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  1. May 18, 2012
    I must say that Blizzard has failed millions of Diablo fans by releasing a biggest anticipated game after 12 years of development. It's a humiliation to bear Diablo in its title. Here are the things/changes I don't appreciate: No character skill and attribute customization, yet blizzard allow you to create 10 characters, what's the point? You can play all 5 classes once and be done, why? There is nothing new to re-create, all skills are revealed and every player on the planet have the exact same character. There is no uniqueness at all. For single player game, users have to be connected to the internet all the time due to the idiotic DRM. I am sure a lot of people WORLDWIDE would appreciate to play OFFLINE mode. The graphics looks cartoonish and at least 5 years behind the current standard of graphic design. Often my character is not even identifiable in a mass enemy encounter. What funny is that the skill casting effects has absolutely nothing to do with your equipped weapon. Therefore 10 players would look exact same when they cast the same attack even they use different weapon. Real Money Auction House?? Seriously, is Blizzard trying to scam people's money after they have spent a good fortune on a piece of failed product. Should this game be enjoyed equally amongst all users? Pay-to-Win is not for true gamers, only for those who like to show off. Well, Blizzard is taking 15% cut to make a profit. I seriously doubt DIablo 3 will achieve the same success and longevity its predecessor had. This may be the end for Diablo, both the prime evil and the game. Expand
  2. May 18, 2012
    Really enjoyable game, completely ruined by terrible DRM. I've encountered numerous connection drops, server outages, lag so bad that the screen freezes for five seconds before showing you surrounded by enemies and with no health. Absolutely atrocious in a single=player game, cannot even imagine attempting it on Hardcore (where deaths are permanent) with these ridiculous problems. Massively disappointed. Expand
  3. May 18, 2012
    I'm giving this a 2 because when I can actually play, it looks pretty good. I'm not a fan of the skill progression, but the addition of the skill bar is much needed. Overall I regret spending the $60.
  4. May 18, 2012
    The game's art and voice-acting is excellent.

    Unfortunately the game is mostly unplayable. It requires a better connection than for WoW (their MMORPG) just to play without dying; and that's for single player. The servers are often down, and due to Blizzard's choice to make this game so server-reliant; the game is also full-of-holes. Besides the engineering issues... the game is
    generally unfinished, and it's content literally consists of playing through the same campaign multiple times.

    Blizzard's game-dev team; inefficient work but good job (as usual). Blizzard's network engineers and corporate; **** you (as usual). Unfortunately, looking good is the main criteria of movies; not games.
  5. May 18, 2012
    First off, I am not rating this game based on server issues, DRM limitations, or general glitches. These things happen in any production game release. I am rating this game a zero because Blizzard had 10 years to create a sequel for one of their best selling game series and they have failed miserably. Had Blizzard just released Diablo II with improved graphics and a new plot, they would have received an 8 from me. Had they released Diablo II with the same graphics, same plot but one instance of a massive shared world for all players, they would have received a 10 from me. Instead, they spent 10 years removing some of the best features of the original DIablo series and adding some of the worst features from WoW. There is no longer any character customization, the entire plot is one linear-grind and the only thing that differentiates any given character from another is how much real-money a person spends buying mined equipment in the auction house. It's essentially a dumbed-down version of WoW except the only battle is between you, your right mouse button, and eternity. I spent 30 hours playing this game and I am still following one single path by myself, down a single plot, down a single class that I cannot customize. Farmville has more depth than this game. I'm sorry, Blizzard, you blew it. Next time, try retaining the best aspects of a game series and improve on the flaws. Save yourself the money and replay Diablo II. Expand
  6. May 18, 2012
    The game has looked the same for years, it's not even developed by the same people who made D1/D2, and why assume that new gamers are complete morons? Why Blizzard? Why must new gamers get the child treatment? Your games reaching the younger generation are alienating to people with suitable problem solving skills. Aside from the lack of intellectual and visual developments to the game I feel like the horror ARPG has been turned into a badly voice acted gamble to win people's money. Too much of the game revolves around owners spending GOBS of cash. Practically encouraging real money to be used as currency in game is how iPhone games trick parents into buying virtual trinkets for their kids. GOSH I can rant about this while staying objective and every sentence further I get the lower my score goes.... so I'm going to leave it at a 2. 2 points were for the dev staff that just got the mechanics worked out. I assume that's difficult enough they deserve some credit, but who knows if they were fired or laid off so many umpteen years ago when the project was started and obviously near completion. Good day sirs. Expand
  7. May 18, 2012
    Online only for single player... okay. Check point save system... okay. But not both!!! I can understand the launch date server problems but I also had issues with Comcast so I ended up playing a mission 4 times. Lag is an issue in single player. I died several times because of it. And then there's no real penalty for dying. In fact, one guy online was using it as strategy. He kept dying and come back to weaken the enemy.

    Everything that made Diablo 1 and 2 great are removed. You were actually building, customizing, and bonding with your character. But now with every skill available to everyone, your wizard is same as everyone else's. And can't choose attribute points either. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    Storyline? Act 3 was exact copy of LOTR Two Towers.

    Diablo 1 was the first game I stayed up all night for. There are only 2 other games that made me do that one being Diablo 2. Maybe because I'm 16 years older... or maybe because Blizzard is 16 years older and are not the same people developing games anymore... but this one just doesn't have that same addictive gameplay as the first two. Fact that I got off line to write this proves that. I don't miss it.
  8. May 18, 2012
    I signed up to metacritic just to show my support that DIABLO 3 SUCKS D**K. THE GAMEPLAY IS GOOD but like THE SERVERS ARE ALWAYS FULL. AND WHY THE FARK DOES SINGLE PLAYER REQUIRE U TO BE ONLINE BATTLENET. BLIZZARD DO U HAVE A BRAIN? people go out and play with friends where ever they want, not just at home.... -_-. FARK so much hype for this game and i didn't know stupid people were making it. WTF **** GAME Expand
  9. May 18, 2012
    I would like to be able to play the game I payed $60 for whenever I like, not whenever Blizzard decides to have their servers running. This always-on DRM is absolutely ridiculous.
  10. May 19, 2012
    Call of duty it is like a horse cal, but this game more worst that call of duty!Not good story, i never understand for what makes games like this, face palm
  11. May 19, 2012
    Not looking at launch issues, the need to connect to internet to play online. The game still has some serious issues. After 12 years of developing blizzard mastered to put the most crappy RPG into the world.
    Why is it even called RPG if you cannot modify your char? To finish the game you need only to leave your mouse buttons pressed and it would finish itself. Not like an hour fight with
    Diablo. Just tell how can I get my money back? Expand
  12. May 19, 2012
    The game simply sux . And that about sums it up . adjghsdgjhsdfgjhdkffffffffffffffffffffffjkdhgkdjhfgjkdfghdjkfghdjkfghjkdfghdfjkghdfjkghdfjkghdfjkghdfjkghdkfjghkdjfghkdjfghdjfghjkdfghjkdghjkdfgjkdfghjkdfghdfjkghdfjkghdfjkgjkdfghkdjfghjkdfgjkdfghdkfjgidughuiehguewhguiheguiehgasdjfghsdkjhadjghsdgjhsdfgjhdkffffffffffffffffffffffjkdhgkdjhfgjkdfghdjkfghdjkfghjkdfghdfjkghdfjkghdfjkghdfjkghdfjkghdkfjghkdjfghkdjfghdjfghjkdfghjkdghjkdfgjkdfghjkdfghdfjkghdfjkghdfjkgjkdfghkdjfghjkdfgjkdfghdkfjgidughuiehguewhguiheguiehgasdjfghsdkjhadjghsdgjhsdfgjhdkffffffffffffffffffffffjkdhgkdjhfgjkdfghdjkfghdjkfghjkdfghdfjkghdfjkghdfjkghdfjkghdfjkghdkfjghkdjfghkdjfghdjfghjkdfghjkdghjkdfgjkdfghjkdfghdfjkghdfjkghdfjkgjkdfghkdjfghjkdfgjkdfghdkfjgidughuiehguewhguiheguiehgasdjfghsdkjh Expand
  13. May 19, 2012
    There is no way I pay anything to Blizzard again. Ever. That game is a sheer disaster. It is designed for casual players (read - "12-year old kids with fat bellies and their mums"), it has no RPG system whatsoever and the storytelling is just plain bad. The always-online DRM system is insultive, disruptive and poorly implemented. 60 bucks? Hell no.
    Thank you for treading on my dreams,
    halfwitted dumbarses.
    Heartbroken D1/D2 fan.
  14. May 19, 2012
    tengo que estar online para poder jugar individualmente, esto hace al juego inservible si estoy en zonas que no tengo conexión (viajo bastante), nunca me interesaron las partidas multijugador
  15. May 19, 2012
    I cannot in good faith give Diablo 3 a score it doesn't deserve. I feel like the game itself is exceptional in most respects. However, the always online DRM restriction and the inclusion of the real money auction house force me to score this game based on how much I feel these two aspects negatively effect my game play experience. No matter what the fanboys say, Diablo has always been first and foremost a single player game, and Diablo 3 is no exception. The fact that I cannot play this game without an internet connection is completely unsatisfactory. I understand the reasoning behind it, but the bad outweighs the good by a very large margin. Besides the fact that there are other ways to accomplish what they are trying to accomplish (combating piracy and maintaining the legitimacy of items in the real money auction house) that don't include punishing legitimate customers. I think that people are for the most part being unfair and trying to hide their true motivations for giving Diablo 3 a low rating. The game play itself, graphics, sound and story delivers fairly well. However let's be honest, most people are angry about the always online DRM and the sorry state of the servers at launch, as they very much should be. This type of anti-consumer attitude from developers and publishers should not be tolerated by consumers. I know a boycott will never happen to the degree that it would need to to make Blizzard Activision listen, but hopefully all these terrible user reviews will make the bean counters that actually run things take pause and realize that perhaps this sort of thing is actually terrible for customer relations and WILL come back on them eventually. I also like to think that it's not actually the people creating the games that make these terrible business decisions, so we shouldn't necessarily be punishing them for the bad decisions their bosses make. However, SOMETHING needs to be done to stop these things form happening. It is ruining the game industry and the games that I know we all want to love... Expand
  16. May 19, 2012
    Always-online DRM is terrible as it is, but it makes the game unplayable when the servers are down (which they have been alot). This is completely ridiculous - in no other consumer market would it be acceptable to pay $60 for a product that only works 25% of the time, for no ostensibly good reason (they could easily turn off the always-on DRM).

    Not to mention, digital downloads don't work
    until retail versions do, which makes even less sense. This is like if Itunes MP3s could be downloaded (AND PAID FOR) but not played until a specific date... completely senseless.

    The game itself is just a clone of Diablo II, no real changes other than a slightly improved skills system. Completely disappointing.
  17. May 19, 2012
    Well, I am a huge fan of Diablo and Diablo 2.... With that being said, after seeing this game in action... I will not be buying, no way.... First of all, the people who made Diablo and Diablo 2 are not even with Blizzard anymore... So this game is not even made by the same people at all, whatsoever.... It's like comparing that new Call of Duty Title to other titles made by infinity ward after the top guys left... It's not the same

    Also, the skill trees/RPG leveling up has been removed??? That makes no sense at all... It also seemed like the Graphics are a little cartoony and not as evil as they used to be... I have never played WOW so I don't know if they are the same graphics but Diablo 2 had better details and the environment was better... The always online requirement is stupid as well. There is no reason to have any game "online only" and especially a single player only game... I don't really care about the "piracy" concerns because people are going to crack this game just like they crack all games... It just makes no sense, especially with that auction house, this is a game about looting and exploration.. it's about going out and finding rare items and weapons... So why would anybody go on an auction house to buy items??? doesn't that take all the fun out of it? Also paying money beyond the 60$ price tag for in game items is ludicrous...

    This game is a massive Disaster.
  18. May 19, 2012
    The game is terribly balanced, the difficulty is mostly based on the fact that you cannot zoom out and the monsters attacking you have greater range than the f-ing screen! Engine is terrible, DRM is a joke. I am hugely disappointed.
  19. Obi
    May 19, 2012
    After so much hype i decided to take a look at this game. Didn't buy it, went to my friends house to try it. And i have to say i am happy i didn't buy it. The log in issues and errors marked the first day. Constant internet connection for SP game, pretty much enforced DRM. Interesting enough neither me or my friend were interested in that AH and co op mode. Why cant we play it w/o internet connection and more important, why cant we save when we want.? When we managed to log in the game looked pretty ugly. Even with everything on high. Our character (we picked monk) was interesting. He didn't have any attributes to assign when u lvl up, he didn't have talent tree. Only skills to unlock when u gain a certain lvl. Whats the ''RPG'' part in it when the game does everything in auto-mode for u? Runes are boring. Increases damage for xy number. are u kidding me? AH is same as wow, except u can buy items for real money. so pretty much pay to win. we later found out that blizzard is taking pretty interesting cut from transactions. something like sneaky income. crafting is ok. although i doubt anyone will use those items later on and will farm stuff what they want. soundtrack. nothing much to say. its what u should expect - perfect. In conclusion: too much hype for this game which was in development so much, yet failed to deliver all what we were waiting for: diablo feeling. keep your cash on something else. Expand
  20. May 19, 2012
    biggest godamn boss fight of the game is Error 37. Once you defeat Error 37, you may be able to continue into the game. dont get your hopes up, for you may still be booted at virtually any time because you are forced to use their **** maintained severs to pay your own f***ing single player game.
  21. May 20, 2012
    Problem whit connection in a single player game? ROTFL. If you give a game that requires being online you have to be prepared for that. Blizzard went back in development, and be able to apply solutions from StarCraft 2. Achivments only online, is a sick idea. = 3/10
  22. May 20, 2012
    Graphics 7 out of 10
    They're somewhat ok but they actually dont really matter for this game as this game is meant to run even on slower machines. Part of Blizzards tactic to reach as many customers as possible. The game looks good but thats it, nothing special. The cutscenes would deserve a 10/10 though.

    Sound 6 out of 10
    On both our machines (my wife is playing as well) we experienced
    unbalanced sound. Sometimes the voices are loud and clear and sometimes you cant hear what NPCs are saying. I also had to change the effects level down to 25 percent in order to hear a bit from everything. What you hear is average. The music mostly known from Diablo II and some tracks sound like theyre taken straight from WoW. Everything fits though so no big deal. Only negatives are the voice actors and recordings from the angels...they sound like speaking into a bucket. Not really speaking freely more like reading into a bucket.

    Gameplay 8 out of 10
    This is simple. Once you found the class that suits you the game is pure fun. If you liked Diablo I & II you will like Diablo III as well. Theres 2 reasons for me though why it aint got a 10 out of 10.
    When you level up for the first time you'll notice you dont get any points to spend. This kills a lot for me. In Diablo II for example I could create any character that I want. Just put some strength to your mage and he can weild a 2 handed axe. In Diablo III the axe is simply not available for your wizard and you cant spend any points. Want to create the ultimate dodging barbarian? Sorry but you cant. I dont see why this got removed. I find it kinda sad that theres a trend to games that everything is automatically done for you while spending points on your character is one main feature of a true role playing game. In Diablo III you cant do anything wrong but you cant do anything better either.
    The second point is the online single player. Although youre playing alone you have to queue for a server slot? When you get one you might still experience lag as data is permanently sent and synchronized in the background. This is a no go in my opinion.

    Normally this would lead to 7 out of 10 review but there are so many things wrong with the game at the moment.

    -315300 possible errors that you can get.
    -No free server slots (for your single player game!)
    -No access to the game when battlenet is on maintenance.
    -Auction house problems bugs and bad design.
    -Bugged Achievements (everybody loves achievements :D)
    -The well known non-existent customer support from Blizzard.
    -Faulty CDs when you didnt buy it online.
    -Faulty installers when you bought it online.
    -No cow level...ok the Cow King is there but he takes you to Care-Bears LSD trip level where you slay rainbows and unicorns O_o'
    -Real money auction house will end up in items only being available for real money. Who is responsible for droprates? Who earns money with every single sale? Blizzard! I guess this model will lead us into a new era of gaming models where you pay for virtual goods. And who tells us that Blizzard themselves wont put auctions on there for real money?

    Overall its an unfinished product in my opinion and thus it gets 0 out of 10 from me. Dont get me wrong its an awesome game but the only power that we have (I doubt that Blizzard will care) is to let our frustration out in some way and if that means 0 points for a great game than thats your part you can do.
    Lets see how long it takes them to finish the game but knowing Blizzard it will take loooong. Its a great game dont get me wrong but it needs to be finished fast.
    If you buy a new car and it has as many faulty parts as this game you simply return it and ask for a new one. With software its different since you cant return it and Blizzard doesnt have a new one, all their versions are faulty ;)
  23. May 20, 2012
    And Blizzard failed...
    Such a pity... it did have all for being such a nice game, but finally got nothing except wowish graphic style... Gamers are not stupid... begining with a poor story, flat characters, boring ingame cinematics that looks like pokemon, less options than diablo 2 on skill trees (there are no skill trees but skill lines) and automatic stats... dude Diablo II is such a
    better game... It's not a good game, it's not a good Diablo, and DEFINITLY IT'S NOT A GOOD BLIZZARD TITLE... Bad times for a company which once upon a time was pretty avantgarde... not anymore... they only care about money... Expand
  24. May 20, 2012
    I found that the looting system in Diablo 3 disappointing. Once you hit hell the grinding begins and there doesn't seem to be any reason to do it because your options don't really exist but in some lame ass skill runes. The skill runes suck because they're just a breakdown of what each skill should have been without the runes anyhow. Its a graphically impressive games with some real pro work on fx but thats doesn't excuse the poor design. Expand
  25. May 20, 2012
    20/05 and i can't still play on eu server..
    this is ridiculous, i have no word for describing it..
    Loot sistem sucks, the game is really short but is done well.
    the really bad part is the inesistent offline part, we can't play cause the servers are full or cause they are down.. in all this days i had all the time 250 of latency and i die cause all the spike lag.. no word really
  26. May 20, 2012
    Wildly disappointed! No means to play offline and the servers are constantly crucified. Game play is OK but mediocre compared with previous iterations of the franchise. The fact that I forked out for the CE is really getting to me as I would quite like to be able to play the game as opposed to find a regular stream of error messages... and WTF is maintenance on a Sunday all about!?!?!?!?

    I have to state that no further blizzard purchases will be made in this household. Hugely disappointed :( Sad that such a great franchise and company has been muddied so utterly by a huge failing in one game, which lets be honest Blizzard must have been aware of the demand for this title!
  27. May 20, 2012
    Single player has all the worst features of a MMo, first of all server availability. Europe severs offline on sunday: no single player, no game, only the sensation of the worst work in blizzard history.
  28. May 20, 2012
    Game it's not bad, but user experience is near zero especially in Europe where Blizzard just don't care. Also lack of offline gaming is a big drawback
  29. May 20, 2012
    Diablo 3, when you are able to access it, delivers more or less the same stuff what the earlier parts did, plenty of mouse clicking, various monsters to kill and plenty of gear to loot. Story has not much to offer, it can be summarised by "kill everything that moves and collect all the gold in the process", voice acting is mediocre, especially what comes to hero. At least the cutscenes look nice, but the in game graphics, although being watchable, offer nothing even remotely impressive. After one play through I must say I am bored. I beat the game in few days on normal difficulty, and started on Nightmare difficulty but it does not offer much more. If you can get excited just by collecting new gear and it is enough to keep you going through the same dungeons and deserts, then perhaps you can enjoy the game more than I did. But frankly put, the game is boring and repetitive. However, what makes my blood boil and what really makes me regret I ever bought this game is that I can't seem to access it. First it was the legendary error 37 right after the lauch. For a few days the game worked somewhat nice, if you exclude the timeouts for being AFK, which I find quite annoying, since I was playing single player. Now I am encountering another error (33) because of "server maintenance" and cannot access the game again. Better leave this game on the shelf until Blizzard finally fixes all the problems. How I see it, server maintenance cannot be a reason for not being able to play a single player game. Expand
  30. May 20, 2012
    I have played Diablo 2, i give you several reasons why this is not your game: Always Online Play, no Lan Mode, reduced from 8 to 4 players in multiplayer mode, no Attributes can be given, now you have 6 skills use, my first in-game point, if you group with a class of your kind, it is like the shadow of the Assassin in Diablo 2, same skills, small set of skills usable at the same time individualism = fail. The most important part before was trading, now blizzard seems to try to milk the money cow... with this auction shop, with today's know-how I would not buy the game any-more. Expand
  31. May 20, 2012
    The entire thing is so frustrating. I bought Diablo 3 on Wednesday, and so far have had little chances playing the game because the servers are down, and I'm not even talking about multiplayer, I can't even play Single-Player because of the Always Online DRM. It's ridiculous. Who in their right mind thought this was a great idea? Had I known it'd be like this, I would never have even entertained the idea of buying Diablo 3. But here I am, with a game just sitting on my desktop to serve no purpose other than to decorate it. As for the actual game itself, it feels so restrictive. in Diablo 2, if I happened to like 2 different skills, then I'd put points in both and that'd be the end of it. But in Diablo 3, if 2 skills are from the same branch, you can only pick one of them. Not only that, but that skill might not actually be as useful as another until you reach the level necessary to unlock the rune to boost up your skill. That to me is ridiculous, and really restricts the way I want to play my character. The classes aren't all that interesting, it feels like I've played those already. I really liked the classes of Diablo 2 they felt really different and had different purposes, but in Diablo 3 it seems like they just mixed a few elements of each classes, and the way you play D3's classes to me just feels all too similar with one another. The story itself isn't bad, nor is it the best. They did put some efforts into adding more to the world, but that's about it. Overall, I decided to give the game a 0. Why? Because I can't even play it. This is the first and last (Single-Player) game that I purchase with an always-on DRM. I bought a game to have fun, and I'm not. Expand
  32. May 20, 2012
    Forgetting for a moment the fact that you couldn't play a game you played money money for and always have to have an internet connection to play this game, which is god damn ridiculous by the way, This is still the worst Diablo game ever made. It's amazing you could release a worse product 12 years after the last one. Seriously the graphics are sub par, the story is vomit worthy, the music is pretty good, and the leveling structure is crap, with all the personalization removed. Seriously, don't buy this tripe. Last Blizzard product I pay money for. Expand
  33. May 20, 2012
    The game itself is decent. Nothing groundbreaking but ok. The graphics are fine and the music is good. The gameplay is repetitive but is grounded on a proven formula. If you played the prequels D1 and D2, you'll notice that the skill system has been revamped. The skill trees are no longer there and you cannot distribute attribute points any longer (they are automatically selected when you level up). I don't really mind this. Blizzard decided to make the game more streamlined. You may like it more or less, but it's fine.
    I found unacceptable the fact that this is a single-player game that forces you to have a constant internet connection ALL THE TIME. Some games require you an online authentication only you start them at the beginning of you gaming session. D3 requires a connection every single minute you are playing. Diablo 3 is NOT an MMO. It's a single player game (as much as D1 and D2) that also gives you the option to run a dungeon next to 3 other players. It's not a persistent world either.
    However, in order to play not only you need to log-in, the game will also constantly send information back and forth with Blizzard server. The same way as an MMO, except that this happens in your single-player game. I have a very good gaming hardware and a good cable internet connection. However, I experienced connectivity lag in my single-player game many times. The character would start moving in slow motion while the latency increased.
    I played many MMOs and I have always accepted the drawbacks that came with them. On the other hand, I enjoy the freedom that single-player games have. You can pause the game, play it wherever you want regardless of internet, go at your own pace, etc.
    One very annoying thing is that the game will kick you out if you pause it for too long even in single player. This happened with my game many times. One time I was playing the game and my phone rang. I paused my single-player game and talked for 30 min or so. I afterwards made myself a coffee and came back around 45-55 mins later. Blizzard server kicked me out of my game and I had to explore all the area again. It turns out that just like an MMO I had to start thinking were to pause my single-player game if I suspected I was going to be away for more than 30 mins. This is unacceptable in a single-player game.
  34. oso
    May 20, 2012
    Most disappointing Game ever. I have to admit expectations were extremely high, maybe couldnt even have been fullfilled. There are failures in every way you look at the game.
    The server management (even expected though) is a joke... i had issues every single day since release. Also entire game elements don't really work properly. The auction house must have been developed by a genius - its
    bugged, has incredible stupid layout and most annoying - can't be accessed while ingame.

    Worst of all is the itemisation. 99% of your loot is crap. You are forced to buy items on the auction house. Without them you simple stand no chance on inferno mode. I suppose thats how Blizzard wants to rob the customers money in near future instead of letting them pay monthly fees. (Yes you pay incredible high taxes on auctions which go directly into their purse)
    Leveling the artisans seems to be also a waste of gold. Prices are ridiculously high and the results of your effort is simply not worth it - better buy on the a.h.

    I have to admit the gameplay is relatively good. Playing with friends still is fun - but simply not fun enough. Game difficulty is defined by random enemy attributes which can vary from freeloot to impossible. That factor has a high potential of frustration because from a certain point on your progress dos not depend on your skill anymore - its simply luck and gear. That would be okay - has been with D2 too but not if all (yes ALL) items are randomly created by the game. So you might imagine how frustrating it will be when you find a barbarian set item with stats like intelligence and dexterity. I mean how stupid can it be?

    At the begining i loved to play this game (so far as i was able to because of server restrictions) but with every day i beginn to dislike it more and more. I miss so many elements of Diablo 2 i just can't understand how Blizzard failed so greatly. The game is simply not finished after a ridiculously long development time. I don't even mind the outdated graphics (which are really **** outdated).

    Blizzard Y U NO LIKE CUSTOMERS??
  35. May 20, 2012
    If you've been waiting a decade for the sequel to Diablo II this game will disappoint you. It's more of what you would have expected from D3 that came out 2 years after D2. In many ways it makes the Diablo knock-off games like Dungeon Siege look more developed and polished. No camera control and minimal skill tree choices are just not acceptable in 2012. Also, the epic feel of D1 and D2 is gone with the noticeable absence of any heart-stopping encounters like the famous Butcher. D3 is the last nail in the coffin of Blizzard - it's time we recognized the company making these games now is called Activision. Expand
  36. May 20, 2012
    This game is boring as hell.

    The story-line is dry, linear, predictable and could have been much, much better. Character class back-story/story-line is non existent. About the only time your character comes into the story-line is when he/she is narrating it; that's it - which sucks big time. The game should have had multiple endings, substantial choices that affected the
    story-line/characters, and more random/variety in quests but sadly it doesn't. A better story-line should be given each time you beat the game on a harder difficulty, or else why even play again. Maps are extremely linear, small, and very closed off. They are made just to funnel you to your next destination - nothing more. The games initial difficulty should not be called normal. Diablo I and II on normal were much more of a chanllenge than Diablo III's normal. Diablo III's normal feels like the game is dumbed down significantly for casual players and in fact is holding my hand every step of the way - in fact you will use potions about once every eight or so hours all the way to the ending of the game. This greatly takes away from my enjoyment and game play experience. Bosses battles are extremely lackluster, mediocre and poorly scripted. Aside from playing a different class the replay value is very linear at best. If the game had multiple endings/better endings for higher difficulties, and more variety in quests, gave the player choices that affected the game/ending and a substantial variety in more open and nonlinear maps then the replay value would be high. Art is too similar to WoW, and as such has a very cartoony kids friendly feel to it. In fact some of the animation was taken from wow. The music of the game has its moments but for the most part feels passive and dull. Single player games must be played online only. So if there servers are flooded or down you either experience massive lag which ruins your game play experience or you simply can't play at all. About the best thing I can say Diablo III has is the CG cinematic's which are wonderful too look at. I'd say this game deserves no more than a 7.5 at best. Expand
  37. May 20, 2012
    My first review on metacritic. Needed to vent my complete frustration with Blizzard somewhere. I'm 39 and remember buying the first Diablos in the store. Everybody knows these were incredible ground-breaking games. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for Diablo III. I have spent, no wasted, 8 hrs of my life attempting to get this game to install on my desktop. Installation gets hung up in a "Updating Setup Files" loop from hell. I tried a multitude of suggestive fixes from the site but to no avail. I bought the hard copy from Amazon and will likely return it Monday for a refund claiming game is junk.

    All I wanted to do was play the single player campaign like I had done in the past. Blizzard, in their infinite wisdom (err greed)should never made it a requirement to play this game on-line. Obviousely I am not the only one that feels this way. The majority of reviews for this game have been less than stellar. Some heads need to role at Blizzard over this catastrophe. Guess I'll wait for Torchlight II release.
  38. May 20, 2012
    Assuming you could play the game problem free its probably worth an 8, but the fact I can not play it, and as yet have been unable to maintain a solid connection due to Blizzards servers being overloaded and underprepared makes the 8 irrelevent, I officially give this game a 1 because its unplayable which by definition means its a bad game.
  39. May 20, 2012
    when I played D3 ,I can't believe that it's a game developed in 2012 , the Graphics looks prety bad, the art style almost let me think it was a Korea game, Completely a different kind art-style of D2
  40. May 21, 2012
    Was unplayable due to lag caused by the permanent connection. (System totally shameful for a single player game)

    Lots oversimplified the game lost much of its interest and its replayability.

    The result of this diablo 3 is that today I pledge to boycott the battel net and Blizzard games.
  41. May 21, 2012
    I have never experienced such a poor launch of a game ever in my life. The game either does not install, or installs then doesn't do anything when I hit play. I really was waiting to play the game before giving a review, but I am sorry Blizz, if I simply am unable too play your game then it gets a zero. went to customer service and they went through a million steps with me, first it was my Alienware, then it was my Norton, then it was my Mcafee, then it was my wireless, lets be honest Blizz, It is Diablo III not my computer I have never had a conflict as bad as this before. Please release games ready to play and ready to be installed. Absolute nonsense. Expand
  42. May 21, 2012
    I created an account here just to steer people away from this game. It is so bad that I could write a freakin book about it, and that book would probably have a better story than what the Diablo 3 writers came up with. Dialogue? 0.
    Cinematics? 0.
    Music? what music? 0.
    Gameplay? good god. 0.
    Items...... holy crap. Blizzard made the packs of mobs be harder than bosses and drop more
    loot than bosses... because they didnt want people farming bosses. SO now, people farm mobs. WTF?
    Real Money Auction House... if you don't spend money in this, you can look forward to weeks farming for blues. Blues are better than uniques in this game. So, magic find is pointless. 0. Zero. Zip. Nada. Horrible game.

    Oh and there's no chat rooms. That alone makes the game feel like a single player game, even though its constantly online. . . . . . . .. . . .ugh
  43. May 21, 2012
    Everything you loved about Diablo 1 and 2 where removed in this game. No more custom stats. No more skill trees. No more character customization. Graphics are okay at best. The storyline is horrible. The only well-done thing is the cinematics. I'm afraid Blizzard has totally and completely become Activision. Where their motto is: "Gamers don't know what they want - we know what gamers want." They completely and utterly ignore what their customers state they want in a game. Oh . . . and no Cow Level. Expand
  44. May 22, 2012
    Should have listened to that inner voice telling me that big hyped games are never as good as one would expect. The game has been riddled with problems which have hampered me from properly playing this game. The lack of support in the Oceanic region has been a slap in the face. But in all honesty, should I be reviewing this game on issues that are outside the scope of game play? Well yes, I think so. Blizzard has decided to add an "always-online" feature which renders server problems apart of the game play. Expand
  45. May 22, 2012
    This game contains NONE of the charm the previous games did. Character development is poor, there is no gravitas to the story despite having such a rich backstory to draw upon. The simplification of the actual core mechanics is insulting to those who played previous Diablo games. By allowing all skills to be used and taking away leveling up skills, the importance of items is increased. If you enjoy having WOW remade in the Diablo universe then this game is for you, otherwise avoid at all costs. The inclusion of online only is annoying but fair enough to avoid piracy, HOWEVER this point is completely lost when they include an auction house designed to rake in real world money for them. Such corporate cynicism injected into a once magnificent franchise saddens me, and this is only amplified by the insane amount of time that Blizzard has poured into this to achieve such a substandard result. After I played this game I can't help but feel that a company that used to make great games is now trying to find greater ways to gouge my wallet repeatedly in the most arrogant of all ways. Expand
  46. May 22, 2012
    Horrible product by a horrible company. Blizzard used to be good. They started going downhill when they were bought by Activision. I think this really shows because all blizzard games up until WotLK were good. Before Wotlk Blizzard merged with Activision who is owned by vivendi. This means a bunch of no-nothing about games people are pushing and managing deadlines for the company below it. They probably want them to follow the Call of Duty model, which is release an expansion every year. Guess what not gonna happen. I'll never buy a blizzard product again if they don't release the PvP within a month. This was a borderline scam. Expand
  47. May 22, 2012
    So basically I rolled a Barbarian and I am up to Act 2 Inferno. It takes ages to kill the blue mobs and some combinations are just downright impossible as a melee. Other classes like the wizard, demon hunter and witch doctor are just able to clear this content within a few minutes. tl;dr rolled a **** class that takes 5x longer to clear content than the ranged and wasted 48 hours into a class I thought would dominate the game being a barbarian and all. Expand
  48. May 22, 2012
    A fair game with a DRM so invasive that destroys the fun of the game! I dont want to have lag issues in a single player game or lose my progress in the middle of an Act because blizz servers or my internet connection dropped!

    The online game with friends about the same level as you is really fun!
  49. May 22, 2012
    Played for a total of 35 hours and finished on normal setting (because you are forced to) but don't feel the need to play it anymore. Story is bland, graphics aren't great but didn't bother me that much. Gameplay is satisfying most of the time. Loot is not very interesting, couldn't care less about auction houses and pay-to-win schemes and the always online crap is just ridiculous, I have a fast internet connection but still get lag in my $%^^$^ SINGLEPLAYER game! Not to mention I (and many others) have experienced serious BSOD's, a first on my pc and definitely because of Diablo 3. I feel stupid paying for this treacherous piece of garbage. Expand
  50. May 22, 2012
    89, critics? Really? So much for the wisdom of the crowds. Diablo III may be the least inspired, least groundbreaking, least interesting and least addictive game that Blizzard has ever rolled out. Let's compare it to Diablo 2.
    Ways it is a step backwards:
    1. Characters aren't customizable
    2. Runes removed (maybe they're coming back in an expansion but a sequel should be a step 3. Sets
    FORWARD from the expansion, not backward).
    Ways it is unimproved:
    1. Storyline (still boring)
    2. Dungeons (feels the same as DII)
    3. Interface/fighting system
    4. Henchmen
    Ways it is a step forward:

    So in short, if you don't mind paying $60 for another expansion of Diablo 2, you won't be disappointed. But given that its 10 years in the making, Blizzard should have been able to do better than that.
  51. May 22, 2012
    The unexplained downtime, the hacked accounts, and the onslaught of error codes this game gives completely negates any positive experience I have in game. The crafting system appears to be a waste of time, driving users to the auction house - which soon will have a real money component to it. Community service through these issues has been downright terrible.
  52. May 22, 2012
    as a long standing blizzard fan i thought the drm could be an issue. so i played the beta and was amazed at how well it played. against all better judgment i bought a digital copy and waited till release day. well, it finally arrived and i began to play. haha totally unplayable in nz. total rubber banding lag fest. will never buy another blizzard game again. the best part of the experience was how easy it was to get a refund. (ring then, dont use the ticket system) Expand
  53. May 22, 2012
    What a disappointment! Blizzard showed they do not give two $hit$ about their fans or what we want. After all this time they could have easily given us a masterpiece but they opted for the easy money. Blizzard will forever be synonymous with greed after this eff up. Shame on you.
  54. May 22, 2012
    This Diablo 3 should be renamed to "Disable 3" because this is such a joke! You would never imagine after ten years something, the graphic is still like 10 year ago quality, game length is like you can finish it within few hours then you suppose to play the same thing again and again!? The game story is like assuming your IQ is 0, your job is just keep clicking your mouse left bottom, it gives you the only task to do every time while those tasks are very boring. It takes 3,4 years to develop this game? It should be only a 3 months job! The quality is a free iphone or ipad game level! I am in Hong Kong and it is so funny that the Asian server banned all China, Hong Kong, Taiwan IP, rumor saying it is because Korea hots the Asian server and they just ban Chinese countries IP now, what a joke! I feel this game is so boring even after just 5 minutes. I strongly suggest no one should even try this game, I mean event try, because it is just waste of life. Save your anger, prevent yourself feeling angry by not buying this game, if not you will feel so regret! Believe me, this would be the worst game ever for yourself in your life if you buy it! Expand
  55. May 23, 2012
    Accounts hacked. Poor performance. Auction House down. Short story-line with gameplay made repetitive by boring monsters. This feels like a $20 game, a mediocre $20 game.
  56. May 23, 2012
    Diablo III, DO NOT BUY. Iâ
  57. May 23, 2012
    This game was below average. The gameplay is fun, but quickly becomes tedious and boring. As such, the replayability is below average. The graphics are below average. The story is below average. WELL below average. For the most part, the writing is absolutely horrific. The plot is transparent and banal to the point of personal insult. For example, Act 2, by Blizzards own admission is supposed to focus on intrigue and deception - and has little of either that I could tell. The entirety of this Act was bland and unmemorable.

    All of the alleged "twists" in this game were mind-numbingly lame. There are atleast 3 characters that suffer from memory loss, one of the most cliche and overused plot devices in existence.

    Blizzard retconned and filled in alot of Diablo history to come up with the most convoluted and childish story every drempt of. The extremely contrived plot appears to be aimed at an audience legally too young to purchase this game.

    There is no offline singleplayer, which makes sure your solo experience is filled with all of the possible connection and lag issues of any multiplayer game. So far these issues have been numerous.

    The auction hall(s) and the game's dumbed down experience ensure that good items for your character are far too easy to come by, which is a huge flaw, seeing as Blizzard put a huge focus on gear to replace a completely gutted levelling system.

    As a stand alone title, this game is mediocre. Keeping in mind the time in developement, and the legacy of the series, Diablo 3 was a dissappointment, whose "Concentrated Coolness" sounds way to similar to Dragon Age 2's "Awesome Button".
  58. May 23, 2012
    One word: DATED.

    I can't believe all the positive reviews from "estbalishment" sites. This game is dated in plot, execution, and all sorts of peripherals. Can't change camera angle, graphics are dated and yet hog resources, there is 0 replayability unless you want to redo the one main storyline multiple times... This was a good game 15 years ago, and unfortunately nothing has changed.

    I was shocked by how dated this game is, and I don't even have to mention the online issues.
  59. May 24, 2012
    60 DH on inferno here. Whole game is based around RMAH. Clear profiteering with little to no effort put into making an innovative or balanced game. Servers are zombified too. You buy and only Kotick wins.
  60. May 24, 2012
    1. We are on year 2012 "WE ARE ON YEAR 2012"
    2. These kind of games existed long ago, when diablo 2 was there, the best game you could play like diablo is MU online WHICH IS GRAPHICALLY HORRIBLE
    3. these games are horrible.
    4. they could have invented something with more on sandbox open world, fully action diablo 3, which is on real 3rd person and can be switch to first person View,
    Imagine, fighting giants, *skyrim like but not skyrim"
    5. they could have made something more innovative,
    6. the game doesnt appeal in my eyes
    7. its looks more like a typical move to click sh*t
    8. its really terrible
    9. SERIOUSLY? WILL YOU BUY THIS CRAP? I'D RATHER SPEND THAT MONEY ON GUILD WARS 2 or OTHER GAMES that has more innovative combat, and cool graphics.

    I got nothing more to say, but diablo 3 is just blizzards scam to people.

  61. May 24, 2012
    Before I begin, I made an account here just to post this review. This game defines the reason Piracy is so prevalent today. Quite simply it is not worth the price tag attributed. I could not find any in the shops so purchased for £44 online and downloaded it. I shall list my experience so far in order; The installation was not easy, I had to trawl through the online forums because it continuously failed, trying numerous things suggested until I fixed it which took an hour or so. The fix was from the community NOT from Blizzard :/.

    You need a CONSTANT internet connection to play the single player game, there have been times where their servers are overloaded and I could not play / log in. Unacceptable to me from such a big player in the games industry.

    The game itself is really mediocre, I usually play on hard difficulty settings for a challenge, but you need to complete the game on normal first before its unlocked. Normal difficulty setting is so unbelievably easy, the gameplay you literally hold one mouse button to run around and kill things, then occasionally hit the right mouse button, Q and numbers 1 - 4. As one previous poster commented "This is Spore all over again" - That too was a game that was unbelievably over-hyped and ended up just a HUGE disappointment to me. Diablo 3 is similar.

    To me there are alot of games companies squeezing the life out of excellent titles for the sake of profit. THQ did it with Supreme commander and Activision do it with Call of duty, then there is Tiger woods 137 etc etc. - Diablo gives me the same feeling that me, the consumer and my gaming experience comes not even second to their main priorities of the bottom line and making money. Yes it is important but the balance is tipped too far in the wrong direction for me imo.

    Very disappointed!
  62. May 24, 2012
    -Item system that is geared towards extreme scarcity of good equipment in order for Blizzard to reap the benefits of their cut of the Real Money Auction House.
    -Always online DRM for a game that should have an offline single player option.
    -Horrible Diablo 3 account security (notice I said Diablo 3, not that Blizzard denies exists and places blame on users instead.
    -Story that
    basically throws away the events of the last game and retconning in order to have a plot that involves the original Lords of Hell.
    -Being hand fed skills and abilities as you level creates a game that lacks depth and lasting power. -You will be done with this game in about a month because you have nothing left to do unless you care about beating the hardest Inferno difficulty. Which you will not be able to do unless you spend hours upon hours farming for equipment decent enough to get through it or buying it off the auction house.
  63. May 24, 2012
    Gameplay: Plays ok, when you can play it. It plays like a diablo game. Not much different here. Graphics: background graphics are actually pretty good, different but good. Char models I feel could have been done better. Story: meh, predictable.
    Classes: Overall good. I like the diversity and the classes skills. Disappointed that there is no "assassin" class, expecting this and a knight
    class to be in the first expansion. Not thrilled about the glyph system either, that was just copied over from WoW. Would have rather seen them go a different direction here. Would probably give the game a 6-7ish on the above points. What kills it for me is the always on DRM (I'm sorry, "achievement tracker/auction house access"). Game lags/rubberbands/disconnects based solely on B.NETs servers. You will ALWAYS be at the mercy of blizzards servers. Want to play when you don't have access to the 'net, to bad. I will never buy a game that has an always on DRM scheme (review based off the beta/starter edition). Expand
  64. May 25, 2012
    I was willing to give this game a fair score...until my account was breached and charcater and all progress deleted...they say it's the users fault, i disagree. if i'm compromised that means my bank account, email accounts, facebook, paypal, ebay, other mmo's, etc, etc. should also be compromised right? as far as i know diablo 3 is the only game for this to happen to me. even my email account wasn't compromised for the hacker to get into my account because it's been 3 days after the incident and my computer and personal info is doing just fine. i just love how it's always the users fault right?

    the game's ok, fun but since day 1 release there's been nothing but server problems, auction house problems, and 40+ hours of gameplay was deleted from my account due to a hacking...that's lovely for paying $60.

    Game's too short, not even an infinite dungeon, story is bland and graphics resemble WoW which is so lame and childish.
  65. May 25, 2012
    There is no excuse in the poor battle encounter design that disregard player play style and skill combination, there is no excuse in the poor diversity of the loot bonus, and there is no excuse in the linear player progression path. Diablo III is a well package game with great product value, however this is such flawed game in the design and system department that Blizzard should be ashamed of.
  66. May 25, 2012
    Save your money, buy some beer instead. Maybe come back in 6 months but it will still be online only. I hope you're not Australian and considering actually paying money for this!
  67. May 25, 2012
    lack of skill and stat points, very outstreched gameplay with very little story. it gets really boring to pointlessly walk through caves and dungeons for hours. unbalanced melee and ranged classes. very unbalanced legendary gear(its rarely dropped and rarely useful). only 4 man co-op, no pvp. unbalanced elite packs at higher difficulty(elites are stronger than actual bosses).
  68. May 25, 2012
    The game starts well but has an extremely bad balancing... The first chapter misses challenge a lot (no challenge at all!). Then after 10 hours you encounter a boss (Belial), and there it becomes almost impossible! I stopped playing the game here, and it very frustrating to pay a game full price without being able to finish it.
    Blizzard try to make you believe it is accessible to anyone,
    but this is not the case (at all). For hardcore players only.
    Ho, and yes, the story is for 12 yo kids only too...
  69. May 25, 2012
    There's too many things to mention that are bad about this game. Blizzard improved a bit on D2, but regressed in all the important areas including replayability, which is almost nonexistent. Everything about this game feels uninspired and rushed (the loot, story, even the game's servers).

    I've never done a formal review of a game in my 15 years as being a gamer, but I decided to do just
    this one because I've never been as disappointed and let down in a purchase as I have with this title. It's really turned around my perception of Blizzard, unfortunately in a bad way. They just aren't the company they were before. Expand
  70. May 26, 2012
    Like the game but online requirement for single player sucks. I'm constantly suffering lags, delays and glitches that makes the game not funny. (dummy text to get 150 chars)
  71. May 27, 2012
    I've tried to put up with all the issues but there are too many! 1. Story is mediocre.
    2. some very horrible dialogue. Especially when Diablo himself is talking like a stupid child.... seriously.
    3.lag spiking. and this is the only game that does this so its this game and not my internet.
    4. Frame dropping.. sadly BF3, dirt 3, ME3 and every other game runs smooth D3 does not. Tried many
    diff video drivers and settings to no avail.
    5. End game video was pitiful for a diablo game. number of CG videos lacking.
    6. no real feel of improving. I've gone from 1500dps to 3000dps upgrade and there was none to little sensation of really destroying **** up. 7. Leveling and items seem to be fine drops are fine.
    8. music is lacking... i seem to notice only 3 songs...
    9. Audio doesn't work well with my 5.1 system... Every other game works fine. so this was depressing. And i never have audio problems with anythings. sigh.
    10.Auction House is horrible at best. It may work. but it probably won't. Then it will work oh wait its not. lol
    10.1 Support for cash auction house response ... call this number ... call number wait an hour. oh ya its not up yet. ask why it said on the box it was in game... no answer and then they freaking hanged up on me.
    10.2 when the auction house works it's not bad... if it works

    11. random game kicks you out cause server problems. They're trying to fix it i get it... but just dont release the game if it can't be played properly damn it.

    12. It's freaking DIABLO 3 not some cheap ass company that puts out ****ty games. Yet this game is flawed and needs too many fixes. I wish I had not bought this game. I have asked for my money back as I get too mad for the 1000th time the game lags when im battling some mobs and im dead again.... and again.... yeah that's sure fun.

    I love Diablo 2, 1, Starcraft 1, 2, big esports guy but third time is not a charm for diablo series 4/10. 60% of the fun was lost from playing this game now....

    Don't buy it now... buy it when it's finished.... if you have to...
  72. May 27, 2012
    Ok game mechanics, graphics and playability for the first few stages but totally lacks most of the long term viability of its predecessor. It seems as though the developers threw a lot of good Diablo ideas out the window, replaced with WoW concepts and a goal to milk money out of players with their RMAH. For a sequel so long in the making it is an utter failure, for a new game it would be ok, but not great. Expand
  73. May 27, 2012
    Very poor story, dull bosses which are easier than champion packs, itemization failed (blue items better than legendaries), narrow variety of usable skills in end-game and Blizzard doesn't give a sh*t, they just want more money
  74. May 27, 2012
    Positives: ??? Negatives: -constant server outages despite tanking player base -Always online -$60 and yet designed like a F2P game with the Real Money Auction House in mind -Very poor difficulty curve -Pretty much anything likable about Diablo 2 is gone -World of Warcraft mechanics such as being more or less instakilled for taking to long to kill a monster and epic purple lighting everywhere
    -Poor writing, voice acting, constantly in your face
    -Dungeons aren't even random anymore
    -Matchmaking system rather than lobbies, forcing you to more or less play with friends or play alone
    -no pvp
    The list could go on, and on, and on. Diablo 3 is basically a bad joke created by Blizzard to the Diablo audience. To call it WoW free2play is not an exaggeration. That is literally what it feels like. Nothing in this game was designed with the end user in game, save to allow it to be "playable" (not likable) by as many players as possible and to extract as much cash from them as possible via the "Real Money Auction House", which by the way has been indefinitely delayed because the playerbase is tanking so hard right now that they realize they need to focus everything to save it. They're trying, but they will be unsuccessful. Blizzard has been _permanently cripppled_ by its long stint/focus on WoW. They _actually believe_ these things are actually fun, otherwise the game would not have been released with such horrible flaws. If they cannot see the problems, they cannot fix them. I have asked for a refund because I am actually offended at how bad this game is, and I encourage anyone who bought it to do the same.
  75. May 27, 2012
    DO NOT BUY OR PLAY THIS IF YOU LOVED DIABLO 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow. Way to **** up one of your only remaining IP's Activision-Blizzard. You had all the resources imaginable to make this a stellar game, the game we all waited for. But no. You decided to take all that time (12 years) and man power (5000 employees roughly) and make a pile of **** that would have been laughed at 6 years ago.

    Things they did wrong
    1. DRM (you are required to be online 24/7 to play, even single player)

    2. Removed any customization with the skill tree AND Attribute tree (You are literally the same character as the millions others that play)

    3. The difficulty is a ****ing joke. A trained monkey could easily beat this game with ANY character.

    4. The auction house removes any desire/need to actually loot for awesome gear. (Acti-Blizz just milking it for more money after everyone realizes the games ****.)

    5. No more awesome 8 player nameable lobbies with PvP. (PvP has been scheduled to be released later on in a WoW like arena (****ing gay))

    6. The color scheme is ****ing ****ty as are the graphics for a game 12 YEARS in Development!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. The servers are a ****ing joke. I lag all the ****ing time on a rad ass connection so I know it's not me.
    (makes trying to enjoy the single player a joke)

    8. The story itself is ****ing retarded. Lame cliches everywhere coupled with horrible voice acting leaves me vastly disappointed with,what was supposed, to be a game you could play solid and still enjoy for at least a month.

    In summary, they have taken out the heart and soul of Diablo and replaced it with a Children's game. Don't indulge Activision or Blizz anymore...... I am personally boycotting these terrible game devs from now on. I encourage everyone who enjoyed Diablo 1 and 2 (Or good games) to do the same
  76. May 27, 2012
    bad graphics. bad story. bad sound. bad game play. bad lag. bad game mechanics. bad design. bad skill system. bad company.

    issued a refund.

    they know it's bad.
  77. May 28, 2012
    Diablo3 it's a huge disappointment. I waited this game for so long and at the end Blizzard come up with a kids story (falling star rise of zombies, yes some original good stuff). The first minutes very something laughable, especially when I saw all this people with the headache in the tavern... ahaha :D
    Organization of Gameplay is horrible, I still don't get how to fire a real arc arrow
    with the mage... can't set the attribute points (WHY?? WHYYY??) can't zoom, and can't personalize my character. I still wonder if Blizzard can make some good use of 3d technology in 2012.
    They ruined this game with cartoon like characters, bad music, recycling stupid ideas (and 3d stuff) from WoW and removed perks that most of the old players loved. I just expressed my review on the game and I don't want even talk about this bloody feature about being always on. Bad. Bad. BAD!

    The conclusion? I had the honor of testing torchlight 2 beta and is way more fun and similar to the original diablo verve.
  78. May 28, 2012
    A lot of parts of the game feels untested (especially Inferno) . Class balance is non
    existent, few classes is making insane amounts of gold by farming inferno act 3-4 while other cant earn a dime , progress beyond act 1. Itemization seems vastly inferior to one in Diablo 2.
  79. May 28, 2012
    Underwhelmingly awful. The game is repetitive and boring and doesn't carry-through the darker undertones of Diablo II that somehow made this type of gaming interesting. I was placed on a different server to my friends but was not warned of this - this meant later after we'd started, we couldn't join-up and play with our characters.
  80. May 28, 2012
    I really liked Diablo 2, but I wasn't that excited for Diablo 3. I just felt there was no where for the story to go, and boy, was I right. Well, no where for it to go without digging into some massively stupid cliches.

    Graphics: 5/10 They're passable. I mean, there's nothing really new from what I remember of Diablo 2, just updated to look a bit nicer. It's actually below what I would
    expect, but they're not horrid.

    Story: 2/10 Gah, other than a few cool parts, the story was completely predictable. And this Nephalem thing... what's wrong with just good old humans being the heroes? And Tristram! REALLY? Does EVERY Diablo story HAVE to start there? Really? And the second second act. Oh, and the barbarian lands the third act... I'm rather expecting them to shoehorn in the jungle in any expansion they come out because it's terribly hard to think of new cities and new environments to play in. I actually found the journals more interesting than what the main characters had to say, and the journals aren't really... that good.

    Gameplay: 3/10
    ... it's Diablo. It's a clickfest. It works. Why I'm lowering the score here is the lack of customization. Every class has every skill in that class unlocked. Gone are choosing your skill and stat points. I personally think that taking choices away from the player is a Bad Thing. Yes, they can choose anything they want, but the fact that it's all open, that there's nothing to really work for, and that there's no reason to roll another of the same class is pretty ridiculous. Sound/Music: 8/10 While not perfect, I liked the music. The sounds are fine for combat, and when listening to the journals, it dims the other sounds so you can hear it. What's annoying is that if you happen to click on something else that spews sound at you, or start a conversation, before the journal or whatever is done, the new one rides over the old one. I suppose it had to be that way, but it's still annoying.

    Miscellaneous: 2/10
    Miscellaneous holds the "other" categories which don't fit neatly in sound, gameplay, story, and graphics. As the catchall, the DRM must be mentioned. YOU MUST HAVE A CONNECTION TO THE INTERNET TO PLAY. That's ridiculous! What if your internet goes down? Oh, I'll play Diablo... WAIT NO YOU CAN'T. The only more ridiculous DRM I've ever seen was on Spore, which gave you three installs, and that was it. This one makes you be social. The auction house should get a mention here, which I don't think adds to the game. The reason why? The further you go, the harder it is to find equipment for the character you are playing. I'm not kidding. I have a 40 wizard, and finding +Int items seems impossible. However, I can go on the auction house and buy them.... It's been stated by Blizzard that there's an algorithm in place to calculate drops based on your character and the auction house, which means that you find awesome stuff for other toons, and you can save them in a communal stash (great upgrade there), but they are leading people to using the auction house. Now, I have no problems with that, in theory, but just let me get my own items. What if I don't WANT to use the auction house? Why make it harder for the single player? All of this is, of course, leading up to the real money auction house (RMAH), where if you list something, from what I have read, there is a $1 dollar item fee, %15 listing fee, and ANOTHER 15% fee to transfer any money from the battlenet store to PayPal. That means that if I sell an item for $1.50, say, $1 goes to the listing fee, and it's unclear if it's %15 of the remaining money ($0.50) or of the total ($1.50). If it's the second, that's a $0.23 fee, leaving you $0.27 cents made. Then, if you transfer that to PayPal, there's another $0.04 fee to do so, leaving you with a grand total of $0.23 from a $1.50 item. Of course, the higher you sell an item for, the profit margin will grow, but who will spend REAL money for fake items? All in all, it's a shame that this game isn't better. I don't mind the idea behind the auction houses, but let people make money off of it. Just take a flat %15 and call it good. The gameplay is what you expect from Diablo, but the story is awful and rehashed. I would avoid buying it for now, and pick it up on the bargain bin six months from now, because it CAN be consuming (especially the first time through), but it's not worth $60, not by a long shot.
  81. May 28, 2012
    I am a long-time PC gamer who played both Diablo and Diablo II for many, many hours back when they came out, as well as other great Blizzard games like Starcraft and the Warcraft wow, where to start with a review of a game that was one of the most anticipated of the last 10 years, and probably one of this biggest disappointments ever. What's interesting is that Blizzard previewed this game 4 years ago, and it looked mostly done at that point. Why has it taken so long to deliver so little? I'm going to ignore the two things that seemed to get most people so angry, the requirement of a persistent connection (though I think it's a bad idea, a really bad idea), and the server issues which have made playing hit-or-miss for so many people, and concentrate on what I think are it's major failings, one, the lack of any real long-term replay-ability, and two, a game model and approach which owes way too much to World of Warcraft. Another major gameplay complaint is the way multiplayer games are handled, come on, only 4 players? No game lobby? I don't like it at all. Why take a model that worked great (D2), and throw it out the window?

    This is an event-driven, very linear game. There's not much in the way of "free play" like you had in D2 at all, you can only enter the game at pre-determined quest points, if you want to play an area again. There are no persistent portals, either, which I see as a major mistake. You can not die on a quest, and go back to where you were. You have to start over, and this can be REALLY annoying. After playing this game all the way through in only a few hours, I was left asking myself where the other half of the game was, because it really seems like it's missing at least half of what it should have. Where's the beef? A good game should provide at LEAST 40 hours of play-through, (especially one that costs $60) and no, I don't think that including extra hardness levels counts. You're still doing exactly the same thing over again. The maps are all the same, every time. Many of the "maps" are basically a corridor from the entrance to the exit, with maybe a few hard mobs in the way. There is very little in the way of challenge here, much less strategy. By abandoning the attribute point and skill system, one of the really fun things that made D2 so replayable is gone. The system they replaced it with is well thought out, but it's totally unsuitable for a serious ARPG game. What they've actually done is turned this into a casual game at a hardcore price.

    That brings me to the second major issue, the whole game model. It's obvious that Blizzard is intending this to be a major money-maker by creating an auction house where addicted players will be tempted into buying the best items to equip their players for the hard levels. This is clear just by the way the difficulty scales as you move through the game. It goes from easy to super hard very fast, with no commensurate boost in player stats to compensate, just the same old mismatched items that are completely ineffective. To top it all off, the "normal" auction house hasn't even been working correctly at all, and the "real money" one has been put on hold indefinitely. It's bad enough that you have to struggle against an unbalanced game, but you can't even get what you need from the auction house either. This has been a major ongoing issue, as a lot of players have reached the level where they really need those auction house items, and they can't get them. I can't help but think this is a huge step backwards. You should be able to play the game without having to buy equipment from someone else. The fact that you can't shows a really cynical approach by Blizzard to the game overall. Even in World of Warcraft, you can play the game through without having to buy anything. This game is so item-centric that you simply can't.

    I'd rate this game as follows:

    Graphics: 7 out of 10, mainly because they look just like WoW graphics, almost the same style.
    Gameplay: 6 out of 10, because there's little strategy, and some annoying gameplay decisions.
    Execution: 2 out of 10, because of the awful launch problems, MIA auction house, and terrible multiplayer implementation.

    I'm afraid that this is the game that has put the nail in the coffin of Blizzard as far as I'm concerned. WoW was a good game at the start, but they've dumbed it down to a silly, childlike, purely casual game now, complete with personal flying dragons and dancing pandas. Starcraft II was a warning, in a way, because it was only 1/3 of a game, or looking at it another way, a game you had to buy two expansion packs for to have a complete game. And of course there was the DRM, and the need for a persistent internet connection. And now we have Diablo 3. Goodbye Blizzard, it was nice knowing you.
  82. May 29, 2012
    Over a decade in the making - Blizzard presents you with the most fantastic game release failure in recent memory. The game, is ok - however - with the anticipation of D3, the huge resources of Blizzard - the end product is unforgivable.

    The game, has potential, if it worked. In the spirit of other Blizzard titles - we have whining players, constant changes to classes, mechanics,
    gameplay - and inconsistent application of stats. It just has this sour taste ... reminiscent of another Blizzard title. This is Diablo, not World of Whinecraft. Diablo fans want what they expect, not an unfinished, untested game that is flawed, broken in many ways - and still a work in progress. As a Diablo fan - who has played all 3 Diablo I'm soundly disappointed by this mediocre release. Even the auction house doesn't work. Nothing works in game! I didn't expect to play a half-finished beta - served as a final product. Pathetic. Expand
  83. May 29, 2012
    This game is a Fail. It would take me a lot of time to write all the minuses of it. Its just a shame. I have demanded the refund now. Hello, i'm demanding the refund, i want my money back, this game is a shame for diablo series. Its a shame for every player who had ever played it and got a little of brain. I wont go far into telling what pissed me off. Just shortly. a) High price b) No game key for a long time, lies on your website
    c) pathetic itemization
    d) wow-like hero development, oh wait, theres no hero development
    e) server lags - unplayable
    f) drm and stuff, no single player
    g) unplayable video fps drops on very powerful pc (5000$ 2012 year, 8 cores e.t.c) tried on another pc - same stuff, your fail
    h) Pathetic story line, i'm not 5 years old this is **** shame i) no end game
    j) no pvp
    k) Auction house is a blizzard's greed
    l) this game is stupid, plainly stupid gameplay
    m) awful graphics
    n) 5000 man company - no customer service, no replies on forums? is this a joke?

    p.s. please dont write a review if you have only played beta or normal.
  84. May 29, 2012
    Had to get a refund for this game. Upgraded my computer to an i5 3750 with a Z77 MB, 8GB ram, the works and I couldn't play when I wanted to because of connection issues and constant server downtime. Their EULA mentions an "offline" mode but there isn't one. You're forced to play on their servers.

    The game itself is absolutely terrible as It's a remake of a game they created in the
    1990's. If this were 1999 this game would get a 10/10 but this is 2012 and games these days have a ton more content. The fact that we're expected to pay $60 to farm and grind the same dungeons over and over again with limited customization to our characters makes me cringe. I played the game through level 38 and the story consists of angry demons fighting angry angels, it's incredibly simple. They just drew up characters who were angry for no reason. Absolutely no user beneficial creativity went into this game. It's a dumbed down version of D2 with better graphics, DRM and an auction house. They even went as far to strip features such as lobbies and offline play to suit their money driven business model. This game is absolute rubbish, worst game I've ever spent money on. Expand
  85. May 30, 2012
    Terrible game, end game is pointless and broken. The game has been abused from the beginning and a exploited to where a select group have free reign over the entire Auction House. The demand is only getting larger for act 3/4 items, whilst the supply is staying the same because the people who abused/exploited the game in the early stages are the only people who can obtain the gear.
  86. May 30, 2012
    The game has unacceptable DRM. I don't have enough time to play often. So it's even worse to get persistent login errors for hours whenever I manage to free up some time. I have been able to play sometimes and the game looks nice. But the horrible frustration of not being able to play even on my own makes it not worth it. There's no technical reason for not allowing singleplayer without a connecting to their servers. Expand
  87. May 30, 2012
    This game is seriously under par. After the wait, this should have the "Blizzard Polish" ( which was largely ignored for this game. It does NOT live up to either D1 nor D2. The skills are bland, the gameplay at highest levels is broken (kiting only). The items drops, which are what define Diablo and Diablo Grinding have been deliberately made so impossible to come by, in favor of the AH/RMAH as an intended "feature". Legendaries do not drop, and when they do, are worse than blues of the same level, same with Set pieces. This game is utterly broken. Expand
  88. May 30, 2012
    It's an ok single player game but it's plagued by the worst aspects off online requirements. Seriously, I've lost a fair amount of gameplay progress because they've rebooted the servers before I could save. What's so frustrating is that I thought I was buying a single player game. If I want to play an MMO then I'll go do that. I'm level 9 but I'm so aggravated about the patching and server reboots I doubt I'll continue. Expand
  89. Jun 1, 2012
    Good game, when playable. From 5 PM to 10PM it's impossible to log in. Wait for the price to drop because this is not a game but a paid beta test. - no character customization - still no PvP - still no real money auction house (that to be honest is a good thing) - no server stabilty - account security issues - ATI drivers compatibility issues - game difficulties umbalanced - random enchantments on items makes good drops incredibly rare (that brings us back to the real money auction house)

    The gameplay is funny and addictive but crap Blizzard needs to work a lot on this game to get something really worth the price and the hype of 12 years.
  90. Jun 1, 2012
    This game under working conditions deserves 3 or 4 max. Well it isn't working at all. So I give it 0.

    A new day, a new error. This is slap in the face for all the customers who bought "fastest selling game of all times. These days there is like 1 out of 50 games that comes out as finished product. Blizzard took way to long time to release D3 which is far from the finished game. They plan
    to bring pvp system through the future patch?! However they are far to busy solving so many other problems that the game is facing. They released the game as final product and yet they plan to change some core systems that they presented as something never seen before. D2 was brilliant game, it was far from perfect but it was good, and that was like 10 years ago. Things like scroll of identification and town portal scroll are totally unimportant to me. Anyway while I can understand why they removed those, following the same logic I don't get it why they left "white" items in the game (drop system) when there is absolutely no use for those items. D2 had "white" items too but those were very useful for crafting. Crafting system in D3 is dumb and totally worthless, you lose gold and materials by "gambling" for the stats instead of getting what you pay for. It has all be planned in such way so we all use gold auction house, but the reality is they want to force you to use Real money Auction House. This game is biggest failure in gaming history ever. Period. Expand
  91. Jun 1, 2012
    Im giving this game a BIG zero, simply because it's unplayable due to fps drops, constant DC, lag and no info from Blizzard about what's going on. Worst release ever! It's been over two weeks and Iv'e had enough. Sorry ACTIVISIONBLIZZARD, but this is the last dollar you will ever get from me.
  92. Jun 1, 2012
    Easily the biggest flop of the decade.

    If you've played the past Diablo games, DON'T pay and play this one. The game is nothing like the past games and revolves around getting you on the Real Money Auction House and trying to get you to spend money there. Feels much more like World of Warcraft than Diablo. Blizzard sold out and deceived us all big time on this game.

    Avoid it.
  93. Jun 1, 2012
    Diablo 3 is the worst garbage game I've ever played, the box it came in is more entertaining. Blizzard/Activision and their genius development team took a big, steamy crap on the Diablo franchise and its up until now pristine legacy. There's no lobby so communicating with other players is a chore, hacking is out of control,Gold Spammers are already doing what they do best, Lag makes the game virtually unplayable at times, D3 is so buggy it seems like players are still Beta testing, Act Bosses are less challenging than Elite mobs, monster scaling makes no sense and the games difficulty curve is down right absurd. Diablo 3 has been entirely engineered around the AH/RMAH so D3 will be pay2win soon and itemization is laughable. D3 is a slap in the face to loyal Diablo fan who have been around for a long time. What were we expecting = D2 with better graphics, what did we receive for our $60.00 dollars = a watered down D2/World of Warcraft hybrid with no Offline play mode and servers that dont wor most of the time. Blizzard/Activision D3 gave you a black eye. Expand
  94. Jun 2, 2012
    60 Hours not 1 cool item (unique/set) found! well they should be rare in AH blizard says but frankly i dont wanna compete with 10^23 chinese people i just want to play OFFLINE LAN with friends! 2 Points for some fun playing through normal-hell but now im selling my copy ... gl&hf bliz ...last diablo i bought!!
  95. Jun 2, 2012
    I got my money refunded after a week of playing this garbage. This game is completely f'd up especially because of the AH system. You basically kite, search for gold, buy items at the store, and then kite some more.
  96. Jun 3, 2012
    Let me just play single-player without network problems! I'm seriously not buying anything with this DRM in the future. Sure, this is just a game, but that's precisely why you shouldn't frustrate your goddamn customer!
  97. Jun 6, 2012
    I played this game for about 100 hours now (hardcore and softcore characters brought to inferno difficulty), so it wouldn't be fair to give it a score of 0.
    Nonetheless it is just disappointing, what happened to the Diablo franchise. For example the auction house might have been a great idea, but everyone could have known that Activision-Blizzard can't handle all the bots and duplicating
    of items, which now flood the AH and inflate the prices. Additionally the items in the auction house directly influence the drops in a players game, as has been confirmed by a Blizzard poster here:

    So the game, which is all about loot, won't let you get any (well, technically it's just 'even less') good loot, because some bots already flooded the auction house with good items.

    There are many more flaws with this game (no game lobbies, just 4 kinds of gems to enhance your gear [really? didn't the developers of Diablo 3 play D2:LoD or was it just 'too complicated' to have more than 4 kinds of enhancements, which are just plain boring in my opinion..], ingame plot holes and inconsistencies [one follower which you can hire says 'we could have met in the tavern, i travel a lot' and some time later he may say 'i never was in the desert, i don't travel much'... yeah]) and many more, but the one with the item distribution being dictated by the auction house just kills any form of longtime motivation. And this is what the Diablo franchise is all about. Why else would people still play Diablo 2 after more than 10 years (well most people because of player versus player... another promised, but still missing feature of Diablo 3).
  98. Jun 6, 2012
    Graphics - Ok at $20.00 terrible for $60.00 Gameplay - Ok at $20.00 terrible for $60.00 Replayability - Ok at $20.00 terrible for $60.00, the game is exceedingly short and it is simply a gear grind at the end that is apparently the only replay value of this game. One can satisfyingly get 20-40 hours out of this game beyond that you either have a set of friends who is doing this together, or just have no life. Seriously even if your just wasting your time sitting in front of a PC why would you keep grinding on this game? Go play anything else. Torchlight I is far more fun to endlessly grind on than this game. Story - ya ya I'll quit the the $20.00 vs. $60.00 thing for this one at least. The story wasn't bad, yes it is cheesy, etc. but so was the story in D1 and D2 I think the reviews saying the story is bad are missing the boat. This is a little dungeon crawler game it isn't some expansive RPG that one would epect a supper compelling story in. Overall the story was adequate and I'll leave it at that. Auction House - It has been up and down so often, several times all my items simply dissapeared, etc. and the real money AH is still not out at the time I'm writing this review. The idea of the real money AH is as exciting as a bank asking me to "insure" my FDIC insured account ... for money ... the real money AH should only be exciting if you work for blizzard. Other than that it adds nothing to the game at all. I'm sure this cash scam will continue though and more companies will add more and more elements like this in the coming years. My lengthy opinion about the game ... read if you like but be warned this is just pure catharsis for me that is all: Where to begin. Diablo III indeed had perhaps unattainable expectations to live up to. Having well over a decade to wait fans had high hopes and expectations for this game and that has perhaps muddied the waters a bit out on the internet. There is much ranting about both how terrible this game is or the other side the standard blizzard fanboys are gushing as usual.

    My biggest criticism is simply this. How D3 turned out in its entirety is fine, if it would have been a $20.00 budget range game I'd have not a single complaint, in fact I'd be giving it a glowing review. At the $60.00 pricepoint though this game is terrible and a poor value. Comparing this game to the other $60.00 range games you get so much less value. Go play Torchlight I and look at how the core of the game works, I'm assuming that Torchlight II will actually be superior to Diablo 3 in pretty much every way. Those games are in the $20.00 price range. Don't interpret my focus on price to mean I'm a cheap gamer or poor. I spend several thousand dollars a year on games, I have no problem paying $60.00 for a game and do it routinely. I simply categorize games by price, the more you charge me the higher my expectations are going to be. This game is a minor league baseball game at a major league price. It is not worth $60.00 and as blizzard never really reduces the prices of their games ... so you can't wait and buy this later at a lower price and there is another beef I have with blizzard.

    I bought the game, I put in 40ish hours and I feel I basically ground my monies worth out of the game but it wasn't a good value for me at all. I played 2 characters (Barb and DH) up to 60 and am so sick of the game I don't care how awesome the expansions are or how cool the promised PVP is ... there is nothing that could pull me back to it. Thus I've uninstalled the game and given it to a friend who I strongly urged not to waste money on it. As for the story, etc. I'd challenge anyone with real complaints about that to go back and play D2 (almost no one could do that these days it is such a dated game now) and look at the story there or in D1. What story? Some cheesy Dungeons and Dragons campaign idea converted into a video game. This isn't an epic literary work, it is mindless video game junk. Why do people even get uppity about story in a game like this? This is a little dungeon crawler, about hack and slash and loot ... period ... the story was as good as one should expect for a game like this.
  99. Jun 6, 2012
    I liken this game to buying a used car. At first you are happy as you drive off the lot then as the excitement wears off and reality sets in you might start to notice things you never did before, like things you didn't realize were broken and you suddenly feel much less satisfied. I've played over 100 hours and it took that long for me to truly notice the crap game that it is compared to the 2 before it. I guess it's on par with what you might pay for other games, but this was supposed to be Diablo 3 and on a level all by itself. It is not. If 100 hours is worth 60 bucks and you know nothing of the Diablo series then buy it, If you are a long time fan then I would suggest you do not. Expand
  100. Jun 6, 2012
    Would be happy to participate in and witness a class action against Blizzard for taking our money but preventing us from playing the game. It seems every time I sit down to play the server does not allow me to connect -- and this is the single player game! EULA or not, it is simply not right to deny customers the opportunity to use the product that they paid a good chunk of cash for due to server downtime or random breaks in service. I'll be going back to Skyrim, an infinitely better game made by a company who show respect to their customers. Expand
  101. Jul 21, 2012
    Gigantic let down of recent years. All anyone can stipulate is that under a different name it would have not been such a let down. It would have been seen as what it is then, an auction house rpg economic simulator (with war torn Europe as a base line for it's current currency stability, awful to say the least, LOL), but as a supposed successor to Diablo 2 it fails on ALL accounts and expectations possible. after almost a decade they crap out this excuse for a game. I even have the exact same problem with the game's launcher that I had in beta, 3 months after its release and had reported back in beta then, that they never even fixed! I personally managed to figured out a complex specific routine of killing the agent.exe process in task manager at certain visual queues of the launchers inane progression. (which is anywhere from stuck at 0% loading or 100%, both with the play button grayed out, and or sometimes flat out showing an error box with absolutely nothing helpful as to what may be the problem, forcing me to relaunch 1 second later and have no error like what usually occurs) A fair minority have had this problem and posted on the forum about it, but still nothing. In the error it says contact customer support... Let me tell you about customer support, they can't help you with the most prevalent problems like you losing items on the auction house, especially right after a patch, which happened to me, thankfully only on trash I was trying to peddle on the AH. Support cited having "no logs" for verifying whether or not I actually received the items even though one of them was a weapon I bought out and re-uped to get a profit, which appeared on the log that I CAN SEE. (which is flipping, learning a specific gear market, buying out gear you know for a fact could sell for higher, and then hopefully selling it for more than what it cost to buy it. Which is exactly why this game is an auction house simulator because you need to do things like that if you hope to get ahead an--- OH WAIT, gold just devalued a couple more million over night due to botters, nevermind that, we're never going to afford that gear for act 3-4 inferno now without using real money auction house, which is another reason things are as bad as they are in this game, ActiBlizz's greed and stupidity.
    Stupidity because they could actually make WAY more money by actually making the game fun and work instead of REQUIRING THE AUCTION HOUSE FOR EVERYTHING. Oh right, did i forget to mention you will never see a drop of gear that you actually want or need? Legendaries are all USELESS. (supposed to be their answer for uniques from diablo 2) I had 3 legendaries drop in over about 300+ hours played, a recipe for a useless level 50 legendary crossbow called starburster or w/e, which I have no idea how people hope to use to draw a profit (with its typical, high resource cost to craft) OR use on their character for more than 2 levels until already seeing better gear. (on auction house) Somehow it sold for a meager 450k at the time, probably all suckers who actually think they know what their doing with their time or money, pro tip: they don't and I BET they all quit the game soon after realizing their loss and was the final nail in the nail filled coffin for this despicable excuse for a diablo game. ActiBlizz strikes again with another mediocre game that takes so much from its cash crop game WoW. IF, IF... IF, they hadn't lost ALL, ALL, ALL of their ORGINAL DIABLO DEVELOPMENT TEAM... THEN, they may have had their priorities set. Instead, they throw money at vain safe devs

    * Players need progression, skill progression, experience level progression, and gear progression all combine to make the player feel the character is theirs and theirs alone. By the end game, my character should feel completely different than another character of the same class.

    * Smooth out the difficulty. The only reason inferno is so tough, is because is was implemented as an afterthought. Gear checking between acts, is painful, even for the biggest D2 geek.

    * Here's one that I really can't understand, make each difficulty level, a little different - Open up new areas, add new monsters, add unique events, add people to the towns. There is no difference in the world of Diablo between difficulties, every run through is exactly the same, except the monsters get tougher. * The legendaries (uniques) are a real head scratcher. There are two possibilities here. Either legendaries didn't have enough time to be implemented, or someone actually thought it would be a good idea to make them completely unusable. In either case, this really scares me.

    * The Story - Just terrible, with such cheesy voice acting and dialogue. Possibly the most shocking part for me. There are no characters I feel any connection to. I have zero reason to hate, or want to destroy the bosses. Plus they're mostly remakes of old bosses, brought back for absolutely no reason.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 86 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 81 out of 86
  2. Negative: 1 out of 86
  1. Aug 31, 2012
    My one major complaint is that the game never feels very difficult, especially on Normal. There are frustrating moments, hordes of baddies, and increasing difficulty levels, but the same feeling of utter defeat never really happens as it did in the past.
  2. Jul 18, 2012
    For all the game's missteps, though, you certainly can't accuse Blizzard of phoning it in - if anything, the game suffers from the tendency to try a little to hard at times to evolve the design. [Aug 2012, p.61]
  3. Jul 3, 2012
    When it works, Diablo III is the best of the Diablo games. When it doesn't, all it does is make you mad. [July 2012, p.54]