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  • Summary: Democracy 2 is the ultimate political strategy / simulation game. The game simulates the motivations, loyalties and desires of everyone in the country. As president or prime minister, it's your job to balance the need for income from taxes against the demands of the voters. Do you want your country to be an eco-friendly green paradise? Or a capitalist utopia? Will you pander to the patriots, the liberals or the religious pressure groups? Can you keep crime under control without destroying the civil liberties of your citizens? And can you keep good diplomatic relations with other nation states? Expand
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  1. Jan 6, 2013
    I find this game incredibly addictive and fun to play, though most of the time playing it goes with thinking about what to do, and how to solve the problems that come up.
    Try to make the society you want, and you will fail. Try to make a society that works, and you will succeed.
    If you're not into politics, this is NOT the game for you.
    Every game you start with a solid debt and a boatload of problems that you have to get rid off. Without pissing off too many voters. It's a lot harder than it sounds.
    There's no mercy in this game. If you piss off the voters, they'll punish you at once.
    A lot of what you can do has inertia effects, and may take up to two years to come to full effect. Most tax-fiddling will be instantaneous though.
    Your cabinet gains (or loses) political power, which is what you use to pass laws.
    If the public are dissatisfied you lose some, and if they're happy you gain some.
    And without it, it's very limited what you can change or do.
    There's 10 different countries to play, and they all have different voters and problems.
    If you're into modding and know a little programming, you can make your own countries, laws, events; and even choose your own voter behavior.
    You win the game if you manage to stay in office the full number of periods you've chosen to play (1-10), and you lose by not getting re-elected or by reaching the maximum allowed debt (differs according to country).
    It's not worth the full 20
  2. Jun 10, 2014
    Pese a ser un juego rudo, nada atractivo visualmente y tosco, esta saga me parece muy interesante sobre todo por la reflexión que hace sobre la gobernanza y la democracia. Buena compra de rebajas como investigación de videojuego serio. Collapse
  3. Nov 12, 2012
    A good game for those interested in political simulation. Adjusting policies and dealing with events that could cost you the elections are probably things that would arise for those in power. A bit confusing at times and very difficult to master. Recommended for those who can deal with games that end abruptly due to your decisions and perhaps your predecessor's. The graphics, resolution and UI are perhaps a bit outdated for the time it came out; and to me those aspects were disappointing. Expand