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  1. Apr 6, 2013
    A fun new game. This game has held my attention from the start. I have been playing it since the first beta and alpha until now. I have played so many MMO's over the years and have been disappointed with lack of new content. I wanted something new and different. It's great to finally have a game that is exciting and new. This game does have it's glitches and bugs. The developers have come a very long way from pre-launch. I am amazed at all the fixes they did, even up to a week before launch. The Trion team is very receptive and quick with fixing the issues and listening to their customers. I am looking forward to playing this game for a long time to come and watching the TV show on Syfy. Expand
  2. Apr 6, 2013
    I've read some of the reviews and a lot of the negative ones are not very accurate. I'm about 30 hours into the game and this is my experience with it: ---------------------------------------- The good: The mechanics are fun, this game is 90% skill and 10% items. Pixel perfect precision, dodging, crouching, jumping. Everything you do matters. You can play stealth and head-shot enemies from afar with a sniper rifle; or go in guns blazing, throw greandes and bash enemies. They all have weak spots where you can score critical hits and you can go about doing things any way you want. You also get some powers and perks (think skill talents) that complement your play style.

    The game has challenges placed all over the map, be it driving or shooting. I find they take 3-4+ tries to get gold and there are leader boards for each one. You can level way faster doing these than side missions and they're quite unique and way more fun.

    Co-op maps require 4 players and they're not easy. The fights get very intense very fast and require a decent amount of skill to pull off.

    People complain about the driving, I've been doing most of the goals and challenges related to it using the roller and am having a blast. The challenges involve getting a certain time on a course, you have to dodge obstacles and deal with unexpected enemies or events popping up. Getting gold on some of them requires pulling everything off perfectly. The goals require things like doing a 720 spin off a jump, and getting gold on the driving challenges.

    The PVP is fun, although right now some guns have balance issues. Going stealth and blowing someone with a shotgun point-blank is way more effective than it should be. I'm pretty sure this will get ironed out.

    The story and chapter missions: You have your story missions which deal with in game characters and chapter missions where you interact with the movie characters. They're not incredible, but they will keep you going. Once the series comes out, it might give them more meaning and back story, which they are lacking.

    All weapon types have about the same base stats, better quality weapons just have some added bonuses such as increased mag and some small effects like reloading part of your clip on critical kills or speeding up grenade recharge. Nothing massive, but enough to get you to seek them out. You can play with the first weapon you get during the tutorial and not be gimped. Items give you a nice bonus, but are not the deciding factor in effectiveness.

    The bad:

    Side missions are typical kill this, fetch this. The good thing is, the game mechanics make killing enough fun and there are plenty of other ways to level.

    Interface was clearly not designed for PC and is terrible atm. Luckily you don't need to use it all that often.

    The game has a lot of features which are not immediately obvious. Going with the norm will result in a poor experience. A guide to character creation (which provides a decent amount of customization, if you find the tabs for it on your first try-- i didn't) and game activities would make it a much better experience for new players. I suggest reading the forums for tips when starting out as things are pretty confusing at first.

    Server instability is there, getting a lot better now though.

    Rewards for events kinda suck and getting rep from contracts is the best way to get upgrades.

    Good or bad depending how you look at it:

    Most of your upgrades come from weapon mods and not the weapons themselves. These include slightly higher crit damage, increased magazine capacity, faster reload, slightly less recoil etc. Farming the mods is a bit of a pain as the boxes that give these produce random mods. Each weapon can have 4, and weapons come with different slot numbers. Higher grade weapons tend to come with more, but you can add them in using ingame resources. Once again, the upgrades are more convenience than making you more powerful. Having to reload less and not having to re-stock on ammo as often is nice, but not crucial.


    The PC version feels a bit rushed, but compared to most other MMOs i've played on opening day, it's about the same story. The core is fun; if you played Rift, trion went with the same sort of ideology in regards to random events. Ark falls are much like rift events. Everyone gets credit for kills, and rewards are based on participation and score.

    The mechanics are fun, the game is challenging but i doubt it will cater to people who are more item driven. If you like shooters and online games with an open world feel which allows you run over enemies with cars, complete challenges and pvp. A game where skill is the deciding factor and having a higher level and better items will still get you killed vs a higher skilled lvl 1 player. This is the game for you.

    Once the series gets going, the story part might play a bigger role.
  3. Apr 6, 2013
    Let me start by saying that I took time to create this account just for the review as well as leave my 110 pound woman in bed to write this. This game is awful. Clunky UI. Meh graffix. Go to point A and kill some guys. Now to point B same thing.........over and over. Yes every game has repetitiveness but a good game will "hide" this by intriguing story or awesome game play.
    The grouping
    system is horrible. Controls are bad. AI looks like it was programmed by a ten year old on a Speak and Spell. Everything about the game is wonky. Even leaving the game you press L, hold space bar, radial tab to settings, click exit game twice..................

    DO not get roped in to playing this. Yes your first hour is fun because its new but after three days of waiting for the game to get good,,,it just doesnt......................
  4. Apr 7, 2013
    Let me start by disputing all of the negative reviews. UI~ No disputing their claims, it's somewhat goofy, but learning the quick menu (ctrl) makes it bearable Character creation~Don't listen to people about lack of customization. They are clueless and didn't chose the options... It's extensive! Shooting mechanics~ Shooting mechanics are spot on. No clue why anyone would have a gripe about them.

    Controls~ What is so bad compared to any other shooter?! They have the exact same controls as any other game, CoD or anything else.

    Chat~ this is pretty bad and something that needs to be adjusted. But same dev's as Rift so things will be fixed... Games been out less than a week so...

    Not sure why there are so many haters of this game. They are just butt hurt that they aren't going in with tons of friends rolling across the map hogging all the loots. This game is great. Check it out. No monthly fees and lots of fun!
  5. Apr 7, 2013
    Trion is still ironing out the bugs. But when it works, it's very fun. Also excited to learn more about the world they've created.

    Plays kind of like Mass Effect and RIFT mashed together.
  6. Apr 9, 2013
    should be free to play not worth the $60 at all. weak store bad side quests seems the the finish game is still just a early beta.
  7. Apr 10, 2013
    Don't let the positive reviews fool you. This game is an early Beta at best. While some elements of the game are fun, they are extremely overshadowed by the bugs and lack of depth. I think eventually the game will be patched to make it playable but right now the issues make it boring and frustrating. Also this is a direct console port game so expect it to look like a game from 1999 not a current title. Expand
  8. Apr 10, 2013
    Game is a good MMOTPS with rpg elements, Some of the Rift feature and amazing filled into nice sci-fi story. PvP in this game is incredible and it possible to use any weapon on any character which makes truly balanced online gameplay
  9. Apr 10, 2013
    I agree with the low-end of the spectrum. The (early) pilot episode of the show was fantastic and I think it will be a worthy successor to Eureka, Warehouse, and Alphas. However, the game just gives up on the story after you chase down Random Bald Scientist #1. It plays more like co-op Planetside 2 with a Borderlands leveling system and I was hoping that this would be the MMOS that sold me. Unfortunately the plethora of launch bugs, the poor graphical execution even by console standards, and the complete lack of story after the first chapter weigh me down. Expand
  10. Apr 12, 2013
    Its a fun game but filled with weird bugs and a terrible launcher that just spoils the atmosphere of this game It has an engaging storyline but the launcher is just a mess downloading to at least 90% at some points before a dreaded ''X'' appears and it says launcher error .This has been occurring to all my friends too .Angry Joe ,the famous kickass reviewer has the same problem as I do Please fix the launcher Expand
  11. Apr 12, 2013
    this game has some very bipolar reviews. but i gave this game a review it deserves. iv played a lot of mmos and iv gotten board with them all the combats repetitive and boring and i want to go to sleep. But when i played defiance i felt so excited and drawn in. At one part i was being swarmed on all sides so i went in a house and started sniping the mutant horde attacking me and when they broke through i took a position in the hallways and held them of. It felt dynamic and unscripted i chose to hide in the house and fight them off like that. it made me feel more excited than any game ever has. was excited this game isn't perfect but it shows the possibility of a dynamic mmo shooter and that's more than enough for a ten to me. Expand
  12. Apr 12, 2013
    The game is itself quite fun but the lack of a noticeable improvement overtime is a little disconcerting (regarding the leveling process as it is more rep than levels). As long as you don't use the rocket launcher (as it seems to not be very good unless u want to destroy a group of basic hellbugs) the weapons are fun but don't seem to have a huge visual or audio impact but the streams of hot lead you pound into the enemy trying to hit the weak areas will hold your attention. The cars I find quite fun especially jumping them and plowing though enemy ranks. A few things that other games would have done for realism have not been done here and it makes thing convenient and fun. (Can spawn car at a whim and takes no falling damage). For an open environment game I have no qualm with the graphics the serve the style and setting well. The games lack of direction is also a good point I believe meaning you do what you want when you want and even do things on the way to those things. Things do get a little repetitive but that is a norm for modern games to some degrees not that it is an excuse. The AI can be a little dumb but will still kill you if you let your guard down. Controls. K&M is best for the headshot precision junkie the controller is best for the cars and using the roll feature. I use both myself. I would say the game is a solid 7 and I am hoping that when the tv series airs a lot more stuff will become available that is currently missing so as not to spoil the tv series too much before it starts. I personally have skipped any show related scenes just in case on my first character but we will see. I think a 7 is a good score from my 30 hours of play. 0 is ridiculous but so is a 10. Expand
  13. Apr 12, 2013
    I had to give this game a emotionless score id probably say 7/10. Its not perfect it has a lot of issues but nothing game breaking bad. some aspects can seem repetitive but the game does a good job of keeping things fast passed and moving. Besides your standard RPG questing elements their is also Co-op and PVP. AI is not perfect but no worse then your average AAA title so i cant really ding them on it. This is also true with the voice acting a cut scenes, most MMO's don't even have it so I'm not really sure why people have taken such an issue with it. I feel like the story is interesting and keeps me moving forward so i can't say share any of complaints that other reviews have brought up.

    Trion has done a great job at fixing issues and paying players back with free items and boosts for the down time and the minor server issues that occurred the first few days.

    I'm adding a point for how much fun I'm having playing this game i am enjoying this much more than many other AAA titles i have payed for. Yeah this game is not WOW or GW2 but it has a lot going for it and has kept me entertained long enough that i easily have gotten 60$ i spent on it. Trion's honesty willingness to step up and make up for issues has been a big Also giving it an extra point for the Syfy tie in, while it's far from perfect this is ground breaking and i know i will enjoy both the Game and the TV show more because i can take part in both. I feel like my money is going to two companies that are at least trying to give me as a customer something new and revolutionary that many of the AAA developers seem to have no interest in even trying.

    So that is why I'm giving this game a 9/10 even with its flaws I'm having more fun playing this video game then i have had in a long time better than Bioshock and Borderlands which says a lot. If you are a hard core gamer looking for perfection this game might not be for you. However I think if you are a casual gamer, like shooters, love the Syfy channel, and are willing to give a game from a smaller developer a chance you will enjoy this game as much as me.
  14. Apr 14, 2013
    Very addictive game! A must to have if you are the kind of guy who play with friends or clan. The graphic is not exellent but the map is big and no big load of the maps
  15. Apr 12, 2013
    When you reda reviews for this game all I ask is that you scroll down and read the comments. Many of them have very valid points that I agree with completely, however the feedback from gamers has been mostly positive. Like many mmos before it defiance had several bugs, glitches and server issues at launch. These issues get ironed out in time and the game changes drastically as you play. The developers have been nothing if not fourthcomming and humble about every issue and have shown great strides and dedication in only a weeks time. The people on here leaving bad reviews more than likely had not delved more than a few hours in or partaken in any of the great pvp or instances that gradually unlock. Trust me, the game really opens up after only a few hours and you can be swept up in it easily. With limitless content, a dedication to free patches and free dlc gameplay this game is more than worth your money. It isn't perfect by any strectch, but we mustnt forget that the key factor in video games is the fun factor and I honestly can't recal having thismuch fun with a game in years Expand
  16. Apr 12, 2013
    If you are trying to judge this as a MMO, it will far short of your expectations. It doesn't have traditional levels, auction houses, crafting, or grinding for your first mount. What it is is a very good third person shooter. Very gratifying shooter gameplay. Sniping is fun, LMGs are fun, shotguns are fun. Any game that captures my attention for more than 40-hours is worth my money. I'm one of those people who stop playing a game the instant it is no longer fun. Expand
  17. Apr 12, 2013
    Once upon a time a game was released that players and critics agreed had a long list of needed features before it would be truly great, in short a game with amazing potential. Like that game Defiance has a long list of features that are missing, not to mention as many bugs, quirks, and complications as just about any MMO ever released.

    Like that game, Defiance could one day become the
    biggest hit MMO ever. What the negative reviews don't tell you is how much they wish the game was already perfect a lack of patience, a demand for immediate satisfaction, no respect for the "life" of an MMO.

    No amount of pretty words will sell this game to you, all I can say is if you've taken one look and liked anything about what you saw, do go further and learn more you don't want to miss one of the most unique MMO experiences ever.
  18. Apr 13, 2013
    If you like Guild wars 2's pay model, Plantside 2's giant map, Borderlands gun play style, then you will love this game to no end. There is plenty of progression with fixes and updates everyday. With the addition of the show and a major content patch in the first week of release, I can only see a bright future.
  19. Apr 14, 2013
    To start out, it really bothers me that all these reviews/ ratings have come out for a game that we are technically in the "Prelude" of. This game is wonderfully crated, engaging, and an absolute all around BLAST! Once again, all of this being true the game has not even STARTED yet.

    The Defiance world has two counterparts: Game & Television Series. What everyone is currently playing
    is just the beginning/ preamble prior to the start of the Show. The Defiance world was designed to change based on what takes place in the show and what the players do on their servers. New content & changes are to come with each episode.

    In fact, it was even posted in the daily log-in news blurb that players will want to complete the missions prior to April 15th when the show releases. Sadly, many of the gamers today (H*ll bent on INSTANT gratification) are unfortunately too daft to grasp this concept. After reading countless terrible excuses for “reviews” with people complaining that they “ALREADY” beat the game (blah blah, etc.), it is readily apparent that Trion will have their work cut out for them. I guess that is the problem with the internet in essence; the availability for the few bumbling idiots (who are not intelligent enough to play a game, and therefore become frustrated and unhappy) to have their drivel of an opinion read by many, is rather high. In the long run, people who are happy and content tend NOT to post reviews because they are enjoying themselves and just having a grand old time playing the game. Whereas the few people who are upset, want everyone else to know about it and be upset with them; misery loves company after all. ;)

    It seems so silly to judge/ condemn something based on a tiny snippet, rather than on the whole. Then again, that is one of the most brilliant pieces of the Defiance world; in theory, if the show continues on there will be a potentially endless stream of new content and playability as updates are pushed after the release of new episodes. I for one am extremely stoked and anxiously await the game to actually begin tomorrow, and to see the Defiance world unfurl before our very eyes.

    Extremely sick concept put together by an awesome game company. I truly enjoy this game, and give it a hard 10.
  20. Apr 15, 2013
    I don't write reviews for games. In fact I don't often rate them. I can say that this game and the scores that it is getting made me feel the need to in order to get this right.

    I have to say that Defiance starts out extremely slow and at first appears to be every bad cliché of FPS gaming possible. I almost quit playing very early, but I felt after spending the money that I should at
    least give it a solid go.

    After getting through the initial training portion and using trial and error to figure out what was going on, because the information for the game is very limited. I was able to find a gem buried inside. I now honestly have found what I might refer to as a guilty pleasure. You see so many bad and mediocre reviews, but I think it's from people who didn't get past the initial mediocrity.

    Once you get in and just start playing it for what it is you begin to find moments of brilliance. I can jump in and out of the game quickly and play for a few minutes or a few hours which in my busy life is a great thing. I don't have countless hours to spend playing, and that works fine within the game's structure. I find that the guns and shields and other collectibles catch my attention and keep me wanting more. The ark falls in the game which happen as semi random events are tremendously fun, if a little easy and repetitive at times. I love all of the little mini events all over and the unusual guns have me excited every time I get a new drop.

    This gives me the MMO experience that I would not have time for otherwise and I am able to play this shooter with people that I would not be able to compete with in any other game. That's not to say that the playing ground is level with the shooter diehards. Just that I can at least feel like I'm not wasting my time playing.

    I am excited to see what new things they will add and I have high hopes for Defiance's future. I am iffy about the show tie in, but I'll give a watch for a few times by way of DVR and see if it's any good. I haven't had a lot of great experiences with the Sci Fi networks shows as being high quality. Here's hoping for an ever improving game and a show on the Sci Fi network that I might actually like.
  21. Apr 15, 2013
    Defiance is a nicely balanced shooter. Although it can be repetitive, (no more that any typical MMO) the amount of content is staggering. This will only be expanded with the five promised DLC packs. The complaints of bugs and glitches are rampant, but very concentrated. Trion seems to be consistently updating and improving their game.

    If you enjoy shooters and/or MMOs then this is a
    safe buy, even at it's full $60 price tag. The game seems that it will appreciate with age. Expand
  22. Apr 17, 2013
    I am surprised at how much fun this game actually is, I was little hesitant at first but I am now hooked. Sure it gets some things wrong like the UI and lack of social interaction (especially on PC) but when you do get a group of people together or even start chatting with clan mates, it really works. Arkfalls are incredible to take part in, watching hundreds of Ark Hunters blasting away at the same objective is a sight to be seen. The solo quests are enjoyable and even more so when a random Ark Hunter who happens by just stops to help you out because he/ she can is brilliant. The weapons and shooting mechanics are great and the EGO customisation is terrific. I think it is unfair the comparisons that this game has to other proper MMO's, I personally wouldnt classify it as an MMO, Im not sure there is a specific classification for this, it fills the middle ground between single player and MMO, and I think it does it quite nicely. I am sure in time with new features to be added (hopefully a revised UI and chat screen for PC) this game will be even more incredible than what it is and I cant wait to see what Trion does with this game Expand
  23. Apr 18, 2013
    I have never in all my years playing an MMO stayed with the storyline for longer than the first couple of minutes, I end up skipping through the cut scenes and not actually understanding the story of the game, I simply play for the sake of playing, or playing to win.

    This game is the ONLY game I have been stuck watching the story all the way through, I've actually been eager to start
    the next part of the main quest. Needless to say I personally feel that this game engages me and from what I can understand an awful lot of other people as well.

    I find the community thus far simply the most helpful community I have ever come across, people help out without even asking. I find myself going from quest to quest and even stopping to help other people if I see them doing a quest of their own, no one complains or about things, perhaps this is due to the 18+ tag? I don't know but I'm thoroughly impressed.

    There are glitches and bugs yet to be ironed out (One thing I find the most annoying is in a buggy hit a tyre in the middle of the road and stop dead! :D quite funny really, not the end of the world, just avoid them. I've come across a couple of bugged quests, however I can clearly see this development team and community manager making changes, changes for the good.

    I've felt overall this game has been the most immersing, different and a potential contender to World of Warcraft, different concept but equally as enjoyable, the next generation of MMO's.

    All I see around the internet the majority of critic reviews are mediocre to average at best reviews. What is this new release being benchmarked against to get such conservative reviews?

    I'd hasten to add that Trion are behind RIFT which is probably second to WoW which as with every MMO, this included started off with bugs and improvements you will never be able to make without a huge player base.

    Get off their back and give credit where credit is due. This is simply the best game of its kind!
  24. Apr 18, 2013
    This mediocre FPS MMO is littered with glaring flaws and distractions from really integrating the social aspect of the game. The gear/looting and menus options just feel dated and clunky. Top that off with dull environments and super predictable AI and you have a game worth half it's current retail price at best. IMO wait for the price cut or steam deal before you blow money on this...
  25. Apr 19, 2013
    This game sadly shoots itself in the foot.

    There are many good things in the gameplay of Defiance, and there are moments that have indeed been fun. However, each one of those is equaled or marred by some badly designed game mechanic or bug that either destroys player immersion or should have just outright been fixed during development.

    Pros. the shooting and dodging mechanics seem
    pretty well made, servers have very little lag, there's plenty to do across the world and you can have a lot of fun rushing to an objective in your vehicle with 20 other users down a deserted highway. This core element of the gameplay could make up for the following misgivings if the bugs were fixed, however the issues stay ever visible whilst the good gameplay is plagued with visual glitches. One thing I did like, however was that players didn't need to be in a team to do a mission together, if three players shared the same goal it didn't matter who took down an enemy or activated the 3 objectives, all three players got the quest with no queueing.

    Cons: very sketchy tutorial. very little is explained in the tutorial. the tutorial also takes place in a "danger zone" and whilst reading the descriptions of the 3 paragraph mission dialogues you can be attacked, damaged and presumably killed without being able to defend yourself. There is no tutorial on how to perform social interactions, in fact, I've seen the MMO in no way encourage social interaction between players whatsoever. The storyline is only so-so, however this is true with many MMO games where you'll find yourself either skipping past the majority of quest dialogue or spending more time reading than fighting.

    bugs: this is where the game experience is truly ruined for me. the best game in the world can fail if it's just unplayable (diablo 3, simcity etc.) we can often look past game mechanics we don't agree with so long as they're running as they supposed to. However with my first 4 hours of playing Defiance I encountered: random invisible structures in the wilderness that would stop you driving or running (note, you could go around these small items, they are not barriers, just textureless objects) the game also bugs out when you stand on some of the bridges in the first city area you play in. standing on them with the camera at a certain angle with make all 3D models disappear. to make things worse this includes NPC enemies. You can be getting shot whilst not being able to see your character, the area you're stood on or the enemies who are shooting. particularly frustrating when your mission objective is on that bridge. Some of the terrain has been added into the landscape awkwardly as well, leaving gaps between the landscape and the items themselves so you can see that they aren't solid, very bad for game immersion. I've also been driving down a highway when I saw a "random encounter" quest where enemies were kidknapping some innocent NPCs, except all of the cars added into the encounter were floated a good 7ft above the road...

    overall I'd say that this game WOULD be fun if if worked properly. Heck, even outright addictive. However there are many problems that need to be addressed before it's properly playable. unfortunately for me they already have my money now, so I can only motivate them to fix these by letting everybody else know about the issues before they get your money too.
  26. Apr 19, 2013
    People are ragging way too hard on this game, I played this game for 30+ hours heres my score.
    Solo PvE 6.5 /10 (7.5 if your a huge sci-fi nerd like me)
    Solo PvP 8/10 This can only go up with more game modes and maps)
    Co-up PvE 9/10 (um we have guns, cars atvs and a large world to roam collecting loots)
    Co-op PvP 10/10 what cannot be done in solo PvP unless you get lucky is team
    strategy, I have 4 friends and we all PvP together, omg. :D :D :D Expand
  27. Apr 21, 2013
    I expected so much more from Trion, but this game is flat out terrible. Bland environments, clunky user interface, laughable AI, boring quests and a completely unimaginative EGO "skill tree." It's sad too because I paid $100 for the special edition, figuring it COULDN'T be that bad. Well it is. There are more bugs with the game, then there are "bugs" in the game. Maybe they'll turn things around? Right now this game wreaks of some F2P crap.

    Weapons and gear disappear or play hide and seek between logins, load outs get screwed up, EGO gets reset, quests are bugged. Poor explanation of gear stats. I wanted this game to be good, I really did. Maybe it gets better in the future. As of right now, don't waste your time until some SERIOUS changes are made. This needs a lot more than "Tuesday downtime" type patches. I'll check the progress periodically so my $100 wasn't in vain.
  28. Apr 23, 2013
    This game doesn't even deserve a rating of 1
    I bought the game, and don't get me wrong, it IS fun! But For people that don't play many mmo's or mmorpgs. However, if you look into it, the character customization is pretty much..... less then nothing! MMORPG's or MMOS (shooters) should at least give SOME character customization, but this game has non.
    For in-game combat, its just as
    repetitive as many, however, like i said, for someone who hasn't played many MMO's. This game is for you. It's a great start to the MMO world. But compared to others... it is dog poop on the bottom of the shoe Expand
  29. Apr 24, 2013
    Defiance is a good game with a lot of potential, but also many issues. All in all I would give it a 7/10. What I like: - Its fun to shoot things - I haven't really seen a better MMOTPS - PvP was pretty good until the hackers started to take over - Arkfalls were great until the hackers started to take over. - Great Co-Op missions - Interesting story - TV Show tie in (and the show is actually good!)
    - No loading time unless you fast travel
    - Up to a few hundred of players on screen at a time with no lag

    What I hate:
    - Slow patch progress
    - Lack of weapon progression
    - Crappy modification system
    - Everything is very expensive and you can buy lockboxes using cash (so you can buy powerful gear, making it P2W).
    - No working chat system
    - Crappy tutorial I had to go outside the game to get into on BASIC game mechanics
    - Lots of bugs, exploits and hackers
    - Lots of server downtime
    - Lack of incentive to PvP or PvE after you finish the main story
    - Very little content. Around 50 hours to "beat" everything
    - No cover or blindfire system in a TPS

    If you want to find out more about Defiance, be sure to check out Lex's great Defiance guide

    Given enough time, I can see Defiance becoming a hit, as it is it's probably not worth it unless you are a huge TPS fan, or love the show (which I am).
    If you can pick this up for around $30, don't hesitate but at $60, it's simply not worth it.
  30. Apr 30, 2013
    For something so bold to be taken on, and have it actually succeed in any way is something for the books. Defiance is a game connected to the show, but as of right now not much connecting is going on. We were able to play the episode missions until the first episode aired. Which I think was a good move, others might disagree. But that's about all the connecting that has been going on, I haven't heard or read anything about when the new episode missions will be coming. Could be halfway through the season or at the end of season one completely. Regardless of the storyline, the actual gameplay is brilliant in my book. Fun and intuitive (if you have a controller) I couldn't get a grip on it with a mouse and keyboard. Maybe it was just me, but I was not a fan of the way they set up the controls for the PC. If I didn't have a gamepad I would have been upset. The multiplayer that can be joined whenever in the middle of the main of the game is great. Shadow wars are a blast. The main story is decent. A lot of the same type of quests over and over but it was fun all the same. It actually engrossed me and made me want to keep playing until I beat it and most of the side missions. Which is a huge factor for me. Arcfalls are a damn good time. I love getting together with other players and killing tons of hellbugs or raiders. Bottom line the game is good, not great. Connection to the TV-Series still has to be proven. Gameplay is a good and shooting mechanics are amazing. Expand
  31. May 3, 2013
    This is a fun third-person shooter game. It almost feels like someone redesigned All Points Bulletin, or Borderlands, into a post-apocalyptic MMO. The highlights are the randomized world events, using vehicles to run over your enemies, and being able to switch 'classes' by unlocking all the available abilities and picking your own combination of them. The problems however are, the lack of content, the removal of 'old' episode content, a confusing sense of progression, and bugs such as the group, clan, and/or friend system spontaneously not working. The game has a great concept and is fun to play, but the game needs a lot more polish. Expand
  32. May 14, 2013
    This game was very well made, apart from the annoying bug which stops a arkfall crystal from spawning.
    The overall story line was ok, after you are with the story however all that remains are arkfalls and side missions, which are mostly the same.
    If you want new content you will have to wait until the next episode is out, then you get like 3 side missions related to the episode which are
    different then usual, i like this approach but after 2 days these missions are removed from the game, that's annoying.
    Overall this game is ok/good, critics concerned you could say any game is bad, my gaming experience however tells me this game is awesome, i would give it a 8 or 8.5 but since the overall rating are to low if you ask me I'll rate it 10, which considering all the hard work put into such a game is certainly just.
  33. May 22, 2013
    I think this game is quite underrated. People always expect a game to be flawless upon release, which is quite frankly not possible.
    Defiance has a great potential which it is not using fully yet, but the pace at which bug fixes game improvements and patches in general are thrown out at the moment make this game improve on a steady pace. More importantly, these patches actually contain
    useful stuff that enhance your gaming experience and the next major patch is already on its roll.

    As far as it goes for content, there is a fair amount out already and the story can be quite enjoyable if you don't hammer away the cinematics.

    If you play Defiance with a friend or two, you can have a good time.
  34. May 23, 2013
    Right now I don't recommend this game. Sure there is a lot of things to do, but good luck getting things done. There are so many bugs in the game that when you try and complete something, there is a good chance the game won't recognize it or an update will erase what you have accomplished. My level/ego rating has been pushed back several times because the 'fixes' have not fixed anything or has made Trion roll back the character's progression to before the fix. I am really getting tired of this. The game has great concepts, but horrible follow-thru. Weapons need multiple reloads before firing half of the time. One out of about seven times I get stuck in an instance. Certain weapon kills don't add up properly. Some achievements are not attainable because they game isn't finished. I did have fun playing the game, but now I feel like I am a tortoise with a carrot strapped to a stick on its shell. I feel like I am getting nowhere. I just hope this next month is better. Expand
  35. May 26, 2013
    Great Game, Borderlands meets World Of Warcraft, as with any new MMO it needs some work, mostly on the questing side as it gets repetitive, the game has tons of potential and I hope the developer takes advantage of it.
  36. May 28, 2013
    Bugged. Its very bugged. AI isnt... good enough for a shooter, but normal for a mmo. This game is need to be polished, added with a new quests, more interesting and original ones, may be more graphic settings, PvP modes, PvE content etc. But its freaking awesome Sci-Fi with fascinating gameplay. Srsly. I love sci-fi games and this one too. I want to love it and play it despite all this bugs, polishing fails etc. I really believe this game will be much better with numerous patches and ofc dlc's. And Trion didnt fail in gameplay part of this game what is most important. Its really good shooter, "refined shooter" and you get pleasure and fun playing Defiance and doing all this ark hunter's stuff. I put 9 because its game with great potential. Now its 7 imho. But im waiting for a moment this game becomes 9. It will be. Expand
  37. Jun 12, 2013
    pros: open world ,lots of weapons, third person view and you shoot a lot of enemies I think its great its like earth defense force 2017/insect Armageddon meets borderlands.

    cons; if you were expecting a full blown RPG well... its not
  38. Jun 19, 2013
    This game is pretty underrated. It takes a while to get into, but it's a really interesting game once you get into it. Of course there are flaws and glitches, but the game is still very entertaining. Pros: - TONS to do aside from the main story (side quests, arkfalls, sieges, etc) - Combat system is great - Takes quite a while to overpower the enemies in the beginner areas - The customization is alright
    - Tons of loot
    - Co-op is great
    - Driving around is fun

    - Some enemies and concepts are ripped straight from Borderlands 2
    - Main story is extremely short
    - Not very many boss fights
    - Difficulty in the main story rarely increases, then instantly gets about 3x harder at the final boss
    - Would be a lot better with more melee combat
    - The world is kind of small (driving end to end on the map probably takes 5 minutes)
    - PvP is pretty bad (except for Shadow War)

    Overall, the game was able to suck me in for 40 hours so far though I haven't played it in nearly a week. With some work, this game could be great. Hopefully the DLC will make some improvements.
  39. Jul 4, 2013
    A good story tie in and some great shooting mechanics make this game a fun and enjoyable title that with time I think will become better and better. My only gripe is the boring questing but I think that's comes with most mmo's.
  40. Jul 14, 2013
    I am a huge fan of Firefly from way back, and so am excited about the Defiance TV program. I was also very excited to learn about the Defiance MMO game. While I am not a regular player of MMOs, I have had a long presence as an educator (I teach Chinese language and culture at a major Australian university) and social user in Second Life (I accept any flaming that occurs at this point as inevitable). I have also created a Chinese language task-based learning environment in SL complete with NPCs that can interact in Chinese character text chat, so while I can't make much expert comment on Defiance as an MMO user, I thought I could contribute a couple of initial observations of the virtual world as I have experienced it so far.

    The environment world (landscape) from my perspective is very realistic and fantastically detailed. I love that aspect. It is also big and open, and apart from very steep inclines that the physics won't let you go up, you can go just about anywhere. This is a big plus for me as I hate being constrained by game-pathways which prevent you from exploring the environment. The the player avatars and the various different kinds of NPCs are also very high fidelity and movements, albeit it rather limited, are very fluid and realistic. Having a degree of customizability is also a plus, and for me increased customizability would be a huge bonus in the future if it happens. I have only driven one vehicle (the basic quad bike) but it is fun and for a novice like me quite easy to control. Having first person view while on/in a vehicle would be great and make driving feel even more realistic (maybe I have missed this option?).

    I initially enjoyed some of the quests challenges, and while I am normally not into shooter type games, I did enjoy picking off the bad guys from a distance and mixing it with the hell bugs close range (not the really big ones though not skillful enough to defeat one on my own). I can see huge potential in this virtual world MMO, but some things are still missing for me. I mostly felt very alone in this post-apocalyptic world. Sometimes it frightened me (especially with the infected zombie crowd) and I wished I had someone covering my back. I really felt/feel the lack of social interaction in the environment. I did try a couple of times to talk to some other players but never got a response. Maybe this is the nature of these kinds of MMOs, which I am not knocking. Its just that coming from SL where activities can be very social it felt extra isolating for me in Defiance. When I first went into SL the thing that struck me was the number of people ready to mentor me on anything I didn't understand. I know I can read the forums on Defiance (I do for extra hints), but I miss that human to human (or Irathient to Irathient) interaction. For me this is the big attraction of the TV program the interaction between the characters in Defiance, and as such was a big disappointment. As a language educator I naively thought I might even be able to learn practice a little of the Irathient language while in the virtual world environment, which I know is not everyone's cup of tea, but for me it would have been fun and much more immersive.

    I also miss having a safe location (the city of Defiance for example) where I can take some time off from the constant tension of fighting out in the badlands and simply wander around shops and buy trinkets for my character or items that would be useful for the game, or simply interact with or watch other players interacting with each other, or catch up with online friends. I would also like to be able to interact with artefacts in the environment even more, even something simple like being able to put my gun down and sit on a chair in a bar or on a porch would be fantastic. I guess my view of things is too coloured by my time in SL, although I have heard other MMOs/virtual worlds (like WoW) do have this element.

    I guess also as a non-regular MMO player I am expecting too much or expecting things that are different from what other MMO players want. However, I think the combination of great battles combat quests challenges with free-style non-combat exploration and social interaction in safe zones where maybe there is a bit of an economy would be real winner in some circles. A player sandbox for creating things (whether it be weapons or clothing or other items) would also be fantastic, would help support an economy and would take some of the burden off the creators of Defiance in terms of creating new content.

    Linden Labs have had a fairly rock road developing SL over the years, but they have stuck to their guns and it is getting better over time (for those of us that enjoy using it). Hopefully Trion will stick with the development of Defiance and we can look forward to even bigger and better things in the future.
  41. Jul 28, 2013
    Defiance keeps me coming back. Unlike other games where it's a constant grind to get level after level, I feel like a partner in the game. I can pickup anywhere and join in a fight and leave no questions asked. Totally fun.
  42. Nov 14, 2013
    seems alright to me, the main reason why i got this game is because my animation teacher worked on it so i wanted to give it a try and steam was having a sale so i got it. i'd recommend it to friends but the game doesn't seem for everyone. BUT one of my favorite things about this is that if someone starts a quest near the time you do, you'll be doing it together, i fell in love with this idea. I never saw this before in a MMO but it probably has been done before. so it makes quests more fun, and you can grow on your teammates and you'll work together more. I highly recommend this game Expand
  43. Nov 16, 2013
    Great atmosphere.
    + A world that matches.
    + No auto aiming or stupid Skill clicking.
    + For an MMO it has a nice graphic (not great but nice)
    + Great system for multiplayer events. (The Arcfall Events can reach an extraordinary epicnes)
    + Lots of different weapon types.
    + Nice story.
  44. Nov 21, 2013
    I think that most of the problems that people talk about when they have one with Defiance have been fixed. I waited to pick the game up until it went on Steam sale and it is one of the best game buys I have made in a long time.

    I read all about everyone saying that there is this bug or that bug, but I have about 50 hours of gameplay now and only ran into 1 which was corrected by
    relogging. There are many little tiny things with the game that I wish were changed but it doesnt take away from the running around and shooting that is Defiance. They are small things with like menu navigation or how loadouts work. But it doesnt take anything away from gameplay.

    With the price sitting at 9.99 and no monthly fee, all i want to know is... Can you afford not to try it?
  45. Jan 5, 2014
    FANTASTIC!!! Great story, graphics, mechanics, and gameplay!!! I think this game as come a long way since it has been released, making a lot of the past reviews outdated. I was actually shocked at the poor ratings. This game has brought me so much fun and enjoyment! One of my favorite MMO's of all time. Yeah that's right. Well worth the price of $10. If you wait for a sale on steam (it was $5 this past winter sale) than even better! Expand
  46. Jan 20, 2014
    This game has the absolute WORST UI I've ever seen -- EVER. You won't be able to see chat unless you stop doing whatever you're doing and hit ENTER -- good luck trying to communicate with people in the heat of battle. Supposed to have a voice chat system built in, but neither my husband nor I were ever able to get it to work. You'll probably have better luck using Ventrilo or Teamspeak.

    Gameplay is incredibly repetitive. Do a mission. Turn it in. Go do an arkfall. Now go do a siege. Do another mission. Rinse. Repeat. And since there are only about 3 or 4 mob models in the entire game, it gets very old very fast. Seriously. You shoot the same stuff from level 1 to level 1000+.

    There are 4 player archetypes to choose from, but they ALL do the same thing. The only way to really be viable is to pack as much DPS as possible. There is NO support for alternative play-styles.

    My advise? Don't bother. Go play Warframe it's so much more fun and has way more variety.
  47. May 9, 2014
    Its a great game, at first. Then it starts to go downhill, the weapons arent good enough that you need other player, which there are none. AND it takes 1 hour to start the game i mean WTF, its not just on my xbox i tried it on others too
  48. Jun 5, 2014
    I have spent 522 hours playing this game in the past 3 months, I got to say that the game has potential, but unfortunately there's a lot of bugs within the game that make the experience completely frustrating adding the lack of quality customer service. It seems that they are more focusing in giving a copy/paste response and blame the developers which by the way will never give you any kind of response for any in game generated bug report. So basically there's no feedback if your issue is going to get resolved or not, One thing that I would like to rescue out of this game is the forums community which seems to be really strong and has more lore than what you could acquire with their developers or CS reps.
    Now as a closing, all this game experience leave me with a bitter taste. Trion Worlds would be definitely a company similar to Turbine Inc but even worst.
  49. Jun 10, 2014
    This game belongs in the pantheon of great MMOs!.
    You could definitely see it as a fine working mixture of (in order of)
    Borderlands/Halo/PlanetSide 2/RAGE.

    The world is quite large (& faces expansion) and encourages you to explore it, there are a lot of random events such as saving troopers, helping take out enemies, races, Arkfalls (in orbit decaying Alien/Votan 'ship parts', that
    have technology which is valuable - in the game it's rare weapons & more, that crash down to Earth with a type of enemy usually occuping it's vicinity once it 'landed', that are scavenging it) & much more.

    Suffice to say, there is a healthy amount of content, which has been significantly improved since it's initial release (April 2 - 2013).
    The game is 95% PvE oriented, with the remaining 5% being a "Shadow War" PvP type mode in which players compete for point control, often granting things like the aforementioned Arkfalls.

    The graphics are extremely decent for an MMO, and should run smooth on most machines/setups, even during large player amounts.
    Of course, using the control panel of the GPU to enhance the picture - can never hurt.

    The character creation is quite weak, not having sliders or anything of the sort, only pre-determined eyes, face build, lengths etc. Although there are 3 races to choose from which are Humans, Irathients & Castithans.
    Irathients being more feral & spiritual-minded, whilst Castithans are the more 'civilized' of the 2, although you NEED to buy the Castithan Charger DLC to be able to choose the Castithan race.
    (Recommend getting all DLC, in the form of the season pass - which grants a nice discount).

    There are LOT of weapons & types in it, comparable to Borderlands - there is every weapon you can imagine, also Alien AKA 'Votan' weapons & you can also add weapon modifications (that also change the visual appearance of the weapon), and there are types like Electricity, Poison, Fire etc..

    The main story missions & side missions are very numerous, especially when owning all DLC.
    But you will often find yourself doing those Arkfalls, which is highly enjoyable & rewardable.

    All in all, this is probably one of the best Shooter/RPG/MMO that I have ever played.
    Really commendable game. Personal score: 8.5/10

    Now that it's Free2Play I HIGHLY recommend to everyone, to try it.
    Also if possible, watch the TV series (it is similar to Game of Thrones - but then Sci-Fi based)

    I hope to see you in game, and have fun!

    Much Greetings
  50. Oct 19, 2014
    This game sucks the big one, can't get anywhere by using the keyboard. Need to make it so you can use a game pad. Would be a great game for PC if you made it less frustrating to play or you trying to get people to buy the CD?

Mixed or average reviews - based on 40 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 40
  2. Negative: 2 out of 40
  1. Sep 10, 2013
    Defiance may be an ambitious project. Linking an online action game with a TV-series is a smart idea but one that here mostly comes of as a mere gimmick. The story is unengaging and the action mediocre and monotonous. Not to say anything about the myriad of bugs that utterly destroys the experience.
  2. 89
    It’s an addictive game that seems to become even better as you play. If it keeps getting the right support and if the tie-in with the TV series proves successful, we might have a game that will keep us occupied for a lengthy amount of time. [May 2013]
  3. Jun 4, 2013
    If Trion can introduce better quest design, this will be a winner. [June 2013, p.88]