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  1. May 15, 2012
    This is an amazing game, with time all of the server issues will subside. When criticizing Diablo 3 one must take into account the fact that we are only looking at the GAME. He experience within, not the lag, not the servers, the story is what's important. Too many flamers take for granted the depth of play to be taken away from this game.
  2. May 15, 2012
    I enjoyed Diablo 2 and this game is not necessarily everything that I expected it to be, but thinking about the changed features, they make perfect sense. A lot of people point towards a lack of character customization, removing the ability to allocate skill points and attribute points changes very little. It only prevents you from needing to restart a character from scratch because of a single **** up in skilling like in Diablo 2. Find out a skill sucks after trying it out? No problem. You don't have to waste hours of work you put into your characters for trying something that might not be ideal. The only problem I see with this change is exploring really crazy builds like the melee enchant weapon sorceress in diablo 2, but none of those were satisfying ways of playing for me and probably many other people.

    The game isn't region locked either. It was only locked for release. Don't know why people are complaining about that.

    For me, Diablo 3 is a refinement of Diablo 2 that polishes its strengths and minimizes its weaknesses. The narrative is much stronger than Diablo 2 and gives you more of a drive to go through the dungeon grind. It's as difficult as I remember it to be if not more so with the new mini boss powers that they've added. I find voice acting to be stronger in D3 as well. Overall, it's just as addicting as Diablo 2, and I can't wait to get back to playing. If you liked D2, you'll like D3
  3. May 15, 2012
    The poor reviews based solely on those who are anti-DRM are ridiculous, I found the online feature to be one of the best things about Diablo 3. It has made the game so much more social and enjoyable, having played both Diablo and Diablo 2 I find this game to be a excellent progression in the series. The art style, while not super fancy is timeless and in the end that is what Diablo is about.
  4. May 15, 2012
    Best game I have ever played. I didn't have any of the log-in issues and was at the gym when the server went down. A few days from now when all the problems are solved for good people will recognize the awesomeness of this game.
  5. May 15, 2012
    Ignore the trolls. Diablo 3 is just as fun as its predecessors. I'm about 6 hours in and LOVING it. There have been some hiccoughs at launch, but they will diminish.
  6. May 15, 2012
    Why I do agree the Always On DRM is crap, Diablo 3 itself is a great game. I haven't had a single issue logging in or playing. This game feels much longer than Diablo 2 or 1 and feels much more complex. Take the negative scores with a grain of salt. Yes, every launch has a rocky start.
  7. May 15, 2012
    All the reviews on this game are far too extreme for my tastes, so here is my opinion as a first time Diablo player, and as an intelligent gamer, who does not review simply on a server issue.

    To begin, I'm going to get the 1,000lb elephant in the room out into the open. The Launch day sucked, plain and simple. Any true Blizzard fan knows they're bad at launching games, so these clearly
    spoiled and pre-pubescent whiners who are giving a 0/10 are apparently new to Blizzard's way of launching games. The point to be made is that you CANNOT rate a game based off it's launch day. Anyone who does is either incapable of reason, or an entitled brat that the gaming scene is so outrageously composed of nowadays. The "always online" DRM was Blizzard's way of preventing hacking and cheating in order to protect the users of their new "real money auction house", wherein players can sell valuable items for actual cash. While the RMAH won't be implemented for a little while, many people are complaining about the "casualization" of the game. The issue with this feature is really only skin-deep. Blizzard is looking for some extra revenue, and what better way to make it then to take off an "auction list" price out of inter-player transactions? No one truly sees how both Blizz, and the players, benefit from this. Blizz gets profit, and devoted gamers get a few bucks for doing something they love. Now on to character creation and diversity, sadly enough, there's no true individuality to be found in character customization. The only true customization is the WoW-like banner that's attached to one's character. The only problem with that system is that many options are locked, and are unlocked via the achievement system, so you'll have to go achievement hunting in order to get a full customization range

    In terms of quality, the game lives up to the Blizzard standard. I played with my graphics on max, and while I wasn't "blown away" by the looks, it still proved to look and sound amazing. I experienced only minor issues graphic wise, but most people will simply overlook, or possibly not even realize the issues. The soundtrack itself is nothing to undervalue, as it's true quality work. A certain "skeletal boss" in the early game has a great song played, and I found myself listening in to hear all the instruments, and I was surprised to hear a guitar in the mix. It was woven so well into the piece that I couldn't he;p but listen intently, even if there was a boss in front of me.

    In terms of game-play, there is no better place to look than in Diablo III. As a new fan of the series, I brushed up on my lore before starting the game, and I must say I'm glad I did. The game conveys lore in an easy and fun way, through the use of books, which are read aloud for the player to hear. The reason this works so well in Diablo's case is that you can keep trudging though a dungeon or area, and still be able to listen and absorb the lore. This helps those gamers who like to breeze through the content, while still being cued into the story come end-game time. Overall, this game is definitely worth the money, for both hardcore fans and newbies to the series as well. Once the connection issues are completely sorted out, (which will probably happen within the next few days max) this game looks to be an amazing ending to the Diablo series, and a great game for anyone.
  8. May 16, 2012
    Don''t listen to all of the idiots complaining about the server issues, and complaining that it's not Diablo 2. This game is downright amazing. It offers one of the best SinglePlayer/Co-Op experiences compared to all the crap tha'ts been out this year. The reason Blizzard is making it online only, is so people can't dupe and "cheat" in the auction house. Some people can't understand anything...
  9. May 16, 2012
    Pay no mind to all the haters. This game is awesome and really fun. Blizzard has done a great job of getting a great game out and it was worth the wait!!
  10. May 16, 2012
    Wonderful game ! Long time expected and finally here ! Great fun ! Just some traffic jam at the authentication server but the game worths the wait !

    The universe is still great, the lore has been renewed... Enjoy !
  11. May 16, 2012
    OMG, people, If you can be bothered to take the actual game into consideration, review the game not the network code. What a bunch of whiners in up in here.
  12. May 16, 2012
    I'm ashamed at some of the people here!! Seriously?? With historical release issues Such as WoW -Cata haven't we come to expect issues when release time comes?? Anyways, aside from minor lag issues in my area (East coast US) Diablo3 plays smoothly, graphics are great and storyline amazing.
  13. May 16, 2012
    My life needs the option of off world play. (1) - Difficulty - Beat Nightmare at least, then you may comment on the games difficulty. (2 ) - Graphics - Lower requirements equal more sales. Welcome to grown up world. When the light bulb goes on and you say you want the option of better graphics, study graphics programming. (3) - Attribute point removal - You still have the option to be completely worthless in co-op play by putting that crossbow on your Barbarian.

    (4) - No offline mode - The addition of the auction house, figure that one out.

    (5) - World PVP taken out - Yes it was so fun PVPing in D2 with new hacks coming out almost every week ( hint for no offline mode )

    (6) - Repetitive - Because hack and slash has come so far over the years...

    (7) - Blizzard connection issues - Your first game by them in a very long time I see.

    (8) - Skills - The difference between putting 11 points in skill or using a rune to improve it is... wait there really isn't one.

    (9) - Customization - Maybe there will be a patch including an item you can buy to color your armor.
  14. May 16, 2012
    Overall the game is great!. Despite the initial log in issues I was able to log in 1 hour and 35 minutes after release time. The graphics are a amazing and rich and the environment lighting keeps me glued to the screen. The new character skill variations are really something that I could play with for hours to find a combination for every style of play. However, I was a little disappointed in the fact that the first two acts where more or less enviormentally similar to the Diablo II and that the attribute points where auto assigned. After I got over the fact of Act similarity and the fact that the points are basically assigned the way i would anyway I started to trully enjoy the game. After spending 12 hours playing on openning day as a casual gamer I would have to say that this game was def worth the wait and that I would really recommend it to people. Most people that gave it a low ranking due to it constant online requirment have to understand that it is done for the purpose of preventing the much hatted hackers that would try and ruin the game with map and loot hacks that have ruined my gaming experience in the past. Now back to the game and hope to see you all there Expand
  15. May 16, 2012
    The game is awesome. I feel enchanted, addicted and not going to have enough of it for a looong time.
    A lot of 0's for 1st day's high server traffic. Today - second day - no problems connecting at all.
    Haters gonna hate..
  16. May 20, 2012
    It was fun until all my characters were deleted because blizzard can't manage this game. Only get this game if you like having fun for a couple hours and then raging because the data bases are gay.
  17. May 16, 2012
    The negative reviews of this game are interesting. There are complaints about the story and character customization as if there was a brilliant story and a wide array of character customization in the first two. The Diablo series has never been about story or character customization, it has been about spam clicking your mouse and watching hordes of enemies die as you get loot and level up. In Diablo 2 a player would drop 20 skill points into the same skill in order to maximize its effectiveness. Now, that skill just levels on its own. Blizzard realized dropping 60 skill points into 3 skills for synergy was redundant, and changed it for the sequel. I even saw a complaint about town portal and identify scrolls being removed. You can still town portal and identify all you want, you just don't have to horde scrolls in your inventory now. I saw a complaint about stamina potions. Really? It is really upsetting to some Diablo 2 fans that you have unlimited stamina now? Blizzard essentially took Diablo 2 and streamlined it while preserving the style of game play that kept everyone addicted before. This is a very fun game if you enjoy hack n slash RPGs. If you enjoyed Diablo 2, it's likely you'll enjoy this game...unless you have absurd expectations that include either an identical game with no changes or a game that is nothing like Diablo 2. It seems like the majority of the negative reviews take that extreme. Why is this game not identical to Diablo 2? Why is this game not drastically different than Diablo 2? Blizzard definitely failed to prepare their servers on launch day, but other than that the game plays fine and is just as addicting as the first two. Expand
  18. May 16, 2012
    I was a big Diablo II fan 12 years ago, and I have waited for this title for a long time. But after reading all negative user reviews about this game, I almost dropped this much anticipated title. Besides the expected launch day server issues (which I did expected Blizzard to be better about), the biggest legitimate sounding complaints I saw that people were bringing up over and over were:

    1. Streamlined Stat leveling, every character will have the same end build, not as customizable friendly.
    2. Short story game (people claiming the story mode lasting only anywhere from 2 to 8 hours)
    3. Cartoonish art style, not dark fantasy like the previous games were.
    4. Pay to win auction houses cheapening the game.

    Well I decided to get the game in the end and see check the validity of these complaints, and let me tell you right now, they are for the most part unfounded.

    1. The abilities have been streamlined a bit, in the sense that you can no longer choose which abilities to pick when you level up, and you also do not distribute stat points for your character. I originally thought this would be a big grip for me in this game, cause I loose the ability to focus on particular builds and thus play style. I have found that this is not the case. With each ability came the options of augmenting them with different rune stones. These aren't stat boasting number effects, but legitimate ability changes, I still felt unique playing my wizard class with other wizards in my group, going for a tankier defensive setup with crystal shelled diamond skin, orbiting arcane orbs, and wave of force compared with my friend choosing a artillery striker setup. Throw in the different loots, and even aesthetic clothing dye and banner customization, you can totally feel unique and different if you want to.

    2. The short story thing I feel is hands down not true. I am a bit more completionist when it comes to checking all the treasure and breaking all the containers for loot then your average player, but there is no way you will finish this game in less then 8 hours unless you are straight up running from point A to point B without stopping or doing anything in between. I finished Act I and am mid Act II right now, and I have clocked probably ard 12 hours in this game thus far. There is a lot of meat in this game, especially if you are willing to explore a bit.

    3. In terms of art, I think Blizzard did not disappoint. I thought it would be a complete WoW fest, it is not. Yes, the characters and world are more exaggeratedly proportioned then representational realism and are more "colorful". But honestly, it did not distract from the experience for me at all. At no time in the game did I go, oh that looks like too friendly or too kiddy for a mature game. There is so much polish in this thing, especially when it comes to visual effects. Enemies will die differently depending on the attacks you used, burning to a crisp when you use lightning bolts, or have limbs and heads fly off when you chop them with swords. Large columns will crumple down when you hit them, dealing damage to enemies, and everything just feels very very smooth.

    4. In terms of the real money auction house, I cannot really say cause its not open yet. But its my opinion, that you the player, play this game to have fun. If you want to spend real money to stomp bots and that's how you have fun, fine with me, I will still enjoy the game because the reward is the journey toward achieving self imposed goals. Whether Blizzard is cashing in with this move or not, does not augment or hinder my ability to enjoy this game.

    But, don't take my word for any of this, if you are curious about this game, pick up a demo or guest pass or something. Don't take other people's word for it, try it yourself and see. I did, and I am glad I did.
  19. May 16, 2012
    Wow everyone is trolling here.

    I found it excellent. Easy to pick up and play. Levelling is rewarding because you get new runes all the time. Gear is GOD in this game and it feels awesome getting something with the right stats for you. You can customize or craft gear through artisans in the game... Or if you wanna spend then you can just go the auction house. Lots of good stuff there.

    Story and cutscenes were top notch. Some of the voice acting could have been done better. Biggest complaint is from the online component where the servers can go down, and I get lag spikes from time to time. But it's still a great game really, and it was well worth the wait for me.
  20. May 16, 2012
    Awesome game. Engaging narrative and very high production value. While the skill system and character customization is very different from the previous games, it is a refreshing new look on the action RPG genre. The normal mode is very fun and as soon as you start doing the harder difficulties it becomes very challenging and rewards teamwork and skill.

    The only issues with the game so
    far are the stability issues during launch and some minor annoyances with the skill UI. Expand
  21. May 16, 2012
    Diablo 3 is a solid game, No doubt about it, I really enjoyed playing Diablo 3 post release, even though there are some controversy within Blizzard's post release of Diablo 3, but when you start playing it error free, you will find yourself playing a game that will make you dunk dozens of hours into. The feel that it will give it to you while raiding every single dungeon is priceless, the new revamped system is somewhat weird to me at first. But since it has Diablo on the title, I willingly forgiven it and pressed on to play it more. I love the game, and playing as a monk started my journey to save the world once more. Blizzard has nailed it again. Congratulations! Expand
  22. May 16, 2012
    Blizzard make impossible thing. Diablo 2 was one of the best games but Diablo 3 surely much better. Free builds, in-game lore explanation, story. This game will take all my free time in the near future. Going to take vacation at work to play more
  23. May 17, 2012
    Diablo 3 it's self is a fantastic game. It brings back many of the old, most love, elements of the previous game while trying to not just copy and paste the previous game. The game does not deserve the low ratings based on Blizzards failing to properly prepare the American servers at launch, the company deserves them. Yes the DRM is an "always online" model, but most players will be playing online similar to Diablo 2 and the realms. It is a huge mistake not to include an offline mode and that, in my humble opinion, is the sole bad mark against this game and the reason for a 9/10 and not a 10/10.

    I could very easily complain about other aspects of the game not living up to my hopes for it, but we all have to realize it never was going to. So taking the game as it is, for better or worse, it is highly enjoyable with an amazing story line, crisp clean hack and slash game play at a break neck pace. You can't please everyone and sadly 90% of the bad reviews are 100% unjustified. The game is not the issue, Blizzard and the idiots who didn't properly prepare are the ones who deserve the bad rating. DRM or not, have a little patience and you will get more then your money's wroth out of the game.
  24. May 17, 2012
    Most of these people giving bad reviews do not know how to read a box or website. If you are saying you wasted your money because you need to be constantly connected to the internet, well that is your loss for not reading/researching. Not only does it mention this on the outside of the box/on the website, do you know those 3 boxes you scrolled through as fast as possible when you started up the game? Maybe you should actually READ them. Anyways...This game is so much fun! It seems very well made/polished and the graphics are just fine. I have finished it on normal as a demon hunter and am now doing normal over again as a monk. I enjoy the chat room option while I am playing. Makes it less lonely when my friends are not online. The multiplayer option is pretty fun as well. I have met some great people while partying on nightmare difficulty. I look forward to the auction house opening (May 22*). I don't expect to make hundreds of dollars but it would be kind of cool to pay for my game subscriptions through it. Expand
  25. May 17, 2012
    This is a great game, but it also changes the feel of the Diablo series and I'm not writing about the graphics here, but the way the story is presented (well, I liked it more in Diablo II). As for the game mechanics everything's fine, the battles are more dynamic, more flashy, but it feels like old Diablo (despite the healing orbs and cooldown times for health potions the gameplay seems kind of balanced the same way Diablo II was). The normal difficulty could be beaten by a child, I'm looking forward to see it on higher difficulties.
    It's obvious that Blizzard also plays other aRPGs than Diablo, we can see the goblin with treasures (like in Dungeon Siege, correct me if I'm wrong) and some solutions from other games. I liked the way they showed tribute for some other games (e.g. Legacy of Kain - the quest name "Legacy of Cain" and monster called "Raziel). Overall, the gameplay is very good, but sometimes you cannot see what is happening on the screen, it's so fast. 8/10 seems a fair score, hope they'll do an expansion pack and it will go even higher.
  26. May 17, 2012
    Personally i would give this game an 8 out of ten but im giving it a 10 just to balance out all of the whiney 0 scores. this game is excellently polished and the gameplay is brilliant. There were server errors and such during the release but that is expected of a game this size with online capabilities. The auction house is a bit odd, may cause unbalance in the game depending how its handled, and there are definitely alot of changes compared to d1 and d2 but overall this game is a solid continuation of the franchise. Expand
  27. May 17, 2012
    I've seen so many 'reviews' on here that are giving the game 0 out of 10 because they can't log in... I even saw one that said "If I can't play the game I can't review it" whilst giving it a score of 0! Now that is ridiculous.

    The unfair damnation of Diablo 3 is coming from the undesirable online-only system and server errors which have marred its launch, but the ACTUAL GAME is very good.
    Very good indeed. Don't get me wrong, I'm against the DRM thing and the server issues are pretty inexcusable, but they don't justify giving the game 0 out of 10, that's just silly.

    It's a Diablo game, it looks, sounds and feels like Diablo and it has a great level of polish. Is it a step backward from Diablo 2? Yes. Is the story kind of linear and bland? I guess so. Does it deserve all the pointless hatred it's receiving? Absolutely not! Don't let all this anger and bile put you off buying Diablo 3, I'm extremely glad I bought it and it's the most fun I've had with a game this year. Highly recommended, especially with a friend or two.
  28. May 17, 2012
    Best PC Exclusive for many years, I've seen. Old Diablo has returned! The only thing not very pleased with launch day server did not survive ((but that is no reason to put the game 0! The game is not being to blame for the technical side. Deserved 10.
  29. May 17, 2012
    Simply put. This game is everything I could have hoped for! It still feels like Diablo while adding tones of new features! The servers went down the first two days, but I feel that should not impact the games over all quality or review. I have played hour and hours of it already and feel that it is one of the best games I have played in a long time.
  30. May 17, 2012
    Most of us have been waiting for Diablo III for at least a decade and with this have a tendency to have higher expectations for Diablo III. Before I review Diablo III lets review a comparison between Diablo I and II for illustration. Looking at Diablo I and II is a great example because Diablo II was a huge improvement from the first one because of the technology upgrade and huge depth of story improvement. Also, the cinematic upgrade was a huge improvement in quality to allow for longer story and depth. Comparing Diablo II to III is a much smaller jump because a huge amount of the story has already been explained and the technology upgrade will likely not change to greatly due to the amount of time spent on the project which will go off of an earlier engine closers to 2004- 2006. Having said that Diablo III did bring in a great amount of improvements such as: cleaner potion and gold auto pick ups, nicer graphics, fluid storyline for hack-in-move style, better co-op integration, darker feel than D2, evenly shared loot drops, and simpler interface design. The area that most people complain about is the simple design change for the skill system and attribute changes. Personally, I like the old system BUT! I can see how this new system over time will allow most players the opportunity to try every skill possible where before most people followed a cookie cutter build that someone else made and typically didn't venture further in fear of wasting points. I think Blizzard made a risky move that will pay off in the long term when the more advanced players start to see all the customization available between the skills and rune combinations. I am happy to say that Blizzard has pulled off a wonderful sequel that meets my expectations and deserves a rating of hard work that has been done. Expand
  31. May 18, 2012
    Other than some launch day issues it turned out as a very solid 3rd installment of the Diablo 3 series. Graphics, Audio, and story are excellent. Wide variety of skill choices and combinations with runes which allow you to customize each ability gives many options for customization and the ability to swap around abilities allows the player to make changes as the character levels up or to use a different set of abilities that are better suited to the area they're in. Addition of 2 artisan crafters allow players to make their own gear. 4 increasingly harder and more complex difficulty levels make the game fun for both serious and more casual players alike. Party play with up to 4 members and difficulty scaling of the game based on how many players are in the party. PvP is not available at launch but will be added later. Bottom Line: A very solid game despite launch hiccups due to very high global demand definitely worth a 10. Expand
  32. May 18, 2012
    As a big fan of the series I adore this game! :) It's so addicting and I love playing it with my bf. It is so far my goty and we just can't put it down. The level design is beautiful, the music very goth like as you would expect, and the best gameplay in an action RPG to date. While the game does feel streamlined compare to the second everything just works and works well. Everyone should give this game a try. Expand
  33. May 18, 2012
    The online experience has been perfectly fine the day after launch so any review telling you otherwise is outdated. The game is as polished as you expect a Blizzard game to be and it was definitely worth the wait for me. Both the solo and co-op experience is so fun to do and the online component is very well done. I am liking every bit of this game. The monk is so fast and brutal definitely my type of class. The enemy designs are numerous and the loot plenty. If you like games like this give it a shot. Expand
  34. May 18, 2012
    As a Diablo fanatic I am very pleased with Diablo 3. For all those Trolls complaining about connection issues, please give it a rest. This forum is about the game and not the servers.
    Also, everyone knew about DRM before the game was released! Why are you complaining about it now!
    For anyone who wants to try the game, please read the professional critics reviews and forget about these trolls!
  35. May 18, 2012
    Anyone who complains about Diablo 3 being a "huge disappointment" is clinically insane. Everything about the game 'feels' like a Diablo game. The graphics are wonderful, the characters are well done and interesting, the gameplay is fast and exciting, the music is great and reminds me of previous Diablo games, there's better inventory management, and the loot is divine! If you don't like the Real Money Auction House, then just ignore it. Sure, there are some stability issues that Blizzard is still working through, but the game has only been out for four days. Those problems will go away, I guarantee it. And yes, the game has no 'offline' mode, but this Diablo game is more focused on making co-operative gameplay as easy and enjoyable as possible...and the only reason I still play Diablo 2 is to play it with friends. Also, you really need to play the game for a while before judging it too harshly. It starts off very simple, giving you access to a single ability...but the complexity builds as you become more familiar with your character. Once you have 15-20 levels under your belt, you have several different abilities to choose from to customize how you want to play your character. You get access to crating npc's that allow you to craft many different things with random magical properties, and the magical properties of items in general vary greatly ('of the lion' property could be +1 or +40 to strength). It's true that there are many scripted events, but there is also a great deal of randomness to the world that makes each play-through new and exciting.

    All in all, Diablo 3 is everything that I would have ever wanted from a Diablo sequel and more.
  36. May 18, 2012
    I don't know why people are hating all over this game. I played it with a friend through all 4 Acts and we loved it. The story line is intriguing, fun to play, and shocking. The game plays great, had good graphics and animations, and has a user-friendly interface. It also sounds great, from severing limbs to chatting with Uncle Deckard. I think people are just upset with the fact that the server weren't functioning correctly on launch day, and many people had "Diablo Fever" and called in sick to play all day. You can't really give the game a **** review cause it had one flaw. Get over it guys, it's a great game and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good RPG experience. Expand
  37. May 18, 2012
    Stop trashing the review score because you can't login or because you think "it's nothing like Diablo II". I like the idea of RMAH and the "online play only" approach.
  38. May 18, 2012
    I just took down the butcher in Hell mode, so I've run through the game 2 1/4 times, and I must say this is one of the funnest games I've ever played. The new skill system is easy to learn and difficult to master, adding a lot of customization on the fly to use in different situations. The difficulties add SO much replay value, and I can't wait to see Inferno mode. I loved Diablo I and II, and this feels like the logical next step. It's frantic and fun. Ignore the haters, I know I will, but I guess living through Ultima, EQ, and WOW releases has hardened me to login problems. I feel like an old man. YOU KNOW IN MY DAY, you were lucky if you didn't fall through the world until one of the 12 GM's on staff could come get you out. Expand
  39. May 18, 2012
    The people that review this game poorly are idiots. The game is fun. Point. Does it matter if it's HARDCORE MLG I'M SO COOL? It's fun as hell, simple to get into, has great voice acting, smooth gameplay, pretty good graphics... The items are fun to get and the linear story doesn't at all takeaway from the immersive story and gameplay The auction house is cool and easy. I am anxious to see what happens with the real money currency thing being launched next week.

    If you came here to decide whether or not to get this, get it. It's a BLAST to play.
  40. May 18, 2012
    Amazing and fun! Even for a non-hardcore gamer! I thought I would be playing a demon hunter, but turns out the wizard is very fun. I'm also enjoying playing with friends way more than soloing.
  41. May 18, 2012
    D3 is a fun, beautiful game with an abundance of that Blizzard polish that we've all come to know and love and an incredibly streamlined co-op system that lets you get into games with other people really easily. Yes, the initial launch was horrendous due to login/server issues, but that subsided pretty quickly and things have been very stable ever since. This is a Blizzard game that will be played for many, many years to come, so it's a little unfair for people so upset over a few hours of problems on launch day due to the always online feature to rage out and give the game a 0. Expand
  42. May 18, 2012
    First of all, I repeat DO NOT listen to any of these NEGATIVE reviews.

    If you notice, all of these NEGATIVE reviews were written when Diablo 3 came out (May 15, 2012). During that time Blizzard was having issues with its online servers, and many of the features such as the auction house were simply not ready yet. Many people couldn't connect or play with each other, and this in effect,
    caused an uproar amongst gamers EVERYWHERE.

    Many of the people who wrote these negative reviews jumped the gun way too early. They weren't reviewing Diablo 3- they were basically reviewing the launch of Diablo 3 along with its share of problems.

    Now just let me tell it to you straight. And this is 3 days AFTER the launch.

    Diablo 3 is an amazing game. It takes what everyone loved about Diablo 2, and refines it to the point where it feels like a completly re-invented game. The gameplay is well-balanced and addictive. The cutscenes are absolutely gorgeous. The environments are diverse and unique, and the interface is easy to navigate and understand. The thing that makes Diablo 3 one of the best PC games to hit the planet is the fact that is is simply just fun to play. Whether you're slaying demons by yourself, or you bring a couple of buddies with you to tag along.... Diablo 3 is a bloody good time. And in the end isn't that what matters the most?

    Now stop reading all of those stoopid NEGATIVE REVIEWS and go buy the game. I promise you that it will be the best $60 you ever spent.
  43. May 18, 2012
    I loved the campaign from the beginning till the end. I don't understand the haters giving this game a 0, only because they can't play now. I also had lots of errors with other games (like Portal 2) but that doesn't mean that it's a bad game.
  44. May 18, 2012
    Great game by far. Don't listen to all the haters here who have never even played a Diablo game . The game plays great . The graphics are good and the multiplayer is great. Yes they did change the leveling system in the game and the story is a Tad linear as well but anyone who has played any of the other Diablo games would know all the stories were linear as well. So if you were a fan of any of the Diablo games Puck this one up and enjoy it. You will be happy. Expand
  45. May 18, 2012
    Regardless of sever errors, simple in-game lag and DRM protection, Diablo 3 delivers a truly remarkable experience, and a world incredibly generous with it's adventures and goodies. The world of Diablo 3 is simply indulging, unique and highly artistic in every perspective, it brings back a world of terror in a new and beautiful way, it's simple interface and variety of choice makes it even more addicting, it will definitely leave you wanting more, it is a true Blizzard masterpiece. Expand
  46. May 19, 2012
    Diablo III is a great title and you cannot go wrong with it if you're in the market for old-school gameplay. Most reviews on this site seem to be written by people who expected the second coming of Christ instead of the return of a classic, fantastically-retro video game that is firmly focused on its simple core hack-and-slash mechanics, gorgeous loot and engaging story. This is not a game to rush through, but to savor and enjoy in small, delicious slices. People tend to forget that Diablo's charm lies in its own simplicity. People looking for anything other than compulsive clicking and looting should play different games, fortunately the world is full of alternatives. For me, Diablo III is what I wanted. Thanks Blizzard for sticking to the core of this franchise instead of trying to make it something else. Expand
  47. Auz
    May 19, 2012
    I was at first put off by all the changes made, I had wondered to myself "could this be the same people that brought me D2?" but after putting in a liberal amount of time these initially depressing changes became welcome additions. I mean to be honest I loved the skill system in D2, I don't have the time these days to create multiple lvl 99's to fully enjoy a class. The combat is just as fun as ever, the story is just as awesome as ever, and the game plays wonderfully, the longest loading time I had to sit through was about 3 seconds.

    Now the reason I gave it a 9 and not a 10.. when mousing over the skills they give you no details about what the ability does, there is no easy way to switch what abilities your using, and well as an older gamer I cannot support the DRM..
  48. May 20, 2012
    For the newly initiated, you can add 4 points to the User Review score due to people posting 0's because they do not like DRM. For those with internet connections (ahem), this really is a great game. I'm currently a level 25 (Barbarian), 500 achievement points, have been completing everything, grabbing all loot, etc... (taking my time) and am having a BLAST. The story is well done and the voice acting is top notch. Sound in general are nearly perfect. The auction house (just started using it) is great, just used my gold from the game (I would never use real money to buy virtual things, sorry Blizzard) to pick up some freaking awesome armor and two axes. Throw in randomly generated maps, and characters that are wildly different means I will be playing this at least one more time (whenever I finish the Barbarian, that is, already about 30 hours in, probably half way through?). Super fun game. Sorry to the folks with bad internet connections. That does suck, and feel for you (I do not like this DRM type either), but when used in the environment Blizzard forces you to use it in, it is a kick butt game. Expand
  49. May 21, 2012
    OK, first off, ignore the bad user review. All of those people are complaining because of DRM, launch day server issues and inferiority for Diablo 2, not to do with the game at all.

    The game runs very smoothly, and while the graphics aren't ground-breaking, the effects are nice looking and the game generally looks very good. The sound and the story, and especially the multiplayer
    functions are also very good.

    The game is just fun. while it may not be as in-depth Diablo 2, it's still a great game, with a lot of replayability
  50. May 21, 2012
    This game does an amazing job with balancing out 4-players to 1-player and being fair no matter how many people there are. DRM, not a big deal, why buy a multiplayer game if you have no internet connection? no LAN, blizzards lost too much money from LAN to keep it in, its simple business. Story line or graphics to bad, sucks for you cause this game is played to kill random mobs for the fun of it. its takes a game and narrows it down to the basics for max enjoyment. If you don't like it because of connections then give it a couple days if weeks after it came out its still buggy then complain but within its first week its always going to have simple problems and there is no point complaining about it. People had the same reaction to D2 when it first came out and now its treated as a revolution in gaming, i can guarantee that in 5 years D3 will be thought of as one of the best games of its time. only -1 point for minor details in the game that could make it better. Expand
  51. May 21, 2012
    Plenty of hack-n-slash antics and piles of shiny loot, just another day in Sanctuary. I don't really understand the always-online uproar, generaly speaking most computers are on a constant connection these days anyways. I think there is a knee-jerk reaction to all DRM these days, it reminds me of the people who whinned about Steam when it made the scene. And I don't mind the lack of modding, as many people tend to use it just for farming items (or just straight up cherry picking them into thier inventory). Finally, to people complainning about graphics I don't think we're playing the same game. Expand
  52. May 21, 2012
    Played this game since it came out and going to give a very honest review of it not somebody raging about how they can't log in. The point of a review about a game is to review the gameplay, not give opinions about how you dislike a certain marketing choice (the item market) or how you can't log in. From a gameplay standpoint and comparing it to the other games like this that I've played through (Diablo 1,2, and Torchlight) Diablo 3 is superior in all aspects. The game really shows how much development time went into its making. As usual for a Blizzard game it is polished in every way possible and performs brilliantly even on my more mid end laptop. They bring back all of your old favorites character wise which really helps the feeling of nostalgia settle in for us Diablo 1 veterans. But enough about old things we real gamers like new stuff and its Diablo THREE so there must be new fun toys to play with. And there are. Lots of abilities that look and have a great feel to them for all classes. You really feel like you want to play through the game over with each class because you feel like you're missing out if you don't. As far as the feel of the setting goes it is just as dark as ever if not more so. The addition of depth adds a lot to the world of Sanctuary and the gore is off the charts as should be expected of a Diablo game. Seriously while being online all the time might not be super fantastic I have yet to run into a problem with the servers and I've played every day since release so make sure your connection isn't the problem before blaming Blizzard. Other than that its one of the most solid gaming experiences you'll ever have! Enjoy it. Expand
  53. May 22, 2012
    I'm completely puzzled by all the negative reviews for this game. While it isn't a perfect game, it is an extremely enjoyable representative of the genre.


    The graphics have a cell-shaded look similar to Torchlight. If you don't like that style of graphics, then you will not like this game. If you do like that look, then the graphics are fantastic. While you cannot zoom in -
    probably to balance performance - the animations, effects for the various attacks are incredibly well done. If you have a weapon with a poison effect - pools of green fog will appear around dead mobs. The monk has various animations associated with his attacks that clearly convey the power of his fist and foot based attacks. There is a lot of skill, craftsmanship and love put into the graphics in this game. So I would rate graphics as 9.5 out of 10. Gameplay: Nothing new or different here - this is a hack-n-slash game. Click, click, click, click, right-click, etc. That said, the controls are responsie and well thought out. As you level up, you will unlock various skills and you can change the active skills any time you aren't in combat. The games consists of exploring areas, killing mobs, and picking up loot. And you are always hoping for better weapons or armor. While there is nothing "new" under the covers - what is here is rock solid, if repetitive - and earns a 9.0 out of 10. Customization: I've seen a lot of comments about the lack of customization. I'm not sure that I understand why being able to customize the "look" of the character is so important to some people. If this was a Skyrim type game, yes that would matter. But, given the fixed perspective of the game - I agree with the developer's decision to limit you to selecting the gender, class and name of your character. Anything more would have been pointless window dressing. As your level progresses - you do have limited control of your skills - which fall into broad categories such as: Active, Defensive, Passive, etc. While there is a set path , limited options as you level - you will need to switch out skills at various points. I would rate this area an 8.0 out of 10. Stability and Performance: I've played the game about 25-30 hours so far, playing across 4 different classes: Wizard, Demon Hunter, Barbarian and Monk. The game has hard-locked my system once. Otherwise, it has been perfect and rock-solid. I'm also playing on an older Dell XPS 8100 - and have everything set to high-detail. The games loads quickly, transitions as you change areas are fast, so no complaints here. I would give a 9.0 out of 10 rating. Loot & Leveling Loot and leveling are the areas where I have some qualms about the game. With regard to loot - so far the game seems pretty stingy. You find a lot of magical items, but none of it has had a WOW, TFA factor. And, the rare / epic items are extremely infrequent and also kind of ho-hum. You spend a lot of time picking up trash items, and selling them. And, for some reason, I seem to be getting a lot of items that are restricted to a different class than the one I'm playing. I.e. my Demon Hunter keeps getting a lot of Barbarian only gear. In short, there seems to be something slightly "off" and underwhelming in the area of loot. On the positive side, you unlock an Blacksmith NPC - and if you spend gold training him you eventually get access to some nice items. Leveling - because of the fixed path for the various skill areas - also is a little less satisfying than I might like. While these are gripes - when balanced against the overall game they are relatively minor. No game is perfect, and these are the two areas where Diablo 3 shines the least. I will give both loot and leveling (unlocking new skills) a 7.5 out of 10. Overall Score: This game is a definite 9.0 out of 10. There are a lot of lessons that other developers could learn from Blizzard and this game. The overall polish and design are extremely high-quality. I've had no problems connecting to servers, with performance, etc. I would like better loot, and more of a sense of freedom when it comes to unlocking and selecting skills when leveling - but these are really minor quibbles with an otherwise excellent game. A lot of people have complained about not having scrolls - but given the limited inventory slots I applaud the design decision to eliminate the scrolls and just provide a town portal and identify unknown items skill. This is a fun, addictive games with an extremely high-level of polish and artistry. If you like the genre, and don't mind the graphics style - this game is highly recommended. I paid full price, and feel that I'm getting my money's worth. Will that change when Torchlight 2 comes out - at $20 - maybe. But, until then, this is a fantastic hack-n-slash. Highly recommended. Expand
  54. May 23, 2012
    The fundamental game play experience I've so far has been flawless. It's everything I expected from the sequel to Diablo 2. The skill system is refreshingly different than the over used skill point system. They've addressed all the flaws of Diablo 2, including monster immunities, and replaced it with an extremely challenging new enemy skill system. Other than the clumsy launch and the buggy auction house, this game is much more than i could have hoped for. Expand
  55. May 23, 2012
    This is a casual noobs perspective - I never played previous Diablos. I've cleared Normal in about 25 hours and I had an awesome time. The graphics are great, the cut scenes are extremely good, the scenery is cool. The mob fights can get really heavy and frantic at times. I enjoy the robust auction house. Upgraded gear is available very cheaply so you can control the level of difficulty (get yellow rare gear to your level if you want to make it easier). This game has massive replay value - you're likely going to put in 50 hours just to clear the first two levels of difficulty with one character. I'm surprised that the game feels so different running through the storyline again on the next difficulty level. Mob aren't just a little more difficult overall, they also can come with new abilities that force you to react differently. The last part helps reduce the potential for monotony. I fing the game slightly more difficult when grouping but of course it's more fun to play with others. You can drop in and out of doing things with friends easily and painlessly - even if you're only doing co-op for 5 mins with a friend there's no harm done by leaving (difficulty adjusts automatically based on party size). Other than the first day, I have had no issues logging on. Giving the game a 0 rating for those problems is short-sighted. THIS IS A VERY GOOD GAME. Period. Regarding on-line access for a single-player game, the downside is well documented (read the zero ratings). The upside for me is that I can play on multiple computers easily (which I do). Regardless, not a reason to avoid purchase because the value for $60 is tremendous. PVP has been delayed which I don't have a problem with - my hands are full working on progressing through the difficulty which will take me a while. When PVP arrives, it will feel like a free expansion pack. There aren't many games worth $60, but DB3 is epic fun! I dinged them to a 9 for the initial troubles with servers because I hold Blizzard to a higher standard than others. The game itself is 10/10. Expand
  56. May 23, 2012
    E um ótimo jogo com certeza, além de tudo e um dos poucos que vem dublado em PT-BR.
    Parabéns Blizzard por mais esse excelente trabalho.
    Esses são meus sinceros agradecimentos pelo empenho em lançar um produto de ótima qualidade.
  57. May 25, 2012
    While I find the items in this game a bit off I like quite a few of the changes they made. Blue items should NOT be better than rare and legendary but I like the new skill runes. Unlike D2 where you would level to 99 and not unlock new skills along the way getting to level 60 and learning a new rune along the way was a welcome change. Most of the people complaining enjoyed rushing characters to level 99 and PvPing like that was any fun..... Expand
  58. May 25, 2012
    There have been a lot of bad things said about Diablo 3. All those people are wrong. I started playing a week after release and I didn't get one server related issue. Every other issue seems to be based on the fact that some things have changed since Diablo 2. As it is, the game is great - but not perfect. I had a great time playing it and if you go in with an open mind, then I'm sure you'll have a great time too. Expand
  59. Sep 26, 2012
    Well...4 months since launch and it is still absolutely terrible. Buy torchlight 2, borderlands 2, literally any other game but this. Blizzard has built a "game" that was never intended to be a fun user experience it was intended to gouge its playerbase for $ in the RMAH. This is the most unrewarding game released in a long time and it isn't even close.
  60. Oct 13, 2012
    After 100 hours with my demon hunter i just can say that Diablo 3 is an awesome game that some nerds hate. everything that makes a good game is there but some decisions like DRM or the loot system for lvl 60 players are just crap, i'm glad that blizzard is fixing these issues, when they polish the game we may be can call Diablo 3 one of the best games on pc history
  61. Xon
    Jan 25, 2013

    There is much to enjoy and admire in this game, if this is your cup of tea. personally, I've spent countless hours replaying the game with different characters.

    I tried to play Diablo 2, but couldn't get into it. I haven't played any other dungeon crawlers. With D3 I hit the ground running and not once did I look back. It is game, not the cure for cancer. I had fun,
    perhaps you will too. Expand
  62. May 15, 2012
    I'm going to start by addressing DRM and the online nature of this game, since that seems to be what most people here want to discuss. Whether you live in Asia, Europe or "the Americas," Diablo 3's midnight launch (and unless you were lucky enough to live in certain time zones, wasn't actually midnight launch). The servers were unable to handle the traffic, and a lot of people couldn't play. That said, WoW and Starcraft 2 experienced the same issues at launch, and today they are recognized as some of the best games within their genres. The day of launch is the WORST day to play these games, as they have historically been very rocky due to the absurd amount of people trying to connect. I understand why people are upset at the always-online requirement of these games, but for me they are by no means a deal-breaker. That said, if you have a decent computer and a good internet connection, you owe it to yourself to try Diablo 3. It is one of the easiest games to play and yet one of the most satisfying. The art in this game is fantastic, it's moody and at times looks painted onto the screen. Although the environments are linear and restrictive, Blizzard has done a lot of nice things visually to make the places you explore seem vast and epic. There are huge vertical drops and lots of detail everywhere to keep the places you explore nice places to be. The combat is very simple, but the large amount of skills and modifications for those skills keep you looking forward to the next level up. The skills themselves also feel incredible to execute. Bashing things as a barbarian has never felt so right, and there is something righteous about throwing a giant jar of spiders at your enemy as a witch doctor. Killing elite monsters and watching as loot with different colored fonts showers from their corpses is still one of the most elating feelings in gaming, even if your left mouse button is doing the bulk of the work.

    In short, I've been waiting for Blizzard to make this game for 12 years, and already the game has delivered beyond my expectations. Do think, buy.
  63. May 15, 2012
    So, people are talking about graphics and how bad story it has and so on. You must be casual gamers or then just stupid wow nerds I presume. Graphics are just fine for me and I like the gameplay. If you want the game to be more dark or creepy you can adjust the gamma to zero. And if you have no network to play Diablo 3, then what are you doing here? This game might have the best cinematics that I've seen and the story is not THAT bad. And if you want to know, yes I've been playing D2 from the beginning. [sarcasm] And it's also nice to see that you know that you can only score a game with zero or ten :) [/sarcasm] Expand
  64. May 15, 2012
    The perfect game to play with friends that is visually pleasing. In addition, all the people passing bad reviews are just upset they can't play at the moment. For those that say they beat the story in 3 hours and it's not fun, try beating the game of inferno. Thanks.
  65. May 15, 2012
    ^ 431 people need to go back to playing their pandas on WoW. For all the true diablo series fan this game is rocking. Finally a game that has an end game challenge so 12 year old pony boys can't QQ about and get the game nerfed. GJ BLIZZ!
  66. May 15, 2012
    I am happy with the changes Blizzard made to Diablo 3, many of the useless and and rough system were made so new players can grasp the length of it, and hardcore players can also have what Diablo always was : Gear grinding.

    The story is well done, and well told, and even though Diablo presence is recycled, this trilogy was always about those central undying demons.

    The new changes to the
    skills and attribute was a good change as every class was exactly the same in Diablo 2. However hardcore as you were, most of the stats were put around the same place for every player for a said class. Having a difference of 10 stats points in a stat compared to the other didn't matter, so removing it was a good thing.
    The new skill system permits to finally be able to experiment without having to restart the game to zero! Good job Blizzard. And Haters gonna hate.
  67. May 15, 2012
    Ignore the unfavorable reviews - they are simply posted by people that don't know what they're talking about, and are trying to make the game seem worse than it really is. Blizzard knows what they're doing, and they pulled off yet another spectacular title. Give this game a shot - you won't be disappointed.
  68. May 15, 2012
    This is an awesome game, so many new changes and customization is there, don't know why people complain so much when most of you can't even design a single character in this game.
  69. May 16, 2012
    So after getting over the intial frustration and letting Blizzard fix their issues, I found that Diablo 3 is the most fun of I have had gaming in quite a few years. Now I am only 16 at this point, but I have been taking my sweet time, listening to the lore, and enjoying the timed mini-event, multiple bosses, and trying several different builds with one character. To calm everyones nerves, the game is incredibly long regardless what these other very angry people say about the game because of the servers. I am at the end of Act I and I am over 9 hours in. There is alot of content and alot of variation, crafting has been significantly improved and it gives you a reason to hold on to all the blues you find. Item variation is plentiful and you will find alot of different abilities and stats on different items you find.

    The story again regardless what people say is incredibly deep and well thought out, I have enjoyed the cinematics and they done great job with the voice acting and lore. The music and sound is spot on and sounds are crisp and easy to differentiate depending on what skills you are using, who you are attacking, ect. That brings me to the graphics, this a top down RPG, it is not supposed to have mind blowing graphics, it is supposed to be able to handle 300-400 objects on the screen, while particle effects and animations are going on. The gameplay took the best from D2 and eliminated all the unneccessary micro managing and unneccessary attributes, what we are left with here is just a game that is incredibly addicting and fun to play. There will be people who will spend 5+ years on this just like D2 because of the item progression, AH, and crafting alone. There are a few minor bugs and some framerates hiccups, but overall Blizzard has built a worthy sequel and regardless the outlandish and untrue things these other people are saying on here, this is the 100% truth.
  70. May 15, 2012
    Trying to bump up the score because of trolls. Oh and it's a great game, the servers are down? Cry more, they're obviously trying to fix them. I hate you entitled piece of **** "gamers" so much, now gtfo and play some other game.
  71. May 15, 2012
    The Game is Awesome, all the Negative reviews are from people who can't understand that it's a Major title launch, and there will be Problems. There always will be with major releases.

    The game has no Offline Mode, you do have to have constant Internet Connection to play, But with the Addition of the Real money Auction house you have to understand that Blizzard Does not want to offer any
    Hackers the Opportunity to exploit the game system to their advantage (IE. Duping Items to sell for Real Money)

    The Game play itself is Awesome, You can Beat the game Solo. or go at it with Friends, which i prefer because it offers everyone a good time to have Fun together.

    If you're a True Diablo Fan, you will love the game. there is no Doubt about it, just load it up, sit back and Enjoy as you save the World once again with the Fantastic story-line that Blizzard has brought upon you. and Reap the Rewards as now you have the option to Sell your Loot for Real Money (Or In-game gold) to Other people who need a little help along their way (And Believe me, there will always be people that will buy items for Real Money, they did in Diablo II. They will in Diablo III)

    And Last but Not least, if you're going to put a Negative Review on a game based SOLELY on the Troubles Cause at Launch. you need to get your head Checked, if you cannot understand the Fact that no matter How much Blizzard tried to Prepare for the Swarms of people trying to Login at the Exact same time in a Region then i don't know what to tell you. It's not like they can't Superceed the Hardware requirements to provide enough Supply for the Demand on Initial launch, because that would not be Cost worthy. Considering that Load of users will Die down to a more Bareable limit as a Day or Two pass.

    Another thing that gets me is **** about the Graphics, the game has been announced for How long now? and I'm sure most of Everybody has seen gameplay videos, they knew what it was going to look like. And if any one has played Diablo II, and the Expansion you would Know how the Feel of the game is/was like. The Current 3D Engine used in Diablo 3 COMPLIMENTS this very well.

    I Gave a Full 10 Review because i truely loved the Diablo Series, and i Feel that Diablo 3 is a True testament on how Well Blizzard will keep to the Story on their Franchises and Still pump out Enjoyable games for their Fanbase
  72. May 15, 2012
    Let me start off by saying...anyone that gave this game a lower than a 7 (a reasonable score for someone who may not actually like the game because lets be honest, it is near flawless) is a complete troll so ignore them...yes I spent an hour logging in at 3 am (eastern time, yeah I had to wait until 3 in the morning), did that stop me from enjoying a game? No. And as a matter of fact, anyone that says it isnt anything like diablo 2 is mentally handicapped and should seek help. I am an avid diablo 2 fan (over 700 hours, 7 lvl 99 characters, over 100 playthroughs) I can honestly say that this game is may think that because there are no skill or stat points that it is streamlined but I assure you it is not. There are over 1000 more character combinations with the available 30+ skills and 130+ runes and 16 passives that there is no way that everyone (unless they follow a guide) will be the same...The story is not rubbish, in fact they did a hell of a lot better conveying their message than diablo 1 and 2 did combined. Bottom line, if someone gave it below a 7 they are obviously trolling...If you are a fan of diablo 2 like I was then you MUST, I don't mean it lightly, pick up this game. In my honest opinion it is much better than diablo 2, and definitely lived up to the hype. Additionally for those looking to troll the real money auction house let me remind you of what it was like in diablo 2 when you would create a game and 9 gold spammers would join the game and spam your chat log to the point it would cover your screen, and those few unfortunate individuals that happened to buy gear from an unknown site with real money and got their identities stolen or never recieved their items...yeah remember that? I 100% agree with the real money auction house...additionally DIABLO IS NOT A SINGLE PLAYER GAME! since diablo 2 it has had a focus on multiplayer, so suck it up get over that it doesn't have a single player portion...that is my opinion...for those of you that troll, please uninstall the game and give it to someone that does care, or stop playing altogether so that we can log in quicker...thanks Expand
  73. May 15, 2012
    To all those unsure about buying the game; it's more then worth it .The only reason I'm giving it a nine is because there's no offline mode, which is kind of irritating. The graphics aren't mind-blowing, but they suit the game well. Other then that, I have absolutely nothing to complain about. Most of the people here are bombing the game's score because Blizzard's servers are having problems, which is probably the least surprising thing in the world; a game that's been hotly anticipated for over ten years has server problems on it's launch day?! What a frikin' shock! But in all seriousness, don't listen to them. I've been playing for only about 4 hours now, but it's amazing. The Demon Hunter class is supremely awesome, and I think that most people will enjoy this game, without having the biased opinion of those who think the fact that the servers are slow is a cause to flame this game with bad reviews. Expand
  74. May 15, 2012
    Bad launch, but while playing, I was having a blast! Very Pretty graphics, true to Diablo sounds. Sucks no LAN play, but that's the way of the world these days. When torrenting dies, maybe videogame companies won't be so protective of their property to require always online connection.
  75. May 15, 2012
    One of my most highly anticipated games! If you are truly a fan, you will appreciate all the work Blizzard has put into the creation of Diablo 3. Let them sort out the issues with servers ( as with all game launches) and you will undoubtedly enjoy the exciting and fast paced hack-and-slash gameplay. I especially love the randomized events, and that alone will keep me coming back to play for years to come! Expand
  76. May 15, 2012
    Apart from the botched release - which is something that has happened with damn near every World of Warcraft expansion as well - the game is very very good. It's refined the gameplay from Diablo II, and I would argue for the better. Online only is not a big deal, like it's not a big deal in Starcraft 2.
  77. May 15, 2012
    The game is like a wooly cup inside of a large black bag that has no zipper. At first you open the bag to see if the zipper will slide and once you do you realize that the smell of rotten flesh coming from the bag reminds you of the time you jumped on the trampoline naked in 9th grade. It's not so much the eye candy that gets you going with this game but the way it makes you want to turn your stereo up to level 11. If I could describe this game in one word it would be Expand
  78. May 15, 2012
    I want to thank the people that already gave reviews on this game. I was going to go pick it up at Best Buy and now it seems it's not worth my time. The game sounded like a lot of fun play now I'll skip it and save my 60 bucks for something worth it.
  79. May 15, 2012
    why are people giving bad reviews? I have been a massive fan of blizzard game for a long time now, having played d1,d2 and now D3 It's simply amazing! first day the game is release, people cry because their are 5million + trying to login at the same time.. Server shut down it was a 90% chance of happening on the day it went live! people need to chill out! I have only played to act 2 and everything I have done or been involved in as been amazing! the artwork and detail they have put into this game is 10/10 gameplay is 10/10 the only thing which i give a 8/10 is the graphics but blizzard make it up in everything else! TRUST ME WHEN I SAY THIS GUYS !! GO OUT AND BUY THE GAME!! I am loving every minute of it and I cant wait to get back home and play tonight after work!! I've had little sleep and I feel like I'm a child again playing Diablo 2. PEACE!! Expand
  80. May 15, 2012
    This game is... Perfect. Screw the server issues, the gameplay totally makes up for it. It is like i'm 14 again, playing d2 for the first time. I am gonna beat this game sooo many times.
  81. May 15, 2012
    Great game that fully realized the potential of the last two diablo games. Having to wait an hour after midnight to play was what I expected so for me personally it didn't destroy my experience like some of those whining on here
  82. May 15, 2012
    After the initial server problems, the game ran perfectly. The audio is perfect in its usage, and the visuals are spot on in creating the essential atmosphere that is Diablo. The game definitely deserves a perfect score considering the launch was a single day of the game's entire lifespan.
  83. May 15, 2012
    This game is an amazing accomplishment.. I have already been playing through the normal difficulty.. and I cannot wait to try the other difficulties.. It will take you at least 10 hours to complete the four acts.

    The amount of trolling (or ignorance) from people reviewing this game is crazy. allocating attributes? In Diablo 2, there was one correct way to allocate your stats... the skill
    system that they have implimentet in diablo 3 is blizzard trying to create other challenges in RPG's than discoverin the best, and only way, you can put your points. As an action RPG this skill system creates a great deal of challenge and possibilities.

    10/10 ... Game is great by any standard, and true to the diablo formula..
  84. May 15, 2012
    I dont understand the almost 1000 negative USER reviews of Diablo 3. Actually, I think I do, its mostly reviews made by World of Warcraft players/Blizzard haters that complain about how not like WoW Diablo 3 is. Diablo 3 is not an mmo.
    Another usual complain amongst these negative reviews is that there is no offline mode and honestly I dont see the problem, its just a way to prevent
    piracy and besides, Diablo's amazing longevity can only be achieved by playing online. On single player you would probably complete the game on Normal and never touch it again. If you play online you can pvp, play with other people and sell items you find on the auction house. I understand that the current crashes and login problems are annoying but you must understand there are millions of people trying to play this game right now and no servers in this world can keep it smooth at the moment, but give it a couple of weeks and there will be no problem at all.
    Diablo 3 is an amazing game and it is better than Diablo 2 and thats an amazing feat. The gameplay is amazing, the graphics are fantastic and its simple to play and hard to master. Highly recommended for all Diablo fans.
  85. May 15, 2012
    This game is good - awesome in fact. Everything from the music, animations, story and combat.
    It never made any difference whether you could choose your stats before - why does it now? Weapon choice is amazingly dynamic, likewise with combat.
    Coop play is great and easy to jump in and out of games. My initial drawback was how colourful it was - but as an adult, you tend to get over these

    Reading most of the negative reviews - most were posted before people even played the game...a useless indication to people wanting to play this game off these reviews. Too many whiny fanboys not getting in 1 second after it's release...but that doesn't do the game justice
  86. May 15, 2012
    The game is great. It is challenging, the story line is good, the cut scenes are beautiful and it is butt-loads of fun. The people who think that their characters are not able to be customized are not educated on the way characterization works in Diablo 3. If you are expecting this game to be EXACTLY like Diablo 2, you might as well just play Diablo 2. This is a new Diablo, and it is great. Take your nostalgia elsewhere. You can't give a game a bad rating because it wasn't exactly like the predecessor. Also bad ratings because of Blizzard servers has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of the actual game. Expand
  87. May 15, 2012
    They took Diablo 2, streamlined it and removed all the nonsense, they dumped the constant need to farm that made Diablo 2 stale quickly, they removed all the inventory issues by making items a set size. Then they dumped the requirement to have identify item scrolls and town portal scrolls.

    The skills are better because now you're set using 6 of them, instead of Diablo 2 where you only
    used 1-2 of them that you maxed out. Alot of people are upset about this but it comes down to the fact you cannot exploit this game like you could Diablo 2 (Sorcerer with Frost Orb maxed soloing the entire game) This requires teamwork, or at the very least a strategy, tactics and an escape plan because it does get hard and you will die.

    They took Diablo 2 and made it require skill to play it, not to troll or rage or be rude, but alot of people were expecting "Skill" games (copy/ paste builds, grind gear, exploit game, be stupid OP) and got a game where if they're dumb they're getting smacked around.

    Aside from the crappy Blizzard/ service right now I would highly recommend this game to anyone that's looking for a great CO-OP/ Strategy- Action game.
  88. May 15, 2012
    Its exceeded my expectations and I've loved it thoroughly so far. I loved the game since I was a kid and it has hit the Diablo standard I had for it and then added another level to that complexity to make it an amazing game.
  89. May 15, 2012
    Haven't beat the game yet, but I love it. Music (Soundtrack), graphics (backdrops, spell effects, character portraits & models), and game play are all masterful. Yes, there are server issues, and with Blizzard's paradigm these problems are understandable. You might have to wait a bit for service to work flawlessly, but Blizz typically does not disappoint. Perhaps most striking about this game is the potential it shows -- PvP is missing, there are few character customization options, and the storyline is on the short side (though not at all if you include the various difficulties), but it's easy to tell that Blizzard will do *a lot* with this game. The diehards are all spamming negative reviews about the Real Money Auction House making the game a "pay-to-win" game and capitalizing on this(not so, read the D3 RMAH FAQ on the D3 site), the always online requirement for the game(if you understand the nature of, this becomes a non-issue), and that it's like WoW (there are influences, yes, but these games are incredibly dissimilar for many, many reasons). Based on the expectations I'm hearing, I'm not sure what many of them were hoping for. Of course most of it boils down to sad drivel like this: "this game is **** away from it at all costs,it is extremely dumbed down and downright boring to play,i so regret buying this game,it is a wow clone". Diehard trolls aside, this is a fantastic game -- definitely money well spent! (D3:CE) Expand
  90. May 15, 2012
    I'll be honest, this game deserves a good score, but not a 10.
    The launch is abysmal, I expected it to some degree, but I didn't expect servers down almost a full 24 hours. That said, I'm here to judge the game, not the launch, and the game itself is really good.

    Diablo is an MMO condensed into a more personal experience, did you love raiding in WoW but didn't have the time? Diablo makes
    a great alternative to the grind through mobs and bosses, get loot, need we all need to fill. One thing noted by many is the normal campaign was cleared in 6 hours, however this is a terrible assessment, as I played for a good 4 hours with multiple friends, and still haven't completely finished Act 1. Its a long game, and if you take into account that the real game is inferno difficulty, you've got hundreds of hours ahead of you.

    The always online DRM doesn't bother me, as this is the sort of game I play exclusively with friends anyway, I do hope Blizzard implements an offline mode and just does not let items obtained in it be traded online to prevent potential cheats. All in all its a 9.0 quality game, lacking a bit in areas, but good, don't let the review bombers fool you, its worth your cash once the servers are steady.
  91. May 16, 2012
    Serious review no spoilers here. The haters on here whining about DRM need to go back to 1997. Times change and games evolved guys! Piracy is rampant and why shouldn't the company be able to protect their investment? Silly all of that anti-DRM whining and I am a confirmed torrent user.

    As far as diablo3 goes it is the best game I have played since maybe Warcraft3 or even WoW. Simply
    a masterpiece. That is all.

    TL;DR: Anti-DRM crowd is a bunch of snivelling babies. Diablo3 is EPIC.
  92. May 16, 2012
    What? I really dont understand the negative reviews.... I think this is the best Diablo yet and definitely no where near as short as people say it is if you actually do everything
  93. May 16, 2012
    Now..I ask people to remember the year of 2000.I want you to remember the difference diablo 2 and diablo 1. I remember my reaction...WTF IS STAMINA? Personaly, i didnt like the attribute leveling, because I mess it up always...Just so happens, that if you want to upgrade your paladin in Travincal,you want fancy shmency armors,but have to drop the dex upgrade.So you get a character that drains stamina like crazy,and cannot hit a damn thing.I didnt like the attribute system. i still haven't played the game,but i know it will be epic.I see no reason not to be.You dont need good graphics to have a good game.I dont care about the internet issues.Blizzard will fix it.For all those that have problem with graphics: Please try ABUSE which is an old game, or Master of Orion 2, or X-COM UFO: enemy unknown. Those are game with old graphics but EXCELENT gameplay and still my favorite games. Those people that claim that Modern Warfare or call of duty are good games, are just ragekids. D3 is an old school type of game. If you do not like it, don't buy it. Simple. Cheers Expand
  94. May 16, 2012
    The visuals of this game are acceptable. however, the art and general style of the product seems to have been copy&pasted from WoW. It doesn't fit the previously established look of the Diablo franchise, it's cartoonish. Is blizzard trying to appeal to younger players? The game mechanics have been simplyfied (not that they were very complex to begin with). One can tell that Activision had their hands in this. The forced online aspect is an outrage and takes control away from the consumer, a trend in gaming that needs to be stopped. The fact that it is possible to buy items for real money is an insult to players world wide. Blizzard should crash and burn for this one. Do not spend money on this game. Expand
  95. May 16, 2012
    I don't understand how can someone bomb a game with 0's without even playing through it first.
    Always-online DRM? Is it possible you did not know about this? This was known for at least 3 years now, what did you expect?

    Personally, I'm playing the game and enjoying it. It has that "Diablo feel" which was, really, all that i required. Only thing I think the game is missing out on is music,
    though I haven't heard it all so I'm not really credible.
    Gameplay is, once you get to login, fluid and addictive. At least with my barbarian so far. The cinematics are also great and really help with the immersion.

    I only made this account after being baffled by this extremely low score and I'm giving it a 10 in attempt to balance things out. Though I might have given it a 10 anyways.

    Oh and also, I see people mentioning EA in their "reviews". I guess this only shows how uninformed and non-credible this people are; or should I say, "butthurt" after buying a game without, somehow, knowing you have to be online all the time. I understand the frustration of not being able to log in on the first day, but hell, if you managed to wait 11 years, you can wait for another day or two until things balance themselves out.

    Well, this was my first and probably last review, if you can call it that. Now I'll go back to playing this excellent game while you express your inability to login, rather than the quality of the game itself with your negative reviews.
  96. May 16, 2012
    Super game! really i'm playing it and never enjoyed a game like so.
    Graphic superb, enviroment incredible, nice and passionate story.
    Yes i miss putting point directly on my skill, but the new way to control skills and abilities is fun!
    King of Hack'n slash no more words!
  97. May 16, 2012
    Magnificent and marvelous PC exclusive game. Those who are complaining - have a damn patience and get a better internet in 2012.

    HL2 launch was much worse but people praise valve anyway. BS.
  98. May 16, 2012
    Best game eva. I mean its so good it atleast deserves a 3.7 User score on Metacritic. So yea its real good. Too bad that error keep showing up... uhm what was it? 37 yeah, error 37
  99. May 16, 2012
    Loved the storyline, loved the characters, loved the ambients, loved the music, loved the cinematics, D2 was a totally awesome game, D3 is going to be a relly good game indeed. The only problem in the first 2 days of playing was the login problem... but it's actually solved.
  100. May 16, 2012
    All of these negative reviews are simply based on either the fact that the servers frequently had to go down on launch day, or that the game isn't just Diablo 2 with new graphics and quests.

    That said, I enjoy the game an incredible amount. As someone who has beaten both Diablo and Diablo 2, I can say that this game improves upon many of the things that would, for lack of a better word,
    screw you over in Diablo 2, such as the skills and attributes systems. Now the game chooses your attributes for you and you can use any skill that you have unlocked anytime, it's much more intuitive and convenient; you can't destroy a character by choosing a bad skill. The story is excellent, there is a much stronger focus on it than there was in Diablo 2. The new events system also adds some incentive to explore all areas fully and completely. All in all, I would say that this is an excellent game and a brilliant addition to the Diablo franchise. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 86 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 81 out of 86
  2. Negative: 1 out of 86
  1. Aug 31, 2012
    My one major complaint is that the game never feels very difficult, especially on Normal. There are frustrating moments, hordes of baddies, and increasing difficulty levels, but the same feeling of utter defeat never really happens as it did in the past.
  2. Jul 18, 2012
    For all the game's missteps, though, you certainly can't accuse Blizzard of phoning it in - if anything, the game suffers from the tendency to try a little to hard at times to evolve the design. [Aug 2012, p.61]
  3. Jul 3, 2012
    When it works, Diablo III is the best of the Diablo games. When it doesn't, all it does is make you mad. [July 2012, p.54]