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  • Summary: Dead Rising 2 takes the franchise to a new level of zombie-killing fun with tens of thousands of zombies, the all new gambling paradise of Fortune City to explore and conquer plus a host of new in-game objects that can all be used as deadly weapons to stave off the zombie assault. Dead Rising 2 is set several years after the infamous zombie invasion of Willamette. Unfortunately, the zombie virus was not contained at the conclusion of Dead Rising, spreading unchecked throughout the United States and Dead Rising 2 depicts a country where zombie outbreaks continue to strike. [Capcom] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 14 out of 17
  2. Negative: 0 out of 17
  1. Jan 11, 2011
    The thing about the Dead Rising series is that it's pretty unique. Killing hordes of zombies with a huge variety of improvised weaponry isn't a genre present anywhere else. It's a great game to just mess around in, picking up random clothing, smashing zombie heads in and fighting away psychopaths.
  2. Dead Rising 2's biggest strength lies in its variety of both story and side missions. There is never a shortage of things to do in the game, and the co-op ability makes this a trip you can take several times with friends.
  3. Dead Rising 2 is like its predecessor with a lot of new features. Fans of the first game will like the second quite a bit and can consider it a must have.
  4. It may not win tons of awards at the end of the year, but there's enough here to warrant a purchase, especially if you're into zombie games or simply craving an awesome action game.
  5. 80
    Dead Rising 2 has issues. It's not the smoothest game and it can feel like the last one, however that doesn't mean a thing when the game's this much fun.
  6. Oct 27, 2010
    Dead Rising fans - you know who you are - are going to love this game.
  7. Me, I wish the game had better inventory control and an item storage system to allow you to really explore all of your weapon options. But it's the other stuff--the still messy survivor AI and poorly built boss battles--that really mars the Dead Rising 2 experience. It's not an impossible game to love, but as with the first game, you'll have to look past a lot of blemishes to find happiness.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 29 out of 52
  2. Negative: 17 out of 52
  1. Oct 23, 2013
    AWESOME game!! I just finished the entire thing tonight, and needless to say, this game is amazing!! I love messing around and killing zombies, while completing the game in the process. My favorite part of this game is definitely the story line. The makers did a great job by twisting the story line every now and then, causing you to say, "Wow, I NEVER thought THAT was gonna happen!" or something similar. Also, I don't know what people are talking about with glitches. My game ran absolutely flawlessly at the highest level graphics, so no complaints there either. So, overall, GREAT game. DR is probably one of my favorite game series. So, without a doubt, this game deserves a 10 Expand
  2. Mar 7, 2013
    no other game had made me so addicted like dead rising. The permanent time pressure, secret places (the right time). more than 200 items that could swallow the zombies. Zombie Survival with not comparable and therefore unique! Expand
  3. Oct 29, 2010
    Pros: Great gameplay, fun weapons, story is well done, great combos & point system
    Cons: Save system, time limits, The speed at which you run
    (combined with the time limit its awfully frustrating), sometimes difficult to keep up with missions

    Have not tried multiplayer. Pros outweigh cons on this one
  4. Nov 11, 2012
    The GOOD: fun, addictive gameplay, cool idea of combining items to make custom weaponry (awesome weapons, by the way), killing zombies is always fun. The BAD: a poor port with not many options (graphical or otherwise), becomes too hard too fast (no option to adjust difficulty!), no save on demand (gotta find save locations), requires Windows LIVE to play (ENOUGH OF THIS NONSENSE already!). OVERALL: i wish i could keep playing it - but it becomes overwhelmingly tedious and hard to cut through zombies in order to save folk. Expand
  5. Nov 8, 2011
    Well...."Dead Rising 2" isn't a masterpiece, but enjoyable. The missions and zombie massacres are too repetitive after a while, but if you can live with it, that's fine. The weapon making system is awesome and creative in every way. The graphics are also (kinda) impressive if you watch it in a standard viewpoint. Overall a game that you would love to play in a rainy day. Expand
  6. Sep 9, 2013
    Pros: Endless supply of Zombies and lots of ways to kill them--- Cons:-- Just about everything else.-- Windows live (ugh)-- Clunky movement controls and interface for pc.--

    No durable weapons, no matter what it is made of.--

    Save point system, bathrooms needed to save and very limited save slots.--
    Boss battles that make you sigh or want to punch the monitor.

    Multiple timed missions occurring at the same time on top of the countdown timer for the military.---
    Graphics are weak for a 2010 game, even for a console.---

    A sandbox game that does not allow you to enjoy it as you are always in a rush to beat the clock or you fail. Looking at other screens in the game does not stop the clock and zombies can still munch on you while you are trying to look at information. If you can find a trainer or engine that will work with it then the game may become fun to play for you. Otherwise the fun you have killing zombies will quickly turn into frustration over many glaring annoyances and problems.

    I really wanted to like this game, at least the good old standby Left for Dead 2 can give you a good fix when zombies need to be killed.
  7. Sep 14, 2012
    This is not a game this is a insult of programation, lots of bugs, flickering, relantises with my i7 and GTX 480 very very very poor game, the worst of my experience... [ 0 / 10 ] Expand

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