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  • Summary: DarkStar One is an open-ended action/adventure title set in a huge universe populated by a variety of unique alien races. Players will take on the role of an intrepid young adventurer, Kayron Jarvis, as he explores space, upgrading and customizing his ship – the DarkStar One. The game's story, written by renowned German Fantasy and Science Fiction author Claudia Kern, will immerse players in a tale of action and intrigue as Kayron searches for answers surrounding the death of his father. Players can take a number of different paths and approaches to earn money and upgrades as they solve the mystery of the death of Kayron's father. One may play as trader, mercenary, smuggler, pirate or a combination thereof, customizing tactics to suit individual playing styles. A fully customizable and upgradeable ship – the DarkStar One. Players can create a fast attack boat, heavy cruiser or other combined style of ship from parts purchased or captured from enemies. More than 200 weapons, shields and equipment upgrades -- including rockets, torpedoes and mines, each featuring a special tactical or trade benefit. [CDV Software] Collapse
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 33
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  1. This is not a stingy game. Nearly everything you do will earn you some sort of profit, but it's about the long-term gratification. [Oct. 2006, p.66]
  2. DarkStar One is the game you might have played before, but everything that you’ve seen before is done just as well here, if not better and still makes for an enjoyable experience.
  3. It was fun to play a space action game that used trading to get you into opportunities for a fight rather than study for a degree in advanced intergalactic economics.
  4. 70
    Constricted. It isn’t so much that Darkstar One is a bad game, it’s just that the developers failed to optimise on good ideas - it seems as though they took the easy way out rather than expand on them.
  5. It's visually appealing, easy to pick up, and the combat has a nice competitive edge to it. But this feeling doesn't last as long as perhaps it ought to. Once you've plundered your way through all the game has to offer, the lack of variety is clear to see and the story isn't good enough to hold things together.
  6. The simplicity of the trade system, some shortcoming regarding the interface, the lack of variety for missions and solar system design – all these could have been forgiven if Darkstar One would have had multiplayer.
  7. 50
    It's enjoyable for a few brief moments to blow away vessels in a manner that harkens back to the classic Wing Commander. The thing is, without a robust economic engine, an interesting and dynamic universe to explore, or even a decent storyline to follow, DarkStar One is destined to sink into the black hole of gaming obscurity.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 17
  2. Negative: 3 out of 17
  1. Oct 27, 2013
    Ignore the poor FMV and bad characterization, instead concentrate on the fantastic elite style gameplay and shoot the heck out of stuff. Like space games but find the X universe a little too daunting? Get this! Expand
  2. Dec 1, 2011
    Following the likes of Wing Commander and the X-wing series, DarkStar One is certainly not an original concept, but it is still an incredible space opera--a well delivered story, great voice acting, an open galaxy, intuitive user interface, multiple side missions and other fun stuff will keep you entertained for many hours. Trade, smuggle goods, steal cargo, kill pirates, or just go postal and kill anyone you meet. The limited side missions get repeatedly boring after a while, especially given the vast number of solar systems, but there are keyboard shortcuts for everything allowing you to skip most mundane tasks. The space combat is really enjoyable and gets progressively more difficult as the story progresses. Add ship upgrades and you ultimately become one bad hombre. I got roughly 40 hours of enjoyment--your mileage may vary. This is not a space simulation--it is highly action based. Space shooter fans will not be disappointed. Expand
  3. Mar 21, 2013
    I first played this game when was first released and enjoyed it immensely ive played it threw close to 20 times over years it has some simplistic aspects that could of been fleshed out more but i suppose they had to work with what they could and stay in budget. one thing i found is you cant just collect parts and level up to get unfair advantage as there two parts for sure if lvl up ship too fast makes em impossible Expand
  4. Sep 17, 2011
    Customizing your ship with weapons and special abilities is the best part about this game. While space battles are well done, fun, and with good physics, it does get boring somewhat quickly. The main missions and side quests can be interesting as it progresses through the storyline, but it does not give you a feeling of great accomplishment as you go through them. The trading aspect of the game can and might as well be ignored completely. It provides you with minimal profits in comparison to the other means to acquire credits. Speaking of credits, I completed the game with 8.5 million credits in my possession. After a while, the amount of credits you accumulate will become obsolete, as you will have more than enough to get whatever you want. The game suffers from extreme repetitiveness, which also creates tedium and dullness when you do the same two or three activities over, and over, and over, and over. Simply put, the game is about 20 hours too long. The developers should have been more concise and implemented more diverse aspects in more ways than just this. The end game is surprisingly bland and unexciting. Also, throughout the game, you are given a false sense of freewill. Your progress is almost completely linear. It took me about 31 hours to complete. Expand
  5. May 21, 2012
    Yet again i wanted to give this game a 6.5. But rounded - 7 it is :)
    In any case - this is a space flight sim with a rather nice
    implementation of the ship's upgrade which is based on player experience. However, mission do tend to become similar very fast. Controls are a little weird but i got used to them. However - it's weird that while you can strafe left and right you cannot strafe upward or down (descend and ascend). Weird.
    Xpansion is a much more deeply involving experience, even if you do not choose to pursue the main plot. Dark Star is basically Expansion Lite (very lite!) :)
  6. Oct 4, 2012
    2012 and the game plays quite nicely. I have Windows 7, and so far no bugs like the many forums have reported. The missions are repetitive, the storyline, well hardly engrossing, but get it for cheap, play it for 30 minutes at a time, and it is quite nice. It's Xwing/Elite style fighting. Personally I prefer the better cleaner environment of X3, this is too colourful for my liking, but it's easy on the eye. And easy to play, mostly. Oddly you often need to take your hand off the joystick, press space plus action the mouse to do something, then return to the joystick. Bizarre UI, who thought that would be good. (For a 2006, I'm quite tolerant of it, but I see XBox had a 2010 version. I hope it is vastly improved and deeper for Xbox, if this game were to be released in 2010 I'd be far more harsh on it). Expand
  7. Jun 9, 2013
    I did not experience any bugs like other viewers, but found this game to be a bore rather quickly. If you have played Freelancer, this game is that, except with 90% of it cut out. You only ever fly one ship and the upgrades you get dont make the player feel all that special, adding a fin here and there, maybe removing a fin sometimes, nothing compared to the thrill of building up savings and buying newer bigger ships or deciding to fly a freighter or a fighter or any of the other awesome things just about any respectable game of this genre boasts. Upgrades will eventually make you wince, because now you have to grind for money to pay for the same equipment you start with, just with higher numbers attached, so after flying through five to ten of the same winding tunnel on the same asteroid shape over and over and over in every star cluster, you will then fly to the same exact station a couple hundred times to do the same exact missions a couple hundred times as well. The systems are all the same, except some have a magenta or red hue instead of a blue hue, and some have names that sound like Blah Blah instead of Bling Zang. The voice acting is so bad that it surpasses painful, about halfway through the game I couldn't take it anymore, and muted the sound anytime anyone spoke in a situation where I could not skip it (in many cases you will fail a mission if you warp before someone has finished speaking, and most other cases you can't do anything and just have to listen). The voice acting wasn't helped by the various races that speak as slowly as they possibly can, making you turn your face from the screen in agony while half-hoping you will collide with an asteroid (which will fail to kill you as colission damage is almost nonexistent in this game) If you want to play a cool game that is a lot like this but better in every fathomable way, play Freelancer. The indoor/planetary missions in Darkstar One were something of a refreshement from the rest of the banal, repetetive gameplay, but even those don't compare to much older and cooler games like Descent. I found everything about Darkstar One to be minimal in the extreme. Expand

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