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  1. Oct 25, 2013
    It was made to be the best!
    I played DE:HR in the 2010 it was one of the best RPGs in my life. With the Director's Cut one of the best games has became more beautiful, better, smarter and more fun!
    You should to play it!
  2. Oct 31, 2013
    My review "vanished", well, take a masterpiece as DX:HR is in its vanilla version, rebuild it from an ancient build previous to all bug-fixes/patches, do not correct them again, integrate both DLC missions and contents, add commentaries (which needs to be fixed, though) and a making-of video, rework the boss fights to be more varied, mess up completely the visuals, add some bug/glitch just to be sure and you get this in its current state. I deeply hope the game will be fixed as the vanilla previously has been (maybe quicker, thanks), for me this version of the game COULD deserve a perfect 10 IF will be fixed, to date I can't feel to rate it more than 6, honestly, without a patch it deserves no more than this but I'm optimistic they will fix it in a reasonable amount of time, I know they can. Don't let us down, please. Expand
  3. Oct 29, 2013
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution was not a perfect game, but it was very close. Most of the issues were fixed here and the Missing Link DLC was implemented to make the story flow more. The boss battles have been improved beyond recognition and the only thing wrong with it is that Deus Ex 1 had a better health system and Augmentation system, however, the augmentations themselves are better in Human revolution. I can safely say this is one of the best games of this generation and although not perfect, it comes damn close.
    I was going to put a 9.5/10 but I can't so I rounded up to 10.
  4. Nov 2, 2013
    A very well-refined version of one of the best single-player FPS games to be created in a while. The integration of the DLC is very smooth, and the commentary is very interesting. The new boss fights are very well-designed and have some very interesting options for taking down your enemies. Some things have been rebalanced, such as energy and AI, which improve the game in general as well.

    The only issue with this version is that the commentary itself is implemented somewhat poorly the commentary will be interrupted if another audio transmission comes in, amongst other random events [such as hacking, for some reason.] Also, if you're listening to commentary, you can't enter another area of the game until it's finished.

    Other than that, this is one of the most well-done and amazing RPG games to be created, and I would reccomend it to any FPS, RPG, or in-game-choice fans.
  5. Nov 3, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Frankly I am asking myself whether this Director's Cut is worth its name. For a start the game looks qualitatively worse than the original with tons of colour-bleeding meaning things look white or red from a distance where you could make out details before, washed down colors, removal of the crayola-golden cyber-renaissance haze which added some cyberpunk feel to the game (not everyone like that but it could have been an option tbh), and graphical glitches like over-sized textures in place while not addressing the real graphical issues such as facial textures and models (i.e. Wayne Haas looks like a 2001 video game character still). In terms of sound there is also a qualitative stepback with cutouts of ambient noise and enforced radio noise signalling a commentary even if you disabled commentary. Also the improved AI acts more weird than before allowing some exploits not possible in the original. On the plus side we have overhauled boss battles from a point of view of someone who has done all battles to the death I found the new options for the most part less effective than the old ways with the exception being Barret but players who are struggling or never played the game before may have a different mindset. The other plus is the included Missing Link which I personally found to be the greatest one because finally it feels more complete and integrated within the game's story that way instead of having to play ML afterwards. The last major plus being a minor disappointment in itself as well: New Game+. Frankly it feels like playing god when you are fully augmented right from the start which kind of makes the majority of the game a walk in the park which could be nice if you are still rushing for missed achievements but it does not add new twists to the game. Especially considering that you keep collecting praxis kits without any use for them. Here they could have enabled little bonuses tweaking some aspects of your augmentations and added a new progressively harder game mode.
    In conclusion: For a director's cut edition I'd have expected more excellence especially since the original was very close to it. As a whole the Director's Cut is probably worth the full price if you owned the original game plus Missing Link before or if you were truly stuck at some bosses otherwise I'd suggest waiting until it's on sale and perhaps until then they will addressed some outstanding issues.
  6. Nov 14, 2013
    Unplayable piece of crap with no patch in sight.
    Apparently it was too hard for the developers to just take DE:HR and change the boss battles and add new game They had to take some kind of pre-release version of the game, add new features to it and then release it just like that. The director's cut was advertised as a simple update so I never expected this. Imagine my surprise when what
    I got was 10 fps gameplay with bugs everywhere and graphics glitching.

    The worst thing is that there has been very little feedback from developers about this. Surely a few weeks would suffice to just fix bugs they already fixed in DE:HR(!). Only paid 4€ for this but boy do I regret it.

    I never asked for this
  7. Nov 2, 2013
    DEHR? Great game. Director's Cut? A sloppy and unprofessional cash grab.

    While being a great game in itself, the only thing of value this Director's Cut has to offer is the integration of The Missing Link DLC, which should have rightfully been integrated with the story upon the purchase there of. Eidos-Montreal should not be charging you to fix their mistakes.

    Aside from a commentary
    track, there is little added, except a computer and turrets in each boss room (oh gosh guys, HUGE changes for the better! /sarcasm). The smallest problems with the game are entirely overlooked. Low resolution textures and repetitive models are left untouched.

    In summary: IF you really hate money and just want to play the game through again with the DLC integrated, this is for you. If you want to play a perfected and entirely polished version of the game, then you're going to be sad with Director's Cut.
  8. Nov 2, 2013
    The original game, despite its flaws, (Boss battles) is far better, The Directors Cut is Sloppily thrown together, bugged, glitched and Lacking advertised features. The Textures are Low Resolution, There are multiple instances of clipping issues, along with glitched quest markers. Usualy I play without them, but I had to turn them on in this instance, given missing quest NPC's A vital Story object has gone missing from its location in the first city hub, leaving my progress stranded. Expand
  9. Jan 17, 2014
    One of the best games I have played for years. The story is awesome, the end(s) are awesome, stealth play remind me of metal gear solid,which is awesome too. Characters are good, a real role playing-fps where you can choose either stealth or combat.Nearly everything is good in this game . 10/10
  10. Feb 26, 2014
    I don't play a lot of video games, and I was never a fan of stealth, but strangely, I enjoyed this game. Have played it twice now. Definitely worth the $20 (Steam)
  11. Apr 15, 2014
    One of those rare experiences in life that's so good, I can't think of anything to say about it.

    Unfortunately, Metacritic needs at least 150 characters, so that's why this line is here.
  12. Jun 27, 2014
    Unpolished Director's cut. Lots of STUTTERING and some TEXTURE BUGS compared to the original DX:HR. A copy paste of the game and DLCs into one, without the patches. A huge turn off from playing the game.
    Apparently they did not even QA test this thing long enough and decided to rush out the product to grab some fast cash from fans. It has been several months now and still NO ANSWER from
    EIDOS about the issues. They totally dropped the project after release and went on with their lives as if nothing had happened. Expand
  13. TSB
    Dec 29, 2013
    This is not only one of the best Action RPG of this GEN it is one of the best games ever made .
    Great story with more than one end and memorable moments smooth and fun gameplay with the choice of stealth or action mode very nice visual excellent voice acting and sound track .
    I will replay this game for sure though I don't replay games usually
  14. Mar 17, 2014
    This game is fine, but nowhere near as good as popular opinion seems to indicate. The addition of developer commentary only highlights the technical hurdles that the team chose to sidestep (eg no mirrors in bathrooms, an "open world" that resolves into a handfull of simple corridors, etc). The Missing Link DLC is incorporated into the game, but just barely - it amounts to a cutscene's brusque segue into losing all your weapons and skills. Further, the DLC isn't really very much fun to play; it feels like a supermarket, where you have to move from one corner to another to suit the seller's needs rather than your own. Having to execute all these fetch quests is even more obnoxious by the existence of not one but two airlock-type thingies that each take roughly a minute of flashing blue lights to pass through and a two minute elevator ride with scenery befitting a ten year-old game.

    There's some fun to be had here, but it plays like a budget game and not the AAA title that so many would claim it to be.
  15. Jan 24, 2014
    good game, good story, great visuals. However most upgrades are useless (to many relate to hacking) and lack imagination, also is there a reason for weapons and items to be THAT big and take up all the inventory space? I mean its not an issue once you upgrade but the size is just ridiculous. I wish they had put more effort in to it. honestly I think even Deus Ex 2 was better.
  16. Feb 28, 2014
    Absolutely Amazing, The directors cut is a worthy 10/10. Menu layout, Responsiveness, Graphics the whole thing is a gem. I would recommend it for any true fan and newcomers to this classic of our generation.
  17. Dec 27, 2013
    DX:HR is one of the best games ever created and the director's cut makes it better still. The yellow tint is gone, the addon is seamlessly implemented into the game and you get some extra features, like being able to replay the game while retaining the augmentations from another playthrough.

    There's a problem with the default configuration that causes performance issues. It can be fixed
    by changing two registry entries, so I guess the game is one patch away from being as perfect as a game can be. Expand
  18. Jan 31, 2014
    TL;DR at the end

    Well well, what can i say?
    It's probably one of the few games that I bought without knowing much about it and ended up being a real gem. I bought the original game on sale for 2€ more or less and played until the end, very good game, but I didn't enjoyed completely since I went for the pacifist achievement (not a single person should die by you hand)
    so i couldn't see the real awesomeness of Deus Ex HR, I also failed the achievement... so sad :( After a while the director's cut pops up, with HD textures, new weapons, reworked boss battles (that was much needed), a DLC, but I like to call it an expansion, since it's not the usual DLCrap and a developers commentary. The best thing about this new edition is that it really shows how much effort was put in by the devs, every aspect of the game shows enthusiasm and dedication to the creation and improvement of the game. Let's talk about specific stuff (I like this part)

    ***Graphics*** 9/10 The graphics was already good from the beginning, but now, whith the improved textures, is even better. The pattern on Adam's coat is one of the first thing you will notice, that floral embroidery is simply amazing. Attention to the details is something that won't go unnoticed when you play the game, from the beginning to the end. When you are talking with someone you can see their facial expression changing, depending on the way you approach them, try not to make people angry or the might not share valuable information. The only thing i can say against this topic it that the graphic seems a bit beneath the level of other games that came out that year (2011), but it's nothing to be worried about, it's a 10 in my opinion, but I can't help myself comparing it to Arkham City (that one was a 10/10 that year).

    ***Sound*** 10/10 Yep, ten, the music is perfect, no other words. It's impressive, the atmosphere of the environment and the music go arm in arm. For what concerns the sound effects, I have nothing to say except that everything feels right, especially when using your augmentation powers to punch through a concrete wall and break the neck of the poor guy on the other side. Wanna talk about voice acting? Absolutely fantastic, all of them, dubbers really made it big.

    ***Story*** 10/10 This game is a movie, there is so much in the story that will keep you glued to your PC, so many secrets to uncover that you know people are keeping from you, but the game just won't give you ... yet. You need to reach the very end to know the truth and when the moment arrives the only thing you can say is "OH...MY...GOD! How could I've been so blind this whole time?!"

    ***Gameplay*** 11/10 Am I crazy ? Yes, ELEVEN. Depending on which skill you purchase you can complete missions in different ways, which sometimes drastically change the game itself. Each mission has a lot of different approaches, let's say you need to go from point A to point B, ok? You can go Rambo style, if you're a fan of slaughter, or you can buy the stealth upgrades to become invisible and silent, if you like to sneak past guards and catch them with their pants down, or you could look for a security terminal to hack and be granted the access to point B, or you could even enter a vent shaft and sneak inside metal tunnels all the way through, sometimes you can even take shortcuts by punching walls creating nice holes ... and a bit of a mess, but who cares. So yes there are at least 4 or 5 different approaches for every mission and this is the best thing about this game, freedom.

    ***BONUS(ES) of the Director's cut edition***
    + Replayable, with the option to keep the progress from the previous game
    + HD textures
    + A DLC with an amazing story and some surprise for the fans of the original Deus EX
    + New weapons
    +++ Reworked boss battles. This need a little explanation, in the original game these battles were really bad, and with really bad I mean they were total crap. You sneaked past every guard with your ninja skills, but then you reached a boss that you could only take down with brute force. Finally, the devs realized the error and created new ways to kill these enemies, of course you can still nuke the **** out of them, but hacking the computer that controls sentry turrets or that release a powerful toxic gas... well, that is really praiseworthy. This shows how much a company that make games cares about players, for this improvement I say BRAVO! to the devs.

    TL;DR Game's kicks major asses, if you don't play it you're missing a milestone of the videogame industry.
  19. Mar 31, 2014
    Last Played: Mar 2014 Pros: +Graphics still scale nicely to higher-end GPUs +Good voice acting +Nice, if trite story Cons: -Bugs are common and some are serious –Lots of lethal options for guards, few non-lethal I had high hopes for this game when I bought it: reading about the awesome story, the killer graphics, the variety of ways to achieve objectives. Within the first few hours, I knew I liked, but would never love this game. It is true, the graphics scale very nicely on the PC version, competitive with current releases (though the pre-rendered video looks crappy when these sequences trigger). Voice acting is quite good, and the story is interesting in a reimagining-the-classic-world-domination-plot kind of way.

    Unfortunately, that isn’t enough to compensate for some serious shortcomings. Within the first few hours I had a loading screen that looked funny – I wasn’t bothered until the loading screen went away and the patterning on the walls was so messed up that I couldn’t tell walls apart from holes and fell to my death trying to get back. Re-loaded: the walls were all bright yellow and I still couldn’t tell what was going on. Kept trying with different save files and eventually restarted the software to get a correct load (fortunately I didn’t have to restart the game or I would have put this down and never touched it again). After that I saved my game A LOT more frequently just in case, which was annoying, to say the least. Other bugs range from story-line critical to merely annoying. For example, some quests and sub-quests do not update, so you have to find the next part manually (particularly annoying in large, multilevel maps). Alternatively, you will frequently find than one or more character models in a “takedown” move are wholly or partially invisible. Of particular note is the game’s annoying fickleness when it comes to knocking out/killing opponents. The pacifist achievement and the “best” game endings are dependent on killing no guards, instead knocking them out. If you are very dedicated to this outcome, you will have to get close enough to check EVERY BODY because takedowns and tranquilizers will sometimes kill rather than stun your opponent. There is no way to predict when this will happen, and reading the on screen experience pop-ups does not always help (sometimes will read “merciful soul” for a knock out, but the body is marked dead). This also refers to another problem: the game encourages non-lethal force but provides few methods to pursue it. You are given 10 lethal weapons, plus grenades, explosives, hackable robots/turrets, and lethal takedowns, but non-lethal is limited to 2 guns, gas grenades, and non-lethal takedowns. Using the same (only non-lethal long-range) gun the entire game is boring, and shows a lack of creativity on the part of the developer.

    In the end, I don’t regret spending $7.50 on this game, but it certainly doesn’t live up to the glowing reviews you see here.
  20. Feb 5, 2014
    I was really enjoying this game for its graphics, music, game play, and especially its storyline. But then I got to the point where I learned that you're only able to naturally regain one bar of energy--it requires items to regain it any further, every time. I thought it was a bug at first, but nope. And since many neat skills, like cloaking/invisibility, requires energy to use, you're either stuck using an item every single time, or you just can't use the skills...which makes the skills more or less pointless. I find this factor to be a big oversight which takes a lot of fun out of the game. So much so, that I've loss interest in playing any further. What a waste. Expand
  21. May 7, 2014
    A game that was great has just been made better, Still beautiful considering it's age now, run amazingly well on pc, The score sets the tone, great dialogue and following the story is a pleasure never a chore,

    You'll find it hard to stop playing. finding many many ways to handle any situation,
    This game meets it's predecessors and maybe surpasses them. enjoy
  22. Mar 12, 2014
    This game is the perfect example of a cyberpunk game: advanced technology, cybernetics, mega-corporations, dark yet vibrant atmosphere, and a gripping story line. This game is practically a masterpiece with an open world, free decision making, and unique game mechanics. I highly recommend this game to anyone who's interested in non- linear, future based games.
  23. May 21, 2014
    I honestly can't believe it took me this long to finally play this game. 25 hours of Pure Awesome! While not immaculate one can't argue that it's simply spectacular.

    The story starts out great, but i felt my interest dwindle a bit during the halfway mark. Fortunately the climax of the game re-grabs your attention with one immense swoop. There are also some peculiar life lessons to be
    learned from the story; should you pay careful attention to it. I'm not a big fan of the way you choose one of the multiple endings, but it's still elegantly done to portray them well enough. I will say no more for fear of spoilers; but the story is surely satisfactory and fitting.

    Graphically, the game is impressive. Despite some minor shadow and texture glitches I've noticed that are, for the most part, unnoteworthy, Deus Ex: Human Revolution succeeds in throwing you into a beautiful and highly believable futuristic world, taking place in 2052. It also ran very smooth on my slightly above-average rig, so it appears to be well optimized.

    The soundtrack is fitting and decent enough. Some guns sound a bit quirky to me and more modern-aged than futuristic, but its still satisfactory and not really that noticeable.

    Gameplay is immensely fun to fool around, just remember to quick save often. I chose the stealthy way to play, since the combat can be quite challenging, especially on a higher difficulty. The augmentation system is so much fun, choosing to be a either hacker and let robots and turrets do most of the work, or to be stealthy and sneaky and take enemies out one by one, or even upgrade armour and health so you can take enemies on Mano-el-mano. Nevertheless, by the end I had nearly all augmentations implemented and could choose any one I preferred.

    Map layouts are very dynamic and there are always multiple ways to choose in an area, as long as you're perceptive enough to find them. Although somewhat an open-world game, it does feel mostly linear with only a few detours to take if you choose to do side-missions. Luckily side-missions are quite original and they somehow managed to integrate most of them even into the main campaign.

    Characters aren't all as memorable as one would like them to be, but the main ones that matter do appear to have some distinguishable features. Voice acting is good, although your character sounds like he just choked on water or swallowed a fly each time he speaks, it does make him sounds quite bad-ass.. in a Batman sort of way. A gloomy voice indeed.

    In conclusion, if you have waited as long as I have to play this, do yourself a favor and buy it already. Once you get into this game, you really can't stop playing until the end. It takes you on a great futuristic ride that makes you question your own moral decisions in a way that's quite compelling. I highly recommend Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
  24. May 20, 2014
    I've just finished this awesome game!!! If you're really into an amazing gameplay time you shouldn't miss the opportunity and the pleasure to play this game... :D
    The soundtrack, the story, the voices in game.. all so well-arranged and matches perfectly!
  25. Jun 27, 2014
    Wow, what a game. Better plot/story than 95% of sci-fi movies. SCORE 92/100.

    Gripping and realistic story to the end, extremely immersive gameplay and RPG progression. MANY different ways to complete each micro and macro objective, from true ghost to stealthy assassin to rambo. The game rewards exploration and different styles well.

    You will forget many movies and TV shows years from
    now, but you won't forget the story here, especially if much of it becomes true. Expand
  26. Jun 17, 2014
    I wanted to give it 9.9, since nothing is perfect, but gave it a 10 as this is the closest to perfection since halflife. The best part of this game is how it is optimized for pc, my **** laptop could run this at full settings!! Shows what can be done to optimize pc games when the devs actually try. I only played the directors cut, but damn glad I did.
  27. Nov 11, 2013
    DX:HR Directors cut is a great game but I cannot help but feel this version is just a quick cash-grab as many issues that plagued the original game could' have been resolved by a simple patch rather than publishing a full release. Regardless of this; the problems experienced in Deus Ex: Human Revolution have been rectified to a satisfactory standard although some general problems such as AI are still apparent. Boss battles are now improved and textures have been polished up slightly but there isn't anything overly significant to warrant a purchase for those who already own the game. Those who do and are interested are able to receive a discount but the only extra feature other than mentioned above is a directors commentary which proves annoying if you turn it on.

    The Missing Link DLC is included which is good and for £12.99 it is a worthy purchase but if you already own Human Revolution; regardless of the discount, it may not be worth your little cash or time. There just isn't enough to justify a full release but as a package; it's something that should be experienced in its fixed state if you haven't sampled the game before.
  28. Aug 3, 2014
    The game is even more amazing, tbh I never noticed much of a difference in the graphics department but the NG+ and remastered boss levels are cool additions . I also got the Directors cut on a Steam sale for £3.75 but would pay the asking price . If you have never played it, then get it .
  29. Sep 25, 2014
    Wait better than Deux Ex Invisible War, but still not quite at the same level as the original. Feels a bit more generic whereas the first DX was groundbreaking.
  30. Jun 13, 2014
    Deus ex HR often goes on sale these days for around 4 quid and honestly I cannot think of a better value experience than it. Its story is immersive, many layered and really makes you think about what is right and wrong in Earth's strange future of human 'augmentation'. The game looks better than many games coming out today despite its three year old release date and is extremely fun and encourages multiple playthroughs as almost everything in the game can be done in at least three different ways. Also, the stun gun is the most satisfying gun in the world. Expand
  31. Jul 27, 2014
    Compared to the non-Director's Cut release, this version of the game is very buggy! Some textures are glitched out and the entire screen occasionally flashes white for no reason (hope you don't have epilepsy!). Apparently old mission/storyline bugs that were patched a long time ago have reappeared, have not been fixed, and probably never will be at this point.

    Not sure why none of the
    mainstream reviews dinged the score for this stuff... Did they play the same game we got?

    The changes that the Director's Cut made to the core gameplay basically make the game easier, which I find a bit baffling because the game was already pretty easy. Even on the highest difficulty most of the sidequests are pointless because the game already throws so many resources and ammo at you that you don't need any extras.

    The commentary is fun to listen to and highly recommended. Lots of funny stories and it's quite entertaining.

    Some technical details about how the commentary is implemented are silly: you can't leave an area while a commentary is playing and there's no way to skip a commentary section once it starts. Unless of course the game autosaves or you get a transmission, in which case the commentary will abruptly cut off.

    The commentary nodes are unfortunately also very easy to miss, because you only get a quiet audio cue and an icon in the corner of the screen while you're in the (usually tiny) area where it can activate.

    It's kinda funny: in the commentary you can hear the team talk about all the problems they had with the engine and how they were always working around its limitations. It sounds like they didn't have enough programmers on the team, and probably had none at all for this re-release (hence all the bugs).

    Conclusion: if you just want to play Deus Ex, then get the old version. If you really want to listen to the commentary (it is pretty good!), then get this one and try to ignore all the bugs.
  32. Jul 6, 2014
    I personally believe that Deus ex: Human Revolution is better than the 2001 release, but you know, that's just me.
    Eidios put a lot of effort and faith into this game and I hope that they would do the same with the sequel.

Universal acclaim - based on 4 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  2. Mixed: 0 out of 4
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  1. Jan 10, 2014
    If you haven’t played the original edition, prepare for one of the best stealth/shooter games of recent years and above all a really good story and incredible music. [01/2014, p.65]
  2. Jan 6, 2014
    Still dark, cool, beautiful, smart substantial, funny, creative and endlessly entertaining. Only now a bit better. [Jan 2014, p.88]
  3. Dec 28, 2013
    An excellent update that revitalises Human Revolution in a number of ways. Time to play it again. [Jan 2014, p.78]