. The multilayer is a also a treat in itself. It may seem complex at first, given that a player have to keep track of when and how to use Armor Mode, Cloaking and his own energy level AS WELL AS his/her enemies using these same abilities. The nanosuit along with the Mirror Edge like parkour moves adds different layers of strategy and play style to what seems to be another "COD" clone.

    The BAD:

    There are some minor graphic/AI glitches that kinda take away the immersion. For example, one C.E.L.L merc threw a grenade then proceeded to run continuously against a wall until I got behind him.

    Unoccupied vehicles remain on your mini map as a potential enemy. Unless it is destroyed, you will always have a sense of false pretense that there are still potential threats in your vicinity. Conclusion

    If you add all the elements together Crysis 2 delivers an excellent experience with mind blowing presentation and engaging game play. However, single elements such as graphics won't necessarily affect your game play experience in significant ways. All in all, I had a great time playing this game, and I'm pretty sure that most (not all) people who actually bought the game will like it too.
  39. Mar 27, 2011
    Excellent game, beautiful to look at even on a mid/low end (GTS450 OC) graphics card, one of the best titles so far this year after the rubbish that was Homefront last week. MP seems a little bugged at present but that will hopefully be inroned out in time, dont hesitate, buy it!
    Unique, engaging and most of all fun to play!
  40. Mar 22, 2011
    dont score crysis 2 badly because of its comparison to the first one! your computers has 1GB of dedicated graphics memory and quad core processing, what does your xbox have?!

    people reviewing this game need to be aware that nathan camarillo said that the xbox build of this game takes over 90% of the consoles memory and that even the music player would not work while playing crysis 2..
    its ASTOUNDING given what it had to work with! as for the comparison to crysis 1, jungles and trees and easier to render than skyscrapers.. if you wanna see this thing play as intended, play the pc version, cos the xbox version has been very scaled down, keep that in mind...

    the graphics are gorgeous and the story is compelling and action packed, probably even better than most movies this year.. the only flaw is the sometimes inactive AI, which only seems to happen in the console versions, although, as explained before, crysis 2 is taking all but the tiniest bits of the console memory to keep those graphics and shaders looking pretty, so as for occasional lapses in the AI, its understandable.. like i said, go get the pc version if you want to experience it as crytek intended.

    get used to this people, because this is THE BENCHMARK of console shooters, atleast until the next gen consoles come out, i dont believe anyone will be able to squeese the xbox 360 any further to create better graphics.. before you review, play the PC version, trust me
  41. Mar 23, 2011
    For me, anyone who disliked this EPIC GAME, either didn't play the Multiplayer-Demo, or doesn't have a system good enough to handle this beast...I mean, you can't "in general" pick out on this game for being bad, it isn't can't aim, or u can't adjust to the complex features in game, I played the Multi-Demo and right away pre-ordered it, and now i am enjoying it...This game beats anything in graphics...GOOD JOB CRYTEK... Expand
  42. Mar 23, 2011
    A true sequel to the first game, though this game doesn't have the PC exclusive features that the first game had, but the story, the graphics and the gameplay are as good as Crysis, if not better. Highly recommended.
  43. Mar 23, 2011
    Crysis 2 - a dynamic, beautiful and very diverse game. It has a good story and thanks to innovations from Crytek you can search through the entire picture of yourself play that takes place in New York ..... the game stands out in a variety of passing and excellent multiplayer ... it really superblokbaster 2011
  44. Mar 23, 2011
    This is an incredible game, 10/10 was given because the storyline is absolutely amazing and the graphics involved in this game are the greatest i've ever seen, this is because i didnt play crysis 1. This game running on xbox just isnt as good, everything runs well but things are dubbed down, i play it on pc on max settings and it is incredible. The online is my favourite part and is definately one to keep gamers playing because there isnt anything thats overpowered as of now, everything is well tuned and the maps are very nice to play/look at. They also removed camping which is an amazing achievement and i hope for it to be displayed in other games in the future Expand
  45. Jun 28, 2011
    The first time. I review I have give 0, I made a mistake that game is easily 10 score with the directx 11 enhancement + High res texture + audio + very good script + music score. plus I have experience no bug at all, game of the year
  46. Mar 23, 2011
    It is quite disappointing to see a score of "0" on Crysis 2 because, quite frankly, that isn't possible. The game boasts great graphics, solid gameplay and an engaging storyline. As a PC gamer, it falls short for me in a few areas, however. The lack of DX11 support and adjustable graphics settings makes me feel a little short changed and the confused and disoriented A.I. takes a little from the overall experience. I feel like this game was rushed to production and could have used a little more time for development. Overall, the game is excellent, but could have been better. Expand
  47. Mar 23, 2011
    The low review's people are posting are totally unjustified. It is exactly like the spam of total garbage floating all over the Dragon Age 2 user reviews.

    This game is a very quality sequel, sure it is missing a few minor features (DX11) but in general I feel the graphics look better and the game runs MUCH better than its predecessor. The gameplay is fun and fresh, and the events of the
    game memorable.

    At least this game deserves a 9/10 user score. I give it a 10 as it is easily the best FPS on the market.
  48. Mar 24, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game is fully immersive, both with it's extremely well written storyline, and it's killer graphics. But also with it's very entertaining and fast pased multiplayer. Expand
  49. Mar 24, 2011
    A fantastically immersive game, which exceedes it's predecessor in practically every way. I would have liked DX11 support, but running the game at 1080 and extreme setting, it's a gorgeous game. Some people are hurt that it is no longer a PC only title - but it is by FAR superior on a PC. FPS is stable at 60 with max graphics, do dips like in crysis 1. This game is worth every day we waited.
  50. Mar 24, 2011
    Listen people this game is awesome. Don't listen to the bitter pc nerds that are upset this game is on consoles. They are just so hateful to this game cause it's another nail in pc gamings coffin. The game looks great plays great and is very fun. The campaign is a decent length coming in at 12 hours. I like this game!!
  51. Mar 24, 2011
    Ok seriously its only a console port cause you want it to be. First off I think the graphics are better than the originals. Second off the suit is not at all dumbed down, just a sleeker interface. Instead of having to use maximum strength you just hold the space bar or melee button longer or just tap it to not use energy. The hot keys for armour and cloak are easier than the middle mouse button which i prefer for grenades anyways. The storyline is great but its not obvious and you really need to pay attention. It's not perfect but CryTek didn't screw the PC version like IW and Treyarch did with CoD Expand
  52. Mar 24, 2011
    Are you kidding me? All these negative reviews? Crysis 1 was a benchmark, coined the joke behind "Hey. I got a benchmark called Crysis, turns out it comes with a free game." Crysis 2 is not. While it doesnt push the boundaries of the PC's we build, it delivers as a strong singleplayer action game with a blend of great action and effects. Plus, I'm quite a fan of the "play your style" sort of gameplay. Much like Bad Company 2, that you're forced to hide behind cover and strategically time your assaults or retaliations. Honestly. Those griping about graphics? Why are you comparing your probably heavily modified Crysis 1 to a vanilla Crysis 2? Comparing the two games vanilla is like night and day. =P

    Though, I'm still hoping for the DX11 patch to make what already is a good experience, even better.
  53. Mar 25, 2011
    The PC retail version of Crysis 2 has unfortunately only the DX9 mode to offer. Nevertheless the game looks very good, except a few blurred textures. The music and sound are among the best what i had heard in person shooters before. The gameplay was purified, in my opinion, in the right place. The story is okay but nothing special. Graphics (DX9): 9 Sound/Music: 10 Story: 8 Gameplay: 9
    Overall: 9
  54. Mar 25, 2011
    Crysis 2 easily sets the new standard in "best graphics" for any PC game ever released. Playing this game on it's highest setting at 1900 x 1200 is a jaw dropping experience. Having said that, the gameplay itself is weaker in comparison to the original Crysis. The sandbox elements have been removed and replaced with a really good semi-linear campaign. Thanks to the console development for Crysis 2, the A.I. is a bit stupid as well. You need to crank up the difficulty to be properly challenged. All in all, this game is still miles ahead of similar games (like the Killzone or the COD series), but it could have been better. Expand
  55. Mar 25, 2011
    Superb. Crisp, fast action with tactical variety, excellent levels, a superb atmosphere thanks to gorgeous looks and sounds in an amazing setting. The best shooter in years, don't miss out on it.
  56. Mar 26, 2011
    I feel like most people here giving this game a bad grade, are just embittered by the fact it was made on console too. For people saying the graphics are a step down from 1, really? this is one of the most beautiful games ever, i was able to play it on advanced with no troubles, its a just sacrifice to have better running instead of slightly better looking. same goes for the people who **** that there arnt as many suit powers. come on people, the suit powers in crysis were bomb as hell,but they were a little frustrating to switch between. now that speed and strength are a constant default is great, and then adding stealth or armor on top of its makes the flow of combat more fluid. to sum it up, THIS GAME IS BOSS. Imma get me this for my comp, multi-player is the greatest ever. Expand
  57. Mar 26, 2011
    Let me start by saying. I LOVE crysis. There is not a game that I would say could better be it's sequal then crysis 2... The new features, REAL multiplayer, awesome single player.. as for people talking about DX 11 support and things of that sort.. They stated "we want a GAME, Not a Benchmarking tool" So I sure it would have been cool to have a benchmarking tool... But still awesome gameplay non the less.

    Intel 980x@4.4Ghz
    Asus P6T6 WS Revo
    16GB G-Skillz @7 1833mhz
    Tri Sli Geforce 570's @ 825
    Corsair SSD 256gb
  58. Mar 26, 2011
    If you give to any Call Of Duty single campaign a 9 then you should give a 12 to this great single player campaing. Gameplay is great, in my opinion much better than any other shooter out there.
  59. Mar 26, 2011
    This game was absolutely amazing. The SP was great, with great set pieces and an interesting story with all the right, yet predictable, twists. The MP portion is also great. I LOVED the original Crysis, and did not expect to like what I believed would be a watered down experience, but Crytek proved me wrong. I wish it would have pushed my system more, but I cannot deny that I love every aspect of this game. Expand
  60. Mar 27, 2011
    Let's get the facts on the table: graphics do NOT make a good game. Good gameplay, good story and good mulitplayer make a good game, among other things. Sure, Crysis 2 might not be as graphically impressive as its predecessor, but that's far from reason enough to give it an abysmally low score (This is a fair warning to anyone reading the 0/10 scores; they have no credibility at all. They're just butthurt fans doing the little damage they can muster). Of all the games I possess, Crysis 2 has to be one of the top 10, if not top 5. The graphics are good, maybe even great, but still not as impressive as the first game. But it's not far from the first, by no means. There are some hiccups here and there, like low-resolution textures and models popping up all of a sudden, but they are so few and far in between that you won't really be bothered by it.

    The soundtrack really captures the scenario and gives you the appropriate feeling. Why shouldn't it? Just the introduction theme reeks of good quality and Hans Zimmer has helped make one or two of the tracks as well so you're sure to love it.

    Gameplay wise it plays a lot like the first game. The nano-suit is back, this time more streamlined than the first, giving all the four suit powers its own hot-key. By sprinting you automatically activate speed, holding the space bar and grabbing stuff activates super strength so you can jump really high and throw really far. No suit power is active by default, like the armor was in Crysis, so that is also a hotkey enabled power now. Unlike the first game, it gives you an insanely sturdy suit, for the cost of energy. Cloak is probably the most familiar power, making you invisible for as long as the suit has energy. This setup now gives you the opportunity to use several powers at once, like cloaking and running fast, or throwing enemies while super-armored. That was impossible in the first Crysis.

    The single player campaign is a fantastic marvel. It gets you through many of New York's streets, and there are a bunch of plot twists in the story too. The voice acting is nice (except for the introduction sequence), and the facial animations fit the voices well. There are a bunch of likable characters, a few bastards you just love to hate and the aliens are a tough bunch of creeps. I won't spoil the story so I'll quit it here.

    Mulitplayer wise, it plays a bit like Call of Duty I think. I have never played a CoD game, but that's what I've been told. There are quite a lot of game modes to choose from (team deathmatch, capture the flag, king of the hill, etc.) and a load of maps these modes can be played in as well. If you play well, you can get additional perks on the playing field. If you collect enough of the enemies' dog tags (by killing them and collecting it from where they died) you can hack into the enemy radar and have them shown on your own. You can also summon a strong laser that fries any opponent in its way, and just for kicks, you can summon an alien gunship that hovers around and blasts any enemy it sees to kingdom come. I, and many others, usually die before getting that far, so it's not a common phenomenon. Lastly, if you want a game that looks good, plays good, sounds good and feels good, go with Crysis 2. It's definitely worth the price.
  61. Mar 26, 2011
    To put it simple: Crysis 2 is Crysis 1 in a different setting. This new setting is unfortunately very linear, yet good looking and throughout the game you will witness many breathtaking and great looking scripted scenes. While the graphics are looking far better than those of most other FPS games you might notice that the console port of this game is most likely responsible for less high-end graphical content and smaller areas. Another caviat is the monotone mission design ; most of the time you just kill enemies getting from point A to point B. Overall in retrospective, this game is definately worth a buy as the positives outweigh the negatives by far. Get this game, its a lot of fun :) Expand
  62. Mar 26, 2011
    Great game ... I was at first surprised with a good frame rate on hardcore settings.Honestly i was expecting problems with graphics even with my mid level quad , 4Gb memory , 6870 rig . Reading some negative comments here I was thinking should i be disappointed to ? And then i remembered the frustration at the first CRYSIS . If you own some high end PC and expected a showoff and a demonstration of power to the masses you could be disappointed with the results .This time CRYTEK opened their vision to the majority of users and their wallets, not to the chosen few...And i can only respect that . Collapse
  63. Mar 26, 2011
    Crysis 2 is a very good game. Multiplayer mod is perfect ! Crysis 2 is a very good game. Multiplayer mod is perfect ! Crysis 2 is a very good game. Multiplayer mod is perfect !
  64. Mar 27, 2011
    Everybody out there saying the graphics sucks hasn't played this game. The graphics is the best on the marked now. It maybe as open as Crysis 1 and the nanosuit hasn't all the options as in Crysis 1, but it's the Nanosuit 2. And in this game regular people with a decent PC can play, with Crysis 1 you almost had to have a extreme computer to handle it.The CryEngine 3 is really nice. Maybe there is no Sandbox, but who cares? You don't buy this game for Sandbox. Also the CryEngine has DX11, i'm running this on extreme settning's and the graphics are the best i've ever seen. When you buy a game you can't compare it to other games like Cod. Then every game would suck, because nothing is like Cod.The multiplayer has many options that makes it very exciting to play. Overall a really good game. Expand
  65. Mar 27, 2011
    Do you know that feeling when you have a perfect game and you just love it? You can really see how much work the producer put in this game. The graphic is wonderful, the atmosphere is good, the multiplayer is great.
    In my opinion is Crysis 2 the best game ever.
  66. Mar 27, 2011
    Although more linear than previous games, the game is more focused than it's predecessor. Also with CryEngine 3 we see a good looking game run on a wider array of hardware, which was hard to say with Crysis at release. Despite missing features flaunted in development like DX11 the game still looks good, and even better when said feature gets implimented in the hopefully not so distant future.

    The core gameplay of Crysis has been truncated to provide a more streamlined experience, the Nanosuit is an example of this. In Crysis 1 the suit required the user to toggle 4 seperate powers on demand. This time only two powers can be toggled when needed, which are Cloak and Armor. Speed and strength are performed when needed, for example when sprining or powerjumping. Single player is a relatively long campaign, which in this generation is a suprise as we see developers forget about these components in favor of Multiplayer. Without spolining, the plot will provide a good experience and talk about subjects like transhumanism.

    Speaking of multiplayer, we see obligitory features like a XP and perk system implemented which have been seen in previous games (*cough* Call of Duty). The inclusion of perks to enhance the suits abilities provides the user with an excelent way to adapt their character to their play style. Additionly the Nanosuit provides the user with a multitude of ways to approach a confrontation, which adds a layer of tactics when playing. Although during multiplayer I noticed a lot of players sniping, this may upset the balance in multiplayer. FarCry 2 had an issue like this too, where most players prefered to snipe rather than do close quater battles with other types of weaponry.

    Although diehard PC fans may find this game to be flop due to comprimises made in development to deliver the game to consoles, I find this game still a good pick to buy and the PC as the best platform. Features like better graphics, higher framerate and better degree of control (mouse + keyboard > controller) make it the best.
  67. Mar 27, 2011
    a masterpiece the graphics ...... THE BEST I'VE SEEN. and even lack the implementation of DirectX 11 that came in the next patch history and music are spectacular too short but you can play over and over again because there are several ways and forms of multiplayer play it very good also and comply with what I wanted in conclusion a very good game with good music History and which is also very well thanks to the powerful engine used: Cry Engine 3 Expand
  68. Mar 27, 2011
    Good Game & graphics but has quite a few bugs at launch. a but shame they console ported as opposed to working on a PC game... but I appreciate what Crysis 2 has done for the gaming industry.
  69. Mar 28, 2011
    Amazing game. More focused and condensed than crysis. In my case, more enjoyable. Graphically awesome. The perfect mix of Crysis, COD and HL2. Awaiting DX11 patch.
  70. Mar 28, 2011
    There is absolutly noothing better in FPS world. Only thing thas makes me sad are consoles which are the reason the game could'nt have better graphic...
  71. Mar 28, 2011
    why so harsh on crysis 2? its a good action story, a super hero mega man plot with amazing graphics. imo crytek need to stop the crysis series at this point. i do not need another super hero sniper king who rescues the world. take a look at rockstar games, or even far cry: nice, deep, private stories, a real open world, not a sandboxed one. imo there are only two points vs crysis 2: even on post-human warrior its easy. with this unbeliveable suite you just need to snipe and stealth. and what about this tactical noob help, even as post-human-machinist? suite + stealth + tactical help + map = easiest fps iâ Expand
  72. Mar 28, 2011
    I want to ask Crytek just one thing: What was wrong with all promised features, that in final game there are none of them??????? They proudly advertise: achieved with Cry engine 3, but I could not even knock down ****ing lamp post with the tank!!!! I am not going to list all the graphical and enviromental shortcomings, because they were already mentioned in other reviews. I am personally really pissed. I dont think this piece of console **** deserves name Crysis. Shame on you Crytek for betraying PC gamers. We dont need another mainstream console developer. If Crytek at least didnt promise all that stuff.... I thing there is awful lot of pc gamers who are pissed because they were ripped of 60 bucks. I am one of them. And can anyone tell me what is this thing about dx11 patch. Are they kidding me. I dont know if it is true or when supposed patch should be out, but who the hell thought of this idea. Is this a complete game or not? What should be reviewed. And if some servers gave this game 10 out of 10 already, then they will need to give it 11 out of 10 when patch is out. I just dont understand that. For me the only explanation is that Crytek givs a **** about PC. Expand
  73. Mar 28, 2011
    As was the case with Crysis, and Warhead, the newest release from Crytek is both wonderful to look at and a blast to play. Is it technically inferior to Crysis? Possibly, as CryEngine 3 was created to marry the engine to the consoles. However, it still looks better than 95% of other games out there, and plays just as great as Crytek's former works. There's a core gameplay mechanic at work that connects Crysis and Crysis 2, but the environments are polar opposites. The destroyed city is gorgeous (I don't agree with the 'flat look' and low res textures comments going around) and the set pieces create an ominous mood that draws you in. It's a SP FPS done right. Thank you, Crytek! Expand
  74. Mar 29, 2011
    Crysis 1 was brilliant for a jungle first-person shooter. You had great freedom in exploring the islands and superb graphics to look at. The game was much more a game than COD which is more like a movie with little gameplay mechanics. Crysis 2 is smaler in size of the maps but from gameplay perspective excellent as its predecessor. I love the game and city jungle. For Crysis 3 I wish a symbios of the first and the second game and something innovative. Expand
  75. Mar 29, 2011
    Crysis 2 is the best FPS game i have ever played. It has incredible graphics, ( especially if you tune them up with the graphics utility ) very intense and well made gameplay, the weapons, vehicles and buildings are designed fantasticly. In most city based games the buildings are just boxes with a painted texture for windows...Here the windows are actually see through glass with carefully designed frames. The weapons are almost flawless in detail and as are the vehicles and enemys. Your movement affect the way the hud is positioned and how your weapons is moving, You can glide and engage enemys from the ground or strength jump and shoot them from above, stealth kill em with awesome assasinations, all in the most awesome city enviroments you will ever see...On top of this it has a much more enthralling story than crysis 1. Speaking of that game...I do really not understand how some people can think its better...The only reason i bought crysis 1 was for the editor i only played the campaign to see how far it could go. The visuals were great and the environments were big and open but the weapons looked to be made of plastic, the enemys looked AND ACTED like retarded monkeys on drugs, the story was additionally very un intresting and boring...Crysis 2 beats crysis 1 in every way except for the open environments which was actually not needed cuase they were just empty open enviroments anyway. As goes for design crysis 2 kicks crysis 1's ass in graphics. and if you play without mods ( on normal Very High setting ) crysis 2 looks MUCH BETTER! Crysis 1 looks avarage at best, but for the time of the release it looked great. It looks like people havent realized that technology evolves all the time...Crysis 2 just looks much better. Only reason crysis 1 was such a pain on your CPU was the large environments which were completely uneccesery...

    Sum up:
    Crysis 2 is a game with great visuals in every field, great story, dynamic gameplay and addictively sweet methods of killing the enemy from going in for stealth kills to rushing in with guns blazing...
    Score (10.0) id
  76. Mar 31, 2011
    I love it. Great graphics and game play. The story could be better, but it is a shooter, isn't it? One thing to notice is that it runs nicely on weaker machines as well. Of course, on my two NVidia 292 cards it really rocks!
  77. Apr 2, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Are you grateful to game makers for always well prepared games ? Forget about it in Multi Crysis 2. Game is perfect for cheaters and pirates ( they can play on original servers ). Want to help? Follow the three steps outlined on the film:

    1) Sign up for a

    2) Write a short review about Crysis 2 for pc and rate the game (in suggest grade 2)

    3) Join our group!
  78. Apr 2, 2011
    Metacritic's bar only goes to 10 what gives? This game is 100/10 it's THAT GOOD! I can't pull myself away from the PC and it's 5AM!! This is exactly like Crysis 1 which I adored, it's PURE IMMERSION. Of course I love stealth and this game suits me perfectly. I love a real tactical fight. You have to think and plan. Graphics perfect, Sound absurdly excellent! Engrossing experience I can't put down. No frustration.

    Graphics cranked to FULL extreme plays beautifully on my ZOTAC GTX 280 AMP Edition and using my World of Warcraft Wireless headset THX Surround!! NO LAG. NO problems just a STUNNING EXPERIENCE. How on earth can people complain about this game beggars belief. They must have either poor rigs or poor taste and eyesight because this game has EVERYTHING. But it's a tactical game not an all out shooter like Black Ops. I just finished Black ops and this is the REAL DEAL - GAME OF THE YEAR for ME.
  79. Apr 15, 2011
    terrible networking issues. keeps connecting me to empty lobbies that never fill up. takes 7-10 tries to connect to a lobby that actually has people in it. gameplay gets boring fast. save your money for upcoming shooters.
  80. Apr 6, 2011
    This game has some Problems, because it was Released for consoles and the pc. 1. No Quick-save 2. Checkpoints are to far from together. 3. You could not choose Grenades by typing a key. The Story don´t match perfect with the first Game (and Warhead). But i have to say that this Game is a Great komparison of action an Game play!
  81. Apr 7, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. nennt mich einen fanboy aber bei diesem spiel möchte umbedingt einen dritten teil^^ es ist ein cineastischer bilderrausch der zeigt was möglich ist Expand
  82. Apr 7, 2011
    Wow! A game where the streamlining actually makes sense!!! And works! The graphics are great. The nanosuit is intuitive. The AI is competent. The story could have used some fleshing out... but, it was still more solid than 99% of your usual FPS fare. The MP isn't anywhere near the standards set by CoD, YET... but the SP campaign craps on the enitre CoD franchise from a height of several miles... Best FPS since, well, the first Crysis! Looking forward to Crysis 3. Expand
  83. Apr 10, 2011
    Easily the best FPS since Modern Warfare 1. The single player campaign has amazing depth and attention to detail, great pace and breaks the norm from any other by-the-numbers FPS made in the past ten years. Everything about this game is as polished as it gets, making it the centrepiece of gaming in 2011. Polished, smooth, impressive and insanely fun game to play. I downloaded it, played it, then bought it. Expand
  84. Apr 11, 2011
    Don't listen to the whiners who only wanted a stress test for their gaming rigs. Crysis 2 excels where it counts- gameplay, and it runs silky smooth and looks great. Expanding on all the positive aspects of Crysis's game mechanics while adding an amazing environment, deeper story, some interesting characters, and better multiplayer. New York never looked so good or was so fun in a game. Soon their will be DX11 support as well. Expand
  85. Apr 12, 2011
    Positives and General Thoughts: I recently built a nice new gaming rig, and flat out bought this game to see what kind of graphics my new computer was capable of (after picking up Crysis 1 on steam to tide me over). Perhaps I am ignorant due to most of my gaming history being almost exclusively on consoles (NES through PS2), but I think this game looks absolutely fantastic, and plays really well. The environments look great, light is incredible, and the dynamic effects, explosions, etc are just incredible. Again, it could be my ignorance, but it seems to me the PC backlash against this game has more to do with that community's grudge against consoles than anything else. After being satisfied with the nice graphics, I was happy to see I got an enjoyable game with my PC benchmark, and I say that as somebody mostly sick of modern shooters. I think the single player is paced far better than the original, which had some amazing, wide open parts, but also got really bogged down in other spots. The suit is a lot simpler to use now as well, as power mode kicks in automatically, and stealth mode has just a liiiiittle more length on it, so you can actually cross useful distances with it before having to pop out and recharge. Only getting to carry around two primary weapons makes me sort of sad, because I miss the olden days when you could carry around a giant arsenal at once, and have all the cool weapons in a game at the same time, but it does force you to make so very trying tactical choices on which weapons to bring on with you. Altogether, you'll feel like a deadly hunter, but not invincible, and some of the aliens will turn that feeling on its head a bit, striking a bit of fear in the heart of the predator. The story is sort of poorly fleshed out and doesn't really play into gameplay like many more advanced games, but the atmosphere of desolation is very cool nonetheless, and the music really helps add to this. The dialogue and voice acting are highly marginal which, sadly, means the game ranks better in these categories than like 90% of other modern shooters. Multiplayer has bugs, but the core of the product is still there, at least for me, and a couple of the game modes are really fun. Deathmatch is mediocre, but crash landing really forces you to use all the little tricks of your suit to take out your enemy, finding cloaked enemies with nanovision, cloaking yourself, sneaking around a bit, etc. I think the addition of cloak makes the multiplayer a lot better than a more CODMW type game because you can cloak up to run across open ground without getting immediately shot, which allows you to spend a lot less time peaking around walls and sniping, and a lot more fun in straight on firefights, which as a lot more fun, imo.

    Cons: The game is not without faults, though. Lack of graphics customization is annoying, though there is a simple add-on program that takes care of it. Lack of a quick-save feature is totally unforgivable, as how damn hard can it be to just write that code into the PC version? The game stupidly saves for you automatically, but doesn't make it clear when that is, so any time you quit other than the very beginning of a level, you don't know for sure if the game will send you back 10-20 minutes or not. As addressed above, I can forgive a mostly uninteresting story for some of the atmospheric touches, but I don't like how you interact with the human soldiers. Say, for example, an alien is attack a human and you walk out and shoot the alien right before he kills the soldier. It would be cool if the soldier recognized you'd saved him and made some "well, I guess we're all on the same side comment" instead of turning right around and shooting at you, but that doesn't happen. In general, I think the idea that the human military is trying so hard to kill a clearly powerful soldier while humanity is FIGHTING FOR SURVIVAL is pretty stupid and should have more nuance. The AI in general is... only ok, as enemies will mostly try to flank you and such, but will also tend to stupidly run out of cover, get caught on parts of the landscape, react oddly, or otherwise fall into the uncanny valley. The alien AI seems to be a little better, at least in the way that it makes you feel like you have become the hunted, unlike your almost totally unchecked hunting of the humans. Last, lack of destructible terrain, or even being able to break small, dynamics objects like bottles is an absolute step down fro the first game. A computer should break when I punch it, and a lamppost should explode when it is hit with my grenade. Multiplayer progression is totally bugged beyond the bare necessities, which is annoying.
  86. Apr 13, 2011
    Crysis 2 left me amazed from start to finish. Everything about this game seemed polished to a point that was so far above my expectations for it, it left me amazed. I played through the entire campaign with a smile on my face from the amazing visuals, the (for the most part) engrossing story and the fluid gameplay. I must say that crysis 2 feels much more generic than the first especially in its multiplayer but that was a small set back. It was still fun to play and has kept me playing the game a lot more than the first. My only criticism of it is that it is obviously made more for consoles than the PC and has come away from the feel of the first. Either way this is an amazing game and if you are even half as happy with it as I am it will have been well worth your money. Expand
  87. Apr 15, 2011
    Well I waited years for this game. I am one of those who had followed this game all the way till release. Regardless to say I bought it right away even though many people were not pleased with it. I dont understand why, Its everything and more I wanted, Its nothing short of EPIC in every way. The campaign is just mind blowing, the suit once upgraded, rocks. The game play is beautiful. For me it smashes the once great game COD, before it became , well ... useless.

    Why has this hit such low scores?

    One reason could be the engine and graphics, I think the graphics are awesome and I'm really happy with the look but to hardcore gamers, I believe they are a bit toned down from what the previous crytek engine gave us. Not enough options, If Im correct, then it was a port from a console rather then a build just for PC.

    I guess its just another sell out for more money, which is always sad, but all in all. The game is a monster.

    The sound is amazing, the guns are pretty sweet and the character is just as awesome as controlling the assassins from assassins creed. Just a really cool character.

    The graphics in my opinion are awesome, but yes compared to the previous crysis game they have not budged alot, the last engine was incredible, and its a game which I still use to compare other games with.

    The aliens are sweet looking, I love the way they move, AI is terrible, its odd that they still have not got this right after all these years but non the less, Really love killing these dudes.

    The game really picks up when the suit is fully loaded out, the suit then becomes as powerful as you would expect it to be and it feels awesome.

    I for one had massive expectations and I was not let down one bit, this is definitely my game of the year so far and one that I don't mind cant be exchanged as I will be keeping this one.

    Online is good, I really like it but spawn points let it a bit down, where you spawn right on top of an enemy and they kill you right away again. Its a little irritating and unfair.

    But in campaign when your suit is fully loaded and you have just ripped off a massive gun off the wall, maximum armour on and standing in front of 2 massive aliens and the sound of those massive bullets smacking the hell out of these beasts in surround sound ... Well this reminds me why Crysis is the king of all FPS for me. sheer power baby:) The campaign is also pretty long, something most games don't have anymore. Its interesting from beginning to end and hate the fact that its going to end.

    Well done Crytek, Well done indeed . Not so much EA your starting to ruin gaming again with not being able to exchange games and letting others that cant afford games never being able to try great games like this.

    One little bit of advice though. PC was what gave you your present, don't forget them next time cytek.
    Money aint everything, something most of the world has forgotten.

    I give it a 10 to try lift this terrible unrealistic score, but this game really does deserve a 9.5.

    Its what COD Black ops tried to be.

    Its a blast from beginning to end.
  88. Apr 16, 2011
    i love this game the game is really polished i many ways the story is intense and fun and the graphics are the best i have seen in a long time now the multiplayer i found this a bit hard a first but when you level up and get more gear the real fun happens i give this a 9/10
  89. Apr 21, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. A superb game and very gamer friendly. i am running a 9800gt c2d e8400 and 4gb ram i was so stressed that i would have to run it on minimum res. and minimum setting with jagged edges terrible environment, this games lowest setting look better than most games high setting i was impressed. Amazing gameplay okay the hot keying of suit modes took some getting used but it proved helpfull. New enemies, new weapons, new ways to use the nanosuit.Keep it up crytek, you guys always surprise a gamer. Expand
  90. Apr 23, 2011
    I don't care about anyone that hates this game, they are daft, this is a awesome game; if you hate it, than you are, just not smart, and this game will just kill you with awesomeness.
  91. Apr 23, 2011
    Graphics is good and the mission game-play is very good. Multi-player is much more welcoming than the current fps games that are out this days (note no better fps MP game after mw , mw2 ) MP play style looks like a clone of cod but much better than codbo, bbc2, moh and so on.
  92. May 10, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Hi guys this is game very good in graphics and fps (very important because crysis 1 very slowly) Pc version the best Ps 3 and xbox have low fps 30 then pc 60-100 Im the best gamer of great Russia better then gozon671games and maddyson My deggre 9.0 Im the best gamer of Russia better then ozon671games and maddyson Expand
  93. May 12, 2011
    I enjoyed Crysis 2 immensely. Despite being extremely disappointed with the plot (which manages to be both slightly confusing and mind-numbingly uncomplicated at the same time), the overall experience won me over - the gameplay is a solid improvement over the original (I can understand a difference of opinion here, though - it's definitely more geared toward console play than the original and may seem dumbed down to some), the graphics are still stellar, and the devastation Crytek has depicted in New York is quite gripping (primarily due to the visuals and excellent sound track; the plot behind this is quite over the top). The voice acting is also quite good, even if the characters presented here are rather uninteresting and under-developed.

    Multiplayer is absolutely amazing. The Nanosuit 2.0 is a blast to wield against other PCs - it's extremely balanced and skill intensive. The new movement tricks are extremely fun to toy with as well - I've rarely enjoyed myself more while playing a video game.

    All positive points aside, the plot and characters really are a disappointment. If Crytek would put just a bit more into their writing process they'd be sure to achieve that genre-defining game they keep shooting for and just missing .
  94. May 13, 2011
    Do the crysis 2 - sentiments play the pirated crysis 2 ? I think we should not compare between the original and the pirated, because the pirated version has a lot of defects.
  95. Feb 4, 2013
    Crysis 2 has a solid story, and a fun and some-what lengthy solo campaign. The FPS and game-play mechanics are quite fun and interesting, which are basically that of Crysis/Crysis: Warhead with a little bit of cleaning to the clunky controls. Along with a different assortment of weaponry and Nanosuit augmentations (basically acting as a small "talent" type system to allow the player to customize his/her Crysis experience), is just what Crysis 2 needed to add some edge from the previous game(s) but not totally change the Crysis you know and love. I have not played the multi-player, but from what I hear it is decent. (sorry! D: )

    Graphics! CryEngine 3 is a marvel of video game engineering. With stunning ambient lighting and particle effects, realistic physics engines, along with a great attention to detail, makes this game look like you are personally playing the role of a real life Nanosuit Warrior! **Do be warned: stunning graphics means a well built machine! (Although the lowest settings can be handled by most systems)**

    And in response to those who claim that " is too easy to just activate stealth mode and walk past everyone", well my response is as follows: "If one does not think it is fun to activate stealth mode and sneak by everyone (which I would agree, it is not fun), then simply don't do it!". Use your gun, you are not forced to sneak by anyone! Please do not put down a game because you choose to play it in a dis-satisfactory way. I utilize both the stealth and the armor enhancements, that combined with the harder difficulties provides a sufficient challenge, which allows you to have that classic Crysis feel of being a bad*** commando.
  96. Jun 2, 2011
    The graphics is not that good as in the first part but it is still awesome. Very good A.I. of the enemies in the single player campaign too. Pretty good action, I played the whole campaign almost without stopping so I guess I loved it.
  97. Jun 24, 2011
    A great looking / sounding game, Crysis 2 lacks the artistic beauty and gameplay variety of its predecessor. The story starts off slow and is often cliched but it picks up and has a better ending than Crysis 1. The combat is based on hit and run tactics with stealth cloaking returning to play the starring role. The nanosuit's primary functions are now streamlined to a few basic uses, which some may find efficient while others see it as too simplified. The environments, largely based on urban sections of NYC, represent a few smallish arenas separated by linear choke points. But the maps all have the same uniform copy pasted design elements such as vantage points, HMG placements, ammo dumps, etc. with multiple movement paths that are largely determined by enemy patrols. Despite some linear design the scripted sequences, while good to watch, are easily missed and the game prompts for a key press simply to get you to look in the right direction. Most enemy encounters end up playing the same way by repeating a few successful strategies, like observing and tagging enemies and other points of interest, performing stealth kills, detaching HMGs, etc.. There are no uniquely memorable events to add to the variety in this game and that's the only major downside here. Apart from one generic vehicle sequence, there was barely anything new to break up the mostly slow paced, stealth-hunting style of play I used. The FBA animations however were great for immersion and while certain sequences required quick time events, the parkour like movements to navigate environments provided an element of fluidity to the game. Also noteworthy were the nanosuit customization upgrades you could earn by collecting dead matter from fresh alien corpses. Overall this is a very good game that stands on its own merits and is recommended to all FPS enthusiasts despite the issues mentioned. Expand
  98. Jun 30, 2011
    I just bought this game these days because the high res textures and dx11 features were patched in. The wait was worth it First I give you the specs of my rig: Intel core i5-760 4.0GHz 4GB DDR3 GTX 580 pros: Graphics are just phenomenal and leave its predecessor way behind. Sound effects and the soundtrack itself are a joy, too. If you use highest settings @1080p the game runs very smooth, if you have a powerful rig.
    Gameplay, especially the feeling of the weapons are great, too.


    The story could be better, but I didnt expected a very spectecular story, because that point wasnt very good at Crysis and Warhead, too.


    Owners of less powerfull vgas won´t be able to get playable fps at highest settings.

    All in all I liked the game very much. It looks better than its predecessors but is not that hardware demanding. Especially Crysis was at release in 2007 almost unplayable at highest settings, no matter what hardware you had.
    So I was quite surprised after reading the reviews and critics here or in other forums, that I had so much fun with this game.
    Because of all the haters I vote for the max:
  99. Jul 1, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Crysis 2 is a very interesting game that picks up and releases only the end of the game and its great the passing game. The first mode is a mode of passage form the ghost he is very interesting as you do in the stealth mode. 2 mode is a gun when you go out and shoot and you get all nelya to the left and the right to only one error in Developer's about it so quickly wasted energy. Others were removed 2 Developer's regime is a regime of speed and power mode, Crysis 2 has two modes would have even better. The developers have made one mistake stupid enough protagonist Alcatraz not not say a word as something silly in our time well, it's very small cons of srovneniyu with the advantages of the game such as the positive side of his suit. Types of shooter games have changed the usual shooter shooters such as Call of Duty, Battlefield. So as impurity shooters as Bulletstorm, Duke Nukem. And there are half as stealth stealth already long gone and will take place stealth sex stelae and games such as Crysis 2 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Deus Ex came out had not yet left the first game of Crysis 2! Expand
  100. Mar 26, 2011
    Great game ... I was at first surprised with a good frame rate on hardcore settings.Honestly i was expecting problems with graphics even with my mid level quad , 4Gb memory , 6870 rig . Reading some negative comments here I was thinking should i be disappointed to ? And then i remembered the frustration at the first CRYSIS . If you own some high end PC and expected a showoff and a demonstration of power to the masses you could be disappointed with the results .This time CRYTEK opened their vision to the majority of users and their wallets, not to the chosen few...And i can only respect that . Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 42 Critics

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  2. Negative: 0 out of 42
  1. 90
    New York in ruins, alien invasion and a hi-tech suit? Sounds like a typical B-movie. This time it's different – it's done with such perfection and enthusiasm that all FPSs can finally retire – either 2nd World War or modern. [Issue#203]
  2. May 18, 2011
    When we played Crysis 2 on the consoles, we honestly could have taken or left it. Only on the PC do we feel comfortable recommending and replaying Crytek's best game yet – and its first chance of matching technical prowess with good game design.
  3. May 5, 2011
    Crysis 2 meets and exceeds all my expectations as a sequel and a next-gen shooter.