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  1. Nov 2, 2012
    While all can agree that the game has good background atmosphere there is a lot more to be desired by Deadlight. You would expect much more for a game that costs only about $15 but you will be in for disappointment so save your money and don't buy this game. This game is basically a very bad version of Contra mixed with The Walking Dead theme mixed in a combination with an even worse version of Pitfall/Prince of Persia style with short puzzles. Controls are not the best because when you try to jump over certain areas you either (A.) Over-jump or (B.) Under-jump and fall to your doom. The weapons are very limited and in the end you only get a fire axe, a .38 Revolver, and a shotgun. Konami's 1987 release of Contra had more guns than that which makes you think where the developers had gone wrong. With limited weapon choices the replay-ability of the game is poor since Nightmare mode is unlocked after completing the game in normal. Nightmare mode is only available on the PC version. Upon the limited choices the worst part is that the zombies are extremely tough to take down using the fire axe. The fastest way to kill any zombie is using either the .38 revolver or the shotgun with limited ammo. This game was rushed as you can tell because there wasn't enough testing involved. In certain parts of the games if you didn't solve the puzzle fast enough you get swarmed by the infinite zombies and it would lag your PC out so bad because there were too many zombies on the screen. I would also have to agree that the voice acting is bad or not congruent with the theme they're trying to pull off. The main character sounds more like an old school Max Payne narrating the story which doesn't really fit into the theme of a Zombie Apocalypse. Voice acting overall was terrible and unbelievable.

    Don't feel bad to hit the uninstall button after you finish your first run through because that's exactly what I did.
  2. Nov 4, 2012
    I think I was expecting something else entirely. The good first: For a side scrolling platform game the DIMENSION to the world is phenomenal. Just amazing how the zombies come from the depths of darkness or one moment when they move from the distance into the foreground. There's a great almost puzzle-like section underground I liked a lot. The bad: The pretty much quicktime events. Yes there's a sense of urgency when there's a plane shooting at you but I just got tired of dying over and over again for not button mashing fast enough to climb a fence or run ahead of a problem. I couldn't stand the voice over narration from the main character. However I appreciated a fresh approach to my favorite genre. It's a genre now right? "Zombie killing" Expand
  3. Nov 10, 2012
    Very well developed atmosphere, good visual style, derivative/predictable plot and sluggish controls that obstinately sit between you and your enjoyment of the game. Deadlight is one of those games that you find irritating not because it is a complete failure, but because some of its elements were executed so well while others fall flat on their face. The 2.5D scrolling environment works well most of the time, although it's irritating that enemies approach from outside your plane and you can't attack them until they enter into it. The jump mechanic is irritating (straight up, 8 ft leap and maybe 16 foot leap with nothing in-between). Weapon switching is sloppy and slow. Many 'puzzles' will kill you the first time you approach them, rather than presenting intriguing situations that can be solved with skills that have been encouraged to develop. Many sections involve infinitely spawning enemies, but extremely limited ammunition. Checkpoints often precede narration, meaning that if you find a section difficult, you'll be hearing the same monologue several times. No replay value. Expand
  4. Oct 31, 2012
    The atmosphere of this game is phenomenal, and the score for this game is absolutely incredible. Deadlight is no Triple A title, but these two features say different. This is one of those few games that truly is an emotional experience, even for how simple this game really is. This game does have minor flaws when it comes to the melee combat system, but the platforming system works well. Aside from a view frustrating parts, its a fairly easy game. I can only say, let yourself get lost in this games atmosphere. Its dreary, saddenning, and melancholy, and it all works together with a sad story that has a sad twist you may not see coming. When I purchased this on Steam, I really had no knowledge of how this game was put together, but this game surprised me in so many ways that I can only hope Tequila Studios (Microsoft Studios published this game) goes on to produce more games of this quality. Expand
  5. fex
    Nov 16, 2012
    Setting and atmosphere is good.
    But it is way to hard. You have no chance to complete riddles in one pass. You have to die several times (4 to 8 times) to understand what you have to do and to do it afterwards. The jump and run parts are also much too difficult. Mainly because the controls are imprecise and slow.
    What a pity. Could have been a great game. Play limbo instead.
  6. Mar 22, 2013
    Deadlight is an almost good game. However, several huge, glaring flaws stop it from being anything but a chore to play. The dialogue is stilted, awkward and doesn't match up with the subtitles. The controls are floaty and often unresponsive. The collision detection is similarly spotty, with zombies regularly phasing right through your fire axe and barrels seemingly reaching out to trip you as you try to jump over them. The plot is weak and nonsensical to the point of irritation, with characters doing inexplicably stupid things for no real reason. For example, one character takes your weapons because he's not sure if he trusts you. He soon becomes an ally, but your weapons are never seen or mentioned again. Another example is a radio that the hero decides must be stopped. His solution? Hit the off switch. He has a fire axe and two guns, but rather than destroy it, he simply turns it off and walks away. I don't consider it much of a spoiler to say that, lo and behold, bad guys come along and turn it back on almost immediately. All in all, this game is an excellent example of both wasted potential and the dangers of writing a script without actual writers present. Expand
  7. Oct 27, 2012
    Very nice and different game. Great atmosphere, good gameplay and in generel good graphics. especially the backgrounds. Only i wished the game to have been a bit longer and i felt i ended kinda suddenly but decent twist to the story
  8. May 26, 2013
    This game has really fun yet basic gameplay and a really solid story to keep things interesting. I really hope that people keep making simple, yet entertaining games like these.
    My only issue with this game would be the 15 dollar price tag. It takes less than 5 hours to beat the game unless your a completionist, so the tag is slightly hefty.
  9. Oct 30, 2012
    The controls kill this game for me. You have to mash buttons repeatedly just to get over a fence. Mash jump. Then press Up to climb it. Can't hold down the button. Gotta mash it. With thousands of obstacles that require this... No thanks.
  10. May 27, 2013
    It starts off really well, with comic book cut scene cards, and a great atmosphere of a ruined Seattle, excellent 3d backgrounds, you get a pistol and you gotta "shoot em in the head", very promising, after this though it turns into a lame puzzler, you'll be reloading a checkpoint after checkpoint for the umpteenth time.
  11. Aug 18, 2013
    Not much to say here. The gameplay mechanics are very simple, conventional and sometimes frustrating. I guess the game needed some more testing. The story is so basic it's almost a trope, so are the stereotypical characters. The voice acting wasn't very good, for every character. I didn't play it twice since it would bring nothing new and I know all the "puzzles". As you would have guessed it is quite short too. What makes this game playable are the atmosphere and the settings which are of the same tone as The Walking Dead, which I am found of. This is amplified by the satisfying graphics the Unreal engine brings out. Although I'm not sure it can run well on lower-end PCs. In conclusion, Deadlight is somewhat fun but in no way a must-play. If you like this type of game or just zombie-apocalypse then I suggest you buy it on sales on Steam. Expand
  12. Oct 26, 2012
    Pretty nice platformer from xbox arcade. Never seen such a great atmosphere in platform games. What can offer deadlight? Very interesting gameplay,interesting story(not so,but for platformer its just the best) pretty nice graphics,and good puzzles(they ok for this type of games,but dont compare'em with game of another genre). I complited story just in one time: downloaded game from steam,turned on,complited almost on 100% and only then turned off. None of new games captured my attentiion as this little game. Expand
  13. Aug 15, 2013
    Horrible platformer experience. Is zombie in front of you? Is he at background? Is that piece of architecture an active element? Who the hell know?
    And controls and respond is another song...
  14. Oct 28, 2012
    We've been waiting for the pc version just for a while and we have a good conversion...Great atmosphere, good gameplay and an inspired original soundtrack... a must-to-buy... I love this game, don't miss it!
  15. Dec 26, 2012
    The game has a good atmosphere and graphics but thats all. The controls are not responsive,you cant do what you want when you want.The story is boring and uninteresting,besides unoriginal. The game is unfair in many things,when you die you dont feel like you lost because the game is hard, but because its badly designed. The game is basically very easy to, the only hard parts are the ones that are not well designed,basically the whole game is jumping from one place to the other with a bad story and voice acting in between with poor level designed, I got it just for 7,50. But is still a waste of money. Expand
  16. Aug 3, 2013
    This game has decent storyline, voice acting and graphics. The one thing that killed this game is the control and gameplay. I have never been so frustrated playing a game in my entire life.
  17. Sep 7, 2013
    Pros: Atmosphere is set nicely and the art style looks really good. Musical score and sound effects in general are pretty good. Animation of the humans and zombies is really smooth. Game is about the right length (about 5 hours) for what I paid for it.

    Cons: Some of the cutscenes are lacking sound, while others have it. Probably a bug, however since it didn't directly affect the
    gameplay I never looked into it. Voice acting varies between cheesy and downright bad. I got really tired of "The Rat" referring to himself in third person. Prior to playing Deadlight, I had just finished Tomb Raider 2013, and controlling Lara was flawless which really made the horrible controls in this game stand out. The controls are so bad that your character will die repeatedly, even though you know what to do to get past the screen you are on. Then you have go back and replay a good 5-10 minutes of game just to get back to where you died. Sometimes you will die 10 times just trying to get your character to do what you want. Game is also obviously a console port, as the graphic adjustments for PC are VERY limited. Not being able to turn on Anti-Aliasing made for lots of jaggies when playing at 2560x1440. Expand
  18. Nov 3, 2012
    Deadlight is a great platformer even if it has been made for xbox and playing on pc keyboard makes playing Deadlight a sort of a challenge. First time Deadlight had (and still has, but less) a lot of glitches but looks like developers are making a fine job, strange that didn't make that job before launch on Steam. Game is really good if you like games like Limbo - you'll like Deadlight for sure, it's a bit nervous, it's beautiful, puzzles will not shoot your brain out because they're a pretty simple and mostly based on your keyboard challenge than brain challenge. Good one and could be great Deadlight doesn't have all these bugs and glitches. Expand
  19. Jan 7, 2013
    Not a good game. Save your money. While there are good points, such as the animations, atmosphere and certain gameplay sections, the majority of this game is either frustrating or disappointing.

    The controls make many sections more difficult than they should be. The dialogue is absolutely diabolical - both in content and voicing. The cut-scenes are horribly grating. The puzzles are
    both obvious and slow making them an all-round chore. Checkpoints are occasionally badly placed. The game works best when you're running and jumping (the sense of movement is well done when the controls are not hampering you) or killing zombies, however the experience overall is one of frustration and I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone. Expand
  20. Jan 27, 2013
    A puzzle platformer, with very good graphics, design and atmosphere.
    Sadly, the gameplay is lacking. The controls are imprecise, the gameplay is punishing and based on trial and error until the player finds the correct action at the correct time.
    Although it could have a well developed story, like the Waking Dead, it does not.
  21. Nov 6, 2012
    I wasn't expecting to much for a budget game but this one is critically flawed by buggy controls, ridiculous obstacles, and a bland story line. A game to avoid.
  22. Feb 10, 2013
    This game is absolutely beautiful. The atmosphere is amazing and the gameplay is pretty fantastic. Don't let this game fool you though, there is much more to a game than its looks. This game has a lot of glitches. The game completely glitched in rendering an area where I promptly died due to nothing being on the screen. Another time it didnt render and I fell into an abyss that wouldnt kill me, so I had to resume from the last checkpoint. There are a lot more glitches than this and its really a major turn off. The next thing is the plot and writing. They are both completely trash. The voice acting is pretty good but the characters say the most ridiculous things. The game really had potential and I which that they would have spent a little more time on the game and actually polished it a little. Expand
  23. Jul 17, 2013
    This game is both excellent and just okay depending on what you're into. If you're the person who likes to really feel the atmosphere and enjoys when the game makes you feel like you're there; this is the game for you. However the controls are awful and the game is way too hard. Sometimes the game is just too fast and you don't have enough time to react.

    The game features small puzzles
    which are mediocre, i.e. nothing special.

    The weapons of choice are a shotgun, a handgun, and a slingshot. However you don't get to use the weapons through the entire game, and the shotgun doesn't appear until very late in the game.

    I wish the game was a little longer, felt like i finished it in under 2 hours at most. Such a pity.
  24. Nov 1, 2012
    It could have been much better. The graphics are nice, backgrounds look particularly good. The gameplay is just OK and very easy. The story is quite dull and uninspired, like put together at the last minute. Also it's only 3 hours and a half long, but it costs 10
  25. Dec 16, 2013
    Horrible narration, a nonsensical story line with characters that are completely unlikeable and devoid of any intelligence combined with difficult-to-see terrain, finicky controls and jumping puzzles that will force you to die a few times to figure them out unless you get lucky make Deadlight a below average video game that caused me to throw in the towel before I could finish it.

    first I was impressed by the setting and the jumping was an interesting addition but halfway through the game the storyline became more and more ridiculous and I just didn't think it was worth continuing in combination with increasingly more frustrating puzzles that has less to do with zombie slaying and more to do with finding yourself in completely ridiculous situations that could be resolved by just WALKING IN A DIFFERENT DIRECTION!

    When a game character does everything differently from the way I would do it and ends up paying the price time after time, why do I even bother playing that character? I play games to escape from reality, not to be forced to live through more doses of fail than I witness in daily life.

    The game puts the player in control of some old guy who is trying to find his family after "the shadows (apparently some kind of English to Japanese and back again translation for "zombies", like so many other things in this game such as the "Great War", "Safe Point" and "The New Law" which sound completely ridiculous) and we're first presented with an opening scene where you, the protagonist, shoot a young girl in cold blood while making a sarcastic comment about how she should have remained inside the building. After being eased into the game's mechanics you run into the first "shadows" which you can not defeat until you find a fire axe. Once you obtain the fire axe you'll find that the fighting mechanics aren't all that good, the swings look and feel far more powerful than they are and it is easier to just run away from the shadows than it is to destroy them most of the time. In fact, the shadows are sometimes faster than you are and if you get caught by one, they are likely to gang up on you and you'll die even though there is some button mashing involved to get 'm off of you.

    The revolver mechanic works well, with mouse button 1 being your melee attack and mouse button 2 whatever ranged weapon you have equipped.

    You can taunt zombies to come towards you or into traps, space key is used to jump, control to crouch and there are a few combinations that are uncomfortable to perform with a keyboard but not impossible. It seems that the game is perfectly playable with keyboard and mouse.

    At the end of the day, you'll either like Deadlight because it's a mediocre platform game with "zombies" or you'll hate it because it's a yet another poorly executed zombie-survival game with horrible writing.

    Oh, did I mention how your main character can't swim and dies instantaneously on contact with water? No, the water isn't too cold or poisonous (at most septic!) your main character just can't swim. Not even for a few seconds so that you can get him to grab a ledge or whatever, it's instant death for you. How come I have better survival skills than a videogame character that has super-human stamina?
  26. Jun 7, 2013
    This game is solid. Speaking of just gameplay here... I'm a huge Shadow Complex fan, and simply wishing for it to come out on Steam wasn't working, so when I saw Deadlight I was hyped to have a similar experience.

    The graphics, atmosphere, effects, control are pretty amazing. The level design and environment could rival any top-notch platformer. The haze and atmosphere gave it a
    fantastic ambience. Much of the art was certainly inspired by The Walking Dead.

    Things that are incredibly horrible that made me think it may deserve an 8 are the following. The voice acting is absolutely garbage. The hick character pronunciated every word for instance. It was as if everyone was reading off a cue card. This is the worst voice acting I've ever heard, and whoever is responsible should be fired.

    The cut scenes that weren't using the game engine were horrible as well. If the cut scenes were completely in-game engine, this game would receive a 10 (keep in mind my high score is due to the fact that I really enjoy platformers and 2D games, although this is 3D). Sometimes the game did use the game engine to tell the story, and when this happened it was awesome.

    There's a leve called Rat Trap... and in my opinion it happens too early in the game... and it was a turn off. The level is cheap in parts and gives the impression that the remainder of the game will be a platformer miss-a-jump and you're dead. Also I found this one area that if you don't jump a spike correctly you die, after many attempts I found I had to actually walk touch the beginning of the spike then jump to avoid a trap after the jump (something that is NOT obvious, maybe I had a buggy version?).

    A few oddities: You can't kill zombies with an axe that you get. In the cut scene he does kill the zombie with the axe. Falling in water that clearly has a bottom about the depth of your character causes death. You can call-out in front of non-zombie enemies and they don't see you.

    The one part of the game that blew my mind was running from house-to-house dodging zombies and just barely making it. Game portions like this were so amazing. The levels and vastness seem endless, like when running from hordes of zombies through a town. Also you can call to zombies and have them fall off ledges. Just fun stuff. I wish I was able to get more weapons... or have the story show more characters to play... and more dealing with humans since they're more dangerous than zombies.
  27. Oct 27, 2013
    Wonderful game. Such an engaging story and strong atmosphere I completely forgot I was playing a 2D Platformer. Well 2D/3D as it's all rendered in 3D and looks fantastic.
  28. Aug 24, 2013
    Good game, albeit short. All of the good is wiped out by the horrible controls though. There are a bunch of areas that can only be passed via rolling (Sprint Crouch). The problem is, the character rarely rolls when you press the buttons. Instead, the crouch button seems to override the command and he'll start crouching instead of rolling, forcing you to replay sections endless till you get lucky and the controls proc the correct move. Have had the issue with both a controller and keyboard controls. Very frustrating and not worth the price. Expand
  29. Dec 29, 2012
    Deadlight have an interesting story, cool graphical-novel like cutscenes and absolutely beautiful visual design. The gameplay however isn't all that good. The platforming works alright and the game shines when you are running away from horde of monster in an open street. The visual design however can make it hard to tell the difference between stuff you can grab and stuff you cant which can be a bit annoying in a tight spot to say the least. The combat in the game is quite bad. The melee weapons in the game feels clunky and the firearms are annoying to control. Throw in some endlessly respawning enemies and some annoying checkpoints and you are in for a nasty treat. Some levels works better than others but the gameplay is average as best when everything works. I should also mention that the games campaign is rather short (around 3 hours). The games story and atmosphere manages to pull the score up to an average five but know that the gameplay could be improved to say the least. Expand
  30. Dec 4, 2012
    Story is dull, voice acting is terrible and there's always a feeling of a good artistic direction executed in a limited budget making this game feel worse than it really is because you always followed by regret of what it could be. Basically, it's second Prince of Persia (The Shadow and the Flame) with zombies and less variety in environment and simplified tasks for modern gaming audience.
  31. Oct 30, 2012
    Classic side scrolling gameplay with a great atmosphere. Plays well using a 360 controller attached to the PC. Though can sometimes be buggy. Not sure if the random slow down when you hit a zombie is meant to be in the game? The atmosphere and the grungy storey brings be back.
  32. Dec 29, 2012
    Graphically, the game looks amazing. Very smooth. Game play is very fast, and it will get intense at times. But the biggest fallback is lack of story and length of game play. After beating it, Steam displayed I had played it for 3 hours. You can imagine then how the story is if the game only takes 3 hours to beat. Even after beating the game, I don't feel the need to play it again. Yeah, there is a new game mode afterwards, but pointless. My opinion, find a friend that was suckered into buying it and play theirs. Waste of money. Expand
  33. Mar 24, 2013
    I really wanted to like this game. I love the zombie/post-apocalyptic genre and have been looking for a game that isn't an FPS. I've been gaming for a long time and this thing just really let me down. The graphics and atmosphere/environment are top notch. But the control scheme and "puzzles" are just too frustrating. There are plenty of times where it just is not clear what you are supposed to be doing, so you end up doing a bunch of trial and error as your character falls into pits/spikes or gets swarmed by zombies. It's hard to tell when zombies come from the background onto your "plane" so you can attack them this is by far the most frustrating since you can't plan attacks. Just lots and lots of "WTF do I do here?" deaths and repeats of sections until you figure out what you are supposed to be doing. That and crappy controls for combat and fast movement really ruin it. Trying to run away from something but having to quickly get over a fence the control scheme doesn't allow for fluid continuation, you have to execute the proper unintuitive commands... Anyway, if the Prince of Persia style platform puzzles were better executive and the control interface were better, this game could easily be a 9/10. Expand
  34. Apr 4, 2013
    This game has a nice atmosphere and looks great on paper. Even the first steps are fun. Until the really bad controlls kill all the fun. It is extremly annoying how often you die due to bad control. Best example is probably trying to climb over a fence...In it's current state I don't understand the score even remotely...
  35. Nov 9, 2013
    Extremely short (finished in 5.0 hours), pathetic Console Port. Thanks again, Consoles! Cannot change key-bindings. Just try pressing 'D' and 'E' at the same time (moving an object) or performing a grouped jump ('D'+SHIFT+CTRL+SPACE) and you will understand what i mean. Lame story. Weak gameplay, which is mostly jumping puzzles hence the 5 hour gameplay. And a ridiculous size for such a short lame Microsoft game. MAJOR FAIL. Expand
  36. May 23, 2014
    There is little to recommend in this game. The graphics are quite nice for a 2D game. The difficulty is all over the place, going from laughably easy to ridiculously hard while somehow bypassing the golden mean of satisfying challenge. The combat system is rather poor and uninteresting. Aiming is obviously not optimized for mouse input. The story is eye-rollingly bad and hammy. The game is also very short. Overall it is a passable distraction, but barely so. Expand
  37. Aug 5, 2013
    This is an incredible looking 2d game, with a nice theme of a zombie apocalypse. I enjoyed most of my time with it, although sometimes the controls were a bit clunky if you were facing multiple enemies. The bad thing however, is that the game only lasted 4 hours. That is just too few for its normal price (so get it in a discount if you really want it), especially since the experience was kind of fun to me, but not exceptionally fun. My last point of critique is that the story ending was a little disappointing to me, it felt like there should be more after it. Expand
  38. Feb 4, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is a beautiful slider that has some really interesting puzzles and decent voice acting. I am giving this a 6 however for the level of unfairness involved in some of the platforming and the control scheme for mouse and keyboard. Not having the ability to toggle crouching and sprinting make certain sections, such as crossing the roofs while being chased by the helicopter not only completely unrealistic (like I would stop sprinting in real life having to hold down shift is moronic) and the lack of response in the controls for climbing fences which means you continually get killed by that damn helicopter only to rerun it again and again and die again and again with no effective cover and A LONG DISTANCE between checkpoints where just earlier they were only a couple of feet apart makes finishing this game not a joy but an exercise in futility and frustration. When and if Tequila Works makes another game I truly hope they will rethink some of this. The art and the sound are wonderful the game play mechanics are not. Expand
  39. Aug 17, 2013
    A solid game with an enjoyable setting and challenging game play at times. Gets quite repetitive and is not helped by some poor voice acting. I wouldn't call the game hard as the puzzles aren't challenging, only thing making them difficult is the limited time for a lot.

    Worth a look if you can get it cheap.
  40. Dec 23, 2012
    The game is interesting, but the engine is horrible. I have all the latest games working quite well on my system, but while I can play Skyrim and Far Cry 3 perfectly, this game jitters like crazy. Sloppy dev.
  41. Dec 28, 2012
    The game's use of the third dimension is neat, as is the fact that the game is a zombie platformer. Other than that, though, Deadlight exudes failure. Game mechanics frequently work together to unfairly kill you. As an example, early on in the game i was walking through waist high water and there was a zombie behind me. The zombie started sprinting, which is a random chance occurrence, but I quickly found out that the main character can't sprint in waist high water and died. There was nothing I could have done to live there, and I just had to reload, repeat some of the game, and hope the zombie didn't sprint this time.

    The games controls and mechanics are frequently hit or miss. What's the difference between a door that has to be knocked down by kicking, with a fire axe, or by sprinting through and tackling it? Visually there's often nothing to go on, but eventually some kind of helper contextual action will let you know. Even then, it doesn't tell you what to press, just provides some abstract image of the action; I'm like 3 hours into the game and how no idea how to kick down a door; i just spam buttons until it works (they told me once, so it's partly the fault of alcohol, but w/e). In the same vein, you'll find a number of occasions where obvious scripting kicks in so you can make a jump of a distance that you'll find impossible later, where your character will frequently refuse to reach the extra .008 inches to make the grab onto a ledge, forcing you to solve some puzzle that seems unnecessary.

    To top it off, zombies aren't really threatening at all. If I had to guess I'd say that 90% of my deaths were to the environment, and maybe 10% to zombies. This is exacerbated by an extremely boring sequence in a trap ridden labyrinth where there are no zombies, just environmental hazards and trial and error gameplay. Enjoy re-spawning 20 or 30 times until you can get back outside to the actual fun part of the game.
  42. AWG
    Aug 1, 2013
    I don't usually praise so called 2.5D games but Deadlight is a damn fine game. It has very good atmosphere and awesome graphics so you can easily forgive the fact that its story is very generic. 7.7/10
  43. Jul 18, 2013
    The atmosphere is decent and the writing is great. But that's where the good parts end.

    The game is killed by a horrible control scheme that is inconsistent at best and downright unresponsive, no matter if using keyboard/mouse, gamepad, or even an Xbox 360 controller (that the game was originally designed for). For example, if you want to jump vertically (which is very necessary in
    parts), it is not enough to simply let go of the control stick/stop pressing movement keys. No, you have to do that AND wait for your character run/walk animation to completely halt before pressing the jump key, else you'll make a forward leap that would make a track and field star proud. Trying to climb a ledge immediately after making a sprinting leap? Better let go of the control stick completely, because if it's even a single degree toward the ground, you'll just climb down from the ledge you just jumped onto instead. It's pretty clear the development team of this game didn't do much/any testing prior to the release of their PC port, and not just due to the controls.

    This game is so terribly optimized for PC that even the pause menu has issues. I'm running a gaming PC that I built with mid-to-top-end hardware (as of a year ago, anyway) that has no problems running current-gen games of any kind, I've got an ASUS gaming notebook that's only 3 months old, and my girlfriend has a run-of-the-mill Toshiba laptop. After spending a combined total of 4 hours playing the game across all 3 machines, I feel like I need to call Terminix. The game crashes to desktop upon the first time running it (except, ironically, on my girlfriend's Toshiba). It'll freeze randomly after loading into a new zone. If you alt+tab or ctrl+alt+delete, the game will steal focus back unless you're quick enough to end the process before it does. You can't even pause the game without it freezing for about 30-45 seconds before the pause menu even comes up. I'm also not entirely sure if the cutscenes are supposed to have audio, as there was none, but that's also the only place where subtitles appeared, despite there being plenty of spoken dialogue during actual gameplay that wasn't subtitled.

    Final verdict? Tequila Works, S.L. must've been trying to live up to their name a bit too much, as it's pretty clear that they were way past the Ballmer peak when putting this game together. It's not even worth the $3.74 I paid for it during the Steam Summer Sale, and especially not the $14.99 that is normally charged. Avoid this game altogether.
  44. Aug 1, 2013
    The game looks good and the atmosphere/story are intriguing. BUT the PC version has awful controls and it seems hit and miss if they actually work. You get through the game by luck of the controls rather than the game. The helicopter chase scene is all but impossible as the there is no room for error and he will do silly things like move back over the fence for no apparent reason.
  45. Aug 1, 2013
    Epic Games showed how to make platformers on their engine with Shadow Complex. Very good platformer. So creators of Deadlight decided to make their own. Poor clone in zombie setting. Atmosphere is good enough. But everything else is painful waste of ideas. Voice acting is emotionless. Storyline made me say "How stupid it is." every 3 to 5 minutes. Not the storyline itself, but various actions of characters. Complete absence of logic. Ok, storyline is not platformer's best friend. But gameplay is completely ruined by controls. Is very unresponsive. You have to mash buttons to achieve what you want. Very annoying during quick jump sequences. First you die several times to figure out what you need to do. But after that you continue dying because you miss a wall jump or hit crouch one millisecond earlier or later. Or you hit the button and nothing happens. One more annoying thing is "Press any key to load". Why did they do that, I wonder. Like you have any other choice. Or may be there are checkpoints in the middle of zombie hoard? I've started to play it after completing Mark of the Ninja. Better one more run through Ninja-masterpiece of platformers than Deadlight. Waste of money. Especially if you ever played Shadow Complex. Expand
  46. Aug 25, 2013
    Controls suck, story sucks, puzzles suck. Cut scenes were broken for me.
    The game doesn't flow well. Voice acting was really annoying to listen to.
    Visual style wasn't executed well. The art style often caused confusion with game play. eg. distinguishing between foreground and background.
  47. Aug 30, 2013
    Pros - Good atmosphere Cons - Cheesy dialog and voice acting - Horrible controls/response - Who the hell is the Rat? Why can't I kill this bastard? What is wrong with the god damn soldiers? Am I playing a zombie apocalypse game, or am I going to fight aliens as well? The story is way out there. I cannot put myself in the character's shoes, instead I felt like I was watching a zombie movie designed by a 12 year old. Expand
  48. Sep 4, 2013
    The beginning of the game is very fun, but as soon as you get to the sewers it's all downhill. Insta-death situations that you cannot hope pass on the first tries. The game just feels like a very unforgiving quick time event that does not show the button you should press.
  49. Dec 13, 2013
    If you ever played the old Flashback game or maybe prince of persia you know how this game plays. It's like that but with smoother movement and with zombies. The world looks gorgeous and the gameplay is fun, but it's lacking in several other departments. The gameplay at first seems fine, but the longer u get the more trial and error puzzle it becomes.

    Some parts of the game feels more
    like a QTE than an action platformer and will have you die again and again just to repeat a section that begins with an unskippable cutscene, just to progress a bit further each time.

    One part was so bad that I went to check how to get through it. Turns out I did everything exactly as I should had, but I had vsync turned off, making it impossible for me to progress, so I had to go back to the main menu just to turn it off, thereby resetting all of my progress on that level. Yes if you stop playing the game you lose ALL progress you've made since the last loading screen.

    All in all it's an ok game with gorgeus graphics and design that suffers from gamebreaking bugs and trial and error events that are way harder than needed.
  50. Feb 10, 2013
    A short game but really good. Easy mechanics and only a couple of difficult spots. The story and ending were both worth playing. But if you just want to run around and shoot zombies; this isn't the game for you.
  51. Dec 24, 2012
    If I should compare Deadlight to another game, it would definitely be the classic and unforgettable Another World. The gameplay is great and very similar - in a more modern way - and the atmosphere is just as wonderful. Definitely a worthy buy. If you read reviews of people complaining that zombies are hard to kill, it's just because they didn't understand the game. Zombies are hard to kill on purpose: you need to use your wits and the environment to dispose of them, and it's a mechanic that works perfectly, and is very forgiving (maybe even a little too much). There are also some obvious cons, mainly concerning the story, which kind of ruins the otherwise fantastic atmosphere: voice acting is quite clumsy, writing and characters are too over-the-top and stereotyped, and the finale is quite obvious since the beginning. But that said, the gameplay and graphics are so good that you won't care as long as the game goes on. Expand
  52. Dec 26, 2012
    Platformers will never die. There will always be a place in old-school gamers' hearts to jump and shoot. Deadlight is a nice update to the genre with some great visuals and action. The lighting is gorgeous and the level designs are clever and balanced well in terms of dimensionality. It has a lot of technical innovations but none of the creativity that it should pair with . The story is tired and corny with some truly horrendous dialogue and terrible voice-acting. It slows down the game with its adequate comicbook artwork instead of adding more gameplay. The controls are fine but cannot be remapped and are clunky at the most inopportune moments. The game is very short and very easy. It's all a matter of trial-and-error, repeating whatever problem-solving needed for obstacles. I finished it in a few hours and was let down by the ending. After finishing it unlocks the "nightmare mode" which makes the zombies/infected (or "shadows" as the game story calls it for some reason) tougher I guess. The replay value is nil. Visuals are great, gameplay is fun but the game is cheesy and short. Too bad... Expand
  53. Dec 28, 2012
    I played this game and for a indie-horror game it was fairly good. There were obvious puzzles that were difficult because of the clunky controls, but with practice they are all completable. The graphics for this style of game is also very refreshing since most are 2d instead of 3d games. Doing some scenes over and over because of redundant objectives that take a while to figure out since a mere second wasted during these events will lead to a restart. Though i really enjoyed this game, I feel is only deserves a 7/10. Reason being there are bugs, such as my character getting stuck inside cars and objects, clunky controls, and the limited amounts of game modes/ possibly co-op/zombie survival and the limited amount of weapons. In the game there are more weapons that are used by NPCs and in the environment that you cannot use which is disappointing. I also found the ending of this game to be expected, but at the same time very typical and disappointing. Another but I found to be very terrible is there is a warehouse full of unending zombie respawns. To complete this task you need to shoot a window. In order to shoot out with window there is a 1x1 pixel sized area you must hit to break it this took me an hour of restarting shooting 30+ bullets into this window to find that sweet spot. This game is VERY short, i completed this in 4 hours(1hour stuck on window bug.) Also this game is a obvious console port. With that said I will once again say I really enjoyed this game. A few problem here and there, but it is completely playable. If you enjoy zombie games or any zombie themed game. This is a must buy. Expand
  54. Dec 26, 2012
    Great game! Great atmosphere! I never liked 2d platform games, but this one is really well made! The graphics are amazing, so is the sound. The negatives are the weak voice acting of some characters and I wished the game had better cut scenes! But overall, a great game!
  55. Jan 8, 2013
    Deadlight sets an incredible atmosphere that you just can't find in most other zombie themed games. If you really want to see how the apocalypse would be, this is it. The background of the protagonist is very rich and makes for a nice story. The playability is also great. Just try it, the game makes you feel like playing "just a little more", over and over.

    The only reason I'm not
    giving it a 10 is because of the quality of the animation. The character magnetizes to some key points of the scenery, and sometimes the movement doesn't seem natural or fluid. Otherwise, best game I've played in a long time. Expand
  56. May 10, 2013
    TLDR; Great art and atmosphere weakened by short game play and bad design. Just okay.

    The GOOD: The art and sound are very well done. Definitely captures a zombie apocalypse feel, it's fun to look at and the soundtrack is decent. The combat is sometimes satisfying with head shots and fire axe kills. The story is decent and the comic book cut scenes are pretty good. Also only paid $3.75.

    The BAD: Even with that small amount, this game is a ssshooorrrttt 4 hours. For the most part I play games pretty slow and try to collect and complete everything, problem is this game forces speed so it is almost impossible to stop at times. There are also missions where it feels trial and error, where the answer isn't obvious and you have to die to figure it out (especially the end). Some of the voice acting is horrible.
  57. Sep 9, 2013
    Deadlight is a decent enough platformer with a novel setting (if you can call another game with zombies, "novel") although its obvious console heritage may cause some frustration when played by us PC gamers. For the sake of your sanity, invest in a gamepad if you're going to play this game!
  58. Oct 6, 2014
    Never seen a sidescroller zombie game before, and I was pretty impressed when I started playing it. It has a pretty good backstory, nice atmosphere, and fun gameplay. (although some parts were quite frustrating.) If you're a fan of zombie games, or sidescrollers, I'd highly recommend this to you. Pros: -Good gameplay. -Can be fun. -Good atmosphere. Cons: -Some parts of the game can be frustrating due to some mechanics not working properly.
    -Not much replay value.
  59. Nov 3, 2012
    A breath of fresh air amongst the ever increasing zombie apocalypse catalgue of games. Stunning graphics and a fantastic story, backed up with steller voice acting. A truly unique take on this genre and, whilst short, the campaign never has a dull moment.
  60. May 13, 2014
    The game starts off well with the difficulty ramping up progressively. The visuals are excellent, however, the cutscenes become a bit of a nuisance when you want to simply keep playing as they are very much an eyesore.

    However, as the difficulty increases so does frustration. Gimmicky placement of objects and enemies keeps you on your toes as well as slamming your fist into your desk
    attempt after attempt after attempt. Sometimes you'll be right on the verge of a new checkpoint during a chase moment only to get to the end and have seconds to figure out how to progress.

    If you can get it on sale it's great but I've found myself playing less and less of it each time I pick it up simply because it went from a fun challenge to a very frustrating cluster of cheap challenges.
  61. Nov 4, 2012
    What an experience! It is a short game but I enjoyed every bit of it.
    The art direction is pretty much the best of the indie games world combined with the best of the AAA games world. It is wonderful place to be immerse in.
    The controls are responsive and the action relentless. My only real critic is that the few puzzles in the game are way to simple. Until you get to the Nightmare mode
    the game lacks challenge but apart from that it is a great game with a soul. Expand
  62. Nov 1, 2012
    Outstanding zombie-apocalypse survival game with spectacular graphics and overall design! The lenght of the game is not much, but for such a low cost, you get unforgettable experience which simply overcomes it! A must for zombie/apocalypse fans! Buy and RUN for your lives! Enjoy! =)
  63. Feb 20, 2014
    Yes, the atmosphere is good. The action, though sparse, is actually pretty good. I enjoyed using guns to dispatch zombies, although I can almost guarantee that less than half of the zombies you kill will be killed with guns. Even less with the shotgun, which is only acquired after you're more than halfway through the game.
    The biggest downside to this game is the level design. There are
    so many chase scenes that will spontaneously kill you if you don't perform all the moves that the game wants you to perform at just the right time. For example, you knock down a door to a warehouse. For some reason, that starts off a chain reaction that leads to the whole building collapsing, and the game will randomly kill you if you don't make all the right moves. Fortunately, the game is fairly forgiving with its checkpoints, but not necessarily with it's save points, if that makes sense. Whenever I quit the game and came back, I found myself much further behind where i thought I had left myself. I presumed that cutscenes would cue autosaves- this is not the case. So the game is unforgiving in how much of it you find yourself replaying over and over. Also, the story is very tripe and generic. Other than that, the game is positive; it's just far from epic. I can't think of a single person I would go out of my way to recommend this game to. Expand
  64. Dec 25, 2012
    I beat this game in about 6 hours and I enjoyed all 6 of them. I cannot believe people could have a negative view of this game because at $15 or anything less than that this game is well worth it.
  65. Nov 26, 2012
    The atmosphere and backgrounds are definitely great. The story is good and flows logically, though not a revolutionary plot. The voice acting fits the characters nicely. Ammunition for the weapons that you get is scarce, though it is not a bad thing as you can easily complete the game without using firearms (except for a few required puzzles). Switching and reloading weapons works smoothly. I would have liked a bit more control over jumping and hanging from ledges, but other than that, the character responds well and without delay. I really liked the 2.5D mechanic where there can be monsters in the background and you can interact with them only after/if they've come to "plane" with you. The levels and puzzles were interesting (while quite easy), except for the final one which was a bit buggy (enemies appearing from thin air, player character warping through walls). It took about four hours to complete the game and an hour more to find all the collectibles I missed, so all in all, it was a good deal for the 5 Expand
  66. Nov 29, 2012
    easily one of the best games i have played in 10 years, there will always be a market for a platform style game as long as it is done just like this, a rich storyline that keeps you going till the end.
    everything in this game is a character, the lighting,the awesome music and the weather effects are just as important as the main character for cohesive storytelling and mood. a must play
    game before you die...truly. Expand
  67. Dec 4, 2013
    I think this is a great game and well worth the money I spent.

    Generally, the gripes I see about Deadlight are:

    1) It is a basic side-scroller. Someone compared it to "Contra" from the NES. True, but not so much; yes, it is a side-scroller, but the 3D depth adds great atmosphere and makes the game beautiful and immersive; the levels are well-designed; and the controls and game play
    are, for the most part, very smooth (except I had a little difficulty with switching directions accidentally when clinging to tops of obstacles, costing me my life on more than one occasion.

    Also, I would say it is more like Prince of Persia than Contra. It's not a run-and-gun some have complained about the lack of guns/ammo, but like any good zombie game, limited resources and how you manage them are part of the package here, and pretty nicely balanced.

    2) The length. True, it's only about 5 hours long (I finished in 4.5, I believe, and I was trying to explore everywhere I could and pick up all the little tokens and items), but that's 2-3x your average movie length, and far more engaging and entertaining, so when you look at it that way...

    3) The pricetag. Okay, I think $15 might be a little steep, and I don't know that I would be willing to spend that, considering the game reminded me a lot of Limbo, a $5 indie game (which was only a little bit shorter in length.) But at the $2.99 I spent for it in a Steam sale, I feel like I more than got my money's worth...

    The graphics and atmosphere are great. The character and zombie movements and animations are smooth and fluid. The music is excellent. The attention to detail really adds that special touch, with things like the lengthy journal/backstory, the dream/flashback sequences, and even the death screen all done very well (I love the color tint contrast-push effect on dying, for example. Very smooth.)

    This review would be a 9, but I have to take off one point for a glitch/bug I encountered in the game, which killed the mood and the immersion a bit: all sound/music would cut out during most of the cut-scene animations. It would be working perfectly fine, and then as soon as a cut-scene (animated comic-book style sequence) would show up, the audio would completely go mute about 70-80% of the time, then come back to normal when the cut-scene was over...
  68. Apr 4, 2013
    Lo stile della grafica mi piace davvero molto, atmosfera apocalittica ben creata. Il gioco abbastanza fluido nel gameplay, in alcuni punti ci si può trovare a cercare di superare un ostacolo più volte prima di riuscirci.
    Tempo utile per completare il gioco due ore.
  69. Jan 2, 2013
    Just finished playing the game and I must say I am impressed. The environment is alive and beautiful, the game-play, although has some control glitches is quite good and the time spent playing it feels very rewarding, still even if I did not play nightmare mode.

    I really enjoyed not only playing it but also getting the items from every level up to 100% and watching the videos of the
    making of that were unlocked after you were playing.

    Definitely a recommended game to get and play. Pros: Story, Scenery, Puzzles, Short (yes for me is a pro), Making of
    Cons: Controls, Nightmare difficulty is not good.

    Definitely congrats to the developers!!!
  70. Jan 2, 2013
    I liked the game but the pace seemed a bit slow for what I was expecting. Some of the controls would also get hung up while I was trying to jump to a ledge or roll out of the way from a falling roof. So, I would have to play the same section over and over until the right buttons were registered. The game is also very linear. I don't expect an open sandbox game but a little more to do would of been nice. The achievements are too simple as well. They don't provide and challenges. Expand
  71. Jul 24, 2013
    Wow! I'm not sure that I've ever seen a game with such gritty, realistic graphics certainly never before in a side-scrolling platformer. Although the controls are pretty terrible and the cut-scenes have more in common with a comic book than a film or AAA video game, the game still has a nice flow and an amazing environment. This game is definitely worth checking out.
  72. Jul 24, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Deadlight features great atmosphere and clever light dynamics. The game play is catchy, moderately difficult in general but a little bit repetitive at times. Although it has some minor glitches/bugs, it seems to have a solid technical background.
    However, the plot of the game is not well tailored. The ending is stupid, the main character prefers to let the “shadows” eat him alive instead of opening a bigger hole in the ground with his axe to escape (survival instinct is everything in a zombie apocalypse!). The “evil soldiers” plot is an already heard script. The same happens with the “damsel in distress” pattern. The game depicts female characters as unable to defend themselves, begging the main character for “piety” when it comes to commit suicide (again, lack of survival instinct, breaks atmosphere). An unexpected gem was the "hidden secret" where the game explicitly blames JFK for being weak against the communists, who, provided their evil plans are not countered, are responsible for the zombie apocalypse...
  73. Jan 22, 2014
    !!!Spoiler Alert!!! I believe we can all agree this game has quite a stunning setting, but the flaws of this game far outweigh it's positive features. While i was impressed with the game's graphics and ominous backdrops, I was not impressed with the sluggish and extremely imprecise control the player has over Randal, the protagonist. This fact is all too evident at times where you (the player) are forced to make fast, "Parkour-like" actions to escape certain death. The harshest of these examples being the collapsing building that you barely (and i really do mean barely) have time to escape from before being crushed to death. To proceed beyond that point you are forced to retry countless times until you have "perfected" your technique. Much frustration and disappointment could have been easily avoided if grand oversights, such as the ridiculous obstacle course constructed by a hobo (not joking), the needless rooftop escape from the helicopter, or of course the collapsing building. With such a strong start to the game, I was quite disappointed when I finally made to the end and I won't be the only one. Because of decent graphics, setting, and occasional combat (although combat is NOT the focus of the game), I am forced to give this game a 2. Sorry Tequila Works, better luck next time I suppose... Expand
  74. Oct 20, 2014
    Very good atmosphere
    Good storytelling

    Over-priced for 4 hours of content
    Controls are difficult to manage sometimes
    I from time to time miss platform by a millimeter
  75. Mar 23, 2013
    This game is another of those low key classics that have been illegally slept on.The side scrolling perspective feels fresh and is the highlight of this wonderful game.The graphics are stunning and did i mention the story? Its brilliant.The flashbacks that occur through the game keep you guessing and really allows you to get sucked into this world.

    This game is currently on offer on
    steam (23/3/13) and I can not encourage you enough to give this game a try.

    Having read some review below I can only assume the 'physics' and 'horrible controls' where due to the xbox version of this title as the pc version looks and plays amazing.
  76. Mar 6, 2013
    Deadlight has an amazing atmosphere and takes 2D platforming to a new level by providing an engaging, if not generic, story. It is a short game with some puzzles, jumping challenges, and light combat, but it keeps begging you to push forward. The graphics, music, and voice acting are all strong. Pros:
    Excellent atmosphere, creepy and beautiful at the same time.
    Good old platforming done
    right with a good mix of jumping, puzzles, and combat.
    Clever plot devices, while tired, keep the gamer interested to see what is next.

    Cons: Very short.
    Nightmare mode Your character doesn't respond to the controls as much as you would like in a game mode with only one life and no saves. No NG+ for speedruns and no real reason to find the collectibles.

    Final Judgment:
    A bit pricey at its original price tag for a 3 hour game that doesn't offer much in the form of replayability. It would be great at a $3-5 price tag for an afternoon, or evening of fun. Still, it has been one of the best games of 2012 from the indie developers and maybe even a top 15 of all games from that year. Worth a shot!
  77. Jul 14, 2013
    Deadlight is a very entertaining game the first thing you notice about this game are the visuals they're just amazing and it has a great atmosphere with the perfect soundtrack for it real fun game play with a twist i didn't expect in the ending but the game is short still a great game
  78. Jan 4, 2014
    This game has tons of potential, having amazing visuals, cool atmosphere and a good concept. While the whole zombie Armageddon theme is getting tired, the fact that this one places it in the middle of the cold war adds a cool dimension. However there are some major flaws with this game that keep me from rating it higher.

    First is length and consequently value. The game is $15 although I
    got it on sale for $4, it's literally 4 hours long. That's pretty poor value as far as video games are concerned these days, just not enough content.

    Second the controls are not precise. You'll be trying to climb a fence before a zombie eats you and end up jumping into it and bouncing off by accident and dying. Or you'll be trying to jump straight up to grab a ledge but jump into a wall instead. Really poor. The combat also quite frankly sucks. Either make this a full out combat game or a full out evade zombies game. Instead it tries to mix both styles, making zombies hard to kill since there's like zero ammo in this game and they're impossible to kill with your fireaxe, but also frustrating to avoid due to the poor controls.

    Third the voice acting is really, really bad. I thought the story was fine, the cutscences are presented in comic book style which I thought was cool, and the writing wasn't awful, but the acting is bad. It feels like a foreign game they had to translate and dub over. The story is extremely predictable and cliche but I like zombie tales so I didn't mind.

    Finally my last critique is the game itself is just kind of dull. It's like old school pitfall, jump from platform to platform over a bunch of spikes and zombies, just not that interesting. It probably wasn't more than 4 hours cus they couldn't design any more unique levels.

    So again, tons of potential, great atmosphere and concept, poor execution.
  79. Apr 1, 2013
    même acheté 3€ sur Steam, ce jeu reste une petite déception.

    Graphismes et bande son très corrects, mais la maniabilité est perfectible.
    Mon plus gros reproche est que le coté ultra-linéaire, peu inventif, ne laissant que peu de choix au joueur quand la manière de faire la différence d'un Mark of the Ninja) ou de finir le jeu...
    La 2nde partie avec le rat est d'une lourdeur... les
    passages apprendre par cœur gâchent le peu de plaisir qu'on avait jusque là.
    Dommage il y avait quelque chose faire avec ce background.
  80. Dec 7, 2013
    Ugh, I really want to like Deadlight, and in my first three hours of playing, I did, I really did. Now I'm further into the game, and while it has phenomenal atmosphere, the gameplay is frustrating, the puzzles are generic, the controls are awful, the port is clunky, it's thrown the (really good) survival elements out of the window and the story's gone off on a tangent to pad out the game. There's a little fun to be had here, but don't make a combat/survival platformer into a puzzle platformer, it really, really doesn't work. I don't like the fact I don't like this game, as it started off so well, sadly it became nothing but a frustrating mess. Given a 5 as there is some fun to be had here, and I know this game will appeal to some people. I severely don't recommend Deadlight. Expand
  81. May 2, 2014
    Deadlight is a 'different' game that attempts to portray its own display of "end of the world zombies". Its generally exciting with some very fast paced action sequences however, very clueless and predictable story wise. The writing was nothing but average although the music in the game, is just amazing! surprisingly. for its current $15 price i would wait for a sale like what I did myself. All in all its a enjoyable game to play when looking to waste some time. Expand
  82. Jul 14, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I think this game is a bit overrated. A lot of complaints have been made there before and sadly most of them are true. But for me it's not bugs, awkward controls or bad acting which is the most disappointing thing about Deadlight. The story is.

    Since there's no background given, I felt a bit lost from the very beginning: who's this guy Randal? who he has just shot? who are those others? why they had to separate their paths? And then he started to talk about family. Uh? And those guys at the beginning just some friends or neighbors maybe? Too many names, too little explanations. And if you expect to get the whole picture at the end, you'll be disappointed for sure. It's getting even more ridiculous.

    The design team has clearly drawn inspiration from Remedy's games Max Payne and especially Alan Wake. As well as from some noticeable movies like 28 Days Later (zombie epidemic, ex-armymen luring survivors into a trap by a radio signal, etc.) and maybe even Shutter Island. These are good ingredients for sure, but it seems to me that the cook just not experienced enough to make something delicious out of them. Maybe if he has had more time...

    Apart from that, there's often no logic in Randal's decisions during the game. For example, The Rat takes away his possessions including an axe and a revolver. That's a very convenient excuse to make us run through several levels without being able to deal with the shadows. But seriously, the old man is right there all the time! I can't think of reasons not to take the stuff back and continue on the mission. Instead Randal decides to play madman's dangerous game and finally comes up with a realization that he has to find The Rat's son. OMG! Or take the episode after rescuing Ben. Randal needs something to patch up a wounded friend and heads to the hospital nearby. Soon he stumbles upon a medikit. But his reaction is usual: I'm perfectly healthy and don't need this at the moment. Oh, really? That's frustrating.

    If there's a sequel I hope developers will have enough time to spend on it. ‘Deadlight’ and ‘deadline’ sounds similar for a reason.
  83. Aug 27, 2013
    THIS is one of the best side scroller zombie apocalypse game ever. I've enjoyed many hours with it. Very good atmosphere! I would prefer that one! Buy it!
  84. Aug 22, 2014
    Is this game terrible? No. Is this game worth buying? Definitely not.

    Unfortunately this game is one of the most frustrating titles I own and for all the wrong reasons. At heart, this game is a very aesthetically pleasing 2D Puzzle Platformer. It could have been one of the best on the market if it wasn't for one thing. The jumping. Why have a platformer with jumping as bad as this? It
    defies all belief. It is a massive shame. He will launch himself forwards when you press jump even if you're standing perfectly still and not touching any directional button. I will give them credit for trying to implement a nice wall jump mechanic but unfortunately it only works when and if it wants to.

    I have also had numerous problems with the game not working properly. Pausing the game will take about 60 seconds to load and has even crashed the game before. Objectives sometimes will not show up until I've died and tried it again. I'm not entirely sure why these things happen but it is truly remarkable.

    These things disappoint me most because it is actually a promising game. The graphics are incredible and it is something that we've not seen much of in the past. The story is a bit lacking but that's not usually that important in a game like this. The melee combat is dreadful but I actually found myself enjoying the shooting mechanic. It fit the style the game was going for perfectly and I wish there was more of it.

    The puzzles in the game are very very basic puzzles and shouldn't tax your brain too hard if you're used to this type of game. However the game does utilise the use of beginners traps which is kind of a shame. They are to platforming and jump scares are to horror games. They just feel cheap and unnecessary.

    Overall this game isn't the most horrible thing ever but it's such a shame that it let itself down so badly. Jumping is vital in a platformer and they failed to even get remotely close, especially in tandem with the dodgy running mechanic. This game could be worth picking up cheaply in a sale but it definitely doesn't deserve to be high on your wishlist. If ever they decide to make another game like this though, honestly look out for it. If they get it right then it will be a masterpiece.
  85. Sep 21, 2013
    This game is a piece of art, and a good one. The levels are designed in such a way that you feel the atmosphere the avatar is exposed to. The story is engaging and nicely conveyed. The visuals are awesome.

    Furthermore, although the gameplay is designed in platformer fashion, make no mistake it's more of an action adventure then a platformer. Hence the only bad reviews you'll see here
    about this game are from those players that mistake it for a classic platformer, and don't get what they expect. Expand
  86. Nov 2, 2013
    So much wasted potential. Atmosphere was pretty good, but believability was sorely lacking. Yes it is a video game, but as a survival game there has to be at least a shred of realism. Game mechanics and character responsiveness were poor at best. Voice acting needed improvement. Story was somewhat of a bright spot, but the best thing about this game is that you won't have to waste more than 4 hours of your life. Expand
  87. Nov 7, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The atmosphere of this game is just plane awesome! The creators took a little time on creating realistic 80th zombie apocalypse settings with crazy animations and sounds. The story telling is kept in a monologue of the protagonist and done well for the most. Sometimes though it is getting to be a little pain because of repetitions and this hard voice always summing in your ears nevertheless it has been done very well. In addition to that the "climbing" system is pretty neat: Sprinting long distances, throwing yourself out of a window, rolling around on the floor through obstacles, jumping and just being super trim and fast!
    But also the game mechanics is the point where you could curse all over and over again: Accidentally pressing "E" in certain situations will cause your character to kneel down without any chance to abort this so you get eaten by "Shadows", aiming is hard to manage because you first have to control your characters direction (left or right) with you arrow buttons and then aim (causing death multiple times) but sometimes enemies just are behind you and you might not realize that you should have just clicked LMB to push them away, the overall neat graphics design sometimes lets you down in finding the right path ending in numerous deaths; so does the helicopter scene!
    This game really has potential which unfortunately is crushed by lacking realization 6/10
  88. Nov 9, 2013
    The game graphics and atmosphere are nice, but it was way to short and the story was predictable. I recently finished the game and was disappointed, You never really "meet" the characters so it didn't matter to me weather they lived or died, the game itself felt rushed and the ending left an empty spot where it could have been a jaw dropper. The game also lacked personality and replay value, I would classify it in the category of something to play when there is nothing else to do. If the developers had worked as hard on the story and levels as they did on the atmosphere it could have been a great game. Expand
  89. Nov 20, 2013
    Deadlight was a satisfying gaming experience, although the campaign was fairly short….There are several bugs in the game mainly resulting in a lack of response from the character and glitches that basically result in death. This makes ‘Nightmare Mode’ pretty much impossible, because it would be extremely difficult to complete some chapters without dying… I did enjoy my experience with Deadlight, but I have no desire to ever play this again… It’s seriously down to the fact there really isn't much replay ability in there, but we can get games dirt cheap these days and have so many titles to play through it seems developers are clocking onto this and making good enjoyable one play games… If you like side scrolling platform shooters with zombies, this could be the game for you. Expand
  90. Jan 1, 2014
    This game displays the storytelling potential of the medium, and underlines the fact that games do not have to make your system hardware gasp for air to give you something that looks and feels really good while you play it.

    While playing the game, there is an impressive sense of depth and attention to detail that manages to not feel repetitive or reused like you would expect. For
    example, when breaking into what used to be someone's home, it convincingly looks and feels like a home. The use of motion comics for cutscenes, which were simple but well-drawn in a style crossed between The Walking Dead and 30 Days of Night, was very effective.

    Unfortunately, that’s about it in Deadlight’s win column. The story is not bad but the dialogue often is. Your character is a former park ranger (complete with Rick Grimes hat in some flashbacks and in Nightmare mode) who is attempting to find his wife and kid after a flu outbreak turns people into flesh-eating “shadows”. That’s really all you need to know, but should you want to suffer through 60 pages of overly-dramatic diary entries, it’s an option.

    In short, this game doesn’t have a great deal more to offer than how great it looks and feels, and that can be perfectly fine. Games like Hotline Miami and Limbo have shown us you can also have great games with little or no story at all. Unfortunately, Deadlight insists on trying to say a lot when all we really need it to do is be quiet and look pretty.
  91. Jan 2, 2014
    Visually stunning, this game is not what I'm used to. I have a notebook with an Intel HD 1st gen graphics so you can imagine I can't really play modern games, so I miss a lot of great looking games. But this one, even with low resolution and the lowest graphical setting, is simply gorgeous. The animations look solid, the cutscenes have a comic kind of drawing that looks quite good for the setting,the characters are greatly done.
    The music is solid though I cant recall a lot of times I heard it instead of focusing on the visuals or what I had to do or the voice acting, which is quite good IMO. The sound effects department is very nice as well.

    You have to know I'm a fan of the Walking Dead from Telltale Games, so i find the gameplay of Deadlight be quite frankly, good and refreshing. It reminds me of old games like the ones I played on Sega Genesis, and that was the developers intention so kudos for them in that sense. It has things similar to Prince of Persia or "2D Assassin's Creed" for younger people. Players looking for non stop frenetic action won't find this game to their tastes, even if you have access to a few weapons, the main point of the game isn't fighting the zombies but surviving them, and that usually involves running past a large horde or avoiding them somehow. Again, for what the gameplay is, I really liked it.
    You have a lot of collectables, secret items, and mini games to find. The main character carries a journal which has several missing pages, also collectable across the game. This journal gives you an insight to the character's past before the game, and it pretty awesome.

    The only thing a can honestly say I dislike is a certain achievement which requires you simply to have a friend who also ownes the game. Without that achievement you can get 100% completion. Also, the campain is somewhat short, 2-4 hours depending the player, plus repetition if you go for the unlockable Nightmare mode (the same campaing but with no checkpoints in between chapters). but, I'm used to short games, besides Deadlight isn't 60 dollares but around 15, so IMHO it's a worth investment, which you will enjoy.
  92. Feb 1, 2014
    It's a survival horror with 2D mechanics. Nice game, nice graphics and sound, generally good design level (the Rat one being the worst one), nice atmosphere and story. Gameplay is generally decent beside a few useless complications (some moves could have been automatic). The lenght of the game is really short (a few hours) so I don't recommend it at more than 5, maybe 10, euros.
  93. Jan 28, 2014
    Thank you Tequila Works for this great game. Though it only took me 3 Hours to finish the game I must honestly say that is was 3 Hours well spent. This Sidescroller Zombie action game is amazing, you need to pay attention to your surroundings and time your moves carefully. There were some times where I tried the same checkpoints over and over again which is a good thing for me because that shows me the game is not just a simple run through. Expand
  94. Jun 10, 2014
    Visual y conceptualmente interesante aunque algunos bugs hacen que la experiencia pueda ser más compleja. Pero sin duda es una buena compra en rebajas.
  95. Sep 25, 2014
    Although this is a good game, with a very interesting story, excellent art direction(the game's plot is in 1986), beautiful graphics especially the lighting effects, there are some bugs that i can't forgive.

    For example the mission with the helicopter chase. I found some problems in the control especially the jump.

    If you are ok with this problems, the game has a good hero, some
    interesting characters, and a beautiful story. I suggest you to play this and i wonder why companies don't take advantage of the platform/zombie combination. Expand
  96. Aug 22, 2014
    This is high quality game. I can't say it's flawless, cause some things made me nervous. For instance-they could have done climbing up not by a jump key, but just continuing pressing up button. If all the cutscenes were done like the first cinematics trailer-this would raise the game's rate a bit.
    Then there's a lack of voices. Couldn't you find a real boy instead of curving an adult
    voice that is in the game already? The escaping woman was not sincere, I don't buy it.
    So, summary the game is interesting and the story is quite inspiring. Soundtrack is good, too. Synchronous and asynchronous sounds are fit the whole picture flawlessly. The only trouble is with location-sometimes objects in the right side of the screen sound in the left ear, and so all the way around.
    Waiting for DLC, or the next part.
  97. Oct 8, 2014
    Delightful ! Tense and dark. Just a bit disappointed it ends so fast, but just couldn't stop playing since the moment I launched the game. Average replaybility tho.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 7 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 7
  2. Negative: 0 out of 7
  1. 84
    I could not tear myself away from the screen, during the five hours it took me to complete Deadlight. There are some design issues, mainly regarding the controls, but overall it was a worthy experience. [December 2012]
  2. Jan 7, 2013
    The PC porting of Deadlight does not disappoint the fans. Mixing platforming, action and survival in a wise manner, the title conquer all the favors of the public.
  3. 70
    Survival platformer suffers from some minor bugs but its atmosphere and gameplay elements are catchy and satisfying enough to give it a try. [Christmas 2012]