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  1. Jun 24, 2012
    Horribly broken game past act 1 inferno the game becomes more and more broken. Being able to get stuck in a monsters "waller" ability, rubberbanding because of horrible server lag that most of the time costs you a lot of HP or a death. Repair bills from just fighting are almost 800% more than what they were before, horrible customer server when trying to submit bugs. (multiple tickets closed without addressing issues) And broken boss battles where the mechanics were not fully tested out. After 13 or more years I am no longer a fan of Blizzard. Sad how the mighty have fallen. Expand
  2. Jun 26, 2012
    So many people have already expressed how I view this game that any web search will bring up a plethora of sites and commentary to illustrate my negative view on the game. My history: - I'm a 37 yr old father of four. - I've played the Diablo franchise since it was first released in 1996. - I avidly followed the development of this game since it was announced in 2008. - I was a Beta tester, albeit I got in late on the beta testing due to the lottery system that was in place.
    - I have been playing Diablo 3 since it went live 5-15-12.
    - I have over 400 hours on D3 since beta.
    - I am in school currently for software development- gaming software.

    I have tried, over and over again, to get past the inherent flaws of the game and have voiced my observations and opinions on the forums to no end. I have also went out of my way to play this game despite the issues in the hopes Blizzard would take the necessary steps to fix the game. No such fix has come, and it has become apparent that Blizzard isn't looking to change at all, but to keep the platform as it stands and do little, if anything, about the problems the game has.

    Like I have stated, many others have articulated my perspective on the game to such an extent that anything I say will become lost in the chorus of outcry. I can't express how much disappointment I feel when I think about what was Diablo 3 in development and what Diablo 3 is currently.

    If you are considering buying Diablo 3, please reconsider. The game is not what is/was advertised and, even though you may find some enjoyment early on, it will quickly dissipate and you will regret your purchase.
  3. Jun 27, 2012
    Gameplay is OK up until the last level of difficulty, and then Inferno mode is ridiculously difficult. So difficult in fact it is no fun at all, more of like banging your head against a brick wall hoping the wall will break first. Most people who like this game have not reached the final content where the developers state there are 'diminishing returns' which is their way of saying "You won't get almost anything out of it...but keep playing and/or buy stuff from our CASH auction house if it bothers you"... For making this game a drawn out scam to get money from you in the final content, I award this game a 0. Expand
  4. Jun 27, 2012
    Very boring and repetitive game. I doubt Blizzard will fix this.. Don't get it.. you have been warned.. Game play is good though so I give a 3 but still it's not worth 60.
  5. Jun 28, 2012
    I am a big fan of the Diablo series, i still have the original Diablo Boxed version with 3.5" floppy disks,
    i was keen to give this a try. Imagine my disappointment when i realised it was a Digital rights management (DRM) game. Yet another favorite series ruined by DRM just like Silent Hunter V which has now been patched so that you don't have to be online btw, all too late however as
    the game is now available in most stores for a fraction of its original price. Blizzard and all developers take head, we the users do not want DRM and if you persist i'm sure many of you will be able to discuss the matter with us in the dole queue. Expand
  6. Jul 2, 2012
    I bought the game on launch day and have played a good amount of it. Its not fun at all. Normal mode through hell mode are extremely easy and then when you get to inferno its impossibly difficult. the game has been geared towards Blizzard making money on the real money auction house and leaves you three options of moving through inferno. 1)Farm Act1 endlessly and prey you find gear before diablo 4 comes out. 2) you farm enough gold to buy gear on the gold auction house, where gear is going for 20x what its worth. or 3) you pull out your credit card and buy DIGITAL gear for REAL money. I bit the bullet and farmed gold until i was able to buy some gear. the gear i bought had a stat called attack speed and a few days later, blizzard decided attack speed was too useful and they cut it in HALF, undoing all the work i had done. do yourself a favor and just forget about this one. listen to the people not the critics this is a game that takes many many many hours that the critics obviously are not putting in. Expand
  7. Jul 7, 2012
    This is a game made by Satan himself(Bastard even got his generic name in the title) that summons an horde of demons to torture our kids while playing it, and make them too attached to money with the evil Auction House. All christian games should stay away from this game if they want to be saved.
  8. Jul 11, 2012
    I feel the same as all the other negative reviwers. so not gonna repeat it. Dont like it, not Diablo worthy.
    Played it through ones and that was more than enough. Only finnished it becaouse it felt wrong not to
  9. Jul 13, 2012
    I played this for like 60 hours , and it's so annoying and boring, i don't even know where to start from... Lack of end-game, connectivity issues, just plain boring..
  10. Jul 13, 2012
    OK Hack and slash, but frankly, much to moan about:
    1) needing an internet connexion to play in SINGLE player modus... Awesome... I can bring the game on vacation .... not.... 2) story line... quite predictable... 3) Graphics... reminds of wow, not my cup of tea. 4) Not being able to save quickly.... Nice when you have a RL and a family.... Either go back to the beginning of the section
    you were playing or sleep on the doormat ... or let the baby burn in the crib (YES, it was a JOKE!) 5) Loot distribution is quite pitiful, to say the least. Positive:
    1) The cut scenes are very nicely done, graphically speaking
    2) It is nice to slaughter baddies
  11. Jul 13, 2012
    Story: 3/10 - very short
    Graphics: 7/10 - pleasing
    Gameplay: 8/10 - was fun until Inferno Act 2
    Replay Value: 2/10 - short story, no pvp at launch, progression in inferno hits brick wall and need to grind/farm for gold to buy upgrades in auction house. Unless you enjoy grinding and farming to get better gear, this game is no longer enjoyable post inferno act 1. Even with distinct
    classes, the game's redundancy makes further play-throughs boring.
    Music: 4/10 - Music wasn't as good or dark like previous Diablo titles.
    Sounds: 8/10 - I had no problem with the sound effects/voices
    Cinematics: 10/10 - Blizzard always makes amazing cinematics, and this was no different
    Skill System: 8/10 - I really enjoyed playing around with the skills and creating good combos to work with, unfortunately this was massively hindered in Inferno.
    Requiring connection to internet: minus 1 point (this was very frustrating early on and those of you who played it early on know what I mean)
    Real Money Auction house: minus 1 point (This infuriates me that they are encouraging players to pay real money for in game items, and what's worse is that they are taking a cut of it.) I don't like the philosophy of pay to win.
    overall: 50/80 = 6.25 - 2 = 4.25 (rounded = 4)
  12. Jul 14, 2012
    Disappointing, not up to standard for modern games. Act 1 had a lot going for it with a lot of destructible items and traps you can trigger on enemies. After Act 1 the detail drops off and you can tell less effort was put in. Changes to items after launch have and bugs have made a mess of the economy. Below standard from Blizzard... I blame the Activision takeover.
  13. Jul 14, 2012
    Simplified to the point that it can't be called an RPG, D3 failed to keep me entertained they way it was supposed to. Pay to win system removes any sense of achievement, or desire to achieve anything noteworthy. And the writing sucks like nothing else.
  14. Jul 15, 2012
    Gave it a 4 because it provided a decent amount of playtime for the buck. But I only racked up that playtime due to playing with some friends. Even with that this game doesn't really offer much. Very linear gameplay.
  15. Jul 16, 2012
    This game had way too much hype for what it is worth and considering how much time they had to prepare it, it was a major let down. It was almost as if they released LOD, learned from their mistakes and saw what their past developers did on Torchlight and tried to emulate it to make it more user friendly. Torchlight was fun but a little blah. This game's progression is weak in the sense that there is four difficulties and the need for the middle two is completely unnecessary, besides what is the point in replaying the same crap four times over?
    What Blizzard should have done is make it 2 difficulty settings and make it so on the first game-play you get far like lvl 35-40. then on the 2nd play through, you play half of it leveling and the other half endgame, making the end of it dramatically harder.
    Also the fact that this game cannot be played offline mode is complete bs, i mean i can get that they want to encourage people to use it but near the beginning of it all it was doing was encouraging gold farmers and the fact that there is so many random adds from gold farmers that just somehow get your information when you're offline is questionable.
  16. Jul 22, 2012
    i just got ripped off 60 bucks from blizzard, they don't deserve my money for this type of game, never gonna buy another blizzard game... jesshh wish i can have my money back...
  17. Jul 24, 2012
    A leggere le riviste pare che sia un bellissimo gioco.. si, per chi non abbia mai giocato a Diablo in vita sua questo è un bel gioco ma comunque secondo me, rimene nettamente inferiore a un qualsiasi Dungeon Siege..

    Nessuna crescita dei pg, solo un banalissimo sistema alla gods of war..
    Aste coi soldi veri O_O
    Storia piatta, un qualsiasi ragazzino l avrebbe scritta meglio.

    Livelli di difficoltà STUDIATI ed ELABORATI per il PAY FOR WIN, vuoi andare avanti? Bene comprati i set altrimenti ti killano con 1 colpo.

    Per concludere i 60
  18. Jul 26, 2012
    I've had multiple moods throughout this game and I honestly still don't know where I stand on the game. After getting nearly every character to 60 but playing a level 60 of each class I was able to get a fairly good idea of what each class offered and really, this was disappointing. None of the classes really stood out to me in what they specialized in, it just felt more like you were either a glass cannon, a tank, or a bad hybrid until you had a good funding going on. Builds didn't stand out as they once did in Diablo 2, too many useless runes, even useless skills. A high lack of personality in the characters really. That combined with the fact that you were constantly checking out the auction house, it just felt like a soulless game. I tried farming for hours, getting nothing, the odd item I could sell for a decent price but nothing spectacular. Then I tried playing the market, buying good deals and selling them for slightly less than what they were worth and I made good money. I averaged about 2mil a day with maybe an hour of total time put towards it and it was nothing more than checking up on my auctions and looking for deals when I had less than 10 auctions running. I bought my gear and progressed through the game and it was boring. I felt no accomplishment. I still felt vulnerable even though I was fairly over geared for the game. The repair cost change made playing too uneasy. I didn't want to play because I didn't want to risk dying, or should I say, die without a chance. The majority of the time I did die in this game I felt as though it wasn't so much my fault, but more the games fault for throwing too much at me. Too many special affix's going off at once, too many champions right beside each other. Too many overpowered abilities or passives in monsters. It never felt like I had the chance to defend myself and instead it was 'my fault' for not having the gear. The skill system makes it too difficult to react. I don't want to dedicate 2 buttons/skills to a defense when 90% of the time I'm using just 1, but for that 10% when I need the 2nd skill,' I'd rather have Diablo 2's system where that 2nd skill was always available to me if I needed it and kept it hotkeyed near the end. As most people have said, the story is an embarrassment and really I would have preferred to have none at all. The waypoint system is annoying, the stale multiplayer is boring, the chat channels are spammed to hell and empty. To say one is nitpicking is really just an excuse, the game has flaws, many of them. Just because a game is 'decent' doesn't mean we should judge it just on that. The game has a company name, and previous games to back it up that this game should have been great. My call of duty comparison: For those that have played call of duty, this is how I feel they raped diablo. Instead of having 10 custom classes that you can change each time you die, you can only use 1 and have to quit the game to change that class around.

    Instead of playing a random map pool, you are forced to play each and every map in a pre-defined order. Instead of many different viable guns in each category, you didn't end up with 1 overpowering one. You ended up with only 1 gun even doing damage while they rest just had flashy affects.

    Instead of being able to jump into the game at any point and enjoy yourself, you are at great risk at all times and if you die too much in a match, you will be forced to take a break from the game for 24hours.

    Instead of being able to unlock all the guns by leveling up, you must instead pay for the guns with real money and can only get ammo by picking up people with the same gun as yours leftover ammo on the ground.

    and I'm sure I could think of more. This is what I feel if call of duty did to it's next game, would be basically an exact example of what happened to Diablo.
  19. Jul 26, 2012
    Don't buy this game. This game was released incomplete and improperly tested. Story/characters/dialogue is corny, cheap, and cheesy. Loot is boring and unrewarding. You'll farm for hundreds of hours for 99% trash. The "Player-driven" economy has been completely destroyed by cheaters. Exploits, bots, hacks, and scams are widely used, and Blizzard does little to nothing to discipline these cheaters. Technical support is almost non-existent. If you are hacked or scammed, Blizzard will write you a generic e-mail claiming there is nothing they can or will do. Graphics and music are mediocre at best. Game mechanics have been completely dumbed-down to a 12 year old's level. You'll breeze through the first 3 difficulty levels then hit a brick wall in "Inferno Difficulty". You'll then be forced to farm for gold for countless hours to use the Auction House where the economy is completely inflated and corrupted. It will influence some to use Blizzard's "Real-money auction house", where you'll literally have to spend hundreds of dollars just to get an edge. CO-OP play is greatly discouraged because of flawed game-play mechanics. Chat channels are completely flooded with spammers trying to sell gold for real money. Community is horrible; forums are filled with angry, disappointed customers; rightfully so. Game-play is only smooth in between "rubber-banding", you'll start walking and it will glitch, pulling your character back to it's original position. Random disconnections take place. No offline single-player mode. No character customization besides gender and dye. Has no replay value what-so-ever. Looked forward to this game for 8+ years; HUGE disappointment. I am simply flabbergasted that Blizzard was capable of releasing such a poor quality game. This game would not have sold so many copies if it wasn't for Diablo 2. Diablo 3 is fun for a short amount of time at first; play long enough and you'll reach all the same conclusions. None of what I said is exaggerated in the least bit. Save yourself the money, the disappointments, and the frustrations. Expand
  20. Jul 28, 2012
    I remember playing Diablo 1 & 2 many years ago. These games were stunning, perfectly shaped and will always be some kind of a quality symbol for me. I've waited for Diablo III for a long, long time, to be honest - ever since I've finished playing D2. When I finally got to play it I was extremely disappointed, to say the least. Tons of problems, infamous Error 37, and all this to find out that the game is awful. Terrible story, totally screwed up loot, lots of bugs and bad graphics. I can't express how tricked I feel.

    This game is by far not worth its name. Maybe our mind would be different if this game was just a no-name, it's still not that bad after all, but this is not an ordinary one - it's descendant of one of the most important series in all time and as such, we had right to expect something much, much better. Shame on you Blizzard!
  21. Jul 31, 2012
    seriously rushed with no consideration for its players and the money we spent on the game. i feel like signing up for RMAH just to get my money back. wish i could have my time back though. the item drops since 1.03 have made a days worth of item grind leaving you with nothing. havent seen a legendary or set in over 20 hours of gameplay.
  22. Jul 31, 2012
    For anyone who is purchasing this game out of the reputation of blizzard or Diablo 2 then this is a flat out robbery. That doesn't even get into the aspect that not only do you pay a premium $60 to get in the door but if you don't end up paying more to purchase in game items then you won't be able to beat the final difficulty.

    Aside from the disgusting greed related to their real money
    auction house, aka the RMAH, the gameplay has some elements that simply dive off the cliff as well. The storyline is at the level of a child and does not stay true to the original storyline from diablo 1 and 2. For an RPG game you will find ipad games with more customization. The only thing this game has going for it (if it could only drop the baggage of needing to live up to being a diablo game developed by blizzard) is great graphics and effects. But even those are short lived with a small amount of content in a linear storyline play style. Expand
  23. Aug 1, 2012
    Auto-stats. Auto-skills. Auto-pickgold. 2/3 of skills are useless. Intese rubberbanding (because of blizzard servers theres a % that when u move u get "magically teleported" a few meters back). Most legendary items are beaten by rares. Items get random stats so what happens is that 99% of your drops will be worth nothing. Theres a % that you wont be able to play hardcore because of the lag you get depending on were you live (australia gets 200ms). Its easy to get to lvl 60 and thats the max level. Theres no motivation to level up. Theres no wondering arround having fun, its all about how much gold u can farm per hour. Max 4 players in a game and the monsters scaling makes inferno easyer if you play solo. The maps are smaller than in d2. Theres no ladder. What happens is that the only way to progress inferno is buying items with gold from the auction house. You get gold by farming. Farming gold is boring. Browsing the auction house for an upgrade in your gear is boring. The auction house "search" for items is horrible and tedious. Diablo 3 is repetitive, boring, unfixable, short and not worth 10 dollars. Thank you jay wilson Expand
  24. Aug 2, 2012
    well ill tell you where blizzard can jam this game... for the last 4-5 afternoons i have farmed act 1 with 270MF for about 8 hours per day. in this time i have found 1 sellable pair of gloves. even with my magic find gear i still have 100k dps (ss DH) and chew thru it very quickly. so i have literally id'd hundreds of yellows. Amazing the level 52-53 items that drop also... Even threw in a few inferno whimsy runs with a friend. Thanks blizzard, i got the hamburger thing for my troubles. I have 100 hours on barb, 100 hours on DH and around 5200 elite pack kills, i dont plan to add one more hour to that until, well until ever because this game sucks. Sure i got my monies worth if you compare cost vs hours played but seriously what a joke of a release this game is. Farming inferno constantly for a ZOMGFTWBBQWTF set or ledgendary item to drop and relise it is utter **** along with all of their "rare" counterparts.

    0 Friends online all afternoon, used to be 10+ per day. This is not just real life friends but also randoms met in public games that i have regularly played with. I look at last time logged on and most of them have not been on in days...

    PvP will not rescue this game, of course we will return out of curiosity and then see what an even bigger joke that is compared to the rest of the game and quit again.

    Anyone who wants to buy some amazing DH dps gear and barb tank gear drop me a line coz thats it for me.

    Edit: and that 1 decent item i found.. price it however i like on the AH it never sells, just like everything else. anyone apart from bots use the AH?... o wait we all have to, thats how the game was designed.
  25. Aug 2, 2012
    I want to put 10 for the quality of the videos. It seems that only these guys have done a good job. Unfortunately I can not put even one point in the game because I was very disappointed. Game remade 11 years and every year it got worse until it turned into an arcade. Diablo series was not supposed to die as a Commercial Product.
  26. Aug 5, 2012
    This game is really bad. He just leaves out all the good aspects of diablo 2 and make new features that are mediocre at best words. It was really a big disappointment, being a fan of Blizzard. Every faith that placed the company no longer exists now.
  27. Aug 8, 2012
    What a let down. Game had so much potential but once you hit inferno the blacksmith has it right when he says "too much work, not enough profit." Can put in weeks worth of gameplay and not get anywhere gear-wise which pretty much puts progression at an either stop or extremely difficult pace. Add the real money AH and this game turns into one of those iphone/android games where the game is pretty much impossible without purchasing perks and addons from the developer's ingame store. I'm a retired WoW player who played from vanilla to farming LK in WoTLK and for the longest time loved Blizz. But, now that they ruined the Diablo franchise (my opinion), I don't think I can forgive them. Diablo II saved me while I was in Iraq during down time. I played it on a super old Micron laptop that could barely run it. Loved the crap out of that game. I seriously think this game would of been better off as an iPad game for $9.99. Then the expectations wouldn't of been as high after what, 8 years of planning and development? (could be off on that number) In D2 there was a variety of skill builds that were feasable end game. So far in D3 there's 1 for my inferno act2 barb that works decent and 1 for my inferno act2/3ish wizard. Both are slow kill tanks. Fun times. The one part that gets me the most though is that I found my self playing the damn AH waaaay longer than I was playing the actual game! I'd spend hours browsing page after page for affordable upgrades since you're only allowed to have 3 search attributes and limited sorting. Then if you have a bid on something with less than an hour you don't want to start a game since by the time you get your 5 stacks in Act III you don't want to quit and lose them. That's a broken system in my book. I bought the game for the killing, not to play wannabe Ebay master.

    Totally unacceptable from a company as big as Blizz and shame on ActiBlizz. Haven't logged in to D3 in almost a month now and probably won't be going back unless there are HUGE changes including being able to progress in a feasable amount of time without the RMAH and making other skills and builds enjoyable and playable. I give it a 2 instead of a 1 for at the very least giving me the first 30-50 hours of enjoyable gameplay where gear that dropped actually helped me progress. Oh wait, I almost forgot. Nevermind on the 2. I'm giving a 1 instead for forcing me to log in to play a solo game. There is tons of cheating and exploits going on in your game as is so, much good that all worked out huh? Took a 8 hour road trip not that long ago, couldn't play cause mobile hot spot was way too laggy. Guess what I did for those 8 hours. Friggin AH ebay master. Horrible.
  28. Aug 8, 2012
    I find a few good things about D3, like the combat, the skill calculator, the spells, the runes and of course the detail of the cinematics. The story, maps/dungeons, bosses, npc's and basic mobs are all boring and bland but ok none the less. The biggest problems w/ this game start to show in inferno and really rear their ugly heads in Act 2+ inferno. The elite packs RNG affix, the crap RNG gear stats, the amount of ridiculously low ilvl gear dropping in inferno, the insane lack of gear drops that could be an upgrade which in turn these things all herd players to the GAH/RMAH in order to get gear to progress to a non-existent end game. The lack of drops for a lot of players that don't want to play the AH means a lack of incentive to continue to play the game. For those that play the AH and farm for hundreds and hundreds of hours to make $100 a month, more power to you, but for some of us this isn't the game we bought into. It turns out that Blizzard created D3 as a way to continue to feed their greed using the Diablo series name. Such a shame. Expand
  29. Aug 8, 2012
    Diablo 3 does more things wrong then right, but you will not really notice them until you reach max level (which is reached very fast, relatively speaking.) For a brand new game coming out the issues that were present on release would not be such an issue if they were addressed, which they were not. Instead, Blizzard decide to patch up multiple play styles that players have in an attempt to get the player to focus on AH and RMAH. These types of actions by blizzard shows that they would rather make as much money as possible instead of fixing the integrity of the game, aka itemization and playing progression.

    Blizzard made a lot of bad choices right after launch in favor to get players to use the AH/RMAH instead of playing the game. Players now have to grind for hours at a time to have any hope of finding gear, while being stuck using the same skills none stop. At the release of the game, this was not true. You could play the game for 30 minutes and feel rewarded. At soon as RMAH was released, the game was destroyed as well as any hope of focusing players on the game inself rather the the RMAH.

    If you are looking to play a game for 100 hours for 60 bucks, then Diablo 3 is for you. If your looking for a game that will last a long time, look some where else. Diablo 3's dev team only focus is to take your money and spend it on RMAH.

    One final note: This is why this game gets the lowest score possible in my mind. Blizzard will not restore any items lost for any reason at all. Even if you put money on RMAH and a bug occurs and it takes your money, and even if they realize this to be true, they will not restore ANYTHING. FOR ANY REASON.
    If Blizzard wants to do RMAH, they have to go head over heels for the player, not screw them over.
    This game is the biggest disappoint for me then Spore and Black and White 2 combined. Blizzard's team should be ashamed of themselves for ruining something that could of last the ages.
  30. Aug 12, 2012
    While fun getting through the game the first time the fact is at max level the game is dull dull dull. Recycled content and ideas only go so far. Blizzard got my money so I guess the last laugh is on me :)
  31. Aug 12, 2012
    This game is boring, dumb, has zero innovation and it's a shameless attempt for Blizzard to earn some "tax" money from people who already payed them for their game. Worst $60 ever spent IMO.
  32. Aug 24, 2012
    David Brevik is a good and decent man. To even think of how unprofessional and unskilled Jay Wilson talked about him makes me very angry. This game was released broken and no one should waste money on it.
  33. Aug 26, 2012

    Do not buy this game, save your $. this game is so bad i cant even start to explain why it is bad and not go over the 5000 max char for a review, not even worth the review its so damn bad.
  34. Sep 26, 2012
    From the early start of the game, it may worth about 6/10, however, with more playtime more bad feeling come. U have to run act 3 over and over again to get thousands of crappy item and hope that only a few can sell. Customization is total suck, in which you can't spend your stat point. If you char are not well equiped, you need to Kite a whole map to kill an elite. My brother and my friend used to play but all quit already. It is total diappointed YOU BLIZZARD make such a boring game, and thankful nerf my barb in 1.05. Expand
  35. Sep 6, 2012
    It's obvious that the "professional critics" who wrote this game as favorable are in blizzards pocket. Unless you actually want to repeatedly kill bosses for the .000013 percent that they'll actually drop loot that will benefit your progress, you'll have to buy items in the RMAH. It's a treadmill with a carrot on a stick. Do not buy it or support Blizzard products until they stop raping their own player base. Expand
  36. Sep 9, 2012
    I've seen a lot of "0" user score and I really don't think that's fair. Diablo 3 got many good features and visuals but lacks in gameplay, end-game and variation. Though the negative clearly beats the positive, I still feel that a solid "4" is a good score for Diablo 3. They simplified too much, we don't have many choices when it comes to spells and stats. The difficulty was horribly done, no extra mechanics, no tactic was needed because it was only a gear-check. And by that I mean, if you had good enough gear, you could just slaughter your way through with ease. And because an Action House existed, the gameplay changed. Now people farmed GOLD to use in the Action House to get the best gear. This game fails on so many levels compared to Diablo 1 and 2. They are releasing some patches which is good don't get me wrong, but I don't think any patch can save Diablo 3. They failed and they know it. Too bad because I was looking forward to this game, but disappointment was all I got. Expand
  37. Sep 12, 2012
    So, 12 years later, Diablo 3... I've spent quite some time on this one now, and i have very mixed feelings. Let's say it straight, I'm really disappointed. Most of what I'll say won't have any sense for those whose Diablo 3 is the first game from the Diablo series to be played, because it heavily relies on the game experience i had with its predecessor So, let's explore how the successor of Diablo 1 and 2, two games that were big hits and set as references for the H 'n S genre, is, after around 200h :
    - Maniability : It's as easy to control as it's instinctive if you played any H n' S game correctly done before. - Graphics : I'd distinguish 2 parts of the graphical parts of the games : The Art and The Engine. The artistic part is solid, coherent, event if i think the visibility is too much open to give any sense of vigilance, you'll rarely be surprised by what is coming. The Engine... Would it be 2004 i'd say "woaaah", but seriously, for nowadays standards... Good thing the art team did a good job coming up with a very nice result which doesn't require very detailed objects, cause the engine have random frame rate dropouts on computers which are able to run it with 20% of their capacity. The detail level of monsters is low but fine considered they are fitted for their display at screen. It could be better, but the difference wouldn't be that great. The nearly unacceptable point is the players' characters detail. Kind of thing you expect from, let's say, warcraft 3, not a game which was released 10 years later. But otherwise, it's quite pleasant to look at.
    - Music : The music isn't bad in itself. It's about, -standard-. I can't really remember it right now that I'm not in front of the game, not a proof a real quality, but it's ok. Yet, that's one of the biggest let down i had : where's the creepy, heavy atmosphere that was genially crafted by matt uelman? Without the tense atmosphere, and the open views, the dark themed diablo universe loose its purpose, that is, well, being dark, oppressive. It now feels as empty, soulless
    - Scenario : There was one? I couldn't force myself to pay it attention : Since the atmosphere of the game is gone, so is any "immersive" credibility of it's story. It's not it's not here, i just couldn't help being not interested in it. It sounded stereotypical anyway, but whatever, that's not what you search first in that genre. And if you really wonder, most review confirm it as being bad/previsible
    - Gameplay : The most important part of the game. As going on and on with the game, i wished to reach the point when it becomes good. In the end, that point didn't exists. Well, It's flawed in so many ways. I'll just list most impactfull ones. Absolutely no char customisation except items. Ridiculous damage system : All damages are based on the weapon's damage, even wizard's spells. Yea spells with an good humungous 2 handed axe are better than your average wand... There was a tear in my eye once i realized it worked that way in this opus. Reduced and barely chosable skills, because once you eliminate inefficient or useless skills, your builds are quite limited. In fact, the gameplay can be reduced by : "items, items, moar items". That's about it. By time you get what you need, any so called challenge or required strategy will be acquired by stupid griding needed to get your gear up to the requirements. And then comes in all the other things that don''t go in any of theses categories : from the vastly criticised always online system (impossibilities to play sometime, can't play without network, plus i had my share of deaths due to lag in solo games, a stupid thing in itself), the ethically questionable EULA which say you pay for a right of use, and don't own absolutely anything (seems trivial, go search forums and you'll see it's not as soon there's a disagreement with Blizzard), unresellable game, the Pay2Win system with Real Money Auction House, if you don't want to do endless grind in the game.
    To tell you my feel with this game : it's like it was designed in a reverse order : We want a RMAH, so let's design the game so you rely solely on items. Just exping could be waste of that item economy, let's just put a low level cap, and remove any exp loose, and all characters the same, so very soon all the players have to care about are items. Yea that design kind of works. But when you dig it, it sucks. Really. I wish i didn't continue to play for so long trying to find a game experience this game just doesn't have, I could have tried to get a refund then, because thinking i gave them money for an about below average game apparently designed solely around the idea of making money and even depriving the customers from the right to even own what they bought just really doesn't make me happy. Please blizzard, you now earn enough money as it is, now start again to make the awesome games you used to ...
  38. Sep 13, 2012
    Thx Blizzard for ruining my favorite franchise. No offline play, no PvP, horribly short campaign and difficulty scaling that was not properly beta tested.

    Good thing Guild Wars 2 is out now. D3 = Uninstalled.
  39. Sep 20, 2012
    I wanted to love this game. I really did. But the loot is abysmal and they patch so slowly that by the time they fix the broken loot system it could be 2014!!! I have hundreds of hours logged. Spent a small fortune on the RMAH (Yes I am a complete and utter fool for this decision). My only defense for doing so was after 250 hours and still having a crappy character with terrible gear I thought maybe the RMAH was my salvation. That's what's called desperation folks. And as I played into my Paragon Levels (20) I realized things weren't getting better. No good drops, laggy servers, a dead friends list from all the quitters, I give up, throw in the towel. D3 is a huge time and money sink. And the only reason you keep logging in is to hopefully catch that carrot that's always just out of reach. Don't waste your time or your hard earned money. Check out Torchlight II, that's a game that will give you your ARPG fix for years, and not get you into obnoxious credit card debt just so you can complete the game. Expand
  40. Sep 22, 2012
    Diablo. The one game we all once loved (and still love) gone utter trash (d3) due to the blatantly idiots from blizzard. Total WoW system. Basically its World of Diablocraft. Only with a hack and slash system.
    Every true D1&D2 player knows that this is NOT diablo 3. I'm sad that this great title got ruined into bottomless void....
  41. Sep 22, 2012
    Superbad game. Boring, money-making, over and over boring game. Blizzard, what have you done? Where is the spirit of the old "Blizzard North" of the original Diablo? Where? Oh, wait a minute...? It's runic's game "Torchlight II".
  42. Sep 24, 2012
    i have been waiting awhile to give D3 a chance cuase blizz does act they just need time but as it stands they are telling "you" the player what they consider fun and so change the game accordingly when you start having fun to prevent you once again the player from having fun in a game.
    Paragon leveling is such a gimmick and a huge time sink which is fine but the fact is they put a cap on
    magic find so any gold/real money u spent for magic find will eventually become worthless later on and just in general as the dwindling player base gains more paragon levels and need less magic find. Torchlight 2 just came out and ive had more fun with it in 8 hours then i have 200+ hours on D3. i give it a big zero becuase i payed 60$ for auction house tycoon: Real money edition, not a diablo game. Expand
  43. Sep 25, 2012
    I purchased the CE. Honestly felt like somebody ran up to me and stole my wallet with $130 AU in it. My review does not take in to account any of the login issues and is based of the gameplay experience.

    The first day or so of this game was fun as it took me back to the old days of playing Diablo 1 and 2. A lot of friends and colleagues were playing the game. After a week most of them
    had dropped off without even hitting max level. I continued playing with the 1 or 2 friends left in the game and hit inferno. After that the fun experience came to an end. I failed to see any motivation to grind on act 1 and then eventually act 2 over and over just to get to act 3 and maybe act 4 to well... just keep on grinding. If people want to grind a game to may a few $$$ that's up to them. Personally I go to work for $$$ and play games for fun. Just another great example of what Bli$$ard has now become. Sure they might be rolling in cash at the moment from all the suckers out there but are people dumb enough to keep paying for this rubbish... some may be but I hope the intelligent people out there will teach them not to bite the hand that feeds them over and over or they will eventually go without food. Expand
  44. Sep 26, 2012
    Played for FOUR months.
    After 4 months of this game I can finally say I'm sick of playing a beta.
    NO game should ever make the kind of drastic changes that Blizzard makes with Diablo 3 on a monthly basis.
    Fixing things is understandable, every game has it's bugs that gets fixed. But full on changing things because they DID NOT TEST THEM is punishing the players for BLIZZARDS mistake.

    A test realm was not even created until patch 1.05 (which is not out yet). They also changed almost every skill at least once because after release they decided they did not like the way the skills worked. They worked 100% as intended.. and when players built their classes around that skill, blizzard takes it into their own hands to decide what is fun for the players.

    Blizzard has also admitted that drops are 100% effected by the Auction House... why? So the economy doesn't crash in a matter of weeks. Well.. here we are.. 4 months later.. and gold is at $0.50 per million gold.

    The most recent addition to the patches.. The Infernal Machine.
    Basically... go find a key.. use the key on a door.. face Uber bosses.
    Sound familiar? That's because the idea was from Diablo 2. Gee... They're already out of unique ideas???

    Final Fantasy XIV is currently one step below Diablo 3 on User Metacritic reviews.
    Square Enix COMPLETELY has overhauled and redesigned that game. Admitted they screwed up. Lead developed resigned, along with most of the development team. Blizzard/Activision needs to step up and demand Jay Wilson resign, along with his team. They are not improving a game that could EASILY be improved, just not the way they would like it to be for their own personal preference. The easiest way that could be produced in a few months... The addition of skill points and skill trees.
    As of right now. Strip down every level 60 barbarian and you have 100% identical barbarians. Identical skills and stats available. The addition of paragons however did allow players to gain VERY small amounts of skill points. But that does not change the fact that their will ALWAYS be a dominant build for each class, and everytime that build is used by a majority of the players, blizzard has chosen to nerf the builds. If a certain ability is used too often.. nerf it. If a certain trait on items is equipped to often.. nerf it. ANYTHING that is being done by too many people, blizzard will and has nerfed it. Until a new team or methodology of running this game is developed, it is doomed to fail much sooner than it ever should.
  45. Sep 26, 2012
    One of the most disapointing games ever made. Truly. This game is just awful. I can't echo enough all the bad reviews on here. The subtle "pay-to-win" formula of the RMAH rules every decision of this game and is the reason this game will never be fun. This game is a perfect example of what happens to a game that's made by greedy executives rather than gamers. Torchlight 2 surpases Diablo 3 in every way including price. Expand
  46. Sep 28, 2012
    Played for 30 minutes, got bored, never went back. Don't waste money on this. The days of good Blizzard carring for the quality of their games are gone.
  47. Sep 28, 2012
    Too much hype. Such a good looking game with great musical score. But in the end, the fun factor was just not there. The inability to chose stats was such a let down. Choosing stats and skills gives the player a feeling of ownership that the game does not provide. In the end, max level classes are the same. They all receive the same stats and skills.

    It's not that it's a bad game. But
    this game carried high expectations. And high expectations, simply carry high criticism. Expand
  48. Sep 29, 2012
    Complete and utter garbage. Do not buy.

    The designers at the helm of this abomination are caught up in a dirty cloud of real-money auction houses and misguided pursuits of balance and "viability". In the mean time, the team, under the leadership of the talentless Jay Wilson, had forgotten to make the game interesting and fun. Don't waste your money. There are plenty of better games on
    the market. Expand
  49. Oct 1, 2012
    There are things you cannot change. Soccer rules are the same for more than one century and it is still the most popular sport on earth. One of the reasons of D2 longevity was the freedom to experience different builds whichever the player desires, giving infinity replayability. Being able to create a melee sorc or a ranged barbarian was part of the fun, and this game removes this. It is sad to see Blizzard going the same path as Bioware. The board of directors from Activision and EA see our beloved games as if they are the same as Farmville, and this is the result we receive. Expand
  50. Oct 1, 2012
    Very repetitive, many mistakes throughout, of which, are unfortunately unfixable at this point. Real Money Auction House had really ruined what could have been a great game along with dumbing down many of the previous things in Diablo II which made it great.
  51. Oct 7, 2012
    I tried so hard to find something that I liked/enjoyed about this game, however there really not much there.

    Gameplay: Derivative. No challenge, you are as good as your gear, not by talent or skill. Speaking of which the "skill tree" is essentially pre-determined. Music - Nice, you get a point.
    Graphics - Cartoonish. They lost the horror and despair evident in the previous games.

    Character customisation - None to talk of.
    Comabt - point and click. Pick two skills and point and click those skills at the monsters.

    The game honestly felt more like World of Warcraft, then previous titles in the Diablo series. On a side note, there is no "hide" option from friends online. This is super annoying as I don't always want to "chat" but I don't want to "block" anyone either.

    Additionally, I like to play single player games and am not a fan of multi-player online games. And yet one has to be logged in to play this single player. I was going to rate the game 2, but after reviewing this game in a thoughtful manner - it only deserves a 1.
  52. Oct 9, 2012
    Pure overhyped garbage. THE disaster of this generation. This game is a failure, not deem to be called a PC game. This game is of subpar quality. Incredibly awfulPure overhyped garbage. THE disaster of this generation. This game is a failure, not deem to be called a PC game. This game is of subpar quality. Incredibly awfulPure overhyped garbage. THE disaster of this generation. This game is a failure, not deem to be called a PC game. This game is of subpar quality. Incredibly awfulPure overhyped garbage. THE disaster of this generation. This game is a failure, not deem to be called a PC game. This game is of subpar quality. Incredibly awfulPure overhyped garbage. THE disaster of this generation. This game is a failure, not deem to be called a PC game. This game is of subpar quality. Incredibly awfulPure overhyped garbage. THE disaster of this generation. This game is a failure, not deem to be called a PC game. This game is of subpar quality. Incredibly awfulPure overhyped garbage. THE disaster of this generation. This game is a failure, not deem to be called a PC game. This game is of subpar quality. Incredibly awfulPure overhyped garbage. THE disaster of this generation. This game is a failure, not deem to be called a PC game. This game is of subpar quality. Incredibly awfulPure overhyped garbage. THE disaster of this generation. This game is a failure, not deem to be called a PC game. This game is of subpar quality. Incredibly awfulPure overhyped garbage. THE disaster of this generation. This game is a failure, not deem to be called a PC game. This game is of subpar quality. Incredibly awfulPure overhyped garbage. THE disaster of this generation. This game is a failure, not deem to be called a PC game. This game is of subpar quality. Incredibly awfulPure overhyped garbage. THE disaster of this generation. This game is a failure, not deem to be called a PC game. This game is of subpar quality. Incredibly awful Expand
  53. Oct 12, 2012
    Draconian DRM and since I'm on 3G connection mostly unplayable. The pay to win auction house, the intense lag since I live in Africa... its like something EA would make. Very disappointed, especially for this price tag
  54. Oct 19, 2012
    After enjoying D2 years ago and years of waiting I must admit I'm disappointed. Don't know if time passed by Diablo or something else, but this game is BOOORING!! I hardly managed to play 2-3 hours and then went to cry for my money. Don't think I'll be back playing this anymore. Maybe I should give it change to get better but this 3 hours was too much... Feels like I played 30 hours.
  55. Oct 21, 2012
    Well, I only have one thing to say to this game. If you choose to play this game because you believed this is a MULTIPLAYER and ONLINE game, you are sadly mistaken. If Blizzard only had advertise this game correctly, it should be a single player game with access to online auction system and LAN. And it is a single player game with a boring campaign.
  56. Oct 28, 2012
    This was a serious disappointment on many levels, ranging from gameplay complexity, through atmosphere, replayability, player interaction, gear availability, variability, and accessibility, to unacceptable story cheesiness. I know Diablo and D2 were not the deepest out there, but the genuinely horror atmosphere and murky, uncertain background made the actually stand out as original. DIII is totally the worst of cookie-cutter evil vs. good you can find, and it is so bad it made me almost choke. The game still offers decently paced dynamic combat and some nice, albeit too colorful, art, but it was not enough for me, certainly not at the given price. Oh, and the always-online requirement, especially given the incessant server trouble, is in my opinion unforgivable. Expand
  57. Nov 5, 2012
    Why a Zero ? Cause i was insulted, people was insulted, intelligence was insulted, world gaming was too.
    Cause people defends a BAD work, an unfinished work, an erroneous project.
    Cause people are becoming zombies..... without no idea and no common sense.... This game is a failure, the only online feature, forums moderators attitude, DIII Ceo insulting people intellect is FASCISM. I can
    not change the world, but i have moral principles, and bli$$ard deserve to be boicoted until bankruptcy. No more idiots making games please !!!! Expand
  58. Nov 8, 2012
    Awful and dumbed down in every singe way,The RMAH turn this game in a simple pay 2 win. thx god that i could rollback the charges in my CC. DOnt waste ur money in this crap....
    Awful and dumbed down in every singe way,The RMAH turn this game in a simple pay 2 win. thx god that i could rollback the charges in my CC. DOnt waste ur money in this crap....
    Awful and dumbed down in every singe
    way,The RMAH turn this game in a simple pay 2 win. thx god that i could rollback the charges in my CC. DOnt waste ur money in this crap....
    Awful and dumbed down in every singe way,The RMAH turn this game in a simple pay 2 win. thx god that i could rollback the charges in my CC. DOnt waste ur money in this crap....
    Awful and dumbed down in every singe way,The RMAH turn this game in a simple pay 2 win. thx god that i could rollback the charges in my CC. DOnt waste ur money in this crap....
  59. Nov 9, 2012
    Funny, I could have sworn I already reviewed this game. Anyhoo, I can only describe this game as a purchased virus. The few times I could actually play the game, every session was preceded by an hour of patch downloads. Now, I cannot use it at all. My account has been arbitrarily blocked more than once- This already happened to my WoW accout as well after I quit playing it for years. I spent way too much time trying to receive support since you need to log in to their crap for EVERYTHING. I refuse to MAIL them a copy of my driver's license or PURCHASE their authenticator to "avoid issues" such as this. When I had finally had enough of the ridiculous hoop jumping I went to uninstall everything Blizzard but their uninstall program does not uninstall the game- it just takes the shortcut off the desktop. Nice! This company should be the target of a class-action lawsuit. Their business strategies are nothing short of CRIMINAL. The game itself isn't horrible, but definitely not worth all the headaches to keep it going. It's like dealing with the DMV. I just want it OFF my system. I am done with everything Blizzard. Torchlight 2 is the way to go. Expand
  60. Nov 9, 2012
    Unfortunately a disaster. Repetitive and nothing that we haven't seen in other hack and slash games. Good visuals but nothing more. Insípid story/background and too little classes. I think that this is a good moment to Blizzard rethink their future plans about Diablo.
  61. Nov 17, 2012
    Diablo III doesn't even deserve a review, it just doesn't. It's quite bad after your first playthrough.

    Not only is the lead designer (Jay Wilson) a total douche who should get his nutsack torn off by chainsaw-wielding killer sharks, but his "masterpiece" (as he calls it) single handedly destroyed the Diablo series (and this is coming from a fan of D1. I'm not even a hardcore fan
    either). All I can really say is that it was created as a cash cow because of the Real Money Auction House. Why do I claim this? There's no other reason they would completely obliterate a specialization of playstyle every single patch, expecting players to buy a whole new set of gear. The Increased Attack Speed nerf as well as multiple nerfs to special Wizard builds are a testament of this. Rather than making the speccs still playable, they nerfed them to the ground completely. Why? MONEY MONEY MONEY!

    I could go on an on about how the game itself actually sucks, but I think the 4.7k+ negative reviews would tell you this. While I'll admit at least 2k or so are from nerd-raging, hardcore, D2 fans, many of them are new players of Diablo, and they too will admit this game is garbage. I feel ripped off and I got this game for FREE.
  62. Nov 21, 2012
    For a game that has been postponed for 10 years Diablo 3 left much to be desired. From a short campaign to the online. Act I - II were decent lengths whilst, Act III and IV seemed to be rushed and left more to be desired. The amount of hot fixing that has been made to the game shouldn't have if Blizzard would have originally listened to the community. The legendary drops were mediocre compared to that of rares. Diablo 3 becomes a grinding mess after finishing Hell mode. It seems it was set up to prevent the player from advancing through inferno mode keeping them to do endless runs trying to obtain decent gear. Many players found ways to make this easier and Blizzard either changed or nerfed their methods. It also seems classes were and possible are not balanced. While a hunter could take out enemies in inferno mode with one or two hits, another player using any other class could have much more difficulty on doing so. It made the player base just run around with DH characters instead of actually offering variety. No PvP upon release is another reason why this game has failed and the overpowered DH must be the reason why. The combat system is basic and not as complex as the other Diablos and falls far behind them. The only plus to this game is the RMAH and AH where players can sell items for real money or player money. I have to say after playing Diablo for 3 months I left the game and never looking back. It can continue be the failure mess Blizzard made it to be. Expand
  63. Nov 22, 2012
    Don't mind the game, the graphics or anything else. BUT the support is THE WORST!! Your account gets locked for no understandable reason, then you password email never shows up! I logged into this site, registered, got a new account AND verified my metacritic email...all before ever getting my Diablo confirmation email!!! Ridiculous...not to mention support doesnt come in until 10am, and is PST!!!
  64. Nov 26, 2012
    Lab rats in a labyrinth in search of cheese.

    But wait... You can also sell cheese to another rats for real money! A whole new level of inhuman experiments.
  65. Nov 29, 2012
    This game is THE most disastrous game ever created in the 21st Century. Diablo 3 in a few words is a mind-numbing, boring, repetitive grind to level 60. The levels are very poorly designed; with many recurring invariant levels, and the most atrocious act being the direct copy of the Mount Arreat's theme pixel for pixel from the previous expansion. It's a mixed feeling, especially coming from Blizzard, it's as though the production theme picked up full speed during the designing of Act I, after which it just derails very rapidly to a repeated Act 3, and Act 4 being a huge mindless rush to the final boss. The replayability value of the game is very low, with people getting bored with the grind to even complete it the first time round, especially the abysmally difficult progression between difficulty levels, without, of course, resulting to the auction house. There are 2 sides of the coin here, as people spending money or gold for obscenely powerful items would be rapidly bored with its content. In a sense, the whole central theme of the dungeon-crawl feel of the original diablo series is now destroyed with this new effect, and if I may use an analogy, some crude form of a corporate ladder climb that is accentuated if one has the monetary resources to execute it. It is such a horrible game that I feel compelled to actually create a metacritic account for the sole purpose of typing this review in order to warn people off the most ridiculously over-hyped game probably in the history of the universe (13.7 billion years). The game is designed to ridiculously long, with one typically dying over 9000 times before reaching Diablo himself on inferno difficulty, and along with the repetitive content and the drop rates which are probably lower than the odds of drawing a royal-flush hand in Texas Hold-em. I have not checked yet but I'm probably filing a complaint to the UN human rights watch as this actually constitutes some rudimentary form of human mental torture that is probably on par with the detainees in Guantanamo Bay.

    SPOILERS: Deckard cain turns into diablo. and pink fluffy bunnies pop out from tristram. and the villagers are stuck on gangnam style...
  66. Dui
    Dec 2, 2012
    I will be as straight as I can possibly be. Either you are a Diablo fan who played the previous games and now you are deeply frightened of what has became with our deeply loved franchise, or on the other hand you are an youngling who doesnt know a thing and is pretty happy with the DIII. If the first case is true for you, get Path of Exile and try to forget this has been ever released.
  67. Dec 2, 2012
    Beautiful graphics, nice first impression. Very careless changes and maintenance by Blizzard turn the game into a constant source of frustration.
    Every week, your long hours boosting a character, turn to waste due to 'engine balance'.
    Then you spend hours of farming getting awesome items just to login in and see they halved the power of your equipped items.

    The only way to like this
    game is start playing it now; or stop playing after finishing it on easy mode.
    If you, like me, started playing on the release date, that's not possible anymore.
  68. Dec 2, 2012
    Let's cover why Diablo 3 is the biggest disappointment in recent gaming history, and why it can't be fixed as long as the game revolves around the auction house.

    Playing video games is meant to be a rewarding process - you play the game, it rewards you. In Diablo's case, rewards are in the form of better loot, better stats/abilities and (to a lesser extent) advancing the story.

    First, the character leveling and abilities. While the abilities in the game are mostly useful and fun, the game takes away most of the character customisation from you by leveling up your character stats automatically for you. The only real choice you get is to swap between abilities. It's almost as if they game gives you a present, but then has someone else open it for you. Leveling up is also meant to bring with it better loot drops, but we'll get to that.

    Next, there's the story. Put it this way - you don't replay this game for the story. Plus the difficuly of the game - What is it with games these days being so easy unless you crank the difficulty all the way up? And why can't I up the difficulty from the start of this game? Diablo is so easy on the Normal setting and even on Nightmare it is embarassing, meaning players who play it for the story get through it once easily, and don't feel the need to play it again.

    Lastly, and most importantly, the loot, because at its core, Diablo is a loot game. Nothing beats the feeling of finding an awesome loot upgrade. The biggest problem with Diablo 3 is that its loot system has been quite obviously designed entirely around the online auction house economy, and this most important game reward system is severely compromised as a result. Playing previous Diablo games was addictive, because of the constant drip feeding of slightly better loot. The problem with Diablo 3 is that Blizzard wants you to use the online auction house, and wants it to have a healthy economy with reasonable prices for gold and loot. They want good gear to be worth shelling out for. They want premium loot to command a premium price. The problem is when you are dealing with real money, you immediately lure 'bots and professional players to spend thousands of hours farming gold and loot to sell. This necessitates good loot drops to be ridiculously rare, because if loot drops weren't tuned for these players, the auction house would be flooded with cheap quality gear. If the game gave typical players good loot drops, there's no need to use the auction house, and items in the auction house would be worthless. Further, to protect their online real money economy (and handily to also act as DRM), this necessitated the horrible requirement of the game being online only, with a thin game client connecting to Blizzard's servers to proof it against hackers. No internet, or servers offline? Sorry, no game. No offline play forces all players into their new in-game economy. Because face it, if you were allowed offline play, the save files would be offline too, and that opens up the game to inventory editors, which would take money and value away from items in the auction house. To further increase the demand for good gear, they have made the game so difficult on the hardest level that you are fully dependent on having quality gear just to survive, and with good loot drops being so rare, you almost have to resort to pay to win. And repair costs for your gear are also high, meaning if you die a lot, you quickly run out of gold trying to repair the gear you have. Even if you're fine with paying to win, typical casual players have next to no chance of being rewarded for playing the game by having that rush of euphoria that comes with good gear drops that keeps you coming back to the game. So unfortunately the loot reward aspect of the game has been compromised severely.

    To add to the disappointment is the level design, which degrades as you play through the game. It's obvious that care was lavished on Act 1, but by the end of the game, that same quality isn't there. The game's signature random levels aren't random enough, not making the game feel unique enough on repeated play throughs. Plus making a mockery of Blizzard's "when it's done" release approach, Diablo 3 is still most definitely not 'done', with the promised PVP feature still missing from the game.

    So there you have it. A once-great franchise, compromised by Blizzard Activision's attempt to create another ongoing revenue stream. If this game didn't bear the Diablo name, nobody would have bothered with this game and put up with the awful loot drops and always on DRM. It's unfortunate that Diablo 3 is so unrewarding to play, because there is still a slick hack-n-slash engine in there. I wonder if 10 years after the release of this game, you'll even still be able to play it if Blizzard deem it too expensive to keep the online servers going. Blizzard should have identified these fundamental game issues. This game is too expensive at any price.
  69. Dec 14, 2012
    The art department did a good job. The setting, graphics and animations are all up to the Blizzard standard. The rest of the game, however, is really poor. Of course there's no offline single player. Then there's a complete lack of map randomization, something that even Diablo II in 2000 had. You can basically run through the game blind, because except for the underground parts it's always exactly the same. The story is boring and predictable, even for an ARPG. There's no replayability, because you can change your skills whenever you like and attributes are not customizable. Item hunting is boring, because you're always looking for the same stats in items. The promised PvP is still not there. The game lobby is terrible (can't make custom games). Level limit at 60 (ho ho, addon anyone?). I really gave the game a fair chance. I played 100+ hours and TRIED to like it, but even with the latest patches, I just can't. There's still too much wrong. Blizzard really tried to suck the money out of the fan base with this one. I guess they succeeded, but they lost a lot of fans. Was that worth it? Expand
  70. Dec 16, 2012
    I'll start with the good first: the art is incredible, the graphics are great for the genre, the sound and music are good, the gratifying combat/animations/destructible environments make the initial game play fun. So, for a game to just play through the story once or twice, it would be a pretty good action game. The problem is that the game system design decisions leave Diablo 3 being an extremely shallow and unrewarding ARPG experience, with little to no longevity. In D3 they've basically eliminated all the character building elements of RPG games: there are no attribute points to assign, and there aren't any skill trees to build your character with. As you level up a character their attribute points will be automatically assigned for you, and you can change their abilities to any new combination of abilities whenever you like . So, if you are a Barbarian in D3, there is absolutely nothing differentiating you from every other Barbarian in the game. While permanent character choices in RPG games can be harsh and overly punitive to new players, in Diablo 3 the impermanence and lack of important character decisions just goes way too far. The whole concept of re-rolling new characters to try different, interesting, or unique character builds is gone. What's even worse than the non existent character building, is the way that the D3 team designed the items. The ARPG genre has traditionally found longevity via providing players with an exciting item hunt. In just about every other game in this genre, as you level a character you will find fun and powerful items of various types which add to your character's effectiveness and make the game more interesting. For example, you might find a sword that has a chance to summon zombies when it strikes enemies. These types of items are largely missing in Diablo 3, and the items that do have cool, unique effects are generally so bad that nobody would ever want to use them. Most of the items that are highly coveted in D3 are desired simply because they have higher stats of the appropriate type, and there's very little emphasis on making the items actually interesting and unique; they're just stat sticks. Also, because there's an auction house in the game, where players can sell items for real money or in-game gold, the way the game distributes items is fairly infuriating. In an attempt to prevent the item market from being overly saturated with powerful items, Diablo 3's designers made it nearly impossible for players to find great items. While powerful items should be rare in any RPG game, in Diablo 3 you feel like you have a better chance of being struck by lightning than actually ever finding nice things for you character. Players in D3 primarily get powerful items in one of two ways: they either pull out their credit card and buy it on the real money auction house, or, they sell a bunch of mediocre/decent items in the gold auction house and save up to finally one day buy something great. Even if you do manage to find something incredible via game play, the way the items work there will be a 4/5 chance your character will have no use for it at all. So, if you don't want to buy items for real cash, you're going to be spending a lot of your time staring at the gold auction house interface, selling and buying items. I'm sorry, but that just isn't my idea of fun and compelling game play. Finally, there is no player vs. player combat in Diablo 3, even though it was a feature that was supposed to be there at the game's launch. There are also no completely random maps in D3. All similar dungeon crawler games, even indie ones, have better random maps. Honestly, Diablo 3 is one of the most boring ARPG experiences I can recall being a part of. There's just not anything that's even remotely interesting about my characters, the items, the item hunt, or the game in general. I've really tried to like D3, I've owned the game since it's release on May 15th and have come back to try it after the new patches. Unfortunately though, this has to be one of the biggest disappointments in my 30 years or so of playing video games. Expand
  71. Dec 21, 2012
    It's a bad game and a terrible sequel to the Diablo series.

    Their hardware is not up to snuff for a game that forces you to be online. Disconnecting, lag and rubber banding are rampant. The game itself is boring as all get out, it takes away both the excitement and the strategy of character layouts.

    Constant restrictions being placed on the game because the Developers want everyone
    to play one way doesn't help.

    If you're looking for a dungeon crawler, buy Torchlight 2 or Path of Exile.
  72. Jan 2, 2013
    Absolute thrash of a game. Unfortunately Activision or Actiblizzard as some like to call them decided to create a 3rd installment of an epic hack and slash series - probably just to kill it, but milk as much money from suckers as possible before the death. How to kill an epic series like that? Make a short, boring game with no real pvp, patch it often but change almost nothing with them and worst of all - make it a pay2win with drop rate control working solely in order to bring more profit from auction house. Those crap-artists from actiblizzard used the credit of previous games of the series to advertise their own thrash product. The caught the sucker fish on the hook... Expand
  73. Jan 13, 2013
    Diablo III: Designed to be playable by 80-year-olds, as well as 8-year-olds, while holding the attention span of 13-year-olds with ADD.

    In Blizzard's attempt to mass-market the game, they've ruined the Diablo series. It's oversimplified and there is no competitive element. Blizzard North designed Diablo I and II to be great game. Blizzard designed Diablo III to sell a lot of copies.
    A good game sells a lot of copies because it's a good game. The only thing that sold Diablo III was the franchise name, the success of Blizzard North. Expand
  74. Apr 17, 2013
    DEAR BLIZZARD: GET RID OF (your greed) THE AUCTION HOUSE & FIX THE DROP RATES. This game is like one of those claw machines you keep pumping quarters in. Only the quarters are my completely unrewarding hours of gameplay and my initial 60$ f*cking dollars. As if being level 60 isn't enough; you have Neph Valor (5) and a grind system to paragon "100". Blizzard: "Keep getting more magic find, guys! You'll get good drops eventually. In the meantime-- go buy gold from the AH to build yourself a Hellfire Ring." If I wiped out even HALF the amount of mobs that I do in this game in D2, I would have legendary gear for 6 different characters by now. The 'designs' for the blacksmith that drop aren't even a different, distinct color; so I don't even feel remotely rewarded for finding THOSE. Especially when I look at how much it costs to MAKE the damn thing. Oh, and then there's top-tier gems and the hellfire ring. WHERE THE HELL am I going to make enough (in-game) cash to afford ANY of that with the cost of repairs? So what do we do? Turn to your fu*king AH to sell But guess what? Nobody wants to BUY what I've found, because it's bull****. Even the legendary items, (that I find MAYBE once every 15 hours). Blizzard's greed is showing, and it's ruined this beautiful game. This perpetual "carrot on a stick" you feed the public is disgusting. I feel sorry for the developers. Anyone that has spent (real) cash in the AH should feel ashamed of themselves. Expand
  75. May 27, 2013
    What the heck is this? Blizzard just lost all respect I had for them. I have always been a huge D1 and D2 fan and played the crap out of them: D3 is a letdown. #1: persistently online; it lags and you can't play it without internet. Worse you can get hacked and will receive constant spam to buy money. #2 first two acts are carbon copy of D2, second two are super bland and lame. #3 no creative leveling at all. No "points" #4 witch doctor replaced the necro? really? #5 real money auction house is a joke and shouldn't be in any game, ever. Really just a total piece of crap. All they have done is upgrade the graphics, which really aren't that good, and screw up what they already had with online stuff. Should be called Diablo 2.5. Next time Blizzard, think about what you're doing. Expand
  76. Jun 4, 2013
    All Blizzard had to do was remake Diablo 2 with updated graphics and no RMAH. Always online for single player mode? What a waste of $60 this game was!
  77. Jun 16, 2013
    I have paid for a game and can not even start a single player!? What exactly is on that disc?! It is a sick joke... Give my money and wasted time back!
  78. Jun 19, 2013
    Reasons to avoid like the plague: ERROR 37. Real Money Auction House. Itemization. Class Balance. Repetitive. Ugly. Candy colours designed for children. Incredibly clichéd and poor plot.

    Just buy Torchlight 2, you're better off playing that game... on so many levels.
  79. Aug 28, 2013
    This game is bad. Really bad. Do not buy.
  80. Sep 19, 2013
    Auto leveled stats, maps that point you where to go like you are 10 years old or retarded, laggy forced online play even for single player and a storyline that had me bored not even half way through the game. Diablo 1 and 2 are a couple of my favourite games of all time, why did Activision have to f*** Blizzard North and put out this horrendous attempt at a sequel.
  81. Nov 8, 2013
    Listen to the one's who play this game! IT SUCKS, the critics are being PAID by Blizzard to give it such a high rating, but the PEOPLE have spoken. We've been waiting 12 years for this game to come out and the best they can do is give us rip offs of gemcraft (the gemstones) and WoW(the graphics) I wasted my money on this game and I don't even want a refund, I deleted it off my hard drive. They control the forum chat, which by the way is where the REAL REVIEWS ARE and if they don't like what you say, they BAN YOU FOR DAYS. They refuse to make the game offline and force you to play a crappy story line, they put some girl in the game as a lead character and it just can't be taken seriously anymore. My heart stays at LOD because of the legacy it holds for me having played it all these years. I don't know what is going on with greedy blizzard but I wouldn't call it Diablo III it's more like an offbrand arcade of what once was and ALSO, they took out characters and items ONLY to put them back in the expansion?...uh RIP OFF. Why weren't they in the first release, it only seems LOGICAL. Wow this whole game is a scam, and I do NOT NOT NOT recommend it. The story line sucks, the forum chat is controled by blizzard bots who seemingly seem to comment on your every post magically as soon as you write it. BOOM 5 replies all bismerching and uncrediting your source...interesting because the MAJORITY doesn't lie. This game blows and I'm disapointed and angry that they've done nothing to fix it other than to make us pay for an expansion. The expansion should be a patch. Only then will I continue to play. I just can't believe all the people who are paid to say that this is a good game.... BS. Expand
  82. Nov 21, 2013
    The huge disparity between the "professional" reviews and the user reviews you tell you enough... This game has the money and backing and is being sold in every direction possible but ask any fan of the diablo franchise what they thought about this game and they will hold back their tears as they tell you about the single most disappointing event in their gaming careers.
  83. May 15, 2012
    Just not that impressed. Auto-leveled character with little to no choices to make each level. Can't really customize my stats to play different ways like in 2. It doesn't look all that much different than 2, which is disappointing for a game released this many years apart. But something is hogging resources, as it doesn't run that well on a 2012 machine.

    Persistant internet
    connection required for single player is the biggest offense. I can deal with the other shortcomings, but this one is a giant pain. Also, the in game 'tutorial' is really bare bones, there's so much that isn't explained. I shouldn't have to go to a wiki to learn the basic concepts of the game. Expand
  84. May 15, 2012
    This game doesn't deserve the diablo name. The intrusive DRM ruins the experience for everyone, there will never be any modding capabilities, the content is poor, after all those years, it turned out to be just a cashing machine based on their RMAH and hype
  85. May 15, 2012
    Couldn't get the game past the login screen. GG blizzard. If the connection is gonna be as shaky as itbwas during the beta, i'll at least try to get a refund
  86. May 15, 2012
    for those who only play diablo from blizzard they have to realize there is NO SPAWN INSTALL to allow your friends to play with you, in fact, you have to connect online in order to play single player. the game is hollow, even if you upped the difficulty it feels repetitive and boring, little to no creativity, whatever item is dropped you are stuck with unless you are willing to cough up the money to buy your weapons from auction house, currently the auction house doesn't have a wide selection but i see it will be the major necessity if you want an even blander game play. they removed state upgrade, so whatever your character levels is what you get. Over all, I dont recognize diablo 3 as part of the diablo series. this really hurt my feelings and my pocket. Expand
  87. May 15, 2012
    Don't waste your money on this terrible POS. I paid over the odds for this (Blizz games aren't cheep, even though you don't physically purchase a CD any more) and 18 hours after launch (in Europe) I still haven't been able to play it once, due to crappy DRM and servers being permanently offline. I feel cheated. WTF Blizzard? Fix it soon.
  88. May 15, 2012
    I'm severely disappointed by the horrible DRM, and the laughable disorganization of Blizzard servers. This game should've wait at least a month before seeing the light of day. Blizzard should have expected this situation: i suspect they olny care about money, not customers. The game itself, is nothing more than Diablo2 with today tecnology. I miss the attribute points, the scrolls of identification, i feel the series ha completely departed from rpg elements, and it's now pure mindless moronic hack n'slash.
    Do yourself a gift: do not buy a clone, and a mediocre one.
  89. Aly
    May 15, 2012
    The game is unplayable at the moment, I can't connect due to various log in errors. I understand these things happen but it makes a mockery of the beta/server stress test weekends which were presumably to prevent this exact thing happening.
  90. May 29, 2012
    Far from the depicted block buster in the marketing campaign, the game manage to reach the minimum compromise between farm investment and enjoyment.
    Regarding the other sides of the game, game-play modification (skill simplification), Auction house introduction (reduced farm and loot satisfaction), the game miss my expectations big time.

    It's really poorly made, when you got in depth with
    the game mechanics, flaws are starting to scratch the surface and the game really gets boring.

    Add the Real money Auction house to that, and from my point of view, this game turns itself into a big let down as the gaming side itself, and the relation game-gamer. Protection against piracy once again only resume to justify a **** perpetual on-line system, got to love it when you'll lag and lose your progression while playing solo.

    Spent 60â
  91. May 15, 2012
    The Lord of Error 37 has taken my cash and ran away with it. Long live legally bought games that DON'T WORK! Hooooooray Blizzard! You PWN! I have been waiting more than a decade for this game and now can't even connect. FU HARD!
  92. May 15, 2012
    First off, whoever says Blizzard couldn't have anticipated this, they are WRONG. was the only digital distributor, and they would have known how many of the ones sold would roughly be online. Between Error 37 to Error 3005 there hasn't been much here to review. The game works, while you're connected. Even once in game its hard to enjoy the lag and disconnections bringing you back to the dreaded login screen. Having to always be online to play a game by myself is ridiculous. Oh its because of hackers you say? So the people who play only offline single player might hack, and then go just for the fun of it? Fail Blizzard, fail. Expand
  93. May 15, 2012
    NOT worth 60 dollars. WAY too short and missing many features that are "promised" by Blizzard as in you've gotta wait who know how many months for them to actually develop said features and implement them. In it's current state the game is just way too expensive for so little play time. No idea why Blizzard decided to release such an unfinished barebones game and decided to charge full price.
  94. May 15, 2012
    Absolute Junk. No customization, no nothing. They didn't listen to continuous customer complaints throughout the entire development process and this is the result. So to summarize: Graphics: bad and cartoony Sound: bad Auction House: god awful. pay 2 win is for babies and casuals. Only a child would purchase a virtual item Gameplay: bad Disrespect to the Diablo series. Get it out of here immediately! Expand
  95. May 15, 2012
    Sorry, this is unacceptable. I work for a software company... and if I was working on this project I would be called to the CEO's office for either a serious, "you're job is in jeopardy" or just plain out fired. I fully understand that software is literally NEVER finished.... but it NEEDS to run, at the very least. Ridiculous. I couldn't even imagine how terrible this would be if I was involved... greedy bastards.... they have their money and that's all that matters... unacceptable. Expand
  96. May 15, 2012
    I hate to give a 0 score to Diablo III, graphics are great, weapons are awesome and a lot of great cinematics. BUT! no offline mode. Seems like it's just Diablo II revamped. Mainly servers keep crashing => if it's online only then have it working before the release! I bought a game now that I can't use when I want then the question is what did I pay for?
  97. May 15, 2012
    Good job Blizzard, your servers are down on launch day. How did you know that I like to buy a game and not play it at all? All my dreams have come true.
  98. May 15, 2012
    Another black eye for Blizzard, a complete and blatant failure at launch despite open beta testing showing there server load was no where near ready. Blizzard openly mocking their customers with hamster videos in their twitter feed, and as always blaming the customer for the inability to connect to the game in the first place. In their concerns for piracy they opted not to provide a single player experience in the truest sense, demanding a high speed internet connection to even play the game this has left a bad taste in even the most rabid Blizzard supporters mouth. Most criticism of the game falls on the constant need to be connected to the Blizzard servers, which have spent more time offline then on as launch day continues.

    A myriad of installation issues have also been reported, some which had existed even in the beta, but yet were never corrected.

    The game it self leaves little ground breaking material, it feels and plays like Diablo II, for a new game it feels more like a expansion on a game nearly a decade old. Your sixty dollars are better spent elsewhere.
  99. May 15, 2012
    I feel bad for those poor Gamestop employees who had to work ridiculous hours to pointlessly release a game no one could play. WHAT WAS THE POINT? The worker at my Gamestop probably had to iron his hawaiian shirt he could have accidentally burnt down his house u MONSTERS. game is fun DRM is **** real money auction house is pathetic activision SUX stick to **** out CoD games to monster energy riddled G.E.D hicks thank u for ruining my week i H8 u all Expand
  100. May 15, 2012
    Played at the behest of a friend. I had played the first 2 diablos, thought they were okay, and only bought d3 at release because all my friends had become so excited and wanted to play together. We actually managed to sidestep the login issues, so this review will not be taking blizzard's disastrous handling of drm and their servers into account. That's not to say there's nothing I don't like about the service. The friend system blizzard set up for battlenet is flat out stupid. Why do you need a special code to add a friend? Seriously why? Considering how important it is for adding friends, why isn't it on clear display on your in game profile? I didn't pick the numbers, they were randomly assigned to me, so I had to open up a browser, go to my battlenet account and look it up. It is frankly a pointless hassle. We're friends in starcraft 2 anyway, why doesn't that carry over? Blizzard's digital distribution system is just flat out crappy. But on to the actual game. Well it's not very pretty to be quite frank. It's got good art direction, but it's not an mmo, no need to have the game render 500 people at once. Why aren't there better graphics settings? The game certainly knows that it's not an mmo, because mmo's have character customization. Diablo 1 and 2 had preset non customizable characters because they used rotoscopings of 3d models well in advance of what the game and pcs back then could render in real time. Diablo 3 has mmo quality graphics, so why can't we at least have a little customization? An immediate comparison for me here is vindictus, an instanced mmo beat em up game where classes are pre set characters. That game is about 3 years old now, looks better, and has pretty robust character customization anyway.
    The next biggest issue with character customization is that you can't assign stat points. So the only difference between characters is their equipment and what skills they have equipped. All skills are automatically unlocked at set levels, so everyone has the same skills to pick from. The rationale behind this being that people would just find whatever was the most efficient build and everyone would do that, but I don't see how removing everything changes that. People will still do the exact same thing, it'll just be a lot easier for everyone to switch. Frankly it takes all the diversity out of things. You'll never see people coming up with any wacky builds or trying new things because there's nothing new to try.
    So items are basically the ONLY way to distinguish characters. Well then they must have put a lot of work into making lots of really diverse items right? Nope. You can dye items. That's about it. You'll get a million of the exact same looking hat with randomized stats. They haven't improved it an iota since diablo 2.
    So on to the story. Is the story interesting? No. No it isn't. It's generic as hell. Blizzard has lost all the writing panache and daring they had in the starcraft/diablo 2/warcraft 3 days. Just imagine the most simplistic straightforward story about fighting demons and you'll basically have diablo 3's story. The characters are all featureless talking heads that talk like their in a dining car murder mystery and I feel like I'm in one too. The gameplay. It's exactly the same as diablo 2. I guess. You click on monsters, they die, you pick up gold and items they drop. 99% of items will be worthless trash you sell as soon as you go back to town, the other 1% will be an incremental stat upgrade. The boss fights are about as use all your abilities when they are off cooldown until it dies. Only less so. There's no dodging or strategy, and the bosses aren't particularly challenging, they just have big health bars. The only good thing about this game is the soundtrack. Blizzard may have fallen a long way in every other regard, but their composers are still top notch. The music is far more thrilling than the actual game.
    My bottom line advice is don't buy it. If you didn't like diablo 1 or 2, there's nothing about diablo 3 that will change your mind. If you loved diablo 1 and 2, you're more likely to be disappointed by what they gutted from those games than the graphics facelift circa 2008. If you're a lore buff and you want to find out what happened after diablo 2, I don't think you'll like what they've done. It's not as bad as what starcraft 2 did to starcraft's story, but it's certainly not a worthwhile investment. If you're just too diehard a fan to not get it then wait. Seriously, just wait. A price drop will make the game a lot easier to swallow. $60 is ridiculous for what we're getting. Also, the inevitable drm crack to make the singleplayer component of the game playable when blizzards servers down or you just can't be online (a plane, a road trip, just away from a connection, there's plenty of times when you can't be online and you should still be able to play the game you payed for).

    3/10 would not play

Generally favorable reviews - based on 86 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 81 out of 86
  2. Negative: 1 out of 86
  1. Aug 31, 2012
    My one major complaint is that the game never feels very difficult, especially on Normal. There are frustrating moments, hordes of baddies, and increasing difficulty levels, but the same feeling of utter defeat never really happens as it did in the past.
  2. Jul 18, 2012
    For all the game's missteps, though, you certainly can't accuse Blizzard of phoning it in - if anything, the game suffers from the tendency to try a little to hard at times to evolve the design. [Aug 2012, p.61]
  3. Jul 3, 2012
    When it works, Diablo III is the best of the Diablo games. When it doesn't, all it does is make you mad. [July 2012, p.54]