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  • Summary: Unit, a covert American military force waging a silent war against terror across the globe. Dropped behind enemy lines, you have uncovered a terrorist plan to construct a nuclear weapon and detonate it on American soil. You must follow the plot from the desserts of Afghanistan through the Russian winter and into the jungles of a small south Pacific island. Armed with an arsenal of authentic sniper weaponry, your only assistance is provided by your observer, your eyes, ears and close quarters machine gun. Make every shot count, your country is depending on it. [Groove Games] Expand
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  1. CTU : Marine Sharpshooter got more enjoyable the more you played and got used to the little issues, but it unfortunately just had way too many quirks to put it up higher on the list.
  2. 53
    An enjoyable game, but its poor level design, limited array of weapons and numerous glitches keep it from being up there with the best of the genre, and the game seems to lack – in almost all aspects – what other First-Person Shooters have to offer.
  3. 41
    The inclusion of spotter management had tremendous potential to help this game break out from an all too predictable formula. Sadly the poor AI and overall concept of the role simply turns your spotter in to a hostage that you have to protect.
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  1. Mar 8, 2013
    I really wish that I didn't buy this game. I really wasted my money on this. This game is a game with a stupid concept, crappy graphics, and bland gameplay. This is one of the worst games that I have ever played. Don't buy it if you like your money. Expand

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